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7 Things To Have in Your Kitchen by Age 30 — The Kitchn

Pin it From The Kitchn ? 7 Things You Should Have in the Kitchen by Age 30 READ MORE »

Organically-Shaped Favo Shelf System Celebrates Imperfection

Even the name of the studio that created this modern shelf system – Imperfettolab – represents the unique imperfections and natural subjectivity without which artistic shapes would be powerless. In the studio’s workshop in Gambettola,...Show More Summary

21 Natural Beauty Recipes Straight From Your Summer Garden

Cucumber, tomatoes and other produce and herbs from your summertime garden can nourish you both inside and out this summer with these natural beauty recipes.   Not only is summer produce exceptionally beneficial to your diet, it’s also good for your beauty routine too. Show More Summary

Take a (Virtual!) Tour of 8 Stunning Midcentury Homes

Pin it Midcentury architecture can be stunning: exposed beams, unusual roof shapes, and windows without end. And probably the best thing about midcentury homes is their connection to the outdoors: stand in a certain part of these houses and you may not be quite certain whether you're indoors or out. Show More Summary

Hulu Recreates Seinfeld's Apartment — Design News

Pin it In case you hadn't heard, every episode of Seinfeld is streaming on Hulu. To celebrate, Hulu recreated Jerry's apartment—down to the cereal boxes—and you can go tour it. READ MORE »

Bedroom Paint Ideas: What’s Your Color Personality?

Have you noticed how color can affect your mood? When considering bedroom paint ideas, the right bedroom paint color choice will make a huge difference in how you feel. Famous psychotherapist Carl Jung famously pioneered the concept of color psychology. Show More Summary

Perfect Travel Snacks For Summer Vacations — The Kitchn

Pin it There's just something about travel that brings on the munchies, no matter how long the journey. When planning your next trip this summer, don't forget the travel snacks. Here are 15 simple sweet and savory recipes that can really go the distance. From The Kitchn ? 15 Sweet and Savory Recipes That Make Perfect Travel Snacks READ MORE »

Innovative Coffee Maker is a Triple Treat for Caffeine Addicts

Maybe you’re a coffee drinker and you live with one or more other coffee drinkers. Maybe no one can decide whether drip, air press, or cold brew coffee is king. Maybe you’ve got gadgets to make all of those kinds sitting out on your kitchen counter because, let’s face it, you’re never going to change […]

An Attic Dressing Room That Frees Up Space in the Morning Rush — Small Space Solution

Pin it The morning rush can be chaotic in any household. So, what to do when you live in an itty-bitty house with one "Jack-and-Jill" bathroom shared between two bedrooms and three people? Take to the attic! READ MORE »

How to Survive (& Possibly Enjoy) a Long Car Trip with Kids

Pin it No, we're not there yet! I've done my fair share of long car trips with my two kids and we're gearing up for several more this summer. The "freedom of the road" I used to feel before kids has been replaced with backseat bickering,...Show More Summary

Angela & Tania's Beadle Box — Pride at Home: House Tour Greatest Hits

Pin it Name: Angela Ellsworth and Tania Katan Location: Arcadia; Phoenix, Arizona Size: 1,000 square feet Years lived in: 15 years; Owned Angela Ellsworth is a multidisciplinary artist and teacher. Tania Katan is an author, playwright, and performer. Show More Summary

Amazon Echo Might Be the Voice-Activated Home Hub We've Been Waiting For — Design News

Pin it If you're the type of person who dreams of a future where you have your own personal Jarvis, Amazon Echo might be it. Now available to the public, the voice-activated home hub can control just about anything with a hands-free, verbal command. READ MORE »

How To Make a No-Sew Tote Out of a Pillow Case — Apartment Therapy Tutorials

Pin it Widowed pillowcases are just as common around our house as single socks. I have no idea what happens to them, but apparently the same monster that eats socks also has an appetite for pillowcases. You can imagine my utter delight in coming across this simple, useful, adorable DIY that tackles all three R's (reduce, reuse, recycle) at the same time... READ MORE »

The Ultimate Checklist of Things You Can Do to Make Your Furniture Better

Lauren's Warm & Light Chicago Condo Pin it There are a lot of reasons why you might want to make the furniture you have better. Perhaps you’re not super excited about it anymore but you don't have the means to replace it. (Or you don't...Show More Summary

Waking Up Earlier Won't Make You Healthier, But May Make You Happier (Plus Other Insights on Early Risers vs. Night Owls) — Fast Co.Design

Danielle & Patrick's Warm Modern Home Pin it In all the world there are two types of people — and you probably know which one you are. There are the people who happily bound out of bed in the morning but tucker out long before midnight, and the people who love to sleep in but also love to burn the midnight oil. Show More Summary

Unfolding Cubrick Cabinet Salutes Collaborative Design

“The trouble with Cubrick is that it looks best when moving.” That’s why you must absolutely see the video below and see how functional, artistic and dynamic features meet in a unique cabinet design. We received an email from Ian from...Show More Summary

An Austin Loft that Breaks All Sorts of Design Rules (That You Should, Too) — Professional Project

Pin it It's true, this professionally designed loft in Austin, Texas is maybe a little out of size and money reach for some of us. But though we might not be able to exactly replicate its open floor plan or high-rise city views, there...Show More Summary

Real Life Rentals: Problem-Solving Inspirations & Solutions from Our House Tours

Pin it No doubt about it - a rental usually comes with restrictions. Can't this and can't that. You can do nothing and keep pinning ideas for "someday" when you own a home or you can take the decorative bull by the horns and come up with some design solutions. Here are some examples taken from Apartment Therapy House Tours of real solutions to real renter problems. READ MORE »

Greg's Remodeled Live/Work Space — House Tour

Pin it Name: Gregory Keith Metcalf Location: Downtown Arts District; Los Angeles, CA Size: 1,500 square feet Years lived in: Less than a year; Rented Fellow photographer Greg Metcalf and I have been friends for years. A move from the...Show More Summary

Just Let Go: The Little Annoyances of Life at Home

Kerry's Fun French Quarter Apartment House Tour Pin it Many of us, especially highly-sensitive control-lovers (hello, reflection in the mirror), have our particular ways of doing things. (Otherwise known as the right way to do things.)...Show More Summary

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