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How Soon is Too Soon... for Holiday Shopping?

Retailers have started to boast Christmas in July sales, but with five months to go until the actual holiday season, is it still too soon for to be pushing actual holiday shopping? READ MORE »

Defining a Style Series: What is Rustic Chic? Your Modern Take on Country

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.  The phrase “rustic chic design” has been thrown around a lot lately and, believe it or not, it isn’t just exclusive to weddings anymore. Show More Summary

15 of the Most Charming Tiny Homes That Prove Less Is More

Post by Kayla Boyd. Most people aspire to own a home, and once they get a home they immediately start dreaming of a bigger one. However, that's not everyone's desire. Some people make the most out of extremely small living quarters, and you would be surprised to see just how nice those spaces can be. Show More Summary

World’s Largest Redwood Sculpture Carved From Tree Trunk in China

The world’s largest redwood sculpture was carved from a single tree by 20 people over the course of three years. Undertaken in 2012 and finished in December 2015, the “Oriental Lion” (as it’s popularly known) was transported over 3,000 miles from a workshop in Myanmar to its final destination in the Fortune Plaza Times Square […]

Saying Goodbye to a Craigslist Chic San Francisco Apartment — House Tour

Name: Allison Shiman Location: The Mission — San Francisco, California Size: not sure about the square feet Years lived in: 2 years, renting "I'm so excited about having my apartment memorialized on Apartment Therapy," Allison tells us. Show More Summary

Adding Style and Character to a Dated Builder Grade Townhome — House Call

Name: Lindsay and Joey Location: Seattle, Washington The basics: 8 years, owned — 1,670 square feet Lindsay and Joey filled their townhome with so many personal touches and smart upgrades it's hard to believe the space was ever anything but totally captivating. READ MORE »

This Historic Mansion Could Be Yours for Just $10 — House of the Day

The stately former manse of Aubrey Lewis — a Notre Dame football star who, in 1962, became one of the first African American agents in the FBI — is currently for sale in Montclair, New Jersey for just $10. But with one major catch. READ MORE »

A Realists' Guide to Buying a NYC One-Bedroom

Real estate prices in New York City—especially in Manhattan—cover a nearly unbelievably huge range from the affordable (somewhat affordable; it is New York, after all) to the totally extravagant. A one-bedroom apartment, for example,...Show More Summary

A Look Inside Jamie Lynn Sigler's "Dramatic Take on Traditional" Home — Professional Project

Project by: Ryan White of Ryan White Designs Location: Los Angeles, California Jamie Lynn Sigler will forever be known for her work on The Sopranos. These days, she's busy in her acting career and at home, as a mom to a young family....Show More Summary

How I Finally Added Some Much-Needed Privacy to My Exposed Backyard — Apartment Therapy Original Makeover

I live in a city, which means my backyard isn't a quiet, outdoor oasis populated by trees and wildlife — where the only sound is the wind and maybe some crickets. Instead I'm surrounded by cell phone conversations, kids whooping it up while waiting for the school bus, and tons and tons of barking dogs. Show More Summary

Move Over Tesla, IKEA Wants to Be the New Affordable Solar Solution

(Image credit: Courtesy IKEA UK and Solarcentury/Darren Widdowson) Move over Tesla Roof, IKEA wants to be the new affordable solar option proving that sustainability shouldn't be a luxury — helping millions of consumers convert their...Show More Summary

10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Recycle or Compost

Want to be more mindful while you're cleaning? You've probably got a good handle on the items you can toss into your recycling bins—paper, plastics, glass, aluminum, etc.—but there are also a lot of specialty programs that allow you to recycle other household items to reduce waste and even help people in need. Show More Summary

How To Install An Irrigation System (But Why You Maybe Shouldn’t Do It)

Welp, I’ve found it guys – the DIY project I most regret undertaking: installing an irrigation system in our yard. Don’t be fooled by my friendly wave below. Why? The short answer is that it was much more exhausting and took much longer than I expected. Show More Summary

10 Design-y Dish Racks for Your Compact Kitchen — Annual Guide 2017

"That's a really pretty dish rack" is a thought you have had, perhaps, never. But that's all about to change. Which is good news for everyone who washes dishes, but especially good news for renters living in smaller apartments without a dishwasher, where the dish rack works especially hard — and can have a huge visual impact on a tiny kitchen. Show More Summary

A First-Time Homeowner Hits the Craftsman Jackpot in Seattle — House Tour

Name: Hayley Francis Location: Roosevelt — Seattle, Washington Size: 1,800 square feet Years lived in: 2.5 years, owned When Hayley Francis set out in search of her dream home in Seattle during the summer of 2015, she did so toting a...Show More Summary

Can You Spot the Hack? The VALJE Shelving Flip

(Image credit: Nina Holst) I spy with my little eye another IKEA hack done right. If you scored high on the Spot the IKEA Quiz, I have no doubt you'll be able to spot this IKEA piece turned high-end Scandinavian home decor. This project,...Show More Summary

The One That Got Away: The Vintage Buy I Didn't Make That Still Haunts Me

Most people have a tale of "the one that got away." For some, it might be a previous relationship that ended abruptly, or maybe a solemn story of unrequited love. But for me, it was a set of vintage chairs; Marcel Breuer Cesca caned dining chairs to be exact. READ MORE »

32 White Bedrooms That Exude Calmness

Your bedroom, whether you share it with a partner or sleep peacefully alone, should be a reflection of your personality and your values. Most importantly, a bedroom should be a place where it is easy to relax. Some people may prefer to splash colors on the walls and bring in large tropical plants to create […]

Before & After: An Old Patio is Transformed into a Chic Outdoor Room

Riddle me this: why would someone buy a house on a lake and then grow a bunch of shrubs to block the view of the lake? We may never know the answer to that particular question, but we do know that Ashley's backyard makeover not only restored the view but made the space infinitely more stylish and safe. READ MORE »

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