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11 Costumes That Let Your Cat Live Out His Wildest Dreams

Post by Liz Alterman. While cats are said to have nine lives, they typically only have one look. Well, not anymore, thanks to these cute and clever cat costumes that allow your kitty to take on an entirely different persona this Halloween. Show More Summary

7 Simple Kitchen DIY Ideas You Can Actually Accomplish Before the Holidays

Every kitchen could use a pick-me-up now and then, which is why we’ve rounded up a handful of kitchen DIY ideas just in time for the holidays. Whether you have five days, five hours, or five minutes, take some time and freshen up the heart of your home. Show More Summary

Two Similar Interiors for Couples With and Without Kids

Want to achieve a beautifully crafted feel in your home, but worried the kids will stain the sofas and break the tables? Considering mustard colours in your living room, but unsure how to skilfully employ it in designing your home? These two home designs show a similar interior, with kids both in and out of […]

Swanky and Sophisticated Modern Wall Panels and Room Dividers from CSI

Wall paneling has been around for centuries. Traditionally, wooden wainscoting, often on the lower portion of the wall, performed several functions in the home: to insulate, to help add soundproofing and to prevent the wall from being damaged by heavy furniture. Nowadays, molded wainscoting is often made from gypsum board or wood, and it mainly […]

You've never seen a fire extinguisher that looks like this

The home fire extinguisher has gotten a makeover.  For entrepreneur Rodolphe Gimenez, moving into a new home sparked an idea for decorative fire extinguishers that would provide safety without sacrificing style. And the concept caught on like, well, wildfire. Seven years later, Gimenez’s French...

Modern Farmhouse Tips Its Hat to Silo Style

Wendell Burnette Architects took inspiration from grain silos in their design of this modern farmhouse in Wisconsin.  At a distance, Field House’s galvanized zinc sides and two-story rectangular mass look like a purely functional building nestled in fields of corn. Show More Summary

V-Shaped Residence in Coastal Québec

This house, whose name refers to the brightest star in the Aquila constellation, is located in Cap-à-l’Aigle, in the region of Charlevoix, QC, Canada. Altaïr means “The Flying Eagle.” What makes the house stand out is its “V” shape and long facades that are suspended over nature. Show More Summary

Make a Computer-Controlled Mad Scientist Test Tube Rack

Light up your Halloween night with a rack of flickering, glowing test tubes o' doom. Read more on MAKE The post Make a Computer-Controlled Mad Scientist Test Tube Rack appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

An Austin Home That's Not Afraid of Color — House Call

Name: Katie Location: Austin, Texas I love my home because it's filled with things that make me happy! I consider my style to be "collected eclectic," and my home is a perfect collection of my vintage finds, DIYs, bargain buys, and even a couple of splurges. I'm by no means a minimalist, and I'm certainly not afraid of a little color! READ MORE »

This Curved Glass House Used to Be a Water Cistern — House of the Day

From water cistern, to warehouse, to gorgeous glass house, Casa Aljibe is a unique sight in Alpredrete, a suburb outside of Madrid, Spain. READ MORE »

Functional Sculpture: The World's Most Beautiful Staircases

When is a staircase more than just a staircase? When standout details like these take stairs from just a convenient way to move from one floor to another and into the realm of functional sculpture. Whether there's a remodel in your future or you're just an architectural junkie, you'll find plenty to love about these 15 beautiful staircases. READ MORE »

Watch this Coffee Table Convert to a Dining Table in One Move — Design News

(Image credit: Boulon Blanc) Convertible tables have been a small space staple for decades, but what they offer in functionality, they often lack in style. Paris-based Boulon Blanc wants to change that with their new transformable table. READ MORE »

7 Smart Strategies When You're Grocery Shopping for One — Flying Solo

Grocery shopping for one may seem like the easiest thing in the world in theory—buying for just yourself should be an automatic money-saver, right? But if you're shopping solo and you go in without a plan, it's hard to keep yourself in check when it comes to impulse purchases and knowing what you really need. Show More Summary

How To: Remove the Coffee Stains from Your Favorite Mug — Kitchn

(Image credit: Anjali Prasertong) From Kitchn ? The Best Way to Remove Old Coffee Stains from Mugs & Carafes READ MORE »

10 Easy Ideas for Making Budget Curtains Look More Expensive

Finding inexpensive curtains is relatively easy—IKEA's popular VIVAN curtains, for example, are just $10 for a pair of panels—but these affordable options are typically made of basic, boring fabric. But, after a dip-dye bath or a gold-leafing treatment, these steals will look like they're worth a triple-figure price tag. READ MORE »

A Collected & Tailored Boston Rental — House Tour

Name: Christine Gasparich and her husband Location: Beacon Hill neighborhood — Boston, Massachusetts Size: 1100 square feet Years lived in: Renting 2 years In 2014, Christine's husband was accepted to graduate school in Boston, so they sold their D.C. Show More Summary

Cost of Living Comparison: What $100 Can Buy in Los Angeles vs. Portland, OR — All About the Benjamins

You already know that the value of a dollar varies wildly depending on where you're sitting. Even close by in two neighboring states—OK, California is pretty huge—you can get a lot more for your dollar in one over the other. Here's a quick examination of exactly how much the cost of everyday living varies across the West Coast. READ MORE »

7 Ways to Prevent Product Clutter When Your Bathroom Is Tiny...or Teeny-Tiny

Bright Colors & Cozy Textures in West Hollywood (Image credit: Bethany Nauert) When my husband and I were on the hunt for a home last year, one of my must-haves was a spacious master bathroom. You know, the whole nine yards – a huge soaking tub, plenty of storage, dual vanities. Show More Summary

Get the Look: Worldly & Dramatic Textures & Patterns in NYC — Shop the Style

Whether or not your travels take you around the world, you can still get a world-traveled look in your home, full of warm colors and inspiring textures and patterns. Check out Peti's resources from her 800 square foot apartment in New York. READ MORE »

Shopping For Salvaged Materials: Crucial Questions To Ask Before You Buy

There's no doubt that using vintage and salvaged materials is a bigger hassle than buying new materials. So why bother? If your decor leans toward a vintage look, it's often the only choice to get the style you want. Plus, salvaged materials are usually less expensive than new, and often better quality. Show More Summary

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