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Rich Colors and Eclectic Art Adorn this Sophisticated Apartment

This sophisticated apartment in Brooklyn’s Carroll Gardens neighborhood has two precious commodities in New York real estate: space and light.  Given that, id 810 Design Group had plenty to work with in its design.  More importantly, however, the dynamic design team had clients with big personality and an art collection. Show More Summary

How to Add the Pantone’s New Fall Colors to Your Home

New York Fashion Week as come and gone, and left us with an impression of what’s to come in the next year of fashion. It’s no secret that what trends in fashion trends in our homes, which is why we pay close attention to the trend reports coming out of NYFW. And when it comes […] The post How to Add the Pantone’s New Fall Colors to Your Home appeared first on

Unusual Kitchen Gadgets

If you take a look around your home there’s a good chance you’ll find gadgets in almost every room of the house. From recreational gadgets such as televisions and games consoles to incredibly useful ones such as dehumidifiers and vacuum cleaners, our homes are immersed in technologies which enhance the space we live in. Show More Summary

The Most Stylish Halloween Decor Under $40 From Crate and Barrel

Creating a Halloween ambiance that's both spooky and stylish takes some forethought. You want to highlight holiday favorites, like pumpkins, black cats, and haunted houses, in an elegant way. This year, no one seems to have nailed that aesthetic better than Crate and Barrel. Show More Summary

Mid 19th-Century Villa in England Returns to its Original Grandeur

Named “The Pilot’s House”, this villa built from brick and flint masonry is an architectural gem. The residence is located in Winchester, England and has an interesting history: it is part of a collection of family homes developed for the wealthy in the mid 19th century and located close to England’s oldest school, Winchester College. Show More Summary

15 Millionaire Bathrooms We Only Wish We Could Pee In

Post by Nicole Fabian-Weber.   The humble bathroom. It may not be the first room we think of in a house, but we sure spend a boatload of time in there. From showering, to getting ready in the morning, to... doing other things, the bathroom gets a lot of foot-traffic in a home. Show More Summary

A Charming Boston Apartment Full of "New England Style" — House Call

Name: Christine Location: Boston, Massachusetts This is the apartment my husband and I shared for two years in Boston's Beacon Hill neighborhood. I am a DC-based interior designer. In 2014 my husband was accepted to graduate school in...Show More Summary

Historic "House That Moved" Now For Sale — House of the Day

This house in Evanston, Illinois was built by John Van Bergen—who worked in Frank Lloyd Wright's studio—in 1928. But it used to be somewhere else, as in two miles from where it currently sits. READ MORE »

This Chill, Low-Maintenance Plant is Perfect for People Who Can't Seem to Keep Anything Alive

Snake plants, also know as mother-in-law's tongue or sansevieria, have become increasingly popular, and rightly so. With their striking lines and hardiness, they're the houseplants even black thumbs can show off. They also act as air purifiers to improve your home's air quality. Here's how to keep them happiest. READ MORE »

This Weekend: Do The Proper Prep & Avoid a Shock To This System

If we humans dread the end of summer, think about how poor plants feel. People get coats and sweaters to arm against the elements, but they rely on us to keep them safe and happy. You've done a good job all season, but leave them outside too long after Labor Day, or bring them inside without proper prep, and it's a shock to their little systems. Show More Summary

A Complete Guide to What's Coming & Going from Netflix in October — Stream Team

Out with the old and in with the new... Netflix, that is. Here is everything that's leaving the streaming service (in the US) next week on October 1, and everything we can look forward to adding to our queues. READ MORE »

A Family of Seven Craft a Hip Forever Home — House Tour

Open House Tour (Image credit: Denise Fink) Name: Jamie and AJ Fink / Kiddos: Sophia, Etienne, Charlotte, Laurent and Nicasio / Pets: Oliver, Audrey, Napoleon and Greta Location: Brookfield, Wisconsin Size: 3200 square feet This 1968...Show More Summary

5 Things Anyone With Food Allergies Should Have on Their Phone

On a basic level, food allergies are just a restriction on your diet — but that small change can have a much bigger impact on the rest of your life. Normal, everyday things like going grocery shopping become more complicated, fun outings with friends can lead to frustration and traveling can feel almost impossible. Show More Summary

18-Year-Old Ariel Winter Just Bought a $1.6M Modern Home

Ariel Winter, better known as brainiac Alex Dunphy from the sitcom Modern Family, just purchased a $1.575 million home in Sherman Oaks, CA. The 18-year-old seems to have been inspired by her acting gig, as the home is undeniably modern. Its...Show More Summary

Retirement Gnome Homes: Aging in Luxurious Modern Wooden Tents

Retirement home stereotypes dictate that aging people be confined to an isolating complex that sacrifices all the warmth and comforts of home for more sterile surroundings. Contrary to commonly held assumptions, senior living isn’t all mahjong and golf carts, especially when residents are still spry and want to engage in the same kinds of activities […]

The Kitchen of the Future: 10 Smart Gadgets that Make Eating at Home Easier

You already spend sooo much time chopping and sautéing... wait, and now the kale needs to be massaged, too?! While healthy cooking and eating is worth it in terms of returns on your investment — think extra hours in the kitchen that lead to an extra long, vibrant life — you can't let it take over your life, given how much else you've got going on. READ MORE »

Copper in the Kitchen: 14 Easy-to-Add DIY Details

(Image credit: Vintage Revivals) We're loving the look of copper in the kitchen — but sometimes remodeling just isn't a possibility. That's where these clever DIYs come in. These 14 projects, in a range of difficulties to suit pretty much any DIYer, are the perfect inexpensive (and low-commitment) way to add a little shine to your kitchen. READ MORE »

Get the Look: Bright, Colorful & Art-inspired — Shop the Style

Erika's Oakland loft is filled with items and furniture from attainable sources like CB2, IKEA, and Target. Use the sources below to get the bright, modern, and art-inspired look in your home too. READ MORE »

Create the Look: Organic Modern Dining Room Shopping Guide

Whet your appetite with this dining room, an appealingly minimalist mix with just the right amount of natural warmth. The clean shapes of pieces like the table, lamp, and cabinet are simple and elegant, and perfectly balanced by the textures of wood, leather, and linen. READ MORE »

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