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My Best Trick for Saving Money at the Grocery Store — Kitchn

(Image credit: Emma Christensen) From Kitchn ? My Best Trick for Saving Money (and Shopping Healthfully) at the Grocery Store READ MORE »

IKEA Just Released More Photos From Their HAY Collaboration

If, like us, you've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the collaboration between IKEA and Danish design brand HAY, well, we have some great news. The Swedish retailer just shared some additional photos of the collection. Here's what we know so far. READ MORE »

You Already Own the 1 Household Item People Are Turning Into Trendy Terrariums

Wine glasses may or may not be my guilty pleasure. Not only are they the vessel for my favorite beverage, but they also have a way of making me feel so darn classy with every sip - so classy, in fact, that I usually end up "accidentally"...Show More Summary

The Best-Looking Bathroom Trash Cans Under $15

A good-looking bathroom trash bin is hard to find. That's why most of them wind up stashed near the toilet or under the sink. Sure you can invest in a fancy one that looks great, but who wants to drop serious cash on something as small...Show More Summary

This Chair Looks Normal Until You Spot the 1 Big Disney Twist

At first glance, this oversize club chair by Ethan Allen ($1,779) looks like a normal piece of furniture - until you see it from the top and notice the unmistakable outline of Mickey Mouse's head. Best of all, it's proportioned to fit...Show More Summary

15 Times Maisie Williams's Interior Design Style Slayed As Hard as Arya Stark

Watch one episode of Game of Thrones, and it's clear that Maisie Williams can kick butt. But what is the actress doing when she's not paying Arya Stark? For one, she's living a seriously stylish – and refreshingly normal – lifestyle....Show More Summary

Joanna Gaines and Her Look-Alike Sister Are Serious #Goals

With four adorable kids and a loving (and hilarious) husband, design superstar Joanna Gaines is definitely all about her family. But what you might not realize is that Joanna also has a look-alike sister whom she is always hanging out with... Show More Summary

Beautiful Rustic Bathrooms and Why We Love Them

Here's a look I'm loving lately for the bathroom: spaces with a bit of raw texture, a touch of the rustic and the imperfect. Concrete, worn wood, and terra cotta tiles invite the eye to linger, adding a warm and even organic touch to a space that sometimes tends towards the sterile. Show More Summary

Alternative Living: Bladeless Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans haven’t always been run by electricity nor were they self operating. In historical cases they were found to have been operated through a too and fro motion through the use of a hanging cord. In later cases they were operated with the power of a water turbine. The …

One Airline CEO Thinks That Free Flights Are The Future

There's one thing I think we can all agree on in these crazy times: all the fun has officially been sucked out of air travel. But, thankfully, one innovative airline CEO is on a mission to change that, maybe making flying free of charge to travelers — even paying them to fly. Yes, really. READ MORE »

This Man Built a 300,000-Gallon Pool in His Backyard, and It's Insane

This time of year we all fantasize about having a pool in our backyards - be it a scrappy stock tank pool or a fancy in-ground one - but an Alberta, Canada, couple took their family's wish for somewhere to swim to the next level. Jerry and Marina Leussink built a 300,000-gallon pool! Yes, you read that correctly. Show More Summary

In-Reach Real Estate: Affordable Cities Outdoorsy People Will Love

(Image credit: Charles Knowles/Shutterstock) You can read a million lists about buying a home—and I could prattle on for days about the process myself—but the best advice anyone can probably offer is this: buy a home in a city that you love even more than the house itself. Never does this ring more true than when it comes to outdoorsy people. READ MORE »

Check Your Hotter McTaller, Pull Up An Earth Rug & Get Schooled on the New "Correct" Names for Things

In the (master)mind of British content creator Mark Dempsey, "The meme is mightier than the sword." And we certainly would have to agree, based on his viral Twitter account Correct Names, which gives new monikers to everyday objects that are far more logical — and hilarious — than their existing words. READ MORE »

Calling All Los Angeles Readers: Join the Sofa Squad!

Do you love sitting? Do you love sofas? Well, you're in luck if you answered "Yes" to both of those questions, because I'm looking for a few volunteers based in the Los Angeles area to come join me this August to sit on some sofas! p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica; color: #454545} READ MORE »

A First-Time Studio Dweller's Crafty 400-Square-Foot Home — House Tour

Name: Emily Krutz Location: Lincoln Park — Chicago, Illinois Size: 400 square feet Years lived in: 8 months, renting When asked about the limitations of entertaining in her 400-square-foot Lincoln Park studio, Emily Krutz just shrugs, "None really. Show More Summary

Nice & Neat: Clever Ideas for Organizing Your Craft & DIY Supplies

(Image credit: Melanie Biehle/Seattle Refined) Most of us aren't lucky enough to devote an entire room to a craft or DIY workspace, so we're always in search of smart storage solutions that are both functional and pleasing to the eye. Show More Summary

Tour a Hyper-Efficient 376-Square-Foot Home (There's a Trap Door-Hidden Bed!)

I love a tiny, efficient home, and I love a good beach house, especially in these sweltering summer times, so it's nice to see the two come together. Here's how a tiny beachside flat in Italy makes the most of a very small floor plan, managing to incorporate two bedrooms, a workspace, and plenty of room for lounging into a trim 376 square feet. READ MORE »

Two Black and Gray Homes with Chic Simplicity

While Scandinavian-style designs with lots of light wood, white walls, and pops of pretty greens and yellows are certainly popular, that type of color scheme is not the only way to bring sophistication into your home. When we think of blacks and grays, they can feel damp, cold, and unwelcoming, but in the hands of […]

A Plain Jane Home's Exterior Renovation Adds Character

Before (Image credit: Submitted by Anthony) After hunting for a house that checked off all of his requirements, Anthony realized that his best option was jumping on a house that was well within his budget, but needed a little work. Armed with an architectural background and a small loan from his bank, he was able to transform his new home in under a year. READ MORE »

Secrets of Stylish People Who Always Have Something to Wear

Sometimes putting together a nice looking outfit can feel like calculus. What do you have to mix and match, layer together, or accessorize in order to come up with something chic? While some days it seems like outfits come together flawlessly,...Show More Summary

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