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You Can Now Stream Britain's Most Popular Home Design Show on Netflix — Stream Team

(Image credit: Channel 4) First there was Downown Abbey. Then there was Sherlock. Now you can add another British television import to your list, America. Rejoice, design lovers! Britain's favorite home design show is on Netflix. Grand...Show More Summary

Before & After: A Blend of New and Old Style in a California Bungalow — Professional Project

Project by: Karen Nepacena of Destination Eichler Location: San Leandro, California Karen was tasked with opening up the kitchen and dining area of a 1940s bungalow. The space had a ton of natural light that was going to waste in the current layout, so she tore down some walls and gave the space a whole new look that still honored the character of the home. READ MORE »

3 Luxurious Single Bedroom Apartments That Are Perfect For The Single Life [Includes Floor Plans]

The single life is one of the best ways to live. You’re the only person you have to take care of, and your space is all your own. You don’t need a huge home, and the way you decorate it is all your own. The problem with that is that sometimes the apartment is too […]

Is "Goodbye, Things" the New "Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up"?

(Image credit: Goodbye, Things / Fumio Sasaki) Marie Kondo is more than a household name. She's crossed over to the next level and has become a verb for those of us who write, think and obsess about all things home. Yes, "KonMari-ing" and "Kondoizing" are things now. Show More Summary

The Scary Consequences of Old Electronics (& How To Prevent Them)

Have you ever thought about what happens when you get rid of your old phone? Electronic waste may not be a splashy cause, but it's a necessary one. Let's take a look at how old tech is impacting people and the planet, and what you can do about it. READ MORE »

25 Small-Space Game Changers Your Storage-Deficient Home Needs Now

Living in a small space can be tough. But finding affordable, storage-savvy furnishings for your petite place is maybe even harder. Sure, the web is brimming with attractive options, but to make the most of your tiny abode, it's important to seek out purposeful pieces of furniture and accessories—i.e. items that are both space efficient and multi-functional. READ MORE »

Ten Things You Should Never Say to Someone Who Doesn't Drink — Kitchn

From Kitchn ? 10 Things You Should Never Say to Someone Who Doesn't Drink READ MORE »

I Asked People What They Regret Not Doing More, and This Is What They Said

I'm a huge fan of interviewing people with admirable lives for their secrets to being even keeping their homes clean. Good wisdom from smart people is invaluable. I want to take advice from people in hopes that I can skip over more of the "making mistakes" part of life. READ MORE »

Try an Old School Remedy for a Universal Cleaning Problem — Spring Cleaning in 20 Minutes a Day

It's better not to reinvent the wheel, sometimes. As much as modern conveniences are revitalizing our home lives, there are moments when, frankly, grandma just got it right. Today's task in our spring cleaning plan is one of those moments. I'm thinking your rugs could use a little retro refreshing. READ MORE »

23 Pictures of Olivia Wilde's Brooklyn Home That Show Off Her Hip Interior Design

Anyone with eyes can see that Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis have an adorable family – but what's less apparent is just how fabulous their family home is. In 2015, the couple sold their modern two-bedroom Manhattan condo and purchased a spectacular – and sprawling – 19th century Brooklyn house. Show More Summary

How to Turn the IKEA EKET into a Rolling Bar Cart or Bedside Table — Video from Apartment Therapy

The cube-shaped EKET cabinet has us thinking outside the box, to all the stackable, modular options this simple design presents. By adding wheels to the bottom and stacking one on top of another using Velcro, you can easily switch out the cabinets or roll them from room-to-room—proving that this little storage unit has big potential. READ MORE »

A Dark, Moody, Vintage-Filled Victorian in the UK — House Tour

Name: Nicola Broughton Location: Leeds, UK Size: 3000 square feet Years lived in: 13 years, owned Dark charcoal grays, velvety emerald greens and rich, earthy browns enliven the walls and furnishings of the big Victorian just north of Leeds that Nicola Broughton shares with her husband and kids. Show More Summary

16 Memes That Will Make Any House Hunters Fan Roll Over Laughing

House Hunters is definitely one of our go-to guilty pleasures when we need a good ol' dose of HGTV, but there's one tiny premise of the show that's always secretly irked us. Have you ever noticed that many of the guests have ZERO clue...Show More Summary

A '50s Ranch Home That Battles the Seattle Weather with Pops of Color and Warm Touches — House Call

Name: Robert and Bobby, their son Cole and beta fish Riley Location: Beacon Hill/Georgetown — Seattle, Washington The basics: 7 years owned | 1,200 square feet and 800 square feet Airbnb Robert and Bobby's home is designed to beat the Seattle winter blahs while making the most of the city's gorgeous summer. Show More Summary

5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Get Your Secondhand Purchases Clean — Apartment Therapy Marketplace

Secondhand goods come with a history and sometimes it's a dirty one. Before bringing home a vintage chair or dresser from Apartment Therapy Marketplace, take some time to disinfect and deodorize your purchase. These eco-friendly products (some you might already have in your home) are a great way to get your old furniture looking fresh. READ MORE »

This Super Cute Toaster Is Made Specifically for Grilled Cheese — Kitchn

(Image credit: Urban Outfitters) From Kitchn ? This Cute Toaster Is Made Specifically for Grilled Cheese READ MORE »

Why People Who Love Cold Showers Could be Healthier

My long-held belief has been that a shower is not a shower until it's practically scalding my skin. But people change, you know. I didn't understand the whole "cold shower" contingent until I spent a week in a Florida vacation rental last summer with a broken air conditioner. Show More Summary

This Chelsea Studio Is Listed for Under $500K—But There's a Reason

Today in ridiculous real estate, let's take a trip to New York. While few things about the city's property market surprise me anymore (ahem—crawl space guy), I have to say I am actually amazed that one can buy a studio in Chelsea for under $500,000. Of course (you knew it was coming), there's a catch. READ MORE »

This Is the Future of Design (According to What I Saw at Milan Design Week)

(Image credit: Hanna Särökaari ) I do not attempt to hide my love for trend spotting. Seeing what's on the horizon for design makes me giddy. I'm not a slave to trends, as I believe that you should buy what you like because you likeShow More Summary

Over 78% of Burglars Are Using Social Media to Find Their Targets

Image Source: Getty / Tim Graham How much do you know keeping your home safe from theft? A new study by Eyewitness Surveillance found that, if you're like most Americans, probably not much. Even if you've made an effort to burglar-proof your home by adding exterior lights or keeping your front door and windows in good shape, it might not be enough. Show More Summary

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