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Fired Google Engineer James Damore’s ‘Media Tour’ Not Likely To Help His Legal Case

7 months agoLifestyle / Luxury : Filthy Rich

Since his firing from Google, engineer James Damore has been on something of a media tour, starting with figures popular among the alt-right, the fringe conservative movement that jumped to his defense this week.

Forbes Top Influencers: Meet Markiplier, The Gamer Who Has Hollywood Calling

9 months agoLifestyle / Luxury : Filthy Rich

Mark 'Markiplier' Fischbach has grown his YouTube following from scratch in five years, earning millions of dollars -- and now representation from Hollywood powerhouse agency WME.

Forbes Top Influencers: How YouTuber Lilly Singh Is Going Mainstream — And Making Millions

9 months agoLifestyle / Luxury : Filthy Rich

While Lilly Singh considers a future in film and TV, she plans to continue creating videos for her YouTube audience. "I love YouTube and I believe in the power of the digital space," she said.

A Mavic Tale – Magnificent Aerial Footage of South Africa

11 months agoLifestyle / Luxury : Luxuryes

South African Aerial Safari – This astonishing drone footage captured by the young producer Roth Rind with a DJI Mavic Pro drone will make you want to visit South Africa. Enjoy this magnificent video of South African wildlife and don’t...Show More Summary

On Equal Pay Day, Sheryl Sandberg Unveils Latest Lean In Mission: Closing Gender Gap

11 months agoLifestyle / Luxury : Filthy Rich

Starting on April 4th, hundreds of companies from coast to coast, from local coffee shops to international conglomerates, will be offering 20% discounts to draw attention to the impact of wage disparity.

Sweet Investment: How Dean Metropoulos Made Billions Saving The Hostess Twinkie

How did Dean Metropoulos save Hostess Brands? By modernizing technology, logistics, marketing, and by making the Twinkie--famous for its immortal shelf life--stay fresh even longer.

What A Hillary Clinton Victory Would Mean For Working Women

During the course of her 18-month campaign, Clinton has addressed this crucial constituency -- women in the workforce -- directly, writing open letters to both millennial women and working mothers.

Patricia Arquette On ‘Equal Means Equal’ Doc, Closing Gender Pay Gap, And Why Trump Scares Her

Arquette has used her celebrity to bring attention to a damning Congressional report on the wage gap. And she served as an executive producer on 'Equal Means Equal', a documentary addressing gender inequality that debuts on iTunes and Amazon on Sept 6.

Rent The Runway To Hit $100M Revenues In 2016 Thanks To Unlimited Service

In 2016, Rent the Runway's revenues are expected to surpass $100 million for the first time, thanks in part to the guaranteed $1700 apiece annually from its subscription members.

How One Entrepreneur Convinced Beyoncé To Invest In Her Startup

"I believe in the energy of money," Levy said. "The investors are as important as the management and brand ambassadors. Beyoncé is an investor, but she's already created some very powerful opportunities for us."

Louis Vuitton Looks To The Future With A New Short Film

2 years agoLifestyle / Luxury : Luxuryes

French fashion house Louis Vuitton released “Space Travel Of Digital Girl,” a futuristic short film directed by Gilles Esteve, showcasing a new design of the traditional LV monogram coming in a futuristic version. Louis Vuitton’s Digital Girl is the key character of the new store window display across the world. Show More Summary

New App Knock Knock Wants To Make You Less Awkward

Meeting new people is easy—getting their contact info is hard. Trading phone numbers can be stressful, business cards get lost, friending can be creepy— a little less so. Ankur Jain is trying cut the friction out of the contact game. His company Humin (which organizes your mess of social media, calendars and address books into […]

Bye Bye Barbie: GoldieBlox Releases First Action Figure For Girls

GoldieBlox's latest attention-grabbing ad coincides with the launch of its first action figure, aimed at encouraging girls to look beyond Barbie, Bratz, and other dolls populating "the pink aisle" in toy stores.

Gap Inc’s Social Media: Selling Feminism And Equality, Not T-Shirts

Take a look at Gap Inc's social media presence and you'll see the 45-year-old retail giant has been carefully cultivating a web presence focused on feminism, equal pay and progressive values.

Under Armour Goes After Lululemon With Gisele And ‘Womanifesto’

Under Armour is going after the women's market like never before -- and taking direct aim at their main rival in this lucrative sector, yogawear giant Lululemon.

The Secrets of The 1929 Bentley Speed VI Revealed

4 years agoLifestyle / Luxury : De Luxe

Richard Charlesworth knows everything there is to know about old Bentley automobiles - and personally delivers them to the Queen of England herself.

Test Drive: The 2015 McLaren 650S Supercar

4 years agoLifestyle / Luxury : De Luxe

Looking to drop $325,000 on something hot? Consider the latest super-car from McLaren.

Watch Red Bull’s Emma Gilmour: The First Woman Rally Driver Hit 120mph In A Parking Lot

4 years agoLifestyle / Luxury : De Luxe

Heard of Red Bull’s latest competition, Global Rallycross? It’s a series of races between 2,500-pound souped-up rally cars over 70-foot jumps and hairpin turns in parking lots and concrete mazes all over the world. And this year they have a woman driver.

The Most Interesting Man At Bentley Won’t Dish About The Royal Family

4 years agoLifestyle / Luxury : De Luxe

Richard Charlesworth knows everything there is to know about old Bentley automobiles - and personally delivers them to the Queen of England herself.

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