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An Anti-Burping Drug for Cows Might Save the Planet 

You probably know by now that gassy cows expel a huge amount of methane into our atmosphere, leading to global warming. But a new feed additive out of the Netherlands might change all that. Enter "Project Clean Cow."

Climate Change This Week: Hillary's Climate Action Plan, a Wind Power Sheet, and More!

Today, the Earth got a little hotter, and a little more crowded. When Forests Disappear, So Do Beautiful Insects. Forests: the cheapest way to store carbon OO Unrestrained Rubber Expansion Wreaking Havoc On Forests "Your...Show More Summary

An Italian Court Just Ruled that Babies Can Be Vegan and Healthy

A court in Italy recently ruled on what is being called a groundbreaking case for the recognition and rights of alternative diets.

Keeping Parks Public

I don't know about you, but I love public parks. City parks for hiking, little league, and summer concerts. State parks for camping. National parks like the Grand Canyon to experience the awe of nature. Parks are some of our most precious public assets. Show More Summary

Ted Cruz Cooks His Bacon with a Machine Gun, Obviously

Not long ago, we discovered that the most patriotic of Americans were using their guns to cook their daily rashers. It turns out that Tea Partier, Republican presidential hopeful, and Planned Parenthood nemesis Ted Cruz is all about the bacon/gun combo, too.

The $13 Billion Bottled Water Industry vs. the National Park Service... and American Hikers, Campers, Hunters, and Nature-Lovers

Yellowstone National Park was established in 1872 "for the benefit and enjoyment" of the American people. It was the first of 59 national parks dedicated to the conservation of 'wild nature' for posterity, and it is a symbol of national pride. Show More Summary

How Black Women Have Been Leaning In Forever

2 minutes agoLifestyle / Fashion : The Cut

This week, the Cut is considering what it means to be a woman who leads. It's a conversation that Michel Martin knows well. She herself has made a boss journey up the media ranks, first as a reporter at the Washington Post, then a White House correspondent for The Wall... More »

Venezuelans Are So Desperate for Food That They’re Looting Supermarkets

On Friday, one person was found dead from a gunshot wound to the chest and a dozen others were arrested after a mob allegedly looted four supermarkets in Bolívar.

Three Things You Need to Know About Carbon

Part II of a three-part sustainability series by guest blogger Larry Eighmy, managing principal of The Stone House Group You may recall learning about the carbon cycle in your school days, but did you know that understanding this cycle...Show More Summary

Frida Aasen Is Denim Debating

3 minutes agoFashion / Men's Fashion : Kempt

Kempt Staff See more of Frida in her shoot for Twelv, after the jump...

What On Earth Will The PEZ Dispenser Movie Be About?

What are PEZ dispensers gonna do? They don't even have arms! Or legs.

Watch Raw Video Portraits of Hollywood Faces

3 minutes agoLifestyle / Fashion : The Cut

“Being photographed by [Brigitte Lacombe] is the only time I don’t mind being photographed — in other situations I feel like a performing elephant,” says Meryl Streep in the first issue of the magazine Neue Journal, released by the upscale work collective and cultural powerhouse NeueHouse. It’s no surprise, then,... More »

This Atomic Bomb-Themed Beer Has a Message About Nuclear Warfare

Nothing says mutually assured destruction quicker than a frosty craft beer shared among honest folk. The world as you know it may be vaporized before your slowly melting eyes but, fuck, does that pilsner go down smooth.

Icon: Fred “Mr.” Rogers

3 minutes agoFashion / Men's Fashion : Kempt

Geoff Rynex Roughly 85% of the time you describe someone as “nice,” you’re saying nothing. You can’t think of a more colorful adjective that describes the person. Either you don’t know them all that well or you don’t think on it too hard. Show More Summary

Watch This Helpful Explainer About Planned Parenthood And The Senate Vote

The Senate is voting on funding for Planned Parenthood in the wake of a fake controversy, the Obama administration is backing Truvada for HIV prevention, Chinese activists are protesting the idea that a breast is a weapon, and two women are shaking up London’s art scene.

Air-Conditioning Really Is a Sexist Conspiracy

4 minutes agoLifestyle / Fashion : The Cut

Any woman who’s had to resort to keeping a blanket at her desk to endure Arctic office temperatures while her male co-workers go about their days in comfortable oblivion may have had the sneaking suspicion that air-conditioning is actually a sexist conspiracy. It turns out it really is!According to a... More »

Lights, Camera, ACTION: “The Notebook”

Welcome to the first installment of Lights, Camera, ACTION. Each month, Rachel Vorona Cote will choose an erotic scene from film or television and walk you through its quirks and kinks, particularly as they pertain to female lived experience.

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