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Woman Humiliates Dad in Front of His Kid For Using Food Stamps to Buy Groceries (VIDEO)

Post by Jacqueline Burt Cote. These days, it seems far too many people are walking around inexplicably filled with hate -- like the Walmart shopper whose recent tirade against a customer paying with food stamps was caught on video (and is now going viral). Show More Summary

Marine Binoculars 101

A good set of marine binoculars can add to safety on the water. Gary Reich covers the details.

Tequila Sunrise

I love making Tequila Sunrises when I’m entertaining for brunch. While champagne cocktails and bellinis have a festive carbonation to them, I like the colors and the simplicity of these a bit better. Plus, I feel obligated to use up the whole bottle of champagne when I’m making cocktails with it because I don’t want...

I Quit My Job Without Another One Lined Up, And the World Didn’t End

1 hour agoLifestyle : xoJane

When I graduated college five years ago, it's safe to say that I had no career goals.I'd spent the majority of my life wanting to be a dancer, and even after that became a stretch, I never really thought about how I would spend my working life. I picked up a marketing major because it was "smart"... Continue reading

8 Game-Changing Makeup Brushes I'll Actually Use Instead of My Fingers

1 hour agoLifestyle : xoJane

For someone who loves makeup and beauty so much, I've never really been fastidious about the particulars of my routine. This manifests itself in many ways: I don't own an eyelash curler, my makeup organization is sorely lacking, and I though I've tried various tech-heavy beauty implements such as... Continue reading

Special Kind Of Asshole Wrecks In Street Race With A Baby In His Car

1 hour agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

By now everybody knows that if you’re racing on public streets, endangering other drivers, you’re a colossal asshole, and, more than likely, a moron. But to drive in a street race on public roads with a six-month old baby in an unsecured car seat in the back, well, you’re like the infected asshole of an asshole. Show More Summary

Everybody Is Wrong: The Porsche Panamera Is A Good-Looking Car

1 hour agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

There’s been an increase in talk about the Porsche Panamera lately because we’re on the verge of its second-generation replacement. And, most of this talk is about two things: hope that this new one looks better, and lots of complaining about how ugly the current one is. Well, everybody, you’re all wrong: the Panamera is a good-looking car. Read more...

Ride-Hailing Companies Spent $8 Million To Make Everyone In Austin Hate Them

1 hour agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

My mailbox is now an endless chute of garbage thanks to Austin’s Proposition 1, an Uber and Lyft-penned measure that deals with ride-hailing regulations. I’ve been called, emailed and texted. I’ve gotten spammy notifications on my phone and campaigners at my door. At what point does campaigning become harassment? Read more...

Facelifted BMW i8 Will Drop Next Year: Report

1 hour agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

A facelifted and subtly tweaked BMW i8 coupe is reportedly set to go on sale late next year. If you’re a movie studio hoping to remake Back To The Future, start planning now. Read more...

Comment Of The Day: Fiat Chrysler Wants You To Make Babies Edition

1 hour agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

Today was a big day. Fiat Chrysler and Google announced they’d be working together on autonomous minivans. Fiat Chrysler says its doing this to learn more about autonomous tech, but maybe, just maybe, its real reason for the partnership is a bit more clever. Read more...

Hear What Real Cuban Underground Racers Have To Say About Racing And Cars In Cuba

1 hour agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

One of the highlights of last year’s Jalopnik Film Festival for me was the documentary Havana Motor Club. The reason is partially to do with the fact that I love anything that involves jury-rigging old American cars with Soviet-era car parts, and partially because I’m actually half-Cuban myself. Read more...

These Outdated Car Buying Myths Are Costing You Money

1 hour agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

About once a week I come across an article that claims to give “car buying hacks,” or purports to tell “secrets the dealer doesn’t want you to know.” While some of this advice is helpful, other tips are just blanket statements that maybe won’t result in you getting the best deal. Read more...

Skating Venice Beach at 6 a.m. Is an Otherworldly Experience

Photographer Sebastien Zanella has beautifully captured the otherworldly experience of skateboarding around Venice, Los Angeles at six in the morning. Before the tourists arrive and the store shutters roll up, there are only the homeless and the last remaining partygoers stumbling home. For those few hours, one of the most popular tourist destinations on earth becomes […]

ASICS and size? Get Together For a Luscious Lavender Gel-Kayano

Japanese brand ASICS has unveiled its latest collaboration with UK retailer size?, a lavender rework of the classic GEL-Kayano silhouette. The original GEL-Kayano shoe was launched way back in 1993 and was inspired by a beetle’s exoskeletal strength, which is visible right down to the horn-like sole details. A unique framework reinforces the upper and covers […]

PINTRILL Is Opening Its First-Ever Store in Brooklyn

In its two years of existence, PINTRILL has established itself as a go-to brand for witty pins and accessories. The brand’s catalogue features homages to vintage mementos of the past as well as of-the-moment pop culture hilarities, like these DJ Khaled pins. Now, the company has announced the grand opening of their first ever physical storefront, located […]

Bounce into the Spectacular “Cinco de Mayo” Lowrider Car Show

The LA Times Car Club held its 4th annual “Cinco de Mayo” picnic this weekend, showcasing some of the hottest, baddest and meanest lowriders in the world. Taking place at Elysian Park, Los Angeles, the gathering is a stage for all lowrider car clubs and aficionados to get together and appreciate the customized whips in attendance. In case […]

The Team Behind ‘The Hangover’ Tackle Motherhood in ‘Bad Moms’

Written and directed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore who penned the original The Hangover, Bad Moms strikes a similar raunchy tone as they trade bachelor part hijinks in favor of the powder keg that is motherhood. The film centers on Amy – played by Mila Kunis – who seemingly has a perfect life, but […]

How to Prep Your Skin for Summer RoC

Summer is almost here, and it is already warm enough that people are spending more and more time outdoors.  That means it is also time to start thinking about skincare and sun protection to keep your skin in its best shape. Why SPF Matters When the skin is unprotected from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, it [...] How to Prep Your Skin for Summer RoC

Special feature: Amanpulo, Palawan, Philippines

Palawan in the Philippines has recently rocketed to the top of many travellers? wishlists after being consistently featured in several travel publications as ?the best island in the world?. While it is only recently that this ecologically...Show More Summary

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