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3 Designs by Love Design: A Mad Men Inspired Take

Chinese design firm Love Design offers modern designs with a nostalgic twist. With plenty of clean lines, warm tones, and luxurious materials, there’s something both new and familiar about the way they approach interiors. We’re taking a look inside three different apartments, each with its own style, but still the same vintage-inspired feel that runs […]

Audi's Synthetic Fuel Is Basically Race Gas

2 hours agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

While carmakers use the holy hybrid technology to make supercars even more insanely fast, Audi’s synthetic petrol comes with an octane rating of RON 100. That means more speed as well. Read more...

Take the Heat Out of the Kitchen! 20 Summer Crockpot Recipes

Crockpots are a cold-weather essential, but if you're accustomed to putting your slow cooker away from April to September, you may want to reconsider. These 20 recipes do what the grill cannot, allowing your dinner to cook itself while you head off to work, Summer camp carpool duty, or whatever else the day has in store. Show More Summary

Memorial Day Sales: Red, White, and Blue Bags

Everyone’s favorite weekend has finally arrived! As a kid, I lived for the moment we could finally say, “school’s out for summer,” and now as a mom, I still love it for all the sale shopping. Read the full post Memorial Day Sales: Red, White, and Blue Bags which appeared first on Snob Essentials.

Racist Coward Sends Anonymous Hate Mail Telling Black Family To Move Away

It's normal to hear from neighbors welcoming you to the neighborhood or keeping you abreast of events in the community, but you don't ever expect them to threaten you and ask you to leave. That's why a Long Island family was so shocked last week when they received this anonymous letter from a cowardly racist. Show More Summary

Astrology GIFs for the Week of May 25, 2015

2 hours agoLifestyle / Fashion : The Cut

The heavens favor love, friendship, creativity, and romance on Thursday, May 28. A peace-loving Libra moon aspects the sun, Mars, and Mercury on this day to promote kindhearted communication. Use the power of these gentle lunar aspects to smooth over past grievances or lingering emotional issues with loved ones. Gemini (May 21–June... More »

Raging Waters delivers coaster thrills with new Aqua Rocket water slide

Southern California’s first water coaster takes riders on a water park slide that mimics the ups and downs of a traditional roller coaster with the help of magnetic propulsion.

Audi reveals R8 E-Tron Piloted Driving concept at CES Asia

Audi revealed the R8 E-Tron Piloted Driving technical concept car at the 2015 CES Asia expo, bringing autonomous tech to its upcoming electric supercar. Continue reading Audi reveals R8 E-Tron Piloted Driving concept at CES Asia Audi...Show More Summary

INFOGRAPHIC: Inspirational DIY projects to get you started on upcycling

Upcycling, the process of converted old materials into a product with greater value and use, has many benefits. Not only can upcycling cut down on the global garbage stream, it can also help save you money and provide a creative outlet. To help you get

8 scrumptious vegan BBQ recipes to enjoy this summer

©woodleywonderworks Teriyaki Grilled Eggplant Grilling eggplant brings out a rich, smokey flavor, making each slice the perfect main dish to eat alone or pile on a bun. Try an Asian twist by adding some home-made Teriyaki Marinade. The porous eggplant will

Four stylish green grills for a sustainable Memorial Day

Like many Americans, you may be lighting up the barbecue this holiday weekend — but if you want to set yourself apart from the bands of boring black grills, take a cue from our guide to stylish green grills. From DIY creations to hot spots that also double

Color Quiz: Quick! Can You Correctly Match These Colors?

Pin it Think you're a color champion? Now's your chance to find out. Go now (or, you know, when your boss isn't watching) and take this super-fun and super-addictive quick color matching quiz. It's deceptively easy — until it's not — but also exciting and entertaining and oh, just go take it and see. READ MORE »

A Free Tire Inspection and Some Tips for Tire Safety Month

2 hours agoVehicles / Cars : AutomoBlog

So, May is “Tire Safety Month.” It may sound like an artificial holiday, mostly because it totally is, but at least you’re not guilted into buying flowers and chocolates and greeting cards that’ll either go straight into the trash or held onto out of obligation. Instead, you’re subtley reminded that you need to ask Abe […]

Dear Pammy, I must leave my cat

A commenter writes: Any tips on getting my cat ready for my departure? Getting him used to where he’ll live after? Maybe I should get a new friend like a kitten for him to have company he’d be used to. … Continue reading ?

Finding Hope for the Rainforests of Malaysia

Johor, Malaysia, May 25, 2015 - After four hours of driving through continuous rows of oil palm plantations, you begin to wonder. I joined the WCS Malaysia team on a trek recently through the rainforest of Endau-Rompin, a state park in the southern part of Johor on Peninsular Malaysia. Show More Summary

The IMF Just Destroyed The Main Argument Against Clean Energy

Originally published on Energy Post by Karel Beckman A new report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) finds that energy (fossil fuel) subsidies are “big and rising”. At the presentation of the report, Vitor Gaspar, Director Fiscal...Show More Summary

Uruguay Receives $216 Million Loan For Wind Energy Projects

Uruguay’s renewable energy sector has received a major boost with two wind energy projects bagging substantial financial support. The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has announced substantial financial support in form of loans to two wind energy projects in Uruguay. Show More Summary

Six New Concealers to Help You Get Through Allergy Season

Spring weather is awesome; spring allergies are decidedly not. Even the strongest dose of Benadryl doesn't keep splotchiness, dark circles, and redness completely at bay. This is where the season's latest concealers—shop some of our favorites below—become your secret weapon. Show More Summary

Testing GMO Foods

This piece is terrific. It’s about the testing that genetically modified foods go through in Canada, and the misconceptions people continue to have in that regard. It should be considered required reading. The Right Chemistry: Marketing genetically modified foods requires … Continue reading ?

What Are Architects Doing In Response To Population Growth

As this is being typed, the current world population is 7,260,873,955, according to the real time Worldometer. By the time this article is edited and published (assuming four to five days from now), the population will have approximately...Show More Summary

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