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15 (Mostly Free!) Online Classes to Help You Decorate, DIY or Just Get Things Done Around the House

Pin it Show of hands: Who out there was born into a crafty family? Has anyone here been sewing since the age of 12? Which of you are near-expert at flower arranging? Is anyone a pro at abstract painting? Well this post isn't for you guys. It's for the rest of us who want to learn how to master a few handy skills to get things done around the house. READ MORE »

I Am Losing a Beloved Friend to Alzheimer's, Even as She Remains Very Much Alive

1 hour agoLifestyle : xoJane

I have a friend. She lives very far away, across an ocean and a continent, but once we lived in the same city, where a twenty-minute walk beneath ficus trees and cork oaks would bring us to each other’s doors. I’d reach her street, turn past the sprawling frangipani just outside her window, and... Continue reading

Refer 10 New Tesla X Buyers, Get Your Tesla Model X for Free

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk told press Wednesday that people who refer 10 people to buy the company’s new Model X would get one for free, Mashable is reporting (via Car and Driver). The caveats: You need to be the first in your region...Show More Summary

5 Things You Need for Your Wet Hot American Summer Prequel Netflix Binge

Pin it If there's anything good about the recent trend of beloved television shows and movies from our youth coming back as sequels, it's that every now and then, something truly worthy of being revisited gets a green light. The 2001...Show More Summary

A Gorgeous Swedish Apartment Effortlessly Blends Old and New — Metro Mode

Pin it When I was in Paris I saw apartments with details so breathtaking they would make any American home feel a little plain jane — but I never saw anything quite like this. This apartment, it turns out, isn't in Paris at all: it's located in the Östermalm district of Stockholm. Show More Summary

IT HAPPENED TO ME: My Landlord Wouldn’t Believe I Had Bed Bugs, So I Brought Him Some

1 hour agoLifestyle : xoJane

Two years ago, I decided to take the next step toward that intangible feeling of being a real adult by saying goodbye to my roommate and getting my own place. I felt lucky when found a relatively affordable studio apartment in Washington, D.C. It was a bit removed from the nightlife, but still... Continue reading

OnStar Hack Can Open Doors, Start Car, Track Driver

Not content with scaring the bejesus out of Chrysler owners, Wired has uncovered a hacker who says he can open a GM car with OnStar, start it or track it remotely. The only thing he can’t do is put the car in gear or steer it, which still requires a key. Show More Summary

Farting Is My Secret Feminist Weapon that Works Every Time

1 hour agoLifestyle : xoJane

It’s hard being a woman in this world. We get silenced, pushed aside, ignored, paid less, denied care, called names, and a million and one other bad things. We have to work twice as hard and get paid two thirds as much as our male counterparts to survive in the dog eats dog world. We climb... Continue reading

Jeep Posts Biggest Ever Quarterly Sales Total in US

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles said strong North American sales and brisk worldwide Jeep sales propelled the company to a $364 million profit in the second quarter of 2015, despite record fines from the federal government. Overall, the company...Show More Summary

To the Facebook Ad Team That Told Me My Face Would Receive “High Negative Feedback”

1 hour agoLifestyle : xoJane

Last week, I posted an article on my blog with a photo of my bare face (no makeup). To the left of me is a photograph of a beautiful woman named Chanel. At 23 years old, Chanel is bravely fighting a devastating battle against major organ failure due to scleroderma. You can read the full article... Continue reading

Fiat Chrysler’s Product Pipeline Drier than California for 2016

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles may have only one new model built in North America over the next 18 months after executives pushed back development of others due to brisk sales of current models, Reuters is reporting. The redesigned Chrysler...Show More Summary

IT HAPPENED TO ME: My Mom Kidnapped Me (And Ran Off With A Fugitive)

1 hour agoLifestyle : xoJane

I was three years old when my mom and Chris began packing all of our possessions into a truck and began the drive from Missoula, MT to Salem, OR. As we began our road trip, my mom tells me I told her that we should go home; now she says she regrets not taking my advice, but I don’t believe... Continue reading

IIHS: Not All Ford F-150s Are Built Just As Tough

Automotive News is reporting the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety will rate versions of Ford’s F-150 pickup with dramatically different safety ratings after re-testing versions of the pickup, which is a highly unusual move for the safety nonprofit. Show More Summary

Everyone?s Favorite (And Quiet) Alternative To LAX Might Get Really Busy Soon

1 hour agoLifestyle / Travel : Jaunted

In 2011, Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, California began a study ? which was largely funded by a $5.4 million federal grant (that's a lot of moolah!) ? to decrease traffic congestion and air pollution. We know what you?re thinking: How riveting, Jaunted. Show More Summary

Is it Me or Are People More Outraged By the Killing of Cecil the Lion Than the Killing of Black People?

1 hour agoLifestyle : xoJane

Cecil, a very beloved lion who lived in Zimbabwe, was allegedly killed by an American dentist named Walter Palmer.I will never understand hunting for sport, or why someone would want to kill a lion, which is apparently such an easy thing to do that it’s not really badass at all. It’s an all-around... Continue reading

CREEPY CORNER: Are You Sure You're the Only One Living in Your Home?

1 hour agoLifestyle : xoJane

The layout to my Japanese apartment is a bit unusual. It's actually two, formerly neighboring apartments, with the wall in the middle torn down to make one "big" apartment. "Big" is a relative term considering that most urban Japanese apartments are basically one long, narrow room with a loft... Continue reading

Money Isn’t Everything: What an $8,500 Porsche 996 Really Costs

About two months ago, I purchased my fourth new-to-me car in as many years — and I still had two of the previous three. Of those three, one was purchased for adventure (a 1977 Porsche 911S that I drove cross-country and back nine days...Show More Summary

Travel Musings From 8 Top Rappers

1 hour agoLifestyle / Travel : Jaunted

Meek Mill pictured with plane, ride and posse. If you regularly listen to hip-hop music ? which, FWIW, I always have and always will ? you know it has some of the most meaningful, intricate, expressive lyrics of any genre in the entire musical game. Show More Summary

2015 Subaru Legacy Rental Car Review

In my youth I was a vital, virile, male Manly Man. So manly that when I got a new ’86 GTI as my first “nice” car, I left off not only the automatic transmission but also the power steering. Mind you, it drove great — when it drove at all. One night my parents tossed me […] The post 2015 Subaru Legacy Rental Car Review appeared first on The Truth About Cars.

In Pictures: Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

I bet you didn’t know the longest continually running vintage car race and show in the nation is held in Yinzerville. That’s right. Every summer since 1983, Pittsburgh’s Schenley Park becomes the scene of the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. Show More Summary

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