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When You're a Man

"When I grow up, I'll be a man," you shout, a smile beaming from your sweet face. I tickle your belly, barely covered these days by your favorite, faded Superman tee. "Yes," I say, trying to smile, "one day you'll be a man." I continue to smile, but I grow quiet, filled with thoughts I can't express to you. Show More Summary

The Genetic Reason Some Women Are More Likely To Have Twins Than Others

By: Tia Ghose Published: 05/02/2016 03:04 AM EDT on LiveScience Twins tend to run in families, and now researchers have identified two genes that make women more likely to conceive nonidentical twins. Both genes are related to the production...Show More Summary

Motherhood: The Ultimate Competitive Sport

Motherhood is a competition unlike any other. I'm not talking about the roughhousing that parenting a little boy requires. No, I love that. I'm talking about the competition between moms. Why is it that women invent this competitionShow More Summary

'Me-ternity' Leave Is A Very Bad Name For A Very Good Idea

Sometimes good ideas come wrapped in incredibly dumb packages. I'm looking at you Crystal Pepsi. The dungbomb we're talking about today, however, isn't a weird carbonated drink but a new workplace leave concept: "me-ternity leave." It...Show More Summary

Why I want presents for Mother's Day

Yes, you heard right. I want presents! Now before everyone throws their arms up in the air and gives me their best mummy judging frowns let me explain... When I say I want presents I'm not talking about pricey jewelry or designer duds. Show More Summary

In Defense of "MEternity" Leave

In case you live under a rock, have no access to any slice of the Internet other than Bitchy but Bubbly, or tend to scroll past any Facebook post with a ton of angry face emojis, a childless young woman, Meghann Foye, wrote a book and...Show More Summary

The One Perspective Shift All Parents Should Make

I believe most parents really love their children unconditionally. Yet, this amazing love makes it difficult for parents not to expect the best for their child. When children are very young and impressionable, they cannot protect themselves from the pressure to conform to their parents' expectations. Show More Summary

3 Awesome Songs To Change The Brand of The Unmarried Mom

Is it even possible? Can you change millions of minds when it comes to unmarried mothers? Can you show the naysayers that you're more than your past shortcomings and bad decisions? With some folks, you'd probably have more luck scaling a tower than changing their opinion about how your children came into this world. Show More Summary

The Awesome Way JetBlue Helped Anxious Moms Flying With Their Babies

Traveling with a baby is challenging, particularly when a flight is involved. On top of the strollers, blankets, diapers and toys, parents have to deal with possible negativity from their fellow passengers. In honor of Mother's Day, JetBlue decided to help out a group of moms flying with their infants. Show More Summary

The Toy-Snatching Mother (She's a Friend of Mine)

A friend, who once offered to pay to have the upholstery in my car cleaned after she left the sunroof open and a bird pooped all over the seats, brought her son, along with his light-up, growling dinosaur, to a play date at my house....Show More Summary

Kerry Washington Reportedly Pregnant With Second Child

Congratulations may be in order for Kerry Washington! The "Scandal" actress is reportedly expecting her second child with husband Nnamdi Asomugha, sources confirmed to E! News. A representative for the actress told The Huffington Post,...Show More Summary

'How Do I Change My "Low Income Mentality" And Give My Kids The Best Shot?'

Reader Awesome Mommy writes, I was raised in a single mother low income situation. Education was not a top priority, graduating high school felt like a huge accomplishment for me but also for my mom. I read an article about the differences between being raised with wealth vs poor. Show More Summary

Watch 8 Men Read And React To Stories Of Sexual Assault

A new campaign is creating a safe space for people of all genders to share their stories of sexual assault. Created by Teen Vogue, the "Not Your Fault" campaign is a video series that features women and men reading stories of sexualShow More Summary

These Epic Cake Smash Outtakes Will Leave You in Hysterics

When parents plan cake smash sessions, they typically have a clear vision: their angelic child, dressed in an adorable outfit, enjoying their first taste of cake in honor of his or her birthday. As their kiddo lights up after a heavenly...Show More Summary

This Grandpa Just Altered Classic Radio Flyer Red Wagons in the Best Way

The Radio Flyer red wagon is a childhood staple - you likely had your own as a kid to pull your toys or younger sibling to the park in, or you have one that belongs to your own child sitting in your garage right now. To put a smile on...Show More Summary

The Unexpected Reason This Mom Thinks She Deserves a New Car From Honda

.@Honda, earlier today I gave birth to my daughter in the back of a Honda Fit. It is a mess. Can I have a free car? - Beth Newell (@bethnew) May 1, 2016 One mom took to Twitter not only to announce the birth...Show More Summary

Hosting a Mother's Day brunch? Try this for your menu and name cards

Here's a DIY for name cards and menus that's perfect for your Mother's Day brunch.

Time to Love Our Bellies

When I got out of the shower this morning and caught a glimpse of my naked, wobbly, shrivelled baby belly my first thought was 'ewww gross'! I then went on to grab handfuls of flesh asking the god of flat stomachs why he had been soShow More Summary

iRules For Parents, From Their Children

Below is a collection of iRules elementary school children think their parents should follow. I gathered their thoughts and ideas on this topic and read it aloud to their parents during an evening presentation. We all had to take a big,...Show More Summary

The Secret Ingredient to Your Child's Future Is YOU

In my previous blog post, I shared how science shows that parents are the true gene therapists: the most influential aspect of your child's life. My aim with this blog is to offer the best practical advice to parents today about what you can do, in your own home and family, to create the optimal environment for your child. Show More Summary

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