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Chris Christie Wants To Punch The Teachers’ Union In The Face And It Sucks That This Will Not Hurt Him Politically

It really sucks that we live in a world in which a political candidate can attack teachers like this, and people will support him. More » Chris Christie Wants To Punch The Teachers’ Union In The Face And It Sucks That This Will Not Hurt Him Politically is a post from Mommyish - Parenting Imperfect.

“Better Safe Than Sorry” is Wrong

. This perspective brought to us by psychologist Sarah Heavin in Tacoma, WA. Better Safe Than Sorry? Not if you care about fostering healthy child development, by Sarah Heavin As a forensic child psychologist, I am often hired to evaluate a child for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after an injury. Think: Car accidents, plane […]

10 Things I Really Wanted to Say in Response to "You're Not Breastfeeding?!"

Post by Liz Alterman. If you're a mother who bottle fed your babies, the news that it's World Breastfeeding Awareness Month may bring up some pretty unsettling feelings. As a mom who didn't breastfeed, I always felt -- and sometimesShow More Summary

This Guy And His Frat Bros Pulled Off A Masterful Musical Proposal

May 16, 2015 was a big day for college sweethearts Alexa Agourides and Jonathon Feinstein. Not only did the pair graduate from Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey on that day, but they also got engaged.  After the commencement...Show More Summary

My Baby's Doctor Asked Why I Was 'Hell-Bent on Breastfeeding'

Sometimes I think I can trace all of my breastfeeding woes to the first time I held my son. Recovering after my C-section, I almost missed the "golden hour" after birth when babies are awake, alert and ready to eat. The nurse gave Sam to me, and he looked up with puffy newborn eyes as I placed him at my breast. Show More Summary

10 Things I Like About My Body

Every day after lunch I send my two oldest girls, Ginny and Grace, to their room for "quiet" time. Before I became a parent, I envisioned this time as nap time for them and quiet and peace for me. However, Grace is not allowed to nap. Show More Summary

I'm Not Sure If I'm Too Strict With My Teenage Daughter

Reader Confused About Teens writes: I desperately need your help and I'm hoping you can find time in your busy schedule to give me your advice. I generally consider myself a smart woman and a great mom. However, recently I feel like I have no clue what I'm doing with my teenage daughter. Show More Summary

Why I'll Break My Daughter's Heart Over and Over Again

I stood at the kitchen counter chopping strawberries for dessert. Tears trickled out of the corners of my eyes as I replayed the scene of sending my youngest daughter to her room. As I reflected, I asked myself the timeless questions muttered by many mothers before me... Show More Summary

Dear Adam Levine

Dear Adam, I saw you in concert about seven years ago outside of Boston, when Maroon Five opened the show for the Counting Crows. Ever since then I've really enjoyed watching your rise to meteoric stardom. I actually have a lot in common with your lovely wife, Behati Prinsloo. Show More Summary

Even Self-Proclaimed 'Safe' Teen Drivers Play With Their Phones Behind The Wheel

If you think a 9-to-5 schedule is tough, be glad you're not a high schooler. Their schedules are packed with activities ?-- sports, community service, yearbook club, AP tests -- to help them make it into college, and their smartphones provide an easy way to constantly obsess over whatever their friends are doing. Show More Summary

Netflix Now Giving Employees 'Unlimited' Maternity, Paternity Leave

Netflix on Tuesday announced that it would offer something completely unheard of in the corporate world: unlimited parental leave for the first year of a child's life. "We want employees to have the flexibility and confidence to balance the needs of their growing families without worrying about work or finances. Show More Summary

Dear Mark Zuckerberg: What You Just Did Was Huge

Dear Mark, Yesterday you announced your wife's fourth pregnancy, and to that I extend hearty congratulations! While the announcement of your rainbow baby is joyous and meaningful news, something else in your status update struck a chord with millions and sent a very loud message to the Internet -- miscarriage doesn't need to be a secret. Show More Summary

Ultra-Snuggly 'Big Hero 6' Pillow Hugs You Right To Sleep

Sometimes, you need a hug. And sometimes, that hug needs to come from a life-sized stuffed robot with beady black eyes. Turns out the lovable star of Disney and Marvel's "Big Hero 6" exists in plush form, and he's here to cuddle you to sleep, forever and always. Show More Summary

New Cecil The Lion Beanie Baby Sales To Be Donated To Wildlife Conservation

A toy company hopes the legacy of Cecil the lion will live on in a might way -- through a plushy animal that's raising donations. Toy manufacturer Ty has created a Cecil the Lion Beanie Baby to honor the late lion and raise funds for...Show More Summary

So Your Youngest Child Is Going to Kindergarten?

The parents' struggle in sending their children to kindergarten has long been documented. The anxiety, the apprehension, the pool of mom's salt and snot left in the parking lot on that first day of "big kid school" -- it's all been written about before. Show More Summary

A Tale of Two Sisters: The Introvert and The Extrovert

More often than not, I find them together. Sisters. They squabble, as siblings do, but the squabbles are few and far between. These days, I mostly hear them laughing together. Private jokes. I am content not to understand. The sound of their laughter is enough. Show More Summary

Why I Love Being a Single Parent

When I first became a single parent, I was scared and anxious. Life seemed to be a scary journey filled with thorns and monsters. Raising three teenagers on my own, fulfilling their financial, mental and psychological needs didn't seem like an easy task. Show More Summary

The Need to Matter

Photo credit: Christopher Michel This past week has been strangely satisfying. I am visiting my brother's family and spending time with his three little ones. They are all under the age of 10, and the youngest who is 3, follows me around like my shadow and insists that I am a part of everything she does. Show More Summary

I Didn't Know That Would Happen #257

Utterly enervated, I assumed the seven-mile stare out the passenger window of my van. Minutes earlier my family and I had pulled into a gas station. My son, in prime "I didn't know that would happen" fourteen year old form, had hopped...Show More Summary

Taking On The Staggering Decline Of Youth Sports Programs

For many of today's star athletes, involvement in sports at a young age provided refuge from problems at home, or opened doors to a college education that would not otherwise have been possible. But a group of athletes warned last week...Show More Summary

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