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Help! My 5-Year-Old Hates Networking And Cocktail Parties. (I Mean Playgroups And Birthday Parties)

Sometimes I felt like I was living in the movie Groundhog Day, but I was always backstage at the Tony Awards. Every night the same show, with the words, "wait, can I do that one more time" coming from my daughter's mouth as she pleaded for another do over. Show More Summary

c.1980s Kid-Sized Ferrari F500 At Artcurial Le Mans

As kid-sized Ferraris go, this F500 is one of the most advanced I've seen. With molded steel frame over a tubular chassis, leather interior, a rear-mounted 50cc Motobecane engine, and Mille Miglia livery, it's gorgeous, even. But before I send my kid out zipping around the grounds at 50 km/h, I'd add a safety harness. Show More Summary

Louisiana Mother Arrested for Punishing Her Sons After She Caught Them Breaking and Entering

A Lousiana mother allegedly whipped her kids with an electrical cord after she caught them burglarizing a neighbor's house, and this week she was arrested for it. More » Louisiana Mother Arrested for Punishing Her Sons After She Caught Them Breaking and Entering is a post from Mommyish - Parenting Imperfect.

Mom Pleads for ‘More Inclusive’ Parenting After Her Son With Down Syndrome Was Excluded From a Birthday Party

12 hours agoLifestyle / Parenting : Mommyish

If a kid wants to invite everyone at school to his birthday party, except for the boy with Down syndrome, it's the parents' job to talk him out of that. More » Mom Pleads for ‘More Inclusive’ Parenting After Her Son With Down Syndrome Was Excluded From a Birthday Party is a post from Mommyish - Parenting Imperfect.

Mom of 4 shocked, and thrilled, by her doctor's orders: 'Date your husband!'

"Now that you have four children, you will be engulfed with living for them. I want you... to go out with your husband with NO kids. NO baby!"

George H.W. Bush Is Unpersuaded By 5-Year-Old's Case For Broccoli

Former President George H.W. Bush, perhaps the most powerful person to ever publicly declare how much he hated broccoli, got a letter from a 5-year-old extolling the virtues of the vegetable. The 41st president tweeted a picture he had...Show More Summary

How To Save Money On Groceries Without Extreme Couponing

When I encourage other people to save money on their grocery bills, I frequently hear “I don’t have the time to coupon." While couponing does take an investment of time but it doesn’t need to be a huge investment. It’s possible to save money with coupons with a half an hour of time a week. Show More Summary

Summer Vacation Drives Working Parents Insane

Remember all of the songs extolling the joys of summer? Summertime (And the livin' is easy) Hot Fun in the Summertime (Out of school, yeah, county fair in the country sun) Sunny Afternoon (Lazing on a sunny afternoon) Summer Breeze (Makes...Show More Summary

They're Back: How To Navigate Adult Children Returning Home

You've heard the adage that says if you hear something three times, it's something you need to pay attention to, right? Given that, I'm hereby announcing that if you hear something five times, it officially makes it a "thing." The thing...Show More Summary

6 Things to Consider When Asking Kids to Be in a Wedding

Whether or not to include children in weddings is an age-old debate. Will they make it down the aisle? Will they steal the bride's show? Will they behave during dinner? (The answer to all: who knows?!) But if you have your heart setShow More Summary

5 Tips For Your Kid's First Trip to the Movies

Plan the perfect trip to the theater with your little guys and gals with these tips from our friends at Common Sense Media. Taking your kid to the movies for the first time can be a treat - or a total disaster. Follow these steps to ensure that a good time will be had by all. Before you had kids, a trip to the movies was a no-brainer. Show More Summary

Everyday Peacemaking + Gender Creative Children

Interviews with Stephen Hecht, author of "Nonflict," on the art of everyday peacemaking; and Diane Ehrensaft, author of "The Gender Creative Child" on how to nurture and suppor children who live outside gender boxes. The post Everyday Peacemaking + Gender Creative Children appeared first on Mr. Show More Summary

5 Words You Should Never Say To Your Grandchild

There are people who have a talent for sticking their foot in their mouth and then there are people who just don't care what they say. Words are either gifts or weapons and I strive to keep what comes out of my mouth to be a gift. However, it's impossible to live as long as I have and not occasionally say something I regret. Show More Summary

Snowman Building – The Best Way

Last year when we were in New Zealand, we went down to Mt Ruapehu and had a ball in the snow. My husband lived in Minnesota in America as a child and had plenty of experience making snowman. Most people I observe in the snow tend to scrape together snow to make a snowman, and […]

Is Disney Princess Culture Hurting Young Girls?

A new study suggests little girls who idolize Snow White and Cinderella are more likely to suffer from negative body image.

Edit Your Life Ep. 43: Our Favorite Wellness Apps

There are hundreds of apps that can act as coach, motivators, and trackers -- the trick is deciding on which app to use. Here are our favorites.

How to Beat Your Kid Every Time in Jenga, Battleship, and All the Other Family Game Night Games

Every so often, you'll let your kids take the prize during family game night, but other times, it's fun to let your competitive streak loose. Our friends at Fatherly have supplied us with tried-and-true ways to become the reigning champion...Show More Summary

Teacher Uses Bruised Apple To Show Devastating Effects Of Bullying

One woman found an incredibly way to teach a crucial lesson. Rosie Dutton of Relax Kids, a U.K.-based company that deals with kids' mindfulness and relaxation, teaches a weekly class for 10- and 11-year-olds. During a recent class, Dutton...Show More Summary


I tend to keep my posts light, but I do have something to say today that I think is very important. Here goes. Can we all just agree to love our kids? Of course you love your kids. I do, too. What I mean is, can we all make a promise...Show More Summary

The Lazy River

We were in Mexico. I was floating on a soft, cushy water pillow down the 'lazy river', the kind that weaves in and around the resort and spa, the kind that makes you forget that there is any other place in the world or any work to be done. Show More Summary

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