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George Clooney jokes that 'ER' prepared him to be a dad: 'I played a pediatrician'

The actor and director of the new film "Suburbicon" says he and his wife Amal are getting geared up for the double duty of twins.

Mom Warns Other Parents After a Terrifying Experience With Strangers at Ikea

When Diandra Toyos was shopping at Ikea with her mom and three kids, she had a strange feeling that something was seriously wrong. Call it a mother's intuition or just being an observant parent, but strangers in the couch departmentShow More Summary

Don't call us 'good girl': School's prom dress poster sparks backlash

A poster in a school's halls showed four different styles of prom dresses, with the message "good girl" beneath the least revealing one.

'I struggled a long time': Oklahoma City firefighter in iconic photo retires

It took counseling for post-traumatic stress disorder and years to process the events, but Chris Fields says he's in a good place now.

How DIY slime may lead to severe burns - and a safe alternative

A mom whose 11-year-old daughter suffered serious burns to her hands speaks out about the danger of an ingredient in do-it-yourself slime.

School Makes an Example of Kids' Lunches to Warn - and Shame - Parents

After school staff came across a variety of troublesome lunches, one principal is taking a stand and issuing a major warning to parents about taking their kids' health seriously. Over the course of a few weeks, children were showingShow More Summary

17 Enviable Nursery Ideas For Your Little Bundle of Joy

Chances are you and your baby will be spending a lot of quality time together in the nursery for the first couple of months. But turning a plain room into a spectacular space for your newborn is no easy feat. There are paint colors to be chosen, furniture to put together, and room themes to consider. Show More Summary

Teens and the Summer Job: A Perfect Match

Dear Mr. Dad: I want to get a job this summer but my parents are refusing to give me permission. They say I’m too young, but I disagree. I’m turning 15 a week before school ends and some of my friends have had summer jobs for a few years. I’m jealous that they have their […] The post Teens and the Summer Job: A Perfect Match appeared first on Mr. Dad.

My Daughter Thinks She's in Charge - and She Might Be Right

It started innocently and simply enough. I wanted my daughter to be happy, and from the time she could start expressing her own wants and needs, that often meant giving her whatever she asked for - within reason, of course. In my mind,...Show More Summary

Entrepreneurs love their companies like parents love their children

Love is a major motivator both for parents and entrepreneurs, research shows. A multidisciplinary study asks whether entrepreneurs love their companies like parents love their children. The study used functional MRIs to study the brain activity of fathers and high-growth entrepreneurs. Show More Summary

The Baby Name Peggysue

In September of 1957, the classic rock and roll song “Peggy Sue” by Buddy Holly came out. (This was just a few months after the doo wop song “Deserie” was released.) “Peggy Sue” was on the Billboard Top 100 for 22 weeks in late 1957 and early 1958, reaching as high as the #3 spot. […]

Parents Be Warned: This Popular "Slime" Recipe Could Give Kids Third-Degree Burns

A Massachusetts girl is recovering from severe burns after a DIY slime recipe gone wrong sent her to the hospital. The slime craze has taken off among teens and tweens, but after the 11-year-old made a batch while at a sleepover, she was left in excruciating pain. Show More Summary

Kathie Lee Gifford visited Hoda Kotb's daughter, Haley Joy, and it was magical

It's true that Kathie Lee and Hoda make a great team, but when you add Haley Joy into the mix, you have the perfect trio!

Boy With Vitiligo Becomes BFFs With Spotted Black Lab

Carter Blanchard never thought he'd embrace his vitiligo - until Rowdy came into his life.

How You Should ACTUALLY Handle Playground Conflict

Does your little one come home with stories of playground fights? Whether physical or verbal, schoolyard conflict can be troubling for any parent to hear about... and even more hurtful for the children involved. Regardless of who started it - your child or the other - here are some steps you can take to prevent further conflict.

Why Do Teens Lie? Part 1

Lying has many shades of gray. Kids are good at it.

The importance of relating to others: Why we only learn to understand other people after the age of four

When we are around four years old we suddenly start to understand that other people think and that their view of the world is often different from our own. Researchers have now explored how that works.

Heels for babies? Company defends their controversial product

Pee Wee Pumps is receiving backlash for creating high heels for infants.

How one woman's memory of her mom's home remedies led to a 'Godwink'

Author SQuire Rushnell returns to the Fourth Hour to share another remarkable true story, this one about a woman whose fond memories of her mother's home remedies led to a coincidence so remarkable that it qualifies as a "Godwink."

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