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Woman Photographs Homeless Father For Years To Rebuild Their Relationship

When Oahu, Hawaii-based photographer Diana Kim saw her father for the first time in years, he was standing on a street corner, staring at the asphalt below. He didn't acknowledge her presence. Kim's father was struggling with mental illness, had been homeless for some time and didn't recognize her. Try as she might, she could not get his attention. Show More Summary

The Musical Baby Name Anona

The song-inspired baby name Anona debuted on the SSA's baby name list way back in 1903. more

Kissing Butt (Ant Butt, That Is…): Cast of Dads Episode 57

The Cast of Dads finally got together again for another gabfest about fatherhood and then some.  There is always something for us to talk about, and as usual, we cover a wide (and not necessarily logical) range of topics – in this episode everything from the serious (the Boston Bombings) to the sublime (licking the butts of [...]

Super Bowled Over: Cast of Dads Episode 56

  Ok, I admit it.  I am a male, and I am not much of a football fan.  So, once again I am the butt of the “big game” jokes as the Cast of Dads gathered for our own little “pre-game” show. Of course, as is typically the case, this being the Cast of Dads we talk [...]

Talking About Tragedy: Cast of Dads Episode 55

As the Cast of Dads gathered for our Holiday show, we shared our collective sadness and thoughts on the terrible tragedy in Newtown Connecticut, and how we’ve been discussing the events with our kids.  Since we’re dads of kids from toddler to the 20?s we have different circumstances and thus different approaches to how to address the [...]

Happy Thanksgiving from the Cast of Dads! (Episode 54)

We’re baaack!  Yes, it has been a while since the Cast of Dads got together to shoot the proverbial sh.  In truth we recorded a show a few weeks ago that was “lost” due to technical difficulties… but enough excuses… let’s get on with the show! Before you click the link below to listen to Episode 54, [...]

WTF Is A Huckapoo Shirt? – Cast of Dads Episode 53

Our children and our childhoods sparked an olympic discussion in the lastest episode of the Cast of Dads podcast.  Where else can you listen to five disparate dads debate topics from malaria to Mini-Coopers, from the Olympics to the “Orangutang Hang!”  Enjoy! You can CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO CAST OF DADS EPISODE 53. Topics discussed in [...]

“A Dad’s Point of View” with Bruce Sallan

This morning I had the privilege of being on my friend Bruce Sallan’s radio program A Dad’s Point of View, talking about tech and being a single dad, among other topics. You can listen to our ten minute segment, if you’d like: Or you can listen to the entire program (I’m the fourth ten minute [...]

Grown Men Giggling: Cast of Dads Episode 52

A few days before Father’s Day, the Cast of Dads got together with a serious case of the LOL’s – and there were no cats involved.  I’d say you had to be there, but you can!  Just click the link below to listen to the show…  Just be prepared, as laughing is known to be contagious. We hope everyone [...]

Mother’s Day, Razr’s, And A Dad At Sea

(This episode of Cast of Dads is sponsored by the new Motorola Droid RAZR.  Want to win one? Listen to the show and find out how!) Everyone at the Cast of Dads and Dadomatic hopes you and your families enjoyed a great Mother’s Day this past weekend!  Four of the five Cast of Dads got together to recap [...]

5 Dads, 50 Conversations, Tons of Fun

Woohoo!  This is EPISODE 50 of the Cast of Dads podcast!  As we hit this milestone, I thought I would share the tale of how the Cast of Dads came together… Back when Sony came a callin’ and invited myself and four other dads to become “DigiDads” and get the chance to play with some [...]

Getting Back On The Bike: Cast of Dads #49

Spring is here and the Cast of Dads have sprung back into action with a new fun filled episode.  Next show will be EPISODE 50, a nice milestone for any podcast.  Thank YOU for listening to us rambling dads for all this time.  We greatly appreciate you putting up with us – er, listening to us, and hope you [...]

Meatloaf Again??? Cast of Dads Episode 48

2012 is already fast underway, and while it may seem like the Cast of Dads have been absent this year, we actually recorded a great show in January that was lost to the digital demons.  It was probably our best show ever – funny, poignant parenting tips… heartfelt fables of fatherhood… and so much more.  Alas, you [...]

Macaroni and Cheesy… Cast of Dads Episode 47

The Cast of Dads got together to talk turkey (or in my case, Tofurkey) in the 47th episode of our (almost) weekly gabfest.  As always, we are hard pressed to stay on any one topic for too long, and we run the gamut from Thanksgiving dinners to toddler vandalism to kids pooping in the dryer. [...]

A Hair Raising Month: Cast of Dads #46

November is Movember and thus there is an abundance of facial hair around the Cast of Dads.  Please consider supporting the cause and donating to Max, Brad, Michael or C.C.‘s efforts to raise money and awareness to fight cancer in men. As the holidays are already approaching it is exciting to see that we are fast approaching our 50th episode of [...]

What’s Cooking? Cast of Dads #45

The Cast of Dads were cooking with gas in this week’s show as we stir the pot around the discussion of dads as the family cook.  There has been some heated discussion about this topic on the Interwebs, prompted by an ill-fated attempt by a well known spaghetti sauce brand to reach out to “daddy bloggers.”  While [...]

Mother Nature and the Mother of All Daddy Podcasts: Cast of Dads #44

No the Cast of Dads haven’t fallen off a cliff, though some of us have had to face the wrath of hurricanes and wildfires.  Even “the Mother of all Daddy podcasts” is subject to the whims of Mother Nature.  To make matters worse, we actually recorded a show before this one and it was eaten [...]

Let the Fireworks Begin! Cast of Dads #43

Happy 4th of July Weekend! The Cast of Dads got together before the weekend to share our post Father’s Day adventures and we had a blast sharing some of our own stories of fireworks and other explosive topics.  We also announced the winner of our Father’s Day Dell Inspiron Duo giveaway, thanks to our friends [...]

Showing Our Junk (And a Father’s Day REWARD!)

We’re baaack!  It’s been a few weeks, but the Cast of Dads got back in front of our respective microphones, phones and headsets to deliver a new, fun-filled episode.  With political private parts in the headlines, bathroom humor abounds and we make our fair share of “weiner” jokes.  Brad goes so far as to reveal that [...]

How Old Is Justin Bieber? The Cast of Dads Want To Know

This week the Cast of Dads are feeling inspired by the spring in the air and the spring in their steps, but even better weather cannot keep us focused on just one topic.  Where else can you find five clueless dads debating everything from Justin Bieber vs. Rebecca Black to MacGuyver vs. MacGruber in a single [...]

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