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How to Say Goodbye

There are many songs that capture the shock that parents feel when they realize that their little ones have grown up in the blink of an eye. This song by Michael W. Smith “How to Say Goodbye” does a wonderful job showing the relationship between a dad and his daughter from little girl to her …

A Silent Voice

I really enjoy Japanese anime especially the excellent films made lately. Koe No Natachi (A Silent Voice) is an outstanding story about a bullied deaf girl and the impact of the bullying not only on her but also on the bully and all those around them as kids in school. It’s a moving story with …

Notes From The Last Day Before School

"Libraries are the greatest buildings on earth...I want to learn about Plato." "I have some good Play-doh recipes." "Plato. The philosopher."

Mrs. Stern's Lamborghini Is For Sale

Mrs. Stern of Hyde Park has finished ferrying the neighborhood children to and from their various school and after-school events, thank you very much, so her pink 1974 Lamborghini Espada daily driver will need to find a new home. ItShow More Summary

SLEEP, Pleaded David Shrigley

Untitled, 2012, unique linocut print, about 100 x 70 cm. If he wanted to, he could have had one of these prints hanging in every nursery of every kid born in the English-speaking world in the last five years, but that's not how David Shrigley rolls. A linocut print is printed from a carved linoleum block, and Shrigley only made one. Show More Summary

Moccasins Made From Care Bear Pelts, By Freshly Picked

I see these Freshly Picked X Care Bear moccasins and wonder how they're made. Is it like having your chest waxed, all at once, to get those logo pelts off the front of the bears? Is it like that one Star Trek movie where the Borg queen...Show More Summary

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

My 14 year-old son surprised me today by sending me this new song from Owl City called “Not All Heroes Wear Capes” and wished me an early Happy Father’s Day. It really touched me deeply. I like to think all three of my children fully understand how much I love and adore them so it’s …

Baby's First Mall Hangout

Oh things are quiet around here, obviously. Maybe it's the world we're living in right now. Coupled with the fact that the kid is in 7th grade, and I am so far out of the new dad demo, it is literally not funny. I've thought many times of wrapping things up, maybe by inviting the kid to write something herself. Show More Summary

Pour One Out For Baby Daddy IPA

enjoying the last batch of @SpeakeasyBeer, fixture of olde 90s SF — Wayne Bremser (@wb) March 12, 2017 I don't drink, and I don't know much about IPA, but if I did, and I did, I'd drink Speakeasy Baby Daddy. Except I wouldn't, because they apparently just announced that they're closing up shop. End of a San Francisco and craft brewing era.

Look At Where We Are. Look At Where We Started.

One day you're checking into the hospital with your soon-to-be-no-longer-pregnant wife and your go-bag and an extra landline phone in case you need to do an interview Mark Wahlberg about his World Trade Center Memorial Competition entry,...Show More Summary

Bambinooo By Cucula: Enzo Mari X Refugee Colabo

In late 2013, some designers in Berlin teamed up to help refugees who'd fled war in Northern Africa get settled and productive in their new home. Legally restricted from working as wage-earning employees, the refugees and designers formed...Show More Summary

Eliot Porter Photograph Of His Son

Harvard medical researcher Eliot Porter took this photo of his son Jonathan enjoying some tummy time in 1938, the year he had his first exhibition at Alfred Stieglitz's 291 Gallery in New York. In 1939, he decided to become a photographer full time. Show More Summary

The Top 10 Humidifiers To Get When Your 9yo Has Croup

It's 10 o'clock on Saturday night, and your 9yo is making agony faces like a telenovela diva and barking like a seal colony because she's got croup. What are the best humidifiers to buy so your kid, and by extension, you and the rest...Show More Summary


The deadline for applying for health coverage under the Affordable Care Act is tonight, January 31st. If you need or want health insurance for 2017, go register at TODAY. LIKE RIGHT NOW. Honestly, if you're on this site, or are in the demographic of this site, I would hope you already have some health insurance lined up. Show More Summary

Assemble Also Does Adventure Playgrounds

Baltic Street Adventure Playground, image: Assemble You may know Assemble from their winning the Turner Prize. Or from their The Brutalist Playground made out of foam. But did you know they also make adventure playgrounds? In 2014 the...Show More Summary

The Brutalist Playground Open At Vitra Design Museum

The Brutalist Playground installation shot from S1 Artspace, photo:alan bull In 2015 artist Simon Terrill and the architecture collective known as Assemble was commissioned to make "The Brutalist Playground," an exhibition/installation of lost, Brutalist playgrounds made out of foam, instead of concrete. Show More Summary

Daddy On Board

Precious cargo! Bryan Coffelt posted this photo on twitter. If I ever opted to turn this blog into a line of dubious kid products, a car magnet saying "Dads Are Just As Important As Moms" would probably have been available to this day. I have no regrets. photo via @bryancoffelt

A Four-Letter Word For Swiss Baby

Swiss Miss has gone and done it, opening the crowdsourcing floodgates to unleash the awesome hivemind of her twitter followers and blog readers to come up with a four-letter name her baby boy, aka Swissmister. Gotta be four letters. I...Show More Summary

I Want A Child, 1930, By/Of El Lissitzky

In Mother Russia, Sergei Tretyakov wrote a play called, I Want A Child, about a woman named Milda who wanted to have "a model proletarian baby, but without a husband." The controversial play explored topics like sex, eugenics, politics...Show More Summary

Isamu Noguchi Mega-Playscape Pilgrimage

Speaking of amazing Japanese playgrounds, there is nothing that tops Moerenuma, the vast, last project by Isamu Noguchi, the 400-acre park in Sapporo which was only completed in 2005, after his death. Moerenuma gets 750,000-850,000 visitors...Show More Summary

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