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Danny Angel

Here’s another heartbreaking tragedy caused by bullying as another sweet angel named Daniel Fitzpatrick Jr. committed suicide because he could not take the pain of being bullied anymore. He was only 13 and no one at school tried to help him which is the usual case. He left behind a note which explained all the …

This Is Fine. Dog Plush On Kickstarter

You're on the internet, so you know KC Green's This is fine. dog. We are all KC Green's This is fine. dog now. And now your kid can be, too. Green has launched a Kickstarter campaign to make a plush toy version of the This is fine. dog. Show More Summary

The Kunstler Legacy Is Complete.

On That Day, meaning yesterday, August 3rd, in 1967, William Kunstler and others founded the Law Center for Constitutional Rights. [via @JMitchellNews] On This Day, meaning today, August 4th, in 1977, Kunstler founded Bring Your Daughter To Work Day.

It Is Not Too Early, Indeed It May Be Close To Too Late, To Set Some Pokemon Go Ground Rules

you know what? I quit — World Princess Pt. 3 (@snpsnpsnp) July 12, 2016 3. Do not play Pokemon Go while attending a funeral, but if you just happen to drop by a funeral home while a funeral's going on, well... 2. Do not play Pokemon Go at the Holocaust Museum. 1. Do not play Pokemon Go while your wife is giving birth.

Sucre Daddy Types

I think the blog may have a new mascot. Hmm. []

Ile sur la Sorgue-Spotting: Awesome Wooden Slat Kids Chair

We are in France visiting family, and went on a quick tour through Ile sur la Sorgue, which is chock full of antique and vintage stores. This sweet Danish-style folding kids chair was at 50 Cinquante, one of the best mid-century dealers. Show More Summary

Bayou Meth Lab Raid Lego

Zander's niece got a bayou meth lab police raid Lego set, which Playmobil must answer, or risk losing the edgy playset realness crown. Riot police and security checkpoints just ain't cutting it anymore. [twitter, @zander] Buy a Lego City Hovercraft Arrest Playset No 60071-1 for around $40

c.1980s Kid-Sized Ferrari F500 At Artcurial Le Mans

As kid-sized Ferraris go, this F500 is one of the most advanced I've seen. With molded steel frame over a tubular chassis, leather interior, a rear-mounted 50cc Motobecane engine, and Mille Miglia livery, it's gorgeous, even. But before I send my kid out zipping around the grounds at 50 km/h, I'd add a safety harness. Show More Summary

We're All Captain Hook Now

I cannot even begin to I mean I There is no way to even That dad That family

Daniel Uber-Loving Tiger

You may know Ian Bogost from his groundbreaking work on the McRib's insidious normalization of the McNugget. Now he has trained his scholarly gaze on Daniel Tiger, whose Privatization Trolley is destroying Our Youth's faith in public transit: When Daniel and his family want to go somewhere, they simply walk outside to catch Trolley. Show More Summary

Successfully Co-Parenting through Divorce

Dear Mr. Dad: My wife and I are in the midst of what’s turning out to be a rather unpleasant divorce. We can’t stand to be anywhere near each other and conversations are pretty much impossible. The only thing we agree on (besides that...Show More Summary

In Mother Russia, Wifi Password Names Your Kid

From KVIIIlyn's mom:my husband suggested we replace the 'ait' with the Roman numeral symbol for eight! Now our daughter is truly unique.It's funny because, reading this, the most baffling thing to me ends up being, "What the hell kind...Show More Summary

Cute Sweet and Smart (CSS)

Tim McGraw just won a country music award for his music video for “HUMBLE AND KIND” which was inspired by his daughter going away to college. It’s such a wonderful song and the video is beautiful with a wide range of diverse cultures represented. It made me think of the advice my wife and I …


In the spring 22-yo Brooklyn fashion geek Davil Tran made a splash with his VETEMEMES raincoat, a parody of the ridic Parisian street-inspired clothing collective Vetements. And it did not take him long to start monetizing his critique. The...Show More Summary

Dueling with Doulas

Dear Mr. Dad: Our baby is due in a few months and all of my wife’s friends are recommending that we hire a doula as a birth companion. What are doulas and what do they do? More important, will a doula try to take over? My baby is being born and I want to be […] The post Dueling with Doulas appeared first on Mr. Show More Summary

Divorced Mom — Don’t Entertain Your Kids 24/7

Dear Mr. Dad: I’m a divorced mom, and because of my past substance abuse issues, my ex-husband has primary physical custody of our children. I only get to see them on weekends and we miss each other terribly. I’ve been trying to make it up to them by filling every weekend with outings and activities. Show More Summary

Hospital Blanket Screenprint Edition By Aaron Krach

Aaron Krach, Indestructible Artifact #19 (Swaddle), 2014, image A few days ago I spotted this awesome screenprinted hospital blanket on the website of New York artist and writer Aaron Krach. It was a little Lawrence Weiner, a little Gene Davis, and a lot of #nurseryswaggoals. Show More Summary

Playmobil X Joy Division

On this, the 36th anniversary of Ian Curtis's death, let's all take a few minutes to rewatch the incredible stop motion animated Playmobil version of Joy Division's 1979 performance of "Transmission." Here it is. This video, createdShow More Summary

Stokke Trailz On Instagram Are Much Larger Than They Appear

Painters in the Renaissance developed techniques of linear perspective in order to illusionistically depict three-dimensional space on a flat, 2-D surface. Over the centuries we have become accustomed to "reading" these visual cues as...Show More Summary

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