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Cooper Fleishman [@_cooper] says we have "finally found the heir to Psst What, the all-time greatest kid Vine," which, you know 51m vs 477k, maybe we can take issue with, but for now, let's just enjoy it.

Surgeries In The News

Here is a story about a 47-yo Massachusetts woman who says she didn't know she was pregnant until an hour before the kid was born. [Her husband who belatedly schedules that vasectomy has a cameo, too.] And here is a story that's been...Show More Summary

The Spanish Word For Lamb Is Cordero

I cannot explain why, but it just feels really urgent to point to this amazing set of photos of thousands of sheep filling the streets of Madrid. Something to do with protesting/preserving the ancient droving pathways? Yo no se, butShow More Summary

Bonkers Auction Action On 20 Mini-Ferraris

It's not very #servicey, but I just could not bring myself or my blog to be a party to the auction madness that was unfurling yesterday in Lyon, France. Twenty, that's right, TWENTY mini-Ferraris of all sorts, vintages, and price points, went up for sale at Aguttes. Show More Summary

The Days of Whine and Roses

Look, I grew up watching Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the whole Peanuts gang. I still enjoy watching their holidays specials every year with my kids because of the nostalgia factor so I am sure that I will always love them. We are all super excited to watch the new Peanuts animated 3D motion picture that’s …

Toyota Batmowagon

Toyota's been driving this UUV (Ultimate Utility Vehicle) around the country since June as part of a PR buildup to SEMA. I think two things when I see it: This looks perfect for Iceland, and Wait, you're telling me you're only getting around to putting a Sienna on a Tacoma frame NOW? smdh

Hairy Banana

Heather Armstrong gave a really thoughtful and classically unsettling talk at this year's XOXO Festival in Portland where she explained her experience stepping away from pro mommyblogging at Dooce. You should really watch it or, if you're in a setting where the phrase HAIRY VAGINAS doesn't go over so well, then maybe just listen to it. Show More Summary

The Birth Of The Phonecam And Vice Versa

This is apparently the first picture taken and sent by a cell phone. It is Philippe Kahn's daughter, born June 11, 1997. Kahn is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who founded Borland, and then in 1994, he founded Starfish, a wearable computer...Show More Summary

Overthinking Sandra Boynton

Ian Bogost goes deep for The New Yorker on, of all board book authors, Sandra Boynton:Take "The Going to Bed Book": what appears to be an innocuous precursor to the activity that its reading facilitates turns out, on closer inspection, to be rather strange. Show More Summary

1,584 Of Seven

Until I clicked through to the actual article [which, is everything on 538 written in this faux-dumb voice?], I had assumed all 1,584 Sevens got their names because their parents were hot for the Borg. Which struck me as an unlikelyShow More Summary

London Real Estate Market Not Ready For Kaleidoscope House

London's housing market has been off the charts lately. And with local art fair Frieze, the contemporary art market's circus came to town last week, too. Yet this unholy confluence, along with the ascendance of Lena Dunham to the cultural...Show More Summary

'People Can Just Pick You Up And Move You And Put You Down'

Amanda Fortini's interview with the writer Mary Karr at The Paris Review includes this visceral description of childhood:INTERVIEWER In the first section of The Liars' Club, you inhabit the mind of a seven-year-old to an uncanny degree. Show More Summary

10 Years A Playmobil Slave-Turned-Pirate

A woman bought a big Playmobil pirate ship for her nephew, and then got Facebook-upset when the instructions said to put a slave collar on the brown-skinned pirate. Other people got Facebook upset back, pointing out how the pirate ship...Show More Summary

What's Wrong With "Mr. Mom"?

The movie, that is. It's easy to say what's wrong with the term itself. It's sexist, because it assumes home is a woman's natural domain. Also, even if it's not always the intention of people who throw this phrase at stay-at-home-dads,...Show More Summary

Marvel Super Heroes Magazine Subscription Giveaway

There's a new Marvel Super Heroes magazine! Marvel Super Heroes magazine invites families to bring home the “Mighty Marvel Universe!” Readers must get ready to join forces with all their favorite Avengers. Each issue features exciting...Show More Summary

21 Century Dad

The blogger known as EduDad (and also SaskaDad on Twitter, because Canada), recently uploaded a YouTube that I watched, thumbed-up, tweeted about, and LIKED, but somehow didn't put on this blog until now. Enjoy EduDad's/SaskaDad's "21 Century Dad"

The Autobiography of Mark Twain, Vol. 1: Reader's Edition Review and Giveaway

Speaking of Father's Day(?), I got a copy of The Autobiography of Mark Twain Volume 1 to review and to give to a reader. In 2010, when the book came out, it was described by Esquire Magazine as "The Dad Book of the Year," so I felt reviewing it around Father's Day was a good idea. Show More Summary

Philips Norelco IV: A Lost Hope

First, a recap of the first three episodes. Six months ago, I noticed Philips Norelco's only parenting item, a kids' hair clipper, was marketed as "Designed for Kids, Made for Moms." I contacted Philips, they promised a call back, and...Show More Summary

A Difference a Child Makes

How Playground Moms Look at Me When I Get to the Park How Playground Moms Look at Me When They Realize I'm There With My Girl Happy Father's Day!...

Review of Tyler Durman's Book: Birthday Suit

Tyler Durman - for Parents (why our children test) from Tyler Durman on Vimeo. I do most of my reading/writing when other people in the house are asleep, so I don't usually watch videos. If you're doing the same thing, I suggest youShow More Summary

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