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Antonio Vitali Hand Puppets In Paris

It wasn't until DT reader and Antonio Vitali puppetmaster Aaron sent along a link to these photos of Vitali's handpuppets at the Louvre's Musee les Arts décoratifs that I realized they're mimes. Moody, manic, silent, creepy, Frenchy mimes. Oh no, he's trapped, mint in box, can't get out. But seriously, they're in tres tres bon etat. Show More Summary

This Is My New Ringtone

Open this in multiple windows. Prepare or cute mayhem. — Zelda Williams (@zeldawilliams) April 23, 2014 It will also be on every song I ever remix in any future DJ careers I may have.

Millennial's Analysis Of Baby Boomers Confounds Gen X'er

So apparently Hook was the archetypal dadventure movie of the 90s, which the Paris Review dubs "The Dadliest Decade." between 1989 and 1999, ten dadventures hit the box-office top ten, and they're worth listing in full: Look Who's Talking Parenthood Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Hook Father of the Bride Mrs. Show More Summary

Is That A Scrotum-Cooling Gelpak In Your Pocket, Oh, It's In Your Underpants?

Some people have invented underpants designed to cool your testicles, which has a pouch to hold a refrigerated gelpak. This is intended to promote increased sperm production, since sperm and testicles are highly sensitive to overheating. Show More Summary

Corrupt Bully Named Garmentos' Father Of The Year

Some random assortment of garmentos have invited the abrasive, corrupt political bully and current governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, to be their fundraising figurehead Father of The Year, and he has graciously accepted while in the middle of multiple criminal investigations of his administration. Show More Summary

Is That A Baby In Your Fleece Or Are You Just Happy To See Donuts?

I've learned not to ask or congratulate someone on her pregnancy just on visual evidence alone. But I just saw the second guy in two days who I'd swear was wearing a baby, but it turns out he just had a vest or a fleece and a gut.

Coming Out As Pregnant

The NY Times has a brief excerpt of nice butch lesbian A.K. Summers' graphic memoir of coming out as pregnant. I hope it includes some thoughtful and entertaining lessons about how having a kid changes how we see ourselves and the world--and...Show More Summary

DT Friday Freakout Chocolate Edition

Here is a handy round-up of headlines from the worlds of science, health and parenting, delivered all at once to ruin, not your every waking day, but just your weekend. It's the Daddy Types Friday Freakout: Toddlers show racial bias in picking playmates, says a U of W study of in-group bias in babies. Show More Summary

It's Hard Out There For A Vaginal Birth

Damn, as if childbirth wasn't already hard enough. Doc bros gotta go make them even more complicated, just to fit their schedules. I was struck by the symmetries between two articles this week: The first, from the NYT, is a look at the difficulties women in rural areas face when they want to have a VBAC, vaginal birth after cesarean. Show More Summary

Ima Let You Comment, But

I have temporarily disabled comments on Daddy Types, so if you have a comment or response to a post, please email it, or hold it for a little while. The last week or so I've heard from folks having a difficult time leaving comments, seeing the captcha, etc. Show More Summary

WHOA, Edward Durell Stone Kids Furniture Exists

Architect Edward Durell Stone designed MoMA, the Kennedy Center, and the house next door to us on the Upper East Side, but I had no idea he ever designed kids furniture. Yet here some is. In 1969 Stone built the Orlando headquartersShow More Summary

J.G. Ballard For Kids Happened, And Should Happen Again

Techno-dystopian bears aren't just for Kubrick anymore. As this cartoon from Tom Gauld's 2013 book, You're All Just Jealous of My Jetpack shows. I would totally kickstart a collection of J.G. Ballard-inspired Adventures of Ballard The Bear, though. Show More Summary

Peter Pearce Curved Space Diamond Structure, aka The Hakone Soap Bubble Castle

A couple of months of Throwback Thursdays ago Johnson Trading Gallery posted these photos to their Instagram. It's a wacked out biomorphic geodesic Habitrail of a jungle gym playground pod whatzit structure they bought on eBay. [And apparently flipped at Wright a few months later for $15,000. Show More Summary

Bootie Call

My first reaction was denial. A grandfather? Me? In my head I am still 19 years old, and that’s certainly too young to be a grandfather. Of course it is also too young to have children who are now in their 20?s. In the world outside my head I indeed have three adult kids (Adult […]

'We Are Mint In Box': The A.I. Super Toy Teddy

I was kind of into it at the time, but Stanley Kubrick & Steven Spielberg's A.I. is one of those movies I just can't watch since becoming a parent. [Also on that list: Marc Forster's dystopian suburban stillbirth saga, Everything Put...Show More Summary

And 140 Kids Were Named Betsy

Vox is breaking some news here that more people named their kid Khaleesi after a Game of Thrones character in 2012 than named their kid Betsy. But I guess I'm surprised that at least 140 people name their kids Betsy instead of Elizabeth, and call her Betsy. Show More Summary

Never A Dull Moment In Berkeley

photo: aya brackett for remodelista "The cast iron enameled corner sink is original." "The gilded body cast on the wall is of Ayelet during one of her pregnancies." [remodelista via @hawthorneLAT]

Area Playgroup Entertains Foreign Family On Dole

While Australia is intercepting needy refugees at sea by the boatload and storing them on some [other] remote prison island, friendly neighboring New Zealand is taking a different approach. The nationa-wide family support agency Plunket...Show More Summary

Clear Eyes, Rebel Hearts, Can't Win

You could blog for years and still not come up with a scenario that combined just the right about of aspirational travel fantasy with the opportunity to judge the bejeebees out of someone else's parenting half as perfect as the Rebel...Show More Summary

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