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Videos Of Toys Popular Among Ignored Children

OK what, this Buzzfeed article about the anonymous, disembodied hands behind DisneyCollectorBR, a YouTube toy unboxing and play demo channel is utterly bonkers. Apparently the 55 million views translates into between $1 and $13 million per year in ad revenue sharing. Show More Summary

DT Outer Banks Report

That Point In The Family Vacation Where Two Of a The Twelve Cousins Open The 3,000-Piece LEGO Death Star On The Coffee Table

Long Live The Welfare State

A small British child descended from immigrant stock has survived his first year on government support. [via bbc]

Action Movie Kid, Dad To Rule The Viral Marketing Galaxy As Father And Son

In case you were worried about the fate of ActionMovieKid and his dad as their 2015 Toyota Sienna #SwaggerWagon gets caught in the space station's powerful tractor beam, let the "Fictitious scene with stationary vehicle" disclaimer put...Show More Summary

That's No Lactation Room

I've had these lactation room stories sitting here in my tabs for weeks now, hoping they'll all get better. But I don't think they do! Abe Sauer wrote about the difficulties facing working moms in Minnesota, where companies like Wal-Mart...Show More Summary

Also Questioning The Patriarchy Since College

Molly Caro May has a great essay about her and her BF/husband Chris Kautz's decision to give their first kid her last name, and his as a middle name. It's a thoughtful look at how equity and patriarchy and awareness and sensitivity play...Show More Summary

Zingy Chili Lime Goldfish: It's Like They're Playing Dressup In Daddy's Flavor Profile

We replaced this unsuspecting toddler's usual, vaguely cheddar cheesy Pepperidge Farm GOLDFISH® with new, LIMITED EDITION! FLAVOR BLASTED ZINGY CHILI LIME GOLDFISH®, and recorded his reaction on hidden camera: Actually, we didn't but...Show More Summary

Bid Along If You Feel Like A Seasons Natural Treehouse Without A Roof

On the one hand, this Seasons Natural Toys treehouse is a survivor, the first I've ever seen from the eco-friendly, indie toy company started by Jennifer stickley and Lynn DeRose in the early 1990s. And gone now--the last online mentions...Show More Summary

Hey, That Girl

Hey girl, Judith Butler encourages us to use camp to expose gender so I am wearing a pink ducky onesie today. ... Hey girl, I think I'm going vegan as soon as I stop breastfeeding. ... Hey girl, I'm really glad my mom was able to decide...Show More Summary

Phorbas & Oedipus

Oedipe enfant rappelé à la vie par le berger Phorbas qui l'a détaché de l'arbre #sculptures @MuseeLouvre — Le Scribe accroupi (@scribeaccroupi) July 11, 2014 This neo-classical sculpture of an infant Oedipus being rescued by the shepherd Phorbas is based on an 1801 plaster model by Antoine-Denis Chaudet. Show More Summary

Two Cut Jews Cover L-rde

@ftrain called this a pro-circumcision music video, but I'd probably call it anti-intactivist, and pro-mohel, with some factoids about the benefits of circumcision for sexually active men penciled in. It says a lot that the strongest...Show More Summary

Parenting Can Be Depressing

Not to be all Billy Bummer about everything, but I've had this Times article, "The Trauma of Parenthood," open in my browser tabs for a couple of weeks now. So it's expected. Psychology and management professor Eli J. Finkel writes about...Show More Summary

Baby Feud Zazzle: Now It Comes In Your Size

Speaking of grownups wearing infantile t-shirts... Poet, writer and alum Johannah K-S has just launched Baby Feud Zazzle, a tumblr collection of Onesie designs custom printed on adult-sized shirts. It only started this morning, and it's already making everyone look ridiculous. I expect big little things from this one. Baby Feud [ via @jjjjjjjjohanah]

Hello Kitty Waging Global War On Mr. Jihad

There's a new Mr Men in town, and Hello Kitty is not smiling. The Daily Mail reports [sic, obv] that Mr Men & Little Miss owner Sanrio is bent out of shape about Mr Jihad. [Wait, who owner what? Sanrio bought Mr Men in 2011 from the dissolution of Chorion just two years after the private equity rollup/MBO? How did I not--never mind. Show More Summary

In Mother Russia, Daddy Holds You

I don't know what glorious pronouncement of Soviet parenting advice No. 3A is, but I'm sure Putin's parents followed it to a T. English Russia has a whole collection of kids' propaganda posters for your future kleptocrat's collective nursery walls. Every Kid Should Know This [englishrussia via dt comrade rolf]

When The Bough Breaks

The tagline for the NY Review of Books' blog is, "Roving thoughts and provocations." And Christopher Benfy's post about poetry and bending vs. breaking is certainly that:Some commentators think that "Rock-a-bye Baby," first published...Show More Summary

Orbit Baby Stroller And Area Woman Pushing It

As everybody good stroller publicist knows, when it comes to paparazzi photos, the most important thing is logo placement. [via my back-in-the-day posse member, former Vogue editor, and power stylist who probably really, really wishes someone would help this unfortunate tourist from Calabassas, Ann's Twitter]

Street Life: A Big Bird Status, Triple Extra Large

an exhausted big bird, wheeled into his tent by sesame street toadies, no doubt to be revived by hookers and blow. — mark lamster (@marklamster) July 2, 2014 He's no Central Park Zoo Elmo, but it looks like Big Bird could use an intervention.

Man Insane, Kid In Footwell

We interrupt this not freaking out about news stories phase to bring you this important announcement: Some insane 27yo dad got arrested doing 150mph in a Mercedes 320--a 320!--in England last September, trying to make a 5-hour driveShow More Summary

You'll Never Guess The Corporation That's Shamelessly Melting Your Heart

So we took the kids to the movies the other night, a non-trivial event for them, because srsly, what would they ever go see: 1) some too-loud, dumb, animated fart-fest full of Gen Y culture references they know nothing about or 2) Frozen? Anyway,...Show More Summary

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