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NY Review Of Books Children's Collection Summer Sale

The New York Review of Books publishing imprint has been steadily bringing lost classics back into print, including dozens of books for kids of all ages. Now they're having a summer sale, and all children's book titles are 30% off through...Show More Summary

N'Importe Quoi: Squirrel-shaped Hermès Bookcase

Here is an orange calfskin bookcase in the shape of a geometric squirrel fron Petit h, Hermès's upcycling collection of oddball one-off objects overseen by the great-great-great-granddaughter of the company, Pascale Mussard. I guess it's better than starting an heiress rock band, or being a socialite-DJ in St. Show More Summary

DT Friday Freakout: Whooping Cough Edition

There's only one headline that freaks me out this week, and it includes the words, "Whooping Cough Epidemic." California has declared a pertussis epidemic, with 3,458 cases reported since the beginning of the 2014, more than in all of...Show More Summary

This Would Have Come In Handy This Week


A Campaign For The Bloggerfather

Longtime dadblogger Oren Miller of Bloggerfather was recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. A group of his friends, fans, and readers have already raised nearly $10,000 to help with medical and family expenses. You can join your support and best thoughts for Oren and his family now. Give Back To Oren [giveforward via @laidoffdad] Cancer [bloggerfather]

A Pee Flows In Brooklyn

Writer Gabe Roth got busted by park cops for letting his 3yo daughter pee behind a bush in a Brooklyn waterfront park, and The Awl is ON it. Actually what most people seem to be on is the cop's side, because Gabe is apparently a loathsome,...Show More Summary

From Three To Two

It's a gorgeous, clear sunny day here. And as we go about our busy weekend, I'm constantly pulled back to thinking about Eric Meyer and his family, who are with their daughter Rebecca on what will likely be her last day. It is also her sixth birthday. Show More Summary

DT Friday Freakout

News piles up during the week, news from the worlds of parenting, science, health, politics, education, &c., that's designed to get your attention by freaking you out. Here at Daddy Types, we like to help parents sail through the week...Show More Summary

LEGO Spaceman Will Hold Your Charger Cable

Why has no one thought of this before. WHY. — Techmog (@Techmog) June 5, 2014 All you need is a little Kragle.

Float Baby, Or The Decline Of Western Civilization

img alt="float_baby_vox_wtf.png" src="" width="525" height="349" class="mt-image-center" style="text-align: center; display: block; margin: 0 auto 20px;"...Show More Summary

St Louis Airport Checkpoint Playground

Hello, St Louis airport! Where kids can play at being a listless TSA official — Rebecca Mead (@Rebeccamead_NYC) June 4, 2014 Honestly, if your kid can go through the play X-ray machine, I think I'm totally fine with this. Just watch the patdowns. [via twitter, obv] Previously, related: Playmobil Security Checkpoint


Seriously, this is the perfect before and after at Target picture about open carry yahoos — Abe Sauer (@abesauer) June 4, 2014 Wasn't giving ribbons to everyone in peewee league supposed to cure this generation of its insecurities? Can we come up with a next plan before gun nuts nuts with guns randomly kill someone at Chipotle or wherever?

The Deadest Names

By throwing the Social Security Agency's actuarial tables against their name registration data, 538 has come up with some interesting analysis of the age distribution for names in the US. This table of the "Deadest Names" is probably the most clickbaity--and whaddyaknow I clicked on it. Show More Summary

The Death Of Print, Or Buy All 177 Mr. Men And Little Miss Books Today!

Now that the only books he reads anymore are kids' books, he Guardian's Charlie Brooker has an awesomely cranky paean to Roger Hargreave's capitalistic masterpiece, the Mister Men & Little Miss series, which he [Englishly] grew up on,...Show More Summary

Remember, It's The Cable Companies That Brought Caillou Here In The First Place

The smackdown of Caillou turns out to be only the 25th awesomest thing about John Oliver's report on how badly the cable/internet providers are going to screw us all if their gutting of net neutrality rules goes forward. Last Week Tonight...Show More Summary

Jesus Loves The Little Children Secured On The Train

To that nice Christian lady and her baby daddy in Memphis, who strapped their 1-month-old kid onto the train of her wedding dress when she walked down the aisle, who then posted the pic on Facebook, and faced down the critics' wrath with a hearty, "Our 1 month old was awake and well secured on my train. Show More Summary

Creme Yellow Volvo 850 T-5R Wagon Looks Like Buttah

The other day, driving into NYC, I passed a white-looking Volvo with such an unusual color, I had to take off my yellow-tinted sunglasses. It turned out to be a buttery yellow, and if it's not the first time I've seen it, it was definitely the first time I'd noticed it. Show More Summary

Bubby's, 71 Gansevoort at Washington -- NO

but the sink/counter areas are wide enough you can work with it. Or try the accessible bathroom for more space.

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