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When Is a Chore Not a Chore?

Dear Mr. Dad: What is the deal with chores? I did them, my parents did them, and so did my grandparents. I don’t have children of my own, but I’ve noticed that very few of my friends’ kids seem to have any chores or responsibilities at all. Show More Summary

Triumphing over Loss

Dear Mr. Dad: Our little five year old daughter passed away recently. My wife and I are both struggling with grief and it is causing distance between us. We barely speak and when we do, it’s just to argue. Now I’m worried about losing our marriage as well. Show More Summary

HPV Vaccine: The Safe Choice for Your Kids

Dear Mr. Dad: I have boy/girl twins who are 11. Their pediatrician suggested that my daughter get a vaccine for HPV, but he didn’t offer it to my son. I’ve got three questions. First, why didn’t he suggest the vaccine for my son?...Show More Summary

The Write Stuff

Dear Mr. Dad: I’ve been reading your columns for quite a few years, and you frequently talk about how important it is to read to children. With all the emphasis on literacy, I think we’re forgetting about writing. When I was in school,...Show More Summary

Color Me Healthy, Kiddo

Dear Mr. Dad: It seems like every meal in my house is a battle. I try to make healthy, tasty foods and my kids do nothing but complain about it. It seems like all they want to eat is white rice and plain pasta. Why won’t they eat anything else, and what can I do […] The post Color Me Healthy, Kiddo appeared first on Mr. Show More Summary

Becoming the Model Parent

Dear Mr. Dad: People are constantly talking about how parents should be good role models for their kids, and that makes good sense to me. But everywhere I look, I see parents behaving in horrible ways. Maybe I’m confused about what “good role model” really means. Show More Summary

Pregnancy: Is There Sex After Sex?

Dear Mr. Dad: I’m an expectant father and my sex life has completely disappeared. We’re not very far into the pregnancy but my wife seems to have lost all interest (admittedly, her throwing up a few times a day probably has something to do with that). Show More Summary

I Know You Love Me, But I Need to Hear The Words

Dear Mr. Dad: My dad is an engineer and has always looked at the world in a very logical, no-feelings-allowed, Mr. Spock kind of way. I guess that’s just his style. The problem is that I don’t think he’s ever told me that he loves me. Show More Summary

The Pain of Pain

Dear Mr. Dad: My son is a freshman in high school, and until the beginning of this school year, he was a happy kid, with lots of friends and plenty of extracurricular activities. But over the past few months, he’s changed. He’s lost a bunch of weight, is sullen most of the time, and has […] The post The Pain of Pain appeared first on Mr. Show More Summary

Economic Recovery? Not Around Here

Dear Mr. Dad: I lost my job more than a year ago and have been unable to find another. My wife works part time, but doesn’t bring in nearly enough to cover our expenses. We have no health insurance, burned through the little savings...Show More Summary

Mozart Shmozart

Dear Mr. Dad: I’ve got two children, ages 1 and 3 and I’ve heard that it’s possible to boost their IQ by exposing them to certain kinds of music. My wife says I’m crazy. Is there any possibility that she’s right? A: What you’re...Show More Summary

LAMA Presents The Bojesen Menagerie

It sounds like a Robert Ludlum book posing as a Tennessee Williams play, but it is actually a mid-century nurseryful of Danish teak toys for sale in one fell swoop. If you don't mind a bear three-way and some giant monkey/hippo hookups,...Show More Summary

BMW e34 Touring In Chicago

A barrage of word salad on Chicago Craigslist heralds the arrival of a low-miles 1994 BMW 530i Touring in seemingly excellent condition. It is "rare" in the way that all station wagons are in the US. It has an automatic, not a 6-speed, but it does have the 218hp 3.0L V8 BMW introduced to the 5-series in 1992. Show More Summary

Arman Dollhouse

The French artist Arman first received critical attention in the late 1950s for his Accumulations and Poubelle works, in which he stuffed plexiglass vitrines with as many identical objects or garbage as he could fit, respectively. Violins, mussel shells, hammers, that sort of thing. Show More Summary

Meccano Home. You Know, For Kids

Meccano Home exists. It was conceived by a constellation of designers and engineers in France whose names appear on various websites in varying pairs, so who knows, Meccano Home has a thousand fathers. The brand is licensed from the toy manufacturer, though. Show More Summary

The Difference Between Me And Ye

Ive learned that Kanye gets very very very upset if you refer to his kid as "the kid" — erik maza (@erikmaza) February 14, 2015 This website was founded on the principle of countering treacly baby-related writing that calls babies baby, like in "wipe warmers are best for baby," or DD or DS, and so we have only ever called babies and children kids. Show More Summary

Lynx Eventer, AKA Jaguar XJ-S Shooting Brake

Here is a Jaguar Lynx Eventer, an XJ-S converted from new by Lynx into a shooting brake. 67 were made. This is number 20. It's from 1984. Here is number 40, from 1988, which gives you a sense of their popularity at the time. I think they're pretty gorgeous. Show More Summary

Walking Bike Meets Hyperlapse Steadicam

The walking bike dad phonevideo genre has found its Goodfellas, and David Friedman is its Scorsese. He's using Hyperlapse, the timelapse video app from Instagram, at 1:1 speed as a Steadicam to follow his kid around the playground on his walking bike. This leaves the rest of us no excuse to stay hanging out on the bench. Hyperlapse app as pocket steadicam - Test [vimeo]

I Use Prince/ss In All Of My Decorating: The 'Gender Reveal Room'

we'll do muted blues and silvers. image: probably jack and jill interiors via wsj Alright, this has stymied me for days now. I've just gotta push it out there. Buried in the slideshow captions of the Wall Street Journal's princess nursery shopporntainment article today was what seems like an actually new trend. Show More Summary

People Decorating Princess Nurseries Horribly

When we were having the first kid, except for David Netto's white lacquered moderne thing and like one Stickley woodshop in Sonoma, there was literally no way to spend more than $500 on a nursery without it looking like a scroll- and...Show More Summary

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