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'Cradle,' Foam Sculpture By John Chamberlain

This is extraordinary, and something of a mystery, at least to me. John Chamberlain was best known for his abstract sculptures made from contorted car parts, but in the late 60s-1970, he also made an amazing series of foam sculptures. Show More Summary

Richard Neutra Bunkbeds Are Back In Stock

Kids! They just keep growing up. The bunkbeds Richard Neutra designed in 1959 for the Singleton House in Bel-Air, which got ripped out by Vidal Sassoon's upgrade-mad wife, and sold in 2009, have apparently been outgrown, and are heading back to auction next month. Amazingly, after five years, they look exactly the same, right down to the puppy. Show More Summary

Polar Bear Arrested; Gonna Do Some Time

First they came for the Elmos, and I said nothing RT @nathanairplane: Polar bear being arrested at #FloodWallStreet. — Foster Kamer (@weareyourfek) September 23, 2014 Previously: Elmo Gangs of New York Incarcerate Me Elmo

Spanking Is About You, Not The Kid

We sat the kids down and talked to them about spanking this week, and why we don't spank them, and why some parents--a lot of parents in the US--do. [Spank their own kids, obv, not ours.] We explained that most people spanked because they were spanked. Show More Summary

Aphex Twin Is A High-Tech Parent

By now everyone's read that Steve Jobs was a low-tech parent, and that none of the people who work in Silicon Valley let their kids have screen time during the week. And now I'm like, well, at least Aphex Twin's kid doesn't use Garageband. Show More Summary

Dads Instagram Likes To Fave

Seeing LAist's "favorite new Instagram account," DILFs of Disneyland, I was glad to see Bugaboo's still got some publicist product placement juice, at least with the older parents. I also thought about the unsung heroes, the Disneyland dads who push strollers all day with one hand, while eating a giant turkey leg in the other. Show More Summary

Hey Girl

Unidentified local tumblr subject has daughter.

Burning Man Economy Meets Burning Man Parenting

Burning Man is over for another year, and by now, this dad has probably been reunited with the kid he traded for a magic wand and a 4-pack of Red Bull. [image: reno gazette-journal via dt burner nathan]

'Papa's Gotta Write His Song'

Having a kid can complicate even the simplest of tasks, like writing and recording a song every day since 2009. Papa's Got To Write His Song | Song A Day #2079 [youtube/therockcookiebottom] Here is a song 'Song A Day' guy Jonathan Mann made last week in collaboration with his son Jupiter. []

You're Welcome For The Memories

One of the hardest things to wrap my own head around as a new parent was that the kid was going to forget all this stuff anyway. All these milestones, exciting moments, encounters, activities, all of it, would be gone by the time she...Show More Summary

Child Lobbyist Visits White House

"When you grow up, this could be your office, too." "When I grow up, the earth will have been fracked into Venus." [image via The White House flickr feed]

My Grandson Ate My GoPro!

My experience as a Dad has definitely hit the next level with the birth of my first grandchild in April.  As much joy as my three kids have brought me (and that’s a BIG number if we were to measure), I could never have imagined the love, joy, emotion and pure wonderment I would have […]

Sweet Vintage Marimekko Sheet You Can't Buy

No way I'm gonna leave that depressing car story on top of the blog all weekend. Ima go with this depressing car story instead. You, I, and all our friends were all too slow to buy this sweet c.1978 Marimekko cars & trucks sheet from...Show More Summary

The Daddy Types Friday Funk: Leave In Car Edition

You know, it's like a freakout in that it will still ruin your weekend, but the new DT Friday Funk is just too depressing to freak out over. And it's the guy who left his kid in the back seat of the car all day, and he died. But it's...Show More Summary

Dallas Clayton [Hearts] Hearts

It's hard to be grumpy around LA artist/renaissance dad Dallas Clayton. For example, here's how he's selling this onesie:If you're buying this, chances are you are in a pretty amazing place right now. You've just had a baby, or are about to have a baby, or someone very close to you is having or has just had a baby. Show More Summary

The Very Hung Caterpillar

Thanks to the badly placed sticker, I'll never be able to look at this book in the same way ever again. — Mike Clarke (@Mr_Mike_Clarke) August 31, 2014 There's also a pop-up book. [amazon via dt reader brandon]

Area High-End Woodsman Wears Kid On Back

One of the 1,200 high-end culture experiences on the globally curious digital storytelling platform Nowness is a short film about visceral artist Elias Hansen, who is not one of the Hanson Hansens, obviously, but who does chop down saplings...Show More Summary

Zara Macht T-Shirt

The Zara Kids t-shirt which was supposed to have been inspired by old-timey Western sheriffs' badges, but which ended up looking like Nazi concentration camp uniforms has been removed from whatever countries it's being sold in, and the company has apologized in various languages. All within five hours. Show More Summary

Welcome To The Crosswalk Of The Real

I got pulled into skater/photographer Jerry Hsu's tumblr this morning from another direction entirely, and I found it as disturbing as it is compelling. He captures all these fascinating moments that make me really glad not to be living in LA. Show More Summary

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