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"He's Gonna Kill Us All"

Comic John Heffron talks about his dad's parenting techniques: "We all thought he would kill us at any time." (And no, that's not my own parenting method. Until the day I have to change the doors in the house. Then I might reconside...

Mother's Name

Last year, I wrote about deciding against sending my kid to a nearby preschool just because the application form included "Fathers Business Address." Here's the form again: Well, maybe that was the third strike on that short form, after...Show More Summary

Louis C.K.: "A Kid Never Goes, 'Oh, Thanks. I Get It.'"

Just bought two tickets to see Louis C.K. on New Year's Eve. We're sitting all the way in the back, and all we'll see on the stage is a tiny red dot, but I'm sure it'll be worth it, especially since he's selling the tickets himself, bypassing the evil Ticketmaster. Also, how hard can it be to find a babysitter on New Year's Eve? And also, watch this video.

The Kingslayer's Daughters

Here's one for Game of Thrones fans. Like me, you're probably settling in for a long winter that will seem to last a lifetime until the show returns in April 2013. Until then, here's Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (aka the Kingslayer, Jaime Lannister)...Show More Summary

Duracell Powermat Review and Giveaway -- #neverbepowerless

The storm has passed and the power is back on, which means it's time to review the Duracell Powermat 24 Hour Power System. First of all, here's what it looks like. Duracell Powermat (iPhone not included. Really). I know. The package includes 3 items: The powermat, which comes in black or white. Show More Summary


Letters to my daughter We fill our blogs with widgets, and we submit posts to social media, and link to previous posts and announce future posts, and before we know it, we forget it's all about the writing. In the end, though, that's what blogging comes down to. Show More Summary

Review of Dan Rather's Book: Rather Outspoken

A book-PR company sent me a parenting book to review recently, and then emailed me again to ask if I'd like to get a review copy of Dan Rather's new book, Rather Outspoken: My Life in the News. Of course, at first I said I couldn't do...Show More Summary

On Hot Stay at Home Dads

I found a blog post on PaRANThood, called "The Quasi-Ellusive, Not-So-Mysterious.... SAHD." The short version, although you should read it because it's a fun read, is that stay-at-home-dads shouldn't be considered hot simply becauseShow More Summary

Giveaway Promote's Anniversary Giveaway: $1,375+ worth of prizes, 23 winners!

So I got a chance to be a part of this crazy giveaway. I've never participated in a communal(?) giveaway-sweepstakes-thingy before, but it's something I'll definitely do more of if enough people enter. And why shouldn't they? These are all cool prizes, and using the Rafflecopter is easy enough. Show More Summary

Dad to Dad -- Book Review

In the days, weeks, months, and years before our first baby was born, I read about a hundred parenting books. Well, maybe not a hundred, and maybe not years before the birth, but at least ten books, all of which were targeted toward expectant or new moms. So I skipped the birth parts and the breastfeeding parts, and a few other parts I skimmed. Show More Summary

Looking at My Boy

I'm early to pick my boy up from preschool, so I walk outside the building with his younger sister. I stop in front of the school playground, where my boy is running around. What used to be running for the sake of running, is now more complicated at the age of four, when he's more socially-aware. Show More Summary

Dan Gets a Minivan -- A Review

If you've ever wandered whether bookstore employees judge your choice of books, you'll be happy to know you're very perceptive. As someone who worked in a bookstore for 4 years, I can tell you that we judged, criticized, and scorned you. Show More Summary

$50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

There's another sweepstake thingy I joined. It might be a little too soon after the last one, but then again, why not. Your scheduled programming will be back later, I promise. Meanwhile, good luck! Now, here's some cut-and-paste: Welcome...Show More Summary

I Answer Dude of the House's Questions. Yep.

So Jay (aka Dude of the House) tagged me in a blog post a while ago. Now, the honorable thing would have been to wait a year before acknowledging it, but I have no honor left, so I waited a month. I'm supposed to answer these 7 questions, then add 10 random things about myself. Show More Summary

A Dad Was Playing Online With His 2-Year-Old. Then, This Happened...

Saw this picture on Reddit. A dad was playing on the computer with his 2-year-old when this ad appeared... At first glance, it was kind of funny, I have to admit. But it's more than that. I wouldn't say it's the fault of the kids' game site, because I remember how tough it was to block these ads in the past. Show More Summary

On Amazon Mom and Gay Marriage

The name "Amazon Mom" has bothered me for a while, and I've mentioned it a lot on the blog. I cringe every time I see it, and especially when I get emails like this one: Because although I could definitely use some toning, I'm not a busy mom. I love Amazon. Show More Summary

Leaving the Middle-Class Trap

In 1996, The Onion described the irony of modern life for the middle class. It's incredible that most of us live like that, unable or unwilling to see the irony. Our family is going through some difficult changes now. To escape the ironic lifestyle, to be able to see her kids more than a tired hour per day, my wife has found a new job. Show More Summary

Here Is A Rocking Llama.

The contemporary art world is lately up in arms over flippers, speculating collectors who hoover up paintings by hot emerging artists, only to hype and dump them at auction, ideally for quick 10-100x returns. It is not clear if the rocking llama market is subject to the same kind of flipping frenzy, but we may soon find out. Show More Summary

A Modest Parental Proposal

We're all Trumans now This has been weighing on me for a while now, the last several posts, and the meaning and relevance and viability of it all. And this, The Atlantic's thought piece on the economics of mommyblogging, starring, obviously,...Show More Summary

Don't Sell Your Friend's Pictures Of His Kid

Here is a blog report of an interview from a magazine where a celebrity dad talked about his lifelong friend who tried to sell delivery room pics of their kid. Even on the narrow terms of copyright law, this is a no-brainer--those pics...Show More Summary

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