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here is a picture of the kid's goldfish, which is deciding it might die the day we leave for France: — gregorg (@gregorg) August 6, 2014 It's like, Oh, it's gone! laying in the corner of the tank, but thenShow More Summary

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Bombed

A mural of Mickey Mouse peeks out from a gutted building in Beit Hanoun yesterday - an area entirely flattened #Gaza — Bel Trew - ?? ??? (@Beltrew) August 5, 2014 If the intellectual property lawyers for the Walt Disney company see this, there are going to be serious consequences.

Ugly Children's Clothing Really Isn't

I'm still waiting to find out that "Ugly" is Norwegian for "adorably hip," like how "Die Bart Die" is actually German, and just means "The Bart, The." Because otherwise, the Ugly Children's Clothing Company has long outgrown its apparent "crazy uncle" origins, and now they're making some cool stuff. Show More Summary

Stokke Ragazzo

So I was just looking for Cy Twombly's place in Roma, because Horst P. Horst had taken this great photo of Twombly and Tatia Franchetti's son Alessandro there in 1966. And whaddyaknow, the first thing that pops up on Google Street View is a guy pushing a Stokke Xplory toward the Piazza Farnese. Still looking for the Twomblys' though. Piazza Farnese, Roma [google street view]

Elmo Gangs Of New York

It's funny because they arrest protestors all the time for wearing masks on the street, but they don't use that same 19th century law to arrest the tourist-harassing character hustlers. As long as we can produce slideshows like this in the Wall Street Journal, though, our society is just fine. Show More Summary

Journalist Dressup In Gaza

@ekmathia: Young boy in #Gaza pretending to be a journalist with his home made flak jacket, had to lend him my helmet. don't know if it's the cuteness or the futility of this kid's flak jacket, but it's wrenching me right now. [via Swedish TV journalist JoMa Sammarstrom's twitter]

He's Showing

One unfortunate trend begets another. Redditor. druishprincess99's pregnant wife, obviously the brains in this operation, didn't want to take glam maternity photos. So Druish, apparently the looks, hired the photographer and posed himself. There are many more photos in the set, which cannot be unseen. Manternity Pics [ via neatorama thx @heideland]

Failed States, B4 Armored Mercedes Wagon By Jill Magid

Failed States is the title of a book by artist Jill Magid, and it is also the title of her 1993 Mercedes 300TE station wagon, which she had armored to B4 level protection, and exhibited last year at the Texas State Capitol:In training...Show More Summary

My First Rifle Series by An-Sofie Kesteleyn

After hearing about a 5-yo who shot his 2yo sister, Amsterdam-based photographer An-Sofie Kesteleyn set off to understand American families where little kids get guns. After scouring shooting ranges around the country, she found and photographed fifteen kids for her My First Rifle series. Show More Summary

Actually, I Want You To Freak Out About Racist Preschool Suspension Policies

Oh my gosh, how outrageous is this, the exact opposite of the buy-your-kid's-way-into-socialite-preschool story. Tunette Powell writes in the Washington Post about discovering that her sons were getting suspended from preschool likeShow More Summary

CNN Would Like To Freak You Out About Preschool Admissions

Here is a CNN story about the Preschool Admissions Diary, the NYT Motherlode blog series about Judy Batalion's account of applying for preschools in Manhattan. Amazingly, there's not even a link to the Times itself. The numbers don't lie: expensive, private preschools are expensive and small. Show More Summary

Here Is A Link To An Outrageous Report From A Gaza Maternity Ward.

Jesse Rosenfeld's reports from a maternity ward in Gaza were published yesterday in the Daily Beast. Premature births are up since the bombing began, and incubators and oxygen are not functioning when the power goes out and the generators run out. Show More Summary

My Name Is Dad And I. Am. Canadian.

Alright, Peanut Butter Cheerios Canada has just made a sequel to the greatest commercial the second largest land mass in North America has ever seen. And it stars a dad who we don't know if he's named Joe or not, but he's Canadian, and that's close enough. Also as he proves right here, it IS pronounced aboot. Show More Summary

Williamsburg Needs This Sleek Preschool

This gorgeous glass & wood preschool by Christoff : Finio is proposed for the corner of Driggs Ave & Fillmore Place, the only landmarked block in Williamsburg. Fortunately, the scale and design are nice, and the site is a crappy vacant...Show More Summary

Family Vacation As Parenting/Comedy Lab

We are back from the competitive, comparative parenting petri dish that is my family's annual gathering on the Outer Banks. And we survived. It is truly fascinating to watch a dozen+ cousins growing up in clumps and waves and to see the similarities and differences emerge. Show More Summary

Wot Wot? The Allard P-2 Safari Estate

For the shooting brake enthusiast for whom the custom Aston Martin DB6 wagon is too predictable, there is this: the Allard P-2 Safari Estate. To say it was in production between 1952 and 1954 is a bit generous, since only 10 were ever made. Show More Summary

Two Candles

You know how the one grandmother in Sixteen Candles opens a box of donuts with a knife and goes, "Voila, breakfast is served!" This is the prequel, only with naptime. The grandparent who winds the exhausted toddler up together stays awake past bedtime together.

Goodnight Thinkpieces Everywhere

Aimee Bender in the NYTimes:Most picture books would close with that old lady -- that's the balanced choice. But we see the stars and feel the air -- we've been sure we're staying in but now we're floating out. Why? And then back inShow More Summary

Videos Of Toys Popular Among Ignored Children

OK what, this Buzzfeed article about the anonymous, disembodied hands behind DisneyCollectorBR, a YouTube toy unboxing and play demo channel is utterly bonkers. Apparently the 55 million views translates into between $1 and $13 million per year in ad revenue sharing. Show More Summary

DT Outer Banks Report

That Point In The Family Vacation Where Two Of a The Twelve Cousins Open The 3,000-Piece LEGO Death Star On The Coffee Table

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