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Breastfeeding Dad

Dear Mr. Dad: My baby’s mom and I are separated and I hardly ever get to see my 9-month old son because my ex is breastfeeding. Isn’t there some way I can spend more than just a few hours at a time with him? A: Feeding your baby is a wonderful way for the two […] The post Breastfeeding Dad appeared first on Mr. Show More Summary


A handwritten note from Wes Anderson when I was his personal assistant circa 1999: — Mike Le (@WriterLe) March 12, 2015 The note in the corner of this note Wes Anderson gave his personal assistant in 1999 is...Show More Summary

Coaching the (Childbirth) Coach

Dear Mr. Dad: My wife is pregnant and wants me to be her “labor coach” for the delivery. This is my first baby and I’m really nervous. What can I do to prepare? A: Congratulations on your impending fatherhood! The very first thing to do is banish the word “coach” from your childbirth vocabulary. Show More Summary

Sometimes You Just Have to Help Yourself

Dear Mr. Dad: I have postpartum depression pretty bad, and I feel like my husband thinks I’m faking it. How can I help him understand that I seriously need his help? A: Brava to you—most women who have post partum depression don’t get the help they need, often because they’re embarrassed to ask for it. Show More Summary

Damn You, Kutcher!!

I really don't have time for this right now!

Don’t Divorce Your Baby

Dear Mr. Dad: My wife and I are going through a rough patch in our marriage. We’ve been talking about getting a divorce but are concerned about how it could impact our six-month-old son. Will it? A: Since children are all different...Show More Summary

Plywood Kids Pod By Mihaly Slocombe

Dezeen has pics of a sweet new bedroom addition Melbourne-based architects Mihaly Slocombe made to a Melbourne house. Called the Kid Pod, it's separated from the main house by a glassed in walkway. Two sleeping areas are connected by a wide hall with a bathroom in between them. Show More Summary

RIP Sesame Street Animation Pioneer Jeff Hale

There was a time when Sesame Street's classic animation sequences were hard to find, and when finding the details of their creation were even harder. In the early days, Daddy Types spent an inordinate amount of the kid's naptime researching...Show More Summary

First Day of School

Q:My five-year old is going to start school in the Fall. He’s all excited about the whole idea of Kindergarten, but I’m nervous. How can his mother and I help prepare him for this big change in his life? What can my wife and I do to prepare ourselves? A:The first day of school is […] The post First Day of School appeared first on Mr. Show More Summary

Sons and Daughters: Avoiding Gender Sterotypes

Q: I’ve got twins–a boy and a girl–and I find myself treating them differently. I know I shouldn’t. How can I keep myself from falling into stereotype traps and instead parent my children equally? A: Well, it’s not going to be easy; old habits are hard to break. Show More Summary

You. You Is A Dad.

This card has nearly a million reblogs on tumblr by now, which makes it virtually impossible to trace. Oh well. Print your own, I guess.

SPOILER ALERT -- Carroll Spinney In Big Bird Legs

Here is a vintage picture of Muppeteer Carroll Spinney with his Big Bird legs on as he performs Oscar. And now you wonder why you never see Oscar and Big Bird together. [via @gabrielroth] Another Spinney leg shot at Muppet Wiki [wik...

Friend vs. Parent—You Don’t Have to Choose

Dear Mr. Dad. I’m the single father of a six-year-old girl. How do I balance being a parent and a friend? I don’t want to lose her by being strict all the time, but I also don’t want her to grow up as a spoiled brat. A: Somehow people got the idea that parenthood and […] The post Friend vs. Show More Summary

Thinking of Becoming a Sperm Donor? Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

TOPEKA, Kan. — A Topeka sperm donor says a state effort to force him to pay child support for a child conceived through artificial insemination by a lesbian couple is a politically motivated act that has cost him thousands of dollars. Show More Summary

Love and Approval

Dear Mr. Dad: I have been dating a divorced dad for a year now. I’ve met his two awesome daughters. We’ve hung out together but they don’t know that I’m in a relationship with their dad. How do we tell them that we are more than friends in a way that will be least disruptive […] The post Love and Approval appeared first on Mr. Show More Summary

Temperament — Hey, We Were Born That Way

Dear Mr. Dad: We have a two boys, ages 6 and 4. We’ve tried hard to raise them the same way, but they’re completely different. The older one is generally pretty calm and cheerful, but the younger one is wild, noisy, and impossible to discipline. Show More Summary

How Much Money Is Enough?

Dear Mr. Dad: Right now, I work fulltime and my wife is home with our twin preschoolers. However, after some discussion, we realized that she’d prefer to be working and I’d rather be home with the kids. Where we run into challenges...Show More Summary

Good Grades—Nice to Have, But at What Cost?

Dear Mr. Dad: I’m really worried about my 9-year old daughter. She’s very smart and does well in school but lately she’s become obsessed with grades. A lot of her classmates have private tutors and she’s feeling more and more pressure from her teachers to study all the time. Show More Summary

Eating Disorders and Weak Bones: Not Just for Girls

Dear Mr. Dad: As a child, my son used to be quite a bit overweight—his pediatrician said he was borderline obese. About a year ago, though, he started losing weight. He looked great and seemed happier with himself. But he kept on losing weight, long after he needed to. Show More Summary

The Nearly Impossible Task of Making College Affordable

Dear Mr. Dad: Our son just turned 8 and my husband and I have been talking about how we’re going to pay for his college education. We really don’t have a plan. I say that we should take the money out of our retirement accounts, but my husband says we shouldn’t. Show More Summary

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