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Gun Control? Sure, But Let’s Be Reasonable

Dear Mr. Dad: My 8-year old boy loves to play soldiers with his friends using squirt guns. But I got a call from a mom saying that she wouldn’t let her son play with mine as long as we have guns in the house. I was speechless. Squirt...Show More Summary

PTSD Affects Vets’ Families Too

Dear Mr. Dad: A few months ago, my husband got back from his 3rd Army deployment—two in Iraq, one in Afghanistan. He’s been diagnosed with PTSD and is getting treatment. But I’m worried that his condition is somehow rubbing off on the rest of the family. Show More Summary

Military Kids Suffer During a Parent’s Deployment

Dear Mr. Dad: A few weeks ago, you wrote about how PTSD after deployment affects spouses in addition to servicemembers themselves. You talked a little about how it affects kids too. But what about families where PTSD isn’t an issue?...Show More Summary

Could Giving Your Kids an Allowance Lead to Financial Ruin?

Dear Mr. Dad: In today’s tough economy, I think it’s important to teach kids about the importance of saving money. The problem is that my husband and I don’t agree on how to do that. I think we should give the kids (10 and 13)Show More Summary

Corporal Punishment in Schools? Spare the Rod. Period.

Dear Mr. Dad: My 9-year old son has been complaining a lot recently about how much he hates school. We had a long talk about it and he completely stunned me when he told me that the principal of his school has paddled his behind several times. Show More Summary

Dads Parent Just As Well As Moms

Dear Mr. Dad: I’m seeing news stories all the time about how stay-at-home dads are becoming more common, and how fathers of all kinds are taking on a greater share of the parenting workload. While that sounds like it should be a good thing, I’m worried about how the kids will do. Show More Summary

Smokey Sue Smokes For Two

Guess skymall's going out strong. — Mike Levine (@bizmichael) February 24, 2015 Smokey Sue Smokes For Two is designed to teach powerful lessons, including: he harm caused to mothers and their fetuses by smoking...Show More Summary

Parents: How Stupid Do They Think We Are? Actually, How Stupid Are We?

Dear Mr. Dad: I’m a new dad and spend a lot of time learning how to be a great parent. Some of what’s out there is good (your books, for example), but a lot of it is insulting and condescending. Is it really necessary to treat parents...Show More Summary

Germs: Cleanliness is Next to Sickliness

Dear Mr. Dad: With all the talk about bird flu and swine flu I’m in a panic about germs. I’m putting antibacterial soaps all over my house and hand sanitizers in the car and my kids’ backpacks. Is there anything else I can do?Show More Summary

Back off, Helicopter Parents. Further Back.

Dear Mr. Dad: I’m 19 and going to college nearly 1,000 miles from home. The problem is that my helicopter parents won’t let me alone. For example, since I don’t have any income, they’re paying for my cell phone, but they call me nearly every day and ask where I am and what I’m doing. Show More Summary

Foreign Language Study More Important Than Ever

Dear Mr. Dad: The U.S. is the most powerful country in the world and everyone wants to do business with us. Since we speak English here, how important do you think it is for children to learn a foreign language? A: Unfortunately, our...Show More Summary

Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Get into the Water….

Dear Mr. Dad: At the pool near my house there are a lot of little kids who wear diapers in the water. And I’m guessing there are a lot of other little kids who should be wearing diapers but are just peeing in the pool. Our pool just switched from using chlorine to keep the […] The post Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Get into the Water…. Show More Summary

Expectant Fathers Lag Behind Moms in Pregnancy Acceptance

Dear Mr. Dad: I’m very concerned about my husband. We’re just a month away from our due date and although he has been very involved and attentive throughout the pregnancy, in the last couple of weeks he’s becoming more and more withdrawn. Show More Summary

Read Your Way to a Closer Relationship with Your Tween and Teen

Dear Mr. Dad: I’ve always made it a point to read to my 10-year old son, who just finished fourth grade. I know that reading to little kids is important because it helps them build their vocabulary and more. But at this point, he???s a strong reader with a big vocabulary. Show More Summary

Calories and Fat: Burning Them Takes a Ton of Work

Dear Mr. Dad: My husband and teenage son are both overweight. I’ve been trying to get them to cut back on the junk they eat, but telling them about calories and fat doesn’t have any effect. Is there some other way to get throughShow More Summary

Toilet Seats: An Argument in Favor of Leaving Them Up

Let me say up front that I understand why women want the men and boys in their life to put toilet seats down. I’ve got two sisters, three daughters, a mother, and several ex-wives, all of whom reminded me more than once about the unpleasantness of falling into the toilet. Show More Summary

When Bigger Is Not Better

Dear Mr. Dad: A few months ago, you wrote a column about how boys can have eating disorders, including anorexia. Since anorexia is usually about body image, I started wondering whether boys’ body image issues could be making them obsessed with building muscle. Show More Summary

Wean Me, Baby, One More Time

Dear Mr. Dad: My wife is breastfeeding our three-month-old baby, but wants to wean the baby and go back to work. I heard somewhere that it’s better for babies to nurse for longer. But does it really matter when she stops? Is thereShow More Summary

The Long Road from Graveyard Shift to Cradle

Dear Mr. Dad: My wife and I have been trying to have a baby for the past year. Both of us have been thoroughly checked out and neither of us has any physical conditions that could be causing problems. The doctor says it’s “unexplained infertility,” which isn’t helpful at all. Show More Summary

Sleep Deprivation and Its Effect on Bad Behavior

Dear Mr. Dad: In one of your recent columns you talked about how sleep deprivation can affect women’s fertility. During the summer, my kids get plenty of sleep, but during the school year they’re almost always tired. What are the...Show More Summary

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