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How You Say Meltdown?

I know everything is a phase, every single thing, but holy crap, when is this phase gonna end and how could whatever comes next be any more exhausting?

It's 2 Micks And A Dog, Baby

Mickeys These creepy Mickey Mouse nightstands in Isle sur la Sorgue are definitely the find of the trip so far. So wrong in so many awesome ways, including the price: EUR1480 each. As if you could imagine ever breaking up the set. The...Show More Summary

Repainted Kids Table At Isle sur la Sorgue

Isle sur la Sorgue is full of antique malls, which, on a slow (week)day feel a little like a strange zoo, where each dealer gets to decorate his or her own cage. Anyway, this little table and chair was sitting by the delivery truck, with what looks like a fresh coat of blue paint. Basically everything was stripped, blasted, refinished or distressed.

Camargue Safari Land Rover

We went exploring in the Camargue today, the Meadowlands to Arles' Manhattan. In the best way possible, of course. Anyway, we drove to the end of the road past Salin de Giraud, which has the last publicly accessible restrooms for 25km, btw, and it dead ended in a vast, salt & sand spit, covered with caravans and tents. Show More Summary

Mini-Tomates Happy Meal

tate Sometimes it really IS the little differences. The cherry tomatoes in her Happy Meal have converted K2 to France.

So-So Kids Chair In Provence

This random 70s school chair was the only kid-related item of note in today's brocante. Well, if you don't count the flimsy wrought iron bassinet in the back which seemed, at best, like a novelty planter. I'm definitely feeling rusty at turning up interesting kids design in the wild this trip. Show More Summary

Cool French School Desk In Provence

I spotted this very petit school desk in a brocante in Sault, while trying to find a cheap pair of scissors so the kids could go gleaning lavender from the just-harvested field we passed. The desk had a little more designed feel in person than in this photo, though, where it looks pretty spare/plain. Show More Summary

Concord Neo Climbs The Mountain

It's been out in Europe for more than five years, but today was the first time I've ever seen a Concord Neo stroller in person. It was at Les Baux de Provence, a gorgeous tourist trap on top of a mountain. And the Neo was a lot of stroller. Show More Summary

DT A Week In Provence

It's a little quiet around here while we are on vacation, visiting family in Provence. Posting will be light, the submissions queue will grow a bit, and hopefully kids all over the place will be well-behaved and sleeping as they sho...


here is a picture of the kid's goldfish, which is deciding it might die the day we leave for France: — gregorg (@gregorg) August 6, 2014 It's like, Oh, it's gone! laying in the corner of the tank, but thenShow More Summary

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Bombed

A mural of Mickey Mouse peeks out from a gutted building in Beit Hanoun yesterday - an area entirely flattened #Gaza — Bel Trew - ?? ??? (@Beltrew) August 5, 2014 If the intellectual property lawyers for the Walt Disney company see this, there are going to be serious consequences.

Ugly Children's Clothing Really Isn't

I'm still waiting to find out that "Ugly" is Norwegian for "adorably hip," like how "Die Bart Die" is actually German, and just means "The Bart, The." Because otherwise, the Ugly Children's Clothing Company has long outgrown its apparent "crazy uncle" origins, and now they're making some cool stuff. Show More Summary

Stokke Ragazzo

So I was just looking for Cy Twombly's place in Roma, because Horst P. Horst had taken this great photo of Twombly and Tatia Franchetti's son Alessandro there in 1966. And whaddyaknow, the first thing that pops up on Google Street View is a guy pushing a Stokke Xplory toward the Piazza Farnese. Still looking for the Twomblys' though. Piazza Farnese, Roma [google street view]

Elmo Gangs Of New York

It's funny because they arrest protestors all the time for wearing masks on the street, but they don't use that same 19th century law to arrest the tourist-harassing character hustlers. As long as we can produce slideshows like this in the Wall Street Journal, though, our society is just fine. Show More Summary

Journalist Dressup In Gaza

@ekmathia: Young boy in #Gaza pretending to be a journalist with his home made flak jacket, had to lend him my helmet. don't know if it's the cuteness or the futility of this kid's flak jacket, but it's wrenching me right now. [via Swedish TV journalist JoMa Sammarstrom's twitter]

He's Showing

One unfortunate trend begets another. Redditor. druishprincess99's pregnant wife, obviously the brains in this operation, didn't want to take glam maternity photos. So Druish, apparently the looks, hired the photographer and posed himself. There are many more photos in the set, which cannot be unseen. Manternity Pics [ via neatorama thx @heideland]

Failed States, B4 Armored Mercedes Wagon By Jill Magid

Failed States is the title of a book by artist Jill Magid, and it is also the title of her 1993 Mercedes 300TE station wagon, which she had armored to B4 level protection, and exhibited last year at the Texas State Capitol:In training...Show More Summary

My First Rifle Series by An-Sofie Kesteleyn

After hearing about a 5-yo who shot his 2yo sister, Amsterdam-based photographer An-Sofie Kesteleyn set off to understand American families where little kids get guns. After scouring shooting ranges around the country, she found and photographed fifteen kids for her My First Rifle series. Show More Summary

Actually, I Want You To Freak Out About Racist Preschool Suspension Policies

Oh my gosh, how outrageous is this, the exact opposite of the buy-your-kid's-way-into-socialite-preschool story. Tunette Powell writes in the Washington Post about discovering that her sons were getting suspended from preschool likeShow More Summary

CNN Would Like To Freak You Out About Preschool Admissions

Here is a CNN story about the Preschool Admissions Diary, the NYT Motherlode blog series about Judy Batalion's account of applying for preschools in Manhattan. Amazingly, there's not even a link to the Times itself. The numbers don't lie: expensive, private preschools are expensive and small. Show More Summary

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