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Top 10 Things That Get Cleaned Less Frequently Than The Car Seat

10. the broiler pan 9. that gap between the seat and the hump where that french fry fell that time, but which is too narrow and far down for the vacuum to reach. umm... honestly, that's all I got, and I'm about to soak the broiler p...

Kids Desk And Fractal Animals: Glashaus's Other Woodworking Projects

Craftsman Mochizuki Tsutomu has had some interesting projects even before he got involved in fabricating those limited edition sushi blocks from yesterday. Mochizuki's firm is called Ninomiya Glashaus, and it's in the Tokyo sprawl of Kanagawa-ken. Show More Summary

Jade Jagger Climbing Out Of A Sunroof While Bob Colacello Snaps Pictures

Here is Bob Colacello's 1974 photo of three-year-old Jade Jagger climbing out of a sunroof of a Mercedes at the old Montauk airport after a "weekend drawing with Andy Warhol." While we're all relieved to know that Jade survived, attended...Show More Summary

It's Just A Toke: Bob Colacello Giving Emerson Forth A Joint

Writer, Interview editor, nightlife gadabout, and Warhol frienployee Bob Colacello is auctioning off a bunch of stuff. Including this 1972-3 snapshot by an unknown hand, showing Bob passing a joint to young Emerson Forth, the son ofShow More Summary

Sushi Blocks

These handmade sushi blocks are awesome. They were created by Tokyo creative design firm Plaplax for a food-themed exhibition in Okazaki. They will be produced in a limited edition of 20 by woodworker Mochizuki Tsutomu. The 48-piece sets reserved by July will be available by early August. Show More Summary

Everything Is Amazon: The LEGO Movie Is Out Today

I'm no shill, and I'm getting kind of fed up with Amazon's monopolistic muscle flexing lately. But The LEGO Movie is out on Amazon Instant Video today, and I'll be damned, we bought and watched it. Will I regret not buying it in HD,Show More Summary

DT Friday Freakout Bed Stuy Edition

for full-sized image: nydn Rather than hype every science and parenting-related press release when it comes out, Daddy Types saves them up and dumps them on you all at once, so you can freakout for one day and be done with it. It's the...Show More Summary

Goodnight Moderne: 1930 Ideal Home Exhibition Nursery

The Ideal Home Exhibition was an annual home tour run in the UK by the Daily Mail. In 1930, their concept for an ideal nursery included a Fritz Lang nanny sitting in a chunky, moderne-style chair, with fake Warren MacArthur dinette sets, and a baby in a fine wood sarcophagus. The rocking goat in the corner does look promising, though. Show More Summary

Hatsuyama Shigeru And Kodomo No Kuni

Hatsuyama Shigeru was an illustrator for the Japanese kid's magazine Kodomo no Kuni [Children's Land] in the 1920s and 30s, the Taisho-Showa era transition when modernist ideas and design were flourishing. These two images are from 50...Show More Summary

Gunnersaurus Had A Playdate

As recently as 2012, when they were still in the middle of a long, cupless losing streak, Arsenal was so desperate to keep its fans happy that they'd send the team mascot Gunnersaurus out on playdates with largely immobile children. And...Show More Summary

DT Friday Freakout: Frozen Edition

Rather than freak you out every day on s=some publicist's whim and agenda, here at Daddy Types we store up reports from the worlds of science, health, politics and parenting, and dump them on you all at once, to ruin just your weekend. Show More Summary

The Other Facts Of Life: Where Do Tattoos Come From?

It's a question not just for Pitchfork editors' kids anymore: Henry, realizing tattoos are not painted on: "What?! Why did they do that to you?!!! [pause] But I can get the painted kind when I grow up?" — Brandon Stosuy (@brandonstosuy) May 15, 2014

Street Artist Takes Bugaboo Onto Polo Fields

image: nyt How does an edgy underground street artist like KAWS keep it real when he's attending a lawn party in a polo-playing, art collector's private museum barn in Greenwich on a sunny spring Sunday afternoon? With an All Black Bugaboo...Show More Summary

Philosophers' Kids Always Have The Nicest Inscribed Copies of Capitalist Critique

The French philosopher Gilles Deleuze published one of his most important books, Anti-Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia, written with the psychoanalyst Felix Guattari, in 1972. It includes a critique of Freud's Oedipus Complex and...Show More Summary


Ads on Daddy Types have response and conversion rates many orders of magnitude better than 1 in 559,000 views. So I am going to assume that in the three days since he posted his goofball #BuyMyVolvo commercial on YouTube, this Swedish...Show More Summary


When you're a capitalist tool, everything looks like product. I have never been able to figure out the DIS Magazine/Red Bull relationship, but I get the sense that they're trying to take a critical stand on art and culture from entirely within the branded corporate consumption bubble. Show More Summary

DT Friday Freakout: Plagio Helmet Edition

This week it's not a roundup, so much as a carefully curated selection of headlines from the worlds of parenting, politics, health, and safety, designed to focus your freakout and ruin just your weekend, not your every day; "HelmetsShow More Summary

Goodnight Nanny-Cam Amuses Some

Every generation of parents gets the Goodnight Moon parody they deserve. The beleaguered progressives of the iPhone era got Goodnight Bush. The HOPE & CHANGE generation having kids in the post-Lehman/TARP/subprime recession got, what else, Goodnight iPad. And now the Sideswiped-by-Snowden Generation gets Goodnight Nanny-Cam. Show More Summary

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