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Hydraulic fracturing negatively impacts infant health

Health risks increase for infants born to mothers living within 2 miles of a hydraulic fracturing site, according to a new study.

Financial incentives may increase breastfeeding rates

Offering new mothers financial incentives may significantly increase low breastfeeding rates, new English research has found.

Drug for spinal muscular atrophy prompts ethical dilemmas, bioethicists say

Medical experts have raised ethical questions about the way a treatment for spinal muscular atrophy is being used.

Aunt Shares Shocking Photo of 7-Week-Old Niece With HIB Flu to Call Out Anti-Vaxxers

Post by Jordyn Smith. The conversation surrounding whether or not we should vaccinate our kids has been going on for some time now and doesn't seem to be dying down anytime soon. Ultimately, all parents are going to do what they feel is best for the health and safety of their child. Show More Summary

Infant brain responses predict reading speed in secondary school

A new study has found that the brain responses of infants with an inherited risk for dyslexia, a specific reading disability, predict their future reading speed in secondary school.

These Black Breastfeeding Moms Are Shattering Stereotypes in the Best Possible Way

Post by Jordyn Smith. The Chocolate Milk Mommies is a parenting group based in Birmingham, Alabama. In efforts to celebrate black breastfeeding moms, they came together to stage a beautiful "Goddess" photo shoot with the help of talented photographer Lakisha Cohill. Show More Summary

Seizure study sheds light on lasting brain effects in children

Prolonged convulsive seizures in childhood could be linked to the development of other brain conditions, a study suggests.

11 Gifts Your Baby Really Wants for Christmas

Post by Megan Zander. If you've been poring over Amazon reviews trying to figure out which plastic toys are most likely to light your baby up with joy on Christmas morning, or if you're still trying to find a sitter so you can hit the toy store without blowing the Santa secret, fear not. Show More Summary

Mom Finds Out That Her Husband Leaves Their Baby in the Car at the Gas Station and Is Furious

Post by Jordyn Smith. Leaving children alone in cars is something we shouldn't have to debate about. With so many well-publicized, tragic accidents that only occurred because children were left by themselves inside cars, most people are fully aware of the dangers and take proper precautions. Show More Summary

Probiotic gets a boost from breast milk

Supplementation with probiotics can improve a person's gut health, but the benefits are often fleeting, and colonization by the probiotic's good microbes usually doesn't last. Breast milk may help sustain those colonies in the long run, say researchers.

23 Adorable Gift Ideas for Your Baby’s First Holiday

Post by CafeMom Contributors. The first holiday season with your new baby is pure magic. Old traditions gain new meaning, and the extra time with family and friends is more precious than ever. Plus, babies look downright delicious in their holiday outfits, so go ahead and wrap up some cuteness from he baby section at Target. Show More Summary

Preschool program helps boost skills necessary for academic achievement

Children growing up in poverty face many challenges, but a preschool program that aims to improve social and emotional skills may help increase their focus and improve learning in the classroom, according to researchers.

Length of stay in neonatal ICU can affect behavior of premature babies

Scientists shows that emotional development of children born preterm should be evaluated as much as physical growth and motor skills.

10 Food Rules Every Breastfeeding Mom Should Follow

Post by Maressa Brown. When you were pregnant, you probably took prenatal vitamins and were conscious about eating nutritious foods to support a healthy pregnancy. If you've chosen to breastfeed, you'll want to keep eating right, to support milk production and give yourself energy as you nourish your baby. Show More Summary

This T-Shirt Is Perfect for Dads Who Want to Start Babywearing

Post by Jordyn Smith. Sometimes it can be tough to make new dads feel included in popular parenting trends. Things like babywearing are often viewed as being exclusively done by Mom. Although we know that isn't true, we can't deny that...Show More Summary

Mom Kicked Her Daughter Out of Her House for Breastfeeding

Post by Lauren Levy. New parents quickly learn that not everyone will give them space or at least respect heir decisions. However, when the shaming and judgements come from the place you'd least expect it -- your own family -- this crosses a line that no new parent should ever have to endure. Show More Summary

Mom Gets Real About Why She Only Bathes Her Baby Twice a Week

Post by Lauren Levy. Every family's bedtime routine is different, and there are countless opinions on when, how, and where you should put your baby to bed. But despite these varying schools of thought, many have a few things in common: food, bath, book, and lights out. Show More Summary

This Video of a Mom Holding Her Preemie Son for the First Time Will Make You Ugly Cry

Post by Ashley Austrew. Few moments are more precious than the first time you get to hold your brand new baby, but not all parents get the opportunity to snuggle their newborn right away. After her son was unexpectedly born at just 26...Show More Summary

Bottle-Feeding Questions? Our Experts Have Answers!

Post by CafeMom Contributors. We asked our Facebook community what questions they had about spit-up, fussiness, and what’s normal when it comes to poop. Then we turned to experienced moms (including a pediatrician!) for their best advice to help you feel more confident and your baby more comfortable, too. Show More Summary

Baby Spitting Up? Learn What’s Normal – and What’s Not

Post by CafeMom Contributors. You might have heard that spitting up is more of a laundry problem for parents than a health issue for babies, but there are certain signs that can indicate trouble. Do you know what to look for? We asked...Show More Summary

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