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Newborn immune activation may have long-term negative impact on brain function

Neuroscientists have found that even a brief episode of immune system activation within days of birth can cause persistent changes in sleep patterns concurrent with increases in epilepsy-like brain activity -- a combination of symptoms common in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental conditions.

Why a Crying Baby Is Actually a Sign of a Good Mom

Post by Lauren Levy. Sure, every pregnancy and child are different but Jordan Harrell's little ones all had one thing in common: they were extremely difficult babies.  Her long nights and equally trying days were filled with endless crying with each of her children and this went on for years. Show More Summary

Mom Admits She Hates Her Baby and the Internet's Response Is Unexpected

Post by Lauren Levy. Woman often don't feel comfortable sharing how much they're struggling after becoming a new mom. If they do open up about their problems, these moms usually limit how much they reveal instead of completely getting real. Show More Summary

Mom Called 'Abusive' for Wanting to Pierce Her Baby's Ears

Post by Jordyn Smith. There are countless different ways to approach parenting but this fact doesn't prevent some pretty heated debates among opinionated parents. One of these topics that people tend to feel strongly about is if and when moms or dads should allow babies' ears to be pierced. Show More Summary

Conception during IUD use increases risks to mother and infant

Women who conceive while using an intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD) have a greater risk of preterm delivery, low birth weight babies, bacterial infections, or losing a fetus, according to researchers.

Most Parents Are Giving Their Babies Solid Foods Way Too Soon, Says New Study

Post by Jordyn Smith. Many parents struggle with knowing exactly when to introduce solid foods to their babies. There are plenty of guidelines out there that suggest introducing them when your baby shows signs of "readiness," but that...Show More Summary

18 Unexpected Must-Haves You Should Pack in Your Diaper Bag

Post by CafeMom Contributors. We’re not just moms – we’re also like MacGyver, prepared for anything, anytime, anywhere. That’s why our diaper bags aren’t just packed with the usual essentials like diapers, wipes, and bottles. Are you...Show More Summary

Why 1 Mom Never Wants to Hear Again That 'Fat Babies Are the Cutest'

Post by Jordyn Smith. Celebrating your newborn's weight gain milestones is something most parents don't think of as being possibly hurtful to others. If your baby is gaining healthy amounts of weight it's normal to not think twice when you're making comments about "fat babies" being the cutest. Show More Summary

Bleb: It's the Breastfeeding Problem No One Talks About

Post by Catherine Kennedy. I struggled with breastfeeding from the very first hour after my son was born. Nursing was extremely painful, despite the nurses and lactation consultants helping me at the hospital. They assured me that his latch was good, he did not have a tongue-tie, and it was too early to worry about milk flow. Show More Summary

1 Mom's Genius Trick for Getting Babies to Self-Soothe at Night Is Going Viral

Post by Jordyn Smith. The sound of a baby wailing in the middle of the night for their lost paci is unmistakable -- and for many parents, unavoidable. One genius mother has found the perfect way to keep her baby daughter from losing her dummy at night and it's so creative you'll be jealous you didn't think of it first. 

15 Photos of the Happiest 'Milk Drunk' Babies That Prove There's Nothing Cuter

Post by Megan Zander. Whether it's bottle, boob, or a combination of both, having a new baby means spending lots of time feeding and holding them while they nap afterwards. Infants have just a few basic functions: cry, eat, sleep and...Show More Summary

Here's What the Experts Really Think About Breastfeeding on the Keto Diet

Post by Elizabeth Broadbent. By now, you’ve heard of the trendy low-carb diet everyone’s raving about: the ketogenic, or keto, diet. The diet is said to supercharge weight loss and boost your energy, all without hunger, which probably sounds like a dream to new moms feeling intense pressure to slip back into their pre-baby jeans. Show More Summary

Mom Issues Urgent Warning After 10-Week-Old Almost Loses 2 Toes to This Overlooked Danger

Post by Genny Glassman. One might think they are the expert when it comes to baby proofing their house or knowing all the precautions that he or she should take to keep a new baby safe. But babies have a way of getting into unpredictable...Show More Summary

Topiramate in early pregnancy increases risk of oral clefts

A new study suggests that using topiramate in early pregnancy, particularly at the high doses used for epilepsy, increases the risk of oral clefts.

Mom Warns This Little Known Breastfeeding Complication Almost Killed Her Baby Boy

Post by Jordyn Smith. Many mothers who choose to breastfeed do so with the belief that most issues they have will be solved naturally, with time and experience. While this may be true for a lot of women, there are many out there who need a little extra help to spot serious problems most of us simply aren't trained to look for. Show More Summary

Zika remains a research and public health challenge

The Zika virus has become established in more than 80 countries, infected millions of people, and left many babies with birth defects. Although scientists have made progress in their understanding of the virus, it would be premature to think that the Zika pandemic is now under control and will not reemerge, perhaps more aggressively, say experts.

12 Too-Real Struggles Only Parents of Twins Understand

Post by Megan Zander. Having twins is an amazing gift. But while all new parents struggle as they figure out what they're doing with a tiny new human, having two tiny humans to look after at once comes with its own set unique challenges. Show More Summary

This Mom's Favorite Thing About Being a Parent Is the 1 Thing She Swore She'd Never Do

Post by Lauren Levy. Like many moms, Hollie had an idea in her mind of how she was going to raise her child long before giving birth to her baby girl. She knew the type of mom that she hoped to become and the things that she would and wouldn't allow for Penelope Grace. Show More Summary

Do Breastfeeding Moms Always Need to Pump and Dump? Maybe Not, Says Science

Post by Jordyn Smith. Due to advice from physicians and scientists, drinking while breastfeeding has historically been either a huge no-no, or required a pretty serious pump and dump action. While many are still engaging in heavy debate...Show More Summary

Treating refugees from Western perspective leaves providers, patients lost in translation

Somali Bantu women are open to family planning when methods help to space births of future children, rather than preventing new additions to their families, outlines a new report.

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