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7 Reasons Every Parent Should Bring Their Kids to See Disney/Pixar's Coco

Unless you've been living under a rock since 1995, it's pretty common knowledge that the second a Disney/Pixar movie drops, families essentially sprint to the closest movie theater with their brood in tow. So how exactly does their latest...Show More Summary

This Mom's Account of What It's Like to Hold Your Preemies For the First Time Will Make You Sob

Preemie Mom Holds Two Of Her 22 Weeker Triplets Together For T... That first moment. You never forget it. It's engraved in your heart forever. But holding your baby for the first time takes on a new meaning when you're a preemie parent. The constant beeps and alarms hum through the dimly lit room. Show More Summary

23 Gifts That Won't Fit Under the Tree But Are Going to Be Huge Hits

They say that bigger isn't necessarily always better, especially when it comes to gifts, but in some cases bigger is totally better. Some of the best gifts for kids this year may be too big to slide underneath the Christmas tree - and are probably going to be weird to wrap - but are bound to be one of their favorites. Show More Summary

15 Illegal Baby Names That Will Make You Laugh and Cry With Confusion

Have you ever met someone who has one of those names that strikes you as odd? They introduce themselves and immediately you wonder, "What were their parents thinking?" As times change, so do baby names. What used to be considered a trendy name has now become old and boring. Show More Summary

Badass Gifts For Moms Who Love to Fcking Swear

Life with kids can sometimes be an utter sht show, but there are plenty of moms who embrace the crazy - and who aren't afraid to do so with a swear word or two. Whether they're working on cleaning up their potty mouth or proudly declaring...Show More Summary

This Might Be the Most Genius Memory-Keeping Idea For Parents at Christmastime

In the time between Halloween and Christmas, we see many a mom blogger post photos of her kids in matching holiday pajamas, decorating the Christmas tree, and baking festive cookies on our social media feeds. However, for the average...Show More Summary

23 Motherhood Tattoo Ideas That Will Keep Your Babies With You Wherever You Go

Whether you're relishing in the joys of new motherhood or an old pro with toddlers and adolescents, a tattoo that showcases the love you have for your children will be something you cherish for the rest of your life. From tiny images...Show More Summary

This superdad wore a tutu to his daughter's ballet class just to make her happy

Thanh Tran saw the opportunity to get some laughs from his 8-year-old, and as a result, he's become an internet hero for what he did in her ballet class.

The Most Uncommon Baby Names Given in 2017 That You'll Be Obsessed With

Although it can seem like every kid you meet these days is named Noah or Olivia, there are, in fact, tons of other babies out there who receive less common names that are absolutely gorgeous. If you're looking to go off the beaten path...Show More Summary

Thanksgiving Foods Your Kids Will Actually Like (and Eat as Leftovers!)

Thanksgiving isn't exactly the most kid-focused holiday, as it includes lots of sitting still at a table, fancy foods, and adults taking over the television to watch football. But if you have a bunch of little ones populating your Thanksgiving table, you're probably thinking about how to please their palates as well. Show More Summary

Exclusive! We're Freaking Out Over This Magical Disney-Themed Freshly Picked Collection

Calling all Mickey-lovers! Freshly Picked is back at it again with another kickass collaboration, this time with everyone's favorite company: Disney. Featuring six pairs of FP's signature leather moccasins, the Disney x Freshly Picked...Show More Summary

50 Things You Can Do Right Now to Put a Smile on Your Partner's Face

Life is beautiful, but it can also be pretty hectic sometimes. Between trying to keep those tiny humans you call your kids alive, keeping a house clean and organized, and work piling up, it's easy to let precious time with your partner slip away. Show More Summary

A mom's support helps a child learn to handle negative emotions, but what if mom is distressed?

When children become upset, showing negative emotions or behaviors, some parents become distressed, while others are able to talk their child through the difficult situation. Studies have shown that a mothers' reaction -- positive or...Show More Summary

This Cute Christmas Elf Is Flying Off the Shelves for the Most NSFW Reason

23 hours agoLifestyle / Parenting : Mommyish

ASDA supermarkets in the UK have completely sold out of this NSFW Christmas Elf that waggles its tongue in the most suggestive way. This Cute Christmas Elf Is Flying Off the Shelves for the Most NSFW Reason is a post from Mommyish - Parenting Imperfect.

Guy Turns His Sleeping Mom Into a Meme and His Prank Goes Viral

23 hours agoLifestyle / Parenting : Mommyish

This guy turned his tired mama into a sleeping mom meme in a viral prank that will have you laughing and calling your mom to tell you her love her. Guy Turns His Sleeping Mom Into a Meme and His Prank Goes Viral is a post from Mommyish - Parenting Imperfect.

Amy Duggar Calls for Compassion Following Derick Dillard’s Transphobic Comments

23 hours agoLifestyle / Parenting : Mommyish

Amy Duggar, cousin of the famous clan, has urged people to be compassionate following Derick Dillard's offensive comments about Jazz Jennings. Amy Duggar Calls for Compassion Following Derick Dillard’s Transphobic Comments is a post from Mommyish - Parenting Imperfect.

A Kid Allegedly Wrecked a Bunch of Samples at Sephora, and the Debate Is Insane

23 hours agoLifestyle / Parenting : Mommyish

Supposedly, a kid destroyed some Sephora samples in a store, causing $1300 worth of damage. Or did they? It's spurned quite the parenting debate. A Kid Allegedly Wrecked a Bunch of Samples at Sephora, and the Debate Is Insane is a post from Mommyish - Parenting Imperfect.

Dax Shepard Just Gave a Woman Strangely Good Marriage Advice We Wish We Heard Years Ago

Normally, I'd suggest taking relationship advice from a certified psychologist, but I just discovered the next best thing: Dax Shepard. Yup. I've always had a soft spot for the actor (he is married to one of my favorite celeb moms, Kristen...Show More Summary

This Quinceañera Took Her Beauty and the Beast Theme to the Next Level With This 1 Detail

A Beauty and the Beast theme for a party is always great, but this 15-year-old takes the cake for her creativity. Jaylene Vega had someone dressed in a Beast costume at her quinceañera. The Beast was dressed to match Jaylene's gorgeous...Show More Summary

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