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C Is For Cookie Monster Desserts That'll Make Your Kid Go, "Nom Nom Nom"

Do you have a toddler in front of the TV right now totally hypnotized by Sesame Street? Do you hear the phrase "C is for cookie" at least once a day? Then your kid is probably a true Cookie Monster fan. And though you might think you're...Show More Summary

Dad Re-Creates Rocky With His Baby to Prep For a Battle With Her Sister

Quinn Vs Kin from Bret on Vimeo. Moms learn very quickly that once they have more than one kid, their title goes from "parent" to "referee." Bret Dale first learned this when his older daughter Izzy stole a teddy bear from her younger sister, Quinn. Show More Summary

These 34 Newborns and Their Furry Best Friends Are the Best Things You'll See in 2017

The only thing cuter than a squishy, fresh newborn is when that sweet baby is snuggled up to his or her equally angelic, fluffy best friend. Let's be real, many parents have fur children long before they give birth, and when nonhuman and human children unite, it makes for some seriously squeal-able photos. Show More Summary

This Dad's Genius Hack to Stop His Baby's Crying Is Going Viral

One clever dad is going viral thanks to his genius baby hack: stopping his son's crying using one of Mom's dirty shirts. Arshad Ali posted the magical video footage to YouTube to spread the wealth to other sleep-deprived parents with inconsolable babies. Show More Summary

It's Time to Talk About the Worst Kind of Breastfeeding Shaming Moms Experience

The Shame of the Nursing Mother When I asked local mothers to share stories of them being shamed by family and friends as nursing mothers the responses flew in. It became obvious to me that we cannot address public breastfeeding until...Show More Summary

The Heartwarming Way a Boy Taught His Classmate About Friendship and Promises

When a little boy walked into class after getting a new haircut, it was clear that he hated it. According to his teacher, Jana Haustetter Angelucci, the child cried all day and wanted to wear his hood up to cover his buzzed head. The...Show More Summary

Mom Guilt: Struggling to Find True Work-Life Balance

Are you struggling with mom guilt? It's far too common for working moms and stay at home moms! Read on to learn about some resources to help you banish your […] The post Mom Guilt: Struggling to Find True Work-Life Balance appeared first on Happy Mothering.

Boy Trying to Nap on His Dog Proves Babies and Pups Are the Best Combo

We all know that babies and puppies are a pretty amazing combo, but this recent video of a baby trying to take a nap on his uber relaxed dog is proving that fact even further. In the video, 10-month-old Oliver and his best furry friend, Leonidas, are seen cuddling on the floor. Show More Summary

These Baby Pics Confirm Animals Are The Absolute Cutest Nap Buddies

Look no further for the secret to that sleeping-baby glow. These babies and kids may have revealed the answer. Snuggle with man’s best friend. Your favorite dog, cat, elephant or pigelt will do. Parents, just remember to follow the updated pediatrician recommendations for safe sleep for babies 1-year-old and younger. Show More Summary

The Major Breastfeeding Lie 1 Mom Learned the Hard Way

When Jaymie Johnson was pregnant, there was one thing that she kept hearing from everyone. From other moms to doctors and nurses, they all told Jaymie: "The weight will melt right off of you when you breastfeed!" After she finally gave birth, Jaymie was pleased to see how quickly she lost the weight. Show More Summary

Mom Opens Up About Not Loving Pregnancy Even Though It Seems "Wrong"

26 & 16 weeks ???? Honestly I don't 'love' being pregnant, all I want to say is "oh I love it it's so beautiful!" But it just doesn't feel that way (please don't get me wrong, I feel so grateful and blessed I can get pregnant) and I want nothing more than to love it, but I just don't. Show More Summary

'No one wanted her': Family adopts dying kitten to teach kids about compassion

After falling in love with a sick cat, the family decided to adopt her to teach their kids a lesson about the beauty in life's difficulties.

Mom's Plea to Keep Sick Kids at Home - Even If You Don't Think They're Contagious

Keep sick kids home Update: The original Imgur post has since been removed. Original: After a holiday dinner with family turned into a potentially life-threatening infection for her little girl, one mom is speaking out to warn all parents. "Please. Show More Summary

Cat Deeley Blasts a Restaurant on Twitter Asking, “So You Think You Can… Eat This?”

If Cat Deeley doesn't like your restaurant, she'll call you out on twitter...and she won't leave a tip, either. Cat Deeley Blasts a Restaurant on Twitter Asking, “So You Think You Can… Eat This?” is a post from Mommyish - Parenting Imperfect.

Watch Carrie Underwood and her 2-year-old 'workout buddy' Isaiah do yoga

It always helps to have a little support in the gym, and for Carrie Underwood, that means having her little boy right by her side.

Once Called 'Blubber,' Kate Winslet Shares Anti-Bullying Advice With Kids

Recalling a lifetime of bullying, Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet shared some words of empowerment to an audience of children at a charity event this week. Speaking in London Wednesday, the seven-time Academy Award nominee talkedShow More Summary

You Probably Don’t Know This Product Exists, but It’ll Save You $$$

Back in December, during a bitterly cold polar vortex, I was seven months pregnant and miserable. When everyone else in Chicago was zipped up to their eyeballs in puffy Winter coats, I was freezing my belly off in a parka that wouldn't zip up over it. Show More Summary

Nomenclator: Ancient Roman Name Remember-er

In ancient times, well-to-do Romans didn’t have to worry about remembering people’s names. Why? Because they had special name-remembering slaves to do the job for them. These slaves were called nomenclators, from the Latin words n?men, meaning “name,” and cal?, meaning, “call together, summon.” Essentially, a nomenclator was a social secretary. He helped his master […]

Doo Wop Baby Name: Deserie

The French name Desiree was first popularized in the U.S. by the 1954 movie Désirée, which told the story of Désirée Clary, the one-time fiancée of Napoleon Bonaparte who later became the queen of Sweden and Norway. Several years later, during the doo-wop craze of the ’50s, five Harlem-based teens formed a vocal group called […]

9 Things You Never Knew About Your Child's Day at School, Straight From a Teacher

While parents understand that a lot happens in between dropping their child off at school and seeing them at the end of the day, many don't recognize exactly what it's like. Along with the books, tests, and classroom assignments, your child's world is revolving around actively turning into a little person within his or her classroom community. Show More Summary

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