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My Life as a Sports Dad

I was reading an article on the CPR Law site about how dangerous sports are for children where it ranked various sports and started to think about my own experiences as a sports Dad with children that have played three primary sports: basketball, volleyball and lacrosse. Show More Summary

Sarah Ferguson Says This Royal Family Member Still Makes Her Nervous

Twenty years have passed since Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew divorced. But after all these years, there’s still one member of the royal family Fergie finds intimidating: Her former mother-in-law Queen Elizabeth II. (Hey, who wouldn’t...Show More Summary

Mom Spends 60 Hours Painting A Mural For Daughter Who Loves 'Tangled'

One mom’s love for fairy tales sparked the idea for a magical mural in her daughter’s room. Jennifer Treece of Livonia, Michigan, painted a mural inspired by the Disney movie “Tangled” for her daughter, 8-year-old Gianna. The mural on...Show More Summary

Hilaria Baldwin shares her time-saving tricks — and this household rule for Alec

Hilaria Baldwin — mother to three children with Alec Baldwin — shares how she tackles her mornings for TODAY's Morning Routine series.

Stop What You’re Doing, Target Just Recalled More Than 120,000 Halloween Decorations

We have to put our Halloween excitement on a temporary hold, as Target just issued a recall for over 120,000 festive decorations. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, six different Halloween-themed LED gel wall decals...Show More Summary

Donald Trump Recalled Hitting On Kelly Preston In A Note About Her Son's Death

A 2009 condolence note Donald Trump dedicated to Kelly Preston following the death of her and John Travola’s son Jett is making its way around the internet. In the post, which was published on the now-defunct Trump University Blog, according...Show More Summary

Preschooler Pays Tribute To Pop Culture With Daily Halloween Costumes

For 4-year-old Willow, October is all about the costumes. With help from her mom, photographer Gina Lee, Willow dresses up every day of the month leading up to Halloween. It’s an annual tradition they call “Dress Up Willow Month.” Willow’s...Show More Summary

Awesome Parents Turn Son's Wheelchair Into 'Ghostbusters' Vehicle

Ryan and Beth Miller have been working late nights and weekends for a month-and-a-half to get their son’s costume Halloween-ready. Eight-year-old Jeremy has become famous among friends and family for his elaborate Halloween costumes,...Show More Summary

Emotional mama

Today marks the beginning of the fourth week that my 2 year old has been resisting sleep. Everything starts out fine and then he wakes up screaming and crying after a few hours of sleep, which in turn leads me to usually end up screaming...Show More Summary

This Map Shows the Best Streets For Trick-or-Treating Near You

There are many reasons to step outside your own street on Halloween - perhaps your neighbors don't participate in the holiday festivities or you live in an apartment complex or rural area that doesn't really allow for trick-or-treating. Show More Summary

Jenna Bush Hager Reminds Americans That Vaccines Are A Privilege

Jenna Bush Hager took a strong stand for vaccines in a Rotary International video raising awareness about polio, a virus that can lead to paralysis and other lifetime disabilities. While the disease has been eliminated in the U.S. since...Show More Summary

I Gave In to My Son's Whims, and He Didn't Grow Up to Be a Jerk

Are western parents doing kids a disservice by giving in to all whims? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. Answer by Andrew Weill, father of three grown children, on Quora: Judging something as a "whim" is often a misperception. Show More Summary

This little cowgirl trying to climb on her pony is the cutest thing in the wild West

The pint-sized cowgirl shows real determination! She tries to hop up not once. Not twice. But 15 whole times before she finally makes it!

Exhausted, moms and dads? You can slow your family down. Really.

"You have to dare to say no. Activities for your kids can be wonderful, but are they worth it if they eat into family time?"

Children’s iPad App Review, Sago Mini Forest Flyer

Reviewed by Susan Stephenson, I am a little “old-fashioned” about computer games for kids. I worry that it becomes easy for we parents to use electronic devices as baby sitters, until we suddenly realise one day that our kids have not played outside, or created a rocket ship with that big cardboard box. Show More Summary

Move over, Chris Martin! Watch Apple and Moses steal spotlight from Coldplay dad

Coldplay's Chris Martin performed at a Boys and Girls Club fundraiser, but it was his very own boy and girl who stole the show.

Kid Fight! When Did I Go From Mom to Referee?

For a minute there, my kids got along swimmingly. I'd heard plenty of horror stories from moms who said they spent the majority of their days breaking up fights between their little ones, but I was sure I had escaped such a sad fate. My...Show More Summary

Dad Combats Harmful Stereotypes About Fatherhood With Empowering Shirts

A new line of shirts for dads is offering a refreshing perspective on fatherhood. This month, dad and Huffington Post blogger Mike Reynolds launched a line of T-shirts and sweatshirts featuring phrases that combat harmful stereotypes about masculinity and fatherhood. Show More Summary

From One Parent To Another: 5 Tips On Having A Child With Down Syndrome

Welcoming the presence of Down syndrome into our lives, as expressed by our daughter, was not easy for us. As a person with a disability myself, it was particularly difficult, because I was making the choice to bring her into the world,...Show More Summary

'It's been a blessing': Family of smiling preemie shares daughter's birth story

The photo, which shows a premature baby smiling in the NICU, helped her parents stay positive during the difficult days following her birth.

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