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Women Power Rangers Get The High Heels No One Asked For

Fighting evil villains is hard. Fighting evil villains in heels is even harder. On Wednesday morning, Entertainment Weekly released the first image of the new Power Rangers costumes for the upcoming movie adaptation of the 1993 TV series...Show More Summary

Don't Blink

I didn't mean to blink. The first time I held you in my arms the moment lasted an eternity. I had waited in such complete and utter anticipation for your arrival. I wanted you more than anything else in the entire world. When I brought you home the world stopped but you didn't -- my life became a slave to yours and I was tired. Show More Summary

How To Tell If You're A Good Mom, In One Quiz

Moms often wonder if they are making the right choices for their kids, or if they're failing this whole parenting thing. So we've created a handy quiz to let you know, definitively, if you're a good mom. Take the quiz below and find out -- you might be surprised by the answer :) Or, if you'd prefer, a helpful flowchart can show you as well. Show More Summary

Mom Shuts Down Stranger Concerned With Her Son's Pink Toy Stroller

If you think boys shouldn't play with pink toy strollers, this mom has an important message for you. In a Facebook post from April 28, Rheann MacLaren from Scotland wrote that a stranger in a toy store tried to dissuade her 3-year-old...Show More Summary

Mothers' Miranda Rights

An interesting twist of the Mirnada rights floated from the far backseat of our SUV during a long carpool run. A worn out kid said to the loud, slightly obnoxious sibling sitting next to him, "You have the right to remain silent -- or...Show More Summary

Mom wants apology after daughter's hair gets her sent home from school

The school district said the third grader's row of ponytails looked like a "faux hawk," which violated the campus dress code.

Hey, moms and dads! Win camera, $1,500 in TODAY's 'Making Memories' sweepstakes

Entering is easy — sign up for the TODAY Parenting Team and you're in! And if you're already a member, just log in and you're entered to win.

Swiping Before Speaking: The Digital Lifestyle Habits of Today's Parents Are Rubbing Off on Kids

Digital literacy is becoming natural to children before they can even speak, let alone read. Despite how you personally feel about kids' screen time and device usage, it seems it's the new norm that children are "swiping" before uttering...Show More Summary

How a Bottle of Gripe Water Made Me Understand What It Means to Be a Father to My Baby

First-time parenting anxiety doesn't just happen to new moms. This post, originally shared by our friends over at Fatherly, reveals how new dads deal with those same jitters too. Read on to get one dad's take on understanding fatherhood. Image Source: Shutterstock As a first-time parent, there are many things to learn. Show More Summary

You're Going to Melt When You Hear the Reason This High School Senior Brought His Mom to Prom

As promised, here it is!!! My amazing son who I was pregnant with during my own prom time, invited me to be his date as I didn't get to go. I am so grateful for his selflessness! Dreams do come true! I really am at Prom!!!!! (Love you Trey!) Ps. Show More Summary

You're Not Going to Find These Hilarious Tips to Prepare You For Motherhood in Any Book

Although you get nine months to get used to the idea of motherhood, it's difficult to prepare for what life will be like once the baby arrives - it's more of a "learn as you go" type of process. Cat and Nat, two real-life moms who have...Show More Summary

These Basset Hounds Were Determined to Protect Their Tiny Human Until the Very End

As soon as Mary and John Hall brought their newborn daughter home from the hospital, she had two instant best friends: the family's Basset Hounds. The 8-year-old pups, Gracie and Grumpy, fell instantly in love with baby Nora and immediately welcomed her to the family. Show More Summary

The 8 Things Moms Do Before the Babysitter Comes

Getting a babysitter is simultaneously one of the best and worst things - on the one hand you get a kiddo-free night to spend doing whatever the heck you want, but on the other, leaving your precious babies with someone else for a night can cause a bit of anxiety. Show More Summary

These Kids Share What It's Really Like to Have a Sibling With Autism

It's hard not to make assumptions, and we've all probably done our fair share of taking second glances at a kid having an outburt in the middle of the grocery store. With that in mind, The Huffington Post asked siblings of those living with autism to reveal the biggest misconceptions they hear about their brothers or sisters. Show More Summary

Rationalizing with a Tiny Human

Going on trips with a toddler can be hard work. When my son is strapped into his seat and says he wants to get down from here, I'm the one trying to rationalize that we'll be there shortly. Just sit tight. He's the one looking at me like I have three heads. Show More Summary

Oh My God...I Am My Mother

Mother/daughter relationships are complicated, multilayered puzzles that take a lifetime to put together and my relationship with my mother is no exception. She drives me nuts and I love her dearly all at the same time and I know the feeling is mutual. Show More Summary

Read at Your Own Risk: Three Red Flags to Look for When Evaluating On-line Articles


Redefining Mother's Day: A Letter From Love Momma

Stepmothers get a bad rap. If they're not being called evil or wicked, they're somehow conniving or jealous. Thanks, Disney. As a card-carrying stepmom, I reject that notion and that title. As I tell the twin girls I've helped to raise...Show More Summary

National Sunflower Seed Recall Affects 100 Snack Products

This is just plain nuts. As if recalled fruits and veggies weren't enough drama for the week, another huge recall now affects snack products that contain or may have come in contact with Listeria contaminated sunflower seeds. About 100...Show More Summary

This Year, For Mother's Day

Mother's Day is almost here. This year being my first as a mom. Up until now, I ascribed to the notion that this day was just another Hallmark Holiday. A day for us to send flowers, buy a nice card, or maybe a gift certificate to the...Show More Summary

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