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Apparently Naked Newborns and Their Dads Don't Mix!

Asher Resnik was just a week old when he decided it was the perfect time to become a viral sensation - by pooping on his dad's back during a newborn shoot. The photographer, Gigi O'Dea, told us, "This image was particularly important...Show More Summary

Packing Healthy School Lunches with Pearls Olives to Go

Thank you to Pearls Olives to Go! for sponsoring this post on healthy school lunches. All opinions are my own. What children are eating in schools is a hot topic. […] The post Packing Healthy School Lunches with Pearls Olives to Go appeared first on Happy Mothering.

A Missing Kid and the Benefit of the Doubt

. This is how it’s SUPPOSED to work: Dear Free-Range Kids: I feel very fortunate that we live  in Northern Alberta, Canada, where the kids play outside all day, all year! Last summer, we had the biggest scare of our lives.  It was the last day of school and I was resting in my bedroom […]

TODAY Parenting Team: Easy ways to keep your kids fed, organized and stylin'

This time of year can be as intense for parents as for kids as everyone struggles to get ready for school. These tips will make it easier.

Creepy Weirdos Are Hacking Baby Monitors For Fun, So Everyone Needs To Stop Using The Factory-Default Passwords

The Internet is dark and full of terrors, so for the love of God please change the password on your baby monitor. More » Creepy Weirdos Are Hacking Baby Monitors For Fun, So Everyone Needs To Stop Using The Factory-Default Passwords is a post from Mommyish - Parenting Imperfect.

Ya Just Have to Love Those Temperamental, Terrific 12-Year-Olds

After being the oldest in elementary school then adjusting to being the youngest in a brand new middle school, finding your way around a bigger place, having many teachers, meeting lots of new kids, finding your body changing, more expectations...Show More Summary

Children’s book promises to put your kid to sleep — and some say it works

Are you at wit’s end with getting your toddler to sleep? Have you tried everything from singing “Twinkle Star” dozens of times to rubbing your child’s back endlessly? Enter The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep, a children’s book designed to send your child to the Land of Nod. Self-published by Swedish author Carl-Johan Frossen

5 Phrases That Will Make Your Kids Stop Crying and Begging

Stop the oncoming tantrum in its tracks with these simple phrases. YourTango shares the five phrases that will instantly make your kids stop crying and begging. If your little interrogator has been pulling the line too far, here's how...Show More Summary

Teach Kids How to Not Get Hit by a Car

A sure sign that kids are back to school is that crossing guards are in place, directing the careful choreography involved when kids and cars share the road. The problem, of course, is that we don't have crossing guards at every corner...Show More Summary

Government Checks for Stay-at-Home Mothers

I just treated myself to some nice, new, fall clothing for work and classes. It has been a while since I needed to show up at an office, or sit in on a class, and I want to look and feel fantastic as I step back into that world. Although...Show More Summary

Hilarious 'alternative' PTA fundraiser: Forget the bake sale, just give us cash

A PTA at a school in Texas allegedly sent a hilarious "alternative fundraiser" form to parents asking for cash in lieu of bake sales and walk-a-thons.

No more forgotten book reports: 5 brilliant schedule hacks for your family

How paint swatches and empty photo frames can help you master your family's schedule.

Air travel with kids: is early boarding actually helpful?

Being among the first to board the plane isn't necessarily easier when you're flying with little kids.

1 Mom Is Sharing Her Story About Secondary Drowning to Help Educate Parents

This is Darcy McQueeny's three-and-a-half-year-old son laying unresponsive over six hours after jumping into a pool without a life vest for less than thirty seconds. When he was yanked out of the water, he was completely conscious, though...Show More Summary

Female Names from Early Cinema, Part 4

Names spotted in old issues of Photoplay magazine: Naturitch, Quirentia, Sabra, Teddy. more

15 Bridal Parties Who Totally Nailed The Ombré Dress Trend

There's nothing wrong with a uniform bridesmaid look -- all of the girls wearing the same dress in the same exact color.   But if you want something a bit more eye-catching, consider an ombré color scheme. Not sure what that means? Basically,...Show More Summary

Lucy Liu welcomes son Rockwell — see the adorable photo

Lucy Liu took to Instagram Thursday to announce some happy news: the birth of her first child.

Another Shooting, Another Opportunity to Comfort and Talk With Our Kids

This past July, The Washington Post released the following headline: There have been 204 mass shootings -- and 204 days -- in 2015 so far. Who wouldn't be shocked and terrified by this statistic? Anyone reading that would come to the alarming conclusion that our country is not a very safe place. Show More Summary

Legal Documents for the College Bound

For thousands of college bound students, the next week will be spent shopping for clothes, bedding, toiletries and wall art. As an estate planning attorney, I urge college students and their parents to include some legal planning as part of this final week of preparation. Show More Summary

I'm Sorry, Baby Naming Rights??

I just, I mean, I, I, what? WLS, ABC7 in Chicago is reporting:Chicago rapper Chief Keef has named his son after his record label in an effort to promote his latest album, according to a statement from the CEO of FilmOn Records. "Chief...Show More Summary

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