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My girls found some cool things this week! {Play Planner}

We found an iridescent blue beetle in our garden this week, and discovered a ‘queen’ spider who has made her castle in a hole between the bricks in our wall. I’m not sure I would have noticed either without little gardeners there with...Show More Summary

Spotlight on Minority Men’s Health

As many of us know, minorities (in particular African Americans and Hispanics) generally have worse health outcomes than Whites. But what most people don’t know is that minority men have far worse health outcomes than minority women....Show More Summary

12 Uses For Coconut Oil on Your Child (and One For Nursing Moms)

Coconut oil is the It oil right now, and the good news is that there is no harm in getting your little one in on the amazing potential this oil has to offer. While we appreciate coconut oil as a beauty must-have, your child may also benefit from its antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Show More Summary

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow: Getting Rid Of Baby Keepsakes Is The Worst

23 hours agoLifestyle / Parenting : Mommyish

If you are the sentimental type in general, having kids only seems to make it worse. More » Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow: Getting Rid Of Baby Keepsakes Is The Worst is a post from Mommyish - Parenting Imperfect.

An Open Letter To The Cable Guy, From That Lady With The Kids And No Bra

First off, allow me to apologize for answering the door without a bra on. I don't know what your usual day consists of but seeing my sweet chariots swinging low under a set of old sorority letter may have ruined certain websites for you forever, and for that I'm sorry. Show More Summary

10 Surprisingly Weird Side Effects of Being a Newborn

Most moms-to-be fill their heads with visions of delivering a perfect little bundle of joy with rosy cheeks, flawless skin, and sweet wisps of hair. The reality of what a newborn looks like, however, can be quite different. It's rare...Show More Summary

Breastfeeding Mother Was Shamed In Dentist’s Office Because Hunger Is, Like, So Inconvenient

Another day, another public humiliation for a breastfeeding mother! An Alabama mom, Taylor Buzbee, was having a bit of a dental emergency and couldn’t secure childcare for her infant son, so she brought him with her to the dentist’sShow More Summary

Honey Boo Boo's 'Mama June' And 'Pumpkin' Open Up About Their Sexuality, Bisexuality

"Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" cast mates "Mama June" Shannon and daughter Lauryn Thompson, a.k.a. "Pumpkin," reveal some surprise facts about their sexuality in a new "Inside Edition" interview. "I'm attracted to females, and I’m attracted to males," Pumpkin declares in the interview, which aired April 24. Show More Summary

Lighten Up With 12 Kid-Friendly Crockpot Recipes For Spring

If you're a crockpot-loving mom bemoaning the end of slow-cooker season, don't put away your favorite appliance just yet! While they're most commonly associated with hearty stews and casseroles, crockpots can be just as useful in warmer weather. These 12 recipes take a lighter approach to slow cooking, all with a kid-friendly approach. Bon appétit! Source: Budget Gourmet Mom

Kids Beyond Limits + 1001 Things to Love about the Military

Anat Baniel, author of Kids Beyond Limits. Topic: Breakthrough results for children with autism, Asperger’s, brain damage, ADHD, and undiagnosed developmental delays. Issues: The need to shift to connecting with the child rather than...Show More Summary

10 Things Parents And Psychopaths Have In Common

"It puts the sunscreen on its skin or else it gets time out again." More » 10 Things Parents And Psychopaths Have In Common is a post from Mommyish - Parenting Imperfect.

7 Truths About Your Kids and Anxiety

Anxiety is a part of everyone's life, to some degree. But for kids, it's an emotion that can be frustrating, scary, and overwhelming. "More than anything, we want our children to know that everyone experiences [anxiety]. We need to teach our kids that it's normal," child development expert Denise Daniels told us. Show More Summary

Since When Is Autism A Competition?

Labels are a necessary evil, I realize that. Even within the autism community, distinctions can be divisive. Ever since the term Asperger's was swallowed up by the broader ASD umbrella in the latest version of the DSM, those distinctions...Show More Summary

My Son Wore My Mom Jeans

There's "mom jeans" and then there's mom's jeans. They can be the same thing, or two different things. But in my house, they're both mine. Also belonging to me is one Hobo, a.k.a. my son, nicknamed as such because he mostly dresses himself like a homeless crackhead -- and that's when he bothers to wear clothes. Show More Summary

Dear Non-Parents, Please Stop Giving Parenting Advice

Yeah, you! The one who is sharing articles in my newsfeed about how, "I will never be that kind of parent." I've got some advice for you, my friend: STOP!... just stop... for the love of all that is holy, just trust me on this and don't press the share button. Show More Summary

What's So Super About Minimizing Black Girls?

I'm a long-time superhero fan. When I was a little girl, I wore my Superman pajamas as many nights as my mother allowed. I still own a Superman action figure I played with during childhood, one where I would squeeze his legs together and his arms would punch furiously. Show More Summary

Needing More Than to Be Needed

As a mother who stays at home, works at home, wipes snotty faces and does everything else at home, on any given day, finding time to shower or go to the bathroom is a struggle. When I do, it's hurried or a spectator sport at best, a crying, massive, ridiculous meltdown in the making at worst. Show More Summary

Barbie Made An Ava DuVernay Doll. It's Not For Sale, But It Should Be.

Barbie just got a whole lot more badass. Mattel announced Friday that the company is honoring six female "Sheroes" with one-of-a-kind dolls created in their likenesses. One of the honorees is Selma director Ava DuVernay, whose accomplishments...Show More Summary

Cute Toy Canvas for Tween Study Space

Miss 11 has a lot on at school this year. She’s thrown herself into many school activities, and I encourage and support that! The thing is, when there’s more to to fit in, there needs to be a corresponding higher level of organisation.  I remember distinctly going through a similar stage with my eldest daughter, where […]

How The Lives Of Your Grandparents Could Affect How You React To Stress

If you won't take measures to reduce your stress levels for yourself, at least do it for your grandchildren. New research suggests that you can actually tell a lot about your personal response to stress by how your grandparents did around the time of your parents' conception. Show More Summary

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