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Family Camping: A Breath of Fresh Air for Kids

It's late afternoon. I'm writing this sitting in a lawn chair in front of a campfire, part of a tidy arrangement of tents and RVs. Above me is a canopy of trees. "Next door," a mother and her small child are curled up in a chaise reading together. Show More Summary

Parents, Please Stop Saying, 'OK'

In our quest to attach properly, attune deeply, and respect thoroughly, many parents (me included!) have adopted the bad habit of saying, "OK?" when asking a child to do something. In our minds we are friendly and checking for approval to show our children how much we love and care for them. Show More Summary

Hurry! Plan a Surprise Family Playdate

Our kids are overscheduled and so are we. Yesterday went something like this: alarm at 6:00. Check email. Coffee and smoothie for me, scrambled eggs for the kids. Pack two lunches. Walk dogs. Marinate chicken for dinner. Drive my son to his job at a local camp and my daughter to her camp clear across town. Show More Summary

Kids Point Out Dark Side Of Fashion Ads That We've All Been Ignoring

"She seems to have an illness." "Maybe she's drunk." "Maybe she took some pills with drugs or stuff like that." Those are not the feelings typically expressed by adults when they see a fashion campaign. But get a group of kids together,...Show More Summary

Bound By Children, Two Mothers Navigate Open Adoption Across Racial Lines

I follow her blog. She follows mine. We follow each other on Twitter. We are Facebook friends. Our relationship is complex. She is American. I am Indian. She is Christian. I am Hindu. She eats meat. I do not. She lives in the Southwest. Show More Summary

A Midsummer Days’ Dream

Summer is fully upon us, in all its glory. And by “glory” we mean that it’s hot, sticky, and sweaty. (Almost enough to make you forget what a brutal winter it was. Almost.) For those of you looking for ways to cool down, try these. Little...Show More Summary

10 Questions Women Should Ask Insurance Providers About Pregnancy

If you're expecting (or want to be expecting), the very last thing on your mind is probably insurance, but the truth is that it's very important to get the details on your coverage before it's too late. Every company is different in terms of what is and is not covered, so it's best to get the information for yourself (instead of from the grapevine). Show More Summary

Enough With the Goo-Goo-Gaa-Gaa: Reasons to Stop Baby Talk

We all have cute little pet names or voices we might do only for our children, and in fact, I love to change my voice to be silly more than your average mommy. However, not once did I speak to my daughter in baby talk. There's no shame...Show More Summary

Inevitable Laws of the Road Trip With Children

It's Summer and time to explore. For us, that means the allure of the road and long trips in the car. We love getting to other states to visit family and see new places, and there's a nice rhythm to going by car. Even with kids, driving can seem a lot more peaceful than flying. Show More Summary

5 Ways to Tell If Your Kid Is Dehydrated

The following post was originally featured on A Semi-Delicate Balance and written by JD Collins, who is part of POPSUGAR Select Moms. Summertime is great for outdoor fun. However, one of the hidden dangers can be dehydration. Dehydration occurs when we lose more liquid than we take in. Show More Summary

10 Genius Cleaning Hacks

10 genius cleaning hacks - Real Simple Nicole Polizzi hits the shore with her "perfect nuggets" - People Moms & Babies 13 things parents don't want to hear from nonparents - HuffPost Parents The way you talk to your baby could impact her social skills - Parents How to tell if you're in labor - BabyCenter Blog

Dear Family, I Love You, but I Can't Talk on the Phone

Talking on the phone can be a bit of a pain, especially when you have kids to watch and a house to clean and dinner to cook. Blogger and mother Wendy Wisner explains exactly why it's so difficult to find times to connect with loved ones in the post originally featured on Kveller. Dear family and friends, I love you. Show More Summary

These Brutally Honest Parenting Comics Will Crack You Up

Brian Gordon - a cartoonist and dad of two - has been making fun of being a parent since he became one. In an attempt to keep himself sane and bond with other parents, he is shamelessly creating funny-beacuse-it's-true parenting comics...Show More Summary

This Is What It'd Look Like If Teachers Were Treated Like Pro Athletes

There's a whole cable network devoted to sports, but there's no ESPN for teaching. Until now. Key & Peele decided to turn the ridiculous, over-the-top newscasting over at SportsCenter on its head with a parody called TeachersCenter.Show More Summary

12-Year-Old Girl With Down Syndrome Saves Her 3-Year-Old Sister From Drowning

A girl with Down syndrome is being called a hero after saving her 3-year-old sister from drowning in the family pool. Though everyone else in the Richardson family was ready to go inside after a swimming session, 12-year-old Carin wanted a little bit more time in the water. Show More Summary

The Day Care Center That Was Watching the Severely Sunburned Boys Has Closed

ABC US News | World News It's been nearly a week since two Oklahoma boys suffered severe sunburns after their day care center left them unprotected from the sun for hours on end at a local water park. Graphic photos of the boys' burns...Show More Summary

Snapchat and 7 More Iffy Messaging Apps Teens Love

We're happy to present this article by Kelly Schryver from one of our favorite sites, Common Sense Media. You probably never thought you'd see the day when Facebook wasn't the center of teens' universe. But keeping up with Facebook friends...Show More Summary

If You Love the Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets, Brace Yourselves For This

We've yet to meet a mom who hasn't heard of Aden + Anais swaddle blankets - the 100 percent cotton muslin sheets have been a newborn essential since founder Raegan Moya-Jones first created them in 2006. At long last - and after plenty...Show More Summary

SFGate celebrating national Sisters’ Day with reader photos

It’s national Sisters’ Day on Sunday, August 2, and we’re inviting readers to share photos of themselves with their sisters and we’ll feature a gallery on the homepage. Send images to with caption details and the word “sisters” in the subject line. Deadline: Friday, July 31 at noon. When my oldest daughter comes home

Needles in sandboxes? Parents upset over drug litter at S.F.’s schools and parks

A friend of mine who is the director of Sweet Peas preschool in San Francisco’s Mission District recently posted the image above on Facebook with the message: “Try as I might to be an open-minded city girl, this is still so disturbing to me! Especially a half-block away from my preschool.” “This is what our children

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