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100 Free Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

Even if you have already booked a great family getaway and are halfway through Summer camp, there are guaranteed to be afternoons when your kids simply need something (anything!) to keep them busy. And while outings to the zoo and water park are all but guaranteed to be easy wins, those $15 (or more) entry fees add up. Show More Summary

This Mom's Hilarious Cartoons About Pregnancy Problems Will Be the Funniest Thing You See All Day

Nobody ever said that being a mom is glamorous. And although there's plenty of talk about that wonderful pregnancy glow, most moms can relate to the less seductive side effects that everyone experiences but few talk about. You get sick,...Show More Summary

Parents of reporter held in Syria: Our lives turned 'inside out and upside-down'

Freelance journalist Austin Tice has not been heard from since he disappeared in Syria nearly five years ago.

The 6 Safest Sunscreens For Kids and Babies You Can Find at Drugstores

We've all been there: you're headed off to the beach or pool with your kids and what feels like half your home's contents, but when you take a quick look for the sunscreen to coat your kids before heading out the door, you find you're all out. Show More Summary

Sht! My 3-Year-Old Refuses to Poo on the Potty

A self-admitted Type A control freak, I'm pretty much on top of most things in life, but when it comes to potty-training, my apathy has always been at its highest point. I'm just not certain that life actually is easier without diapers,...Show More Summary

The Vivacious Name Viviette

The rare name Viviette first appeared in the U.S. baby name data in 1919: 1920: unlisted 1919: 6 baby girls named Viviette [debut] 1918: unlisted After 1919, it fell off the charts for nearly a century before reappearing in 2014 (and hence being knocked off the one-hit wonder list). The SSDI also reveals a slight […]

Bringing back date night: 10 at-home date ideas you'll want to try

By 4 p.m. on Friday, I have nothing left to give. Nothing. I am half the woman I was on Wednesday and a shell of the woman I was Monday morning. I'll look across the couch at my husband and think, "Hey there. It's me... your wife! Date night someday soon?"

'Jane the Virgin' star Justin Baldoni keeps cool during toddler's public tantrum

You gotta love toddlers. Luckily, Justin Baldoni is here to show us how to keep calm and ride out the grocery-store tantrum storm.

3 Ways to Make Pom Poms

Pom Poms are a simple wool craft that children primary school age and above will enjoy making for a variety of uses including pom pom garlands, pom pom rugs or even a pom pom toy for the pet cat to chase! Here’s three simple methods for making pom poms that don’t require a special pom […]

19 Ways to Take Your Family's Disney Looks to the Next Level

Whether it's your family's first or 50th time at Disneyland, there's no better spot to break out matching outfits than the Happiest Place on Earth! Coordinating looks make photo ops with Main Street or Mickey's Fun Wheel in the background even more epic. Show More Summary

The 'happiness gap': What having kids really does to your marriage

Becoming a parent is one of life's happiest milestones, but studies show that raising children is actually making couples more unhappy.

There's a better way to haul a car seat and parents are rejoicing over it

One chiropractor and mom's video of a special technique for lifting and carrying car seats has gone viral.

Pharrell Williams talks triplets, admits he doesn't change diapers

The "Happy" singer revealed what it's like keeping up with three bundles of joy at once.

A different kind of love: How becoming parents changed us

Watching your spouse grow into their role as a mother or father to your child is something that should be cherished. It's a different kind of love — a new love that should be celebrated.

David Beckham is a double for his son Brooklyn in this amazing throwback pic

When the now-retired soccer star was still just a boy, he looked a whole lot like his oldest boy does now — 18-year-old son Brooklyn.

11 things I wish you knew about my child-free marriage

Before you judge or say "there's still time to change your minds," there are a few things I want you to know about my child-free marriage.

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