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12 funniest parenting posts on Facebook this week

Parents are funny — especially on Facebook! And we love them for it.

2016 Travel Accessories

When you’re taking a family vacation, you need to be ready for anything. At the same time, you don’t want to pack everything you own and the kitchen sink. Here are some of our travel must-haves. Galaxy S7 (Samsung) A good cell phoneShow More Summary

Dad Yanks Children Out Of School Over Transgender Bathroom Policy

A Michigan father says he's yanked his three sons out of a public elementary school over the district's decision to allow transgender students to use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity. Matt Stewart told The Detroit...Show More Summary

Obama Works His Magic On Crying Baby In Japan

While en route to his historic visit to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial on Friday, President Barack Obama made a stop at the U.S. Marine Corps Air Station in Iwakuni, Japan. After his speech, the president made the rounds greeting those...Show More Summary

'You did it, Bran': Mom accepts late son's diploma after life cut short

All his life, Brandon Myers dreamed of working in music, maybe as a composer or a teacher.

16 Signs You're a Young Mom

No matter what time in your life you become a mom, it will most likely involve major sacrifices and a steep learning curve. However, entering the motherhood club at an earlier age involves its own unique set of challenges that many don't realize unless they were once a new mom in their teens or 20s. Show More Summary

Kids Who Don't Need Curfews. Do They Exist?

How many battles have you had with your teens about curfews? They usually go something like this: Mother: "I want you home at 11." Kid: "Are you kidding? Everybody 's home at 1 or later. I'm a teenager now, not a baby. Get over it." Mother: "This is our house, no one elses but I'm trying to listen. Show More Summary

Emotional Birth Photos Show The Power Of Surrogacy After Tragedy

After years of fertility struggles, loss and pain, a Canadian family found renewed hope through surrogacy. On Jan. 22, Kate Austin-Rivas and Didier Rivas welcomed their daughter Scarlett Ryan via surrogate. Birth photographer AshleyShow More Summary

Making the Case for Average

We are bombarded nonstop with media messages reminding us what we need to do or learn in order to be the best. What we need to buy in order to have the best. What we need to provide for our kids so they can have the best. The goal is always to be the best. Show More Summary

Watching Out for the Pefect Child

Deep inside do you look for the perfect child? Does your child expect herself to be perfect? Does your child get all A's, do her homework ahead of time, have pleasant manners, tell the truth, always do what she is told, in fact, please you every second? Take a second look. Show More Summary

5 Things Your Child Should Know Before Age 5

Sure, before your child heads off to kindergarten, there are a few things they should know to prep them for their first day of school. But as your child approaches their fifth birthday celebration, there are a few pieces of information...Show More Summary

Masculinity and Son Preference Among Heterosexual Men

Gender is a big topic of discussion when people have babies. It shapes the sorts of names we consider (or don't). It shapes the way we set up the nursery, what color we paint the walls, the infant clothes we buy and receive, the things we imagine our child doing one day (or not). Show More Summary

Think you've got sun poisoning? Here's what to do next

A day at the beach is all fun and games until a family member comes home with a blistering, red burn.

This baby looks so much like Gordon Ramsay, even the chef himself says so!

This is one uncanny resemblance that's got us more than perplexed. Good luck stopping the rumors, Ramsay!

Recess Is Not a Privilege - Stop Taking It Away to Punish Kids

We're happy to present this article by Laura Hudgens from one of our favorite sites, YourTango. As written by a fed up teacher. I am a high school teacher, and if there is one thing I know about education it is that modern education is steeped in research and data. Show More Summary

6 Things Besides the Environment I Started Caring More About After Having Kids

Having children changed me, even without my meaning for this to happen. I hang out with two little kids all day long, and it's impossible for this not to shape me. I care more about some things than ever before -- ingredients in store-bought...Show More Summary

11 Creative Things Desperate Parents Have Done to Get Their Kids to Fall Asleep

It only takes a few sleepless nights before parents become pretty desperate to get their kiddos to fall asleep (and stay asleep!) for the night. Whether it's getting newborns to make it through a long stretch without stirring or figuring...Show More Summary

Prepare To Lay On Your Couch All Weekend, Because There's A Disney Channel Original Movie Marathon

Cancel your plans and go buy a truckload of snacks, because Disney Channel is airing all of its original movies in an EPIC movie marathon this Memorial Day weekend. In honor of Disney's 100th original film, "Adventures in Babysitting,"...Show More Summary

I Am Having It All!

4:56 a.m.: The alarm is going off. No. The baby is going off. No. The baby is shrieking. I close my eyes. She is not a baby. She is firmly and absolutely a toddler. And she will definitely put herself back to sleep, the way she has (never done) before. 5:03 a.m.: The Alarm is still shrieking. Show More Summary

If You've Ever Struggled With Making Toast For Your Toddler, This Video Will Speak to Your Soul

If you've ever cooked anything for a toddler, then you probably know the standards at which they accept food is probably higher than a world-class culinary critic. Preparing toast for your child, in particular (and getting them to eat...Show More Summary

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