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One Day You’re Going To Meet Someone And Everything Will Make Sense

This post was brought to you by Thought Catalog and Quote Catalog. By Claire Windsor One day you’re going to meet someone, and everything will make sense. All of the sleepless nights, heartbreaks, rejections, unrequited crushes, moments that made you doubt yourself and doubt love and doubt everything in between. Show More Summary

5 Simple Ways To Give Your Kids A Magical Holiday This Year

With the holiday season fast approaching, you may have thought that there's still plenty of time to prepare for it. Anyway, September hasn't even passed by yet, right? However, we, parents all know that time flies so fast we'd hardly...Show More Summary

The Best Halloween Costumes For Kids by Age Group

For many kids, Halloween is the best time of the year. But when it comes to deciding on a single costume, the struggle can be very real for both kiddos and their parents. Instead of waiting until the last minute to figure out what look...Show More Summary

Nothing Was Going to Sway This Anti-Vaxxer Mom - Until All 3 of Her Kids Got Sick

After thinking that she "scoured everything" there was to know about vaccines, Kristen O'Meara decided not to vaccinate her daughters. The anti-vaccination research that she read convinced her that the shots could be harmful, and she felt confident that she was doing what was best for her family. Show More Summary

Blame 'teenage-ism': Mom's funny note for daughter's school tardiness goes viral

This mom doesn't believe in sugarcoating it when her daughter is late to school because she was rude to her "birth-giver."

What happened to simple kids' birthday parties?

I have been to countless parties where the 4-year-old's birthday cake looked nicer than my own wedding cake.

Why every mom needs a friend like Jane

Motherhood can be isolating — which is why I'm lucky to have a friend like Jane. We're "work friends," and I trust her gut as a mom.

Mom Bakes Hilarious Apology Cake After Accusing Daughter Of Doing Drugs

Well, that takes the cake. And a cake is what it took for Rachel Gelmis to accept her mom’s apology after she accused her daughter of taking drugs. The cake was a nice big one with orange frosting and “ ‘Sorry we thought you did meth…...Show More Summary

The 6 Emotional Stages of Cleaning Your Kid's Car Seat

Most of my world is pretty clean and organized, mainly because I'm anal (at least according to my husband). All the beds are made before we go downstairs each morning, I clean the kitchen while I cook, and laundry is kind of my religion. Show More Summary

Mom's Viral Post Shows Why The 70s And 80s Were Easier For Parents

A common refrain from parents today is that they wish they could raise their kids in simpler times, like the pre-Internet era of the 70s and 80s. This viral Facebook post from mom and HuffPost blogger Bunmi Laditan highlights how the...Show More Summary

How To Plan A Room Your Kids Will Love

Adequate planning needs to be done when it comes to house renovation or setting up a new home. And an important and equally challenging step for any parents is planning their kids' room. It is the ultimate goal of every parent to not...Show More Summary

As You Become a Bat Mitzvah

The weekend is here. The first family members have arrived. My lists have lists, which have lists. Your dad is doing his best to be patient as I try to check things off his list too. Three years ago when we chose your actual birthday for your Bat Mitzvah, I'm not sure I realized how much significance could be wrapped up into one weekend. Show More Summary

26 Must-Have Toys and Games to Gift Your Little Ghosts Before Halloween

Whether you were invited to a Halloween party and want to bring a festive treat for the kids or you're looking for a theme-appropriate present for an October birthday boy or girl, there's no doubt that there are some seriously spooktacular options to pick from. Show More Summary

California Women Are the Luckiest Women, Because They Can Get a Year of Birth Control All at Once

Women in California will soon be able to get a year's supply of their birth control all at once. More » California Women Are the Luckiest Women, Because They Can Get a Year of Birth Control All at Once is a post from Mommyish - Parenting Imperfect.

Hillary Clinton's Amazing Response to a Girl Who Wants to Change Her Name to "Lillary"

In what little free time she has in between preparing for the upcoming debates and, you know, running for president, Hillary Clinton responded to a 7-year-old, Lilly, who has her own big dreams. Lilly's mom, Jennifer Rosen Heinz, initially...Show More Summary

'I regret it': The birth experience that left Lisa Ling shaken up

Even with the joy of a new baby, some birth stories can leave women with regrets. Lisa Ling wants others to learn from her experience.

After Vitamin Shopping For 45 Minutes, 1 Mom Realized What's Wrong With Modern Parenting

"Being a modern parent is terrible," starts Bunmi Laditan, a mom the internet frequently looks to when they want to keep things real and relatable. "I'd give my left tit to have parented in the '70s or '80s when all you had to do toShow More Summary

A-Sides with Jon Chattman: Sesame Street Live! is a 'Music' Master

My children, especially my four year old, watches more television than I'd like him to. But as parents, we know A) how hard it is to keep them away from the TV - especially when they know how to work the remote and unlock the safety lock. Show More Summary

When a Boy Lost His Lego Figurine, the Customer Service Team Decided to Make the World a Better Place

I grew up playing with Legos, and as a mildly obsessive-compulsive child who would diligently store each block by size and color, it's no small wonder that losing a prized piece was nothing short of a monumental, life-altering disappointment. Show More Summary

These 3 States Have The Most Millennials Still Living At Home

They’re old enough to drive, vote, get a credit card, attend college and land a job. Yet, many of America’s 18-to 34-year-olds aren’t yet old enough ? or financially stable enough ? to live in their own place. U.S. Census Bureau released data on Sept. Show More Summary

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