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When Fear Threatens Safety

Back to school. Hard to miss with pictures of kids littering our Facebook walls and aisles of the big box stores filled with pencils, binders, and glue sticks. Oh yes, and of course the return of fear of transgender kids in bathrooms. On Sunday night, just as school was about to start for many students in the country, U.S. Show More Summary

169 Warm Halloween Costume Ideas That Won't Leave Your Kids Freezing

As cute as Halloween costumes are, many are also impractical. Either you have to worry about your little ones being miserable all night because they are freezing during trick-or-treating or you have to cover up the costume you paid for with a warm jacket. Show More Summary

The Importance Of Mindful Parenting

As a mom and wife who works full-time, it sometimes feels like I am forever serving others. On days when this feeling overtakes me, I too engage in a little "lazy parenting," where my kids spend significantly more time on their iPads or in front of the television than I would normally deem appropriate. Show More Summary

These Are 2016's 10 Biggest Halloween Costume Trends For Kids

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past year, you're sure to know about some of 2016's biggest trends - think Pokémon Go, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and the Rio Olympics. Because some of the best Halloween costume...Show More Summary

6 Things Moms Didn't Appreciate In Their 20s

Dear Twenties, I'm so sorry. I mean, I am really sorry because, I honestly never really appreciated you. Not even a little bit. When I was in my twenties I had no comprehension of time or real life at all. Life seemed like it would last forever. Show More Summary

These Are The Times Of Year You're Most Likely To Get Divorced

The rates of divorce filings may peak twice a year, a new study from one state suggests. In a 14-year study of divorce filings in Washington state, researchers found that the rates of such filings consistently peaked in March and August. The...Show More Summary

The Ultimate Checklist For Keeping Your Kid Safe on Halloween

Everyone loves a good scare on Halloween, but Safe Kids Worldwide - an advocacy organization dedicated to protecting kids from injury - knows all too well the very real dangers that can come from being unprepared while out trick-or-treating,...Show More Summary

Why I'm Putting A Self-Imposed 30 Day Moratorium On Taking Photos Of My 4-Year Old

I happened to become a mother just as Instagram was launching. I don't even think that I made a conscious decision to post or not to post, I just posted and have been positing ever since. Today, my kid is slightly curated on Instagram, he has his own hashtag and his photos are a true representation of his vibrant and quirky personality. Show More Summary

This Baby Has No Idea She's The Queen Of Dress-Up While She Naps

Exhausted new parents often hear the same advice: Sleep when the baby sleeps. But for photographer and new mom Laura Izumikawa, nap time has turned into a fun creative outlet. Izumikawa takes hilarious photos of her 4-month-old daughter, Joey Marie Choi, dressed in costumes while she naps peacefully. Show More Summary

Gay Couple Makes History In South Africa With Birth Of Triplets

A gay couple have become the first recorded same-sex couple in South Africa to have children born of both parents’ DNA by way of a surrogate mother. Christo and Theo Menelaou reportedly fertilized a single egg each by way of their surrogate, resulting in the birth of triplets. Show More Summary

Prince William consoles grieving teen by remembering loss of Princess Diana

Prince William helped console a teen with autism grieving the loss of his mom by remembering his own mother ahead of the anniversary of Princess Diana's death.

100 kids literacy & language activities

>>>> Download our ABCs and 123s guide here   100 kids literacy and language activities Our approach to literacy and language activities is through play-based, multi-sensory learning. While children are having fun and thinking creatively, they are learning about spelling, reading, writing and language development. Show More Summary

Thinking It Through: Sorting Fun

>>>> Download our ABCs and 123s guide here   We’re joined by Christie from Childhood101 today, with a great post about sorting fun. I hope you enjoy her ideas. “Pleasure in arranging things – whether lining up pebbles or tiny toys in a row, or arranging lines, shapes and colours on a sheet of paper […] The post Thinking It Through: Sorting Fun appeared first on NurtureStore.

September activity plans :: things to do in September with kids

Looking for things to do with children in September ? These September activity plans are perfect for play-based, creative learning. September  activity plans >>> Download your ABCs and 123s back-to-school resources here You can use the...Show More Summary

How Birth Control Contributes To Healthier Moms And Babies

As a nurse who has cared for women and infants and now leads an organization dedicated to promoting their health, I know first-hand the value of reliable, accessible birth control. Birth control not only prevents pregnancy, but can also...Show More Summary

An Open Letter to My Favorite Child

How is it possible not to have a favourite child? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. Answer by CJ Heck, Published Poet, Writer, Author,...Show More Summary

So long, sandbox: Passing on childhood toys marks a milestone for mom

It's time for a mom to pass along her daughter's sandbox, but the happy memories stay even when the box moves on.

'I love you': Little League coach pauses game for sweet message to son

This dad's sweet speech to his son during a Little League World Series game will make you wish he was your kid's coach.

'I don't think this is for me': 7 reasons why people choose to be childfree

Why do some people opt out of parenthood? Interviews with childfree men and women are shedding new light on the decision.

Never in History Has There Been a Kid This Excited to Go Back to School

Sure, plenty of kids get excited about the first day of school, but we can't really imagine any as thrilled by the notion as Texas grade-schooler Kevin (need we remind you of poor Andrew's reaction last year?). Why is he so darn eager...Show More Summary

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