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Paddle Pop Stick Mini Me Craft

Whenever I come up with a craft for my girls to do, it is usually inspired by what I have on hand in the craft box. Our craft box has an array of felts, paddle pop sticks, cupcake liners, pipe cleaners and beads. I keep all of the kid’s craft supplies in a tub, on […]

These Adorable Flower Girls and Ring Bearers Completely Stole the Show at Their Weddings

While all of the attention is usually on the bride and groom, sometimes a few guests unintentionally steal the show - with their cuteness! It's impossible to deny how charming and adorable little ones can be, so when a flower girl and...Show More Summary

The Gift of Goodbye

Apparently I raised a veal. And my calf is about to leave the crate. Got to teach my son how to do laundry. And how to cook. He knows how to make PanOreos. That's an Oreo dipped in pancake batter. But man can not live by PanOreos alone. Speaking...Show More Summary

A Mother Lode of Mom Guilt

Last week, a friend called me from her tropical vacation. "I'm on the beach right now," she said over the sound of waves, adding "I even slept until 9:00 today." "Wow, I'm jealous," I said. "I think I had mom guilt 20 times by 9 a.m.!" We both laughed, but I wasn't kidding. Show More Summary

'Other side of pain': New mom describes recovery, growth after husband's affair

"When you begin to truly trust yourself and like yourself, you tap into an immense amount of power. You've always possessed this power."

4 Things Your Childless Co-Workers Think About You as a Working Mom

As a working mom, your childless co-workers may or may not have thought this about you as a working parent and co-worker. It's not that your childless co-workers aren't awesome - they are! - or that they don't like kids (they may or they may not!) but that from time to time, they think you get perks that are unfair thanks to your status as a mom. 1. Show More Summary

Winnie-the-Pooh Spends Time With the Queen and Prince George in an Amazing New Book

Winnie-the-Pooh is meeting Queen Elizabeth II for the first time in a brand-new adventure to celebrate the 90th birthdays of both the beloved icons. The two are coming together in a new illustrated book, Winnie-the-Pooh and the Royal...Show More Summary

Sex Hasn't Changed: It's Our Culture That's Giving It a Bad Rap

We have gone from Little House on the Prairie to Fifty Shades of Grey, yet many parents are confused about why so many young people seem to have little respect when it comes to exposing themselves. Sex always will be sex, but today our...Show More Summary

See the Selfless Decision This Teacher Made to Save Her Student's Life

Eight-year-old Natasha " Tasha " Fuller is recovering with her new lease on life after her teacher gave her the most selfless gift of all this week. In March, Tasha's grandmother, Chris Burelton, was called to her granddaughter's school in Oakfield, WI, for a meeting with first-grade teacher Jodie Schmidt and principal Becky Doyle. Show More Summary

Yes, Your Nanny Should Get Paid to Do 'Nothing'

Photo by: Brooke Louise Photography "My nanny has it good. They basically get paid to sit around for 2 hours while my baby naps everyday." "My wife and I need a sitter this Saturday night. The kids will be asleep the entire time so it's an easy job. Show More Summary

Mom Strikes Back At Stranger Who Shamed Her Son For His Princess Dress

When a stranger shamed her 3-year-old son for wearing a princess dress, this U.K. mom struck back with a powerful Facebook post On May 20, Haylee Bazen posted a photo of her son Zackary in a Queen Elsa costume, along with one of theShow More Summary

Mexican Diplomat: Just Because Someone Gets Tortured Doesn't Mean He's Innocent

WASHINGTON -- A Mexican diplomat condemned his government’s human rights failings Wednesday, but cautioned that just because someone is tortured doesn’t mean that person is innocent. Speaking at a panel at the Wilson Center, Mexico’s...Show More Summary

A Quick Tip to Defend Against Dawdling

(Image credit: drubig-photo) We have our morning routine pretty much down. A little breakfast, a little toothbrushing, and we're generally out the door on time. Except this morning my oldest (who is 4) shoved his cereal bowl to the side,...Show More Summary

Loving our kids means letting them go — even if it's hard

"Loving our children is a continual process of letting them move away from us so that they can live without us and become independent."

I Love My Kid – That's Why I Send Him Away For the Summer

"I could never," the stranger in line in front of me at Target exclaimed with her hand clenched against her chest. Moments earlier, she overheard me on the phone asking my 10-year-old son how many tubes of sunscreen he went through last Summer and if he needed a new fan this year. Show More Summary

The Journey of an Aspie Mom

When I was pregnant with you, I would dream about us shopping together and doing our nails as we talked about your current crush or best friend. I planned your nursery of pinks and soft lavenders, choosing the frilliest of dresses and gowns that were completely impractical. Show More Summary

How These Dolls With "Transplanted" Limbs Are Teaching Kids the Importance of Organ Donation

The lack of organ donors is a worldwide problem, particularly when it comes to donations that could help save a child's life. An organization in Japan – which has the lowest rate of transplants in the industrialized world, with onlyShow More Summary

This $1 Cup Could Prevent Millions Of Babies From Starving

A baby born with a cleft palate in an underserved country could very well starve to death just because she has problems sucking. But that baby, along with 7.6 million preterm infants in Africa and Asia, could be saved once a simple $1...Show More Summary

Police Called After Transphobic Preacher Trolls Teens Outside High School

A purportedly Christian woman who stormed through a Target store May 15, raving about the company's pro-transgender bathroom policy took her right-wing cause to the streets. The woman, identified by Raw Story as Angela Cummings, touched...Show More Summary

3 Insurance Discounts For Parents Of Teen Drivers

The moment your child begins driving a car is a major milestone. Unfortunately, it can be a costly one. Adding an extra driver has some unavoidable costs, such as paying more for gas or potentially having to buy a new car. Adding a young and inexperienced driver is also going to raise your insurance rates. Show More Summary

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