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Can You Get Pregnant When You’re Already Pregnant?

We want to know: can you get pregnant when you're already pregnant? We've got the answer for you,but you should sit down first. Can You Get Pregnant When You’re Already Pregnant? is a post from Mommyish - Parenting Imperfect.

Dad’s ‘Warning’ From the Tooth Fairy Is a Smart Tactic to Get Your Kid to Brush

Ever struggle with getting your kids to brush their teeth? This dad did, and after penning a letter from the tooth fairy, he might have solved his problems. Dad’s ‘Warning’ From the Tooth Fairy Is a Smart Tactic to Get Your Kid to Brush is a post from Mommyish - Parenting Imperfect.

Childhood OCD: The Invisible Disorder

I looked at my son from across the room. “What do you want for breakfast?” I asked. “I’ll have my usual,” he said. I don’t

'An abundance of love': Millionaire opens home to 70 foster kids after Irma

When the children at the SOS Children's Villages were stranded without a place to go, millionaire Marc Bell knew he had to help.

Mom's Cute Video Inspires Her To Create Pregnancy Time-Lapse App

"I wanted to give others the ability to create their own in an easy-to-use system."

12 touching signs you're a NICU parent

In honor of Neonatal Nurses Day on Sept. 15, a mom reflects on the place that made her a stronger person than she ever believed possible.

Jennifer Lawrence on motherhood: I want kids 'less and less as I get older'

The Oscar winner recently opened up about the fact that children may not be in the cards for her.

Does Your Kid Get Night Terrors? Here's How to Scare Them Off For Good

If you've found yourself waking up in the middle of the night to your little one kicking, screaming, or crying - all while they're still asleep - don't brush it off as simply another nightmare. Your child may be experiencing bad dreams on steroids, otherwise known as night terrors. Show More Summary

Once A Preemie, Always A Preemie

As we stood crowded near the door, my daughter scanned the room, her face full of delight. It was the first day of preschool

1 Woman Documented Her IVF Treatment From Start to Finish With Photos, and We're Exhausted Just Looking at It

Like many other women trying to conceive, the thought of having a baby via in vitro fertilization never crossed Tiffany Rex's mind - until it became the only option. Rex explained how nerve-racking going through the process can be to POPSUGAR: "IVF is the most aggressive path and 'last resort' to pregnancy through fertility treatment. Show More Summary

This Photographer's Photo Series Shows Just How Badass Nurses Really Are

When photographer Katie Lacer first started taking pictures of the labor, delivery, and postpartum nurses who rush to the sides of women during the birthing process, she never thought it would spread like wildfire on social media. Lacer explained how the idea came into play to POPSUGAR: I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Show More Summary

8 Baby Essentials I Couldn't Live Without - All Under $16!

Babies are expensive, and the list of things they need is seemingly endless. But there are a handful of essentials you can pick up for your little one without worrying too much about the cost. Of course, you'll still have to stock up...Show More Summary

Can We All Agree to Stop Calling 2-Year-Olds Terrible?

No other age group gets as consistently maligned as 2-year-olds. Yes, millennials get their fair share of critical comments, and there are an innumerable amount of tasteless jokes about "old people." Despite these instances, 2-year-olds...Show More Summary

This woman made her husband a vasectomy cake and it's hilarious

We've seen some pretty impressive birthday cakes, wedding cakes and even the ever-popular cake smash, but this one is definitely new.

Mom Of Three Gives Husband Hilarious Cake The Day Before His Vasectomy

“It was truly the most fitting cake for the occasion. He thought it was hilarious.”

What causes violence in schools? Dems say access to guns, Republicans blame a lack of religion

Ever since the Columbine massacre rocked the nation nearly 20 years ago, the nation’s parents and teachers have been trying to determine the factors that lead to school violence. A new survey shows that while 51 percent of Americans agree that a troubled home life can cause students to lash out, there is also a

Dad Lets Kids Play with Sex Robot, and It’s Weird AF

A U.K. dad lets his kids play with his life-sized sex robot, and he seems surprised to hear that people think that's extremely weird and creepy. Dad Lets Kids Play with Sex Robot, and It’s Weird AF is a post from Mommyish - Parenting Imperfect.

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