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How social media helped Randi Zuckerberg diagnose her toddler son's hearing loss

Sometimes our online parenting village gets in the way of our natural instincts; sometimes it catches us when we need a soft place to fall.

These Twins Have Already Won Halloween With Their Hilarious Daily Costumes

It's always fun to see which kids in the neighborhood have the most creative and original Halloween costumes, but for this mother of twins, it's no competition, as her girls Emma and Mia have been winning Halloween since they started dressing up weeks ago. Show More Summary

Trunk-or-treat! 3 easy trunk decorating ideas for Halloween

3 unique trunk-or-treating decorating ideas from TODAY Tastemaker Alejandra Ramos.

40 Must-Have Gifts Every American Girl Doll Lover Will Obsess Over

To some little ones, a doll isn't just a toy, but a mini BFF who acts out their dreams. If you know a child who is obsessed with their American Girl doll - or any other 18-inch pal - there's nothing better than a gift that can help them...Show More Summary

A Mother's View On Who You Are Voting For

Friends, something to think about... this election has created so much hatred and controversy and as I've stated many times before, I'm scared for what the future holds for my children. There are those very much against Clinton and those...Show More Summary

Sheer Instinct Took Over When This Dad Was Forced to Deliver His Baby on the Front Lawn

When Candace Marie Bolden went into labor with her third child, she and her husband, Antonio Garland Nailing, left for the hospital. However, the Florida couple didn't make it very far. Instead of waiting until they were settled at the hospital, their little boy, Gannicus, arrived on their front lawn. Show More Summary

Little Girl Confronts 'Mean' Gaston At Disneyland, Wins Our Hearts In The Process

Some villains just need to be told how much they stink. When 6-year-old Lucy met Gaston at Disneyland this week, she simply had to give him a piece of her mind. You see, in “Beauty and the Beast,” Gaston bullies people. And that isn’t very nice. “Why were you being so mean to Belle?” asked Lucy, who was dressed adorably as Snow White. Show More Summary

29 Badass Gifts For Moms Who Love to Swear

Life with kids can sometimes be an utter sht show, but there are plenty of moms who embrace the crazy - and who aren't afraid to say it with a swear or two. Whether they're working on cleaning up their potty mouth or proudly declaring...Show More Summary

Math and chardonnay? Parents pair homework and wines in funny video

"For math, we recommend pairing a California chardonnay... it's bold like my child's attitude as I try to explain long division."

'It's not scary at all': Girl talks about having Down syndrome in viral video

In a viral video, 7-year-old Sofia Sanchez is speaking out about what it's like to have Down syndrome.

Grief and the Loss of a Child: We Live To Love

Adversity is something all of us experience in our lives. We can all relate to those tough times. When a child dies, the pain and devastation of loss can feel desolating. And as we go through the cycles of grief, denial can shield us against the full impact of the loss. Show More Summary

Son Asks Mom For An Extra Lunch To Feed Classmate In Need

A son inspired his mother to act selflessly, sparking a chain reaction of awesomeness. For the past two months, Josette Duran of Albuquerque, New Mexico, has been packing two lunches for her 14-year-old son, Dylan. When he first asked her to make him an extra meal, she figured he was just hungrier than usual. Show More Summary

Son Gives Mom With Facial Birthmark Incredible Makeovers

Beauty expert Matthew Tronconi wants the world to see his mom, Joanne, who lives with a facial birthmark, the way he does: beautiful.

Her son asked for 2 lunches — then she learned the sweet reason why

Josette Duran's son brought a second packed lunch to school for more than a month.

This 3-Year-Old Girl's Choice For a School Picture Outfit Is Nothing Short of Heroic

My daughter got to pick what she wore for her school pictures. Daddy approves from aww Kaylieann is not your average 3-year-old - she's a superhero and she knows it. When her father, Austin Steinbach, asked Kaylieann what she wanted to wear for school picture day she didn't have to think twice before deciding on a Supergirl costume. Show More Summary

Dad And Daughter Build A Millennium Falcon Perfect For Any 'Star Wars' Fan

Dino Ignacio put the perfect finishing touch on his daughter’s “Star Wars” costume with a homemade Millennium Falcon that’s just her size. Ignacio and his 5-year-old daughter, Harley, participated in “Star Wars” Reads, events held at local bookstores that highlight both the famous franchise and reading. Show More Summary

A Youth Football Team Protested The National Anthem. Now Their Season Is Canceled.

Young athletes across the country have joined Colin Kaepernick’s effort to stand up against police brutality by taking a knee during the national anthem. For one team of young players in Beaumont, Texas, doing so may have cost them the...Show More Summary

Gabrielle Union On Her Biggest Fear About Raising 'Privileged' Black Boys

Keeping her boys aware and informed about racism is a constant challenge for Gabrielle Union. In a video interview for the November issue of Essence magazine, the actress shared some of the challenges she and husband Dwayne Wade often have while raising his sons Zaire, Xavier and Zion. Show More Summary

Formerly conjoined twins gaining mobility, recovering after separation

After 27 hours of surgery, doctors successfully separated twins conjoined by the head as their parents adjust to life with two babies.

This burn survivor's beautiful maternity photos are giving hope to others

Andrea Grant's maternity pictures are inspiring burn survivors and others to love their bodies as they are.

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