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More Than Just Fun: 9 Little-Known Reasons to Play With Your Kids Every Day

When you're a kid, play isn't a goal or something you pencil in to your schedule every day. It's something you just do. And it's fun. But as adults, we rarely do things just because. We obnoxiously weigh the pros and cons of every decision and...Show More Summary

The Mystery Culprit in the Murfreesboro Arrest Outrage

The bullying psychology is to blame for the outrageous arrest of ten young children for "doing nothing to stop a fight" in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Cardboard Roll Rocket & Shuttle

Got cardboard rolls lying around? We always do! You can easily turn them into space craft with these printables. Blast off with a rocket and space shuttle, which is a perfect size for Lego or other small toys. What you need Printable (click image below for the PDF or click here) Cardboard Roll Scissors (small craft […]

This Divorced Couple Solved A Very Real Problem For Exes Everywhere

When Ken and Wanda Bass divorced in 2002 after 15 years together, they weren't the kind of exes who'd casually send Mother's Day and Father's Day cards for the sake of the kids. In fact, when they did talk, they usually ended up arguing. Eventually,...Show More Summary

Spoken Word Poets Recite Unlikely Tribute To Badass Abuelitas

Rick Grimes has nothing on Latina grandmothers. Take it from from spoken word poets Jonathan Mendoza and Melissa Lozada-Oliva, whose piece "Zombie-Destroying Abuelita II" is a heartfelt and, at times, funny homage to the fearlessness...Show More Summary

Coming Out to Your Kids About Cannabis

As a parent, you may have been dreading the question even more than "Is Santa Claus really real?" When your little one asks, "Did you and daddy (or mommy) smoke pot?" what exactly do you say? It's even worse when your young son or daughter inquires, in a voice of disdain, eyes blinking (oh, yuck) "Do you, like, ever use weed?" Present tense. Show More Summary

How I Learned That Winning Isn't Everything

I never imagined that becoming a "baseball mom" would send me to the heights of wonder and propel me into the abyss of my own limitations, as a parent and as a human being. Over the past four years of shadowing my son on the very competitive travel baseball circuit, I've seen it all -- the good, the bad, the ugly. Show More Summary

Kidz Bop and the Profundity of Adoption

Picture it: a small town in rural New Jersey in 1987. A young girl's classmates and, conceivably, entire nation are going crazy over the release of U2's Joshua Tree. It is, some would argue, one of the top rock albums of all time. She refuses to give it a try. Why? Because if everybody else likes it -- she can't. Show More Summary

Even In Equal Societies Girls Have Higher Math Anxiety Than Boys

Math anxiety -- the phenomenon of having such negative emotions about math that one avoids the subject -- affects females at higher rates than males, but only in developed nations, according to a new study. The researchers from the University...Show More Summary

How to Parent Stubborn Children

The one thing that I am exceptionally good at is producing very head strong offspring. The one thing I really had to work at was learning to parent them. Each one seems to be more difficult than the last. Some days are much easier than others, but in the end I know that I am sending unique and individual children into the world. Show More Summary

Codependents Also Hurt Their Children

Although the codependent parent is harmed by their narcissistic partner, their codependency should not be considered a valid excuse for not protecting their children. Even with the all-powerful Human Magnet Syndrome, the adult codependent parent, like all other adult parents, carries the responsibility to care for and defend their children. Show More Summary

The 11 Most Important Phrases In A Marriage

Happy couples regularly say "I love you," but those three little words alone aren't enough to keep the spark alive through the ups and downs of a long marriage. To that end, we asked relationship experts to tell us the most important phrases husbands and wives can say to each other. Show More Summary

10 Easy Ways to Celebrate Spring as a Family

Before I begin, I have a confession: I am addicted to seasonal bucket lists. Yes, the kind you find scrolling through Pinterest and sneer at. But they work for our family. The mere creation of them is an anticipated event and we all hunker down to brainstorm what we've got cooking for the season. Show More Summary

Dear Children: Remember Our Scars

Scars. Everybody has them. Some are hidden, some are not. Some are deeper than others. Some fade over time, others remain. Regardless of whether or not you see them, they are there. And each one tells a story. My three year old asked his daddy about his scars yesterday. Show More Summary

Make or Break

You have those moments in life that can either make you stronger, or they will break you. For me it happened a few years back. I lost a part of me that I will never regain. Today, it still hurts the same. It is almost fourteen years to the day that my little girl was born. Show More Summary

#TalkToMe: A Conversation About Home and Motherhood

As a Huffington Post blogger, I was invited to participate in the video series #TalkToMe. The video series, a joint project between Facebook and HuffPost, is intended to spark meaningful conversations between parents and their children. Show More Summary

This Healthy One-Pot Pasta Recipe Will Be Your New Dinner Hero

Maybe you're the kind of person who lives for your next recipe -- you pore over cookbooks to find your next project, and you take painstakingly styled Instagram photos of each plate you build. Or maybe you're the kind of person who can't...Show More Summary

12 Real Struggles of Being a Mom to Multiples

When you become the mom or dad of twins, triplets, or any other set of multiples, you join an exclusive club of parents who have to learn certain things the hard way - and quickly. It's easy to just assume that having multiples is like...Show More Summary

These Are the 17 New Books Your Kids Need to Have on Their Summer Reading List

Though there are undoubtedly a number of classic kid books - and some that you loved as a kid - in your child's library, books come out every single week with potential to become a new classic. There were some amazing children's book...Show More Summary

4 Surprising Reasons We Need to Stop Judging Today's Teens

Milennials have long been notorious for being entitled and lazy. But is that the whole story? Luckily, our friends at YourTango have the surprising truth about this young generation. They're not ONLY about selfie sticks and Instagram likes. "I like teenagers!" I declared to a crowd of anxious parents of high school juniors a few weeks ago. Show More Summary

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