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Style for your butt

The hare sat in the chair over there by the pear.

Your Friends Don’t Deserve To Suffer Through Your Boring Baby Shower

Ah, baby showers. They're a ritual of modern motherhood and at least 60% of the reason Pinterest exists, but have you ever stopped to wonder why we're still putting each other through this? More » Your Friends Don’t Deserve To Suffer Through Your Boring Baby Shower is a post from Mommyish - Parenting Imperfect.

Taking A Toddler For A Walk: The Official Board Game

For those of us who have muddled through many a springtime walk with toddlers, here's a board game recreation of that... joy. Yes, let's go with 'joy'. More » Taking A Toddler For A Walk: The Official Board Game is a post from Mommyish - Parenting Imperfect.

Something to Talk About

My teenage son came to me and said, "Mom, can we go out to dinner, just the two of us? I have something I need to talk to you about." I agreed, and didn't think much of it. With four kids, when one asks for my undivided attention, IShow More Summary

Jaime, Shakira, and Jessica Shared the Cutest Pictures of Their Kids This Week!

It was a week filled with adorable celebrity kid moments thanks to their parents' Instagram accounts. We spied cuties like Jaime King's son, James Knight, delighting in the California sunshine and Shakira's baby, Shasha, showing offShow More Summary

See the 11 funniest parents on Facebook this week

We love these parents for keeping it real on Facebook... real funny.

Interview with author Keith Zafren

I met Keith Zafren at the Dad 2.0 Summit in San Francisco: He kept asking questions during the discussion I led on Internet safety. We’re both dads of teenagers and we’re both passionate about keeping them safe online. Keith also wrote the book How To Be A Great Dad and is the founder of The Great Dads Project. Show More Summary

Students Share What They Wish Their Teacher Knew

Third grade teacher Kyle Schwartz wanted to better understand her students' lives, so she asked them directly. In her Doull Elementary class in Denver, CO, she had students write down what they wish Schwartz knew, and they openly shared...Show More Summary

This Is What 45 Looks Like

It's getting harder to pretend that I am the same girl I was 10 years ago, mainly because a certain 7-year-old won't let me. Every single freaking night he asks, "How old are you mommy?" I no longer answer. I just look at him sideways...Show More Summary

25 Places to Visit With Your Kids Before They Get Too Big

Before your kids leave the nest, you'll want to fit in as many family vacations as possible. One of the best moments is seeing your children view the world with childlike wonder, especially during their first visits to places like Disneyland. Show More Summary

What Relationships Drive Learning? Try Fathers

Patrick Riccards Last year, I heard of a school that was so excited to have a father come in and volunteer that it decided to throw a huge party, in honor of the father. The thought that dads volunteering in the schools was so unique...Show More Summary

Professor Survives Live-Tweeting Her Son’s Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Class Without Her Brain Exploding

Professor and author Alice Dreger awesomely highlights the utter insanity of abstinence-only education by live-Tweeting a class her son had to sit through. I've never gone through this kind of class myself so reading her account was enlightening and also, mildly terrifying to say the least. Show More Summary

How a Senator Plans to Solve the Very Public Problem Many Dads Face

Most moms can agree that public restroom changing tables aren't the best places in the world, but at least they have them. Most men's bathrooms are devoid of the feature altogether. Ashton Kutcher's recent plea for more changing tables in men's rooms has been swiftly followed up by a similar call to action from New York senator Brad Hoylman. Show More Summary

Should I Force My Teenager to Come on Vacation With Us?

Ok, so here is my message in a bottle question, I am writing it down on this little scrap of laptop and tossing out into the ocean of Internet. What's a mom to do? My teenage son does not want to come on vacation with us. The Good Old Vacation Days... Show More Summary

Dear Moms, Here's Why I Don't Care If You Work

I don't care how you define motherhood, whether you think it's a job or a hobby. I do not care what words you choose to describe what you do "for a living," and I don't care if or where you went to college. I couldn't care less how many kids you have, how or why you conceived them, or if they were planned. Show More Summary

Debra Messing Thinks Her 11-Year-Old Son Is 'Probably The Funniest Human Being' She Knows

Debra Messing sparkles onscreen as a badass NYPD homicide detective in NBC's "The Mysteries Of Laura," but offscreen, the mom of 11-year-old Roman is just like any other mom, toting her son to sports games and cheering him on from the...Show More Summary

If You’re Not A Skinny Pregnant Woman, You’re S.O.L. With Maternity Clothes

Hi there. I’m just a gal who is embarking upon her second trimester and therefore splooging out of her non-maternity clothes. I’m in that awkward phase where people are all “You don’t even look pregnant!”, the subtext of which is … More » If You’re Not A Skinny Pregnant Woman, You’re S.O.L. With Maternity Clothes is a post from Mommyish - Parenting Imperfect.

14 everyday hacks and sanity savers for frazzled parents

The craziness of raising kids can turn any mom or dad into a frazzled parent. But don't fret: These tips can help you keep your sanity.

#IWishMyTeacherKnew: One Teacher's Quest to Get to Know Her Students For Real

Source: Twitter user kylemschwartz Many believe that a teacher's first job is to educate children according to curriculum standards, to make sure that they pass tests and turn in assignments. Some would argue that a teacher's first,Show More Summary

Parents battle in court over whether to circumcise 4-year-old son

A Florida couple are battling in court over whether their 4-year-old son should be circumcised. Heather Hironimus and Dennis Nebus are unmarried and share joint custody of their son. They signed a parenting agreement filed in court in 2011 that included a requirement for Nebus to schedule a circumcision appointment for his son. Nebus made

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