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When Grandparents Aren't Allowed To See Their Grandchildren

By now everyone has heard about the 2-year-old child who was attacked by an alligator at Disney World. There are several reasons why this hit me very hard and I can't stop thinking about it. First, I have a 2-year-old grandson and he's lively, inquisitive and loves playing in the water. Show More Summary

Brown Paper Bag Animal Crowns

Since my daughter started Prep, I have a stack of brown paper bags, ready for when she orders tuckshop. We have a reusable bag that is used each week for tuckshop, but because the preppies are a little young to go to the tuckshop by themselves, they get their’s delivered to their classroom. Their hot and […]

Sometimes I Hate My Mother -- But I Care for Her Anyway

Written by Melanie Haiken "I love my mother -- but sometimes I hate her, too." Saying those words out loud -- or even to yourself in your head -- can be a painful acknowledgment that even late in life we can't always make our relationships with our parents work out the way we want them to. Show More Summary

Finding Dory Movie Review

I glanced over to my husband to the left of me and then over to the right to my daughter. All three of us had tears streaming, STREAMING down our cheeks. What’s going on Disney/Pixar! You’re making us cry. We’ve been waiting 13 long years for the sequel to the hit film Finding Nemo (released in […]

How 1 Woman's Heartbreaking Tattoo Is Helping Her Heal After a Miscarriage

After a devastating miscarriage, Joan Bremer found solace through a beautifully meaningful tattoo.

The New York Times Did Us All a Favor By Mocking ‘Mom Hair’

“Mom” is so deeply synonymous with “uncool” that you just have to use the word as an adjective to render any noun deeply, pitifully irrelevant. “Mom hair.” “Mom coffee.” “Mom books.” “Mom car.” “Mom blog.” “Mom dog.” What’s a mom dog? I don’t know, but I already know I don’t want one. Show More Summary

I Love You, You Love Me, and Everybody Loves the Girl Who Had to Call 911 Because She Was Stuck in a Barney Costume

This teenager is going to be, "The girl who got stuck in a Barney costume" for the next 30 years, but it's a pretty fun legacy. More » I Love You, You Love Me, and Everybody Loves the Girl Who Had to Call 911 Because She Was Stuck in a Barney Costume is a post from Mommyish - Parenting Imperfect.

This Credit Card Lets You Donate Your Cash Back Rewards To Charity

Now you can put those rewards points you never actually utilize to good use. The new Charity Charge credit card lets users donate their cash back rewards to any nonprofit of their choice, according to a release. The MasterCard issued...Show More Summary

Mind The Gap

The highest pair of heels I ever bought lie redundant in my wardrobe. Barely worn they are as new except for the veil of cobweb laced with dust which shrouds them. They are outrageously, irresponsibly, ridiculously high. Six inches, at least. I never wear heels. Show More Summary

Yesterday, I Met My Father

I met my father outside a Holiday Inn. He didn't look like the man in the only picture I had of him: a picture I've had on my bookshelf for the majority of my life of a man in his twenties on the beach with a healthy tan and windblown hair. Show More Summary

'It was kind': How one company is going deeper with true acts of client love

The online personal styling service says they are passionate about hearing the stories of their clients and offering help and encouragement.

9 Signs You Are a Parent Who Was Born in the '80s

The eighties. The great decade of excess, spandex, AquaNet hair spray, turquoise mascara, JEM, hair metal, Michael and Madonna, RUN DMC and more! If you grew up in the eighties, you probably watched afterschool specials, know who 'Woodsy...Show More Summary

36 Brilliant Ideas For the Ultimate Kid-Friendly Wedding

If your wedding guest list includes some smaller additions, it's important to consider these tiny attendees when making plans. From the food you serve to the entertainment you provide, it's easy to ensure that all of your guests areShow More Summary

7 Answers to Questions About Keeping Kids Safe Outdoors in the Summer

Everybody needs a solid dose of vitamin D, which can come from the sun, but in the hottest months of the year, it's important to know how much sun is too much. Between going to camp and other outdoor Summer activities, most kids getShow More Summary

I Was Sidelined By Cancer. Now I'm On The Road To Rio

At a young age, it was very clear that I wanted to be one of the greatest athletes of all time. As I watched professional sports games and the Olympics, I would often envision myself standing in front of all those people scoring the winning touchdown or crossing the finish line in first place. Show More Summary

The One (Simple) Thing We Can Do to Protect Our Daughters

"What?!" The words came out of my mouth before I had a chance to consider my audience. Standing in the crowded check out line at the local grocery store, my two-year-old daughter's tiny voice cut through the high pitched beeps of the scanner and the scattered conversation of the dozen or so people standing nearby. Show More Summary

30 Questions You Should Consider Before Deciding On Your Child's Daycare

Enrolling your child in daycare can be a nerve-wracking experience - especially if you have any lingering unanswered questions. Before making a decision on where to have your child spend his or her days, it's important to feel comfortable communicating with the staff and learning as much about the environment as possible. Show More Summary

Embarrassing Dad Places Full-Page Ad To Find Adult Son A Wife

If you thought your meddling parents made your dating life hell, just be glad you aren't Baron Brooks. The 48-year-old Salt Lake City businessman couldn't believe his eyes when he saw a full-page ad in The Couer D'Alene Press with his...Show More Summary

After High School Graduation, The Leaving Period

A year ago, a friend of mine whose child had just graduated from high school suggested I write an article about this big milestone. I thought about it and decided to wait. It would have been like writing a guidebook about Paris based on internet research, without actually going there and seeing the light, smelling the bread. Show More Summary

One heartbroken mom's plea to other parents: Ask if there's a gun in the house

Ashlyn Melton 's teen son Noah was shot and killed by a friend playing with his family's guns. Now she is working to keep other kids safe.

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