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10-year-old throws 'thank you party' for police in place of celebrating birthday

Bordua, whose birthday is on Monday, baked cookies for nine months through his program "Cookies for a Cause."

What We’re Not Being Told About Anti-Bullying Laws

The NJ Board of Education is playing with statistics to make negative results of its anti-bullying law to look positive.

When Did Birthday Parties Start Feeling Like a Competition?

As kids our birthdays were celebrated, but not on any grand scale. My mom usually made a cake, the family sang "Happy Birthday" and I tore the paper off a present or two. Whether it was my birthday or my sister's, it was a happy occasion without any oversized, chaotic gathering of friends. Show More Summary

Valentine's Day crafts for kids that are easy to pull off

Meredith Sinclair from has easy craft ideas that will get the whole family in the Valentine's Day spirit.

Kids and Homework: Backing Off Is Best

A recent study has been released that says helicopter parenting, especially in schoolwork, might backfire when it comes to promoting student success. You might think the most involved parents have the best students, but it's not necessarily the case. Show More Summary

Pipe Cleaner Butterfly Ring

Pipe cleaners are a great craft material for little kids to mould and bend into shape. My girls love these pipe cleaner butterfly rings, and best of all they are very quick to make. These butterfly rings are great for: Imaginary Play Party Favours Party Craft Activity Dress Ups Just for fun School holiday activity […]

This Candid Photo Series Captures Couples Wrapped Up In Their Love

Photographer Mikael Theimer is a self-proclaimed romantic, the kind of guy who falls in love at first sight. Theimer, who is originally from Paris but now lives in Montreal, spends his time shooting love-struck people in public for his...Show More Summary

Hilarious 'Millennials Of New York' Video Spoofs Slacktivism

Meet The Young Activist Doing Everything She Can To Change The... Apathy is killing our country... Real change requires real action Posted by Millennials of New York on Wednesday, February 10, 2016 Why be the change you want to see when...Show More Summary

8-Year-Old Spreads Love In The Classroom With Braille Valentines

A handful of lucky second graders are getting some unique valentines this year with not only a special handwritten message, but a message in Braille as well. Gail, who asked only to be identified by her first name, is the mother of 8-year-old Amelia, who is blind. Show More Summary

12 couples share their secrets to a long and successful marriage

"Do unto each other as you'd like to be treated. And enjoy a coke float."

'My Husband Doesn't Trust My Parenting'

Reader Untrusted Mom writes, My husband and I have been married for almost three years now.  We have a 17-month-old and another one on the way.  A little background: I am the oldest of seven kids and I grew up around and taking careShow More Summary

'These are prison tacos': Parenting author's Facebook posts are a riot

Bunmi Laditan posts to social media as an 'Honest Toddler,' but the author's personal accounts of parenthood prove she's funny on her own.

'Circle of life': Bowie's son reveals icon's grandchild on the way

The music legend's son announced the bittersweet news about his family's addition Thursday.

10 Things I've Learned in the 10 Years Since Our Daughter's Birth and Death

Ten years ago, the world briefly stopped spinning for my husband and me on Valentine's Day. On that day, we learned that our baby, with whom I had been pregnant for the past 38 and a half weeks, no longer had a heartbeat. What wouldShow More Summary

This Rich Guy Was Going to Buy a Fancy Boat, but He Decided to Send 26 Kids to College Instead

A guy was all ready to buy himself a boat, but then he changed his mind and did something awesome instead. More » This Rich Guy Was Going to Buy a Fancy Boat, but He Decided to Send 26 Kids to College Instead is a post from Mommyish - Parenting Imperfect.

Edit Your Life Ep. 25: Taming Your Inner Rebel

Do you have an inner rebel? That voice that resists when you attempt to change your routine or make a decision -- even when the change is good for you or your family? In this episode we explore how to tame that voice to move ahead in your life.

'I got a sister!' Daughter gives sweet reaction to parents adopting foster baby

Anita and Jim deliver some life-changing news to their daughter Avi about their foster baby Aerie and her reaction will make you say "aww."

Kim Kardashian Is Hiding in the Closet from a Toddler at 4 a.m., Just Like a Regular Mom

Who among us hasn't hidden from a toddler? More » Kim Kardashian Is Hiding in the Closet from a Toddler at 4 a.m., Just Like a Regular Mom is a post from Mommyish - Parenting Imperfect.

5 Steps For Moms to Regain Control Over Anxiety in Overdrive

Welcome to MD for Moms Mothers worry, which is not pathologic unless this anxiety interferes with the ability to enjoy and engage in motherhood, as I explored in the first article of this two-part series on maternal anxiety. Most mothers will tell you they would jump in front of any target to protect their children. Show More Summary

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