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Accepting Feelings: The New Frontier in Parenting

Parents! You're in for a treat! The netherworld of emotion we grapple with daily comes alive in the new film, Inside Out. We parents don't relish dealing with emotions! We've been urged to pat, rock, walk, sing, scold and threaten when crying crops up. Show More Summary

11 Creative Recipes to Get Your Kids to Eat More Fruit

Popsicles, sweet tartlets, homemade fruit roll-ups - these fruity recipes are sure to be staples in your family. With all the fresh fruits in season, we rounded up several genius ways to serve them to the entire family. Even picky eaters will want a second helping of these adorable frozen yogurt bites. Keep reading to see which recipes you'll want to try this weekend!

Garbage Day

My heart sank when I heard the garbage truck come around the corner. I forgot to put the bin out last night. I raced out the back door, not stopping to close it, and around the side of the house, willing the truck to be slow. It wasn’t. I stood at the top of the […]


Do you have a child with a birthday smack-bang in the middle of the festive season? Kids with birthdays over the December/January period can really feel like they’re missing out. I should know – my birthday is just 13 days after Christmas (first world problem I know, but bear with me!). Although it doesn’t worry […]

Have Fun, Stay Safe! Top Ten Summer Safety Tips for Your Children

With the 4th of July celebrations around the corner, it's a good time for parents to review summer safety tips. Here are The New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children's (NYSPCC) top 10. Practice water safety. • Public...Show More Summary

Help! My Kid Is High-Maintenance!

If you have a strong-willed child, you know it. You don't have to be told by a professional. Strong-willed children are disagreeable, stubborn, and emotional. High-maintenance kids wear parents out emotionally, physically, and mentally. Show More Summary

Tim McGraw Gives Mortgage-Free Homes To Veterans Because That's The Kinda Guy He Is

Tim McGraw is sharing the stage with some honorary stars this summer. The country singer is giving away a mortgage-free house to a veteran at each of the remaining stops on his 2015 tour, Business Insider reported. “[These are] people who have given us security for a lot of years,” McGraw said in a promotional video for his initiative. Show More Summary

You Have to See This Baby's Reaction to Hearing Her Mom's Voice For the First Time

Audrey - a little cutie with a smile that will melt your heart - was diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss, and has just received her first pair of hearing aids. She was able to hear her family for the first time ever, appearing almost giddy as soon as her mama started talking to her. Show More Summary

The Reason Girl Scouts Turned Down This $100K Donation Will Have You Smiling

First Girl Scouts made waves after it announced the organization's new policy regarding accepting transgender individuals, and now, the youth association is standing behind its motto #ForEVERYGirl. The hashtag went viral after the Girl...Show More Summary

Waitress gets $1,000 tip from 'guardian angel': 'I started crying'

One waitress found her guardian angel while working a shift at WingHouse in Largo, Florida, on Wednesday.

Unretouched Portraits Illustrate 19 Bare, Bold And Beautiful Women

Alyscia Cunningham was fed up with other photographers suggesting to her that she should photoshop the bodies and skin of her clients. So she created her own photo series featuring unretouched, makeup-free women of all ages to highlight...Show More Summary

This Parisian-Chic Chanel Birthday Theme Is Too Sweet

Scout Masterson and Bill Horn - the "guncles" to best friend Tori Spelling's kids - threw their daughter, Simone, a chic fifth birthday party that she is sure to never forget! The black, white, and pink bash took place at the family's home in Los Angeles and was planned around the theme "Simone No. Show More Summary

Days after draft, NBA 1st-round pick Sam Dekker still has to mow his parents' lawn

Being a first-round NBA draft pick couldn't help 21-year-old Sam Dekker escape household chores.

The One Learning Technique That Scared The Heck Out Of Bruce Lee

Once a week I crush my 13 year old at tennis until she cries. I feel I only have a one or two year window to do this. Then she will conquer and destroy and laugh at me. So give me my chance. Sometimes I hit the ball as hard as possible...Show More Summary

You Can't Change the Same Diaper Twice

Photo by Stephen Maloney Empty bottles strewn across the floor. Bouts of comically loud and inappropriately timed flatulence. Window-rattling belches. Puddles of drool on every horizontal surface. Lots of daytime naps. Unexplainable temper tantrums. No, I'm not back in college. Show More Summary

Together We're Creating the World We Want in 2030

With your incredible support, the Global Moms Relay has raised $325,000 for four causes that help women and children around the world lead happier, healthier lives. As you have shared, liked, commented on and tweeted stories from Jennifer...Show More Summary

Role Modeling and Summer Drinking: How to Set the Right Example for Your Teen This Summer

My family is always excited for Fourth of July Weekend. Whether we have barbecues with friends or family time at the beach, we try to celebrate the beginning of summer. However, as we all head outdoors for these sun-soaked get-togethers, be mindful that alcohol consumption is often higher during this time of year. Show More Summary

The 13 Kids Your Kid Is Friends With

Whether you like it or not, your little one growing older means one thing: friends who you haven't hand-selected from your close-knit group of girlfriends' kids. Once you send your kid to school and they start developing friendshipsShow More Summary

Mom's Viral PSA Against Breastfeeding in Public Has Hilarious Twist (VIDEO)

Post by Megan Zander. Kristina Kuzmic makes great videos about the realities of parenting, and her latest installment is no exception. If you support breastfeeding, her title, 4 Reasons Woman Should NEVER Breastfeed In Public, mightShow More Summary

Mom balks at 'type of birth' question on kindergarten application

How much information is too much information when filling out those seemingly endless school application forms?

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