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Spilled Milk: Let's Build an App for Struggling Readers

Do you have a child who hates to read? I have two. As a heedless, promiscuous lover of words, I find it hard not to see my children's resistance to reading as anything but the ultimate karmic bitch-slap. Children resist reading for different reasons -- dyslexia, limited attention span, inability to focus or visualize the story in their heads. Show More Summary

What To Do With A Wandering College Graduate

Do you know a 25-year-old wandering in their career and life? It's pretty common these days. Nearly half of new graduates are underemployed, working jobs that don't require a bachelor's degree, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of...Show More Summary

7 Crucial Things I Miss If They're Not On The List

The experts -- doctors, scientists, and mom bloggers -- are divided: Is "mom-brain" a thing? Do the impact of pregnancy and the associated hormonal changes continue to affect a mother's brain when her child is in middle school? Or could...Show More Summary

Refugee Children Act Out Their Stories And Dreams In These Beautiful Photos

Posing in front of handcrafted stage sets as if starring in a school play, refugee children from Burundi and Syria re-enacted scenes of escape from their home countries while others dressed up for their dream jobs. The colorful images...Show More Summary

Gravity Can Bring Peace to Your Special Needs Parenting

This past weekend I had the enormous privilege of watching a glass blower at a renaissance festival. Even in the sweltering heat, which normally sends me to the snow cone stand, I couldn't drag myself away from his presentation in front of a very, very hot oven. Show More Summary

Edit Your Life: Ep. 39: Solving Common Fitness Pitfalls

Christine and I talk about 8 common fitness pitfalls and offer practical solutions to handle the obstacles and get moving -- all without needing a ton of time, money, or grand goals.

The Simple Trick That Helped My Kids Become Amazing Writers

How can I tell my 15-year-old daughter she is awful at writing? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. Answer by Elliot S Maggin, father of two beautiful and spectacularly successful grown kids, on Quora. Everyone is awful at writing. Show More Summary

I Am an Introvert. This Is What That Means to Me as a Parent

I am an introvert. I don't know this because I've been medically diagnosed or because I've scored "introvert" on three out of four Buzzfeed quizzes. I know I'm an introvert because I am most comfortable living in my own head. For most...Show More Summary

Why the Internet Just Shamed This Baby

With 44,000 followers and unbelievably adorable photos, 10-month-old Landon Lee might just be your newest Instagram obsession. But despite his perfect outfits, piercing eyes, and irresistible smile, some across the internet are moreShow More Summary

The Way This Young Girl in a Wheelchair Was Excluded From Her Choir's Performance Is Heartbreaking

Altos in the front, sopranos in the back - Jade Razzano, a middle school student with disabilities, off to the side. In a post to Facebook, Lindsay Vaughn, Jade's caregiver who attended her choir performance at Beaumont Middle School,...Show More Summary

The Devastating Difference Between Car Seats That Left 1 Girl Unharmed and Her Sister Almost Dead

When Angela Brown was driving home from a dentist appointment on a typical February afternoon, her two daughters were secured in their car seats - but after her SUV slammed into a tree, flipped, and had the tree land atop their upside-down...Show More Summary

Why This Boy Sleeping in "His Own Room" Will Make You Count Your Blessings Right This Second

Let's all be honest: to say we don't compare ourselves to others would be a lie. As much as we try not to, it's hard to keep from looking at what others have and feeling a tinge of jealousy. One mom admitted to such feelings in a moving...Show More Summary

Badass 7-Year-Old Attempts To Stop A Robbery Singlehandedly

A 7-year-old boy is being hailed as a hero after attempting to thwart an armed robbery at a video game store. The incident happened Friday evening at a GameStop in Silver Spring, Maryland. The boy and his parents were shopping for aShow More Summary

Dear Charlie

"Mommy, I have a tummy ache," Charlie whined at me. His large body is sat and slumped over the toilet, toes curled, arms curled around him. "I'm sorry, bud. Maybe you have a bit of a stomach bug," I say reassuringly. I'm trying to sound...Show More Summary

Eye-Opening Photos Show How Damaging Social Media Can Be

To see how technology has impacted her family members, Chelsey Hale decided to capture the moments when they were wrapped up in social media, and the results are eye-opening. The photographer from Watertown, New York, decided to focus on technology for a school photo assignment after she wrote her senior paper on the effects of social media. Show More Summary

20 Lessons I Learned From Parenting

I am a mom juggling three kids these days. And I literally mean "juggling." Toting a 1-year-old, a 3-year-old, and a 7-year-old, plus all their diapers, sippy cups, and random toys, is the equivalent of carrying around 50-lb weights while running a marathon. Show More Summary

This Justin Bieber Parody Is Perfect For Parents Of Messy Kids

For many parents, trying to keep a house full of kids tidy can feel utterly hopeless. That's the idea behind the Holderness family's new music video, a parody of Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself" titled "Clean Yourself." In the rewritten...Show More Summary

Why Donald Trump Is Making It Hard To Teach Digital Citizenship

Donald Trump is making it very, very difficult to teach lessons in "digital citizenship" (how to use the Internet safely, respectfully, and responsibly). Those of us who teach digital citizenship in the classroom work hard to impress...Show More Summary

How Zika Is Making Couples Question Their Pregnancy Timelines

Like many women, Claire, 31, is not totally certain when she wants to start trying for another baby. She has a 6-year-old from a previous marriage, and a 5-month-old with her current husband. They would like at least a two year gap between...Show More Summary

This Tableware Company Donates A Meal For Every Item Sold

This company is putting their money where your mouth is. Cheeky is a tableware company that sells plastic and paper plates -- and for every item you buy, they donate a meal to people in need. “As I learned about the issue of hunger in America, it became alarming how few people were talking about it,” founder PJ Brice told the Huffington Post. Show More Summary

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