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Days After a Strain of E. Coli Killed His Sister, a 5-Year-Old Is Fighting for His Life

Joseph and Tyffani Maresh are living every parents’ worst nightmare: both of their young children contracted E. Coli, and their three-year-old daughter died from complications. Their five-year-old son is still battling, but he’s in very serious condition with a long road ahead. Show More Summary

If You’re Planning to Breastfeed, When Does Your Breast Milk Actually Come In?

One of the first things many moms do (or want to do) after giving birth is breastfeed their baby, but during pregnancy many moms want to know, “when does breast milk come in?” In those first magical postpartum moments, it’s not a bad idea to bring newborn to breast. Show More Summary

Grieving Mom Whose Baby Died in His Sleep Shares What Could Have Prevented His Death

After losing their 3-month old son to SIDS, Elisha Palmer and her family raise money to buy Owlet monitors for other families, to give them peace of mind. Grieving Mom Whose Baby Died in His Sleep Shares What Could Have Prevented His Death is a post from Mommyish - Parenting Imperfect.

You'll Want to Text This Video on Why Moms Never Hang Out to All the Friends You Never See

If you have little ones running around the house, you're probably well aware of how hard it is to squeeze in some face-to-face time with people who don't watch Mickey Mouse Club or need help getting the food actually into their mouths. Show More Summary

It's Almost That Time! 17 Awesome Backpacks Your Kids Will Be Begging For

For kids, choosing your back-to-school backpack is a huge deal. Parents know that it can be quite an overwhelming situation when children are presented with a wall of options to choose from. That's why we curated a list of the hottest and most popular choices out there. Show More Summary

Watch Mickey Mouse share magical news of adoption with these foster kids

For Tom and Courtney Gilmour and their foster children, a trip to Disney World turned into an especially magical celebration.

The Best Toys and Activities to Get Your Kids Away From Screens

It's hard to pry your kids away from iPads, TVs, and computers. This Summer, make fun memories and commit to technology-free activities that your kids will love. Whether your child prefers sit-down crafts or active sports, there's aShow More Summary

I Have City-Parent Guilt - and Here's What I Do About It

It seems like you can't read a website these days without having to listen to people bemoaning millennials and their choices. From destroying various industries to changing the way companies run, we're told that millennials have a different way of doing things. Show More Summary

TLC Star Says He Experienced Postpartum Depression As A Dad

PPD can affect roughly 10 percent of new dads, yet "no one wants to talk about it."

15 Apps to Help Mom Through the School Year

Kids aren't the only ones gearing up for the new school year. Though most New Year's resolutions are made in January, some moms use the start of the school year to better organize themselves. One easy way to do so: update your smartphone and tablet with new apps designed to make moms' lives easier. Show More Summary

35+ Delicious Popsicle Products For Summer-Loving Kids

If your kiddo loves a popsicle (or seven) as much as the next kid, then both of you are going to flip over these adorable ice pop products for them to wear and play with all Summer long. From cute accessories for the littlest babes to...Show More Summary

Mom Finds Beautiful Way To Explain Infertility To Her Son

"How do you explain to a 7-year-old the emotions and challenges of infertility?"

Prince George cheers up while playing on a helicopter during royal tour

Prince George was finally smiling and Princess Charlotte was throwing a tantrum as the royal family wrapped up its goodwill trip in Germany.

Mom Truths: '70s moms had it made

"HEY! Hey, Rebecca! Get in the backyard and play!" The TODAY Parenting Team's Cat and Nat reflect on all the ways motherhood has changed in just a few short decades.

Low birth weights in blacks tied to racial identity, mom's age

A new study examines the role of racial identity and acculturation on the birth weight of black infants.

What We Know About Girls With Autism Might Be Completely Wrong

A new study recently published in the journal "Autism Research" suggests we may be getting it wrong when it comes to girls who have autism. The research found that girls with autism may have more trouble with things like organization,...Show More Summary

Toddler's Brain Damage Is Miraculously "Reversed" After Nearly Drowning

Almost a year and a half after a toddler's near-drowning incident left her severely brain-damaged, she has made a drastic recovery - so drastic, in fact, that it's believed to be a first in medical history. On February 29, 2016, two-year-old Eden Carlson nearly drowned in her family's pool, leaving her unconscious. Show More Summary

Mom's Heartbreaking Message to Parents After Kids "Stared and Pointed" at Her Son

After a visit to a new church with her family, Stacey Jackson Gagnon was heartbroken over watching a large group of children stare and point at her son, Joel. The mom admitted in a post to Facebook that she knows her son, who has a cranio-facial...Show More Summary

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