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Spreading Their Wings -- Back to School

I circle the low-slung building that houses the elementary school scanning the sides for parking. Even as I despair of finding one, I spy a red arrow pointing further down for additional parking. The clock reads 5:55 p.m. I park and hold the girls close as I follow the crowd to the doors. Show More Summary

Teachers' 'Les Mis' Flash Mob Parody Would Make Even Javert Smile

Going back to school after summer can be misérable. But not if you’re a student in West Des Moines, Iowa. At a welcome-back meeting for the school district's staff, the superintendent’s speech was cut short by a flash-mob of teachers...Show More Summary

4 Car Cleaning Hacks From Industry Insiders

4 car cleaning hacks from industry insiders - Real Simple DeAnna Pappas Stagliano expecting second child - People Moms & Babies Is your kid being bullied into skipping lunch? - Parents The magical moment when a toddler first feels rain - HuffPost Parents What activities should I avoid during pregnancy? - BabyCenter Blog

10 Easy Weeknight Meals You Need to Work Into Your Dinner Rotation

Maybe it's just us (though we're willing to bet not), but this time of year, the meals that come out of our kitchens begin to look a little monotonous. Chicken cutlets, taco night, spaghetti, and repeat! We've all got a lot going on,...Show More Summary

High school braces for yoga-pants protest over dress code: It's about 'employability'

A Cape Cod high school is courting controversy after updating its dress code to ban yoga pants and leggings.

Firstborn Daughters Aren't Just the Oldest, They're the Fattest Too

Post by Tanvier Peart. Who else feels like "experts" these days have Michael Jackson's "Wanna Be Startin' Something" on a never-ending loop? Can they ever bring us any good news for a change? Apparently not, considering researchers now say firstborn girls are likely to be overweight compared to their younger siblings. Show More Summary

Oklahoma Daycare Accused of Drugging Babies to Make Them Sleep

Post by Tanvier Peart. Mommies, please, oh please let this story serve as a lesson to trust your gut! No matter how crazy people make you feel, there's nothing like a mother's intuition. Leslee Meade is more than likely trying to process her feelings, and rightfully so, after she sensed something wasn't right in the atmosphere concerning her son. Show More Summary

Do You "Parent" Your Partner?

We all know you're mom of the year with your kids, but are you perhaps extending that "mothering" to your partner? There's nothing unsexier than having to treat a partner like a kid or being treated like one. Yet it's not an uncommon...Show More Summary

10 Signs That You're Ready for the Kids to Go Back to School

Lazy days, beach trips, and evenings without carpools and strict bedtimes -- saying goodbye to summer can be bittersweet at best. It's tough to give up the more leisurely pace of summer break and a bit sad to see the time go by so quickly, but there's no denying the excitement and promise that a return to school can bring. Show More Summary

Simple muffin tin frittatas are the perfect kid-friendly, on-the-go breakfast

Joel Gamoran, senior resident chef at Sur La Table, shares a recipe for muffin tin frittatas, which make for a great on-the-go breakfast.

My Progressive Drive Safe Today Day Pledge

I’ll admit it: Before I had kids, I drove like a maniac. Yellow lights meant “floor it” and red lights and stop signs were often optional. I spent my junior year of college living in France and got a job with a cousin of mine driving all over Paris making deliveries. Show More Summary

'His instincts kicked in': Heroic 7-year-old boy saves his aunt from drowning

Jenny Mama could've had much worse than a broken neck if her 7-year-old nephew Mason Farr didn't come to her rescue.

Ba-Dum, Ba-Dum! How to Throw Your Kiddo a Fierce Shark Birthday Party

While Summer birthdays may feel like a ripoff because your kiddo doesn't get to bring a treat into school and have his whole class sing to him, we think that Summer birthdays are actually the best - hello, warm weather, open pools, and games in the sun. Show More Summary

My 5-Year-Old Experienced Peer Pressure and This Was My Take-Away

I asked my 5-year-old yesterday why she didn't eat her snack at school. The "none" box was highlighted next to how much she had eaten. She told me because of the other kids. I probed a little more and got "because of the other kids" and "eww." This didn't completely make sense, so I emailed her teacher to inquire further and, boy, am I glad I did. Show More Summary

Experience Gift Voucher Giveaway for Father’s Day

Sponsored by Nuffnang and RedBalloon When I reflect about my Dad around Father’s Day, I think about the stories, and there is one memory that stands out for me. When I was a girl, I lived in a remote village in Papua New Guinea with my family. My Dad set up a warehouse for the village […]

Review: iPad and Android App, Alphabear

App Review by Susan Stephenson, Alphabear was suggested to me by my son. He thought I would find the combination of word game and teddy bears irresistible. I did!From the developer: Alphabear is an original wordShow More Summary

5 Ways to Help Kids Get Through School Jitters

Yesterday, I dropped off my 7-year-old at school. I held her hand as we wound around the school looking for her classroom and trying to make it before the bell signaled our tardiness. I tried to pass the one-year-old off to my husband so I could just focus on my daughter. Show More Summary

6 Tips to Reduce Our Children's Stress During the School Year

As our children are heading back to school, they may already appear a little more stressed. Children that are in middle school and high school know that in the near future they will have hours of homework, papers and tests. If your children are in high school, they may already be dealing with college applications or SAT and ACT prep. Show More Summary

American Kids Try International School Lunches With Hilarious Results (VIDEO)

Post by Tanvier Peart. How many of us heard "eat everything on your plate" each meal growing up, and yet were somehow able to get a pass? It's no secret that children can and will be picky eaters, but what happens when American kids try international school lunches for the first time? Well, the results may or may not surprise you. Show More Summary

Did My Kids Read For 600 Minutes This Summer? I Don't Really Know, and I Don't Really Care

Blogger and mother Susie Johnson of Not Your Average Mom discusses the ridiculous amounts of work assigned to kids during the Summer months. I was a teacher before I had kids. A young, opinionated, judgemental teacher. I often foundShow More Summary

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