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Tanzanian sunset

2 days agoLifestyle / Parenting : Dooce

One way in which I catalog my travels.

Sleep Training at 8 Weeks: ‘Do You Have the Guts?’

"When we first told our in-laws what we were doing, they thought we were monsters. Now they think we’re geniuses.”

Jimmy Kimmel Proves No One Knows What's Going On In March Madness

The NCAA tournament has been wild this year, but it doesn't come close to whatever these people have been watching. Since it always seems like the winners of March Madness pools are the people who don't watch college basketball, Jimmy Kimmel decided to see if people actually knew what was happening in the games. Show More Summary

High Schoolers Show Off Their School Pride With Awesome 'Shake It Off' Lip Dub

Uniting as a high school is totally possible. All you need is a little help from Taylor Swift. Woodbridge High School in California recently released a video of its school-wide lip dub set to the singer's hit, “Shake It Off.” According to its student news site, the high schoolers got down to T. Show More Summary

STFU Parents: Don’t Brag About Your ‘Push Present’ On Social Media

But of all the fake excuses to (over-)celebrate a pregnancy, mother, or child, I'm not sure anything is more insufferable than the steady rise of the 'push present.' More » STFU Parents: Don’t Brag About Your ‘Push Present’ On Social Media is a post from Mommyish - Parenting Imperfect.

High School Makes Girls Bring In Pictures Of Prom Gowns For ‘Pre-Approval’

There have been so many stories of students rallying against sexist dress codes that have made the news this year, you'd think schools would begin to be a little more sensitive about the issue. Nope. More » High School Makes Girls Bring In Pictures Of Prom Gowns For ‘Pre-Approval’ is a post from Mommyish - Parenting Imperfect.

Supreme Court of Georgia Holds That Not Every Child Tragedy is a Crime

. This story is sickeningly sad, but the original verdict made it intensely worse. A reader writes: Marta Corvi was grateful when the Juarez family in Dallas, Georgia, told her she could live with them until she found a job. All she had to do in exchange was cook, clean, and watch their 5 year […]

Lessons Learned After Adopting a Child from Ethiopia

Claude Knobler, author of More Love (Less Panic). Topic: Lessons learned about life and parenting after adopting a child from Ethiopia. Issues: The difference between influence and control; why worrying doesn’t help; how less thanShow More Summary

What the baby books don't tell you: The TODAY Parenting team gets real about child-raising

While the sheer joy of being a new mom or dad is immeasurable, there are some ugly truths of parenting — a topic that surfaced among the TODAY Parenting Team community this month when we asked you to share the things you wish you'd known before having children.The craziness, the mess, the lack of alone time. And does anyone really know what they’re doing?

These baby names are about to become extinct

Elmo might be a mainstay on your computer screen thanks to your Sesame Street-loving toddler, but that red furry beast’s name isn’t appearing on the Social Security baby name list. Elmo is near extinction, in fact, according to Nameberry, a website that tracks baby name trends. He’s not the only one on the way out.

19 Photos Of Women Working, 100 Years Ago

Everything that women's work encompasses today, we owe to the women of the past. One hundred years ago, American women were proving that "women's work" happens outside of the home, too. During World War I, women made strides into the...Show More Summary

Thanks, Science! A Kid-Friendly Antifreeze Alternative May Be On The Way

Since antifreeze is not only super-sweet but also super-toxic, researchers have long been looking for a less dangerous alternative that can be stored in a garage without temptation to little people. And now, they've finally found one... in the kitchen. More » Thanks, Science! A Kid-Friendly Antifreeze Alternative May Be On The Way is a post from Mommyish - Parenting Imperfect.

Republican Says Brutal Craiglist Attack On Pregnant Woman Is ‘God’s Punishment’ For Legal Abortion

It's terrifying that someone who holds this fundamental, literal belief of the Old Testament is actually entrusted to help pass legislation. More » Republican Says Brutal Craiglist Attack On Pregnant Woman Is ‘God’s Punishment’ For Legal Abortion is a post from Mommyish - Parenting Imperfect.

How to Give Your Child a Cultural Education

If you asked your kids what culture is, would they know? Today’s society seems to have little focus when it comes to cultural education; however, understanding culture of all types is necessary for a child’s social and academic development. Show More Summary

Carmel school secures restraining order against violent 9-year-old student

A fourth grade student has been banned from attending an elementary school in Carmel, Calif., after officials took the 9-year-old boy to court for allegedly violent behavior. The unnamed boy has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder among other learning disabilities, and according to court documents, amassed a 58-page disciplinary record during his 21 instructional months at

The Baby Name Fifinella

The very rare name Fifinella is at least 100 years old and can be linked to theater, literature, sport, war, feminism and music. more

Divorce Mediation or Collaborative Divorce?

Coping with divorce is never easy, but you can make things a lot easier if you choose a strategy that allows you to divorce without going to court. Staying out of court reduces time, expense, and trauma for everyone involved, especially the children. Show More Summary

Young bike riders make wrong turn onto San Francisco freeway

A YouTube user named Scott Brio posted a clip of some 40 to 50 kids on bicycles riding along San Francisco’s Highway 101 South freeway past the UPS building on Sunday afternoon at about 3:45 p.m. Brio writes that the young cyclists were holding up traffic by riding in the middle of the freeway and

Corn Fritters

Ingredients 1 ½ cups of sweet corn kernels (fresh corn is so yummy – need about 2 ears, but I often use frozen corn in this recipe) 1 onion, finely diced 1 tablespoon coriander, chopped ¼ cup plain flour Salt & pepper, to taste 1 egg, beaten Vegetable/canola oil, for frying Note: If I’m making these for the […]

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