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Born to ride! Watch this 6-month-old baby water ski

Watch a 6-month-old girl show off her water-skiing skills on a Florida lake.

Kathie Lee's great-nephew takes his first steps!

Kathie Lee and Hoda watch a video clip of KLG's great nephew, who is now 18 months old, taking his first steps!

1 Mom's Powerful Words in Defense of Her 3-Year-Old Son's Choice to Wear an Elsa Dress

Like most kids, 3-year-old Zackary Bazen just can't "Let It Go" when it comes to everything Frozen. The young boy chose to sport his Elsa dress - and, more importantly, his blue gloves (so as not to accidentally freeze anything withShow More Summary

Hilarious Video Pokes Fun At Parenting In The Age Of Social Media

A viral comedy video is highlighting the pressures of parenting in the age of social media. Titled "New Age Parenting," this parody video from Australian actress and filmmaker Sally Dulson shows what happens when the need to "post" gets the better of a new mom and dad. Show More Summary

YouTuber's Dad Opens Up About His Heartbreaking Reaction To His Son Coming Out

Popular gay YouTuber RiyadhK released a new video this week featuring his parents opening up about their reactions to him coming out. Noting that his mother was raised in a traditional Irish Catholic family and that his father hailsShow More Summary

Apparently, Prince George Is Not A Royal Sleeper

Being royal does not grant immunity from parents' daily bedtime struggles: Prince William admitted that as a baby, Prince George “never slept,” Hello! Magazine reported. We’d probably have trouble drifting to dreamland, too, if President...Show More Summary

Baby Adorably Lets Out Sigh Of Relief After Sneezing

There's nothing like the pure feeling of relief that comes after a big sneeze. This baby would have to agree. Reddit user Hokie200proof shared a simple but sweet video of his infant daughter sneezing and then sighing. According to his...Show More Summary

Just One More Time

We sit cross-legged on the floor, playing Candyland for the third time. "Please, Mommy, just one more time!" We color with their crayons. His are methodically placed in his pencil box, neatly organized, while hers are strewn about and half-broken. Show More Summary

You spin me right round! Baby copies dog begging for a treat

Monkey see, monkey do! Only in this case, it's a baby checking out the antics of the family pet.

Winnie-the-Pooh meets Prince George (and Queen Elizabeth too!) in new book

A new children's book featuring the beloved A.A. Milne creation honors the 90th birthdays of Queen Elizabeth and Winnie-the-Pooh.

Mom tells family 'clean it up yourself' in Holderness family's Bieber parody

From messy rooms to smelly toilets, Kim Holderness is telling her kids and husband to pitch in around the house in a Justin Bieber parody.

Why Having The 'Ideal' Partner Doesn't Mean You'll Be Happy

By: Cari Nierenberg, Live Science Contributor Published: 05/25/2016 on LiveScience In the search for a romantic partner, it seems reasonable to think that finding a man or woman who checks off many of the boxes on your list of "ideal mate" characteristics would lead to a happier relationship. Show More Summary

Father's Day Steals and Deals: Wireless speaker, polo shirts, watches and more

Jill's Steals and Deals contains exclusive coupon codes up to 75 percent off for TODAY viewers.

'My hero!' Watch this Marine surprise his mom after 2 years apart

It was story time for Paula Riggs' third-grade class. Little did she know the story was about to take a surprise twist!

Kristen Bell Is About to Tell You How to Have "The Talk" With Your Kids

If you thought you could wait until your kids were approaching their teen years to have "The Talk," you're wrong. Parents need to teach their children - no matter how young - the importance of wearing protection. Sun protection, that...Show More Summary

Parents Are Worried About Teens Gaming, But Should They Be?

Whether online gaming is bad for teens -- as many believe -- or actually maybe not so bad -- as others believe -- the one "take-it-to-the-bank" is that gaming has become a huge part of the entertainment industry and is not likely to go away anytime soon. And yes, some parents are concerned. Show More Summary

150 Baby Names You'll Love That Begin With "A"

If you know you want your baby's name to begin with the letter "A" but you're not sure which moniker to pick, we've got you covered. With 150 "A" names of all different styles and backgrounds, you're sure to find a winner on this list. Show More Summary

What’s Your Cape Breton Nickname?

A few weeks ago I posted about the baby names Silver and Free Silver, which were bestowed by bimetallism buffs in the 1890s. Decades later, in the 1930s, Canadian writer Silver Donald Cameron was born. His name had nothing to do with monetary standards, though. He wasn’t even born a […] more

Win a Springfree Trampoline with tgoma

Whoo hoo! I have a brand new Springfree trampoline to giveaway! And it’s not just the trampoline. The prize includes the amazing new feature that allows kids to play digital games while they jump. Springfree released a product called tgoma and it makes the trampoline interactive. Read more about how it works here and check out one […]

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