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How Just The Right Lighting May Improve Learning In Classrooms

We all know how just the right lighting can set "the mood" -- whether you're aiming for a romantic ambiance, an energizing workout environment, or a dimly lit atmosphere to relax in. Now, a new study published in the journal Optics Express...Show More Summary

Please Don't Hold My Baby

Ever since I had my baby it seems that everywhere I go people want to hold her. I get it -- people love babies but I'm going to be honest, I have a hard time letting people hold her and even when people I know are holding her I'm just...Show More Summary

Witness the Moment a Deaf and Blind Toddler Hears and Sees Her Mom For the Very First Time

Nicolly Pereira spent the first two years of her life completely blind and deaf. But after her mom's Facebook post went viral, the little girl can now not only see her family for the first time but also hear them. Shortly after her birth, the deaf and blind toddler was diagnosed with pediatric glaucoma and she was unable to even see light. Show More Summary

The Meaning Behind This Promposal at a Coffee Shop Is Actually Too Sweet For Words

There is a lot of pressure when it comes to asking someone out to prom, and with promposals getting more and more extravagant each school year, it's nice to see one that isn't so focused on the bells and whistles. For Lillie, all that mattered was giving her best friend, Trevor, a chance to go to prom. Show More Summary

'Bachelor' couple Catherine and Sean Lowe open up about becoming parents

Sean and Catherine Lowe may have met under rather unique circumstances on "The Bachelor," but they are typical expectant parents.

Thank You, Katharine Zaleski: I Am No Less a Mother Because I Need Childcare

As soon as the clock hits 5:45, I begin to sweat bullets. I shift in my seat. I obsessively check my phone. All of the wonder and excitement of the writer's room transforms into a small ball of nausea casually traveling up my throat. I...Show More Summary

Ryan Reynolds Shares Heartfelt Tribute To Teenage Cancer Patient

It's confirmed: Ryan Reynolds is a prince among men. With the help of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the actor has been visiting with Connor McGrath, a 13-year-old cancer patient and major "Deadpool" fanatic, over the last few months. But...Show More Summary

I Make No Apologies for Wanting More Than Two Children

I recently saw an interview with actress Amy Adams about how she doesn't want any more children. She has one daughter and that's all she intends on having. She said in response to being asked about having more babies, "People really give you a look. Show More Summary

Jillian Michaels And Heidi Rhoades Open Up About Building Their Beautiful Family

You might expect celebrity wellness expert, Jillian Michaels and wife Heidi Rhoades to be a little guarded when asking personal questions about their family. But that certainly wasn’t the case when RaiseAChild founder and C.E.O. Rich...Show More Summary

If You Think 40 Is Old, Cameron Diaz Would Like A Word With You

Age is nothing but a number... to some people. To others, it's the official way to designate individuals as "old" and, therefore, dismiss them as less valuable in society. This is a perspective that actress Cameron Diaz has experienced...Show More Summary

How Would You React to Seeing This 7-Year-Old Girl on the Back of a Motorcycle?

If driving on the highway you saw a little girl on the back of a motorcycle, what would you think? Regardless of your answer, Mallory Torres, mother of the 7-year-old girl in the above photo, has a lot to say on the subject of allowing her little girl to ride on the back of a bike. Show More Summary

These Are the 22 Recipes That Every Banana-Bread-Lover Needs to Try

There's a reason so many families bake banana bread: it's the perfect treat for breakfast, dessert, or a snack! But not all banana breads are created equal. Thanks to ingenious recipes with creative ingredients like almond butter, Greek yogurt, and tahini, there's more to love about this classic loaf than ever before. Show More Summary

'Meternity' leave: Should people without kids get extended 'me time'?

Should people who aren't having kids get an extended break from work, just like their co-workers who go on maternity or paternity leave? Well, it depends on who you ask.

Here's The Truth About Your Grandmother

Whenever I'm having a bad day, I like to summon up the Summer of '66. My parents let me buy a lemon yellow bikini. I was allowed to bleach my hair, taking it out of the sad mousy-brown where it had languished for years. My best friend's brother was required to drive us to Jones Beach whenever he and his friends went. Show More Summary

Baby Born On Board An Airplane Gets A Unique Name

A mom has named her newborn boy after the airline she gave birth to him on. The woman was on board Jetstar Asia flight 3K583 from Singapore to Yangon, Myanmar, when she went into labor on Apr. 22. Crew members and three doctors on the flight attended to her. Show More Summary

How a Stranger's Comment Changed the Way I Parent

We'd spent a few hours at the beach during our Spring break trip to San Diego when the weather turned and we decided to pack it up and head out. I juggled sandy beach toys and wet towels in my arms and attempted to convince my 2-and-a-half-year-old...Show More Summary

Poll: Favorite “Edinburgh Seven” Name?

Sophia, Edith, Isabel, Emily, Helen, Matilda or Mary? more

Blind Boy Sees Mom For The First Time, And It's Magical

It's a heartwarming moment this mom will never forget. Marquita Hackley's son Christopher Ward Jr., who has been legally blind since birth, saw her clearly for the very first time. "Oh, mommy, there you are!" said the 12-year-old, after donning a pair of $15,000 eSight electronic glasses. Show More Summary

Painting 2D Shapes with 3D Blocks {Geometry Art for Kids}

Danya from Danya Banya has a fun kids’ art idea for our ABCs and 123s series – stamping with 3D wooden blocks to create 2D shapes! It encourages kids to explore 2D and 3D geometry in a creative, hands-on way. Painting 2D Shapes withShow More Summary

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