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7 Answers to Questions About Keeping Kids Safe Outdoors in the Summer

Everybody needs a solid dose of vitamin D, which can come from the sun, but in the hottest months of the year, it's important to know how much sun is too much. Between going to camp and other outdoor Summer activities, most kids getShow More Summary

I Was Sidelined By Cancer. Now I'm On The Road To Rio

At a young age, it was very clear that I wanted to be one of the greatest athletes of all time. As I watched professional sports games and the Olympics, I would often envision myself standing in front of all those people scoring the winning touchdown or crossing the finish line in first place. Show More Summary

The One (Simple) Thing We Can Do to Protect Our Daughters

"What?!" The words came out of my mouth before I had a chance to consider my audience. Standing in the crowded check out line at the local grocery store, my two-year-old daughter's tiny voice cut through the high pitched beeps of the scanner and the scattered conversation of the dozen or so people standing nearby. Show More Summary

30 Questions You Should Consider Before Deciding On Your Child's Daycare

Enrolling your child in daycare can be a nerve-wracking experience - especially if you have any lingering unanswered questions. Before making a decision on where to have your child spend his or her days, it's important to feel comfortable communicating with the staff and learning as much about the environment as possible. Show More Summary

Embarrassing Dad Places Full-Page Ad To Find Adult Son A Wife

If you thought your meddling parents made your dating life hell, just be glad you aren't Baron Brooks. The 48-year-old Salt Lake City businessman couldn't believe his eyes when he saw a full-page ad in The Couer D'Alene Press with his...Show More Summary

After High School Graduation, The Leaving Period

A year ago, a friend of mine whose child had just graduated from high school suggested I write an article about this big milestone. I thought about it and decided to wait. It would have been like writing a guidebook about Paris based on internet research, without actually going there and seeing the light, smelling the bread. Show More Summary

One heartbroken mom's plea to other parents: Ask if there's a gun in the house

Ashlyn Melton 's teen son Noah was shot and killed by a friend playing with his family's guns. Now she is working to keep other kids safe.

Moms mock idea of 'equal' parenting in funny video

Wondering if you share the parenting responsibilities equally in your home? The funny moms behind the Breakwomb are here to help you decide.

Ready or Not, the Baby Is Turning 1

The following post was originally featured on Carriage Before Marriage and written by Amy Wruble, who is part of POPSUGAR Select Moms. Milestones are raining down on me. The baby is talking: Mama, Dada, up, agua, boo(k). She is trying to walk and can make tracks by hopping forwards on her knees, like a little talking bunny. Show More Summary

Yes, 8-year-olds can do their own laundry: Which chores at what ages?

Dr. Deborah Gilboa tells parents that chores are important to help build character, and they can start as early as 18 months of age.

I Went to Paris and the Frenchest Man on the Planet Made Me See the World Differently

Last week I went to Paris with Huawei to sit in on a two day conference about the Beauty of Technology. There were two days of speakers, about a half hour each, and some of it was very high level tech speak but we’ve entered a moment...Show More Summary

Homeless Teen Graduates High School 2 Years Early With 4.0 GPA

One teen maintained her determination and A+ attitude through tough times, and now she's looking forward to a brilliant future ahead. Destyni Tyree, a 16-year-old student, is homeless and lives at a Washington, D.C., homeless shelter with her family, ABC News reported. Show More Summary

Marriage And Parenthood

I've been married for 16 years and a parent for 12. Both are the hardest things I've ever done. Here's a list of 20 things I wish someone told me before I started this complicated, stunning, hard as fuck journey. 1. Your wedding gown...Show More Summary

These Monthly Baby Veggie Portraits Are Cute Enough to Eat

Taking staged photos of your baby every month for the first year is now a common tradition among millennial moms. But no simple onesie sticker would suffice for little Gideon Kauffman. "We wanted to document Gideon's milestones each month in a fun and unique way," mom Keren Sachs told POPSUGAR. Show More Summary

'Rock' your crown; 7 year old's book inspires girls of color to be princesses

"Real princesses were vanilla and I can't really be a princess," 7-year-old Morgan Taylor told her dad.

What It Means To Be A Special Needs Parent

Five and a half years ago we were blessed with a little bundle of joy on the morning of Christmas Eve. Our daughter, Evalyn, came into the world as an early Christmas gift for us. She was born with a serious congenital heart defect and struggled after birth. Show More Summary

Help! My 5-Year-Old Hates Networking And Cocktail Parties. (I Mean Playgroups And Birthday Parties)

Sometimes I felt like I was living in the movie Groundhog Day, but I was always backstage at the Tony Awards. Every night the same show, with the words, "wait, can I do that one more time" coming from my daughter's mouth as she pleaded for another do over. Show More Summary

Newborns vs. toddlers: 6 big ways they differ

"Toddlers are wishy-washy, hedonistic weirdos. One day they're Anthony Bourdain proteges and the next their lunch is a bag of shredded cheese."

How This Mom Managed to Get a Fit Body After Having 3 Kids in 4 Years

Over the last year or so, Kayla Itsines's Bikini Body Guide fitness program has been taking the internet by storm. Her own Instagram account features hundreds of before-and-after photos of her over 5 million followers, one of whom is...Show More Summary

Dad's Hilarious Video Is Proof That Leaving Toddlers Alone For 7 Minutes Is Never a Good Idea

One Florida dad learned the hard way that you can't turn your back on sneaky toddlers... not even for a minute. Paul Schettini left his kids to play in their bedroom for a mere seven minutes while he handled something in the kitchen....Show More Summary

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