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Sunglasses won't cut it: How to keep your eyes safe during the solar eclipse

The total solar eclipse is coming, and as the excitement builds, so does the worry that it will leave behind a nation of eye problems.

The Mental Workload Of A Mother

By Jami Ingledue My husband and I thought we had this whole equal marriage thing figured out. We are a modern couple, after

Restaurant's one drink limit for parents dining with kids stirs controversy

Peddler's Bar and Bistro in Clifton Park, New York is enforcing a one-drink limit for customers dining with children.

8 gadgets that will actually bring your family closer together

In the age of digital everything, it's easy to forget that technology is meant to improve your life — not make it more stressful.

Giving in to Your Kids Isn't Doing Them Any Favors - and It's Selfish

- Kids catch on to things quickly. We all learn that the first time we hear our sweet toddlers repeat a bad word they heard (ONE STINKING TIME... honest!). But of all the things they pick up, perhaps one of the fastest is the fine art of pestering. Show More Summary

Most Parents Give Kids the Wrong Doses of Medications

Giving your kids medicine when they're sick is an important job and surprisingly easy to mess up. Joshua A. Krisch of Fatherly shares how to be more diligent and keep your children healthy. More than 80 percent of parents make mistakes when measuring out their children's medications, according to a new study. Show More Summary

How To Raise An Optimistic Kid In A Pessimistic World

By managing your media and reclaiming your family time, you show your kids what’s really important.

Signs Your Child Has Sensory Processing Disorder

Are you wondering whether your child could have Sensory Processing Disorder - or wondering what it even is? To help, we've rounded up some of the basics on the condition, as well as key signs of Sensory Processing Disorder in children...Show More Summary

Popular Baby Names in Alberta, 2016

Olivia and Liam were the most popular baby names in Alberta in 2016.

15 Easy Science Experiments You and Your Kid Can Make With Food

Post by Kelly Ladd. Science is fun. It's even more fun when it tastes good. Whether you homeschool your kids or you just want to learn (and eat) something together, we found 15 science experiments that will excite kids' minds and tickle...Show More Summary

Real Talk: Can You Breastfeed With Implants?

Image Source: Flickr user David Leo Veksler Considering our longstanding fascination with bosoms, it should come as no surprise that breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery in the United States. Nearly 300,000 women in 2016 decided to use implants to change the look, size, and shape of their breasts. Show More Summary

A List of Names Kids Call Their Grandparents

If you’re lucky enough to have your parents present in your life when you have children, it can be special and reassuring to have them as support, and for your children to know their family heritage. Some families are blessed to have great-grandparents as part of their family. What a blessing for grandparents to see […]

You Probably Won't Understand These Abbreviations Unless You've Tried for a Baby

Once you stop your BCPS it's time to do the BD with DH and hope for a BFP. But ugh, the TWW sucks, am I right? Get a BFN 14DPO? Sounds like another month of tracking that CM. If the above paragraph makes any sense to you, chances are...Show More Summary

Photographer Captured 6 Baby Girls as Your Favorite Disney Princesses

While many parents view their newborn daughters as perfect princesses - well, before all the crying and potty training, that is - a professional photographer actually transformed six baby girls into Disney's classic princesses. Karen Marie is a mom of three who owns and operates a maternity and newborn photography business, Belly Beautiful Portraits. Show More Summary

Restaurant Denies Customers a Second Alcoholic Drink If They're With Kids

Responses are divided over the recent news of a not-so-new policy at Peddlers Bar and Bistro in Clifton Park, NY: parents are limited to one alcoholic drink with dinner if they're driving home with a child. The policy, which has been...Show More Summary

8-year-old boy raises money to buy his bestie a new wheelchair

After 8-year-old Paul Burnett saw his best friend fall out of his wheelchair, he started a fundraiser to buy Kamden Houshan a new chair.

Here Are The Popular Names for Babies Born In The Fall

If you love cozy sweaters, pumpkins, colorful leaves, Halloween, hot apple ciders, snuggly blankets, and everything else Fall has to offer, you're not alone. Whether your baby is born between September and December or not, if AutumnShow More Summary

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