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Geniuses Sell Coffee to Parents in the School Drop-Off Line

The guardian angels of waiting parents showed up at school drop-off, and they brought coffee. More » Geniuses Sell Coffee to Parents in the School Drop-Off Line is a post from Mommyish - Parenting Imperfect.

The Moment I Knew My Marriage Was Over

Was there a moment you knew your marriage was over? A split-second you saw the writing on the wall ? even if you didn’t acknowledge as much until later? We asked readers on Facebook and Twitter to share the moment they knew their relationships were over (hashtag: #themomentiknew) and collected the responses below. Show More Summary

Unisex baby names are on the rise and these are the 25 most popular

The number of babies with truly unisex names — those most evenly split between the sexes — has exploded in the past ten years.

What to Do When Your Child Is the Bully

There's a lot of good advice out there about what to do when your child is being bullied, but what about for when you suspect your child might be doing some of the bullying himself? As hard as it is to recognize when your child is the guilty party, many moms do acknowledge the signs, if only to themselves. Show More Summary

The College Drop-Off: Why It Sucks And 5 Ways To Survive

You've finished arranging the toss pillows in your freshman's dorm room, so you tell her one last time to eat her vegetables and not to wear white after Labor Day before you issue a lipstick-y kiss goodbye. Then you curl up in the backseat while your spouse drives in silence and you ache. Show More Summary

It's Back To School Forms Season

Back to school is the most wonderful time of the year, here at our house. The only thing I dread about back to school, are those awful forms. It seems like each year we get more and more forms sent home. Each year I fill out the same information, in triplicate. Show More Summary

Sorry For What I Said When It Was Humid

Last night, as I was preparing dinner, my 15-year-old daughter walked up to me and asked, "Mom, what is wrong with you? Don't say 'nothing,' just tell me what's wrong." I had to stop and take a deep breath, feeling bad that I was so irritable that my daughter was doing an emotional check-in on me. Show More Summary

Back To School, Back To Reading

"Some of the best memories are made in flip-flops," says writer Kellie Elmore. But, sadly, all good things--even summer--must end. Fall is hinting at its arrival, and already it's back to school. As your kids swap their flip-flops for new school shoes and you begin to reinstate bedtimes, try putting daily reading back into your routine. Show More Summary

The Life Balancing Act

While watching the incredible gymnasts compete in the Rio Olympics this past week, it struck me that the hard work, effort, and concentration they put into keeping their balance during their routines can shed some light on the reality...Show More Summary

Picasso Would've Totally RSVP'd to This Colorful Painting-Themed Party

The following post was originally featured on Pillow Thought and written by Lindsey Marlor, who is a part of POPSUGAR Select Moms. We celebrated Lexi's sixth birthday this past weekend! Her birthday landed on a Sunday this year so we...Show More Summary

14 LOL-Worthy Breastfeeding Tweets That Every Nursing Mom Can Relate To

Post by Jacqueline Burt Cote. Breastfeeding, like many aspects of parenting, is great and rewarding and perfectly natural -- but, also like many aspects of parenting, it's hard and frustrating and sometimes awkward. That's why breastfeeding...Show More Summary

Children From Crisis-Affected Countries Dress Up For Their Dream Jobs In Powerful Photo Series

In a powerful photo collection put together by UNOCHA, the United Nations’ humanitarian affairs organization, children from crisis-affected nations around the world explore their hopes and dreams in celebration of World Humanitarian Day Friday. Today, a record 130 million people depend on the U.N. Show More Summary

Grandpa declines seat on a train, proves he's fitter than all of us

A grandfather recently proved that age is nothing but a number with a feat of strength after being offered elderly seating on a Rio subway.

Boy won't let disability get in the way of military dreams: I'm a 'little soldier'

A 10-year-old boy with dreams of being a soldier, just like his dad, is now inspiring veterans across the country.

10 Noises That Incite Rage Within Me

Before I begin, please allow me to make it clear here. I am not a miserable person. Far from it in fact, however, I've began to realise recently that there are a number of noises that do something to me and it ain't pretty. Below is a comprehensive list of 10 noises that I've come to hate. Show More Summary

It's Not Just Texas. Maternal Deaths Are High Across The U.S.

The pregnancy-related death rate in Texas nearly doubled between 2010 and 2012 ? the same time period that the state severely cut women’s health funding, most notably at Planned Parenthood, according to a new study. The research, which...Show More Summary

A Capital Place for Fun

Washington DC doesn’t appear on many lists of top adventure travel destinations, but if you know where to look, there are plenty of options, ranging from the sedate to the scary (besides visiting Congress and seeing our politicians in action). Show More Summary

Mayim Bialik Gets Refreshingly Candid About Life After Divorce

Three years into co-parenting, “Big Bang Theory” star Mayim Bialik has learned a lot about what it takes to raise healthy, happy kids after divorce. In a refreshingly honest YouTube video, the 40-year-old actress talks about how sheShow More Summary

Florida Governor Confirms Zika Transmission In Miami Beach

Florida officials said on Friday they have identified a new area of Zika virus transmission through local mosquitoes in a small area in Miami Beach, the second area in Miami-Dade county where the Zika virus is spreading. Florida Governor...Show More Summary

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