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Why It's Difficult to Be a Writer Mama and Why I Have to

A few weeks ago, an acquaintance told me, "Why do you need to write more books? You're already famous!" I wanted to laugh loudly in his face and tell him, "Famous!? Do you have any idea what it took to write those two books? Most authors...Show More Summary

A Mother's Prayer For the Last Two Weeks of School

O Margarita, patron saint of the next two weeks, Hallowed be thy recipe that I will follow to the fucking letter every day around 3 o'clock. Lead me not into the temptation to burn it all to the ground when another field trip form-fundraising...Show More Summary

'Barely different': Mom's photos show bond between daughters born worlds apart

In a series she calls "Barely Different," a mom photographer highlights the strong bond between her biological and adopted daughters.

Super Stains! How to Eliminate 9 Common Kid Spots and Spills

No one needs to tell you that kids are messy. They track home dirt and stains almost every day, which is why they laundry pile never seems to go down. So just how do you clean those tough-to-treat stains that are just part of living with a kiddo - beyond the baby poo and spit-up days. Show More Summary

From 'Mommy' to 'Mama' to 'Mom'

Last night, my 9-year-old daughter walked up to me and said, "I love you, Mommy." Which meant she wanted something. It used to not be like that. My daughter's first word was 'Mommy,' and she used it a lot. "Mommy, can you pick me up?" "Mommy,...Show More Summary

My Advice to High School Grads

It's graduation season, and time for speeches. I'll leave it to actual accomplished people to say something inspirational and lofty. High school grads, I'm here to keep it real and give you more pragmatic advice. Here are the ten things I wish I'd known when I was heading off to college. Wear flip flops into the communal showers. Show More Summary

Timberly Claytor Found Dead Not Far From Where Several Ohio Women Vanished

CHILLICOTHE, Ohio -- Another woman has turned up dead in this small city, leaving residents on edge as authorities try determine if the slaying is linked to the recent deaths and disappearances of several other area women. "I don't think this is a coincidence that they all knew each other," Jamil Burgin told The Huffington Post. Show More Summary

21 Family-Friendly Spots in Las Vegas For a Sinfully Good Time

When you're planning a family vacation, chances are Las Vegas isn't high on your list of places to visit, especially if you have young children. Don't let a place known as "Sin City" and home of bachelorette parties, however, scare you off completely. Show More Summary

Why Kids Should Say 'I'm Sorry'

Many people say that having your children say "I'm sorry" when they aren't really sorry is invalidating.  I am certainly against invalidating your kids, and I do not recommend telling your kids that they ARE sorry when they aren't.  However,...Show More Summary

A Letter to my Daughter on her 4th Birthday

To My Daughter on Her Fourth Birthday, You and I have a running dialogue about age. Every time someone remarks on how big you are or another birthday comes and someone comments on your years, you look up at me and ask, "But I'll always...Show More Summary

3 Priceless Ways to Announce a Pregnancy

What's the best way to tell your family that you're expecting a "bun in the oven"? Check out this video and watch the creative ways loved ones share the news, "I'm Pregnant". Whether the happy occasion is shared outright or in a more...Show More Summary

The Myth of the Perfect Toddler

"My child never did that." I hear this a lot these days, as my 2-year-old finds finds new and creative ways to make me want to sink into the floor. "My son never flung himself on the floor of a restaurant." "My daughter never attempted...Show More Summary

Learn This Secret Recipe for Picky Eaters (VIDEO)

Not every kitchen creation comes from a cookbook. Sometimes it's the story about the snack that makes it taste that much better! In this new episode of Unwritten Recipes, a HooplaHa original series, Felicia Levinson reveals the delectable...Show More Summary

Here's Why It's Time For You to Friend Your Kid on Facebook

Why you should friend your child on Facebook - Real Simple The 5 most painful parts of childbirth - BabyCenter Blog Molly Shannon loves to play truth or dare with her kids - People Moms & Babies Discipline mistakes all moms make - Parents 8 ways Pinterest has changed parenting forever - HuffPost Parents

Sick Daze

Caleb got very sick this weekend and quickly reminded me of two things: 1) the only time he will cuddle with me is when he's sick and 2) the minute he's sick, I scramble all of my medical knowledge and treatments with the dizzying speed...Show More Summary

An Autism Diagnosis Script for Doctors

Dear Dr. Aaron: More than seven years ago we sat down in your office so you could tell us what we instinctively already knew. You confirmed that our son's developmental delays and lack of meaningful social connections were caused byShow More Summary

Our Must Haves For June

Something about June has us conjuring up some Alice Cooper and chanting "School's Out For Summer"! Whether it's anticipation of warmer weather and lazy days at the beach or the end of a stressful school year, June has us in a celebratory mood. Show More Summary

10 Cute and Creative Ways to Keep Your Kids Organized

One of the most challenging parts of caring for a child and a home at the same time is finding harmony between the two. You don't want your child to have to walk on eggshells, or your home to be a constant mess, but the two seem pretty exclusive. Show More Summary

2-Year-Old British Boy Taken From Parents and Put Up For Adoption Due to Their Excessive Smoking

Social workers see plenty of foul home conditions in their line of work, so a situation must be abhorrent for them to declare it the worst they've ever seen. That's just what one British health visitor did as she recommended that the...Show More Summary

'I thought I was safe': The warning every parent needs to hear about drowning

I used to read stories about near-drownings every summer and think, "I'm so glad that didn't happen to me." Then it did.

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