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Photographer Creates Adorably Wacky Lego Scenes

If only we could design a world like this. France-based photographer Sofiane Somlal has a talent for creating incredibly delightful scenes using Lego characters. Somlal, who goes by Samsofy, arranges the tiny toy people around everyday...Show More Summary

A Comical Take On What It's Actually Like To Try To Conceive A Baby

For many hopeful parents, getting pregnant can take serious -- and often silly -- effort. This all-too-real video from BuzzFeed, aptly titled "Weird Things Couples Do To Get Pregnant," hilariously follows a couple trying to get pregnant. It's...Show More Summary

New Study Says a Working Mom Is a Plus for Kids

My wife just forwarded me this article from The New York Times, "Mounting Evidence of Advantages for Children of Working Mothers." It arrived in my inbox, not with the usual jaunty ping, but a rather dull thud, like it was carrying a...Show More Summary

This Solar-Powered Kit Is Saving Hundreds Of Thousands Of Mothers' And Newborns' Lives

When Dr. Laura Stachel stepped into a maternal health clinic in Nigeria for the first time in 2008, she was “stunned and appalled,” the obstetrician-gynecologist told KQED. The off-grid facility was so strapped for resources that, at night, the midwives delivered babies just by light of candles or kerosene lamps. Show More Summary

Justin Bieber Singing His Hits With James Corden Could Make You A Belieber Again

It's official. Justin Bieber really can take you places you ain't never been befo'. The singer joined James Corden for some "Carpool Karaoke" on Wednesday and happily sang along to some of his old hits, including nailing the Ludacris rap on "Baby." And if you're dragging right now, that'll wake you up daily. Show More Summary

Parenting at the Intersection of Scribble Marks and Board Meetings

Scribble marks on a legal pad greeted me as I walked into the office. It was the first time in a week that I didn't have a child attached to my hip. The contrast of seeing my preschooler's drawing sitting next to a mountain of legal textbooks made me laugh. Last week started with a painfully long "to-do" list. Show More Summary

This Body-Image Documentary Was Inspired by a Woman Who Was Happier After Weight Gain

Taryn Brumfitt, like so many other women, is seeking to help women embrace their bodies and love themselves. Founder of the Body Image Movement, which teaches women the power that comes with positive body image, Taryn's mission is to...Show More Summary

Here's The Problem With Using YouTube As A Babysitter For Your Kids

In its relentless search to organize the world’s information, Google may have stumbled in its efforts to present the results to children. Six weeks after a coalition of consumer advocates accused Google of using ‘deceptive and unfair’...Show More Summary

The Parental Victory Of A Successful Bedtime, In One 14-Second Video

There is perhaps no greater triumph in parenting than successfully putting your baby to sleep and walking out of the nursery into sweet freedom. Esther Anderson's new 14-second video perfectly captures that nightly feat of bedtime victory...Show More Summary

Sofia Vergara Celebrates Son's Graduation Day With Fiancé Joe Manganiello, Ex-Husband Joe González

It’s graduation season, which means thousands of proud parents across the country are eagerly snapping pictures with their fresh-faced college grads. And "Modern Family" star Sofía Vergara is no exception. The Colombian actress attended...Show More Summary

Company Designs Dolls With Hearing Aids, Birthmarks So All Kids Can Have A #ToyLikeMe

A toy company is taking a step in the right direction. After parents of children with disabilities called for more diversity in kids' toys through social media campaign, Toy Like Me, MakieLab, a 3-D-printing toy company based in London,...Show More Summary

25 Reasons Honoring My Daughter's Decision to Shave Her Head Is Proactive

At some point during the past few weeks, I entered the world of the surreal. Why? Because I "allowed" my daughter to shave her head. The response has been overwhelmingly positive! Well, I guess more like 50/50, but the sheer amount of...Show More Summary

Do You Need To Check Your Child’s Temperature Every Single Second of Every Single Day?

. The idea that if we are not continuously monitoring our children, we are sub-prime parents willfully endangering our kids — that is the next frontier Free-Rangers must assail. The problem is that technology is so cheap and so pervasive, it keeps creeping into daily life as a “must have.” This particular app below, still […]

The Problem With These Forever 21 Shirts

A video on Buzzfeed prompted me to check out Forever21's website. I am way over the age of being allowed to set foot inside the physical store, but the video gave women's reactions to some of their graphic t-shirts and I had to knowShow More Summary

What To Do If Your Daughter Doesn't Look Her Best In Her Prom Dress

Prom season is here and along with the dresses, shopping, corsages, and Instagramming also comes the not-so-pretty side of prom -- crash diets, higher risks for eating disorders, and fat-shaming. Recently I discussed fat-shaming during my appearance on a local NYC morning television show. Show More Summary

Watch The Beautiful Moment People With Disabilities Finally Get To Touch The Ocean

Fredrika Menezes loves the beach. But she has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair, which makes reaching the waves a challenging task. "It's difficult to go to the beach now," she said in the video above. "I can only dream about it." That's...Show More Summary

Snowboarder Steve Klassen Takes Little Daughter Kinsley On Hair-Raising Tandem Ride

Pro snowboarder Steve Klassen has his own way of bonding with his daughter. In a video posted this month, he took little Kinsley on an amazing tandem ride. You might raise an eyebrow as Klassen, the owner of Wave Rave Snowboard Shop in Mammoth Lakes, California, takes Kinsley through spins, flips and jumps. Show More Summary

Sadistic Yet Hilarious Video Shows Men Experiencing Simulated Labor Pains

In a sadistically funny video from Buzzfeed, The Try Guys continue their exploration of motherhood by enduring labor pain simulation. "How painful can this be?" they ask as specialists place electrodes on their backs, abdomens and even in one case, taint. Show More Summary

Julia Roberts Kisses David Letterman Goodbye One Last Time

Julia Roberts has been in a lot of romantic comedies, but this one is a little too real. The actress has had a love affair with David Letterman throughout her 26 appearances on his show. On Wednesday night, the "Late Show" honored that by showing a montage of all the times Roberts and Letterman kissed each other over the years. Show More Summary

Moms Imagine The Source Of Those Annoying Voices Behind Their Kids' Talking Toys

One thing a lot of people don't anticipate before becoming parents is the unending array of talking toys that will come into their lives -- high-pitched, singsong voices that perform little melodies to teach babies and toddlers how to...Show More Summary

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