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John Legend Adorably Gushes Over Fatherhood

John Legend is loving fatherhood. Appearing on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Tuesday, the singer gushed over his 1-year-old daughter, Luna. “It’s a different kind of love. It’s very pure. It’s unconditional,” he said. “But they haven’t earned it yet. Show More Summary

Watch This Dog Try Its Darnedest to Steal the Spotlight From a Baby

Sibling rivalries are tough to deal with, but when one half of that power struggle is a dog, the results are downright hilarious. In this viral clip shared by America's Funniest Home Videos, a grandmother attempts to pick up her grandchild but keeps getting interrupted by arguably the most clingy puppy we've ever seen. Show More Summary

These 103- And 98-Year-Old Sisters Prove Sibling Rivalries Never End

If you thought sibling rivalries mellowed out with time, you’ve never met Gramma and Ginga. In a YouTube clip that’s going viral on Facebook (watch it below,) Gramma, 103, attempts to give her granddaughter, Sheila Liljenquist, directions...Show More Summary

Activities for Kids - Children’s Book Week 2017

by Susan Stephenson, In Ideas for Children's Book Week 2017 I shared suggestions of whole class projects, discussion topics and learning resources that teachers and others might find useful when exploring the Children’s...Show More Summary

Boy On Bike Is Distracted By Sexy Ad, Then The Inevitable Happens

This may not be the last time this little boy’s attention is misdirected by such matters. In a viral YouTube clip that is hilarious (whether real or not), the lad rides his bike and yells “Ooh la la” at a parked van’s strip club ad featuring...Show More Summary

Powerful Ad Reminds World Dads Are Parents, Too

Following up on its powerful ad about motherhood, Dove is celebrating dads with another emotional video. The #RealDads ad for Baby Dove features video clips of dads with their kids to highlight the role they play in their children’s lives. The ad was inspired in part by research from Dove Men+Care brand. Show More Summary

Ludacris Rapped A 'Llama Llama' Book And It Was Epic

Most parents try to vary up their intonation and maybe throw in a funny character voice or two when they’re reading their child a bedtime story. But Ludacris set a new bar when he freestyle rapped the text of Llama Llama Red Pajama on...Show More Summary

Ideas for Children’s Book Week 2017

by Susan Stephenson, This year, Children’s Book Week in Australia is Sunday August 20 to Saturday August 26, 2017. Here are some ideas and free PDF resources to help parents, teachers and librarians explore that theme with kids. Show More Summary

'Giraffe Mom' Meets April The Giraffe

A human mother who went viral for taking photos of herself wearing a giraffe mask while pregnant finally got to meet the mammal that inspired it all. On Tuesday, Erin Dietrich, the S outh Carolina woman who became an internet sensation...Show More Summary

Gun Safety PSA Makes Striking Comparison To Expose Lack Of Regulations

A PSA from a nonprofit working to end gun violence is getting a lot of attention, thanks to the striking comparison it draws. “Introducing Teddy Gun” presents a child’s toy bear and notes the strict safety manufacturing guidelines and rules such products must follow. Show More Summary

Book Chook Favourites - Wordless Picture Books

by Susan Stephenson, Wordless picture books are wonderful to share with kids. In my experience, they benefit from slow reading, so are best shared when there is leisure to pause, think about and discuss each illustration. Show More Summary

Edit Your Life Ep. 78: Tips & Tools for Time Management [Podcast]

In Ep. 78 of the Edit Your Life podcast, Christine and I share 9 tips and tools for editing your schedule and increasing your focus.

This Is What It Would Look Like If Babies Competed in the Olympics

If you can't wait until 2018 for the next Winter Olympics, we've got the cutest, most hilarious video to tide you over. Posted to YouTube on the Olympic Channel, "If Cute Babies Competed in the Olympic Games" is an adorable take on what it would look like if babies took on classic Olympic events like weightlifting and gymnastics. Show More Summary

We've All Felt Like This Little Girl Getting Dragged Around A Tiny Carousel

Sometimes you ride the horse. Other times, you get dragged. A video shows a little girl named Sienna putting a hilarious twist on riding a carousel by lazily letting it pull her around. The video, which was posted to YouTube late last...Show More Summary

This Baby Only Stops Crying For Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On"

Marvin Gaye's hit "Let's Get It On" has the ability to positively change most anyone's mood, but one baby is proving that the song may be the answer to the parents of fussy babies' prayers. In a video posted to YouTube, Katherine Dees's...Show More Summary

Hysterical Sleeping Dad Proves Parenting Duties Are Never Off Your Mind

One adorable dad has proved that no matter what, parenting duties are never off your mind - even when you're asleep. In a hilarious clip featured on America's Funniest Home Videos, this dad was caught soothing a crying baby in his sleep, but there wasn't actually a child in his arms. Show More Summary

Girl's Rant About Her First Time Flirting Is Awkwardly Relatable

Flirting can be painfully awkward. Ella, the young girl in the video above, learned that the hard way. While riding in a car, Ella launched into a full-blown tirade about her first time flirting with a boy named John. Ella’s mother,Show More Summary

Wash Away All Your Sin By Watching Day-Old Goats Learn How To Jump

Sunflower Farm Creamery in Maine has churned out something even sweeter than its homemade caramel. The dairy has released baaa-rilliant video featuring 1-day-old goats in sweaters learning how to jump because sometimes the world is good,...Show More Summary

The Difference Between 1 Mom's Pregnancies That Is "Downright Shocking"

Twins vs. One Baby One of the things that pregnant women hate most is when someone comments on their bump size and asks if they're having twins - especially when there's only one baby in there. But what most people fail to remember is...Show More Summary

Dudes Rock Out To Rage Against The Machine On Children's Toys

Rage Against The Machine isn’t necessarily kids’ music, but drop the lyrics, add a Spiderman drum set, and you’ll be ready for rock-and-roll playtime. A little trio called The Wackids did just that, and their cover “Killing In The Name...Show More Summary

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