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Get In On This Viral Toddler-Gorilla Video Early! Just 26,000 Views!

44 minutes agoParenting / Fatherhood : Daddy Types

A wonderful video of a toddler playing hide and seek with a baby gorilla is available for licensing across all platforms. It's probably being ripped off and reloaded to Facebook as I type this. Toddler playing Gorilla Toddler at the Columbus Zoo! [youtube via @moorehn]

3 Ways To Be a Better Parent Right Now

Parenting is some hard shit, man. This is arguably one of the most challenging things you'll ever endure (unless you run, like, an ultra-marathon, or some other crazy thing). I've been doing it for 20 years, through five children (who...Show More Summary

American Kids Try International School Lunches With Hilarious Results (VIDEO)

Post by Tanvier Peart. How many of us heard "eat everything on your plate" each meal growing up, and yet were somehow able to get a pass? It's no secret that children can and will be picky eaters, but what happens when American kids try international school lunches for the first time? Well, the results may or may not surprise you. Show More Summary

What Happens When American Kids Try School Lunches From Around The World

Following up on their video of American kids trying different breakfasts from around the world, Cut put together another hilarious compilation of cute children tasting school lunches from other countries. The kids sample dishes from India, France, Cuba, Sweden, Kenya, Japan and Afghanistan. Show More Summary

Mom Does Hysterical Victory Dance After Learning She'll Be A Grandma

We won't even try to guess how long this eager grandma-to-be has been waiting for a grandbaby. Ever since YouTube user hate5six uploaded this hilarious video of his parents finding out they're about to become first-time grandparents,...Show More Summary

Lots of Lovely Things for Kids to Make with Wool

We recently visited a sheep farm and the kids got to pat lambs and take home freshly cut wool. They absolutely loved it! These sorts of experiences are not only fun for children, they wonderful for learning and making connections. For example, my daughter’s favourite wool jumper came from the wool of a sheep somewhere. […]

The Buddhist Recipe to Prolong the Holidays in Your Head

Remind yourself that vacation is within reach, even as you stretch your budget for back to school supplies. But before tossing the baby out with the bath water, please grant me the benefit of the doubt -- at least until the end of this article -- and let me offer you, if you'll accept, a quick read. Vacation is above all else a state of mind... Show More Summary

Baby Boy Loves His Mom's Silly Animal Noises So Much He Literally Can't Even (VIDEO)

Post by Jacqueline Burt Cote. If there's one thing all sane people can agree on, it's that the sound of a baby laughing is the best sound in the world. Seriously, it's impossible to hear a baby laugh and not smile -- which is exactly why everybody needs to watch this video of a baby boy losing it over his mom's animal noises. Show More Summary

525,600 Students

Let's be honest. If you clicked on this post, you did so because you recognized the number in the title. I borrowed it from Rent. Love that musical, and especially the song: "525,600 minutes -- how do you measure, measure a year? In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee... Show More Summary

Mom's Hilariously Catchy Bus Safety Parody Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Post by Tanvier Peart. As much as most of us would love to push our kids out the door (don't act like you didn't smile at the thought of a quiet home), there are other things parents must think about now that their kids are heading back to school -- and I'm not just talking about a fancy backpack or the latest fashions. Show More Summary

This Awesome Teacher Flash Mob Is the Best Way to Get Ready for Back-to-School

Post by Aimee Ogden. Hey, kids, spoiler alert: Teachers get back-to-school anxiety, too! Most teachers, however, don't get their worries allayed by a group of their peers serenading them with a parody of a famous song from the musical Les Miserables -- but that's exactly what happened to one school in Iowa. Show More Summary

Luke Bryan Song Magically Stops Baby From Crying (VIDEO)

Post by Tanvier Peart. Certain celebrities are worth every penny they charge to download their music. Just ask this mama who used a throwback song she played for her baby in the womb that apparently still strikes the right chord. You have to see this video of a newborn that stops crying because of Luke Bryan and his magical voice. Show More Summary

Uganda And Taiwan Little League World Series Teams Show What Sports Should Really Be About

The famous Vince Lombardi line, "If winning isn't everything, why do they keep score?" is often times quoted as a truism, but it's not. Winning ?is not? everything in sports, even as popular narratives rise and fall around who won and who didn't. Show More Summary

Why "Back to School" Is Not the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Back in 1996, before I had kids, I always got a chuckle watching that Staples TV commercial featuring a happy-go-lucky dad skipping through the store buying back-to-school supplies for his two glum kids. Adding to my amusement, an upbeat...Show More Summary

Are There Shards of Glass in Your Child's Baby Wipes?

Baby wipes are one of the most simple, yet useful products - used on delicate baby skin for literally anything from wiping their tushies to cleaning off the breakfast remnants crusted onto their mouths. But would you still use them if...Show More Summary

Lily Tomlin May Be A 'Grandma,' But This Is Her Year

It's been 39 years since Lily Tomlin's first Oscar nomination and 44 years since her first Emmy nod. But if headlining a film is what makes someone a movie star, then Tomlin is only now earning her due. And if top billing on a series makes someone a television star, then Tomlin didn't accomplish that either, until just a few months ago. Show More Summary

Dad And Daughter Team Up For Dance Lessons In Heartwarming Ad

A sweet ad from Quaker Canada highlights the importance of spending time with your children. The ad, titled "The Recital," features a dad named Michael and his 10-year-old daughter Lauren, who loves to dance. Both of them say that they...Show More Summary

12 Adorable Couples Kissing, All Over The World

You probably won't be able to watch this delightful video without cracking a smile. Cut Video producer Blaine traveled around the world to capture couples kissing in a video posted on YouTube on Aug. 19. The result is a love-fest you can't look away from. Check out the cute couples below. Show More Summary

People Aged 7 To 93 Give Advice To Younger Selves

When you need advice, who better to listen to than someone older and wiser. No matter your age -- old or young -- time always brings a unique perspective on the way we should have done things. In this endearing video, CBC Radio asked...Show More Summary

This Hilarious 'Nursing Queen' Parody Should Be On Every Breastfeeding Mom's Playlist (VIDEO)

Post by Tanvier Peart. If Queen Bey (Beyoncé that is) inspired you to "Run the World," this ABBA spoof should empower you to keep that liquid gold flowing. The Laughing Moms are back at it again with the pro-breastfeeding video 'Nursing Queens.' "You can nurse. Show More Summary

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