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J.J. Abrams Wants Moms To Take Their Daughters To See 'Star Wars'

Although his name is now synonymous with jaw-dropping action set pieces and lens flares, J.J. Abrams first made it big on the small screen with the teen drama "Felicity." Ever since then, strong female characters have been sort of aShow More Summary

Do You Believe in Destiny?

Do you believe in destiny or are you one of those "that's just a coincidence" kind of people? Let's say you've been dying to go to a concert and your friend calls at the last minute to invite you. Destiny or coincidence? What if youShow More Summary

Carrie Underwood Burns A Pumpkin Pie, Proves She's One Of Us

Country music star Carrie Underwood can do no wrong, but sometimes even she has trouble in the kitchen -- like the rest of us.  While prepping for a big Thanksgiving feast Wednesday night, Underwood took to Instagram to share a dessert fail we know all too well. Show More Summary

Here’s What a 5-Year-Old is Capable Of (More Capable Than Me, For Sure!)

. You don’t have to watch all 10 minutes of this video to realize how thoroughly we have forgotten what young children are capable of. (See yesterday’s post, which hinges on the idea that 4 year olds should never be outside near their own homes alone.) Such childhood independence is unusual today, but only because […]

'The Good Dinosaur' Doesn't Feel Like A Pixar Movie

In June, I began a feature on "Inside Out" thusly: "Everything we need to know, we learned from Pixar." That movie, one of the year's best, taught us that humans cannot understand joy if they don't also experience occasional sadness....Show More Summary

Your Guide to the Best Holiday TV Specials of 2015

By Polly Conway, Common Sense Media Holiday TV specials are like a warm mug of cocoa with marshmallows: sweet, comforting, and best enjoyed with those you love. Common Sense Media rounded up this season's can't-miss shows to keep your...Show More Summary

14 Times Your Little Ones Revealed Their "Dark Side"

All parents know that their usually darling little ones aren’t afraid to slip over to the “dark side” from time to time. Sometimes it’s experimenting with your tube of cherry-red lipstick, other times it’s flushing your phone and keys down the toilet when you’re supposed to be on your way out the door. Show More Summary

Five Things I Needed to Know to be a Better Parent

Parenting - the ultimate on the job training course. Like many pre-child individuals, I would observe others with children and know that I could do a better job; there would be no runny noses, no back talk and no meltdowns - theirs or mine - in grocery stores. Show More Summary

Technology Helps Combat Modern Terrorism

It is very easy to call technology "evil" during normal times, when nature or man's insanity has not caused havoc to human existence. Yet, when crisis strikes, it is terrifying to think of a world without technology. The advent of digital...Show More Summary

Toddler Tries To Say 'Where's The Fork,' Comedy Happens

A 2-year-old attempting to ask "Where is the fork?" sounds more like our salty -talking uncle.  This should go over big at Thanksgiving dinner. Bon appetit, kid. Also on HuffPost: -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

4 Reasons to Stop Punishing Your Kids

"What's the most creative way you've ever punished your kids?" I was tuned into a local radio station when I heard this question, and I thought to myself, Really? People are still punishing their kids? Maybe my perspective as a trained teacher and social worker is unique, but I don't see the point of punishment. Show More Summary

Stephen Curry Is Way Better Than His Dad At Playing HORSE

Steph Curry might the best shooter in NBA history, so trying to beat him in a game of HORSE will be very unlikely. His father, Dell Curry, who also played in the NBA, recently learned that lesson in a clip for GQ. Dell grabbed an early...Show More Summary

What It's Really Like To Be A Parent During Thanksgiving

Always in the holiday spirit, the Holderness family is back with a new Thanksgiving-themed parody video. But this time, they didn't just cover one song -- they created an "Ultimate Thanksgiving Mashup" featuring Adele's "Hello," Drake's...Show More Summary

Jennifer Lawrence Sings 'Deep In The Meadow' In 'Mockingjay - Part 2'

This girl is on fire, and the music charts will be, too. Jennifer Lawrence's song "The Hanging Tree" from "Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1" was just about as big a phenomenon as the movie itself, leading its own revolution on the Top 40 charts. Show More Summary

Jennifer Lawrence Sings 'Deep In The Meadow' In 'Mockingjay - Part 2'

This girl is on fire, and the music charts will be, too. Jennifer Lawrence's song "The Hanging Tree" from "Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1" was just about as big a phenomenon as the movie itself, leading its own revolution on the Top 40 charts. Show More Summary

Doug Flutie's Parents Die Within One Hour Of Each Other

Former NFL quarterback Doug Flutie announced on Wednesday that both of his parents died of a heart attack on the same day, just one hour apart from each other. "They say you can die of a broken heart and I believe it," Flutie wrote in a Facebook post. Show More Summary

Couple's Reaction To News They're Going To Be Grandparents Is Priceless

A young Texas couple gave their family the surprise of a lifetime by revealing their pregnancy news while doing the "Whisper Challenge."  The hilarious lip-reading game, made famous by "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon, saw expectant couple Alexa and Drew Goolsby repeatedly announcing their exciting news to Alexa's parents. Show More Summary

Moms Get Real About What They're Thankful For

Wine. A never-ending supply of kid art. The fact that your kid hasn't learned how to spell yet. These are just a few things the funny moms of the BreakWomb give thanks for in their new Thanksgiving-themed video.  And as they discover, coming up with a long list of specific blessings can be difficult when you're a busy, exhausted parent. Show More Summary

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