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The Expectations Vs. The Reality Of Parenting, In One Spot-On Video

Making your own organic baby food, banning all electronics and never once going out in public in stained clothes -- these are just some of the unrealistic expectations parents-to-be have before they welcome their first child.  In a new...Show More Summary

This Lego Prosthetic Arm Helps Make Sure 'Everything Is Awesome' for Kids With Disabilities

Post by Aimee Ogden. Lego is a pretty great toy to begin with. But, to quote a certain movie, "everything is awesome" when a clever designer used Lego components to make "Iko": the ultimate prosthetic arm for children missing a hand or forearm. Show More Summary

If Teachers Were Treated Like Pro Athletes, According To 'Key & Peele'

  What if teachers were treated like pro athletes? That’s the premise behind this spot-on “Key & Peele” sketch. In the clip, the comedic duo reports on “the latest developments in the exciting world of pro teaching” on the show “TeachingCenter.”...Show More Summary

Hula Dancers Shut Down The Nae Nae, Hawaiian Style

We hate to break it to you, Riley Curry, but your rendition of the Nae Nae dance has some serious competition. The ladies of Hula Halau ?O Kamuela, a Hawaiian dance school on the island of Oahu, put together their own version of Silentó's...Show More Summary

Boy Scouts End Ban On Gay Adults

The Boy Scouts of America voted Monday to lift a long-established ban on gay adults as employees and volunteers within the organization. The BSA's full executive board voted 45 to 12 in favor of the change, effective immediately. The...Show More Summary

Be Your Best Self Online

What is it about technology that makes some people behave badly? We tell our kids that their digital reputation and presence online is part of their overall character. Unfortunately, kids are getting mixed messages when they see examples...Show More Summary

How to Transition From One Child to Two

The following post was originally featured on Along Abbey Road and written by Abbey R., who is part of POPSUGAR Select Moms. Some sweet and giggly moments of brotherly love I was lucky enough to catch on camera between these darling boys of mine while we put away the clean laundry. Show More Summary

Understanding Your Middle Schooler: 4 Tips for Success

Megan Mead Understanding those on the verge of or in the trenches of middle school can be like finishing a complex puzzle only to realize there is a single missing piece -- just when you think you have them all figured out, they pivot and leave you just as confused as you started. Show More Summary

Rocket Math

So, uh... you got kids? Do they go to school? Are they old enough to have homework? Do they have... Rocket Math? Or Mad Minutes? Or some other kind of name that attempts to disguise a timed (read: stressful for some kids) at-home math test as a super fun game?? If so, you know that Rocket Math means homework for you, too. Show More Summary

A Commodore Computer From The 1980s Is Still Heating Schools In Michigan

The maintenance supervisor for the Grand Rapids Public Schools system in Michigan remembers when the district purchased a Commodore Amiga computer in the 1980s. The bulky computer, which was discontinued in 1991, was used to controlShow More Summary

Libre Soy, Libre Soy

Everything's bigger in Texas, including the family prisons. image: ICE I'll be honest, when I first heard that the ICE immigrant family detention centers full of Central American refugee kids and moms had animal-themed cell blocks like...Show More Summary

5 Lessons From Zen Summer Camp

This year I took my husband and two daughters (ages eight and five) to Zen summer camp. No, really. With monks and nuns and meditation. We joined about 60 other families at Blue Cliff Monastery, where they practice and hold retreats in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh (he's that wize old zen master that once interviewed with Oprah). Show More Summary

Toddler Does Tiny Adorable 'Donuts' In His Toy Corvette

Watch out, Vin Diesel. We've found your replacement.  He may be a little unsteady on his feet, but that doesn't mean he can't punch a tiny accelerator, crank the plastic steering wheel and do adorable miniature donuts. Clearly he's mastered...Show More Summary

9 Old-School Messes You Still Have Time Left To Make With Your Kids This Summer

In many ways, summer feels timeless. Our kids still play like we used to play: They keep their feet bare, their hair damp and their fingernails dirty. Despite our living in the age social media, summer has stayed low-tech and unkempt. Show More Summary

A Starting School Survival Guide for Parents of Children With Disabilities

Parents of kids with disabilities face all of the same anxieties that other parents face upon starting pre-school or kindergarten. Will my kid make friends? Will she like her teachers? Am I going to cry before I get back to the privacy of my car? There are also other concerns, many of which are more abstract and frightening. Show More Summary

This Gut-Wrenching Ad Will Convince You to Never Check Your Phone While Driving Again

You've heard it before, but never has it been illustrated as powerfully as this. AT&T's latest "It Can Wait" ad brutally shows what can happen when your eyes are taken off the road - even for a second. Where past ads in the anti-texting-and-driving...Show More Summary

Retiring Teacher Moved To Tears By Surprise Flash Mob On Her Last Day

A beloved teacher had one last unforgettable experience at her school, courtesy of her students and colleagues. Margaret Gabica, a teacher at St Julian’s Primary School in Newport, Wales, retired this year after more than 25 years of teaching. Show More Summary

14 Women Pose Naked To Redefine 'American Beauty' On Their Own Terms

The "American beauty" comes in all shapes, sizes, ages and colors. That's what photographer Carey Fruth set out to prove with her photo series, "American Beauty," which features 14 diverse women lying naked in a bed of lilacs. FruthShow More Summary

14 Women Pose Naked To Redefine 'American Beauty' On Their Own Terms

The "American beauty" comes in all shapes, sizes, ages and colors.  That's what photographer Carey Fruth set out to prove with her photo series, "American Beauty," which features 14 diverse women lying naked in a bed of lilacs. Fruth...Show More Summary

Kids, Screens and Play

Driving home with our year-old grandson from New York's Catskill mountains last weekend, my wife and I recalled previous summer car rides, singing songs with our kids when they were young. We liked to sing Motown, the Beatles, and a country classic our daughter later recalled as "the hobo song" ("King of the Road"). Show More Summary

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