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Olympian Shawn Johnson's Rustic-Chic Wedding Deserves A Gold Medal

On April 16, Olympic gold medal gymnast Shawn Johnson married Oakland Raiders long snapper Andrew East in a rustic-chic wedding in Franklin, Tennessee. A handful of pics from the countryside fete were floating around the internet right...Show More Summary

This Teacher's Back-to-School Rap Would Make Any Kid Excited to Go to Class

Every teacher has their own unique way of starting off the new school year, and for Mr. Dwayne Reed, that something is a rap. Instead of sending a "boring, old, 'Welcome Back' newsletter," the first-year teacher posted a video to YouTube...Show More Summary

Helpful Little Boy Has Hilarious Response To Granny Panties

Miles’ grandma is one lucky lady. While most grandmothers would get stuck washing grass and ketchup stains out of their grandkids’ clothes, one little grandson named Miles was caught on a hilarious home video, uploaded by America’s Funniest Home Videos on Aug. Show More Summary

Dad Creates Epic Disney Mural For Daughter's Bedroom

One girl’s room has been transformed into an enchanting Disney wonderland, no pixie dust required. Adam Hargreaves, the artist behind Bespoke Art, posted a time-lapse video on Facebook on Aug. 12 that shows him giving his daughter, Bobbie, a magical new room by painting beloved Disney characters on the walls. Show More Summary

Maybe My Child Is Gifted. Maybe Not. Maybe It Doesn't Matter.

Daniel, my first born, has always been an inquisitive little guy. He was more interested in babbling and listening to books being read than walking or climbing as a baby. As a toddler, his favorite thing to do was recite letters and numbers on flash cards. Show More Summary

Cryptography Names – Alice, Bob, Eve

Since the late 1970s, cryptographers have been using personal names (instead of labels like “person A” and “person B”) to describe various communications scenarios. Many of these scenarios involve two communicating parties named Alice and Bob and an eavesdropper named Eve. Extra parties are assigned names alphabetically (e.g., Carol, Dave) unless they play a specific […]

Mayim Bialik Gets Refreshingly Candid About Life After Divorce

Three years into co-parenting, “Big Bang Theory” star Mayim Bialik has learned a lot about what it takes to raise healthy, happy kids after divorce. In a refreshingly honest YouTube video, the 40-year-old actress talks about how sheShow More Summary

My Wife Thinks I’m Over-Praising My Son Because She Doesn’t Realize How Awesome He Is

Over praising your kids could very well teach them to be narcissistic; our friends at Fatherly explain how. The following was written for The Fatherly Forum, a community of parents and influencers with insights about work, family, and life. I'm just going to go ahead and say it. Show More Summary

McDonald's Is Putting Fitness Tracker Toys In Happy Meals

If you’re going to eat a McDonald’s Happy Meal, you might as well feel good about the steps you take afterward. The official cheeseburger sponsor of the Olympics is indulging in yet more irony: The fast food giant that’s marketed unhealthy, processed food to kids for decades is now handing out activity trackers as the Happy Meal “toy” in the U.S. Show More Summary

Eye-Opening Video Will Make Adults Reconsider The Way They Talk To Children

A powerful video is highlighting the way kids’ interactions with adults may affect their education. The Atlanta Speech School released “Every Opportunity,” a video that shows a day at school from the perspective of one young student....Show More Summary

School Does Laundry For Kids Who Miss School Simply Due To Dirty Clothes

One principal refused to fold. When Dr. Melody Gunn, the former principal of Gibson Elementary School in St. Louis, Missouri noticed that some students were missing school because they did not have clean clothes to wear, she decidedShow More Summary

The US Women's Gymnastics Team Are the Best Role Models My Son Could Ask For

Post by Avital Norman Nathman. The Olympics is a big deal in our house. All three of us -- my husband, myself, and our 9-year-old son -- will gather in front of the TV to watch amazing athletes swim, run, row, jump, and more. But the one arena that really stands out for all of us, and in particular for my son, is women's gymnastics. Show More Summary

The Body-Positive Message Behind This Shot Putter's Olympic Gold Medal

Michelle Carter is all about wearing makeup, loving her body and, of course, winning gold medals. This past Friday, the 30-year-old Olympian won her first gold medal in the Women’s shot put. Carter, who’s the first American woman toShow More Summary

Disney's Newest Princess Just Made Her First Big Public Appearance

If you’ve been looking for a reason to head to Disney World, then this is a beautiful one indeed. Princess Elena, Disney’s first Latin-inspired princess, made her in-person debut on Thursday with a special welcome procession at Florida’s Magic Kingdom. Show More Summary

'Pete's Dragon' Is Summer's Best Blockbuster

Earlier this week, I praised the young heroes of “Stranger Things” and “Little Men,” two of summer’s finest pop culture offerings. The protagonists’ ingenuity in the face of stubborn, skeptical adults is enough to ward off monsters of all stripes. Show More Summary

Grandpa And Little Girl Dancing To 'Let It Go' Will Melt Your Heart

Not every man would be a good enough sport to channel his inner Disney princess. But for this fun grandpa, there’s nothing he won’t do to put a smile on his granddaughter’s face. A sweet video showing grandpa dancing with his toddler...Show More Summary

Family Rewrites DMX Song For Epic Back-To-School Video

Back-to-school season is upon us, bringing school supply lists, new clothes and of course, a new parody music video from the Holderness family. Penn and Kim Holderness rewrote “Party Up (Up In Here)” by DMX to celebrate the end of summer,...Show More Summary

Video Captures Mom Delivering Her Own Baby At Hospital Entrance

U.K. mom Jessica Stubbins wanted to give birth to her second child at a hospital, and while that is technically what she did, it didn’t exactly pan out the way she’d planned. Jessica and her husband Tom rushed to the hospital when she went into labor on July 31. Show More Summary

In 'Stranger Things' And 'Little Men,' The Kids Are All Right

This summer, the best entertainment comes from an unlikely source: teen boys. Two remarkable new releases ? the debut season of Netflix’s “Stranger Things” and the movie “Little Men” ? make heroes of adolescent males who are wiser and more daring than their age implies. Show More Summary

Brad Paisley Reveals Sex Of Couple's Unborn Baby Onstage

When you’re pregnant and want to learn the sex of your unborn child, naturally the first thing you do is ask Brad Paisley to help you out. At least, that’s what this St. Louis couple did. During Paisley’s Sunday night concert at Hollywood...Show More Summary

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