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The People Pissed Off About This Santa-Less Amazon Christmas Ad Need to Chill

Today on People Are Mad About Something They Don't Really Need to Be Mad About: parents are up in arms over an Amazon UK Christmas ad that doesn't feature the big man in red. Rather, a bearded dad is pictured carrying loads of Amazon boxes sneakily through his house to avoid his kids seeing the loot. Show More Summary

Get Ready to Bow Down to This HS Principal Who Jumped Into a Step Team Performance

Dr. Donna "Mickey" Reynolds may be the new principal over at Lake Mary High School, but she's already fitting in with the teenagers swimmingly. In a viral video posted to YouTube of the school's step team, Unity Revolution, performing...Show More Summary

Emotional Olympics Ad Will Make Your Mama Bear Instincts Flare Up Something Fierce

Being a kid can be hard, and no one feels the pain of a child being picked on or struggling in the face of adversity more than that child's mom, who sees their child in the purest, most loving light. In an emotional ad for the Winter...Show More Summary

Creative Prompt for Kids - Start with a Video Clip

by Susan Stephenson, For any writer, young or old, thinking up an idea for a creative project can sometimes be the hardest part. That’s why I like to find a range of prompts that might get kids started. You can link through to my whole creative prompt series via the list embedded underneath this article. Show More Summary

Burger King's Eye-Opening Bullying PSA Will Make You Surprisingly Emotional

I never thought I'd be left wiping a single tear from my face after watching a Burger King commercial, and yet, here I am doing just that. The fast-food chain just released a (somewhat unexpected) PSA about bullying, and it's surprisingly...Show More Summary

Ten Animals with Interesting Names

Here are ten interestingly named animals to start the week: Canuck, crow. He was hand-raised in Vancouver, Canada, and his ongoing crazy behavior is being chronicled via Facebook, naturally. John L Sullivan, elephant. He was a circus elephant trained to “box” (standing on hind legs and wearing boxing gloves). He was named for boxing’s first […]

1 Family Had an Epic Gender Reveal For Their 11th Baby - Yes, You Read That Right

Malinda and Erik, a couple from Australia with 10 children, decided to put their brood to work when it came time to reveal the gender of their 11th child with a boys vs. girls water-gun fight. They shared the fun news on their YouTube channel Yes, They Are All Ours. As soon as Erik shouts, "You're gonna shoot each other. Show More Summary

5 Easy Halloween Face-Painting Ideas for Kids You Can Actually Pull Off

Post by Genny Glassman. Olga's Face & Body Paint/YouTube With Halloween around the corner, you might be racking your brain for great costume ideas. You want something creative, yet cute -- and definitely something that will make for a great family photo. Show More Summary

Sterling K. Brown Talking About "the Love of a Child" and Fatherhood Will Melt You

As the lovable family guy on This Is Us, Sterling K. Brown's character melts our hearts episode after episode. Randall and Beth's adorable marriage only got stronger as his character developed through the first season, and ahead of the...Show More Summary

This Capri Sun Commercial Proves That John Legend Is Low-Key Hysterical

John Legend is known for many things: his angelic voice, serious piano skills, and picture-perfect family. Now you can add comedy to the list, thanks to a hilarious commercial the star recently did for Capri Sun in which he pranks aShow More Summary

Edit Your Life Ep. 91: Taking a Stand Against Hate

Christine and I share our personal reactions to Charlottesville, plus offer 7 suggestions for how you can take a stand against hate.

1 Mom Fired Back at Mommy-Shamers Who Said Her Instagram Photo Was "Wrong on So Many Levels"

A post shared by Stacey Solomon (@staceysolomon) on Mar 26, 2017 at 12:04pm PDT British reality star Stacey Solomon is firing back at mommy-shamers who criticized her for taking a bath with her two sons back in March. She faced the backlash...Show More Summary

Mayim Bialik Explains Why Spanking Kids "Makes No Sense" in This Epic Video

Mayim Bialik came armed with six straight minutes of scientific facts when she made a YouTube video on why spanking your kids is a really bad idea. The Big Bang Theory star explains that just because hitting your kid has been widelyShow More Summary

Always's Latest #LikeAGirl Ad Encourages Girls to "Keep Failing"

Always is back at it again, churning out another inspirational ad that target girls - especially those who are going through puberty. And the company's latest creation for its #LikeAGirl campaign on why young women shouldn't be afraid...Show More Summary

Raised Without Gender Should Be Required Viewing for Every Parent

As the discussion about people who identify as something other than their sex assigned at birth is becoming more common, VICE examined the issue in a video that's generating a lot of buzz. Raised Without Gender tackles this worldwide...Show More Summary

Moms Talking About New Mom-Friend "Dates" Will Have You Laughing in Agreement

Making new mom-friends is more of a struggle than any women could have ever imagined before having children. I mean, you see a woman with her kid and you're with your kid, how hard should it realistically be to strike up a conversation...Show More Summary

Hiking and Trail Blazing: A Memorable First Overnight Family Trip

Hiking and Trail Blazing: A Memorable First Overnight Family Trip Recently I decided to induct my little family into the world of overnight hiking. During my teens I did quite a lot of hiking, which to be honest, I didn’t continue into my early 20s. But, now that my children are getting older, I’ve been […]

We Can't Help But LOL at This Toddler's Hilariously Incoherent Wedding "Toast"

If there were an actual award for the cutest wedding toast in the history of the world, all our votes would be for one little girl who's now going viral for hers. In a clip shared by America's Funniest Home Videos, a cute-as-can-be toddler steals the show by giving a toast that's sure to put the biggest darn smile on your face. Show More Summary

I Fcking Forgot to Teach My Kids How to Tie Their Shoes

Parenting is a lot of work, a constant struggle to stay on top of day-to-day responsibilities while keeping focused on the big picture. Inevitably, things are going to fall through the cracks. Our kids might just suffer a broken bone...Show More Summary

Haven't Had the Masturbation Talk Yet? Watch These Parents Awkwardly Attempt It

The "masturbation talk" is an inevitable and uncomfortable one that many moms and dads dread. That awkward milestone is addressed in a new video that asked parents to discuss the topic with their children and allow them to ask any questions...Show More Summary

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