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How Kristen Bell Is Trying To Protect The Environment In The Age Of Trump

As I rode an elevator up to a midtown hotel suite I could never afford to stay in for an interview with Kristen Bell about her green lifestyle, a news alert buzzed on my phone. President Donald Trump’s administration had approved the...Show More Summary

Video of Boy Driving His 5 Puppies Around Is What You Need to See Today

Holy cuteness, Batman. This video of a little boy chauffeuring his five pug puppies around on his bike is just too much. Sitting atop his bike (complete with training wheels), the young boy starts pedaling away with one puppy in hisShow More Summary

Loni Love Shares Why Having Miscarriage Made Her Decide Not To Have Children

Comedian and talk show host Loni Love opened up about her miscarriage during a particularly poignant moment on “The Real” this week. During Tuesday’s episode of the panel show, Love and her co-hosts ? Tamera Mowry-Housley, Adrienne Bailon, and Jeannie Mai ? talked about late periods and pregnancy scares. Show More Summary

Video Nails Why Parenting Is Basically Like Living In A Horror Film

Raising small children is a lot like a scary movie. There’s an underlying sense of fear at all times, creepy little humans often appear out of nowhere and potentially life-threatening danger lurks behind every corner. The newest video from the mom comedy trio, The BreakWomb, brings this analogy to life. Show More Summary

Dad Re-Creates Rocky With His Baby to Prep For a Battle With Her Sister

Quinn Vs Kin from Bret on Vimeo. Moms learn very quickly that once they have more than one kid, their title goes from "parent" to "referee." Bret Dale first learned this when his older daughter Izzy stole a teddy bear from her younger sister, Quinn. Show More Summary

This Dad's Genius Hack to Stop His Baby's Crying Is Going Viral

One clever dad is going viral thanks to his genius baby hack: stopping his son's crying using one of Mom's dirty shirts. Arshad Ali posted the magical video footage to YouTube to spread the wealth to other sleep-deprived parents with inconsolable babies. Show More Summary

It's Time to Talk About the Worst Kind of Breastfeeding Shaming Moms Experience

The Shame of the Nursing Mother When I asked local mothers to share stories of them being shamed by family and friends as nursing mothers the responses flew in. It became obvious to me that we cannot address public breastfeeding until...Show More Summary

Celebrate a Single Parent Today by Crying Your Eyes Out Over This Video

"Everyone knows about Mother's Day and Father's Day... even National Pizza Day. But nobody knows about Single Parent's Day." So starts a sweet tribute from Angel Soft honoring single parents that is totally going to make you bawl your eyes out. Show More Summary

This Tribute To Single Parents Just Might Make You Cry

We’re all familiar with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, but did you know there’s also a National Single Parent Day? In 1984, President Ronald Reagan officially designated March 21 as a day of acknowledgement for the hard work of single...Show More Summary

'Katrina Girl' Inspired To Join The Military 12 Years After Sergeant Rescued Her

In a rare joyous moment amid the pure dismay of Hurricane Katrina, an Air Force pararescuer saved a 3-year-old girl and her family from the floods in 2005. After the rescue, the little girl gave the man a huge hug that was captured in an iconic photo. The moment left a lasting impact on both LaShay Brown and Master Sgt. Show More Summary

Michelle Obama Gives 'MasterChef Junior' Winner A Recipe For Life

When it comes to reaching kids, the former first lady still reigns. On Thursday’s pretaped episode of “MasterChef Junior,” Justise Mayberry triumphed in guest star Michelle Obama’s cooking challenge by making pan-seared shrimp with vegetables...Show More Summary

Raw Video Captures the Universal Emotions of Becoming a Parent

There are few moments in life that elicit more emotion than the moment you become a parent. In an intimate black and white video called "The Big One," real parents share the exact minute their child was born, which is followed by raw...Show More Summary

6-Year-Old In Princess Dress Plays Drums Like A Rock God On 'Little Big Shots'

Keep wearing the tiara, kid, because you might be rock ‘n’ roll royalty someday. Eduarda Henklein of Brazil slayed, not just played, the drums on “Little Big Shots” that aired Sunday night. The 6-year-old already has a drummer’s swagger. Show More Summary

#NotTheNanny: A Very Good Lesson In How Bias Works

Earlier this week, a video of children interrupting a man’s BBC interview made its rounds on the Internet. In the video, the man stays more or less composed as an interviewer explains, “I think one of your children has just walked in.”...Show More Summary

Watch 5-Year-Old Ari Find Out He's Getting A New Heart

We have some dust in our eyes. Like a lot of dust. Meet 5-year-old Ari Schultz. He was diagnosed with critical aortic stenosis when he was still in the womb. “This meant if we didn’t intervene before he was born he would have only a two chamber heart,” his family wrote on a website for Ari. Show More Summary

This Pregnant Woman Spoofing "April the Giraffe" to Induce Labor Has Gone Insanely Viral

Original post: Pregnant women will do some pretty hilarious things to help induce labor - some women dance to Justin Timberlake, while others channel their inner giraffe. Meet Erin Dietrich: she's 39 weeks pregnant and she's ready to do the damn thing. Show More Summary

Forward Into the Future: Stories and Activities to Celebrate Women’s History Month with Young Readers

This article was written by Melissa Taylor for Brightly. Help bring Women’s History Month to life by teaching your 5- to 8-year-old child about some amazing women from history and today. For each person of significance, read a picture book and try the related activity ideas. Show More Summary

This Seemingly Silly Video of "Things Guys Don't Talk About" Has a Powerful Ending

The World Health Organization estimates that over 800,000 people commit suicide every year, leaving millions of others affected in some way as a result. Of those people, the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention reports that the...Show More Summary

Watch This Toddler Discover Her Shadow And Promptly Freak Out

Perhaps one of the earliest existential experiences in life is the discovery of your own shadow. Clearly that revelation was too much for this toddler to handle. YouTube user Solomon Underwood posted a video of his 2-year-old niece noticing...Show More Summary

Rejected! Youth Basketball Coach Appears To Block Own Player's Shot In A Game

How many grownups out there have swatted away a small child’s shot in driveway basketball just for the heck of it? Probably more of you than you care to admit. Now how many of you have coached a kids’ team and sprinted on to the court to block one of your own player’s shots in a regulation game? That’s what makes this clip so, um, special. Show More Summary

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