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Taking Your Children To Disney For "Vacation": Part 1

My husband and I had previously avoided Disney World like the plague. Neither of us had ever been there as children so we had no attachment to the place. I come from a family of horrible snobs (who are about as much fun at parties as you would imagine) who looked down on such bourgeoisie, mainstream vacation destinations as Disney World. Show More Summary

You'll Never Guess What Song Ryan Reynolds Played While Blake Lively Gave Birth

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds had their first baby, James, just over a year ago, and the two have been adjusting to parenthood like champs. Ryan appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers and dished about what it was like in the labor room. Show More Summary

Ryan Reynolds' Post-Birth Advice Is Awesomely Spot-On

During his Wednesday night appearance on "Late Night with Seth Meyers," Ryan Reynolds shared some personal details about the birth of his daughter James and his experience with fatherhood so far. While his wife Blake Lively was in labor, the actor chose to play "Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye, he said. Show More Summary

The Real Mom News Show: Episode 4

What if there was a news show that covered stuff moms really care about? Like irritating husbands and insufferable sanctimommies? Well, now there is! In this week's episode of The Real Mom News Show, we tackle: Valentine's Day Dad'sShow More Summary

Hey Dads! Valentine's Day is Super-Important

Hey Busy Dads! It is important to set aside a day to emphasize romance with your wife and role model positive expressions of love to your kids. Photo credit: Happy Valentine's Day to all the wives, moms and women out there. Show More Summary

66 Real Thoughts Every Loving Mother Has When Her Child Is Sick

Image Source: YouTube user Marc de Graauw While it no doubt tears you up to see your precious child sniffling and coughing their way through their Winter cold, any sane mom knows that you can't get through a flu season without a sarcastic thought or two regarding your child's inability to sneeze into a tissue. Show More Summary

Sesame Street Was Ahead of Its Time When It Came to Public Breastfeeding

While public breastfeeding continues to make headlines, a 39-year-old clip of a woman nursing her baby on Sesame Street is making the rounds and reminding us just how natural the act really is and how it always has been. In the clip,...Show More Summary

This Hilarious Shawn Mendes "Stitches" Parody Is Every Mom Dealing With the Stress of Classroom Valentines

Though we hate to admit it, with school-age kids, Valentine's Day isn't about us anymore, it's all about them - and the Valentines we seem to be putting together for them at midnight before the class party. Because for some reason, no...Show More Summary

This Dad Found the Secret to Getting His Child Asleep in Seconds

Even after bath time, fresh pajamas, a story, and a goodnight kiss, some kids just can't fall asleep right away - especially babies. To combat the issue, one dad - who runs a YouTube channel called BeardedPiano - took to his keyboard, strapped his son into a carrier, and began to play the famous Brahms Lullaby. Show More Summary

Man Caring For Mom With Alzheimer's Leaves Hillary Clinton Choked Up

Hillary Clinton was on the verge of tears when she met a man caring for his 84-year-old mother with Alzheimer's disease backstage at a campaign event in Manchester, New Hampshire. Clinton's campaign posted a video of the man, who only...Show More Summary

Here's What Happens When You Attach a GoPro to Your Kid and Then Play Hide-and-Seek

Hide-and-seek is an age-old children's game, but even the classic can get a technological upgrade. Thanks to this family's clever idea of attaching a GoPro camera to their toddler's head during a round of hide-and-seek, we can all finally...Show More Summary

An Important Meditation For Anyone Who's Too Hard On Themselves

You are a person, and being a person is hard. You want to do everything perfectly, but sometimes forces outside of your control become obstacles that prevent you from doing so.  Breathe. Remind yourself that you are not your achievements. Show More Summary

Boy Dancing To Justin Bieber Makes Us 'Sorry' We Can’t Slay Like Him

If you have ears and live on planet Earth, you've heard Justin Bieber's "Sorry." And you know it's a song that begs to be danced to. For most of us, that means sad shimmying from behind the wheel. For John Phillip Bughaw, aka Balang,...Show More Summary

This Dad Is Teaching His Daughter To Crawl With A Special Soundtrack

Los Angeles dad Aaron White is teaching his precious baby girl how to crawl. And with catchy lyrics and beatbox, it's clear the daddy-daughter duo is having a lot of fun in the process. White, a poet and at-risk youth advocate, posted...Show More Summary

New Video Series Puts Unfiltered Side Of Motherhood On Display

  A new series from Scary Mommy features moms talking about the best and worst parts of motherhood -- hilarity, rants and all. For comedian Judy Gold, the emphasis is on the comedy. A Web series called "Motherf&@!ng Motherhood" showcases moms opening up about their parenting styles and offering advice to fellow parents. Show More Summary

If You Want To Fk With Gwyneth Paltrow, You Better Bring Your A-Game

Haters gonna hate hate hate, but that won't stop Gwyneth Paltrow. The Oscar winner covers Glamour's March issue and has a message for all her critics: "I know who I am, and I own my mistakes." (She's talking about "Sky Captain and the...Show More Summary

Parents: You CAN Make That Awesome Doll Cake!

Like so many other parents that have come before us, our little girls love princesses. Lately it has been Sophia the First. My husband probably didn't think when he was 23 that by the time he was 33 he would know all the plot lines for every episode of this show and actually requesting new episodes be created. Show More Summary

Toying Around With Inclusion: The New Barbies and Legos

Last week, my news feed blew up with "Yay! Progress!" posts, all centered on the release of new toys by Lego and Barbie. Barbie unveiled "curvy, petite and tall" versions of their traditional doll and new options in skin tones, facial features, and hairstyles. Show More Summary

Parenting Tip-off for the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday is February 7th, and the countdown is on, including the hype about whose ads will land in those coveted few top spots. Last year's Super Bowl ads provided a strange brew of messages when it came to girls and women.Show More Summary

This Indian Wedding Was Shot On An iPhone And The Pics Speak For Themselves

For years, photographer Sephi Bergerson had this crazy idea: to shoot an entire wedding with just an iPhone.  When the iPhone 6s Plus came out, the technology was finally advanced enough to go ahead with it. The hard part? Finding a couple willing to go along with his plan. Show More Summary

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