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The Trailer For Leap! Will Make You and Your Kids Get Up and Dance

If you and your kids are prone to spontaneous dance parties, you're going to love the look of a new animated movie slated to hit theaters in late August. Following the story of a young orphan girl named Félicie (voiced by Elle Fanning)...Show More Summary

Audi's Ad With a Dad Contemplating His Daughter's Worth Will Give You Chills

"What do I tell my daughter?" begins the voice-over in a touching Super Bowl commercial that Audi just debuted. The ad, titled "Daughter," features a fearless young girl competing in a downhill cart race while her father contemplates her future as he narrates. Show More Summary

Parents of 10-Year-Old Who Lost Her Life to Asthma Speak Out in Warning

Olivia Hope Dennis, an active girl who loved gymnastics, was 10 years old when her mom found her on all fours on her bed, her breathing labored, before she passed out in her father's arms and died from a fatal asthma attack. In the four...Show More Summary

This Yoplait Ad Geared Toward Moms Who "Fail" Deserves Applause

Chances are, if you stopped breastfeeding "too early," wore yoga pants to a restaurant, or bribed your kids to do their chores this week (and every week before it), you will have gotten judged in one way or another by someone, somewhere, who thinks they can do a better job raising your kids than you. Show More Summary

He Thinks He's Doing a Taste Test, but She's Surprising Him With an Epic Pregnancy Announcement!

When Cory Williams's wife asked him to take part in a live taste test, he didn't even flinch - the popular YouTube star documents most of his life on video, after all. But when he was blindfolded and instructed to eat three different...Show More Summary

Very Extra 4-Year-Old Outshines Pre-K Class In 'Moana' Performance

Some 4-year-olds are destined to shine. Sophia Urquijo sang a show-stealing rendition of “How Far I’ll Go” from Disney’s animated film “Moana” during her preschool graduation ceremony in Miami earlier this month. As seen in the video...Show More Summary

Watch This Boy Learn He's Finally Going Home After 189 Days In The Hospital

Five-year-old Ari Schultz received a heart transplant in March. Last week, after 189 days in the hospital, he was finally able to go home. On March 3, Ari received a heart transplant. Echo of Hope, the site Ari’s family created to share...Show More Summary

Police Suspect Missing College Student Was Abducted

Authorities believe a young woman who disappeared near the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus was kidnapped. Yingying Zhang, 26, was last seen by the campus in Urbana on June 9. Surveillance video obtained by police shows...Show More Summary

5-Year-Old Finds Out He Can Go Home After 189 Days in the Hospital, Internet Weeps

Five-year-old Ari "Danger" Schultz has been a fighter since before he was born, when his 18-week ultrasound scan diagnosed him with "critical aortic stenosis and evolving hypoplastic left heart syndrome" - which meant he needed surgery...Show More Summary

The "Uptown Funk" Parody Made For Suburban Moms

This video was originally featured on MyLifeSuckers by Deva Dalporto, who is part of POPSUGAR Select Moms. You can subscribe to her YouTube channel here. The lure of more square footage, outdoor space, and kids safely riding their bikes around the neighborhood beckons many young families to leave the convenience of city life for the 'burbs. Show More Summary

Man Reveals Genius Way To Beat Any Kid At Hide And Seek

This guy has got it all figured out when it comes to hide and seek. In a new video, a man deploys the ultimate weapon while searching for a boy who’s hiding from him? a pretend fart sound. After hearing the fake flatulence, the concealed...Show More Summary

8 Ways To Be Kind To Other Parents -- And Raise Great Kids In The Process

Let’s face it, parenting is hard in the best of circumstances… and really, really tough in the worst. The lives of countless families – particularly those whose kids don’t follow the path the other 85 percent seem to do with ease – run counter to the social and mass media images of fabulous family-dom. Show More Summary

Dad Is Sent to Buy His Son a Lunchbox, but What He Comes Back With Instead Is Brilliant

Every parent knows how frustrating it is when your partner loses something that belongs to your child, but after losing his son's lunchbox one dad went above and beyond to replace it, and you have to see his wife's reaction. Mark Hoyle,...Show More Summary

My Paternity Leave Was Not Gratuitous

This Father’s Day, I’ll be thinking back to Thursday, March 16, the opening morning of March Madness. I’d always wanted to watch the games entirely from my couch, and this year, I finally did it. Or, at least, I kind of did it. WhatShow More Summary

You'll Know Where This Video Is Headed but Prepare to Cry Anyway

They say to always be nice because you never know what a person is going through on a given day, and is touching upon that sentiment just in time for Father's Day through an ad featuring a dad going through what seems...Show More Summary

Holy Sht, a Dad Got the Aftermath of His Daughter's Blowout on Video

Ain't no diaper like a blowout diaper, 'cause a blowout diaper is a clusterfck. This particular blowout, though, which was caught on video by dad Jarret Kramer, happened to coincide with a ride in the car, meaning that everything from the car seat to the baby's clothes and face were literally covered in sht. Show More Summary

The First Official Trailer For Olaf's Frozen Adventure Is Here!

Frozen fans of all ages, rejoice! You don't have to wait until the release of Frozen 2 in November of 2019 to get your fix. The official trailer for an all-new featurette, called Olaf's Frozen Adventure, was just released, and it's been...Show More Summary

Dad Interviews Daughter After Her First Days Of School For 12 Years

Every year after her first day of school, Mackenzie Scruggs sat down with her dad, Kevin, and answered a handful of questions. Now, those bonding moments have been turned into a sweet video. Kevin, a life coach and pastor in the Seattle...Show More Summary

10 Things You Need To Know Now That Julia Stiles Is Pregnant

Great news: 2000s teen queen Julia Stiles is expecting her first child. Thanks to “10 Things I Hate About You,” we all know that everything sounds way better in list form, especially if you’re publicly confessing your love to Heath Ledger in your high school English class. Show More Summary

Ellen Had A Huge Surprise For These Incredible Gay Dads

If there’s one thing that Ellen DeGeneres loves more than scaring the ever-living bejesus out of people, it’s rewarding them for doing good deeds. On Monday’s episode of “The Ellen Show,” DeGeneres welcomed Rob and Reece Scheer, from Darnestown, Maryland. Show More Summary

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