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Oct 17, What breed is this cat with blue and green eyes

This cat is following my friend, and I want to know its breed. Editor's note: What a beautiful cat! I would be honored to be followed around by this fine

Cute and Adorable Hamster Tricks – Climbing Stairs, Peeling & Eating Sunflower seeds, Dribble Ball)

Dear Friends, cute Adorable Hamsters Doing Various Tricks, Climbing Stairs (Obstacle Course Cleared !), Peel & Eat Sunflower seeds (A seed peeling machine), Dribble Ball (Soccer fan!) Invite You Subscribe to My Video Channel: … Read More

Your hamster bites ? Here is advice from a Hamster-whisperer :)

How to instantly calm & handle your biting hamster. P.S. He has a wheel which was out of view for filming.? He has a? rolling ball to move around every day in the sitting room. … Read More

California Bans Pet Shop Sales of Non-Rescue Animals

As Northen California deals with the aftermath of devastating wildfires, including the efforts to rescue pets in the affected regions, the state has made an incredible stride forward in stopping puppy mills. In a landmark decision, California...Show More Summary

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: EEGs Show They Learn When Z'ing

Non-invasive research looking at surface EEGs and sleep spindles shows dogs learn when they're sleeping. There were no age differences, but females do it better than males.

Life With Pets Episode 2: Tackling Behavioral Challenges

[podcast] In this episode Victoria talks canine aggression, separation anxiety and litterbox issues with Dr. Carlo Siracusa from Penn Vet. She also chats with Adam Carolla about his dog Phil, then welcomes Dr. Siracusa back to answer a listener question about excessive meowing. Show More Summary

It’s Global Cat Day!

I love the Global Cat Day slogan: Kindness for All Catkind To celebrate Global Cat Day, I’ve put together some of my favorite “sticking up for cats” posts. Feminism and cats What cats and women have in common: Both have … Continue reading ?

Clicker Trained Cat: 30 Amazing Cat Tricks

Article about Kitty: Circus Cat (follow pointed finger, pedestal, sit pretty) Roll over Touch a Target Stick Perchwork, Follow a Target Stick ’em up (sit up on back legs, paws up, stay) Go to a … Read More

Does Everybody Really Hate Possums? The Bandwagon Effect

New Zealand’s Threatened Species Ambassador claims "everybody hates possums." However, they don't. Making sweeping claims like this can generate hate even where it didn't exist.

Consciousness: How a Squishy Brain Connects to Make You, You

How do 90 billion neurons interconnect to produce a wide variety of experiences? Your Conscious Mind, a new book for a general audience, covers what we know about consciousness.

Teach a parrot to fly outside

This video shows how I trained my bird for flight outdoors. Your experiences will vary. DON’T DO THIS WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING THE RISK! is my article which goes over the basics of free flight with parrots. … Read More

The Love Lives On for Salem at a Long Island Farm Sanctuary Even Though She Has Been Missing for More Than Three Years

Salem at the Sanctuary's Country Store "Our love for Salem has no deadline. There is no statute of limitations on the worry or on our responsibility to do everything we can to locate our long-lost friend who was given no choice in the...Show More Summary

Dog with 6-Pound Tumor Gets a Second Chance at Life Thanks to Rescuers

On October 9, a year-old dog with a 6.4 pound tumor was brought to Gallatin County Animal Shelter in Sparta, Kentucky, with his owners asking for him to be euthanized rathen than get the medical care he so desperately needed. The staff...Show More Summary

Cat Affection Move: Scritches

The joy of scritches. Tristan likes them under the chin, Olwyn likes under her jaw up to the bottom of her ears, and RJ likes the top of the head. Our recovering feral, Mithy, finds scritches delightful. They are a … Continue readin...

Teaching a Horse to Lunge with Gentle Horse Trainer Missy Wryn Teaching a horse to lunge with Gentle Horse Trainer Missy Wryn Watch FREE the Training the Whole Horse video series in it’s entirety at MISSY’S...Show More Summary

Does Raising a Dog's Excitement Level Improve Performance?

Attempting to generate higher levels of motivation and excitement may be detrimental to the performance of some dogs based upon their personality or temperament.

Firestorms in California

September and October are blissful months for me now that I live in the mountains of western North Carolina. I am treated to a feast of color and the quality of the light and crispness of the air... Read More

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