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Sep 27, Bootsie, Tubby, Mama, Genma, Tofu, Taffy, and Emma

All of my cats were special in their own way. Bootsie was a tuxedo cat, my first cat in CA in 1969. She was pregnant and had 5 kittens in front of the

Dear Pammy, They won’t blend anymore!

A commenter writes: My cat Callie went missing for a week. Before then my cats lived happily (being sisters) since then my other cat Tricks is so mean to Callie. Chasing her around and the rest, I’d kept them separate, … Continue reading ?

Lost Dalmatian Finds His Way to a Fire Station

On September 20, the Hillsborough County Fire Rescue in Tampla, Fla. posted a Facebook thread that began, "A puppy walks in to a fire station..." While that may sound like the beginning of a joke, they weren't kidding. Around 2:30 that...Show More Summary

A Perch for My Peafowl

My flock of peafowl is growing and thriving here at my Bedford, New York farm. I now have two adult peacocks, three adult peahens, and several peachicks. Peafowl can [&hellip...

Matthieu Ricard's "A Plea For the Animals" is a Must Read

Matthieu Ricard's new book is one of the best in asking us to respect other animals and treat them with compassion. It is a game changer. It is indeed too late to be pessimistic.

Why Dogs Should NOT Eat ‘People Food’

“Love hurts,” or, in the case of feeding your dog “table food,” love can kill, slowly. We all want to show our pets how much we love them and help them to feel more a part of the family. So we slip them a little treat off our plate—but...Show More Summary

Who’s Your Momma?

Meet Colby. Colby was adopted by my friend Renee at about seven months of age. She came up from the south, parentage unknown. Renee was curious, and so sent off a DNA sample to the folks at Wisdom Panel® to see what they had to say about her heritage.             […]

Guidelines for Managing Cancer in Dogs and Cats

Given the ever-increasing incidence of cancer in our pets, it was a smart move for the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) to recruit a team of veterinary oncologists to draft the first ever “Oncology Guidelines for Dogs and... Read More

The Animal Welfare Act Claims Rats and Mice are not Animals

As the 50th anniversary of the Animal Welfare Act is celebrated let's restore rodents to the animal kingdom. Studies also show bad welfare is bad for animals and bad for science.

Blind Dog & his wonderful guide puppy are best friends!

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - The world as the dogs sees it. Friendship, quite like love, is often best exhibited sans hashtags or greeting cards. Take this blind Dog & his wonderful guide puppy for instance. Hoshi, an American Eskimo Dog, lost his vision due to glaucoma when he was 11. Show More Summary

When you see your dog absolutely everywhere

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - The world as the dogs sees it. Seeing animals in clouds, or a face in the moon or hope in the humdrum has always fascinated me. When you see your dog on clouds and closets… Pareidolia, it is. The imagined perception of a pattern where it does not actually exist. Show More Summary

This Is The Cutest Dog That Ever Stabbed Its Owner With A Knife

As Scooby-Doo might say, “Ruh-roh.” A dog in Hudson, Colorado, stabbed her owner with a paring knife. The injury to Celinda Haynes’ left forearm... Read more: Dogs, Animals in the News, Colorado, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Weird News News

Cruelly and Irresponsibly Abandoned at a Michigan Rest Stop, Milkie Is Saved by Staffers Who Did What His Derelict Owner Was Unwilling to Do

Milkie Recuperates in a Rest Stop Toilet "Unfortunately the family had to leave their beloved pet behind that day and continue their trip. As you can imagine, the family was heartbroken."-- Alyson Payne of the State of Michigan Welcome...Show More Summary

You see why this Bride chose Puppies Instead of Flowers

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - The world as the dogs sees it. Weddings. What do they remind you of ?silk, couture, food, decorations, flowers, rings… puppies? When dog lover Sarah Mallouk Crain began planning her wedding, she wanted it to reflect the love both she and her partner feel for animals. Show More Summary

Professor Renate Weller, noted for horse hoof research and imaging, in line for presidency of British Equine Veterinary Association

Professor Renate Weller of the Royal Veterinary College, London, will be president of the British Equine Veterinary Association in 2018, following results of an election held this year. (BEVA photo) The British Equine Veterinary Association...Show More Summary

Three Men Have Been Indicted in New York City Over ‘a Huge $4.5 Million Ivory Haul’

The haul allegedly comprised 126 articles of illegal ivory, including two pairs of whole tusks

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