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Omar the Maine Coon Could Be the World's Longest Cat

At about 3 feet 11 inches, Omar the Maine Coon is poised to be the longest cat in the world. The feline, who lives in Australia with his pet parent Stephanie Hirst, has become nothing short of an internet sensation thanks to his stunningly large stature. Show More Summary

FERRETS – Deafness

In this video of EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR PET we explain everything that refers to the ferret deafness and the tricks that will make their life better if you have one. Did you know that deafness is … Read More

Crowdfunding Your Pet's Care

Modern veterinary care is expensive. Owners are demanding, and veterinarians are increasingly able to provide a higher standard of care than they used to, and costs have risen as a result. Pet insurance and a savings account specifically...Show More Summary

Canine Social Cognition – What Do We Know?

In March I wrote a review of James Serpell’s 2nd edition of  The Domestic Dog: Its Evolution, Behavior and Interactions with People.  In the review I said “This chapter [on social cognition] is the ultimate updated resource on social cognition in dogs, and is practically worth the price of the book.” I’ve been reading through […]

Support for Cancer Patients Using Herbs and Supplements

  It’s estimated that 80 percent of people with cancer take herbs and/or supplements as part of their treatment regimen. This trend has extended to animals- more and more people are administering these products to pets diagnosed with... Read More

Clinton Anderson: Fundamentals on the Trail, Part 1 – Downunder Horsemanship

Horse trainer Clinton Anderson explains how to train a horse to be a safe, willing and confident trail partner. Subscribe to our channel Learn more about Clinton’s approach to horsemanship and the Downunder Horsemanship Method … Read More

Goofing Off: Psychological & Physical Benefits of Having Fun

Playing for the hell of it, simply because it's fun, is very important to do. Nonhuman animals do it with great vigor and joy, and so too should human animals. It's good for all.

A Special Opportunity to Help Shelters (Time Limited!)

Do you take the time to write down what you are grateful for on a regular basis? I’ve been doing it for years, and I can attest that it’s one of the most constructive things I’ve ever done. Far beyond a superficial exercise, it can help to repair a broken psyche, or, in some cases, […]

What cat friendships look like

Cat friendships look a lot like this: Our human friendships often take a different form than the way cats express closeness. This can lead to confusion when we try to evaluate how well our cats are meshing. To me, as … Continue reading ?

Is It Normal to Talk to Pets?

I talk to my dog. I also talk to all the other dogs at the dog park. I may not be a “normal” person in all respects, but I don’t think this is one of my questionable character traits. I think it’s totally normal to talk to animals—and not just to ask if they want to play fetch. From the time I was a little kid, I talked to my dog. Show More Summary

Dominance in Free-Ranging Dogs: Age and Social Tolerance

A detailed study of five packs of unowned free-ranging mixed-breed dogs in different areas of Italy shows they form age-graded linear dominance hierarchies with little fighting.

How Important Is Your Dog in Your Family and Social Life?

New data shows just how significant a part of our social and family lives our dogs have become.

Churchill Is Covered in Paint and Burned in the Neck by a Gang of Juveniles in Yet Still Another Outrageous Assault Upon a Defenseless Cat in Reading

Churchill and His Horribly Burned Neck "The closer she (the Good Samaritan) got, she saw the cat was spray-painted purple and saw an injury on its neck. It was a very open wound."-- Nan Parks of the Animal Rescue League of Berks CountyIt...Show More Summary

China to Ban Sale of Dog Meat at Controversial Yulin Festival

In a huge win for animal rights activists, the sale of dog meat will be banned at the controversial Yulin Festival in China this year. According to the South China Morning Post, the ban will go into effect a week prior to the festival’s June 21 opening. Show More Summary

Amazing Horse Tricks – Great Horse Games, Tricks & Fun with a Girl – Train your horse with fun

Amazing Horse Tricks – Great Horse Games, Tricks & Fun with a Girl – Train your horse with fun This video is showing you Great Horse Games Trick Training & Fun. How to train your horse … Read More

May 17, Jasper "Beans" Johnson

Jasper was the absolute love of my life. Originally, when I first got him, I was told he was a female, so I named him Sabrina. One of my roommates at

May 17, 6 year old Ragdoll poops outside the litter box

In past 2 months, our female Ragdoll has begun pooping outside her litter box. We have 2 litter boxes for her, on different floors of the house. Initially

Dogs Growl Honestly and Women Understand Better Than Men

A new study shows humans can classify dog growls and women do it better than men. Dogs honestly communicate their size and emotions in serious contests but less so during play.

Even Vegans Die: Leaving a Legacy of Caring and Compassion

A new book called "Even Vegans Die" is a valuable guide for animal advocates. It empowers people to make the best decisions regarding their own health and advocacy for animals.

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