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You Won't Believe This Dog: He's a Pit Bull-Dachshund Mix

A couple of days ago, the Moultrie Colquitt County Humane Society in Georgia dropped a bomb on its Facebook page: A Pit Bull-Dachshund mix, with a face that screams "bad-ass wiener dog coming through, folks." Look at this incredibleShow More Summary

Best Bunny Trick (No Training Required)

Mind control your rabbit’s ears in this best tric […]

How to Stop a rabbit from biting

Biting stop. » Inline Ad Purchase:  Int […]

Caturday Night Texting

Of course, you can’t actually text your cat. Or maybe…you can. Maybe they’re just…ignoring you. (BuzzFeed Animals : feature photo from Flickr.)Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: caturday night, kittehs

We Know Who THIS Guy Is Pulling For

The Seattle Aquarium is at it again! Last year they brought us Marshawn Pinch, named after the star Seahawks player Marshawn Lynch. This season, Harbor Seals Barney, Siku and Q (no, we don’t know who is who- no jersey numbers) are getting fired up for tomorrow’s Super Bowl. [Note: In the interest of fair coverage, […]

Invasive "Rat Research" Should be Abolished Once and for All

Despite the fact that the federal Animal Welfare Act in the U. S. does not consider rats of the genus Rattus, and mice of the genus Mus, to be animals -- no kidding -- they surely are, and they should be protected from harm and suffering incurred in invasive and abusive research. In fact, to get this most-needed discussion going, I and others call for abolishing their use.

Who Do Ya Like Tomorrow, Kodi?

Kodi The Kitteh makes his choice for the winner of The Big Game between the Seahawks and Patriots in this totally unscientific absolutely-guaranteed-to-make-you-a-zillion-dollars -if-you-bet-the-house-on-it video. Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: kittehs

Caturday: Yes, Those Are Wine Glasses

No, we don’t know why they are there. It’s Japan. Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Caturday, Shiro & Friends, The Big J

I Got No Strings on Me

“I mean, everyday it’s just the same old routine: Climb down the tree, forage for nuts, climb up the tree, go to sleep, do it again. And I ask myself, is that all there is? Do I get any choice here? How about you; you ever get that feeling you weren’t in control of your own […]

That Pesky Photoshop!

This horse is owned by Roseanne Rodgers but she wants to remind you: Right someone photoshopped your horse stuck in the mud.  I get it they are after you.  Trying to make you look bad.  Sure the camera angle is what makes it appear this horse is stuck UP TO ITS TORSO IN MUD!  But […] The post That Pesky Photoshop! appeared first on Fugly Blog.

Killing Tigers For Money and Protecting the Wild

Two new books are essential reads for anyone who's interested in how we are negatively affecting other animals and their homes. The first, called "Blood of the Tiger," exposes the conspiracy and greed that continues to impede saving these magnificent animals, and the second, called "Protecting the Wild," implores us to rewild and to enlarge and connect protected areas.

Warning: U Might Not Be Able To Deal With This

Got this note late Friday afternoon from Daniel C. “These aren’t real cats, sadly, but this should be worth a slot in your Caturday lineup. ????????? – MitchiriNeko March – Cute cat characters in a marching band!” This. Is. Nuts. Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Caturday, Prolly an Encore Presentayshe but I can't find it, The […]

Caturday: And WHY Do We Climb The Tallest Mountain?

Because it’s there. Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Caturday, Hoomin Interaction

Caturday: Don’t Be Coy Koi…

..when it comes to making friends! Take Timo here, for example. He just leans right in for a little Interspecies Snorgling! Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Fishes, Interspecies Snorgling, Interspecies Staring Contest, Timo

"Let's just stay in today and Snuggle"

"Ok, I don't need much convincing." :) These adorable buns are Milo and Otis, a bonded pair up for adoption with the House Rabbit Network in Woburn, MA. Read more about them on their Petfinder page here. Good luck buns!...

#DeflateGate: The Real Story

The Super Bowl is less than 48 hours away. As you probably know, there’s been a lot of HOO HA in the news about footballs being deflated in the Patriots/Colts game a couple of weeks ago. Now, one investigative reporter has discovered that the scandal is far deeper derpier than anyone imagined…. (See the SPCA […]

Game, Set And Match: Georges!

Last June, we showed you Georges The Golden Retriever all cranked up watching tennis…and soccer..and the NFL..and the NHL. Well, the tennis Australian Open finals are this weekend- and as you might expect, Georges is quite happy about that. Think he’s pulling for Maria Sharapova. (The Women’s Final is Saturday morning at 3am ET, zzzzz.) […]

Blacksmith Buddy Junior: The New Hoofcare Education Tool for Teaching, Practice, and Demonstrations

                             Sponsored Post from Blacksmith Buddy                                        Practice makes perfect...sense, when a new student practices on a Blacksmith Buddy or Buddy Junior. Even an experienced vet or farrier...Show More Summary

TGIF: Chloe/Poophead/Crazypants

“Chloe (aka, Miss Chloe, Poophead and Crazypants) is a 3-year-old ResQte from Protectors of Animals in East Hartford, CT. She came in with a litter of kittens and they all got adopted..but not poor Chloe. When I went to the shelter she was super friendly and adorable, so the choice was easy.” -Pix by me, […]

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