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I take back everything I’ve said about writing being fun and easy

There is nothing that will make you gain an appreciation for a creative process than attempting to do it yourself. You know, like those people who scoff at the museum and say, “A kid could do that!” and then go home and paint something absolutely horrid. Or those people who look on Pinterest or food blogs […]

Video: The Hammer of God: A Classic Blacksmith Detective Mystery, Courtesy of "Father Brown" on the Hoof Blog

In this mystery of riddles, a man lies dead in the churchyard. The blacksmith's hammer is found nearby. Surely he committed the murder. But not so fast... When you go to school to learn the craft of mystery plot writing, this is one of the stories that you study. Show More Summary

Side-Eye Spectacular!

“Our new English Setter pup, Renegade!” From Jenn C.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: puppehs, Side-Eye

Our first week with Rach!

As it always is when you bring a new puppy home, Mum didn't get a lot done that first week that Rach was with us. The funnest thing that happened is that Mum found out that Rach tilts his head when she whistles, see the photo? Too cute...Show More Summary

"Okay, I'm all tucked up and cozy..."

"You can snuggle me now!!" :) What a cute little face (and nose)! This is Kiki, and she is up for adoption with Vancouver Rabbit Rescue & Advocacy of Vancouver, B.C. She also has a heart-tugging little story, and adorable...

Doesn’t Get ANY Bettah Than THIS, People

“Bentley the mini dachshund from the UK. This is his happy face!” -Hannah M.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Doxie ACTION, puppehs

All Hail Princess Jean-Claude!

Does Princess Kate know about this little girl? “This is Jean-Claude wearing her souvenirs from the UK!” -Maggie D.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Turtle

and . . . Red Stands Up Cones

Red says that we had a lot of fun today, and he's right. We did 20 minutes of walking under saddle today - our second 20 minute session and our 6th ride since he's been back in work. Walking around in an arena for 20 minutes can be a bit of a bore, so before our ride, I'd set up some cones for us to use. Show More Summary

All Hail Prince Jean-Claude!

Do William and Harry know about this little guy? “This is Jean-Claude wearing her souvenirs from the UK!” -Maggie D.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Turtle

Face Crud, and Red Says "What About Me?"

If it's not one thing it's another. In the ever-ongoing veterinary saga that is my life with horses, both Pie and Dawn are currently battling a nasty case of what I refer to generically as "face crud". Both of them had a nasty fly bite...Show More Summary

What Do You Want For Dinner?

We just can’t begin to guess what’s on Belle’s mind. “This photo is of our Cavalier-Maltese. She is a real sweetheart but when food is around she goes a little nuts! We do feed her I promise. Thanks for all the laughter over the years.” -Sharon B-C (Western Australia)Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: puppeh, U Gonna […]

C.O. Rule Of Cuteness #42: CONFIRMED

We’ve been having a lot of Rules Action lately. (NOT that there’s ANYTHING wrong with that.) That said, how ’bout this photo from Dual-Sender-Inners Chris & Erin A.? “This is our Crazy Cute Corgi-Mix Sweeney,” he says. Rule #42: Ears that flop over a LEETLE BEET are cute. No question about it. Filed under: Uncategorized […]

We’ve All Heard About The Ice Bucket Challenge

It’s time to raise the bar a bit. With the EPIC FERRET BUCKET CHALLENGE. And Ammo The Doxie is ready to roll, too: Second video spotted on T.O.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: ferret, puppeh

Caught on Video: Starbucks Barista Kicks Out a Woman With a Service Dog

Starbucks has more than 13,000 stores around the United States, all serving the exact same thing the exact same way. You know its training manual has been honed to perfection, giving all employees precise instructions on how to dealShow More Summary

What Do Dogs Eat? EVERYTHING, According to These X-Rays

No matter how many kibbles, bits, or gourmet liver/chicken/beef treats the dog food industry comes up with, you know that it won't be enough to satisfy all our pets. Some dogs will always be convinced that they have to at least sample anything that will fit between their jaws and down their throats. Show More Summary

How to Keep Your Senior Cat Healthy

As my cat, Yoda, enters his senior years, it makes me sad to see the once vibrant kitten (who earned his name because he was so adorably ugly, with a giant head) start to slow down. He is now 13, an eighth grader at Colonel Meow Middle...Show More Summary

C.O.: Your Source for Green Cuteness

Dear readers: We are proud to announce that Cute Overload is now 100 percent powered by clean renewable energy. Thanks to an army of cats operating the revolutionary new KitTurbine™ 6300 Portable Energy Generation System (demonstrated below), our servers deliver Teh Qte without fossil fuels, nuclear power, or appeal to the Forces of Darkness. Filed under: Uncategorized […]

This Was the Best Sleepover Ever!

“(yawn) Good night, Stuffed Moose! Good night, Stuffed Possibly a Platypus! Good night, Little Orphan Slipper! See you guys in the morning!” “Our puppy crawled into the pillow and went to sleep,” says Flickerer Zigger_Dog.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Pups, Sleppy

Last Call To Advertise On Dog Art Today

The Archduke Leopold Wilhelm in his Gallery in Brussels by David Teniers the Younger, 1651 If you've been thinking of advertising on Dog Art Today, now is the time. Next year I will be taking a break from advertising here...

What My Cats Are Looking for in Our Next Apartment

Although I’ve enjoyed my first year in Seattle, in a bustling neighborhood near downtown, I have learned that there are some things I can live without. Beyond the exorbitant rents and the nearly impossible parking, I’ve reached my tolerance limit for some of the idiosyncrasies of my new home. Show More Summary

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