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Pigs at Fairs Gave More than a Dozen Children Swine Flu, CDC Says

The type of swine flu they contracted had not been previously seen in humans

What Dogs Do After Training Affects How Much They Remember

Data shows that adding a play session after training can improve a dogs memory and performance by 40%.

Lab Chimpanzees Headed To Sanctuary Despite Lobbying Efforts

A disturbing dispute is brewing over the retirement of laboratory chimpanzees to Chimp Haven because of resistance by the National Association for Biomedical Research.

Understanding Feral Cats and Urban Relocation Programs

Feral cats are some of the most misunderstood animals, particularly in urban landscapes. But these outdoor cats are a vitally important part of the world around them. The care of feral cats is a unique and important one, and now some...Show More Summary

For the Love of a Ball: Dogs as Conservation Biologists

Dogs have been a great benefit for helping conservation biologists and they enjoy the work. Here is an fascinating interview with Pete Coppolillo of Working Dogs for Conservation.

My sweetwater recipe Ever since I posted about this on my FB wall, I’ve gotten more requests for the recipe and have had a huge amount of positive feedback at every single ride I’ve...Show More Summary

Oct 26, 2 year old neutered male cat is peeing in the fireplace

I think it is because a previous cat who developed a bladder cancer previously left his scent there. (Cosmo is half of a bonded sibling pair and has no

Oct 25, Following loss of sibling, cat peeing all over house

Has anyone had experience with helping an old cat grieve over the loss of his sibling and starting to pee all over the house? We are 1 week into this

Oct 25, My 6 month old cat defecates on the leather sofa

My 6 month old kitten occasionally likes to defecate on my leather sofa. Most of the time she uses her litter box. I am using the Breeze system and pellets

Homo denialus: Mice Aren't Animals, Climate Change is Real

I recently had a disturbing conversation showing how we can deny anything we choose to oppose. Some who claim climate change is real deny the fact that mice and rats are animals.

Career Opportunity: New Arizona Equine Podiatry Center Seeks Farrier

Arizona Equine Medical & Surgical Centre seeks an American Farrier's Association certified JOURNEYMAN FARRIER  (or equivalent qualification) for our newly developed Arizona Equine Podiatry Center.    Arizona Equine is an established seven-doctor equine referral center in Gilbert, Arizona. Show More Summary

Evidence-Based Farriery: Plan to Attend Myhre Equine Clinic's 29th Annual Farrier/Veterinarian Conference with Dr. Andy Parks

It's that time of year: let's all drive to New Hampshire and enjoy the 29th Annual Myhre Equine Clinic Farrier/Veterinarian Conference in Rochester, New Hampshire. This article will include as many details as possible for you to make your plans. Hosted by Dr. Grant Myhre, the big two-day event will be held later this week, October 28-29. Andrew Parks MA, Vet MB,  MRCVS, Dip

Dear Pammy, How can I love more?

A commenter asks: my cat’s name is Treasure…Treasure has been with me since he was little, and was so playful and very interesting…there was another cat next door, who was very timid but they were friends. This other cat used … Continue reading ?

What do dogs dream about?

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - The world as the dogs sees it. Of the myriad questions that ramble through a dog lover’s mind, perhaps the most frequent is: ‘Do dogs dream?’ And if so, what do dogs dream about? Well, the science has answered, the dogs dream about YOU! “What we’ve basically found is that dogs dream doggy things. Show More Summary

The Internet Is Going Bonkers Over This Dog’s Luscious Locks

A Sydney man was shocked when he changed his Facebook profile photo to a picture of his Afghan hound and it went viral. The hound is Luke Kavanagh’s 5-year-old, recently retired, respected show dog named Tea.

Are You Smarter Than a Vet Student About Intestinal Parasites (Worms)?

Here’s an opportunity to test your knowledge about intestinal parasites. Be sure to send your responses to me your responses to me and I will enter your name into a book drawing. If selected you will receive a... Read More

Keeping “Retired” Dogs Busy

Mr. Willie is ten years old now, in spite of my incantations to the spirits to keep him eternally young. I’ve retired him from sheepdog competitions, which I’m sure was a good decision. But it also means that every day I walk back to the house after Maggie and I have a long training session, […]

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