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How Do Dogs Recognize Human Faces?

Data shows that the same area of the canine brain which recognizes the faces and expressions of dogs is also tuned to recognize human faces

Phoenix Zones: Where Strength Is Born and Resilience Lives

Hope Ferdowsian tells us about Phoenix Zones, sanctuaries where great care is given to creating peace, strength, and hope and where humans and nonhumans are treated with dignity.

Mar 6, Before You Buy the Cheapest Cat Litter: Is it as Cheap as You Think?

I tested the cheapest cat litter for 120 days, and it may not be as cheap as you think. Here's what happened, and what I learned from my experiment.

I Can't Stop Loving You So I'll Clone You to Keep You Around

The pricey cloning industry preys on our love for dogs, turning something beautiful into something ugly. We rarely here about the heavy price donor dogs pay to make more of them.

Mar 6, Koontucky Maine Coons

Koontucky Maine Coons have been breeding to preserve, protect and improve the Maine Coon since 1984. We are long standing Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers

Sniffing Dogs Have Expectations of What They're Looking For

Research shows that when dogs track a scent, they have future thoughts and expectations of what they'll find at the end of the trail, regardless of their education.

Virginia Farrier Travis Burns Elected American Farrier's Association President

American Farrier's Association Past President Donnie Perkinson passes the symbolic presidential gavel to incoming president Travis Burns at last week's AFA Convention in Reno, Nevada. Veterinary college farrier Travis Burns, CJF, TE, EE, FWCF of Virginia has been elected president of the American Farrier’s Association. Show More Summary

Choking Puppy Saved by Police Officers and Firefighters

When Megan Vitale rushed her 9-week-old Saint Bernard puppy, Bodhi, into the North Reading Police Department in Massachusetts on March 4, she feared for the worst. It looked as though her pup, who was choking on food and had gone lifeless,...Show More Summary

Mar 4, How to protect cat against dog attack?

Is a spiked collar a good way to protect my beloved Mystic Birman against a dog attack (Weimaraner in neighborhood)?

Larry and Harry Are Rescued Dogs and No Quirkier Than Yours

Dogs rescued from shelters, abusive homes, pet shops, and other situations have many redeeming qualities. They offer many wonderful lessons about the value of hard work and love.

Puppy's Eyes and Mouth Glued Shut in Disturbing Act of Animal Cruelty

A shocking discovery was made in late February in Wichita, Kansas: an 8-month-old puppy was abandoned by the side of the road with her eyes and mouth superglued shut. According to a Facebook post from rescue organization Beauties & Beasts,...Show More Summary

Mar 1, Roommate does not take care of cats

My current roommate has three cats, one litter box and had one food bowl when I first moved in with her. I quickly noticed that two cats were underfed

Malay Hunter-Gatherers Are Better Smellers Than Rice Farmers

A fascinating study of hunter-gatherers and rice farmers shows how cultural differences influence smell detection and the vocabulary that is used to refer to different odors.

Can we spoil the cat by spoiling the cat?

There are times when I share a funny story about my cats, and someone takes offense at how I treat them. How well I treat them. I like to spoil the beings I love. Despite the scorn of Cat Skeptics, … Continue reading ?

Why Chrissy Teigen's heartbreak over her dog's death is real

Losing an animal can be an extremely traumatic experience — a 2002 study found that the death of a pet is “just as devastating as the loss of a human significant other.”

How to potty train your cat

Wouldn’t it be heavenly if your cat took care of its business in the designated place? Cats are very smart animals and are capable of being potty trained easily. Watch this video to learn how you … Read More

Parrot ko Bolna Sekhana | HOW TO TRAIN YOUR BIRD TO SPEAK | video in URDU/Hindi Subtitled in English

Press CC on the player to open the English subtitle HOW TO TRAIN YOUR BIRD TO SPEAK? On viewers demand I’m making this video on parrot speaking training and hand taming. How to teach parrot … Read More

The Hunt for Runa's Sadistic Killer Takes an Unexpected and Bizarre Turn but, Owing to the Polizei's Refusal to Take the Case Seriously, an Arrest Remains a Long Shot

Runa and Jordana Rebmann in Happier Days "Die Wahrscheinlichkeit ist aber klein, dass der Fall aufgeklärt wird."-- Bernhard Graser von die Kantonspolizei AargauEven under the very best of circumstances the wheels of justice grind agonizingly slowly. Show More Summary

Fluffy Chicks at the Farm

We have a new flock of fluffy little chicks here at my Bedford, New York farm. I’ve been raising chickens for many years - not only do I [&hellip...

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