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A Primer on Canine Tetanus

Odds are really good that none of the dogs you’ll ever know will develop tetanus. So, why have I chosen to write about this disease? Blame it on Facebook (FB). For those of you who use FB, when... Read More

Why Your Vet Visit Costs So Much

All NewsNationalInternational Why Your Vet Visit Costs So Much By Jennifer Coates June 27, 2016 at 07:00AM / (0) comments Save to mypetMD It’s a never-ending refrain, “Why does veterinary care cost so much?” I get it. I’m not just a veterinarian but also an animal owner. Show More Summary

The World’s Ugliest Dog has been crowned and we’re in love

It’s that time of year again…you know, time for the annual World’s Ugliest Dog contest at the Sonoma-Marin County Fairgrounds in Petaluma, California….

Dogs in Crates, Gorillas in Cages: Woes of Captive Breeding

Dogs are wonderful metaphors for questions about what we do to other animals as they try to survive "the rage of humanity." If you won't do it to a dog, why do it to other animals?

The Psychology of Human-Nonhuman Selfies: Why the Epidemic?

Why do people want pictures of themselves with other animals that harm the animals? The "selfie phenomenon" is getting out of hand and according to some, is an epidemic.

This Oregon court cast just majorly changed the rights of pets — yes, pets

There are plenty of pet owners out there who love their furry friends more than they love most (if not all) humans….

One Basic Household Item You Need if You Have a Pet

I’ve teamed up with Clorox to bring you some pet health and safety tips for the summer. Over this week and the next I’ll be sharing some info on Facebook and Instagram about household germs and infectious disease prevention. Bottom line for me is, keep it simple! This post is sponsored by Clorox. “Simplify the problem […]

Is Your Pet Helping You in the Dating Market?

Your reaction to your own dog and your date's dog may determine how attractive you appear to a potential partner

Ariel Winter loves posing for this one kind of photo on Instagram

Ariel Winter’s Instagram game is strong. She’s one of the highlights of our feed! The actress posts pics from the Modern Family…

The State of North Carolina's Veterinary Division Is Covering Up a Savage Beating Dished Out to Cooper at the Rowan County Animal Shelter During the Course of a Microchipping Fiasco

Cooper's Mouth,Gums, and Teeth Were Left a Bloody Mess "I can't say what happened, but when he went back to get microchipped he was fine. He came back with a fractured jaw."-- Debbie OrbisonAnimal Control officers, shelters, and veterinarians...Show More Summary

A Pet Spa in Taiwan Is Giving Cats and Dogs Some Crazy Haircuts

Lee Mei-chen steps back after almost three hours of cut and craft to view her work, a teddy bear trimmed into the fur of a patient dog.

What You Should Know Before Adopting A Second Dog

Thinking of adopting a second dog? Here are six things to consider.

Apparently Cockroaches Have Personalities, Terrifying New Study Reveals

Anyone who has ever spied a cockroach in their kitchen may suspect that psychopath and sadist are among the character traits of these way-too-large brown insects. But you’d be wrong.

7 Questions Vets Wish You'd Ask Them About Your Pet

Here are the questions you should ask your vet the next time you bring your pet for a checkup.

Can Dog Activity Monitors Help You Both Get Fit? We Put Four to the Test

An activity tracker gives you that data, which gives you a more accurate idea of just how active your pup is. Related: Indoor Activities To Keep Your Pet Happy And Healthy During The Holdiays What’s the Best Activity Monitor for Your...Show More Summary

Girl Without Feet Finds Perfect Match In Dog Missing Paw

Ashley hopes her daughter will embrace her differences with the help of her new dog. “I always want Sapphy to know that everybody is different, and some of us are more obviously different,” Johnson said.

How Exercising With Your Dog Helps You Both

Of course, before you initiate your shared exercise regimen, visit your physician and take your pet to his veterinarian. For instance, you can switch from a 30-minute run to two shorter, low-impact 15-minute walks.

How Your Dog Knows If You’re Happy Or Not

Your dog is more perceptive than you thought, according to a new study.

The Best Personality For Being A Pet Parent

There's one personality type that probably makes the best pet owners, concludes the author of a recent study on pet-owners.

Grossest. Thing. Ever: New York City Rats Covered In Black Death Fleas

The latest plague to descend upon the people of New York City is one of Bubonic proportions.

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