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Dogs May Need to Rescue D.C. from Its Goose Poop Problem

The NPS wants to bring in border collies to harass the geese and get them to leave public areas

Do Orcas Go Crazy Because of Petting Pools and False Hopes?

Orcas who lived in petting pools show higher levels of aggression than other killer whales. This essay lays out the details of what is known about aggressive encounters and early experience. It is objectively clear that there is a correlation between “petting pool” history and significant later orca aggression. Now we need to know more about why this is so.

How a Quadruple Amputee Dog Is Walking Again after Losing Legs to Frostbite

The 2-year-old Rottweiler is believed to be only the second canine ever to have four prosthetic legs

Escapee Exotic Cat 'Boo' Allowed to Stay with Delaware Family

Boo scared his neighbors in 2014, when he escaped from his house and went missing for two weeks

New Species Discovered: “Caturtle”

Cuteologists are cheering the discovery of the “caturtle,” a feline/reptilian hybrid equipped with a tough outer shell and a fuzzy inner body. Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: GIF of the Week, No Kittehs to See Here, Turtles, Unusual Animals

Madrid Becomes a No-Kill City

Only a few months ago, the eyes of animal lovers around the world were on Madrid to see if it would euthanize the dog Excalibur after his owners were quarantined for ebola infection. Unfortunately for all, Excalibur was killed by government...Show More Summary

Update: Dog "Abandoned" at Gas Station Is Found and Up for Adoption

Last month, we told you about the dog who had been abandoned at a gas station and was seen chasing her owners, which led to this heartbreaking image that swept through social media: Share this image Well, it turns out the dog was not abandoned. Show More Summary

Serious Question: Should You Let Your Kids Walk Your Cat on a Leash?

This post is brought to you by: It's not uncommon to see children walking dogs, but how often do you see them with a cat on the end of a leash? Maybe never, for some of you. Some indoor cats don't enjoy spending time outside, so they might not even consider the prospect of wearing a harness and exploring the great outdoors. Show More Summary

One Of These Is Not Like The Others

[Now you guys hold still. EVERYONE gets a turn! Just quite yer’ squigglin,’ OK?] (Mashable.)Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: BFFs, Un-Matchingks

And Now, Elizabethan Reptile Theatre, with Your Host, Gaylord Smythe-Wattle

Good evening. We continue this week with The Travails of Hinky Binkydink, the ribald wanderings of a common chameleon. In tonight’s episode, our hero’s tongue becomes entangled in the wig of Lady Euphigenia Flacknell just as her husband returns home from fighting the Spanish Armada. Via ElectroDragon.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Lizards, Unusual Animals

New Bikke Pistachio Chomping ACTION!

Our new favorite Nutso Creature From Japan chows down on breakfast. Or maybe lunch. Could be dinner. Or a snack. Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Bikke The Munk, The Big J

New Video: How Mugumogu Keeps Her Floors Clean

Why buy those Swiffer™ cleaning supplies…when you can get His Roundness to dust the floor for you? (After he gets his Starbucks™ fix.) Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Maru

Headline THIS: “I Feel Like This Needs A Clever Caption”

That’s what Jenny S. in NYC wrote. She adds that the names of these two are Reddington and Ella- guess that’s Reddington on the left and Ella on the right? Anyways, think up your best header and put it in the Comments- we’ll update with the best one around 1pm PT! Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: […]


(Had another headline in mind but wanted to have a word with an Umlaut in there.) “My friend, Autumn, just got a new puppeh and gave me permission to send her prosh photos in. Her name is Sjöfn Skye, after the Norse goddess of affection/reconciliation. She is a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd and is 7 […]

Unbreeds: The Stealth Siamese Cat

We have three long-haired, big-boned Beta cats, and one long-limbed, short-haired Alpha cat. That’s because we didn’t choose Tristan. He was a foster we fell in love with. I adore Alphas, but they are tricky in our small space with … Continue reading ?

Meet Emerson, a Wheelchair Wizard of a Rescue Cat

Another week, another wheeling wonder. This time we salute Emerson, a 10-year-old cat who was found in a serious state after a case of suspected abuse from a former owner. Now he's on his way to recovery and living a relaxed life atShow More Summary

Rats, It’s Monday!

And….a hearty WAKE UP, EVERYBODY! Rats…it’s MONDAY! Who do we have here? “Hello there! I have definitely got the cutest pets ever!,” writes Alexandra T. “Their names are Pistachio and Cashew, they are 1 year old grey-faced and white-butted hooded Rattys. I am adding their best photos! :D Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: BFFs, Rats It's […]

Are Your Cat's Feet Producing an Unusual Odor?

If you spend time in online cat forums, you may have encountered fellow cat owners talking about intriguing scents associated with their feline friends. In my wanderings through these forums, one such occasional conversation regards smells associated with a cat's feet. Show More Summary

Lights Out

We say goodnight to all our peeps here at C.O., with a promise we’ll be back for more tomorrow morning- Rats, It’s Monday! (Already.) We get a new video from Bikke The Maniac ‘Munk, Headline THIS!, and…..we find out how Mugumogu keeps her floors clean! Seriously. Now- you’re feeling verrrry sleeeepy. Or sleppy, as the […]

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