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Syrian hamster taming and training exercise

Like most hamsters, Nibbles needed to be tamed. We have come a long way from the flighty hamster I adopted months ago. Now she has no fear and comes right to me. Nibbles was sick and … Read More

Dec 13, Leaving my cats for a week with no heat

My bf and I are leaving for 9 days. I have a sitter coming every other day to replace waters, replenish food, and scoop boxes. But I can't leave the heat

Canine Cancer Genome Project Gets $1 Million in Funding for Research

The Animal Cancer Foundation (ACF), a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding novel treatment therapies and eventual cures for cancer, recently received a $1 million donation from the Blue Buffalo Foundation in support of its Canine Cancer Genome Project. Show More Summary

“SIT” TUTORIAL – (updated) May 2nd 2015

UPDATED “SIT” TUTORIAL- 5/2/15 Once your cat learns to “sit” which can take 2-5 days to teach, then you’re ready for the next step, stay? down? spin 360? lots to teach. ALL it takes the right … Read More

How I Trained My Cats

?EQUIPMENT I use on my channel that you can buy online (Amazon affiliates links) ?Knife? Chef Knife: Sekimagoroku Gyuto ( Chef & Utility Knife: Zwilling twin fin ( ?Sharpening Stone? KING Japanese Sharpening Stone 1000/6000 ( … Read More

Cats getting us to do their bidding

We want our cats to learn how to get us to do things for them. We need to know what each of us need from the other. When we advance our ability to communicate, it means we can accomplish a … Continue reading ?

The First Domestication: How Wolves and Humans Coevolved

A new book argues that cooperation rather than competition between humans and wolves was important in wolves becoming dogs. The dumpster scavenging belief is dealt a serious blow.

Life With Pets, Episode 6: All About Pit Bulls

[podcast] In the sixth episode of petMD's Life With Pets, host Victoria Schade welcomes journalist and author Bronwen Dickey to talk about her book "Pit Bull: The Battle Over an American Icon." Fellow dog trainer and Pit Bull advocate...Show More Summary

Dear Friends

Dear friends, I want you to be the first to know that I am taking a sabbatical from writing my weekly blog posts. I will be embarking upon a couple of other projects that will consume my creative... Read More

Amid all the devastation, a box of kittens was rescued from raging California wildfires

While California wildfires ravage southern California, rescue workers found a bright spot when they rescued a box of kittens.

Giving Treats to Your Horse for Positive Reinforcement // Horse Training Tips

The value of using positive reinforcement to train your horse is unparalleled. I would even say that rewarding your horse in some way is even more important and powerful than correcting your horse. Positive reinforcement can … Read ...

Dec 9, Cat has never used litter box

This female cat was a kitten I kept when my other cat had babies. I kept all the kittens. This is the only one who has never used the litter box. She

Southern California Wildfires and Their Impact on Animals in the Region

The devastating wildfires in Southern California have burned more than 100,000 acres across the region, putting the lives of both people and animals at risk. As evacuations take place, authorities are urging pet parents to bring an emergency kit with the essentials. Show More Summary

How to Give Dogs the Best Lives Possible in a Human World

Researchers and trainers weigh in on how to make the world better for dogs. Repeated themes include letting dogs be dogs, knowing dog behavior, and using positive training.

The Abduction, Brutal Slaying, and Diabolical Mutilation of Runa Leaves Her Owner Devastated and Strikes Fear into the Hearts of All Cat Lovers Living in a Small Town in Switzerland

Runa "Wir denken alle immer an Runa. Das Schlimmste ist die Realisation, was passiert ist."-- Jordana RebmannRuna was a beautiful, three-year-old, gray-colored Norwegian Forest Cat with a sprinkling of British Shorthair blood mixed in...Show More Summary

8 Parrot Training Do’s & Don’ts | Parrot Training

Perfect Parrot Products Parrots Educational Chart Poster: Clicker for Parrot Trick Training: Parrot Training Perch Kit: Mini Shopping Cart for Bird Intelligence Training: Birdie Bowling Trick Training Prop: Parrot Leather Backpack: … Read More

How to tame a budgie easily !

due to high demand on budgie training video for the past year. Here’s the budgie taming video released to your finger tips!. This video is of own property and not to be copyright. Subscribe! Taming your … Read More

Rebooting Reverend Jim

Not all of Reverend Jim needs fixing, of course; most of him works great. But his digestive system needs some reprogramming. We tried steroids, but it made things worse. We had some luck with Flagyl (metronidazole,) which is an antibiotic … Continue reading ?

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