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Podcast Episode 3 - Alpaca Visit and Figure 8s

Episode 3 of Rose "Spins a Yarn" is live. This episode does a quick visit with the alpacas outside (the barn was too dark to get anything worthwhile to show), as well as how to tie your handspun (or any yarn) with figure 8 ties.

Podcast Episode 2 - WPI Meaning and PayItForward

Episode 2 is up. We discuss how to measure the thickness of your handspan yarn using WPI (Wraps Per Inch) as well as the amazing, generous giveaways from the yarn and fiber community with #payitforward As promised my WPI range.... IShow More Summary

Our first podcast!!!

Our first podcast. Rose "Spins a Yarn" EPISODE 1 - Fiber Prep

Fall Harvest in midMichigan

The soy beans that were in this field to the west of my farm were harvested yesterday. Today Matt is plowing the field. I'm always amazed at the way the sea gulls find and follow the plow looking for food. How do they know? And where do they come from? We don't even have big lakes here in the middle of the mitt. Show More Summary

Cold Rainy October

Poor Ivan! When I went to the barn this a.m., his door had blown shut, and he was stuck out in the rain for I don't know how long. The barn was pretty messy. The boy alpacas didn't want to go out into the rain, so left their pooh all over my new cement floor. Show More Summary

Golden Opportunity's Blue Ribbon

EEEHAW! Oppie's fleece sample got a blue in the Spin Off last weekend at the MIAF. A SpinOff contest is when the breeder submits 2 ounces of fiber, the alpaca's registration, and usually a picture to the Show. A judge evaluates the fleece, evaluates how it spins, and then evaluates the yarn. Show More Summary

End of Blog

I do believe that it's time to end my blogging phase. I haven't wanted to write for a few months now, and it looms in the back of my mind - thinking that I should. This has been an incredibly theraputic outlet for me, especially last year after Smitty died.But....I'm putting some closure on that part of my life and leaving a few of my favorite pictures behind.

Lady Belita is Sick and Down

Last night when I went out to do my evening feed, Belita was laying out flat on her side. Usually when the alpacas rest, they cush like the picture on the right. She didn't get up to eat her grain which is usually a little bit of a fiasco with everyone joyfully hurrying to get her share. Show More Summary

Damn Muskrats

This is the pond/lagoon that I fenced in to make more pasture for the alpacas. Look what the muskrats have done! Can you see all those tunnels? I really thought that the muskrats and I could live together in a peaceful, respectful coexistence...Show More Summary

My "Golden" Couch

Two Golden Retrievers - bliss.... That's Terre's Izzy on the left and my dear Cassie on the right.Terre has flown to Daytona Beach today and will bring my Mom back tomorrow to live here with me and my 4 leggeds.

My Horse, the Clown

You know how when something happens once, it seems coincidental, but then when it happens again, you know it's not? Ivan, my big ole gray Percheron/Thoroughbred, thinks he's the funniest guy on earth. Twice now when I've been picking up poop in his paddock, I turn my back on him and he dumps the wheelbarrow. Show More Summary

Riley and Chinney's Red Ribbon

Aren't cats the most amazing critters? I never know where I will find Riley curled up. Usually he's in my chair that I sit in to spin and I have to move him. But this box is a new place and I just had to photo it. It's sort of artsy, don't you think? The light, the shapes, the texture?Friend Nancy took our fleece to the MIAF show last weekend for me. Show More Summary

Dyeing Frenzy

This is Celeste in full fleece. Can you see how lovely her light fawn fiber is? Last spring she sheared over 7 pounds of 4 inch long fleece. Celeste was the first alpaca born on our farm four years ago so she's pretty special, a little goofy and I didn't think she would really grow up. Show More Summary

More to Eat, Less to Mow

I have been on a committment to cut down on mowing grass. This is my latest idea. Put temporary gates on the end of the drive to the shop/garage/tractor shed. This was always a real booger to mow but, you can see, the alpacas are doing a super job trimming it all up.Today is another anniversary. Show More Summary

Baby Alpaca - To Dye For

JR with his momma, sweet Sonata, right after his birth last year, September 19, 2008.I came across the seconds from JR's first shear. If you are interested, seconds are the less desirable fiber from the alpaca. In JR's case, from his neck, chest, and belly. Show More Summary

JR's Blue Ribbon Yarn

It's such a thrill to hear about my 'pacas' fiber from all around the world. I just received this picture ? from Barb in California. This is what she had to say Just a quick note to let you know that Kendra won a blue ribbon for JR's yarn at the Los Angeles County Fair. Show More Summary

Garden Harvest

Yep, that's it, friends..... Have I mentioned that I don't like digging in the dirt?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Chinella & John at the Fair

Here's John and Chinella after their costume class at the Alma Fair last Monday.Posting here has been difficult for the last month and I'm not totally sure why. It is somehow related to Smitty's death (8/21/08), but I just don't understand how the upcoming anniversary is keeping me from blogging. Show More Summary

Spun in the Fog

What a breathtaking sight this morning at the beginning of my walk.I ran back into the house and grabbed my camera because I had to record this work of art by a fellow spinner. Sharon, I thought of you because you are the only one IShow More Summary

Kendra's Yarn

Target is the handsome donor of the yarn pictured below. He lives with and is loved by Jen and Chris at Diversified Alpacas just down the road in St. Louis, MichiganI love getting pictures of my fiber after it has been spun. This lovely yarn below was spun by 24 year old Kendra. Show More Summary

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