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Dear Pammy, Why won’t this cat love me?

A commenter writes: My family and I adopted two 10 week old female sister kittens 4 days ago. I’ve bonded with one of the girls somewhat, but the other one wants nothing to do with me. I’m a homemaker and … Continue reading ?

When Everyone Else Was Deaf to His Plaintive Cries for Help, Ivy Came to the Rescue of a Reeve Who Had His Arm Entangled in a Garage Door

Ivy Is The Toast of All of Manitoulin Island "Then she walked back over and jumped on me. It was like, 'Hey, pay attention'."-- Mary JohnstonNot all that many people are familiar with Manitoulin Island, located on the Canadian side of Lake Huron, and that is even more so the case with its tiny municipality of Tehkummah. Show More Summary

When cuteness fades

I love kittens. It was loving kittens that got me into this. Now, I also love cats. Because I realized what I really love about kittens is their potential to be cats. No matter when we got our cat, they … Continue reading ?

Sign language for cats

I use a lot of gestures with my cats. If I had a deaf cat, I would do it even more. Because a cat’s first language is body language. My cats know that an index finger pointed at them means … Continue reading ?

Nov 23, Flash sale (less than 24 hours left)

There's a flash sale going on at Roodiewear. Get 15 percent off. Use coupon code cats15off at checkout, but you've got less than 24 hours before that coupon code turns into a pumpkin. :) Click here to get a Roodie Do you have a lap cat? Or a cat that likes to be near you? Now you can carry your kitty with you in comfort and style with the Roodie Pet Hoodie.

Nov 22, Neutered Kitten Peeing on Bed

My kitten Mowgli, and yes he is a monkey. He is 4.5 months old, really behaved kitten. He has two dogs as his best friends, indoor only. I have wanted

Mithrandir develops his magic

At two years and eight months old, our “baby,” Mithrandir, has made incredible progress over the last few months. (I put baby in quotes because he still is, but he is also the largest of our cats.) It is still … Continue reading ?

The 10 Best Cat Trees of 2016-2017

Cat condos or kitty furniture – no matter what you call them, it’s hard to deny the popularity of these products with both pet owners and their furry ones. Whether you’re dealing with a frisky kitten or a laid back old codger of a cat,...Show More Summary

A Clever Devil at the University of Adelaide Boasts That He Has Discovered the Achilles' Heel of Cats with His Invention of Robotic Grooming Traps as the Thoroughly Evil Australians' All-Out War Against the Species Moves into Its Final Stages

John Read with One of His Robotic Cat Grooming Traps "'Great sport, hunting.''The best in the world,' agreed Rainsford.'For the hunter,' amended Whitney. 'Not for the jaguar.''Don't talk rot, Whitney,' said Rainsford. 'You're a big-game hunter, not a philosopher. Show More Summary

Dear Pammy, Did Olwyn find new friends?

A commenter writes: It’s been just about two years since you posted this (sorry about the recent sad anniversary for James). I’m curious how successful this has been, and whether re-realignment has happened…and if so, what the new alignment looks … Continue reading ?

Fur babies

I often get accused of giving love to cats when it should be given to humans. This illustrates a common misconception about love. That it is a finite resource. Many of those hostile to humane animal concerns have a central … Continue reading ?

Threat assessment

Much of our cat’s finely tuned, highly cranked, nervous system is about being on the lookout for threats. Even if we humans don’t see any. I’ve had true scaredy cats who crept around the edges of the house, and bold … Continue readi...

Dear Pammy, How did Tristan turn out?

A commenter asks: It’s been a while. Can you tell us if the above suggestions worked long term with Tristan? How is he getting on? I have a 16 week male kitten and the better he gets in with our … Continue reading ?

The awesomeness of senior cats

I recently ran across the incredible story of Dexter. He left his family at the age of 22, but the really heart-tugging thing about it was that his family got him when he was already 20. Go experience the whole … Continue reading ?

Nov 2, Cat likes couch better than box

We have two cats that are sisters and they are almost three years old. They both have been using the litter box in the bathroom for the majority of their

Nov 2, Ernestine from Jacksonville

My Ernestine (or Ernie for short) crossed the rainbow bridge today, 11-1-16. She was a shelter cat and hard to place. She was adopted twice, but the families

I get another award

Thank you, Thoroughly Reviewed! I am very happy to be chosen. Many of my other awards are from websites which are not around any more, or I lost track through an upgrade, and so forth. Even if I only have … Continue reading ?

Nov 1, My cat is urinating on the couch

My 1 year old cat sometimes pees on the couch. How can I stop that? I tried everything. Clean clean litter boxes, 3 of them, and maybe once a day or once

Dear Pammy, How can I help my little orphan?

A commenter writes: I have a kitten who was taken from her mother too soon. Her name is Khloe. She exhibits almost all of the behaviors you described (clingy behaviors, nursing on couch pillows, panics when left alone, etc). What … Continue reading ?

Oct 29, Deacon, better known as Deac

Deacon came into our lives September of 2006 and left October of 2016. We had 10 great years together. He and I had a special bond and I miss him so much.

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