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Cat Appreciators: more creative?

I was intrigued by this new industry survey: Mars Petcare, a global manufacturer of pet-related products and a provider of animal care services, just released the results of a survey of 1,000 cat owners and 1,000 dog owners focusing on … Continue reading ?

Steve Ecklund's Savage Killing of a Cougar and Vainglorious Gloating, Strutting, and Preening Afterwards Is Resoundingly Applauded by Canada's Ever Obliging Media and Complicitous Universities

Killing the Cougar Gave Steve Ecklund Immense Joy "What a creep. Chasing a cougar with dogs until they are exhausted then shooting a scared, cornered and tired animal. Must be compensating for something, small penis probably."-- Laureen...Show More Summary

Jan 21, What type of cat do I have?

I want to know what type of cat I have and what breed it is.

Jan 18, Peanut from Palm Desert

We just got home from putting Peanut to sleep. It never gets any easier. He was a good kitty and we will miss him. We got Peanut along with his brother

How to read a cat’s face

Why do many people not understand what cats are saying with their facial expressions? I believe it is because cats don’t have eyebrows. Eyebrows help dog faces convey expressions. But cats do not have this advantage, nor do their mouths … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, How do I choose a third cat?

A reader writes: [We] have two cats – a female alpha and a female beta (both spayed). They tolerate each other, but aren’t friends. We are thinking of getting a third cat. Based on what we’ve found, we think an … Continue reading ?

Jan 12, New mother cat mean and aloof

My cat Lucky is the sweetest thing ever. When she had her fourth litter of kittens, we kept one and named it Franny. We never have kept one before, but

Value judgements

I don’t know which I enjoy most; the ways cats are like me, or the ways they are not. We can have a similar love of comfort, while expressing different ways of achieving it. It can give us an interesting, … Continue reading ?

Jan 8, Zorro from Pace

This is Zorro. He is a rescue kitty. We have only had him a week, but he fits in our family purrfectly.

Cats who use power

Do cats understand leverage? I think they do. From Smokepuff’s “I am starving!” pantomime drama to Tristan’s special, sad, toy-cow mooing, they know how to work our levers. And why not? Don’t we work their levers, too? capable of reciprocation … Continue reading ?

Why spray bottles fail

This common tactic to try and keep the cat away from things is not the magic wand it seems. If we think about the difference between what we are trying to say, and what the cat “hears,” the problem becomes … Continue reading ?

Jan 1, Wendy from Jackson

Rescued at seven weeks old, under a Wendy's drive thru sign.

Dec 29, Will my cat ever become less skittish?

I am a new cat owner. I am 19 years old and adopted a 10 week old kitten who was once feral at the end of June. When I visited her at the shelter she wouldn't

Dec 29, Salem the British Blue from London

Salem is a British Blue. He turned one in October. We live together in my apartment in London and we seem to have a pretty amazing bond. I can actually

How do I meet my dream cat?

I am often asked how to get a cat who is a talker, a play machine, a love bug. (Or all three, as in the case of Tristan.) To answer these questions, for myself and others, I have become a … Continue reading ?

Dec 27, 7 month old kitten acting lethargic, weird meows

My kitten of seven months keeps bragging herself on the floor and isn't being as playful. She usually plays with the puppy and today she has just lays

Dear Pammy, I wanted a purebred cat!

A commenter asks: I very recently adopted two ragdoll cats one male and one female. And i was wondering what to do as they are not adjusting very well..does it take a long time or is there something i can … Continue reading ?

Dec 25, Cat licking white paper with black ink on it

My eight year old Tuxedo cat has become obsessed with licking any paper that has black ink on it. She was even hanging upside down to lick a paper on the

Dec 25, "Indestructible" cat scratching post

I'm looking to get my cats a new scratching post. My male tears through the rope in them quickly and I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for

Cat wants, cat needs

Cat wants are cat needs. Their instincts tell them what to do to survive. This is why they are so very stubborn about what they want. People find this aspect of cats confusing, because we are taught from childhood that … Continue reading ?

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