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Already Ten Years Overdue, the Indomitable Pilot Is Burned Within an Inch of His Life by a Deadly California Wildfire but Nonetheless Is Finally Able to Make It Home in Time for Thanksgiving

Pilot Lost His Whiskers in the Fire "He's not ready to give up so neither am I. I will do what I can to help him."-- Jennifer Leigh ThompsonThe odds against a cat being reunited with his family after a ten-year separation must be at least a million to one. Show More Summary

As much as they can stand

How much can our cat take when it comes to sensory input? How big can we make their world? That seems to depend on the intersection of their Cat Type and their stress level. We not only need to know … Continue reading ?

Cats who groom us

Mr WayofCats has a bedtime ritual with Olwyn. She climbs onto his chest and grooms his eyebrows. He does some wincing but also recognizes this is a high honor. When she does it to me, I also wince. That’s one … Continue reading ?

He makes me laugh every day

I sent the below picture to a friend of mine, along with the oft-shared “capsule description” of Tristan I use when explaining my cats to people who do not know them that well. Tristan is my clown cat. However much … Continue readin...

Nov 10, Is my 12 week old kitten a seal point Siamese?

Any guess as to what, if any, breed my 12 week old kitten is? I couldn't get the third picture to post of pads. They're mostly pink with a few having brown

In an Exceedingly Rare Display of Ailurophilia on the Part of an American Firefighter, Forest Is Rescued from High Atop a Dead Cherry Tree

Forest Was Stranded Forty-Five Feet Above Ground "You know what they say: that nobody's ever seen a cat skeleton in a tree."-- Firefighter Chris SnedakerForest was in dire straits. The handsome white tom of undetermined age had beenShow More Summary

The business of being a cat

Being a cat is serious business. We humans can fall into the trap of thinking our cats lead a life of indolent leisure. I mean, sure, they do: that’s the point of their being our pets. Their gratitude for the … Continue reading ?

Nov 7, 15 year old twin cats poo throughout the house

I have two twin cats who are 15 years old. Over the years, they have slowly started pooping inside the house, against walls in closets, and sometimes in

Nov 4, Ezzie from Allen

Eight years with intelligent female Snowshoe cat. Travels well, vocal, playful, opens doors and dippers her water. Surprisingly therapeutic, always giving

Nov 4, Feral male cat hiding inside apartment

I have a feral male cat that ran in my apartment. He is hiding behind something. He meows, hisses, and growls. I'm not sure if he is hurt. I left the

Nov 4, My cat poops everywhere

My boyfriend and I have an 11 year old neutered Siamese male cat named Buki. My boyfriend has had him since he was a kitten, and I've been living there

Nov 3, Can I claim ownership of an "abandoned" cat?

OK this requires a little back story. My boyfriend and I previously lived with a couple we are friends with. The friend's house was on his dad's property

Keeping our cat social

Perhaps the most important thing we can share with our cats is socialization. By which I mean we both need to be properly socialized. Love is something which requires another creature; both to give and to get. Reciprocation is how … Continue reading ?

Fate, Circumstances, Rotten Luck, and the Half-Hearted Efforts of Insincere Individuals and Groups All Conspire to Make a Quick End of Morris, the World Famous Glass Bank Cat of Cocoa Beach

Morris "I saw the compassion in her eyes (his daughter's), and I knew I had to save (the) cat."-- Tony HernandezThe cat world has been plunged into mourning once again by the premature death of yet still another of its most cherished and long-suffering citizens. Show More Summary

Love levers

It is possibly my least favorite question. “How do I make my cat love me?” Because thinking of it that way displays a fundamental misunderstanding of love. Love is not about force. Love is not even about persuasion. Love works … Continue reading ?

How our cat contains multitudes

In Walt Whitman’s famous poem, “Song of Myself,” there are these lines: Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself, (I am large, I contain multitudes.) Of course, the only thing being contradicted is the too-small perception of … Continue reading ?

Oct 25, Female cat pooping in shower after spay

I spayed my female cat when she was about 10 months old. The first pee she took after her spay was in the litter box, but the first poop was in the shower.

Oct 25, Onyx from Rochester

Onyx was adopted by me from Lollipop Farms in 2004. He was the spunkiest black kitten I ever met and remained so throughout his adulthood. He insisted

Dear Pammy, I have a cat Odd Couple

A reader comments: I have 2 spayed/neutered cats–an 8-month-old alpha male and a 9-month-old gamma female. I also have 2 children, one in middle school and the other in 2nd grade. My kids LOVE the cats, but my youngest child … Continue reading ?

The Beautiful and Noble Hamish McHamish Who Suffered Through Fourteen Years of Abject Neglect and Naked Exploitation Is Remembered as Cat of the Year for 2014

The class of 2014 has eighteen distinguished members. Seven of them hail from the United States, five from England, three from Scotland, and one each from Canada, France, and Iceland.Regardless of their respective nationalities, the tie that binds them all together is death. Show More Summary

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