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Cats are communal

I get a lot of disbelief when I share that I have a Cat Civilization. Many people don’t believe multiple cats can live together in harmony. My own experience taught me that cats, if not stressed by scarcity, prefer to … Continue reading ?

Jan 13, Bowie from Littlerock

She was born March 1, 2015 and sadly passed February 12, 2016. She came to me when I rescued her mother, not knowing I was going to get 9 kittens! The

Cat Affection Move: Invisible Petting

When I am dealing with a shy cat, I don’t actually pet them. I pretend to pet them. In my experience, any cat can figure out this move, and then understand what we are saying. They “feel” the petting without … Continue reading ?

Jan 12, Constipated cat defecating outside litter box

My cat is only defecating every two days. She is ten years old and never been sick. She is urinating in the litter box but doing the other outside. She

Cats with chronic conditions

The sad thing about having our cats for a long time is that this increases their chances of developing a chronic condition. Kind of like humans. Our Reverend Jim barely escaped a criminal case of animal neglect. For his first … Continue reading ?

Jan 8, Cat pooping upstairs

About 4 weeks ago, my husband and I left for a week for my baby shower and had some guy house sit. But he did a terrible job and didn't look like he was

Jan 8, Smokey from West Columbia

We found Smokey and his sister, Sassy, in June of 2015. He was the sweetest cat and so loving. He sat with me at my desk and we studied together for the

Jan 8, Lucky from West Midlands

Just 2 months ago we sadly had to have our little Girl put to sleep at the vets, as she was elderly and very poorly. It would have been wrong of us to

Jan 8, Cat suddenly afraid

Went to bed last night, cat did his thing and came up on to the bed and made it his own as usual. Approximately 1 hour after getting up and out of bed

Whisper Is Given the Bum's Rush at the Tri-County Library in Mabank by a Gang of Mendacious and Power-Hungry Politicans Hellbent Upon Asserting Their Authority

Whisper Was a Fixture at the Library for Eight Years "Let the population have a voice in this. This is a quality of life issue."-- Ed Busch of Friends of the Animals Low-Cost Spay and Neuter ClinicFor every library cat that is able to fend off an eviction attempt countless others wind up relegated to the ranks of the dispossessed. Show More Summary

The cat in a rut

There’s two kinds of bored: passive and active. People can’t help but notice the active kind. Which often results in mayhem as our cats seek out things to play with. People also need to notice the passive kind. As intelligent … Continue reading ?

The solar powered cat

It’s like a tractor beam on the Starship Enterprise: sun shapes on the floor pulls in cats. Why? Turns out, there’s several reasons. territorial imperative As I explain in my latest holiday rug post, we can create new territory with … Continue reading ?

New Year’s Resolution: Home a Cat

It can be big: we get a new cat. It can be small: we find a needy local cat on Petfinder and let people know about him or her. Any of us can help a cat find a home. This … Continue reading ?

Browser Beats Back a Determined Effort to Oust Him from the White Settlement Public Library and in Doing So Has the Distinct Pleasure of Seeing His Political Nemesis Voted Out of Office

Browser Is the Library's Number One Attraction "Browser is still employed and will be as long as he wishes to continue his duties as mascot and reading helper for children at the library."-- Ronald A. White, mayor of White SettlementCats...Show More Summary

Dear Pammy, It’s true about wet food

A reader writes: I wanted to pass along some more anecdotal evidence that even the BEST dry food is not as healthy for our cats as wet food. About a year ago I told you that we switched T– and … Continue reading ?

Dec 26, Feral kittens and their litter boxes

A nice neighbor GAVE us two feral kittens. I introduced them to the litter box first thing even before food and water. They pooped and peed on our bed.

How cats play

Cat play is part reflex, and part imagination. We see this in how a cat changes their play, from the unthinking responses of a kitten to the elaborate plotting and planning of a senior cat. In my post, Cats Playing … Continue readin...

The Heart Cat

I was talking to Mr WayofCats on his cell phone, and he held it down so I could say hello to Mithy. As Mithy stared at it, trying to understand, he darted a glance at nearby Tristan. According to Mr … Continue reading ?

Dec 19, 2 out of 3 pee or poop inappropriately

My hubby and I are just SO frustrated!! Beyond words, ha ha. But, we really are not laughing. :( We just cannot afford 4 litter boxes, litter, etc. AND

Dec 18, Indoor senior neutered male cat started urinating on throw rugs

A friend of mine has a beautiful long-haired, senior, indoor, neutered male cat, (isn't this an oxymoron? Male cats that are fixed are NEUTERED, females

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