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Cat Appreciation System

I was recently contacted by a site who is compiling a list of Best Cat Sites and invited me to be considered. They asked that I describe my site in a unique way; they don’t want a duplicate kind of … Continue reading ?

King Loui I's Days of Roaming the Perilous Streets of Aachen Come to a Sad End Shortly after He Is Diagnosed with Inoperable Throat Cancer

The Ill-Fated King Loui I with His Tracking Collar "Er fühlt sich gerade auch gut und ist entspannt, aber das wird sich leider wieder ändern und dann werde ich ihn seine letzte Reise antreten lassen müssen, bevor er Schmerzen bekommt."-- Nadine Biewer on August 13thIt is all over for King Loui I. Show More Summary

Kitty see, kitty try to do

One of the things that captivates me about cats is how they like to use their paws as hands, or otherwise try to do the same things I do. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Of course cats work … Continue reading ?

Sep 13, Cats eating and drinking sitting down?

We have about 25 cats. 99% sit down to eat or drink. I don't think most dogs do this. Why do they sit? Also after some lap time, they want to eat again.

Sep 11, Loki with his sweetie Whitey

Loki was always liked by the female felines, but he was rather indifferent. Here he lies with Whitey. Whitey decided that Loki was going to be hers and

Cats who need middle names

Some of my cats have middle names. Like Tristan Cutthatout Pickledish. If we have an Alpha Cat Type, we might as well give them a middle name from the beginning of our relationship. But any cat can benefit from something … Continue reading ?

Sep 10, Cute Cat Twitching a LOT While Asleep

Because they're so cute when they're asleep, and it's really funny watching them twitch.

Sep 10, Beloved Buddy, Loki

My beloved feline buddy, Loki, peacefully crossed over the Rainbow bridge around 1:20 PM, 11 May, 2015 in my arms with my eyes filled with tears and calling

Dear Pammy, My cat fears the litter box

A commenter writes: I am a recent Cat Mama with two kittens from separate shelters, about 5-6 months old each. Long story short, one of the kittens nearly died before I got him due to a worm infestation. He spent … Continue reading ...

Sep 5, Nutro Indoor Weight Management

Ollie was a shelter cat, and ate like there was no tomorrow. Likely because there wasn't always food tomorrow (he was a stray). Normal food (Royal Canin)

Sep 3, What is the test for feline cancer?

My 8-year-old male Siamese was vomiting quite a lot, but was still eating. Blood work at the vet showed he was severely dehydrated. No other major issues.

Sep 3, 4 month old kitten pees on the kitchen counter

Two male kittens showed up at our house about 5 weeks ago. They are about 4 months old. They used the litter boxes we provided from day one. A couple

Aug 30, Could my kitten's leg be broken?

My kitten has just turned 2 months old. This morning he jumped off my bed onto the floor and seems to have hurt his front left leg. He limped for what

Written Off More Than Once as Being All but Finished, Frank Is Living Proof That Old Cats Not Only Have Value but Considerably More Life Left in Them Than Most People Are Willing to Acknowledge

Frank Contemplates Doing a Little Web Surfing "He isn't any inconvenience but a living, breathing creature."-- Luke TurnerFrank was in sad shape and it showed. The fifteen-year-old ginger and white tom was so famished and exhausted that...Show More Summary

Sinner of Attention

Cats can misbehave on purpose. It is usually a communication attempt. So if they are misbehaving to get our attention, it is partly our fault. If we think our cat is misbehaving for attention, here are some of the ways … Continue reading ?

Pets are dirty, they say

Got a blog comment which I did not approve, but wished to discuss: Dont try to justify your creepy cat fetish by trying to claim that people who are controlling are synonymous with people who are simply repulsed by indoor … Continue reading ?

With His Previous Owner Long Dead and Nobody Seemingly Willing to Give Him a Second Chance at Life, Old and Ailing Harvey Has Been Sentenced to Rot at a Shelter in Yorkshire

Harvey Has Been Left Alone with Only His Dark Thoughts for Company "But he really is completely lovely -- just so desperately unlucky."-- Sam Davies of Yorkshire Cat RescueLanguishing in one of the cages at Yorkshire Cat Rescue (YCR)...Show More Summary

Peer Pressure

Cats are social creatures. So of course there is going to be peer pressure. We might not realize that goes for we humans, too. We influence our cats and our cats influence us with the dance of friendship and the … Continue reading ?

Aug 28, Khloe's Kittens Persians and Himalayans

Khloe's Kittens Cattery is located in Essex County New Jersey (5 minutes from the Willowbrook mall in Wayne - 15 minutes from New York City/1.5 hours from

Aug 28, Cat in mourning won't use litter box

My female cat of 10 years has stopped using her litter box. Her house mate of 10 years, died a month ago and she has had litter box issues ever since.

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