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Oct 26, 2 year old neutered male cat is peeing in the fireplace

I think it is because a previous cat who developed a bladder cancer previously left his scent there. (Cosmo is half of a bonded sibling pair and has no

Oct 25, Following loss of sibling, cat peeing all over house

Has anyone had experience with helping an old cat grieve over the loss of his sibling and starting to pee all over the house? We are 1 week into this

Oct 25, My 6 month old cat defecates on the leather sofa

My 6 month old kitten occasionally likes to defecate on my leather sofa. Most of the time she uses her litter box. I am using the Breeze system and pellets

Dear Pammy, How can I love more?

A commenter asks: my cat’s name is Treasure…Treasure has been with me since he was little, and was so playful and very interesting…there was another cat next door, who was very timid but they were friends. This other cat used … Continue reading ?

The ways cats ask

Do we know when our cat is asking for something? Do we know what they are asking for? Tristan and I have developed some intricate rituals that foster our mutual communication. When he comes back from playing Stairball or a … Continue reading ?

Oct 20, Blind cat poops on the carpet when I'm not home

I got Stevie last October. He's only a year and 4 months old and he's blind. When I got him home he would poop in his litter box, no problems. I left

Oct 19, Loving but Cautious Sissy

Sissy was a beautiful calico cat that came to us as a baby. She also has a brother named Sylvester. Sissy was very loving but cautious because she always

Best Automatic Cat Feeders of 2016-17

The Best Automatic Cat Feeders: 2016-2017 ReviewsAn automatic cat feeder can save a pet owner time, money, and worry.  Don't you want to feel relieved knowing your cat is getting fed when you're away? That's why we've tested and compiled...Show More Summary

The 9 Best Automatic Litter Box Reviews of 2016

The Best Self Cleaning Litter Box: Reviews for 2016-2017Are you sick and tired of cleaning out your cat’s litter box? Be honest! If you’re like almost every other cat owner out there, a time comes when cleaning the litter box isn’t on your list of priorities. Show More Summary

The diplomatic cat

They are both made (by encouragement) and born (with the right genetic temperament.) They can be seen as a form of Supervisor cat, but with a social twist. They are peacemakers; friends of everyone. They are diplomatic cats. Our highly … Continue reading ?

Oct 18, My cat knows how to spell!

My cat, Gabby, knew treat so well that I thought I would give her a challenge, so I tried to teach her the spelling of it. It only took her a couple times

Cats who experiment

Ordell, the highly Alpha cat type we adopted and had to rehome, grew up to become quite the cat scientist. One of his favorites was to put a pig ear in his water dish… and watch what happened next. Alpha … Continue reading ?

Bart Has Courageously Overcome Being Run Down by a Hit-and-Run Motorist and Subsequently Buried Alive by His Owner but Another Dark Cloud Is Looming over His Future

Just Some of the Damage That the Hit-and-Run Motorist Inflicted Upon Bart "If somebody tells you the cat is still breathing and it's alive, the cat shouldn't have been buried."-- Sherry Silk of the Humane Society of Tampa BayThe lives of just about all cats are not only terribly brief but filled with all sorts of unspeakable deprivations and abuse. Show More Summary

Cat Affection Move: The Kitten Face

Even if we didn’t have them as a kitten, we can find their Kitten Face. One of the attractions of adopting a kitten is that we experience them at a tiny and cute stage. But I have discovered that we … Continue reading ?

Declared Dead and Prematurely Interred, Gus Gets the Last Laugh for Now but the Next Time Around He May Not Be Quite So Lucky, Especially if His Inattentive Owner Does Not Start Taking Better Care of Him

Gus "I thought I was hallucinating when I saw Gus in the kitchen. I had to pinch myself."-- Matt StrongGus was a victim of the worst kind of mistaken identity imaginable but both he and his owner are eternally grateful that the blunder was one that was easily rectified. Show More Summary

The cat who sleeps with us

Some people don’t want it and struggle to stop it. Some people want it and can’t make it work. It’s the often complicated issue of letting our cat sleep on our bed at night. Now that the weather is getting … Continue reading ?

When cats realign

Every shift in a cat collection, from adding a new cat to losing an old one, creates an entirely new constellation. Even if we do not add or lose any members of our Cat Civilization, our cats can change their … Continue reading ?

Oct 2, Villa Kitty Bali

Villa Kitty is a rescue and adoption center for Bali's abandoned cats and kittens. We have just celebrated our 3rd birthday with one hundred and twenty-one

Littermaid LM980 Mega Self-Cleaning Litterbox Review

The Littermaid LM980 Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box is a great litter box for multi-cat households. Designed to off your furry friends enough space to do their business in comfort, the litter area in this Littermaid model features 50% more space than other boxes. Show More Summary

Sorry about that, blog emergency declared

We had one of those malware attacks, and while the security service blocked it and cleaned it up, it also broke some things on the blog. So I have to declare a funding emergency. As I have discussed before, the … Continue reading ?

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