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Dear Pammy, Trouble with my purebred

A commenter asks: My husband and I adopted a female, That we think is a Russian Blue, from a pet shop 2 years ago. She was there from a kitten on. When we got her, she was 1 year old. … Continue reading ?

Helping cats deal with medical

Modern medicine is a bitter blessing for our cats. On the one hand, medical professionals are a vital part of keeping our cat happy and healthy. On the considerable other hand, our cats hate everything about it. From the visit … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, My cat is a lap cat now!

A reader writes: Just a short note – and a big THANK YOU!!! I have been meaning to support your site for a while – and I saw that you are currently having a drive, but decided that purchasing the … Continue reading ?

Feb 9, Male cat's interest in my female kitten

I have a 10 month old cat. But recently I brought home a 5 month old female kitten to be his mate. He gets use to her but wants to bite her neck and jump

The Long and Hopelessly Frustrating Search for the Kidnapped Mr. Cheeky Ends Tragically Underneath the Wheels of a Hit-and-Run Motorist

Mr. Cheeky "You've paid a high price for being so independent, friendly and fearless, (or perhaps because of your resemblance to 'A Street Cat Named Bob'), but you could never have been an indoor cat. It just wasn't in your nature. I'm so glad you got a last taste of freedom, albeit tragically brief."-- Laura KingThe long-drawn-out search for Mr. Show More Summary

What we know that ain’t so

The biggest barrier to cat understanding is misinterpretation. The cat is doing something, and we decide what it means. But if we are having trouble, it’s worth stepping back and asking ourselves, “Am I right?” Because when Reality does not … Continue reading ?

Feb 4, Casper's agonizing journey and fight to live

Casper was born on 19.1.2013. He was very sickly and frail and was not going to make it. His mother suffered from PKD, and she couldn't nurse him. He

Feb 4, Cats won't use new covered litter box

My cats have been using a litter box for 10+ years. I got a new covered one and now one or both are peeing on the floor just outside the box opening!

How they are different

Cats resemble humans in many ways. They are capable of conceptual intelligence, especially with pattern recognition, figuring out cause and effect, and anticipating the behavior of others. They are also social and empathic, capable of cooperation and compassion. They have … Continue reading ?

Jan 31, Cat pees in one room poops in the other

My kitten is roughly a year old now, and when we got her she was fully trained to use the litter box. But as the past 2 months have been going she started

Jan 31, Fears Foster & Rescue

My name is Pam Fears. I am the sole provider of a local animal rescue in Gassville, Arkansas, after the sudden passing of my husband earlier this year.

Jan 31, 4 month old Persian kitten peeing outside the litter box

My kitten is named Smokey (male), who is 4 months old. He has no issues in eliminating feces in a litter box, but recently he has started peeing outside

Cat Medicine: Considerations

As I write this, Reverend Jim is sprawled across part of my lap. (He is sharing it with my laptop desk.) It is early days yet as far as his pharmaceutical interventions go, so we don’t know how much his … Continue reading ?

The cat’s incredible variety

One of the first things to astonish me about cats was the incredible range of their personalities. Each new cat I acquired was different. It took a while for me to come up with my Cat Type concept, because each … Continue reading ?

Tigger Is Finally Reunited with His Family Despite the Best Efforts of the Administrators of a Microchip Database to Keep Them Apart

Tigger Was Subjected to Years of Turmoil and Uncertainty "A microchip registration should not be treated as proof of ownership, but rather it is a record of keepership. That is, where a pet animal normally resides and is intended toShow More Summary

The fun of feedback

I was lying on my side on the couch, and Tristan climbed onto my stacked knees. I reached out a hand to rub the base of his ear with my fingers and he put his paw in my palm, tucked … Continue reading ?

Dear Pammy, I’m right because shut up that’s why

I approved a comment which ended with: Cats still suck! Dear Readers, Feel free to click on the link and read the whole comment, though I am going to quote all of it here as I explain where this person … Continue reading ?

Cats are communal

I get a lot of disbelief when I share that I have a Cat Civilization. Many people don’t believe multiple cats can live together in harmony. My own experience taught me that cats, if not stressed by scarcity, prefer to … Continue reading ?

Jan 13, Bowie from Littlerock

She was born March 1, 2015 and sadly passed February 12, 2016. She came to me when I rescued her mother, not knowing I was going to get 9 kittens! The

Cat Affection Move: Invisible Petting

When I am dealing with a shy cat, I don’t actually pet them. I pretend to pet them. In my experience, any cat can figure out this move, and then understand what we are saying. They “feel” the petting without … Continue reading ?

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