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Littermaid LM980 Mega Self-Cleaning Litterbox Review

The Littermaid LM980 Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box is a great litter box for multi-cat households. Designed to off your furry friends enough space to do their business in comfort, the litter area in this Littermaid model features 50% more space than other boxes. Show More Summary

Sorry about that, blog emergency declared

We had one of those malware attacks, and while the security service blocked it and cleaned it up, it also broke some things on the blog. So I have to declare a funding emergency. As I have discussed before, the … Continue reading ?

Sep 29, Oscar from Valparaiso

We adopted him on 4/22/2000 from a no-kill animal shelter. With me, it was love at first sight-allergies be damned! My baby boy died on 11/11/2015, from

Sep 29, My cat poops and pees in the food bowl?

I have a brother and sister cat - 8 yrs old. They have been great up until 2 days ago. I came home from work and there was poop in the food bowl. The

Sep 27, Bootsie, Tubby, Mama, Genma, Tofu, Taffy, and Emma

All of my cats were special in their own way. Bootsie was a tuxedo cat, my first cat in CA in 1969. She was pregnant and had 5 kittens in front of the

Dear Pammy, They won’t blend anymore!

A commenter writes: My cat Callie went missing for a week. Before then my cats lived happily (being sisters) since then my other cat Tricks is so mean to Callie. Chasing her around and the rest, I’d kept them separate, … Continue reading ?

Cruelly and Irresponsibly Abandoned at a Michigan Rest Stop, Milkie Is Saved by Staffers Who Did What His Derelict Owner Was Unwilling to Do

Milkie Recuperates in a Rest Stop Toilet "Unfortunately the family had to leave their beloved pet behind that day and continue their trip. As you can imagine, the family was heartbroken."-- Alyson Payne of the State of Michigan Welcome...Show More Summary

Latest news and Fall Fundraiser

Hello, all Cat Appreciators and fans of Way of Cats. Happy to announce that things are advancing on several fronts. Our Way of Cats Facebook page has over 18,000 likes! The blog has grown to the point where I can … Continue reading ...

Sep 20, Suddenly Misty - A Love Story

Latte, the Handsome Himalayan, was alone... that is, until Ms. Misty suddenly showed up. Latte was handsome, but still alone... Suddenly... Misty.

Accepting feedback: the crucial move

All pets give feedback. Sometimes it is clear and focused, like when our dog pulls the leash off the hook and brings it to us by ramming their nose into our crotch. Other times it’s a puzzle, like when we … Continue reading ?

Sep 16, Trixie Snell from Emeryville

Trixie was a rescued stray that we adopted at the shelter in 2005. She was a little over 1 year old when we got her. She is half calico and half Siamese.

The challenge of harmony

The more we like cats, the more cats we want. Which is great. Provided everyone gets along. Litter box issues are usually the most distressing cat problem, but cat conflict can vie for that position, too. (Especially since cats who … Continue reading ?

Sep 15, Kieko from Fl

Kieko was a one of a kind tuxedo cat. He was friendly, curious, loving, playful, and spoiled with a bit of an independent streak. He loved to meet new

Can Cats Eat Cereal?

We would not recommend feeding your cat cereal of any form. While your cat technically can eat cereal, he or she should not. Cereal is not poisonous for your cat. Eating cereal will not cause your cat to suffer. You won’t have to take your cat to the vet immediately after he or she eats cereal. […] The post Can Cats Eat Cereal? appeared first on Cats Best Friends.

Litter Robot III Open Air Litter Box Review for 2016

The Litter-Robot III Open Air Self-Cleaning Litter Box is one of the top rated units available to cat owners. Featuring an innovative cleaning cycle that sifts through clumps and sends them into the waste drawer – the device is an improvement over older Litter-Robot boxes. Show More Summary

The 10 Best Cat Trees of 2016

Cat condos or feline furniture – no matter what you call them, it’s hard to deny the popularity of these products with both pet owners and their furry ones. Whether you’re dealing with a frisky kitten or a laid back old codger of a cat,...Show More Summary

Best Cat Toys for Older Cats

Cats are playful creatures. Even if your furry friend lays around all day, he or she still needs to play sometime. It doesn't matter if your furball is a ripe kitten or an old codger – cats have to play.With this in mind, you may find yourself looking into purchasing some cat toys. In multiple […] The post Best Cat Toys for Older Cats appeared first on Cats Best Friends.

The 9 Best Automatic Litter Box Reviews of 2016

The 9 Best Automatic Cat Litter Box Reviews of 2016Are you sick and tired of cleaning out your cat’s litter box? Be honest! If you’re like almost every other cat owner out there, a time comes when cleaning the litter box isn’t on your list of priorities. Show More Summary

PetSafe Simply Clean Auto Litter Box Review

PetSafe Simply Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box is an excellent choice for cat owners looking for a low maintenance solution. The innovative system created by Petsafe works with a ringed litter bowl. The automatic cleaning system continually rotates around the ringed bowl. Show More Summary

Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box Review

The Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Cat Litter Box is a good unit if you’re looking to cut down on the amount of scooping you do. The device automatically cleans the litter box – ensuring cleanliness at all time. Instead of scooping, you’ll have time to do the things you enjoy. Show More Summary

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