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Cats with drinking problems

I have water bottles because I have cats. If I leave a glass of water anywhere, within minutes Tristan has his head in the glass. Whether it fits, or not. If we ever wondered why cats like to knock over … Continue reading ?

Aug 19, Cat refuses to use litter box in basement

I have had two rescued brother cats for 16 years. One had thyroid problems and then kidney problems and was ill for a long time. Their box had always

Aug 18, Cats doing their business outside the litter tray

Hi, I was telling a friend of mine that a friend has a cat that pees and poops outside of her litter tray. She suggested that she try spreading around

Cat Affection Move: The Secret Hand

Since my cats have been in varying degrees of confusion when we expanded our living space, I’ve been using Secret Hand more often. This is an affection move where Hand becomes a third party in our interactions. Secret Hand is … Continue reading ?

Smoothing the ripples between cats

Tristan, as he so often is, was equal parts help and trouble in this recent living space transition. He was an ambassador who encouraged the other three cats to explore the new place. But he also got upset when they … Continue readi...

Aug 13, Cat refuses to use his litter tray

I have a chance of giving a home to a 7 year old neutered cat. Unfortunately, he refuses to use his litter tray. I don't want him doing this. So unless

What is their motivation?

Reverend Jim has embraced all the enjoyment of Shirehouse that Tristan tried to tell him about for two months. Our enzyme treatment (still ongoing) removed a source of fear (the smell of a previous dog in residence) that RJ, alone, … Continue reading ?

Aug 9, Cat is angry because a stray cat gave birth in our house

I know my old female cat, Banquo is angry because a stray cat came and gave birth in our house--we make sure the new cat never crosses paths with Banquo,

Dear Pammy, Is it true about whisker fatigue?

Because this has become a popular question on the Web, I get emails which ask: Are cats fussy about their food because of their whiskers? Dear Readers, It can happen. Cats have lots of reasons to be fussy about their … Continue reading ?

Mayor Stubbs, 1997-2017: A Melancholic Remembrance, an Appreciation, and a Tearful au Revoir

The Unforgettable Stubbs "He was a trooper (sic) until the very last day of his life. Meowing at us throughout the day to pet him or to come sit on the bed with him and let him snuggle and purr for hours in our lap. (sic)." -- Stephanie...Show More Summary

Aug 4, Loki from Coraopolis

We got Loki and his sister shadow in November of 2015 as kittens. He was a piebald cow pattern kitten who became my cowbird. Always here and there and

Containing our cats

Cats believe in “a place for me and I want to be in my place.” Before the boxes, the cats wanted to be close to their person, and part of the action at their desk. But they did not have … Continue reading ?

Three cats more than two

It is Cat Higher Math. Three cats are easier than two cats. I know it seems strange, but we must all remember that cats do not obey the laws of physics. I am a big fan of Cat Civilization, the … Continue reading ?

Jul 31, Can a feral cat get along with my cats?

Can a feral cat get along with my elderly cats? We have four cats. One is 18 years old. The other three are 11 year old sisters. I feed 10 feral cats

Jul 29, Chesapeake from Amelia

Our feral kitten, named after Chessie the railroad cat.

Mithrandir gets a lion cut

Grooming Mithy has always been tricky. He’s big and strong and nervous, so no matter how gently we try to untangle his knots, we don’t make rapid progress. Still, we had reached a fairly good place recently, but all our … Continue reading ?

Success! RJ happy in new place

My diagnosis was correct. It was the dog smell. After several days of treatment with the enzyme cleaner discussed in the post, Cats expand to fit the space, we brought Reverend Jim back down to Shirehouse. This time, for the … Continue reading ?

Jul 24, Merlin Solves a Puzzle

I like this because he is my cat, and I'm proud of him. He's also smarter than most baby humans, since they would just give up trying to get the treats

A Rescue Group in British Columbia Compassionately Elects to Spare Grandpa Mason's Life and in Return for Doing So It Receives an Unexpected Reward More Precious Than Gold Itself

Long Suffering Grandpa Mason "He (Grandpa Mason) also shows us that old, broken, ferocious, 'lost cause' cats still have value and are worthy of compassion."-- Shelly Roche of Tiny KittensFar from the maddening crowd at an undisclosed...Show More Summary

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