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NPR’s Mike McGrath Schools Us on Poisonous Plants for Cats in Today’s “Ask a Cat Lady”

This holiday season, you may be decking your halls with balls of Charlie (that’s what I used to say when I was five) or holly or ivy. It’s a good idea to know what plants your cat would enjoy chewing and regurgitating. I called Mike McGrath, the host of NPR’s You Bet Your Garden. He [...]

Oskar the Blind Kitten vs. The Christmas Tree

If you haven’t already fallen in love with Oskar the blind kitten, you soon will. I promise. Oskar is an adorable kitten who was born without fully formed eyes, but that doesn’t stop him from playing and being just as silly as any kitty could be! This week, his people decided to put up a [...] Sent Me This Giant Egg to Sleep In, Lady Gaga-Style!

Hello guys! I hope everyPAWdy had a great Thanksgiving and did some PAWsome shopping during the weekend. Thanks a lot fur catching up on my column even in a holiday — you guys are the best! OMG I have sooo much to tell you. Guess what?!? The girls at interview me and I’m super [...]

Tristan teaches scratching etiquette

Announcing a new Way of Cats video! Teaching the Scratching Post explains why cats scratch things, how to choose a scratching post they want to use, and how to handle training in a way that meshes with their instincts. Of … Continue reading ?

How to Give Kitty a Pedicure Without Losing a Limb: A Catster Original Video

It’s time for another installment of Catster’s endlessly intriguing new video column, “Ask a Cat Lady with Sarah Donner,” featuring none other than indie singer-songwriter and lovable cat lady, Sarah Donner. This week, Sarah shows us how to clip a cat’s claws without getting our faces cut to ribbons. This is valuable stuff, cat people! [...]

Ask a Cat Lady: Why Do My Kittens Have Worms? (A Catster Original)

Can’t see the video? Check it out over here. Does your kitten have warm, runny, pungent, pancake batter-like poops? It is quite likely that he or she has WORMS! Worms come in many shapes and sizes. Most kittens get their worms from their momma. It’s a hot mess that they tend to step in. Then [...]

Monday Movie: Flippy Cat

Check out this trick! Flippy Cat appears at about the 0.45 mark: In a reader? Click here to view.

Monday Movie: In-House Massage

Calling all cats! If one of your New Year’s Resolutions was to start earning some money to support your nip habit, it might be worthwhile to explore a rewarding career as a masseuse!

What are cat types?

What do I mean when I talk about cat types? I have organized general cat tendencies into three main “types” called Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. This was inspired by the classic science fiction novel Brave New World, wherein humans are … Continue reading ?

Monday Movie: The Best Superbowl Commercial Ever

I hope everyone enjoyed the game and didn’t overdo it on the nip. Last week I read a couple of lame attempts to list the all-time top 10 Superbowl commercials. They were all pretty much inventories of Bud ads with a glaring omission: the classic EDS “Herding Cats” commercial. I’ve watched it over a hundred [...]

Paw-Marked Lawsuit Over Cat Theater Name

Cat clown Yuri Kuklachev and his son Dmitri are suing their ex-promoter, Mark Gelfman, for, among other things, federal and common-law trademark infringement, false endorsement, unfair competition and invasion of rights of publicity and privacy. They are arguing that Gelfman secretly filed a registration with the US Patent and Trademark Office, claiming the name “Moscow [...]

Monday Movie: A Big Cat Christmas

Before you yell at your cat for attacking your Christmas tree, consider that maybe that particular urge is hardwired in their DNA… here are a bunch of gorgeous big cats from Big Cat Rescue reacting to a gift of Christmas trees from Target. In a reader? Click here to see the video.

Interview with Sockington’s Dad

Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix here. Do yoo remember my exkloosive Cat’s Meow interview with Sockington, the werld’s most populer cat on Twitter? Well, almost live frum Noo York, heer’s an interview with his owner, Jason Scott. In it, yoo’ll also git to heer the Sockington theeme song! In a reader? Click here to watch. Do yoo [...]

Get to Know a Cat Guy: Eliot Even Writes Songs About His Cats!

In this great big world of ours, there are two categories of people: Those who like cats and those who don’t. Actually, maybe there’s a third category… those who LOVE cats. Eliot Weisberg (who happens to work for Catster!) is definitely in that third category, which makes him a very special kind of person — [...]

Dear Pammy, What people food is bad for cats?

A reader writes: I recently found out someone’s cat got into a food with lots of onions in it, and onions are toxic to cats. I didn’t know that. Fortunately, the cat involved was made to throw up (under a … Continue reading ?

What makes our cats explode?

We might not understand how, as I’ve often been asked, that “Our cat can be lying there one second, and the next they are running around like a crazy person!” This is our cat’s hunting style. It’s obviously very effective. … Continue reading ?

Teaching kittens to use the litter box

Can we train our kittens to use a litter box? No. see more Lolcats and funny pictures, and check out our Socially Awkward Penguin lolz! That’s because kittens are born knowing how to use the litter box. In fact, it’s one of my “pet” peeves; cat advice that starts out telling people what they should [...]

New product, new video!

The answer to litterbox odor We are launching another new product! This one is called Littermint. Our Litter Robot saves us money on litter, but that can also mean our clean litter doesn't smell clean. Any of us can have this problem. And now we offer a solution! Cover odor in the litter box in [...]

Kitten Crash Landing

When there’s a jumpy litter of kittens and a feather toy in the air, chances pretty good that somecat is going to get a little squished. Can’t see the video? Watch it on Youtube. I saw this one coming a mile away! Did you? P.S. Have you entered our giveaway for a copy of “The [...]

Urgent Plea to Help Japan’s Animals – Petition, Videos

There’s been money raised and rescue groups mobilized, but right now there’s a bigger hurdle than any of that for animals in Japan’s worst-affected area: Japan’s government has closed off the restricted zone, and no one can enter to help the animals anymore. Up until April 22, rescue groups and pet owners were allowed to [...]

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