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Monday Movie

This tabby is loving it up with Flipper. (I hope it’s not a captive dolphin, but alas, I suspect that it is.)

Sleepy Sunday

Well, what do you expect him to do with the light burning holes through his retinae? In a reader? Click here.

Cat Goes Tyson on a Dog

Yet another chapter of “Cats Rule, Dogs Drool”! In a reader? Click here to watch the video.

Monday Movie: Baby Skunk Plays with Kitten

CAUTION: You’ll be dead of the cute! In a reader? Click here to watch these cute babies at play.

Behind the Scenes of “Cat Diaries”

Hey evrybody, Skeezix heer. Last yeer I pawticipated in a pawsome project ware 25 cats were selected frum acrost the country to take video footage of what we do all day long. I was one of the 25 cats chosen. We were called “Repurrters,” wich I think is pretty clever. We got to strap eyenimal [...]

Cat Guy FAIL

Not all Cat Guys are as naturally adorable as John Fulton. Here’s an example of a Cat Guy FAIL. Gentlemen, take note. In a reader? Click here to watch!

What love can do

Some people are reluctant to consider a shelter cat because they think such a cat must have problems. Others are certain these are wonderful cats who simply need love. And… they are both right. Here’s our beloved Reverend Jim, his first night in his new home. He was four and a half months old. This [...]

Monday Movie: MY Noms, Fido!!!

How would you describe this ravenous but adorable ginger kitteh? Spunky? Bossy? Insane? In a reader? Click here to watch the little bitty kitty pwn Fido.

It’s here! The Way of Cats YouTube Channel

A long held dream has been realized. Now my cat advice is available in a video format. We’ve released an introductory video that is designed to explain how The Way of Cats works. Everyone who asked for “moar Tristan!” should be pleased with his work here. We gave him a prominent part and he more [...]

Crazy Cat Lady Eats Chow in Hopes of Getting the Purina Cat Chow Correspondent Gig

To what lengths will some Purina Cat Chow Correspondent hopefuls go to get the job? One certifiably crazy Cat Lady ate a bag of Purina Cat Chow to demonstrate why she feeds it to her cats. There’s still time to apply. Tomorrow (Mon 3/28) is the deadline. Click here to complete a Purina Cat Chow [...]

Jumpin’ Jack Flash is a Cat Cat Cat

If any of you kittehs are sitting around wondering what to do with your lives, check out this floofy-tailed feline who only needs a miniature equestrienne doll and saddle strapped to his back to look just like National Velvet. In a reader? Click here – you won’t want to miss this! [Thanks for the link, [...]

Monday Movie: The Most Touching Video You’ll Watch this Week

In a reader? Click here to watch video. In this very special video, a tsunami victim returns to her home, left in shambles from the surge. When the tsunami came, she could not find her cat, and was forced to leave without her. A transcript of the video follows after the jump. Voiceover: After the [...]

Dog Not Smart Enough to Get Away with Nomming Cat’s Treats

Featured on PEOPLE Pets today, this dog stole the cat’s treats and nommed ‘em till they were gone… and boy is he ashamed! Warning to dogs everywhere: don’t steal the noms! You’re just not smart enough to get away with it!

Japan’s “Cat Island” Likely Submerged by Tsunami

My heart is broken. As much as my prayers go out to the Japanese victims of the earthquake and tsunami, I am sick to my stomach at the prospect of Japan’s “Cat Island” (Tashiro) being submerged. Near Ishinomaki, Cat Island is on Japan’s eastern coast, most vulnerable to the tsunami surge. While sending your thoughts [...]

Plastic Fortress Purrvides Purrfect Refuge from Pesky Kittens

Older cats often have a limited tolerance for energetic kittens who want to play ATTACK! every. moment. of. every. day. Solution? The plastic fortress. It’s a win-win. The senior cat can relax in peace, while the kitten can continue to play ATTACK! In the DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME department, never leave the cats [...]

The Video Cats Don’t Want You to See

In a reader? Click here to watch video. WARNING: Watching this can cause you to blow milk out your nose.

This Cat Camera is the Cat’s Meow

Japanese company Superheadz has just rolled out a new 3MP Necono digital camera/video cam and frankly, I don’t think I can live without it. Pictured above with an optional LCD dock that will be available later in the year, the full-featured camera is the cat as shown below: Based on a Lisa Larson design, the [...]

Purrsonal Trainer Whips Running Cat into Shape

When my formerly feral tabby Tripper was only a year or so old, he’d trot along behind me like a dog as I pushed Skeezix in his stroller around the neighborhood. Trip was more a sprinter than a distance runner, watching us, then bolting past, only to dash behind a bush, watch us, and complete [...]

Siberia Buzzed by Feline UFO

I had to check the calendar on this one. Nope, it’s not April Fool’s Day, and this was not from Weekly World News. This week, air traffic controllers in Siberia claim they were buzzed by a high-speed UFO with a female sounding alien who spoke in a cat-like language unlike anything they’d heard before. The [...]

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