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A new leash at life – the Beagle who found home

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - Dog blog | Dog adoption India Summers ago, at an airport in a foreign land, I held dear my sinking coal-black heart. Doom. Dark. Dank submission. Oblivious to the humdrum, all my ears could register was the sound of silence. Show More Summary

Dogs Who Live with Smokers May Suffer from Premature Aging

Biomarkers show that living in a home with a tobacco smoker prematurely ages dogs at a cellular level

Should You Let Your Dog Sleep in Bed with You?

What are the pros and cons associated with letting your dog sleep in bed with you?

Just How Happy Is Your Dog? It May Take a Quick Eye to Know

Data indicates that quick, subtle, micro-expressions on a dog's face can indicate its emotional state

French president adopts rescue dog!

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - Dog blog | Dog adoption India Say hello to Nemo, the ‘First Dog’ of France! Politicians rarely have friends they can trust, do they?  That’s why the smarter of the lot turn to dogs. Consider how the US Presidential elections get swayed to a degree by the dogs. Show More Summary

Were You Smarter Than a Vet Student About Ear Infections?

Thanks to everyone who took this ear infection quiz. Congratulations to Arlene Millman of Huntington, New York, winner of the book drawing. She’ll be receiving a copy of Speaking for Spot! Below are the correct responses to the... Read More

How to keep your dog safe from mosquitoes?

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - Dog blog | Dog adoption India It’s that time of the year again – the monsoons. Cometh the clouds, cometh the risk of flea, tick and the mosquitoes. The latter in particular pose a grave threat as mosquito bites can also transmit other dreaded diseases. Show More Summary

Can Dogs Detect Ghosts, Spirits, or Hallucinations?

Whether dogs can sense the presence of ghosts or spirits is ambiguous however they can be trained to alert to their owner's hallucinations

Considerations for a City Dog. And Dental Supplies.

First, not to bury the lead–the book Considerations for the City Dog is a great book. I’ll explain more about that later in this post, but let me start by describing how I learned about the book: In October 2015 my office got a call from the local post office. “You have to get down […]

Are You Smarter Than a Vet Student About Ear Infections?

Ear infections are so darn common, particularly amongst dogs, and can be the cause of multiple veterinary hospital visits. If you care for a dog or cat with recurrent or chronic ear infections, it behooves you to become... Read More

Tyler Foote Joins the Trump Resistance

My eco-Terrier dog, Tyler Foote, joins the Trump Resistance.

Do Adult Dogs Still Recognize Their Mothers?

Does the emotional link between a canine mother and her puppies carry over into their adulthood?

Always End on Good Note? (Please Don’t, Not Always.)

How many times have you heard or said “Always end a training session on a good note?” I heard it repeatedly when I first went into the field and said it myself, until I saw how much trouble it could cause a dog and his handler. I got to thinking about this training aphorism when […]

Hero dog who discovered drugs in his backyard becomes a K9 narcotics officer!

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - Dog blog | Dog adoption India From nabbing terrorists to thwarting terror plots, dogs have emerged as our best line of defense in the post 9/11 world. But it is not just foiling terror plots, police dogs are also at the fore when it comes to busting drug dealers. Show More Summary

How Will Our Animals Respond to the Eclipse?

I’m mighty lucky in that a short hike to a clearing in the woods adjoining my property will place me in the zone of totality (I simply love this expression) for the upcoming eclipse. And the best part... Read More

Does "Tough Love" Produce Better Working Dogs?

Puppies with overly attentive mothers have poorer problem-solving abilities and are less likely to succeed as service dogs.

Tree Frogs, Baby Spiders & Sheep Dog Trials

Those things go together, right? Well, they did this weekend. Lucky me to discover this Gray Tree Frog hiding out in the day lilies. They are small, can take on the color of the substrate they’re on, and are only noticed if you are looking closely. Every time I find one in the garden it’s […]

Books written from dog’s point of view – What’s your favorite?

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - Dog blog | Dog adoption India It isn’t surprising that dogs have waded through our imaginations given the history we share with them. If this dog were to curate a list of all things happy for the soul ?  dogs, books, travel, and food would feature for sure. Show More Summary

Fear Free Approach is Thriving

Representatives from the Fear Free Certification Program recently announced that approximately 5,500 veterinary professionals have achieved certification status and 14,000 more are in the midst of doing so. These are some monumental statistics given that the Fear Free... Read More

What Makes a Dog Notice a Person

Is it the sight of you, the sounds you make, or your scent that is most likely to make a dog aware that you are nearby?

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