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Dear Friends

Dear friends, I want you to be the first to know that I am taking a sabbatical from writing my weekly blog posts. I will be embarking upon a couple of other projects that will consume my creative... Read More

Are Dogs Really Smarter Than Cats?

When it comes to whether dogs or cats are more intelligent, a look at their brain structure might answer the question.

Were You Smarter Than a Puppy Miller?

Thanks to all of you who participated in my puppy mill quiz. Stacy McClain from Fort Collins, Colorado was the lucky winner of a copy of Speaking for Spot.  Below are my opinions about the puppy miller versus... Read More

Coco movie review – the best Pixar movie in recent years!

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - Dog blog | Dog adoption India Before they began churning our bland sequels, Pixar studios had a pedigree boasting the likes of Toy Story, Finding Nemo, WALL-E, and Up. It took a long time coming but the renaissance for Pixar studios seems here with Coco. Show More Summary

Do Dogs Respond More Accurately to Words or Gestures?

Voice commands and hand signals are not equally effective when directing a dog's behavior.

Which Breeds of Dogs Are Best for Your Health?

New data not only shows that dog ownership provides substantial health benefits, but also that some breeds have a more substantial positive impact.

Remembering my first dog friend, Snoopy!

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - Dog blog | Dog adoption India Little is the time we get with our truest friends, dogs. Their lives too short, hearts too swell. In this guest post, Monika reminisces her first pet, Snoopy. Remembering my...Show More Summary

Kartika’s heartwarming tribute to her beloved dog

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - Dog blog | Dog adoption India Kartika reminisces the life and times of her beloved best friend in this heartwarming dog tribute. It all started with me leaving hometown to go to college. Being an only child of my parents I was worried about them missing me too much. Show More Summary

How living with dogs made my life stress free?

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - Dog blog | Dog adoption India Friend, a word, thrown so casually in our daily conversations that it has lost the very essence of its meaning. And what about love? Special educator Anuradha Kurup knows this and reserves these words with Genuity, sparingly for humans. Show More Summary

Are Dogs Insanely Friendly Because of Their Genetics?

A genetic abnormality which causes extreme friendliness in people also causes the friendliness we observe in dogs.

The dog who lost an eye BUT not the will to live, forgive or love!

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - Dog blog | Dog adoption India It takes a dollop of Sunshine, the true grit of a survivor and cuteness personified to become what this little doggo is! In this guest post, Sohini shares the story of Swami — a desi pup who suffered a severe accident but fought his way out to life. Show More Summary

Are You Smarter Than a Puppy Miller?

California recently banned the sale of puppy mill dogs from pet stores, and I hope this legislation becomes contagious throughout the United States. Unfortunately, in addition to selling their “merchandise” to pet stores, puppy millers have a huge... Read More

Just a roving dog in Rome…

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - Dog blog | Dog adoption India There’s a vibe about Rome that I haven’t felt in any city I’ve been to. There I was ? a solo backpacker roaming aimlessly at the crux of western civilization, clocking 20 kilometers a day on foot. Show More Summary

Why People Sometimes Care More About Dogs Than Humans

People are often more disturbed when a dog is a victim of abuse than when the victim is a human being.

Is your dog shedding? 5 Tips to help your dog this shedding season

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - Dog blog | Dog adoption India One of the oft-asked query we receive on our adoption updates – would the dog shed? Yes, he would. Here’s a fact: There aren’t dogs that don’t shed.   We understand that you’re looking for low-maintenance dogs but all dogs shed at one time or another. Show More Summary

Updated Canine Vaccination Guidelines

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) has released their 2017 Canine Vaccination Guidelines, the first update of this document since the 2011 version. A task force of veterinary experts who prepared the guidelines based their recommendations on vaccine... Read More

The Best Relief for Stress in Children May Be a Dog

New data suggests that we should think about prescribing dogs instead of Prozac or Valium to treat stress in children

Okja review — The best thing on Netflix you’d watch this year!

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - Dog blog | Dog adoption India Never since Babe was there a movie that made viewers cringe at their platter. Then came Okja. For a plot that begins with an Eden dream in the far east — a little girl and her gentle beast, Okja certainly punches above its weight. Show More Summary

Dogs Smell Your Emotional State and It Affects Their Mood

It is widely believed that dogs can recognize the scent of human fear and they react hostility to it. New data tests this idea.

I am a dog in Kashmir valley…

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - Dog blog | Dog adoption India I am a dog in Kashmir valley… My days go by meandering through meadows that media has long labeled menacing. Through terrains that spill of tyranny and terror threats, I make my way. Show More Summary

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