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What Is China's Current Attitude Concerning Dogs?

In modern China attitudes toward dogs are complex and varied. They have changed significantly over historical and modern times.

Heroes looking after dogs in the aftermath of disasters

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - Dog blog | Dog adoption India In the wake of catastrophes or threats man-made (read: wars), what makes one abandon all sails and plunge in the rapids, to rescue and in-turn be rescued? Far beyond reason and rationale, what makes a man run to where everyone is running away from? Madness or Love. Show More Summary

Is Emotional Attachment to Dogs a Modern Development?

Recent paleontological analysis shows that humans had an emotional bond to dogs as far back as the early Stone Age

Additional Evidence on the Dangers of Raw Diets for Dogs

While raw meat based diets are becoming popular for dogs, new evidence shows that feeding dogs raw chicken leads to a massive increase in their risk of a serious paralytic disease

Why Some Dogs Have Floppy Ears and Wolves Don't

Floppy ears are virtually never found in wild animals, however a new theory shows that they are an unintended by-product of our domestication of dogs

St. Croix

Thanks to all of you who requested information about my recent deployment to St. Croix where I worked at an emergency shelter established by the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). Over the course of... Read More

Which Dogs Eat Poop and Why Do They Do It?

Poop eating behavior in dogs may have begun as an attempt to keep the den area clean. It is a difficult behavior to change.

The smartest dog in the world!

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - Dog blog | Dog adoption India Dogs are smarter than you give them credit for.  History is replete with their intelligence, candor, and bravery. Bukowski knew it, Einstein knew it and now so do you! Every...Show More Summary

11 Inspiring New Year’s Resolutions for dog lovers!

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - Dog blog | Dog adoption India So, how’s your new year going? By today, most people have already broken most of their New Year’s Resolutions. Isn’t that crazy? Cometh the New Year, cometh the New Year resolutions...Show More Summary

Can Food Supplements Protect the Minds of Aging Dogs?

Old dogs can have a version of Alzheimer's disease and data suggests that this might be prevented by changing what they eat

Can Dogs Suffer from ADHD?

Dogs and human children share a number of mental characteristics and predispositions including the possibility of ADHD

Do Therapy Dogs Suffer from Stress When They Are Working?

Worries that therapy dogs get stressed during treatment and intervention sessions appear to be unfounded.

2018, the year of the dog!

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - Dog blog | Dog adoption India So there’s a fresh calendar on your desk. No highlighted dates or earmarks on it yet. Welcome to a new year, the year of the dog! I hope you are among friends and family. Someone to hold and be held. Show More Summary

How to keep your dog healthy with Natural home remedies?

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - Dog blog | Dog adoption India As a dog lover, you want nothing but the best for him. But with so much literature available on diets and essential foods, choices and then some more – do you really know what’s...Show More Summary

Do Dogs Think About and Plan For the Future?

The scientific data is not clear on whether dogs can and plan for anticipate the future, but there are hints.

Emotional Experiences Can Change the Nature of a Dog's Sleep

New data on the brain activity of sleeping dogs shows that the effect of emotional experiences on sleep is different for dogs and people

I am a dog in Zaanse Schans…

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - Dog blog | Dog adoption India “This is how life flows by…”, said the little doggo. “We are too distracted to dive into what really matters.” ?????????????????????????????????? “Look at me. Would you, human?”...Show More Summary

Why Quokka is the happiest animal in the world?

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - Dog blog | Dog adoption India Early in 2015, a cute little Australian took the internet by storm. Quokka, thy name, and smile ? was her ticket to fame! Why Quokka is the happiest animal in the world? Quokkas...Show More Summary

Compared to Humans, How Good Is a Dog's Visual Acuity?

Recent data shows that the visual acuity of humans is several times better than that of dogs under most light conditions.

Dear Friends

Dear friends, I want you to be the first to know that I am taking a sabbatical from writing my weekly blog posts. I will be embarking upon a couple of other projects that will consume my creative... Read More

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