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Canine Primary Hyperparathyroidism

Hyperparathyroidism is a hormonal imbalance caused by excess (hyper) production of parathyroid hormone. This disease occurs in middle-aged and older dogs, males and females alike. Keeshonds appear to be genetically predisposed to hyperparathyroidism. What is parathyroid hormone? Parathyroid... Read More

Dogs Are A Girl’s Best Friend Too!

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - Dog blog | The world as the dog sees it. What is it about dogs that they answer to your soul like no one ever can? The best friends they are, dogs offer this perennial happy feeling that overrides whatever mayhem the world may unfold. Show More Summary

Train Too Much and a Dog Won't Remember

Back to back training sessions involving different tasks impairs a dog's long-term memory of what he has learned

Creative Optical Illusions Inspire People to Adopt Rescue Pets!

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - Dog blog | The world as the dog sees it. We dogs have long known that the best of humans choose to adopt and not buy pets. People however, sometimes lack the inspiration to open their hearts and homes to the best breed that there’s – Rescued. Show More Summary

Want a Laugh? “Peanut Butter Dogs” Guarantees It

The book Peanut Butter Dogs, Photographs by Greg Murray, is the best thing to cross my desk in ages. We now know that the ingredients for a giggling, smiling, heart-warming laugh fest are: 1. Dogs (80% of the dogs in the book were adopted from shelters or rescues). 2. Peanut butter. 3. A great photographer. […]

I am not a dog owner

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - Dog blog | The world as the dog sees it. I am not a dog owner. To my dogs, I’m their MOTHER. Connect with Dog with Blog on Facebook Twitter  G+  The post I am not a dog owner appeared first on Dog With Blog.

Vet Set Go: Promoting Kids’ Aspirations to Become a Veterinarian

    Do you know any youngsters who are passionate about animals and want to become a veterinarian? If so, be sure to tell them about Vet Set Go , an organization that provides a wealth of information about... Read More

How To Be More Focused? Look At Pictures Of Cute Baby Animals!

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - Dog blog | The world as the dog sees it. Hey, are you surfing pictures of dogs at work? You should. Because Science says so! Forget Microsoft office. The greatest productivity secret at work might just be puppies. Show More Summary

The Nature of a Dog's Eye Can Make Problem-Solving Difficult

Dogs have limited visual abilities when compared to humans, and this may make solving certain problems difficult.

Why Don’t Dogs Get Angry More Often?

I’ve had a lot of interesting conversations on book tour for The Education of Will, and one of the topics that comes up relates to dogs and anger. I’ve heard: “Are you really saying that dogs can experience anger? Isn’t that being anthropomorphic; surely anger is a human construct?” And from a few concerned people: […]

Sylvester Stallone’s Tribute To His Dog Is Just Beautiful!

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - The world as the dogs sees it. There aren’t many memories in life that linger on quite like lost love. It doesn’t really matter whether you are an eight year old kid or a grown up man, the thing about memories is when they hit you, you are taken for an emotional ride through time. Show More Summary

Odds Improve for Dogs with Hemangiosarcoma

A new drug developed at the University of Minnesota is showing significant promise for dogs with hemangiosarcoma (HSA), a frequently diagnosed form of cancer that affects primarily large breed dogs. Recent studies on Golden Retrievers and Vizslas have demonstrated... Read More

CUPA Second Chance Adoption Centre gets a makeover; pets get chance at a new life!

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - The world as the dogs sees it. The colour ‘Orange’, represents happiness and warmth, as per the colour psychology. In case you are in Bangalore we suggest you meet few furry pals at CUPA Second Chance Adoption Centre.  The shelter recently underwent a vibrant makeover thanks to Himalaya Companion Care. Show More Summary

Is Clicker Training the Most Effective Way to Train Dogs?

New data resolves the controversy as to whether clicker training is better than using a word of praise when training dogs.

Are Dogs Good For Your Health?

The other day, I was having a conversation with a friend about the joys of having a dog. I mentioned that it is great to have someone to talk to who doesn't talk back, it is great to have someone...

Fighting Words

It seems that we all have something we are fighting right now. This next month, I’m all about doing battle with cancer. Cancer. Ugh, I hate it. I actually began this piece with a direct conversation to cancer itself, but it contained so many swear words I had to delete it. I have good reason […]

University erects statue in memory of beloved campus dog

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - The world as the dogs sees it. Anyone who has ever sweated it out in the campus corridors knows just how grueling the battle for grades is. The never ending lectures, projects, exams and did we mention the...Show More Summary

The Working Dog Center at Penn Vet

Book tours can be tiring, but there’s nothing like being inspired by the work of the people of The Penn Vet Working Dog Center in Philadelphia.  I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon there–basically an exercise in intellectual and emotional rapture. In general, here’s what they do: “Our goal is to increase collaborative research, […]

Why Do Dogs React to Cats?

Is it the sight of the cat, the sound of a cat, or the smell of a cat that excites dogs the most? The answer might surprise you.

6:59 am poem | Love and longing in the cosmos

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - The world as the dogs sees it. “I’ve been told that people in the army do more by 7:00 am than I do in an entire day But if I wake at 6:59 am and turn to you to trace the outline of your lips with mine I...Show More Summary

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