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FEI hosts new Grooms Working Group; will support their role in sport horse welfare

Grooms are gaining recognition for the role they play in equine welfare within equestrian sport. The FEI's new Grooms Working Group is expanding into a more formal registration program for international sport horse grooms. (Fran Jurga...Show More Summary

Happy Fourth of July: A look back to when Uncle Sam was at the anvil, sharpening an ominous sword

In mid-1941, the United States was still politically neutral as war erupted in Europe, North Africa, and Asia. The Atlantic wasn't safe for US ships anymore. So the popular Liberty magazine cover became a billboard for one side of the debate. Show More Summary

Moving to a New Blog Address

From now on, please look for us at this new blog address. The old blog, and its pages and sidebars, will still remain here at this address for reference. Please do not leave comments here, as I will not be checking them.Hope to see you over there, as A Year With Horses continues!

New HoofSearch documents give busy equine professionals a one-stop lifeline to newly-published global research

The time has come: After almost two years in the incubator (and the library), a new service is finally available to all. HoofSearch is a little on the nerdy side; it is designed for those of you interested in research--and eager to keep up with it. Show More Summary

Happy Mares in Retirement

Melissa at Paradigm just sent me some video - nothing exciting, but just happy, grazing mares.Maisie is the dark bay with white socks who's up first, Dawn is the red bay who's up next, and Lily is the large grey mare in the center of the next shots. Show More Summary

Perfect Riding Times

I've managed to ride all three horses three days in a row. I used to do this fairly often - sometimes I even rode four when Dawn was still here in Illinois - but I'd fallen out of the habit. I've started working back towards that again,...Show More Summary

The Royal Veterinary College’s Equine Locomotor Research Course for farriers expands to the USA

Good news! The already-successful graduate diploma research course for farriers at England's Royal Veterinary College (RVC) will be offered in the United States, beginning in January 2018. The deadline for applications is September 4,...Show More Summary

Updates All Around

Updates on all of us for the past year:1. Dawn - as you may remember, Dawn retired to Paradigm Farms in Tennessee a little over a year ago. She has settled in very well - she has lots of friends, is eating well and seems very happy.Show More Summary

Remember Us?

Don't know if you remember these fine folks: I think we'll be blogging again... we've missed all of you (or at least I have!). We're all doing fine, and maybe we'll have some more things to share...

Sue Dyson: Double video explanation of equine ethogram for recognizing lameness and pain

Bad behavior or signs of pain? All the facial expressions shown here are part of the ethogram developed by Dr. Sue Dyson's research team at the Animal Health Trust in England. In a continuation of the research, recognition of facial expressions in both ridden and unridden horses has been recommended as a way to identify potential lameness. Show More Summary

The High Tech Vet Tech: Designing a Carbon Fiber CT Table for Horses at UC Davis Vet School

There's a table under those mattresses. Did you ever wonder what structure supports an anesthetized, recumbent 1,200-pound horse when its limbs are inside a CT scanner? (UC Davis photo) Did you ever wonder what structure supports anShow More Summary

Royal Veterinary College studies elastic resistance bands for equine rehabilitation and training

Horse wearing the modified saddle pad with abdominal resistance band attached; the clip for the hindquarters band can also be seen. Core strength training for horses has been a key criteria for developing equine athletes with the necessary condition and muscle develop to sustain advanced gaits and collected movements. Show More Summary

What's on your screen? Update on Professor Chris Pollitt's Illustrated Horse's Foot Web Site and Book

There's been a secret in the hoof world for the past year, and it's time to make sure that you know about it.When Professor Chris Pollitt's new reference book, The Illustrated Horse's Foot, debuted in 2016, the detailed illustrations stole the show--and all the publicity. Show More Summary

New Horseracing Integrity Act Introduced in US House of Representatives

The establishment of a single federal authority to oversee horseracing would give the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency jurisdiction over racehorse medication testing under the tenets of new legislation filed in Congress. Congressmen Andy Barr (R-KY) and Paul Tonko (D-NY), the Co-Chairmen of the Congressional Horse Caucus, introduced H.R. Show More Summary

HoofMarks: The unfinished story of a maharaja's hoof-themed jockey scale

Image ©SujithPhotography - Sujith Nair Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, horseracing was as full of beauty and tradition and artistry as it was at the finest racetracks of Europe. Racing truly is the sport of kings...and sheikhs...Show More Summary

Badminton Horse Trials 2017 Farriers Prize: The quest for the best shod eventer

These hooves were under Arctic Soul, the horse that finished seventh at last week's Badminton Horse Trials, one of the world's most famous horse events. They also won recognition of the Worshipful Company of Farriers through the prestigious...Show More Summary

Shoeing for the Roses: Girvin's Kentucky Derby Quarter Crack and New Horseshoe Details

Photos and text © Fran Jurga and Dr. Raul Bras There can be speed bumps on the road to the Kentucky Derby. There can be detours. And there can be road blocks. The trick is being able to tell which one you're facing when a problem threatens to disrupt your colt's chances to run for glory on the first Saturday in May. Sometimes a little detour can actually pay off, and one of this

News: Priceless Fossil Rocking Horse, Once a Childhood Toy, Restored in Minnesota

GLOUCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS | 1 April 2017:   The evolution of the horse (Order Perissodactyla) included modification of the foot from five distinct narrow hooves, decreasing temporarily to three and presently to what we consider the remaining "middle toe". Show More Summary

Underfoot in Dubai: World Cup Hooves, Shoes and Farriers for Thoroughbred Racing’s Superstars

When the world’s best racehorses pack their bags for a trip to the golden global hotspot of Dubai to race in the World Cup, what do they pack? Quarantine and flight regulations allow three boxes per horse. But these days, trainers are...Show More Summary

Hoofcare History: The Blacksmith of Auschwitz and the Smell of Burning Hooves

"Work will make you free" promises the blacksmith-made sign above the gate at the entrance of Auschwitz in Poland, the site of one of the worst disasters in human history. It's one of the most famous signs anywhere in the world. DidShow More Summary

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