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Just About Perfect (Pie)

Yesterday was a good horse day. All three horses had rides, and all went very well.Red is back to walking under saddle - yesterday was our second 15-minute walk ride. His EPM symptoms are already abating - this is typical within five days of starting this particular medication. Show More Summary

Sale Photos, the good, the bad and the fugly.

A great photo can make an average horse look good. A great photo can hide or minimize some flaws. A great photo can sell a horse. A bad photo can do all those things in reverse. Remember you only get one chance to make a first impression. I know photos can be flawed, a friend […] The post Sale Photos, the good, the bad and the fugly. appeared first on Fugly Blog.

England Wins 35th International Team Horseshoeing Championship at Stoneleigh; USA Third

No doubt there is still smoke in the air over Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire, England tonight, but the coal forges are dark, the hammers have gone silent, the horses are loaded and the farriers? Well, they're probably celebrating somewhere,...Show More Summary

Something Awesome This Way Comes

There I was, hiding behind the hay shed, trying to get a natural photo of my brumby in her everyday habitat........But she totally knew I was there. Good grief, I would make such a terrible wild animal. I'd never be able to hide from anything. Show More Summary

EPM Forever (!?) and Norman Cuteness

We now have a likely explanation for how Red came to reinjure his right hind ankle. He originally injured the ankle in July, and after 30 days off from work with icing daily, he was looking pretty good and we started slowly back to work. Show More Summary

Sherri Brunzell just keeps getting worse.

The past few days a whole lot has come out about Sherri, about her horses, felony vs misdemeanor charges and it seems everything in between. What we now know is 14 skeletal remains were recovered from the property and 10 living horses...Show More Summary

Australian Farriers Seek Regulation of Profession in New South Wales

A farrier revolt has been brewing for some time in the state of New South Wales in Australia.Some--but not all--farriers there are angry and they want their state government to take action. In what seems like a counter-intuitive plea...Show More Summary

Loading up the Gelding Bus

                  Exhibit 1:  Paint Colt Really NICE confirmation and good breeding. Very gentle and fun to be around!! Sound and no scars or marks. Text X, TRADE FOR A TAURUS JUDGE   First off who confirmed this horse?  Did he go to bible study?  The word is conformation. […] The post Loading up the Gelding Bus appeared first on Fugly Blog.

American Farrier’s Association Team Heads to England for 35th International Team Horse Shoeing Championships

Teams of American horseshoers have been going to Stoneleigh, England to challenge British farriers at the game they invented since the early 1980s. Here's Bob Pethick, circa 1986, in the "old forge". It looks like he's the only person there but the back wall was lined with forges, and horses with big feet were tied to the rail in front. Show More Summary

Where are they now – Broadway

    I saw Broadway on this very blog.  The tag line always got me “You could still be on Broadway!” as obsessed as I am with musical theater it always caught my attention. But I couldn’t have another horse so I never clicked the link I just admired the cute, black Thoroughbred mare and […] The post Where are they now – Broadway appeared first on Fugly Blog.

Rescue Horse of the Day – LCR Casino Roan

          Talk about a great find.  He is a 5 year old Quarter Horse Gelding WITH papers.  Super cute bay roan and he is broke.  In a refresher program with Brent Winston.  He is sweet on the ground.  Picked up at an auction by Drifter’s Hearts of Hope (we will get to […] The post Rescue Horse of the Day – LCR Casino Roan appeared first on Fugly Blog.

I think this horse fits our namesake well… A couple things could be wrong here, it could be a bad angle, it could be her stance but really it looks like this horse was put together by a committee that didn’t confer with one another. Show More Summary

Update on Sherri Brunzell

New news article, husband speaks out This woman, and her husband are idiots.  They are now claiming that twelve horses died last year due to colic because of the cold. Show More Summary

Laminitis Researcher Ray Geor to Leave US for Post in His Native New Zealand

Edited from a press release  Beginning in 2015, Massey University's College of Sciences in New Zealand will be led by internationally-recognized veterinary and agricultural science specialist Professor Raymond Geor, BVSc, MVSc, PhD,Show More Summary

From the WTF files. How do you not deal with 8 plus Dead horses UPDATED at bottom

    Imagine you have just moved into your new rental. Your dog gets loose and you take off chasing it.  Your dog enters a barn and inside you find 8-12 DEAD HORSES.  Along with several others suffering severe malnourishment.  That happened to Denise Piper  and Diana Ragula as they caught their dog. Show More Summary

Cavalia – Odysseo

Since Friday is anything goes day I have to talk about the fantastic experience I had at this Cavalia show.  I did see it when it cam through my town last time and it was spectacular but this time around it is even more amazing.   The stage is larger and they make use of […] The post Cavalia – Odysseo appeared first on Fugly Blog.

Choosing the right trailer and tow vehicle

    This is a subject really near and dear to me.  I grew up with a dad obsessed with cars which meant many weekends spent at the local racetrack.  I remember going to my first few horse events and my dad being shocked at the vehicles used and how they were hooked up.  “All […] The post Choosing the right trailer and tow vehicle appeared first on Fugly Blog.

Going to get a little off track here

Today is supposed to be about a horse that needs adopted. Unfortunately the horse I wanted to feature the website is down and I can’t pull pictures.  So next week.  Today we are going to talk about a facility.   The Denver Dumb Friends League’s Equine Harmony Center. Show More Summary

Some things right, pasterns wrong.

     Holy Pasterns Batman.  Here is the ad copy “Montana is a solid mare. Her mother is still on our farm, her father a purebred Halflinger. She has not been green broke as I have not had the time. However, she does have good ground manners and stands for the farrier and vet. Montana […] The post Some things right, pasterns wrong. appeared first on Fugly Blog.


I just wanted to write I am sorry for taking over and then not having any posts.  I had some personal things going on but all is good and we will be back to normal this week!!!   The post Apologies. appeared first on Fugly Blog.

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