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This looks like a good idea!

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.  You have won the bad parent de jour! It gets even better than the picture.  Here is the Ad Text:   You have what? You have ridden him on the trails with no worries?  Great parent you are.  No worries about what, about potentially killing or severely injuring your daughter. Show More Summary

Lily, Norman and Maisie Get Body-Clipped

(Thanks to Melissa at Paradigm Farms for the photos.)Our three senior retirees - Lily and Maisie and Norman the pony - in Tennessee all have Cushings/PPID. So, this time of year, Melissa at Paradigm gives them body clips to help them...Show More Summary

Your wording matters

  This popped up on Facebook today and of course made the crowd go wild: This person eventually went on to delete the post.  This is why your wording matters.  There was nothing in the original ad about these being recipient mares.  Just looking for mares “to breed”, without papers, without mention of quality. Show More Summary

Lost Shoes, Caught Shoes and Twisted Shoes: Drama on the Hoof

It happens. But it rarely happens when you are pointing a camera at a horse. This image begs the question: Did one of these horses lose the shoe a second before the photo was taken, or was the shoe buried in the arena footing and springboarded...Show More Summary

All for Want of a Shoe: Lost Horseshoes Subject of Nine-Hour Irish Turf Tribunal and Australian Rule Change

One of horse sports' great wild cards has always been the lost shoe. Some horses lose a shoe and stop in their tracks. Some keep running and jumping. Sometimes the shoe sparkles in the sun. Sometimes it's never found. And sometimes it's just a mystery. Some people just shrug it off. And some people want to do something about it.  Lost shoes were under the microscope recently in

Case Notes: Inside Bal a Bali’s Laminitis Recovery

An earlier report on the successful return to racing for Brazilian champion colt Bal a Bali regretted the lack of details about the horse’s fight against laminitis and what types of therapy had been utilized to aid his recovery after...Show More Summary

Missy Gets a Birthday

I've had a number of horses with no papers, and therefore no precise birthday. Dawn, Pie and Red all have "official" birthdays, since they're registered - Dawn is a TB (June 10 - a very late birthday for a TB), Pie (April 29) and Red...Show More Summary

Brazil's Bal a Bali Comes Back from Laminitis to Win Santa Anita Stakes Race

Every once in a while, a bad news story takes a turn for the good. This one took a turn for the great. Yesterday in California, a horse from Brazil made his first start in the United States. Bal a Bali holds a world record and won Brazil's Triple Crown. Show More Summary

Guest Post – Where are they now trifecta part 3

Click for Part 1 or Part 2 It’s a Hat Trick!  Part III You might guess from the title of the story that there is a third horse involved in the MeSue Kinsman-Babock saga.  Not only is MeSue a pathological liar, she is also a back yard breeder.  Back in 2002, MeSue’s APHA mare foaled […] The post Guest Post – Where are they now trifecta part 3 appeared first on Fugly Blog.

Guest Post – Where are they now trifecta part 2

Where’s William? As promised, here is part two of the saga surrounding the 2008 story of two thoroughbreds that were given away on Seattle Craigslist. While Peter was safe and sound, no one knew what happened to William.  MeSue supplied...Show More Summary

Law Enforcement Fail

Ratemyhorsepro had an article today about the abuse allegations over at Cumberland Riding Academy in Tennessee. To quote the officer directly,  “Time is of the essence in these cases,” Sgt Ryan says. “The video was taken a week prior.”  A week fucking prior. Show More Summary

Dirty Missy and Dawn in Motion

I was out in the mare pasture at bring in time today, and got some good photos.Missy was very dirty, but is looking good: And I got some rare action shots of Dawn (dirty too, but it doesn't show as much), who's looking great for a mare...Show More Summary

Guest Post – Where are they now trifecta

Fugly: I hope you all enjoyed your Derby Weekend.  This week we are going to feature three horses rescued and where they are now.  They were featured in the original Fugly Blog but since we can’t access archives we don’t have original...Show More Summary

By all means, hide the evidence.

  Back in June of 2009 Cesar Parra was asked to evaluate a young stallion named William.  What started as a normal day for his owner became a day of horror and one she will never forget as she is reminded everyday as she sees her horse.  The owner first became suspicious when a Parra […] The post By all means, hide the evidence. appeared first on Fugly Blog.

Why They Run: The Hoof of Fire Horse Number 12

In all the excitement about this Saturday's Kentucky Derby, this little history lesson on one horse's heroic run to the finish seems appropriate to share.  Not all running by horses is done on the racetrack. It's not always done for prize money or glory in front of a cheering crowd. Show More Summary

Shoeing for the Roses: De Kock's Shoe-Shy Mubtaahij Thrives on Artificial Surface ?Training ?and Barefoot Hoofcare

Not every horse's journey to the Kentucky Derby? left a trail of classic hoofprints in the dirt. One horse's prints probably show a distinct frog, the imprint of his sole...and no sign of a shoe. That's because Mubtaahij??, the highly-regarded...Show More Summary

Pie at Nine

Today is Pie's birthday - he's 9 - happy birthday to a big, wonderful, guy!

Getting to Good: How Much is Enough?

I've been trying to put together a post on how much is enough - when to stop and when to keep going. I think this is one of the most difficult judgment calls in riding, and getting it right can make a big difference to your horse, and...Show More Summary

Clearly you didn’t read the blog.

I got a funny email this morning about the ownership of the blog. It made me laugh because clearly these people had no idea what they were looking at and didn’t read the blog.  They were saying Kara Bell (star of this post owned the blog. Show More Summary

Lily Does a Victory Lap

We have three horses (actually two horses and a pony) retired at Paradigm Farms in Tennessee. The horses there receive excellent care and attention, while having the benefit of living outdoors 24/7 in herds in large pastures.One of our retired mares is Lily. Show More Summary

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