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Dr. William Moyer Retires from Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. William Moyer retired last month after 22 years of service to the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine. His writing and speaking on the subject of equine lameness in sport and racehorses, and in particular his interest in the equine foot have made him a frequent subject of Hoofcare and Lameness articles since early days. Show More Summary

Pie Gets a Fever; Pasture Pics; Dawn's Healed Hairline Skull Fracture

My horses had most of their spring vaccinations on Friday. Yesterday afternoon, one day later, Pie had a fever. Pie often, but not always, gets a fever after vaccinations. His temperature was up to 101.4 (101.5 is an "official" fever, but that's close enough for me), and although he was eating well, he was a little bit depressed. Show More Summary

Missy's Age?, First Rides Outside and Vet Visit

We had a few days with really nice weather, so Pie, Red, Missy and I got to do some riding outdoors for the first time this year. Pie and I took a walk down across the mare pasture (no mares in there after bring-in) so he could drink...Show More Summary

Ageless Tahoe Warrior Runs Again: In Shoes, This Time, for Keeneland's New Dirt Track

At some point today, someone in the stands at Keeneland Racecourse is sure to read the fine print in the program and notice that in the second race, there's a 12-year-old horse running in his 95th lifetime start. And if he or she isShow More Summary

Bare Bones in London: Is Trafalgar Square's Ode to Equine Anatomy an April Fool's Prank?

You're a tourist in London, lurching through the maze of crowded streets on a bus. The tour guide directs your attention out the window to the famous Trafalgar Square. The centerpiece is a towering column commemorating the amazing naval victory of Admiral Lord Nelson in the Battle of Trafalgar off the coast of Spain in 1805. Show More Summary

A Pie Mystery

Pie and I have struggled with tracking right in the arena. He tends to want to bend to the outside and fall to the inside around the corners. This tracking-right issue is a long standing problem, and although I've been able to make adjustments...Show More Summary

Guest Post – MCR Equine Abuse

I logged on to Facebook this evening and was met face-to-face with a rather revealing and personal post regarding a particular “Christian Ranch/Camp” that is located in North Vernon, Indiana and owned by a man who is known by the name of Dan Corbin. While I’m sure none of us take pride in the fact […] The post Guest Post – MCR Equine Abuse appeared first on Fugly Blog.


I do believe that Dawn and Missy are each jealous of the attention I give to the other one.I'd have said that perhaps this is a mare thing - to be possessive, protective and jealous - but the only other time I've experienced it was with my gelding Noble (who passed away at age 30 in 2010). Show More Summary

If I break it you buy it

Back to Craiglist and we found a good one today. I am looking for a good home for my horse, Swinger. She is a registered paint mare. Gray. She has mild heel/hoof pain that is being treated by my vet and farrier. She will be 9yrs old this June. I have had her since she […] The post If I break it you buy it appeared first on Fugly Blog.

Missy Teaches Me: Feel Down to the Feet

We tend to fall into habits and routines when we ride our horses. This is a good thing to the extent we are learning and reinforcing behaviors in ourselves and with our horses that are helpful to us and the horse. But sometimes it takes...Show More Summary

Dubai World Cup: Will the Dirt Track Renaissance Affect the Shoeing for the World's Richest Race?

It's early morning in Dubai. Meydan Racecourse is preparing for a big day culminating in the world's very richest race. And the favorite is an American horse. Normally, there wouldn't be anything unusual about that. The race has been won by American stars like Cigar, Silver Charm and Animal Kingdom. But last year, no American contenders were in the race. Many people believe

Busy (and Expensive) Week

Lots happening this week. Monday and Tuesday I coordinated two days of dental visits. There were 14 horses seen in all, and I was directly responsible for my 4, and 4 others with two owners who couldn't be at the barn. Then there were...Show More Summary

Guest Post – Kijiji strikes again!

  Here’s the link to the ad: Here is the listing (my comments in red): 2010 16.1hh flashy TB gelding. Only track broke, came up from...Show More Summary

Scammers keep on scamming

Today we meet Haley Olson of Oregon.  Haley came to our attention due to her misuse of public facilities.  Sweetheart you cannot quarantine sick horses at the public fairgrounds. Especially when you haven’t told anyone that one the horses belong to you and two that they are there for quarantine. Show More Summary

Working From the Outside In, or From the Inside Out?

OK, here's where we start. Think of this circle in the following way: layer one is the technique you use when working with your horse - the rein, seat and leg aids - the how. Layer two is what you're trying to accomplish with your horse...Show More Summary

Is neglect abuse part 2

This picture and post are making the rounds on Facebook. Gentle Giants absolutely did the right thing in this case. They took a horse that just needed a peaceful end.  Could she have been fixed, maybe, but she was in a lot of pain and letting her go was the most humane option. The question […] The post Is neglect abuse part 2 appeared first on Fugly Blog.

Silent Anvil With Much More to Say: Hank McEwan, Horseshoer, Horseman, Friend

You probably thought you'd be reading the Hoof Blog's tribute to Hank McEwan by now. Words don't come easy, but Wednesday should be the day.Suffice to say, a slice of Americana/Canadiana has been cut from the cake, wrapped in a napkin, and hustled from the party. Show More Summary

This is why you don’t put all your eggs in one basket

If you remember a couple weeks back we talked about Smiling k9’s rescue in Indiana. The one that has two different names.  Which they have sort of addressed now. Still no explanation for why they have two names but there has to be a back story. Show More Summary

Michael Wildenstein All-Day Lecture in Vermont on Saturday, March 28

The Vermont Farriers Association invites you to an all-day lecture with farrier educator Michael Wildenstein, CJF, FWCF (Hons) on Saturday, March 28 in the Old Chapel at Castleton State College in Castleton, Vermont. Mike will speakShow More Summary

New Mare Introduction and Five Rides

There's a new mare in our herd, and she went out for the first time Monday, after spending several weeks in a pen next to the mare pasture. The new mare - her name is Misty (our mare herd now has a Misty, a Missy, a Maddie and a Maggie - M must be for mare) - is the buckskin on the right. Show More Summary

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