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For She’s a Jolly Good Fellow: Sarah Brown Passes Britain’s Highest Farrier Examination

Scotland's Sarah Mary Brown joined the small rank of farriers worldwide who have earned the right to add the letters "FWCF" after their names. This means that they have been through all the examinations of the Worshipful Company of Farriers, including the highest level, the Fellowship exam, which Sarah passed on October 12, 2015. Show More Summary

Good News!

Red and I had our vet visit today. I really, really like my vet - she's extremely smart and knowledgeable, and a real pro about lots of things, but especially about lameness of any sort. She's good with the horses, and always takes her time - even if her schedule is running hours late. Show More Summary

In wake of breakdowns, Keeneland issues results of track surface review

Keeneland has the unique perspective of being able to compare racing statistics over two different surfaces in recent years. Here, a horse trains on the Polytrack surface, which was removed in the summer of 2014 in favor of a new dirt main track. Show More Summary

Feet First in Vegas: Three Hoof Seminars Precede December's AAEP Convention and NFR

The dates: 61st Annual AAEP Convention December 5-9 2015 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo December 3-12 Unafiliated hoof education events will run from December 3-5  and are described with videos and full program lists here The Elvis impersonators will need to make room for the James Herriot wannabes. The sound of spinning roulette wheels may be drowned out by pounding hooves and

The Nature of Trust, and Another Vet Visit Coming Up . . .

An excellent post from Soft and Sound on what it means for a horse to trust, and what it takes to get a horse to put trust in your leadership. Red gets to see the vet... again... next week for a diagnostic ultrasound. Although he...Show More Summary

Pony Express Ride Accomplishments Part 3 of 3

This is the third of three articles that I wrote for Endurance News after the 2001 XP ride. This one was about the accomplishments of the horses and riders. It was pretty amazing when you think about it. Here is an excerpt: 230 horses were ridden 67,400 AERC miles by 104 riders in eight weeks. Show More Summary

XP’loring the Trail, 2000 Miles of Memories Part 2 of 3

This was the 2nd of 3 articles I wrote for Endurance News following the 2001 XP. XP’loring the Trail, 2000 Miles of Memories. Be sure to click on the link to read the entire thing! Karen Talk about anticipation! Most of the riders had waited months, years even…for the start of this ride and it was quite a spectacular one. Show More Summary

Preparing for the XP Part 1 of 3

This is an article I wrote for endurance news about preparing for the 2001 XP. “Preparing for the 2001 XP”. I surveyed and interviewed many if not most of the riders that went on the ’01 XP and got a lot of varied responses. Enjoy! Karen...Show More Summary

A Tale of Four Tails

This is another case of how different each horse is from another.I'm careful grooming tails - I hate pulling out hairs. So, for most of the late fall, through winter, and into spring, I don't groom tails, at all. If there are burrs or...Show More Summary

Red is Sore

Although Red doesn't seem to have suffered any serious injuries from our almost fall a few days ago, I expected him to be stiff and sore - he had to use himself pretty seriously to keep from falling. The past two days, I've been doing...Show More Summary

Scotland Wins 36th International Team Farrier Competition at Stoneleigh

It takes teamwork, as well as superb skill, to shoe horses all day in the world's stiffest team competition and emerge the winners. But the Scottish team did that this weekend at the 36th International Team Competition at the showgrounds in Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, England. Show More Summary


There are days where you're just plain lucky.Yesterday, I was riding Red in the outdoor arena - we were riding on the grass center. It was a lovely day, enough wind to keep the flies at bay but balmy and sunny. Red was forward, and just...Show More Summary

Mixed Messages, and the "Go There" Game

Red's bracing on the first walk/trot transition is telling me that I'm sending him mixed messages - "trot now" and "I'm expecting you to balk". His bracing/fussing is him saying "make up your mind, woman! - how am I supposed to do it...Show More Summary

Letting Go of Mental Braces

Sometimes when we struggle with something - with our horses - we just can't stop fretting/worrying/obsessing about it. We tell everyone, "my horse does x!" And, every time we ride, we think about x, worry about x, and expect our horse to do x. Show More Summary

Rolex Grand Slam Hoofcare: World #1 Hello Sanctos Hopes to Make More History on These Hooves

This story is being edited and will be completed soon. Please check back in an hour or so! The whole world will be watching on Sunday, September 13, as an unpretentious horse and rider from Scotland will try to ride into history. World #1 ranked rider Scott Brash and world #1 show jumping horse Hello Sanctos have done it before. Show More Summary

Kiwi Farrier Finesse: What's Underneath the Burghley Horse Trials Best Shod Horse?

As is becoming a custom, the Hoof Blog's articles about a "best shod" winner at a major three-day event is split into two parts. First comes the announcement, and the inevitable curiosity about whether the best shod horse is also one of the top-finishing horses. Show More Summary

The Last Set: Bob Agne, DVM, Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital Podiatry Veterinarian

Rood and Riddle equine podiatry veterinarian Bob Agne, DVM was killed on Monday, September 7 in Vermont Turn on the news any day and you'll hear tragic stories of people killed in accidents, disasters, fires, diseases. It happens every day. Show More Summary

Cooler Weather Coming, and Snotty Nose

It's been hot for us - 90s with the heat index. Even if the horses would be OK - and they wouldn't be comfortable, I'd be hot, and sweaty and not having much fun. So we've been doing very little riding over the past week. Today, finally,...Show More Summary

Burghley Best Shod Horse: Who Won the Worshipful Company of Farriers Eventing Prize?

New Zealand rider Tim Price and Ringwood Sky Boy are in fifth place after dressage at the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials in England. But they have already won one event: the Worshipful Company of Farriers' Best Shod Horse Award. Photo...Show More Summary

Nothing Better

Nothing better on a warm late summer day that four lovely rides on four excellent horses. We're going to have some hot weather for the next few days, with little riding likely, so I wanted to get in some rides today. I couldn't haveShow More Summary

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