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Silent Anvil: Bruce Daniels Has Died

 Bruce Daniels died today, just before noon, the American Farrier's Association tell us. The icon of American horseshoeing of the late 20th century had suffered several aortic aneurysms and what his son Tad called "multiple strokes". He still made it to his daughter Cary's house in Florida for Christmas, though. Just try and stop him. The farrier world will be a little less

Deep Contentment

Remember a time when you felt deeply contented - calm, focussed, open and aware, alert but not excited, and deeply, quietly joyful. Now put that feeling into yourself - into your core, just behind your belly button. Hold it there and breathe. Show More Summary

November, December, May!

People who have reading glasses are always losing them. I am like that with my camera. I am always losing it. This is probably because I carry it around with me everywhere, just like someone would a pair of glasses, which means there is never one place that it will be found in. Show More Summary

One Horse, Two Horse, Three Horse, Four (!) . . .

Sometimes people ask me which of my horses I like best. I'm always stumped by this question - how could I choose? Each horse is uniquely wonderful (and occasionally uniquely annoying), and just so specifically his or her own self, and our relationships deepen every day. Show More Summary

Best of 2014: Painting of Civil War Farriers Adds Aesthetic Dimension to History, Horseshoeing

I just stared at in disbelief. It was beautiful. It looked accurate. And it depicted something that, to the best of my knowledge,  had never been painted before. And if it has been painted before, it was never painted so carefully and so artistically. Show More Summary


Happy Holidays from Dawn, Red, Pie and me! May your holidays and New Year be filled with peace, joy, beauty, love and kindness!

An Amputee Donkey in Egypt Walks Again--on a Recycled Artificial Human Leg

Donkeys figure quite prominently in the original Christmas story, so why not have one star on the Hoof Blog on Christmas Eve? Hector the Egyptian donkey is making news around the world this Christmas, and bringing smiles to faces wherever...Show More Summary

More About Horse Urine Than You (Probably) Ever Wanted to Know

I've spent way too much time with vets this year - Red's splint bone fracture and surgery, his ankle injury, Dawn's several bouts of serious dental work, and Pie's ulcers. The only good thing about spending time with vets - mine are really excellent - is that I get to learn more about horses, and then I get to write about what I learn here. Show More Summary

My Ancient (Horse) History

My history with horses goes back a long ways - the photos below are from more than 50 to almost 40 years ago.When I was very small - less than two years old - my family moved next door to a stable. It wasn't a very nice stable - oneShow More Summary

Lock, Stock and Barrel

A funny little thing happened to my brumby's fetlock recently which I will describe in lurid detail in one moment. Well, actually, none of the details are truly lurid. They were curious and baffling. But thank goodness, not lurid. We began our Saturday by getting our Christmas tree. Show More Summary

Canter Happy

Red and I are finally cantering again, after many months of (repeated) time off and slow rehab from first, his splint bone surgery on his left hind, and then, second, the injury and reinjury to his other hind ankle. His transitions to canter have been just plain lovely - all I have to do is feel the new rhythm and he just steps off. Show More Summary

Creating the Soft Spot, Part VI: Riding in Five Dimensions: Time and Energy

Now we get to the stuff that's even harder to describe... and a few exercises to do without/with a horse that may help clarify some of this.Time is about motion through space, together, and about other things too - timing, speed over distance, and fundamentally, about rhythm. Show More Summary

Veterinary Equine Podiatry Group Announced at 2014 AAEP Convention, Will Pursue Board Specialization Status

At the 60th Annual Convention of the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP), held December 5 to 9, 2014 in Salt Lake City, Utah, the Veterinary Equine Podiatry Group, Inc. publicly announced its existence and intended mission. Formed...Show More Summary

Guest Report: Australia’s 2014 Functional Hoof Conference

by Betsy Lordan, DVM The second Functional Hoof Conference was held during Melbourne Cup Week (November 6-9, 2014) in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia. The clinic was hosted by a group of hoof care professionals seeking to improve knowledge...Show More Summary

Because training them takes time.

So we just put them in a contraption to “fix” all the problems. Doesn’t he look happy?  Let’s see if we can decipher all that is on this poor horse’s head.  It appears they have take a combination gag bit (like this) and instead of putting the mouthpiece in the mouth for whatever reason they […] The post Because training them takes time. appeared first on Fugly Blog.

Rest Area, and Carrying the Energy Forward

Both boys have been working well, and Red is moving towards being back in full work - we can trot without paying much attention to how long, but I try not to push him to the point where he's super tired to avoid reinjury while he's regaining...Show More Summary

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