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Pie is Much Improved

Well, I think we have our answer as to whether Pie has ulcers. After one dose of UlcerGard (whole tube, same as GastroGard) yesterday, he is already much improved today. He's eating better, drinking more, and the quantity and quality of his manure (do only horse people care about the quality of poop?) is better, and he's just a lot more comfortable. Show More Summary

Pie (Probably) Has Ulcers

My opportunities continue to learn about all things medical concerning equines.For the past several days, Pie has been very much NQR. At bring-in time, he mopes in the back of his stall, when he isn't pawing his shavings into big piles, or tossing his head, or stretching. Show More Summary

Supply Side: Vettec Hoof Repair and Sole Support Innovator Acquired by Kerr Corporation

The following information has been provided to Hoofcare Publishing by Vettec Inc.: Kerr Corporation, a global manufacturer of healthcare products, announced today that it has acquired DUX Dental and Vettec Inc. The acquisition will unlock...Show More Summary

Super Bowl in July? Watch a New Budweiser Clydesdale Commercial for FIFA World Cup Round of 16

This article has nothing to do with hooves, except for the fact that the Budweiser Clydesdales have big, heavy, famous ones. By tonight, everyone will have seen this commercial, but here's a preview of what will surely make a delightful...Show More Summary

Two out of Three isn't Bad . . . I Think

I have two sound horses out of three. This morning, I put Dawn on the lunge to check her soundness - she's had about a week off from riding - and she was completely sound in both directions at the trot and canter. We went on to haveShow More Summary

Operation Cartography

Lately I have gotten it in my head to make a map of all the trails that we ride around on. I know there is no real need for it. But I feel like doing it. I think it will be a nice little creation. So now every time I am out on the trail, I am recording in what direction I am going and how crooked or straight the path is. Show More Summary

Pie Has Pulses, and New Summer Schedule?

Red is now out for about 3 hours a day with the herd, and seems to be enjoying it very much. Pie is still confined in a pen, and I had been hand grazing him - we'd made it up to 15 minutes. But, oops! When I checked him last evening,...Show More Summary

Left Eye Spookiness

Red is up to 2 1/2 hours with his friends in the pasture, and is a much happier horse. Pie is up to 15 minutes of hand grazing - mostly weeds, clover and dandelions - he disdains grass and is very selective about the "summer tonic" he wants to eat. Show More Summary

Paradise Found

After frolicking around in Maine, it was time to get back into the fabulous world of my brumby. So while snakes lounged near gardening tools and flower beds.......and husbands chased dogs in the yard.......and teens immersed themselves deeper and deeper into smartphones.......I tacked up my brumby and got out on the trail. Show More Summary

Twice on Pie (and Once on Red, and Once on Dawn)

Today was a long, but very good, horse day. Red got 45 minutes of turnout with the herd this morning, and only had 1 1/2 cc of oral ace. It was delightful to see him canter and trot off, perfectly sound, on his way to the pasture. Today he stayed out with the herd in the far pasture for his whole time out, and I hiked out to get him. Show More Summary

Silent Anvil: Elvis's Horseshoer Has Left the Building, But Not Our Lives

Mississippi/Tennessee horseshoer Lim Couch died this week. He was Elvis's horseshoer and a longtime officer of the American Farrier's Association. "Give me an Elvis look," I remember saying when I took this photo. And he obliged. Lots of horseshoers have famous clients. Show More Summary


Red was out with the herd for almost 45 minutes today. I gave him some ace again and led him up to the top of the hill and let him gallop off. I walked back to the barn, and a few minutes later I heard him calling and he galloped back around the corner and down the hill - not too fast, thankfully - and up to the gate. Show More Summary

Airs Above the Ground

Today, Red finally got a bit of turnout with his herd - it's been about two months since he's been turned out anywhere except a 25'x25' pen. The pasture he goes in is big - three or four acres - and there's another pasture behind it - another three or four acres - with grass. Show More Summary

Fruit Loop

Red was a fruit loop today - while we were hand-grazing - for 40 minutes - yawn - he did several big spooks - the type that'll give you rope burn if you aren't paying attention. But he calmed down right away each time - grass will do...Show More Summary

An Anniversary Not Fondly Remembered

I let the date slip by without noticing - I suppose that's a good sign. Those of you who've been following this blog for a while will remember that on June 11, 2011, I had a very serious fall off Pie while we were riding on the trail...Show More Summary

Of Moose, Blueberries and Lobster

What to do when you have a few weeks of vacation lined up? Well, you definitely take your brumby out on the trail. And then you might, just maybe, pack up the car and drive to........Maine!! I confess the title of this post is slightly misleading. Show More Summary

Triple Crown Hindsight: California Chrome's Hoof Bulb Injury in Pictures

The dream is over, and that's horse racing. The champion is just a horse, after all. We don't know what California Chrome's excuse was for losing Saturday's Belmont Stakes--and with it, the much-anticipated Triple Crown. There's a list,...Show More Summary

Birthday Girl

Today, Dawn is 17 years old. It's hard to believe - she became part of our horse family back in 2001 when she was just 4. She was my younger daughter's horse until my daughter went away to college, and then I "inherited" her, and she and I are now very close.Here are some photos of her enjoying what horses like best - grazing with the herd: Happy birthday to a very special mare!


Dawn had a day off yesterday - she's often slightly sore after her hoof trim. And she'll have another day off today.Red continues to do very well. Yesterday we did 8 minutes of trot work again, and by the end his trot was forward and engaged and he was doing some nice stretching down. Show More Summary

California Chrome: Horseshoer Judd Fisher with a Horse on the Doorstep of History

Best of luck to California horseshoer Judd Fisher as he waits to find out if the horse with his shoes on will make history today by becoming the first Triple Crown winner since Affirmed in 1978. Cross your fingers, rub a horseshoe, raise your glass--whatever happens, Judd has done a great job to get California Chrome to this point. Show More Summary

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