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Red is Still Lame . . . :(

Red is still lame on his right hind at the trot on the lunge. No worse, maybe a little bit better. There's no heat, no swelling, no tenderness that I'm able to detect. The lameness came on a day or so after he was apparently kicked with...Show More Summary

Taking Pictures with Horses | Portraits with Horses | Senior Pictures with Horses

Ever feel lost when it comes to photographing horses and capturing that special connection between a rider and their horse. Or perhaps you often end up with a "look" where the horse has a huge head and small hip or visa verse? Well as...Show More Summary

Managing my endurance horse Bo post colic surgery

Bo two weeks post colic surgery, April 2014. He regained his weight rapidly. I’ve only made a few small changes to how I manage Bo on a day to day basis after his colic surgery in April.  While the veterinarians and surgeon were notShow More Summary

Norman (and a Girlfriend)

I realize I haven't had much on the blog lately about the retirees - Norman, Lily and Maisie - who live in Tennessee at Paradigm Farms. But today there was a photo on their blog I had to share - it's Norman-the-pony with one of his girlfriends. Show More Summary

British Equine Veterinary Association Announces Foot and Farriery Topics, Speakers at 2014 BEVA Congress

The 2014 "BEVA Congress" or annual convention of the British Equine Veterinary Association, has announced the addition of a full day program on farriery and foot lameness for Saturday, September 13. The Congress will be held at the ICC...Show More Summary

Wild West Endurance Ride 2014

Bo & Karen at Wild West 2014. Photo by Baylor/Gore. I know I haven’t blogged for a long time.  Bo colicked on April 9th and needed to have surgery for a 180 degree twist.  It was a bit of a roller coaster ride, to put it lightly.  We...Show More Summary

Morrison: Utlize Support during Stall Time to Prevent Capsular Distortion in the Thoroughbred Racehorse's Foot

The following advice is provided by Scott E. Morrison, DVM of Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky. Dr. Morrison presented an in-depth lecture on problems affecting the feet of American racehorses at the 2013 convention...Show More Summary

If Only Weekends Were Longer

This weekend Yogi was on the road! Yogi is CC's favorite horse. Saturday Bill trailered them to a benefit ride at a small equestrian center 30 minutes away. CC has not ridden as much lately since she just had a baby (a very round, cute baby) so this was a re-launch of sorts for her. Show More Summary

Red Slowly Improves, Dawn is Eating Well, and Pie is Perfectly Pleasant

Red is still not sound at the trot on the lunge, but he's slowly improving, and considering how much cantering and even galloping he's been doing in turnout, the fact that he's improving is a sign things should continue to get better. Show More Summary

Grass's (Missing) Link to Laminitis: Hormonal Imbalance Sets the Stage for Disease

For years, laminitis has been characterized as a disease of the horse's foot. Treatment has centered on relieving pain to the foot and facilitating healthy new growth. But just as important is understanding what caused the laminitis to occur and treating laminitis as a disease of the entire horse, not just the feet. Show More Summary

It's Official: England's Steven Beane Wins His Fifth Calgary Stampede World Championship Title

The Calgary Stampede did not provide photos of the awards this year, so The Hoof Blog had to go hunting for some. We found a perfect photo taken by Tony Kay, OBE, Her Majesty's British Consul General to Calgary and the prairie provinces of Canada. Show More Summary

So Far So Good . . . Report on Dawn's Dental Surgery

As I had expected, I spent many hours at the barn today. The dental surgery team showed up on time with their trailer full of equipment - two vets and a helper. All these people do is dental surgery, and they really knew what they were doing. Show More Summary

Weird Stuff and Worries

I rode Dawn this morning before it got too hot, and she was great, including at the canter. But this afternoon, when I led her into the aisle, and turned her, something was weird. She walked fine in a straight line, but when I turned her in a tight circle, she really didn't want to weight her left hind. Show More Summary

Results: English Farrier Steven Beane Wins His Fifth (and Final) Calgary Stampede World Championship in 2014

Steven Beane practicing at home before Calgary. Photo by Aaron Kampfer, used with permission. Unofficial news from the Calgary Stampede has placed English farrier Steven Beane in the enviable position of having just won his fifth--and...Show More Summary

Sour Patch Kid

There she is. The sour patch kid. Innocently nibbling hay in the morning sun. Don't be fooled by such a darling face. (and it is pretty darling, I must say) Today I set out on the trail solo. No one was around so it was just my brumby and me. Show More Summary

Calgary Stampede: Forging On to the World Championship's Top Ten

The Calgary Stampede World Championship Blacksmiths Competition is over the hump. Competition through Saturday was an elimination series that was a complicated dance of simultaneous divisions run under timed conditions. At the end of...Show More Summary

Red is Still Off and Pie is Much Better

I put Red on the lunge again briefly Friday. Yep, he's still lame in the right hind at the trot, although much improved from last week. But he's now very sound at the walk and all the various swellings have gone done almost completely, and there's no heat or sensitivity. Show More Summary

Calgary Stampede Opening Day: Blacksmiths in the Sun, Shatner in the Parade, Champions All

Last chance to be the World Champion: 60 farriers from around the world were entered for the 35th and final World Champion Blacksmiths Competition at the Calgary Stampede in Calgary, Alberta, Canada this week. (Photo © Sandra Mesrine) The...Show More Summary

My Horses Need New Names

I've decided my horses need new names. There's Ms. Broken Teeth, Mr. Splint Bone Fracture and I'll See If I Can Get Kicked Again, and Mr. Ulcers... Now, don't get me wrong, they're each and every one great horses.Mr. Ulcers (aka Pie) tries to give the impression that he's a macho ranch horse type - tough and sturdy. Show More Summary

I'm Lovin' it!

June is one of my favorite months! It is the best time of the year to get out on the trail. Some think fall is better but not me. Does June make me a little goofy? Maybe.... This Saturday I began my riding day with Lilly down in the round pen. Show More Summary

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