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By all means, hide the evidence.

  Back in June of 2009 Cesar Parra was asked to evaluate a young stallion named William.  What started as a normal day for his owner became a day of horror and one she will never forget as she is reminded everyday as she sees her horse.  The owner first became suspicious when a Parra […] The post By all means, hide the evidence. appeared first on Fugly Blog.

Why They Run: The Hoof of Fire Horse Number 12

In all the excitement about this Saturday's Kentucky Derby, this little history lesson on one horse's heroic run to the finish seems appropriate to share.  Not all running by horses is done on the racetrack. It's not always done for prize money or glory in front of a cheering crowd. Show More Summary

Shoeing for the Roses: De Kock's Shoe-Shy Mubtaahij Thrives on Artificial Surface ?Training ?and Barefoot Hoofcare

Not every horse's journey to the Kentucky Derby? left a trail of classic hoofprints in the dirt. One horse's prints probably show a distinct frog, the imprint of his sole...and no sign of a shoe. That's because Mubtaahij??, the highly-regarded...Show More Summary

Pie at Nine

Today is Pie's birthday - he's 9 - happy birthday to a big, wonderful, guy!

Getting to Good: How Much is Enough?

I've been trying to put together a post on how much is enough - when to stop and when to keep going. I think this is one of the most difficult judgment calls in riding, and getting it right can make a big difference to your horse, and...Show More Summary

Clearly you didn’t read the blog.

I got a funny email this morning about the ownership of the blog. It made me laugh because clearly these people had no idea what they were looking at and didn’t read the blog.  They were saying Kara Bell (star of this post owned the blog. Show More Summary

Lily Does a Victory Lap

We have three horses (actually two horses and a pony) retired at Paradigm Farms in Tennessee. The horses there receive excellent care and attention, while having the benefit of living outdoors 24/7 in herds in large pastures.One of our retired mares is Lily. Show More Summary

Take Note Animal Control Officers.

  This is how you deal with a couple starving horses.  You take a complaint and you go out and verify the complaint.  Inevitably the suspect will lie,  “Oh they are under veterinarian care”.  Which is stupidly easy to verify.   “Hold on, I am going to call Dr Smith.”  “Dr Smith has never heard […] The post Take Note Animal Control Officers. appeared first on Fugly Blog.


Some people hate mares, and some love them. I'd put myself squarely in the "loves mares" camp, which is not to say that I don't love geldings too - my wonderful old horse Noble was a gelding, and of course so are Pie and Red. But there's...Show More Summary

Quick Tail Wrap

Winter is sneaking up on us again, so many of us are thinking about tail wraps. However if you just need a quick temporary tail wrap this works well, especially for keeping hair out of the mud. I have wrote an article or two on sewing...Show More Summary

How to Make Lotion Bars

Its that time of year again, fall is here and the dry air starts to take a toll on our skin, making it feel dry and cracked. It is so hard to find a good quality lotion for my hands in the winter time, one that actually makes them feel good. Show More Summary


Horseville has an affiliate program which allows you to earn money if you put a link on your website, you get $5 for sign up, $0.03 for every click and 15% of how much money they spend on Horseville if they choose to buy an ad. I though...Show More Summary

How to make a Lunge Line or Driving Lines

I have never been a fan of conventional lungelines or driving lines, so I decided to make my own. I personally like the feel of rope in my hands, something I can grip and control. I make lines that I use universally for either lunging or ground driving. Show More Summary

Be a Better Rider Tip of the Day: Look Ahead

Remember to look up and in the direction you are going. This is such an easy thing to forget, especially when training for headsets and working with young horses. Looking in the direction you are headed is more than just good horsemanship and equitation, it cues your horse. Show More Summary

Sewing For Your Horse

I have always looked for ways to make horses more affordable, not to mention showing them! So I decided a few years ago I was going to find some ways to make things for them, here are a few things I have done, or thought of doing. Things...Show More Summary

Dr. William Moyer Retires from Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. William Moyer retired last month after 22 years of service to the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine. His writing and speaking on the subject of equine lameness in sport and racehorses, and in particular his interest in the equine foot have made him a frequent subject of Hoofcare and Lameness articles since early days. Show More Summary

Pie Gets a Fever; Pasture Pics; Dawn's Healed Hairline Skull Fracture

My horses had most of their spring vaccinations on Friday. Yesterday afternoon, one day later, Pie had a fever. Pie often, but not always, gets a fever after vaccinations. His temperature was up to 101.4 (101.5 is an "official" fever, but that's close enough for me), and although he was eating well, he was a little bit depressed. Show More Summary

Missy's Age?, First Rides Outside and Vet Visit

We had a few days with really nice weather, so Pie, Red, Missy and I got to do some riding outdoors for the first time this year. Pie and I took a walk down across the mare pasture (no mares in there after bring-in) so he could drink...Show More Summary

Ageless Tahoe Warrior Runs Again: In Shoes, This Time, for Keeneland's New Dirt Track

At some point today, someone in the stands at Keeneland Racecourse is sure to read the fine print in the program and notice that in the second race, there's a 12-year-old horse running in his 95th lifetime start. And if he or she isShow More Summary

Bare Bones in London: Is Trafalgar Square's Ode to Equine Anatomy an April Fool's Prank?

You're a tourist in London, lurching through the maze of crowded streets on a bus. The tour guide directs your attention out the window to the famous Trafalgar Square. The centerpiece is a towering column commemorating the amazing naval victory of Admiral Lord Nelson in the Battle of Trafalgar off the coast of Spain in 1805. Show More Summary

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