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Barefoot Hoofcare Practices Subject of British Government Survey to Veterinarians

A government survey of British veterinarians is taking no prisoners. While the subject of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs ("Defra") veterinary survey is the to collect veterinarians' comments on what they haveShow More Summary

Sidepull Forever, and I Can't Stay Away

A break from trying to describe softness...Dawn has firmly declared that she will only be ridden in the side pull from now on. I tried her in the bit again yesterday - it's been about 6 weeks since the serious injury to her tongue, which seems to be well-healed by now. Show More Summary

You could be an endurance rider if….

I first read 11 -20 on the January HITM Endurance Day show.  Then, 1-10 on the February show earlier this week. On today’s Action Rider Tack endurance episode following a few endurance rider defining nuggets from Karen we’ll visit with Connie Berto for a chat about why she loves endurance riding so much and some of her favorite rides. Show More Summary

Another delusional horse owner

What is with these people who have all these dead horses and yet think they did nothing wrong.  The “not my problem mentality”.  This guy even goes so far and says it was God’s Plan for all the horses to die. All these horses that he left to rot. This one is in Mississippi and […] The post Another delusional horse owner appeared first on Fugly Blog.

Creating the Soft Spot, Part V: Riding in Five Dimensions, Starting with Space

Here's the working definition of softness I gave in the last post in this series:Carrying energy, through space, in time, together.Before we get started, I'd like you to visualize something. Think back to the last winter Olympics, and the pairs skating - two people, partners, doing an amazing routine together, to music. Show More Summary

If they don’t sell, we’ll breed more and other Craiglist fun!

These were all based on reader submissions.  Keep them coming!  Email me at A little tough to read unless you blow it up. From the Ad: I have a few “paint horses” for sale 30 to choose from $500 to $5000, many are broke to ride, mostly big horses. Show More Summary

Vive St Eloi...and the Spirit of the Monuments Men: Painting of Farrier Patron Saint Returns to Owner

It's the first week in December, time to toast all those French farriers and veterinarians and jockeys who are taking the day off (Monday or Wednesday, depending on your preference) in honor of their patron saint. But we have something else to toast this St Eloi's Day. Show More Summary

I was going to take care of them, I swear

Well at least that is what Larry Browning said after authorities found 49 dead horses on his property.   He claims people would just drop them off but sorry Larry once you started feeding them and didn’t report them as abandoned you became responsible for them. Show More Summary

Victory's Magnum Champagne Award to Stakes-Winning British Farriers for Fifth Straight Year

Congratulations to the six-man farrier team shoeing the Thoroughbred racehorses of top trainer Richard Hannon in Wiltshire, England. The shoers have yet again won the Victory Magnum and no doubt sent Atlantic Equine’s champagne billShow More Summary

Everything's Good

I give thanks every day for my wonderful horses, and the opportunity to spend time with them. Everyone is doing well.Dawn and I continue our early morning rides when it's not too cold. I used to ride when it was above 10F, but my limit has changed to 20F. Show More Summary

Just in Time for Thanksgiving

This is what my kale in the side yard garden was looking like Wednesday afternoon. What is that fluffy white stuff? My friends, hat is the result of a Thanksgiving eve Nor'easter. It is just like Mother Nature to throw a monkey wrench into everyone's holiday plans. Show More Summary

Simple Things

I'm always surprised by what I find when I handle horses new to me - perhaps because I'm so used to how my horses handle. I've been watching over two geldings who are stalled near mine, while their owners (a couple) are away on a two-week vacation. Show More Summary

Everything is Beautiful

I saw this fly bonnet at last year's Equine Affaire and thought it would be perfect for hunting season, never minding that it appears to have been made for donkeys. One year later and I still have not made the needed alterations. So now it looks like Lilly is wearing sock puppets on her ears. Show More Summary

If you stand up to a bully they usually back down

Remember what’s her name, Scamming Sophia?  Or was it Jamie?  Who knows, does she even know? We discussed her as a sneaky trainer and she made us all laugh with her contradictory rebuttal. Well she just settled out of court since she knew she was up shit creek without a paddle. Show More Summary

Creating the Soft Spot, Part IV: a Definition

Carrying energy, through space, in time, together. A lot packed in there... more later...

Hooves@War: Did the Paths of This Vet and Farrier Cross in World War I?

It was called simply "Mons". The war was supposed to be a quick route for the British troops. They left in summer and boasted that they'd be home in time for Christmas. Except it didn't quite work out that way. It turned into a "world war". Show More Summary

What breed standard?

One would think that before a person got into breeding a certain breed they would read the breed standard.  We talked about it will the overly dished Arabians and with the Quarter Horses and their big bodies and little legs. Breeding is supposed to better the breed.  To make the best example of the breed […] The post What breed standard? appeared first on Fugly Blog.

Hug Your Horses

A friend of mine lost her beloved gelding today. He was 24, sound and apparently in very good health - she rode him last night. Sometime in the night, he coliced badly. This morning, he was in distress and she had him trailered to the...Show More Summary

Permanent methods of identification

What if your horse was stolen, or you were separated in a natural disaster, or you simply needed to prove ownership.  Could you do that easily and legally? Let’s talk about that today.  The benefits to having easy, legal proof of ownership has many benefits. Show More Summary

The Return of the Equine Affaire!

I wait all year for the Equine Affaire! This year it was Nov 13-16 and so on Saturday, Brandon and Kestrel and I made our annual trek there. We always start with a portrait in the parking lot. It was REALLY cold! There are several buildings to visit at the Equine Affaire. Show More Summary

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