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Three Good Rides, and Red is a Tad Obnoxious

Riding days are few and far between, with our extremely cold weather. Normal highs this time of year are around 35F - we've been in the single digits and sometimes teens and rarely 20s. Today it actually got up into the 20s, and it won't be that warm again for several days (and hasn't been since Saturday), so we took full advantage. Show More Summary

The Limitations of Technique

A very nice, and profound, post by Mark Rashid on the limitations of technique and "training". For me, the concept of just simply riding the horse you way you'd like him/her to go, and offering the feel of that to the horse, and having...Show More Summary

Relaxed at 15 Degrees

It was a sunny day with not too much wind, but the temperatures didn't make it to 20F. I went to the barn not really intending to ride - it was supposed to get much colder in the afternoon but by the time I got everyone groomed, it was still 15 degrees and one other boarder was riding, so Red and I ended up having an excellent ride. Show More Summary

Red Remembers Too

I had an enjoyable afternoon yesterday, and all three of Missy, Red and Pie and I had rides together (Dawn and I spent time in the morning grooming). I had planned to ride Missy and Red, but hadn't been able to ride in days due to the weather, and it's getting very cold and windy again starting today, so no rides again for a while. Show More Summary

Dawn Remembers, and Lots of Photos

Dawn was the first of my horses to move to our current barn, a little over three years ago. Yesterday a mare moved from our old stable to our barn. Think Dawn remembered the other mare? Sure she did: This morning it was actually almost...Show More Summary

Trust Yourself First

I've increasingly come to the realization that, for your horse to trust you, you have to trust yourself first.

Principles to Live By

I've been working on distilling some of my basic principles to live by - a good task for these very cold days. Here's what I've come to so far:1. Be aware.2. Be kind.3. Embrace life.What are yours?

What contract?

When you adopt a horse most of the time there is a contract.  I know, I have signed three of them.  They mandate how the horse needs to be cared for, usually that the horse is returned if you can no longer care for the horse, and various other provisions.  What happens if this contract […] The post What contract? appeared first on Fugly Blog.

More Cold Riding, Very Good Horses, and Missy's Feet Progress

I finally managed to ride two days in a row - Red and Pie Monday, and Pie and Missy Tuesday. Today and tomorrow there will be no rides - temperatures in the single digits F with wind chills well below zero, although the horses will get turnout. Show More Summary


  Why?  I mean why do you want to breed her?  I know what the answer is going to be. “Because I love her so much and I want another one like her” How do I know that because I hear it so often. Did you ever consider what happens if the baby has a […] The post Why? appeared first on Fugly Blog.

I've Got Your Back - On Leading, and Loose Horses

My horses are turned out in large herds - 12-15 horses each. I frequently go get them in the pasture, or lead them in at bring-in time when all the horses are clustered near the gates. I expect all my horses to lead well - for me, this...Show More Summary

Cold Riding: Marvelous Miss and Rockin' Red

It's been very cold, with below zero wind chills. I hadn't ridden for several days - my usual rule is I don't ride when it's below 20F - the temperature in the indoor is about the same as the outside, and even with my good cold weather...Show More Summary

Purple People Eater? and Pie Gets New Clothes

Missy is about 3 weeks out of front shoes at this point. She's been doing very well - my trimmer took almost nothing off and left the sole and frog completely alone - that's one thing I like about him. Her feet are nicely shaped and her hairlines are straight, both of which are very good things. Show More Summary

Grayson-Jockey Club Foundation and Starlight Racing Reach $150,000 Laminitis Research Goal

News release: Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation (GJCRF) announced today that it had reached the target in fund raising prompted by Starlight Stable’s challenge to raise $75,000 for laminitis research. Starlight issued the challenge last year in memory of Intense Holiday, a stakes-winning colt that seemed headed for additional success until he suffered a condylar fracture.

You Have to Go through it to Get to the Other Side

An interesting thing showed up yesterday. Red and I rode for the first time since our work on the scary corner last week. And... he wasn't worried about the corner any more, even though it was windy, the arena doors were banging, and there were patches of snow that had blown in inside the arena doors. Show More Summary

How Did Pythagoras Use Hammer Tones on the Anvil to Decode the Musical Scale?

Music was born in a forge. Did you know that? The Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras decoded, or invented, the musical scale, and he came up with it after discerning the relative musical tones of different blacksmiths' hammers. Or so history tells us. Show More Summary

Polyflex Horseshoes Hosts Informational Farrier Session with VEPG Chair Mark Silverman at Palm Beach Farrier Supply

On Saturday, January 31, Polyflex Horseshoes hosted an informational session for farriers with Mark Silverman, MS, DVM, owner of Sport Horse Veterinary Services and a partner in Southern California Equine Podiatry with farrier Ernest Woodward in Rancho Santa Fe, California. Show More Summary

One Good Ride, and Conquering the Scary Corner

No rushing, no pressure, all the time in the world...Most of the problem I described in the last post occurs because I put pressure on myself - to get things done, keep to a schedule, ride (in some fashion) as many horses as possible. Show More Summary

Snow Storm or BUST

Last week meteorologists went crazy predicting snow. We were supposed to get a TON of it. Everyone hunkered down and battened their hatches.The power company warned about power outages; town officials advised putting together an "emergency kit" for the house and the car. Show More Summary

Face Plant, and a Message from the Universe

Saturday morning, when I went to get Dawn in the pasture, I managed to do a face plant - it takes skill... I haltered her, and as I turned to lead her back to the barn, I managed to catch my right foot in something - probably frozen hay by the bale, and down I went. Show More Summary

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