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That Pesky Photoshop!

This horse is owned by Roseanne Rodgers but she wants to remind you: Right someone photoshopped your horse stuck in the mud.  I get it they are after you.  Trying to make you look bad.  Sure the camera angle is what makes it appear this horse is stuck UP TO ITS TORSO IN MUD!  But […] The post That Pesky Photoshop! appeared first on Fugly Blog.

Blacksmith Buddy Junior: The New Hoofcare Education Tool for Teaching, Practice, and Demonstrations

                             Sponsored Post from Blacksmith Buddy                                        Practice makes perfect...sense, when a new student practices on a Blacksmith Buddy or Buddy Junior. Even an experienced vet or farrier...Show More Summary

The Barbaro Effect: Changing the Face of Laminitis Education

Barbaro died on January 29, 2007. Where were you eight years ago? More importantly, where was your awareness and knowledge of the disease of laminitis? And where are you--and your laminitis awareness and knowledge--now? Laminitis was once a dreaded word that was spoken in a whisper. Show More Summary

Missy and I Do Trail Obstacles

Well, some of the things we did you're unlikely to encounter on the trail...I had a busy horse day - Pie and Red got rides in the afternoon, and then Missy and I rode during the Thursday evening horse get together that happens most weeks at the barn. Show More Summary

Is neglect abuse?

I saw this news story (CCSO: 12 horses removed from property, owner overwhelmed) and I think the headline is a little misleading as she is being charged, although under a county ordinance rather than a criminal one.  This leads me to...Show More Summary

Introduction to Winter Traction: Finding the Roots of Today's Safety and Fun Under Foot in Snow and Ice

Like a scene from Black Beauty, a horse goes down in the shafts of a delivery wagon on a Boston street, sometime between 1917 and 1934. From the Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection. A blizzard hit the Northeast Corridor of the United States today. Show More Summary

Watch Now: "Lost Dog" Budweiser Clydesdales Super Bowl Commercial Released; Puppy Ads Under Scrutiny

I don't know about you, but I'm still snowbound. Cable service returned just in time for me to catch the new Budweiser Clydesdales Super Bowl commercial (a.k.a. "Lost Dog") on The Today Show this morning. And here it is, along with a behind-the-scenes reel, thanks to Budweiser, to share with you. I wonder what people will think of this one. Show More Summary

Mare Day

Today was a mare day. The boys and I didn't ride, although they were attended to, and I even went to say hi to them while they were in turnout - they were much more interested in the hay than in me.Dawn and I had a nice short walk/trot ride this morning - it was still pretty cold - in the 20s. Show More Summary

Jolly January

I decided a few weeks ago to join Facebook, thinking maybe I could Facebook instead of blog. But after one Facebook post I realized that microblogging is nice, but not super nice like blogging. The real thing. Here's what Lilly thinks of social media. Show More Summary

Prix d'Amerique 2015: 15 of 18 Horses Will Race "Barefoot" by Pulling Shoes Before Race

72 hooves. 12 shoes.(Maybe). That's the ratio for Sunday's Prix d'Amerique trotting race in Vincennes, France. The purse is worth $1.15 Million (US). You'd take your shoes off, too, for that kind of prize money. This is not just another horse race. Show More Summary

My Kind of Day

Today was a really good horse day. I rode all four horses (I rode all four yesterday, too), and each ride was a delight.I left home at about 7:30 a.m. this morning. The barn is only about a 5 minute drive from my house, which is really nice. Show More Summary

Fabulous Missy

I just had another great ride with Missy - it was our fifth ride. We started with some in-hand relaxation and softening work, including some concentrated work on soft backing - this was hard, but every time we did it she improved.We worked some more on our standing for mounting - it's almost 100% where I want it to be. Show More Summary

Teaser: Budweiser Clydesdales Super Bowl Commercial, or at least a few seconds of it

Fans of the Budweiser Clydesdale Super Bowl commercials could celebrate a small step forward this afternoon as the St. Louis brewery released probably about nine seconds of the upcoming one-minute commercial for next weekend's actual...Show More Summary

Barefoot Research: What Are the Consequences of Shoe Removal for Trotting Racehorses?

How are the health, comfort and wear of the horse's feet affected when shoes are removed for racing? A research special report from Hippolia Foundation and CIRALE Text and images © CIRALE and/or Hoofcare Publishing  No reproduction or...Show More Summary

This is how you handle a horse stuck in a feeder!

Back in December we introduced you to Jerry Earls.  He had starved his horses and then tried to sell them off to slaughter but they were ultimately saved by donations from across the country.  One of Jerry’s horses was stuck in a feeder. Show More Summary

Four Rides, and Fourth on Missy

Today I rode all four horses - that certainly won't happen every day, but it was a good day for it - very few people at the barn and lots of peace and quiet. Dawn and I had a nice early morning ride, with some trotting - she's a little bit gimpy, possibly from the hard frozen ground after her trim, so we didn't ride too long. Show More Summary

Experiments in Relaxation

Over the past several days, I've been adding some of Mark Russell's thinking on relaxation to my work sessions with all four horses. His focus on relaxation in the jaw (no tight nosebands or cavessons), and stretching down through lateral...Show More Summary

The Farrier's Jukebox: New Year's Eve with the "Blacksmith Stomp" with Playlists

Three of the stomping blacksmiths of England hoist songwriter Will of The Noble Jacks band. Left to right Declan Emmerson, Grant Watt (yes, he's wearing a kilt), and Dom Jones. Sometimes, you just get inspired. A new song by a band I'd never heard of in England showed up and I decided to play the video. Show More Summary

Biomechanics of Horseshoes by Dr. Jenny Hagen: Werkman presents the wide-branch (asymmetric) shoe and high speed fluoroscopy of toe-landing

The Hoof Blog is pleased to share with you some additional media from the research of Dr. Jenny Hagen at the University of Leipzig in Germany. Today we share the biomechanics of the "wide-branch" (asymmetric) shoe, and fascinating video of high speed fluoroscopy, or "video x-rays" of toe landing with no shoes and different wedges. Show More Summary

First Ride on Missy

Thursday evenings, a group of people at the barn regularly get together and do things with their horses - some people do groundwork, some ride, some do both. There are usually at least 6 or 7 horse/person combos, and sometimes more, so it's busy in the arena. Show More Summary

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