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A Word About Widths

"My saddle fitter said my horse needs a wide tree. So I got her one, but it sits too low and hits her withers." "My saddle fitter said my horse needs a medium tree. So I got her one, but the saddle is sitting really pommel-high." "My...Show More Summary

First Ride Post-Surgery!

Today I rode Red for the first time since his surgery 24 days ago - it was more than a month since we'd ridden. Our vet authorized ride walking once he was up to 30 minutes of hand walking in the afternoon, since even if he does have some soft tissue injury (which we hope he does not), the walk work would be good for that. Show More Summary

Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head....dammit

I'm going to start my blog post with my typical snide remark about the weather: Mother Nature is turning into a one trick pony. All we have here is rain. And when it is not raining, it is overcast and damp. Damp. Since when is being damp ever a good thing? Damp laundry? A damp basement? A damp dog? No, no and no. Show More Summary

Time to Get Serious - Clicker Training for Meds-by-Mouth

This morning, when, while I was attempting to give him his ace, Red whacked me hard on the side of my head with his (large, very heavy) head, I decided it was time to get serious about getting this fixed.So I decided we would use clicker training to fix things. Show More Summary

Bath Time Coming, I Sedate My Hand, and Tomorrow We Ride!

I see baths in our future - I very rarely bath my horses to preserve the oils in their coats, but tomorrow it's supposed to be in the 80s (80s! who would think that was possible...), so Dawn and Pie will probably get their spring baths. Show More Summary

California Chrome Wins Kentucky Derby in Judd Fisher's California-Hybrid Horseshoes

There will always be an as asterisk next to the name of California Chrome in the Kentucky Derby history records. Yes, California Chrome was the first horse to win the Kentucky Derby wearing glue-on shoes. The only problem is that they...Show More Summary

So Far, So Good - Red Update

Since Red got out of his tight, big, surgical compression bandage on day 14 after his surgery, his recovery has been coming along well. It's now day 19, and the leg looks a bit better every day. He's up to 3 1/2 hours of morning turnout in a small pen next to Pie, and we're hand walking 20 minutes in the afternoon. Show More Summary

How Much is a Famous Horse's Shoe Worth? Derby Winner Orb's Raceplate on eBay Today

A horseshoe worn by 2013 Kentucky Derby winner Orb is being auctioned today on eBay. The auction benefits equine research. People often what a shoe from a famous horse is worth. The answer isn't easy. Authentication is tough, and fraud...Show More Summary

Saturday's Child

Today's weather, like a lot of weather this spring was sullen and dreary and about as appealing as a wet diaper. As usual, as soon as I arrived at the farm, it started to rain. I was somewhat prepared. I had several layers on and even had a pair of waterproof gloves at the ready. Show More Summary

Derby Day Videos: Health and Safety Updates from Churchill Downs and Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation

The Grayson-Jockey Club Foundation funds equine research like the surgery at Rood and RIddle Equine Hospital described in this video; its Welfare and Safety of the Racehorsee programs work to keep racehorses safer and healthier during...Show More Summary

Mark Rashid Post on Respect

Here's Mark's latest blog post - A Matter of Respect - about the whole respect/disrespect approach to horses that is so rampant in the horse world. I think you'll find Mark's perspective interesting.

Bandage Off! Hand Walking! Pen Turnout!

Red had his two weeks after surgery vet visit, and things went very well. His large compression bandage was removed, and the incision looks very good. There's still some swelling, but less than there was two days ago. The vet removed...Show More Summary

2014 Mark Rashid Clinic - My Assignments for the Year

At each of the recent annual Mark Rashid clinics, I've come away with specific assignments - an area of focus for my next riding year - sometimes these assignments naturally arise from what happens in the clinic and sometimes Mark specifically...Show More Summary

Spring laminitis case videos: What’s new for prevention and hoof management?

It's spring, that annual stock-taking time when horse owners should be taking serious care of their horses' feet and examining them for signs of changes brought on by the change of seasons and feeding as brown grass turns green. It's...Show More Summary

Happy Birthday, Pie!

Today Pie is 8 years old - I've had him for almost half his life, since he was about 4 1/2 when I got him back in the fall of 2010. We've come a long way together in that time, and I think we've got more places to go and to be together.Here,...Show More Summary

2014 Mark Rashid Clinic - Day Three Roxie - Directing, Timing and Feel

My last ride of the clinic was on Roxie. As you may remember, our first ride had not ended well - for either of us - and we had worked together on our leading on day two to tune up my "directing" so she and I would be more confident together.We started our day three session with some preliminary leading work. Show More Summary

Easing Toward the Best Season of All

This picture, which I took today, does not not make it look too springy around here. Frankly, today did not feel any springier than it looked. But maybe I am being too picky. Because there are signs of spring. For example, in this very...Show More Summary

Retraining Red to Take Medicine by Mouth

When I got Red, he would push against any pressure on his head or face - if you put your hand on his nose he would flip his head or even heat butt. Same thing for pressure on the halter. It took a while, but as part of working through...Show More Summary

2014 Mark Rashid Clinic - Day Three Pie - Leave Only the Opening You Want, and Fixing Falling In to the Right

Day three of the clinic...Sunday night it poured - someone said we'd gotten 5" of rain. Needless to say we were back inside on Monday - but even without the rain, it was in the 30s and the wind was very strong and it snowed on and off all day. Show More Summary

One Day at a Time . . .

The surgeon came to visit Red this morning (several hours late due to emergencies he had to deal with). He said the incision looked very good. Then he and his assistant ultrasounded the swelling on Red's leg to see if it was just fluid or inflammation of the structures (the concern was the suspensory ligament). Show More Summary

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