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Bigfoot on Course: Is Gatcombe's Best Shod Horse the Biggest Shod, Too?

This horse is making a big splash in the eventing world. British event rider Ben Hobday's big-footed advanced horse is headed to the 4 Land Rover Burghley International Horse Trials in September next, with new shoes that measure seven inches across. Show More Summary

Getting Creative: Virtual Riding

Red's insisting on being worked every day - we have to do something, but I need to keep it non-strenuous until he's more healed up. Just hand walking around the arena, or standing together to watch things going on, is fine, but it sure is boring, so I've been having to come up with things for us to do. Show More Summary

Pie and I Work on Transitions and Anticipation

Today Pie and I had a ride where I went in with a specific objective in mind. I find when I ride aimlessly or without purpose, I don't enjoy riding as much - it's still great to be on the horse, but I tend to lose my focus, which means...Show More Summary

Farewell, July. Welcome Augustus!

I once read that horses have prehensile upper lips. Just like a monkey tail!!?? I thought this was so strange and amazing. Ever since, I have loved to watch Lilly gobbling grass because she is so discriminating at what fronds she wants to eat. Show More Summary

Mark Rashid on Collection

An interesting post from Mark Rashid on the subject of collection.The only thing I would add is that there are a lot of people who think they've got collection, when all they've got is a tense, braced horse (usually with a tense, braced rider) and the "appearance" of a frame. Show More Summary

Red Insists

Red is a very intelligent and social horse who likes to interact with people and other horses. He told me today that he was feeling neglected. In fact, he insisted - very persistently - that he was being neglected.Usually, my afternoon...Show More Summary

Mark Rashid on Degrees of Separation

It's all about what we do when the horse doesn't do what we want...Mark Rashid post on Degrees of Separation.

Red's Vet Visit and Pasture Photos

While I was waiting around at the barn for the vet to arrive to check Red out, I had the chance to take some pasture photos.Here's Dawn leaving the barn after our early morning ride - we started to ride again a few days ago and we'll...Show More Summary

Navicular Syndrome: Does FDA Approval of Tildren and Osphos Change Anything?

From bone to zone: Focus on navicular-type lameness has evolved from concentrating on identifying bone defects visible in radiography to a more dynamic approach to also detect possible soft tissue injury, deteriorating hoof condition and age- or sport-related stress factors. Show More Summary

Tour de Conway

July has always been known for speed. It's been two weeks since I have made a blog post and I can honestly say it feels like I just made my last post a few days ago. How time flies! Maybe one day, after I have invented my Time Slower Downer, I will blog more often. Show More Summary

Scotland's David Varini Wins European Farrier Championship for United Kingdom

Scottish farrier David Varini was World Champion in 2013 and has won the European title previously. (Hoof Blog file photo) Congratulations to Scottish farrier David Varini, who has just been declared the winner of the European Farriery Championship, held this weekend in England. Steven Beane of England, reigning World Champion, was right behind him, with less than 1.5 points

Euro Farrier Champions: Top Ten Finalists and Meet Dutch Champion Gert-Jan Salm

The European Farriery Championship is in full swing this week in England; here's a list of the farriers and nations who made it through to the "Top Ten", and are competing today, Sunday. That's a broad cross-section of Europe represented...Show More Summary

Vet Coming Monday . . .

It's been a month, and Red's still off in the right hind. He's improving, but the improvement is very slow lately. He has a lot more trouble when he's having to sit back and use his hind end when slowing down or going downhill. At this...Show More Summary

Ground Work - a Rare Thing for Us, and a Note on Red's Soundness

I almost never do ground work of any kind. I usually do ground work to check things out progressively with a new horse where I don't know what the horse knows or doesn't know, to teach the horse a specific skill (ground driving can be...Show More Summary

Whose Horseshoes Did CHIO Aachen Add to the Walk of Fame?

If you were a horseshoe, where would you like to spend eternity? If you'd been on a sport horse, the answer is the hallowed Walk of Fame, a plaza at the showgrounds of CHIO Aachen, the national horse sport championships of Germany and...Show More Summary

Endurance riding basics: What to carry on your saddle

Here is my list along with photos showing what I carry with me when I ride.  Each person needs to figure out what works for them as we all have different needs.  I try to only carry things that I may actually need without going over-board. ...Show More Summary

Red is Still Lame . . . :(

Red is still lame on his right hind at the trot on the lunge. No worse, maybe a little bit better. There's no heat, no swelling, no tenderness that I'm able to detect. The lameness came on a day or so after he was apparently kicked with...Show More Summary

Taking Pictures with Horses | Portraits with Horses | Senior Pictures with Horses

Ever feel lost when it comes to photographing horses and capturing that special connection between a rider and their horse. Or perhaps you often end up with a "look" where the horse has a huge head and small hip or visa verse? Well as...Show More Summary

Managing my endurance horse Bo post colic surgery

Bo two weeks post colic surgery, April 2014. He regained his weight rapidly. I’ve only made a few small changes to how I manage Bo on a day to day basis after his colic surgery in April.  While the veterinarians and surgeon were notShow More Summary

Norman (and a Girlfriend)

I realize I haven't had much on the blog lately about the retirees - Norman, Lily and Maisie - who live in Tennessee at Paradigm Farms. But today there was a photo on their blog I had to share - it's Norman-the-pony with one of his girlfriends. Show More Summary

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