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Drinking Styles

Each of my four horses has his or her own drinking style. In some respects, these drinking styles reflect their underlying personalities, I think.Dawn is a lip flapper. She lowers her face to the water without hesitation, flaps her lower lip a few times at the surface and then drinks deeply. Show More Summary

Four Browns

All four horses are what a non-horse person would call "brown" - well, Miss is brown and white and Dawn has a black mane and tail and black points, but other than that, they're brown.One of the things I love about spending time around horses - not just my own - is how individual each of them is, including their color and markings. Show More Summary

Outside, Hoof Trims, Saddle Fit, Trot Work, Sunblock, Ride Log

The bugs - mosquitos, black flies, gnats, flies and more flies - stable flies, face flies, green-headed flies and now the dreaded B-52s - have been really terrible this year. We've had a lot of rain, with intervals of heat - perfectShow More Summary

Sorry about the Comments Setting . . .

Sorry, everyone, I forgot to enable comments again - comments are once again possible - I had disabled comments when the blog was on vacation to prevent spam.

I Miss the Blog . . . Back Early

I miss the horse people I've come to know and enjoy through their blogs, and even those who comment but don't have blogs. I can't really tell, or know, if anyone misses me and my blogging, but I guess that doesn't really matter. So I...Show More Summary

Shoeless Tahoe Warrior Scores Another Victory in His 102nd Start; Gelding Is Now 12

Remember Tahoe Warrior? A lot of people do, because he's crossed a lot of paths in the last 12 years. The still-got-game Thoroughbred gelding chalked up his 19th career win on Thursday, in his 102nd career start. Tahoe Warrior is what you might call an artificial surface specialist. Show More Summary

Kerckhaert Acquires Diamond Brand Tools and Horseshoes from Apex

Hoofcare and Lameness will be working late tonight on a farrier industry news story. Today Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory of The Netherlands, the world’s largest independent horseshoe manufacturer, announced that it had "acquired the Diamond Farrier division of Apex Tool Group". Show More Summary

Duckett Downunder: Hoofcare Education and Farrier Competition in Australia

Special report from Australia by Betsy Lordan, DVM The Professional Farriers’ Association of New South Wales, Australia recently hosted farrier legend, Dave Duckett, FWCF for a series of educational clinics and a horseshoeing contest. While...Show More Summary

Thanks, and Quarterly Updates

Thanks for all the kind comments.The blog will stay up. I will try to update quarterly with doings, what I've been learning and, with a little luck, some photos.See you all in the fall - I'll plan to post after the end of September - and may you and your horses have a lovely rest of the summer!

Blog Tired

It's time to go. This blog has been running since 2009 - that's six years. The adventures of Dawn, Pie, Red and now Missy (and Lily, Maisie and Norman at Paradigm Farms in Tennessee), will continue, whether there is a blog or not. The blog has been fun - I've enjoyed the writing and the interactions with so many of you over the years. Show More Summary

California Chrome’s Newmarket Souvenirs: Aluminum Bar Shoes with HammerHead Nails

Do racehorses have to go through customs and fill out those little declaration forms? If so, reigning Horse of the Year California Chrome had better think twice when he lands in Chicago on Tuesday, should he check off the “nothing to...Show More Summary

Cushings/PPID Primer, Part II (from Paradigm Farms)

Here's part two of the series on Cushings/PPID, from Paradigm Farms.

Cushings/PPID Primer, Part I (from Paradigm Farms)

All three of my retirees at Paradigm Farms - Lily, Maisie and Norman-the-pony, have Cushings/PPID, which is managed by medication. All three were diagnosed while they lived there, due to the attention and care Melissa and Jason give all the horses that live with them.Melissa has started a series on Cushings/PPID - here is Part I. Show More Summary

Two Retirees

Here are two of my retirees, Maisie and Lily, at their home at Paradigm Farms in Tennessee - photo by Melissa: They're both in their 20s, and both have Cushings/PPID that's well controlled by medication. I think they're looking pretty good - you go, girls!

Oh, Mare

Missy is pretty smart. She stays out of trouble in the herd, and doesn't usually put herself in a position that's likely to cause trouble. But yesterday, I came to the barn to find this: Very odd. Not bites, not kicks, and pretty symmetrical on both hind legs. Show More Summary

The Connection Between Walk and Canter

I've always found that there's a strong connection between work at the walk and work at the canter. I'm not entirely sure why that is, but I suspect that it has something to do with the 4-beat nature of the walk, and the 4-beat (counting the suspension as one beat) of the canter. Show More Summary

Powerful Post from Mark Rashid

Here's Mark's latest post - read it, it'll be worth your time.

Practice, with Four Horses

I am so incredibly fortunate to have worked with Mark Rashid for 13 years now, and to have four fine horses who serve as my teachers/shapers as I edge towards the goal of unconscious competence.Here are the four stages of learning:1....Show More Summary

Dawn Has a Birthday

Today is Dawn's 18th birthday. You'd never know it from looking at her - she's glossy and muscled and fit. Since she had her two rounds of dental surgery last summer, she's been eating up a storm and holding her weight better than she...Show More Summary

Clinic Posts on Sidebar

All the posts from this year's Mark Rashid clinic are now on the top of the sidebar to the right.

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