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Video Selfie: Laminitis Researcher Jim Belknap Previews His BEVA "Feet and Farriery" Lecture

As the calendar gets ready to turn to September, it's time for the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) Congress in Birmingham, England. The conference runs from September 10-13, with a full day "Foot and Farriery" program on...Show More Summary

Trying Something Different - and Finally, Three Rides!

Today was a very good day - I finally got to ride all three horses, even if two of those rides were only at the walk - it was still all just fine with me. It's about two and a half weeks after Dawn's dental surgery, and she was good to go - they're coming back to check her in September, but she's eating well and seems very comfortable. Show More Summary

Hooves@War: One Hundred Years Ago: Farrier Ted Garland Left Somerset England on a Dappled Grey Cob

Here's an interesting collection of photos of a farrier in World War I that has come to light. In a key image, you see a squadron of 200 local men and their horses departing for war from Shepton Mallet, Somerset on 14 August 1914. And...Show More Summary

Research: Does the Unshod Dressage Horse Really Bear a Competitive Disadvantage?

Whether or not a dressage horse needs shoes is likely to be dependent on many factors beyond whether hoofwear will or won't enhance performance. Researchers in England found little difference between two groups shod and undshod low-level horses. Show More Summary

Norman and His Girlfriend

A sweet picture of Norman-the-pony and his girlfriend:

Riding Red Again, and Up and Out with Pie (It's All About Me!)

Today was a good day. I rode Red again for the first time since July 18, and he was as good as gold. He was much calmer today - I think our work session yesterday reestablished that I was the leader, and he felt much better about the world - his anxiety and the nipping were a sign that he felt insecure. Show More Summary

Nipped in the Bud

I clearly haven't been handled or working with Red enough - the more he's handled by the barn workers (who really don't know much about how to handle or lead horses, and tend to hang on the horse's faces), and the less he's handled by me, the more braced he becomes. Show More Summary

Another Crop Bites the Dust

Of course it's no secret that summer is my favorite season. Even with the heat and the bugs, there is something about warm air and blue skies that makes me feel more alive. And this summer we've hardly had any hot, muggy weather at all! Just perfect for afternoon horseback riding. Show More Summary


Today, when I was riding Pie, I tried to approach lateral work - bending through the corners, circles, leg yield, etc. - with the thought of giving him precise openings to move into. Rather than thinking of leg as pushing him over -Show More Summary

Team Farrier Haydn Price Chosen as British Flag Bearer at World Equestrian Games Opening Ceremony

Practice makes perfect: British team farrier Haydn Price at rehearsal earlier today for the Opening Ceremony of the 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games. (photo via Debbie Lee) The World Equestrian Games have now begun! The worldShow More Summary

Hooves@War: Wilfred Blackband was such a good farrier, he never went to war

Did Wilfred Warren Blackband go to war or not? Read his story and then you can decide. He is the first British farrier of World War I in this series, but not that last. And he’s not the only teenage boy whose story you'll read here. There’s...Show More Summary

Proof That One-Size-Fits-All Deworming Programs Don't Work

Back in the good old days (not that long ago, but you know what I mean), I did rotational deworming, administering a different dewormer every 6-8 weeks throughout the year. Did it work? Maybe, but it also probably contributed to parasite...Show More Summary

Photos of Dawn's Removed (and Cleaned) Teeth

After about a week, the teeth are clean enough for public viewing. Dawn continues to do very well and eat up a storm, and once you see the photos, you'll understand why she's much more comfortable now even though her mouth is still healing.These teeth are from the left side of her mandible (lower jaw). Show More Summary

Shoes, Half Shoes, or No Shoes At All: Swedish-Trained Trotters Ruled Hambletonian Day

Think Swedish: Some of the most interesting horseshoes come from Sweden. But just as interesting is the way that the shoes are used. Swedish-trained and shod Father Patrick, the 4-5 favorite, and Trixton, the winner, both went to the...Show More Summary

Hooves@War: 100 Years Ago Today, a Farrier Enlisted in Western Australia

Welcome to the first in a series of articles to bring to life some of the lost names and faces of real people who served the hoofcare needs of horses during World War I, which began 100 years ago this month. The Australian government...Show More Summary


... in the nose...I had a fecal test done on Red - he's always carried more of a parasite burden than my other horses - and sure enough he came back with a heavy load of strongyles - he's a high shedder. Here's some good information on fecal testing and deworming programs. Show More Summary

Temptation, Bribery and Eating Well

These three things aren't really related... but each is related to a specific horse...Dawn is doing very well - eating up a storm. She's still on Banamine and antibiotics and seems to be completely comfortable. And seeing the teeth that were removed, I can sure see why she feels better now. Show More Summary

Video: How Does Dianne Volz of Equine Therapy 502 Help Keep Top Thoroughbreds Running?

Equine therapist Dianne Volz serves top Thoroughbred racehorses on the East Coast. A new video in this article explains some of the services she and her assistants provide and the tools they use to keep horses supple and comfortable during training. Show More Summary

Why Worry?

Another fascinating post - this time from Kate Sandel, on worry - and at the bottom there is a fascinating video - well worth watching.

New Statistics: Lameness Most Critical Health Problem for British Horses; Laminitis Increased in 2014

A new study published today in Great Britain sorts out what is likely to send horses to vets and farriers for treatment there, and you have to look pretty far down to find hoof-related problems (other than laminitis) on the list.  Great...Show More Summary

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