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Hug Your Horses

A friend of mine lost her beloved gelding today. He was 24, sound and apparently in very good health - she rode him last night. Sometime in the night, he coliced badly. This morning, he was in distress and she had him trailered to the...Show More Summary

Permanent methods of identification

What if your horse was stolen, or you were separated in a natural disaster, or you simply needed to prove ownership.  Could you do that easily and legally? Let’s talk about that today.  The benefits to having easy, legal proof of ownership has many benefits. Show More Summary

The Return of the Equine Affaire!

I wait all year for the Equine Affaire! This year it was Nov 13-16 and so on Saturday, Brandon and Kestrel and I made our annual trek there. We always start with a portrait in the parking lot. It was REALLY cold! There are several buildings to visit at the Equine Affaire. Show More Summary

This is why we have a horse overpopulation problem

Apparently these people didn’t get the memo that just because it has the right parts then it gets to make foals.  Breedings should be planned.  Ideally one takes a look objectively at the mare and finds a stallion that has strengths where she has weaknesses and vice versa. Show More Summary

Drama, Drama, Drama

Do you feel some people get off on drama?  I do, I think some people need it more than oxygen.  It is looking like Scamming Sophia found the COTH thread and posted a very interesting response. From the thread (Fugly responses in red): I have people on the Facebook pages, screen shooting EVERYTHING being said. […] The post Drama, Drama, Drama appeared first on Fugly Blog.

Another Sneaky “Trainer”

I think the horse world attracts con artists like manure attracts flies.  We seem to get our fair share in the horse world but maybe it is because we are all kind of living a fantasy and some people take it too far.  I mean if you really think about it a lot of people will […] The post Another Sneaky “Trainer” appeared first on Fugly Blog.

Creating the Soft Spot, Part III - Responsibility: Consistency, Reliability and Stability

(Part I is here, Part II is here.)Before the horse can find a soft spot, we have to create it first, and offer it to the horse.So much of what I had been trained to do with/to horses was about the horse's responsibility. But wait a minute...Show More Summary

Hoof Explorer: Stop Motion Anatomy Video Builds an Equine Foot--But Don't Think About It

The Hoof Explorer anatomy toolbox website is at it again. Be sure to bookmark this little video clip to add to your next PowerPoint presentation. But then sit back and enjoy it. And stop thinking so hard. There are many ways to teach science or anatomy or even a step-by-step technique. Show More Summary

The Soft Spot - Not Mechanics, Not Verbal (Part II)

(Part I is here.)I've got a lot of bits written, but it's hard to write about the soft spot and what it means. Part of the problem is that the soft spot isn't really about mechanics. We're taught and learn lots of mechanics, as if riding a horse were like driving a car. Show More Summary

Barn Fire

On Tuesday night 18 horses, one donkey and one dog all perished in a barn fire in Michigan. Here is a link to the news story. Barn fires have to be one of my worst fears and talking with a lot of my horse friends they agree.  I do always wonder when I see these big barns […] The post Barn Fire appeared first on Fugly Blog.

Back To Craigslist

Sorry the last week has been crazy for me but moving on! From Craigslist Forsale 2 unregistared paint mares 500.00 obo 6 to 8 years old tryed to saddle her but she seized up so we decided not to push our luck. 800.00 obo 10 to 12 years old has had some training but i […] The post Back To Craigslist appeared first on Fugly Blog.

Romping Around the Hills

There are horses like mine in the pasture who totally ignore you even as you are mangling their ears putting the halter on their heads. And then there are horses like Cody, seen here, who are so friendly and curious and interested that you had better be ready for big ole horse lips in your ear. Show More Summary

Early American Hoof Boots: Buffalo Moccasins for Lewis and Clark's Barefoot Horses in 1806

From the remarkable diary of Captain William Clark, on the return trip through what is now Livingston, Montana on the Yellowstone River: July 16, 1806 William Clark we did not Set out untill 9 A M. we had not proceeded on far before I saw a buffalow & Sent Shannon to kill it this buffalow provd. Show More Summary

BEVA Congress Farriery Day Asks, In Many Ways: What Would You Do?

Vet-farrier relations begin here:  "Examiner" Chris Pardoe, AWCF, PhD tests a vet student at the Royal Veterinary College in England on her ability to pull a shoe. He's allowing her to cheat a bit by having the school's "Blacksmith Buddy" hoof holder stand in for a real horse. Show More Summary

Guest Blog- Working Horse Trust

After a long time following the Fugly Blog, I finally have a reason to write for it.  And it’s a reason that is making me incredibly sad. For the past couple of months, my husband and I have been volunteering at the Working Horse Trust...Show More Summary

Stromsholm's November Newmarket Hoof Care Conference Focuses on Long Toes - Low Heels in the Competition Horse

Stromsholm, a leading British hoof care products supplier, will host the Newmarket Hoof Care Conference on November 17, 2014 in the Millennium Suite at Newmarket Racecourse in Newmarket, England. Attendance is by advanced reservation only. Show More Summary

Sunday Windy Sunday

Here I am on Thursday blogging about Saturday and Sunday's adventures. I should call my blog my BOG because I am always so bogged down with other stuff I almost don't get to it. Alas, better late than never! Saturday before I went to the farm, I was getting my oil changed. Show More Summary

The Soft Spot . . . the Beginning

We fiddle, we adjust, we bump, we pull, we drive, we brace, we push, we jiggle, we mess with, we throw away contact. We do stuff to the outside of the horse thinking that somehow it will change the inside of the horse - but we don't change the inside of ourselves first.More to come...

Updates to previous stories

Updates to a couple of our stories, let’s start with the good! Nick also known as LCR Casino Roan has been adopted!! You can read about him and Drifter’s hearts of hope here.  Go rescue horses! Now the bad, let’s start with the Brunzells in Colorado. On October 29th they went back to court to […] The post Updates to previous stories appeared first on Fugly Blog.

A Reminder to Google your “trainer”

This was emailed to me this morning and apparently to Snarky Rider as well as they ran with it on Facebook.  It is a craiglist ad calling out a woman who has been acting as a “trainer” in Washington state.  Here is the ad. Julie Petra of Reining Days is NOT a trainer of any […] The post A Reminder to Google your “trainer” appeared first on Fugly Blog.

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