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About a horse

Sometimes my brain plays real tricks on me. Recently I received an email asking if I would be interested in reviewing a pre-publication book. Of course I would – since the book is about a horse! Recently my husband and I have joined the world of books. No, no, no. We aren’t crawling out of […]

Park your Donkey

I couldn’t resist this one! Post by Maurice Rissman.

Better Late Than never!

I haven't meant to abandon my blog for so long. I have been buried not only in snow but in one little project after another that gobbles up my time. It's exhausting! The winter continues to be extraordinary! The snow is one thing. And we've had a lot of it. Show More Summary

“Move’em out!”

“Uncle Bill moving the hen house for Grannie” At Diersch homestead in Alberta about 1915. courtesy of Ancient Faces.

The Untold Story of the Native Horses of the Americas

I guess I’m getting back into a reading stage in my life. Just as when I was a child, the subject matter is usually about horses. Recently I joined a group on Facebook called Native Horses of the Americas. Valerie Price admins the group, and I just finished reading a paper/book of hers called Extinction […]

Steve Sapp – A Friend to all horses

It sadden us to learn of the sudden passing of Steve Sapp. He was a great horse advocate and a wonderful writer. I enjoyed his missives. RIP Steve and run with the wild ones.

Horses Need Traction: Why Did Cities Have Cobblestone Streets?

A cobbletone street in Italy paved with round stones; some sources say that a "cobble" originally meant a round stone. These look like old cannon balls. Where they put there to keep horses off the courtyard? Cobblestones were laid to make streets safer for horses; the original cobblestones were rounded river rocks. Show More Summary

You can’t save them all

and really some you shouldn’t even try. As is the case of today’s featured horse. This foal was surrendered to Smiling K9’s rescue in Indiana.  They didn’t post much of a back story on him so not sure where he came from or what breed he is. Sweet little face, right?  But check out his […] The post You can’t save them all appeared first on Fugly Blog.

Dudley’s New Leg: Gentle Barn Charity Follows “Worthy” Horse Leg Surgery with Prosthesis for a Bovine Amputee

Not your typical steer: Dudley has been through amputation surgery and is learning to live with a prosthesis on his left hind leg, thanks to the charity of The Gentle Barn, a California charity. Now he's getting acupuncture and E-stim treatments. Show More Summary

Guest Post – Canada is not immune

Canada is not immune….   We also have poorly written sale ads from lazy, backyard breeders who seem to breed willy-nilly.   Here’s the link to the ad: If the link doesn’t work, it’s Kijiji Barrie, Ad ID 1025292188. Show More Summary

Pie's Hematoma Sees the Vet, and Red and Pie Photo Spam

The vet came this morning to see Pie's hematoma. For those interested, here are some photos of what it looks like: Red insisted on coming in too, and closely supervised the proceedings - any time I looked, there was Red's eye at oneShow More Summary

First-Person Research: The Paleopathology of Laminitis in Horses with Lane A. Wallett, DVM

Introduction: Lane A. Wallett, DVM is a Doctoral Candidate at the University of Florida in Gainesville. She presented an abstract on her research related to evidence of laminitis in ancient horses at the 2013 International Equine Conference on Laminitis and Diseases of the Foot. Show More Summary

Pie's Hematoma Decides it Needs to See the Vet, and Missy Stands Alone

Pie has had a nasty hematoma on his neck since last Thursday - he came in from the pasture with it. It looked like another horse had grabbed and held on, breaking some blood vessels under the skin, but didn't really break the skin - there were just some areas where the hair was gone. Show More Summary

If your stud fee is higher than the foal

you have a problem.   Cute little filly. Sire is Nu Sunup Chex who is a well worked stallion.  He is a full time pickup horse for the PRCA, has AQHA superiors in heading and heeling.  Plus a ROM in working cow horse.  The stallion is well trained and works for his oats.  A great stallion […] The post If your stud fee is higher than the foal appeared first on Fugly Blog.

We need your stories.

We would love more story ideas.  Fugly horses for sale, rescue horses needing homes, where they are now rescue stories, bad breeders, bad trainers and more.  Send them to Guest writers.  Would you like to write something for the blog?  Really anything horse related I will accept. Show More Summary

Laminitis Research: Milk Thistle Tested in Laboratory for Possible Endotoxin Neutralization

Researchers in Vienna, Austria have conducted in vitro studies of the  milk thistle plant to determine its effect on laminar tissue during  separation caused by endotoxin introduction. Laminitis research has created protocols for testing the effects of different substances on samples of equine hoof tissue. One of these protocols is the introduction of endotoxins, or

Pie Teaches Me Something and Missy Owns Forward

We've been taking advantage of the (relatively) nice weather - at this point, anything above 20F qualifies as "nice" - to do lots of riding. Three horses, three days, three rides a day - can't ask for more than that. Dawn is still being neglected, since it's just too cold to ride in the early mornings. Show More Summary

Biomechanics of Horseshoes by Dr. Jenny Hagen for Werkman: How Does a Side-Wedge Shoe Work?

The Hoof Blog is pleased to share with you the next video from the research of Dr. Jenny Hagen at the University of Leipzig in Germany. Today we share the biomechanics of the "side wedge" shoe. Dr. Hagen's video is sponsored by Werkman Horseshoes of The Netherlands.This video picks up from the previous videos from Dr. Show More Summary

Heat Wave! and We Need More Than Technique

Today we had a heat wave - it made it to almost 20F! Early this morning it was about -8F when I went to the barn. When I went out to visit with my horses in the pastures, all the horses had frost on their eyelashes and muzzle hairs, and several unblanketed horses had frosty hair all over their bodies. Show More Summary

You don’t get to call yourself a horseman.

Utah lawmakers fail to protect the horses. It all started with Representative Ken Ivory, who is identified in the above story as a horseman, introducing a bill that would have banned horse tripping. Show More Summary

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