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Is it a yak? And so much fail.

Close enough. I saw this picture and instantly thought this: (they even have the same hind end) Although I think the calf is cuter.  The foal is in serious need of some wormer, grooming and a hoof trim.  And what do you know this person has 15 horses for sale.  Most of them young, why […] The post Is it a yak? And so much fail. appeared first on Fugly Blog.

On the Importance of Practice: Delightful Dawn, Magnificent Missy, Premier Pie and Radiant Red

I'm going to run out of alliterations someday soon...I'm a riding fool, I admit it. Some people at my barn say I'm crazy, and some of my friends who don't do horses ask, with a look of concern on their faces, "you spend how many hours...Show More Summary

Legislators working hard(ly)

Yesterday a bill passed in Utah banning  allowing horse tripping. Well as long as the event organizers register their events and then report back on any injuries.  This was the subject of my blog post You don’t get to call yourself a horseman. Show More Summary

Chain Reaction Traction: If they worked for car tires, would they work for horse hooves?

When Harry Weed invented snow chains for automobile tires in 1904, he was just following a trend. He had seen people wrap grapevines and ropes around their tires. There was a lot of snow where he lived in Canastota, New York. For people to use cars year round, they needed more traction. Show More Summary

Traction History: Non-Skid Over-Shoes Were the Humane Society's Gift to the Horses of New York City

I can remember the first time that the sales rep from EasyBoot showed me the boot with sharp studs inserted on the bottom. It made so much sense. Winter problems solved. That must have been how the people of New York felt in 1919 when they saw Harry Moran from the Humane Society coming down the street. Show More Summary

Vet School Rankings: University of California at Davis Takes #1 Spot for US

I'd like to preface this article by asking you to pay no attention to it at all. This is just one of those things that will surely come up over dinner with strangers who know nothing about horses or whose children are considering vet school or when speaking with small animal vets with strong alumni ties to their old schools. School rankings means some things to some people, but

Marvelous Mares, Gorgeous Geldings and Mixing Things Up

It was a really good day with horses - helped by the best weather yet this year - it was in the 30sF this morning and made it to 50 in the afternoon.The mares had the morning, and the geldings had the afternoon. The mares were also gorgeous, and the geldings also marvelous...Dawn was up first. Show More Summary

Sire De Grugy's Sporty White Horseshoes Go Beyond Fashion for Cheltenham Festival Jump Race

Sire De Grugy, 2014 British Jumps Horse of the Year, won his last race wearing EzyFit white polyurethane shoes with steel cores and is expected to continue to wear them when he defends his Cheltenham Festival title in the Queen Mother Champion Chase this week. White shoes. The first thing you wonder is if he has a girth to match, right? But Sire De Grugy is going after more than

Ride Easy, Rest Easy

Just thought I’d add a picture update on Rideeasy Rescuu. Jeff made it to the Lake Merideth Recreation Area this afternoon and is going to take a couple of days to rest. Looks like they have good weather!

Deadly diagnosis leads Vietnam vet to ride horses across country

In the spirit of Long Rides, I came across this today via Habitat for Horses. A few days late for Memorial Day, but better late than never. For those of you on Facebook, you can find Rodger Howell’s Facebook page here: ~ HfH Rodger Howell WSMV Channel 4 Deadly diagnosis leads Vietnam vet to […]

What can you DO to help the wild horse and burros?

I’m posting this a little late to be Mustang Monday, but it isn’t midnight yet! Watch this video. Then click clop on over to Wild Horse Education and EDUCATE YOURSELF!

Dawn and I Go Back to Work

Due to our extremely cold February, Dawn and I only managed two rides in February, and the last one was on February 9 - a month ago. Now that our weather is finally back to something resembling normal - 40s and even 50 during the day - it was time for us to go back to work. Show More Summary

For the love of a horse

The Story Behind the Photo: Nearly 25 years ago, Police Officer Frank Pomodoro found himself comforting his partner and police horse, Fritz, who had fallen into a sidewalk construction hole that had been covered over by a steel plate just outside the old District D-4 station which, at the time, was located in the area […]

Wait, what gender is it again?

Apparently someone is very confused.  Either that or they have a hermaphrodite horse that can remove and replace his testicles at will.  Here is the ad: Selling my thoroughbred stallion stud. Breed: Thoroughbred Age: 4 Height: 16.2 hh...Show More Summary

Great source for horse books!

For those of us who love horses AND love to read, I came across this great blog. Horse Book Reviews This blog is run and written by Sharon Miner, an author and horse enthusiast herself. She lives in Tampa, Florida and owned Unicorn Stables for 25 yrs before traveling full time with her husband, Bob, […]

About a horse

Sometimes my brain plays real tricks on me. Recently I received an email asking if I would be interested in reviewing a pre-publication book. Of course I would – since the book is about a horse! Recently my husband and I have joined the world of books. No, no, no. We aren’t crawling out of […]

Park your Donkey

I couldn’t resist this one! Post by Maurice Rissman.

Better Late Than never!

I haven't meant to abandon my blog for so long. I have been buried not only in snow but in one little project after another that gobbles up my time. It's exhausting! The winter continues to be extraordinary! The snow is one thing. And we've had a lot of it. Show More Summary

“Move’em out!”

“Uncle Bill moving the hen house for Grannie” At Diersch homestead in Alberta about 1915. courtesy of Ancient Faces.

The Untold Story of the Native Horses of the Americas

I guess I’m getting back into a reading stage in my life. Just as when I was a child, the subject matter is usually about horses. Recently I joined a group on Facebook called Native Horses of the Americas. Valerie Price admins the group, and I just finished reading a paper/book of hers called Extinction […]

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