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Video U: University of Maine Equine Surfaces Study Workshop Lectures

For veterinarians and farriers - The science behind the FEI White Paper on Equine Arena Surfaces" Videos of the presentations that took place during the Feet and Footing Conference at the University of Maine's Witter farm on December...Show More Summary

Learning Missy

I'm slowly starting to "learn" Missy. This has gone a bit slower than it might have, since I've been sick with the flu since before she arrived and today was the first day I felt reasonably well. It's also been very cold - daily highs well below 20F - and Dawn, Red and Pie have had 10 days off from riding. Show More Summary

Getting Wild in Western Mass

I love that my new knife for the trail is PINK. So far the only thing I have used it for is cutting stubborn ribbons off of Christmas presents. I am sure Lilly approves of its color. As usual, we got the day started at Elmers. I ordered the usual: eggs bene sans muffin and a GF blueberry pancake. Show More Summary

UC Davis Hosts 29th Charles Heumphreus Memorial Lecture for Farriers on January 24

Date: January 24, 2015 Time: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Location: Gladys Valley Hall, Room 1020,  and covered arena at Large Animal Clinic University of California at Davis Campus Davis, California Registration: There is no cost to attend, and...Show More Summary

The Annual Report: Wrapping up 2014 with a big blog bow

Happy New Year! Last week, you read about the Hoof Blog's favorite stories based on numbers. Now, we’ll dissect the blog for you to highlight some stories you might like to bookmark or share, or maybe read for the first time, if you missed them. Think of this as an index for future reference. Show More Summary

Missy's Transportation - a Review

I've never had to arrange a cross-country trip for a horse using a commercial shipper before, so I sought the advice of experts - Melissa at Paradigm Farms, who has interacted with many shipping companies delivering retirees to her farm, and my older daughter, who has been involved with shipping horses to and from Florida and also to shows. Show More Summary

Sweet Missy's Here! (With a Few Pictures for Mary . . .)

Missy arrived this afternoon after her journey from West Virginia. From the moment she stepped off the trailer, she was calm and a perfect lady, despite being in a strange place. I settled her into her stall and spent some time sitting with her and introducing myself - we've never met before - and giving her scratches. Show More Summary

Heart Horse Transplant

Missy is on her way to me. She left Mary at about 1:30 in the morning last night. She'll be laying over tonight for a rest break in Lexington, Kentucky, and then will come up to me on Saturday. I'm very much looking forward to seeing her sweet face, and getting her settled in the stall next to Dawn.Missy is Mary's heart horse. Show More Summary

Moving My Horsemanship Forward

Here in these cold January days - not much riding going on due to the super low temperatures - I've been thinking about what it takes to continue to move my horsemanship forward. I've made a lot of progress over the past 10 years inShow More Summary

Great Pics of Missy

Mary is a great photographer - I'm hoping she'll teach me when she visits next summer.In the meantime - here are some very nice pics of Missy strutting her stuff.

Fugly Horses of the Day

More reader submissions from local craiglists. Award Winning Pedigree Mare  Award Winning Pedigree with this mare. Sire: Artful Investment– Seven time WORLD CHAMPION! Stud fee of $1,200.00 Dam: Blessed with chocolate. Registered name is Art Ia Mocha. Show More Summary

New Year to get back on track.

Sorry I have been quiet for awhile. My grandma died right before the holidays and it was tough on my family.  But 2015 is here and so let’s get started again.  I have some big updates on some old stories and some new stuff so come play along, comment, send me story ideas and guest […] The post New Year to get back on track. appeared first on Fugly Blog.

What You Like: Most Popular Hoof Blog Stories of 2014 Featured Clydesdales, Charley and Race/Show Horse Hooves

Top Ten Hoof Blog Stories: For the first time, some stories were read more often on mobile devices (phones and tablets) than on web-based devices (computers and laptops). In the top 15 blog stories of 2014, five fit this category: Triple Crown Hindsight (California Chrome's heel bulb injury after the Belmont);  We are over the hump and I hope that the Hoof Blog's mobile site is

Laminitis Memorial Wall Honors Horses to be Remembered, Facilitates Animal Health Foundation Research Funding

Flash and Casey are right up there with Secretariat and Barbaro. Little Dixie, Chief, and Midnight are not far behind. The Animal Health Foundation (AHF), a US charity dedicated exclusively to funding laminitis research, has set a new goal: to make sure that no horse with laminitis is ever forgotten. Show More Summary

2014 . . . and 2015 to Come

2014 was an interesting year in many respects. I'd have to call it the year of the vet(s), but there was more to it than that. I know some of you are new to this blog, so here's this year's events and a few posts that I'm happy about.We had Red's left hind splint bone fracture and surgery. Show More Summary

Silent Anvil: Bruce Daniels Has Died

 Bruce Daniels died today, just before noon, the American Farrier's Association tell us. The icon of American horseshoeing of the late 20th century had suffered several aortic aneurysms and what his son Tad called "multiple strokes". He still made it to his daughter Cary's house in Florida for Christmas, though. Just try and stop him. The farrier world will be a little less

Deep Contentment

Remember a time when you felt deeply contented - calm, focussed, open and aware, alert but not excited, and deeply, quietly joyful. Now put that feeling into yourself - into your core, just behind your belly button. Hold it there and breathe. Show More Summary

November, December, May!

People who have reading glasses are always losing them. I am like that with my camera. I am always losing it. This is probably because I carry it around with me everywhere, just like someone would a pair of glasses, which means there is never one place that it will be found in. Show More Summary

One Horse, Two Horse, Three Horse, Four (!) . . .

Sometimes people ask me which of my horses I like best. I'm always stumped by this question - how could I choose? Each horse is uniquely wonderful (and occasionally uniquely annoying), and just so specifically his or her own self, and our relationships deepen every day. Show More Summary

Best of 2014: Painting of Civil War Farriers Adds Aesthetic Dimension to History, Horseshoeing

I just stared at in disbelief. It was beautiful. It looked accurate. And it depicted something that, to the best of my knowledge,  had never been painted before. And if it has been painted before, it was never painted so carefully and so artistically. Show More Summary

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