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Who Shod the Last Triple Crown Winner?

Sometimes a great event gives me a chance to dig into the archives and find some lost facts that deserve to have another chance to shine. As the Belmont Stakes looms, so does the chance we'll be able to celebrate the first Triple Crown winner since Affirmed in 1978. Show More Summary

Triple Crown: Remembering Affirmed, the Horseshoer's Son, and the Horseshoer Himself

Whenever a big race is coming up, you'll see The Hoof Blog joyfully tweeting good wishes to jockey Rosie Napravnik. She is, after all, the horseshoer's daughter who made it to the big time. Her father, New Jersey shoer Charles Napravnik,...Show More Summary

Red is Soundest . . .

It's 7+ weeks since Red's surgery. He's doing very well, and his rehab is inching along. We started our walk rides about 4 weeks ago, and we've made it up to about 8 minutes of trotting, in several sets, in our rides. He's been on aspirin...Show More Summary

Pie is Friendly (!) and Tries to Eat Something He Shouldn't

Today was a much better than meh day.Red and I had a nice ride. We did end up doing a bit of trot work, since his walk was very nice and forward. His trot started out a bit slow and stiff, but he quickly loosened up and there were some nice moments of forward, relaxed, stretching down trot. Show More Summary


Today was a meh sort of day with the horses. I got to the barn early but the horses hadn't been turned out - storms had been expected this morning but we only got rain. The horses finally got turned out, and then I turned Red and Pie...Show More Summary

No Dental Surgery for Dawn, Red is Calmer and Pie Bolts

Dawn's dental surgery is being rescheduled - the office lost all their appointment data due to a computer malfunction. She's doing fine right now so long as I'm careful about what hay she gets. She's started on a 14-day treatment with...Show More Summary

Feisty Dude

Red was pretty feisty today. When I turned him out into his paddock this morning, he bucked and then did his best to sprint around his paddock - it's the size of a large living room, maybe 25x25 feet.The horses came in early due to some thunderstorms moving through. Show More Summary

Something Wonderful This Way Comes

Isn't the weekend like poetry? It's so necessary and so profound. Where would I be without it? This weekend actually started early for me; not only was Friday my birthday, but it was also the wedding day of Christine's son Matt. So Friday I was not at work but celebrating much more glorious things. Show More Summary

Creeping Up . . . to 6 Minutes of Trotting

Red and I have been working diligently on his rehab plan. We've ridden every single day for over three weeks, starting with walk work, then adding 5 minutes of trot, having to backtrack to two minutes of trot after a day of walk work,...Show More Summary

Differences of Opinion (Fits With Shims)

"My saddle fits every horse I put it on!"If there's a phrase that triggers my eye-roll reflex, it's this one. Any guesses as to how many times I hear this? Let's just say, "Lots." And guess what? It doesn't. Ok, so maybe my definition of "fit" is a bit different than the average person's. Show More Summary

Chattering Mind

It's seemed to me lately that one of the biggest things that gets in the way of effectively working with horses is what I'm calling "chattering mind" - the human mind and the way it tends to operate.A step back - I try to do a session...Show More Summary

Red Update at 6 Weeks after Surgery

It's been 6 weeks since Red had surgery to remove the lower half of his outer splint bone (displaced and fractured) on his left hind leg. The first two weeks - bandaging and stall rest, neither of which he tolerated very well - were very difficult, but once he started hand walking and then got some pen turnout, his attitude improved greatly. Show More Summary

So Much To Do, So Little Time

I am going to have to quit my job. It is getting in the way of too many other things I want to do, including blogging. And brumby time. And my new adventures in gardening. So much to do, so little time. Last weekend I was hanging out with my brumby over at Bill's. Show More Summary

First Ride on Red without Sedation

Today, five and one half weeks out from his surgery, Red and I had our 16th ride, and our third in a row of 5 minutes of pretty sound trot work. And a milestone - today was the first day we rode with no sedation. It helped that the ring was fairly quiet today, with only one other horse working. Show More Summary

Pie Gets Chiro - Desperately Needed - a Photo Essay

Pie has been increasingly grumpy and sore lately. The sorest areas are the left side of his neck and his left shoulder - he objects strenuously (ear pinning, threatening to bite, head shaking, glares) to having those areas groomed except with the lightest of touch and softest of brushes. Show More Summary

E-Hoof: European Hoofcare Educational Reference Takes Profession to the Next Level is in the launching stage and is available for a ten-day free trial. The massive reference and education site has been under construction for years and Hoof Blog readers are invited to view the English-language site. This article has been about ten years in the making. Show More Summary

Happy Birthday Red!

Red is 13 today. He's pretty proud of that - in fact he's pretty much proud of everything that relates to His Redness. I like that about him - he's feisty, and proud, and full of himself, mischievous and a trouble-maker. He'll also try...Show More Summary

From the Inside . . . a Mark Rashid Post

It's interesting how much of horse riding, and training, often devolves into mechanics - do this with your leg/seat/hand and produce this result with the horse - but all of that is on the outside of the horse, and in our head. Take a read of this post by Mark Rashid - puts a different light on things. Show More Summary

Horses Have Staff . . . and Ice Massage

I turned Red (he says MY blog, all about ME - he's that sort of guy) out without sedation again this morning, and he was very well behaved - there were no aerial maneuvers and he just went about the business of eating hay. He did try...Show More Summary

A Boring (and Therefore Very Good) Update

Today was pretty warm - mid 80s. Dawn and I had a lovely ride in the morning, after I turned the boys out to their paddocks. Today was the first day I didn't sedate Red before turnout. He led well, and only jumped around in his paddock for a moment - some head shaking and one buck - before settling down to eat hay. Show More Summary

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