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One Day at a Time . . .

The surgeon came to visit Red this morning (several hours late due to emergencies he had to deal with). He said the incision looked very good. Then he and his assistant ultrasounded the swelling on Red's leg to see if it was just fluid or inflammation of the structures (the concern was the suspensory ligament). Show More Summary

Symptom Flare Ups in Former EPM Horses

If a horse has had EPM - even a fully resolved case of EPM as is the case with my three horses - they can have recurrence of symptoms. One of the commonest reasons for this is vaccinations. Now, I'm not at all advocating foregoing vaccinations. Show More Summary

Red Sees the Surgeon Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning the surgeon is coming to drain the fluid from Red's leg - he has swelling along the incision site that seems not to be an infection but rather just fluid that has moved into the space that was occupied by the removed splint bone. Show More Summary

2014 Mark Rashid Clinic - Day Two Pie - Feel and Timing

Finally a ride outside! Of the 24 work sessions (three days times 8 sessions), only three were outside - and Pie and I got one of them on Sunday. It had rained quite a bit on Saturday, but the outdoor arena has excellent drainage, and...Show More Summary

Red Update - Keeping Fingers Crossed

Yesterday afternoon and evening Red was much quieter - the long-term sedative seems to be starting to help as the Ace would have long ago worn off. His Previcox may also be starting to work to make him less uncomfortable. He did pretty...Show More Summary

More Drugs Needed . . .

Poor Red is really struggling with his confinement and how his leg feels. Early this morning I arrived at the barn to find him very agitated - despite Pie next door quietly munching hay. Red was churning around in his stall, was wide eyed and high headed, screaming and was kicking the floor constantly with his bandaged leg. Show More Summary

Celebrating Brumby

No complaints from this corner of the globe about the weather! This weekend it was beautiful. Saturday I left Brandon to continue in the chaos of our kitchen reno and hurried over to see Lilly. Little did she know that she was aboutShow More Summary

One More Day with Red in Recovery . . .

Red's bandage looked pretty good this morning. I swapped Pie for Dawn in Pie's stall and left the barn for a while. When I got back at around 1 p.m. to reverse the Pie/Dawn swap, Red had clearly been churning in his stall, had not eaten...Show More Summary

Another Long Day

I was at the barn early this morning - around 7:00 a.m., to give Red his meds and see how he was doing. I had left Pie in his stall for company - Pie wasn't very happy about that. Red was somewhat worried, and seemed uncomfortable. He...Show More Summary

Red is Home . . . and Loading Trouble

I had a long and very stressful day, but at least things finally ended well. I got to the vet hospital at about 12:45 - 15 minutes before my scheduled discharge appointment at 1:00, in order to get hitched up - I'd left my trailer at the clinic. Show More Summary

Updates on All

Dawn got groomed this morning - she was very snuggly and there was lots of muzzle wrapping. She hasn't been ridden in a week but that's OK - she's fine with things.I went out to visit Red in the afternoon and was able to get some clarifications...Show More Summary

2014 Mark Rashid Clinic - Day Two Roxie - Leading (aka Directing) Work

I decided to tackle working with Roxie for my first session on Sunday (the second day).Remember that statement Mark made that I'd had exactly the day I was supposed to have?Mark said it's not about being wrong or a failure, it's not good or bad, it's just information and an opportunity to learn. Show More Summary

Footing Science: FEI Sport Horse Arena and Track Surfaces Report Download

Is there an ideal footing for all horses? Racetrack surfaces and sport horse arena surfaces are always fair fuel for arguments. The FEI's new report may add some science to personal preferences. (Photo © Hoofcare Publishing) This announcement...Show More Summary

Mark Rashid Blog Post on Fear, and Red is Doing Well

A subject near and dear to the hearts of many people who handle and work with horses - fear. Take a read of Mark's blog post today on the subject.Red's surgery was supposed to start around 9:30 this morning, but the surgeon was delayed and things didn't get underway until around 11:00. Show More Summary

2014 Mark Rashid Clinic - Day One Roxie - Mutual Meltdown

I've been riding with Mark now for about 12 years, and many of those sessions have taken place here in Cedarburg. I've know the family for those years, and Heather gave me enormous help with Pie and Red back in 2012. They are gracious...Show More Summary

Red's Surgery is Tomorrow

Red's splint bone surgery is scheduled for around 9:30 tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. I talked to the surgeon this afternoon after delivering Red to the vet hospital. The surgeon expects to be removing the bottom 10 cm of his lateralShow More Summary

Very Tired

Pie and I have safely arrived back home after our clinic excursion. I have several posts in the works, including on Roxie and how I learned to give direction, Pie and such things as transitions and why I was having trouble with him falling in when tracking right and why our lateral work wasn't working as well as it might. Show More Summary

O, Beautiful

What a difference one week can make! Saturday I was down in the ring, setting up some cones and a few obstacles and Lilly and I were audibly overwhelmed by the wood frogs and the peepers in the ditch that runs the length of the ring itself. Show More Summary

2014 Mark Rashid Clinic - Day One - Consistency and Do It Yourself First on the Inside

The clinic started, as they always do, with an evening demo - auditors are welcome to participate. Mark's demos never involve horses - they are exercises for the people designed to illustrate some of the principles we'll be working on in the clinic with our horses. Show More Summary

Put the Irons Down (Location, Location, Location)

PUT THE IRONS DOWN Recently, I received a saddle from a lovely woman I had worked with in my previous saddle fitting life. I'd sold her her saddle (long-distance), and adjusted it regularly for her (again, long-distance) whenever it needed attention, and things had always gone well. Show More Summary

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