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Guest Post – Kijiji strikes again!

  Here’s the link to the ad: Here is the listing (my comments in red): 2010 16.1hh flashy TB gelding. Only track broke, came up from...Show More Summary

Scammers keep on scamming

Today we meet Haley Olson of Oregon.  Haley came to our attention due to her misuse of public facilities.  Sweetheart you cannot quarantine sick horses at the public fairgrounds. Especially when you haven’t told anyone that one the horses belong to you and two that they are there for quarantine. Show More Summary

Working From the Outside In, or From the Inside Out?

OK, here's where we start. Think of this circle in the following way: layer one is the technique you use when working with your horse - the rein, seat and leg aids - the how. Layer two is what you're trying to accomplish with your horse...Show More Summary

Is neglect abuse part 2

This picture and post are making the rounds on Facebook. Gentle Giants absolutely did the right thing in this case. They took a horse that just needed a peaceful end.  Could she have been fixed, maybe, but she was in a lot of pain and letting her go was the most humane option. The question […] The post Is neglect abuse part 2 appeared first on Fugly Blog.

Silent Anvil With Much More to Say: Hank McEwan, Horseshoer, Horseman, Friend

You probably thought you'd be reading the Hoof Blog's tribute to Hank McEwan by now. Words don't come easy, but Wednesday should be the day.Suffice to say, a slice of Americana/Canadiana has been cut from the cake, wrapped in a napkin, and hustled from the party. Show More Summary

This is why you don’t put all your eggs in one basket

If you remember a couple weeks back we talked about Smiling k9’s rescue in Indiana. The one that has two different names.  Which they have sort of addressed now. Still no explanation for why they have two names but there has to be a back story. Show More Summary

Michael Wildenstein All-Day Lecture in Vermont on Saturday, March 28

The Vermont Farriers Association invites you to an all-day lecture with farrier educator Michael Wildenstein, CJF, FWCF (Hons) on Saturday, March 28 in the Old Chapel at Castleton State College in Castleton, Vermont. Mike will speakShow More Summary

New Mare Introduction and Five Rides

There's a new mare in our herd, and she went out for the first time Monday, after spending several weeks in a pen next to the mare pasture. The new mare - her name is Misty (our mare herd now has a Misty, a Missy, a Maddie and a Maggie - M must be for mare) - is the buckskin on the right. Show More Summary

We start them young and little!

I guess bad parenting isn’t limited to people with big horses.  I guess we did have the pony people a couple posts ago but this is crossing the line. Oh but he doesn’t “ride” the foal around the junk heap “Kids just sit on her they have not rode her we just lead her with him […] The post We start them young and little! appeared first on Fugly Blog.

Why fatten them up when we can just Slaughter them?

Random musings from someone on Facebook.  Someone who may or may not have passed fourth grade spelling and grammar judging by their post. Someone who also runs a horse rescue.  Kara Bell is the proud owner of Rockin K Horse Rescue in Texas and is also pro-slaughter. Show More Summary

New Pinyon Trail!

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the new grand opening of the 5+ mile Pinyon trail in Gardnerville.  The Carson Valley Trails Association has been working on this trail and getting it approved and then built for a couple of years now. Show More Summary

The Sweetest Leather Conditioner: Leather Honey Review

I was asked if I would do a review of Leather Honey if they sent some to me to try.  I love doing product reviews and getting to try new things, especially when I find something that works really well so that I can share it with my blog...Show More Summary

For St Patrick's Day: The Legend of Páid O’Donoghue, Ireland's Farrier Hero

St Patrick's Day is a day to tell stories and have some fun. While you might not be able to recite the lyrics to this Irish ballad, you can certainly tell the story and entertain some people. Paid O'Donoghue was just one of many Irish farrier heroes, but his story isn't told often. Show More Summary

Red Photos Before a Ride

Another boarder took some good photos of Red and I before a ride last week - they really capture his personality:

Is it a yak? And so much fail.

Close enough. I saw this picture and instantly thought this: (they even have the same hind end) Although I think the calf is cuter.  The foal is in serious need of some wormer, grooming and a hoof trim.  And what do you know this person has 15 horses for sale.  Most of them young, why […] The post Is it a yak? And so much fail. appeared first on Fugly Blog.

On the Importance of Practice: Delightful Dawn, Magnificent Missy, Premier Pie and Radiant Red

I'm going to run out of alliterations someday soon...I'm a riding fool, I admit it. Some people at my barn say I'm crazy, and some of my friends who don't do horses ask, with a look of concern on their faces, "you spend how many hours...Show More Summary

Legislators working hard(ly)

Yesterday a bill passed in Utah banning  allowing horse tripping. Well as long as the event organizers register their events and then report back on any injuries.  This was the subject of my blog post You don’t get to call yourself a horseman. Show More Summary

Chain Reaction Traction: If they worked for car tires, would they work for horse hooves?

When Harry Weed invented snow chains for automobile tires in 1904, he was just following a trend. He had seen people wrap grapevines and ropes around their tires. There was a lot of snow where he lived in Canastota, New York. For people to use cars year round, they needed more traction. Show More Summary

Traction History: Non-Skid Over-Shoes Were the Humane Society's Gift to the Horses of New York City

I can remember the first time that the sales rep from EasyBoot showed me the boot with sharp studs inserted on the bottom. It made so much sense. Winter problems solved. That must have been how the people of New York felt in 1919 when they saw Harry Moran from the Humane Society coming down the street. Show More Summary

Vet School Rankings: University of California at Davis Takes #1 Spot for US

I'd like to preface this article by asking you to pay no attention to it at all. This is just one of those things that will surely come up over dinner with strangers who know nothing about horses or whose children are considering vet school or when speaking with small animal vets with strong alumni ties to their old schools. School rankings means some things to some people, but

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