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The Connection Between Walk and Canter

I've always found that there's a strong connection between work at the walk and work at the canter. I'm not entirely sure why that is, but I suspect that it has something to do with the 4-beat nature of the walk, and the 4-beat (counting the suspension as one beat) of the canter. Show More Summary

Powerful Post from Mark Rashid

Here's Mark's latest post - read it, it'll be worth your time.

Practice, with Four Horses

I am so incredibly fortunate to have worked with Mark Rashid for 13 years now, and to have four fine horses who serve as my teachers/shapers as I edge towards the goal of unconscious competence.Here are the four stages of learning:1....Show More Summary

Dawn Has a Birthday

Today is Dawn's 18th birthday. You'd never know it from looking at her - she's glossy and muscled and fit. Since she had her two rounds of dental surgery last summer, she's been eating up a storm and holding her weight better than she...Show More Summary

Clinic Posts on Sidebar

All the posts from this year's Mark Rashid clinic are now on the top of the sidebar to the right.

Photos of My Rides at the Clinic

Here are some great photos of Shania and I at the clinic, working together. Many thanks to Kayla Goelz for the lovely photography.

Some Photos From the Clinic

Here are some photos from the clinic that are on Mark's Facebook page - Shania and I are in there, too.

2015 Mark Rashid Clinic: My Rides - Filling in the Gaps

OK, let's give this a go. Some of this stuff is hard to describe, so if I'm unclear or you need more explanation, leave a comment and I'll see if I can answer in a way that makes sense to you.I've been auditing and/or riding with Mark for 14 years now. Show More Summary

Hoofcare Confidential: American Pharoah’s Subtle Triple Crown Horseshoe by Wes Champagne

Suds stream down the hooves of American Pharoah's legs during a bath at Belmont Park last week. How can such an extraordinary horse run so brilliantly on ordinary horseshoes, you ask. Maybe they only look ordinary, is the answer. (©Show More Summary

2015 Mark Rashid Clinic: If It Looks Silly . . .

Mark told a very illuminating story from his aikido practice.A Japanese master was visiting and supervising the students at the aikido dojo. He didn't speak good English. He would tell the pairs of students to start their work - they did - and then would call "stop". Show More Summary

2015 Mark Rashid Clinic: a Bunch of Things

Here's a collection of some things that came up at the clinic:When starting to do flying lead changes under saddle, don't force the timing. Set the horse up and then allow the horse to figure out how to organize its feet without pressure. Show More Summary

2015 Mark Rashid Clinic: the Horse That Couldn't Breathe (Part Two)

Some of you may remember the horse that couldn't breathe from one of the past clinics I attended. This horse was carrying tension in its body from a previous traumatic event, and as a result it wasn't breathing properly at the canter - in fact, it was hardly breathing at all. Show More Summary

Just Plain Amazing

I just got back from riding my mystery horse at the Mark Rashid clinic. Three days with almost three hours of solo riding. It was the best clinic I've ever had, and the progress I made with my riding was dramatic. We were dealing with...Show More Summary

2015 Mark Rashid Clinic Day Two: More Good Stuff Coming . . .

I was able to spend a lot more time at the clinic today, and saw most of the rides. Every year, I'm blown away by the new learning/reinforced learning I get, both from watching others ride and from my own rides. Today was no exception. Show More Summary

2015 Mark Rashid Clinic Day One: Bracing and the Mismatched Horse

I arrived late at the clinic, since my four had hoof trims in the morning, and then I had the drive to Wisconsin.I arrived at lunchtime, managed to snag some lunch - good thing there was enough - and was able to watch a couple of sessions...Show More Summary

Mark Rashid Clinic

I'll be riding a mystery horse in the Mark Rashid clinic this Friday, June 5 through Sunday, June 7. The clinic is being held at Black Star Farm in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.The clinic runs from around 8 a.m. to around 5 p.m. with an hour break for lunch. Show More Summary

Washing Reins?

Yesterday, I washed all four sets of reins in hot soapy water and hung them up to dry.Washing reins??Yes, I use these reins and highly recommend them. They come from endurance land. The drape and feel are excellent, I like how they comfortable...Show More Summary

Body Clipping - Clipper Brand and Blade Sharpening Recommendations

Melissa at Paradigm Farms - where Lily, Norman and Maisie are retired - is a pro at body clipping. For those of you who do clipping, here are her recommendations for the best clippers and blade sharpening/clipper maintenance. Three of those clips were my retirees, all of whom have Cushings/PPID, and I'm sure they appreciated it (once it was over!).

The Fundamental, Wonderful, Walk

I've had occasion over the past week to do some work at the walk with all my horses. The footing in our indoor arena was replaced last week, and it's still too deep for my taste - it's like walking on a beach above the high tide line. Show More Summary

Red is 14!

Today is Red's birthday. We've come a long way together in the four years he's been mine, and I've been his. He came to me as a confused, reactive, very dominant horse who needed me to be a strong leader while not coercing or forcing him - he's a horse who won't accept that sort of thing - he has to trust and accept to work with you. Show More Summary

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