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“Doesn’t Get ANY Cuter Than This Aardvark..”

That was the headline of the Sharon B-C (Western Australia) email. She’s right, you know. And do you know how many aardvark posts we’ve had on C.O. lo these many years? Care to hazard a guess? THREE!!! Outrageous. Gotta bump that number up starting RIGHT NOW! [Note: story is from Mail Online, but be warned, […]

WE Made The Rules- YOU Keep Sendin’ ‘Em IN!

On the paws heels of yesterday’s Rule #50 post, comes this DUAL RULE CLASSIC. Repeat after me- “Rule Of Cuteness #40: Sleeping in a sunbeam is cute.” (This one ALSO flies the Rule #50 flag quite nicely.) “This is a of my Thelma stretched out, revealing all her belleh glory (you featured her Toe Bean […]


Think that might be a C.O. first. The Look Of Disapproval is usually (but not always) property of Buns. Could be the first Disapproving Chinster, though. “I’ve attached two photos of my twin baby chinchillas. They were born one week ago, and I’ve also attached a photo of their proud mom, Mochi,” says Sender-Inner Scott. […]

The Worst Person in the Dog World This Week Is This Abusive CEO

The CEO of a large catering company has put himself and his firm in a lot of trouble after a video showing him kicking a dog and yanking it into the air by the leash has surfaced. Des Hague is the CEO of Centerplate, which contracts with large venues including sports arenas to provide food services. Show More Summary


You think this video is about a bebeh hoomin? (Laugh like Dr. Evil:) MWAH HA HA HA HA. Think again! Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: hoomin, kitteh

What Happened When Gene the Kitten Swallowed a Needle

He's tiny and unassuming, still small enough to fit in both of your hands without an issue. But Gene -- named after Gene Simmons of the band KISS (mostly because his owner thought that Peter Criss wasn't quite cool enough) -- is full of some BIG spirit. When Gene was born on April 7 of this year, he was the runt of the litter. Show More Summary

Mademoiselle Chanel And Her Apple

[Ya know, we BUNS don't ALWAYS chomp away on CARROTS. That's a misconception, no thanks to Bugs Bunny.] [While it is true vegetables like lettuce and carrots are dietary staples, sometimes we like to go for something a little different- like this apple. Or snorf off on a big honkin' bag o' FRITOS®.] “Thank you […]

Now You Can Strap a GoPro Camera to Your Dog in Style

How the world changes: A few years ago we would have never thought of strapping cameras to our dogs. But now that cameras are being strapped to everything -- body parts, surfboards, kayaks, bikes, helmets, skateboards, dashboards, sailboats,...Show More Summary

That Time Martha Stewart Helped Me Clean Up Cat Vomit

When someone you love is seconds away from barfing, would you scare and chase that person around the house? It seems way too cruel to even contemplate. But I did it once. Not with a person. With a cat, named Violet, a gray-and-whiteShow More Summary

Ultimate Watermelon Nomming!

Fergie The Leetle Pughuahua (or “CHUG” for Chihuahua + Pug) has NO reservations about diving right in! Can someone get him a little Pughuahua napkin for his little Pughuahua mouf? “Pughuahua” is a GREAT name, BTW. From Paul & Barb, back on their game.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: noms, puppeh

Greetings, Peanut!

Look at those little furrowed, furtive eyebrows of The Peanut. If you can get past those, get a load of THE BELLEH. Peanut has it all. Spotted by Smedley who says “Watch all the way to the end, for the Little Squeak.”Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Doxie ACTION

Armand The Cockatiel & Billy Idol: Seppy At Boith?

“I have been a fan of your site for years and finally have a friend Cute enough for a submission. Armand is a Lutino Cockatiel who is 9 months old and loves glam rock. This is a photo of her doing her best Billy Idol impression. (Or is Billy Idol doing his best Cockatiel impression?)” […]

? Life In The Fast Lane ? ….

“Our cats Nocciola (tabby) and Cereza (black and white) have got a new cat-car and they just love it and like to drive it around the house. We’re big fans of C.O. here in Hong Kong and we’d be thrilled if you’d feature their pictures. Have a good day!” -Gina M. Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: […]

Riding Red Again, and Up and Out with Pie (It's All About Me!)

Today was a good day. I rode Red again for the first time since July 18, and he was as good as gold. He was much calmer today - I think our work session yesterday reestablished that I was the leader, and he felt much better about the world - his anxiety and the nipping were a sign that he felt insecure. Show More Summary

Zázù Needs A Rule!

Nedda N. (Zázù’s hoomin slave) says, “I’m not sure whether there’s a rule for this! If not, I think we should make one! Rule #?: Putting your paws over your face when you’re sleeping is cute!” Well, looking through the Rules, there are a few choices, Nedda. #01: Putting a paw up is cute. #19: […]

C.O. Wishes Patrick The Wombat A Happy Birthday!

[C.O. Editorial Rule- NEVER miss a chance to have a Wombat post. Ever. -Ed.] “URGENT! I learned that Patrick, the world’s oldest wombat, is 29 today! Send him a carrot already, will ya? See Patrick on FB!” -Shirley. Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: wombats

This Cupcake & Milk Bone Vanished One Second Later (Part II)

Haven’t we seen this recently? Oh, well. Three…two…one… Kermit The Frenchie (“Melting hearts and ripping farts”) can be seen on Instagram and YouTube. From Ben N.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: frenchies, puppeh

More Rule #50 Emails Comin’ In!

Rule Of Cuteness #50 has proven to be Quite Pupular! First up, we’ve got Tink. “She is a magical mystery mix who is a master at Rule of Cuteness #50. Here she is as a 7 week old puppy, the day I brought her home. Her Extreme Cuteness must be shared with the world, agreed? […]

Hula Hoopin’ Heffalumps

The video says Faa Mei The Heffalump is playing with a Hula Hoop, which I remember as a toy plastic hoop…which this isn’t. (Well, maybe it USED to be before they got to it.) And a bonus- wait for the sweet surprise at the 1:11 mark. These two live at Elephant Nature Park, an elephant […]

Toesday BONUS: “You Just Hold ‘Em Right There, Lil’ Buddy!”

Incredibly outrageous, Beaneriffic (new word!) photos of Smokey Joe, thanks to Geri W. Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: kitteh, Toesday

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