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Solving the Mystery of Feline Hyperthyroidism and its Human Health Implications

The unraveling of the cause of a feline disease mystery is providing significant insight into human health matters. The condition known as hyperthyroidism has become an epidemic amongst aged cats in this country. Approximately ten percent of senior... Read More

Royal Veterinary College studies elastic resistance bands for equine rehabilitation and training

Horse wearing the modified saddle pad with abdominal resistance band attached; the clip for the hindquarters band can also be seen. Core strength training for horses has been a key criteria for developing equine athletes with the necessary condition and muscle develop to sustain advanced gaits and collected movements. Show More Summary

May 26, My cat is lying in the litter box

My cat is lying in the litter box. Also she has a black line across the top of her nose, and is not interested in eating or drinking. My thoughts: I'm

Cats with Ideas

Even very smart cats can use some help in this category. I have to help all of them understand some human concepts, because they live in a world they did not make. Helping them know how to think is part … Continue reading ?

What's on your screen? Update on Professor Chris Pollitt's Illustrated Horse's Foot Web Site and Book

There's been a secret in the hoof world for the past year, and it's time to make sure that you know about it.When Professor Chris Pollitt's new reference book, The Illustrated Horse's Foot, debuted in 2016, the detailed illustrations stole the show--and all the publicity. Show More Summary

New Horseracing Integrity Act Introduced in US House of Representatives

The establishment of a single federal authority to oversee horseracing would give the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency jurisdiction over racehorse medication testing under the tenets of new legislation filed in Congress. Congressmen Andy Barr (R-KY) and Paul Tonko (D-NY), the Co-Chairmen of the Congressional Horse Caucus, introduced H.R. Show More Summary

4 Annoying Dog Habits you can Stop with a Simple Crate Pad

This video is sponsored by Pet Dreams. Choose your favorite lightweight dog bed here: Get the book on Amazon: More Summary

This Beauty Brand Is Saving Shelter Animals — & Making Us Cry

If you've ever tried — unsuccessfully — to avoid the sad, pleading eyes of those helpless, caged, and abandoned animals in the Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial, join the club. Any human with a pulse and access to cable TV knows the world can be a cruel, cruel place for pets. Show More Summary

Puppy Freed From Car Tire After Getting Head Stuck

Puppies are inherently curious creatures, and sometimes their desire to explore and get into everything can get them into trouble. Case in a point: a Pit Bull puppy named Jade accidentally got her head stuck in the rim of a car tireShow More Summary

HoofMarks: The unfinished story of a maharaja's hoof-themed jockey scale

Image ©SujithPhotography - Sujith Nair Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, horseracing was as full of beauty and tradition and artistry as it was at the finest racetracks of Europe. Racing truly is the sport of kings...and sheikhs...Show More Summary

Can You Understand the Different Types of Dog Growls?

Not all dog growls are equivalent. Particular sound components determine how we interpret any growl.

Rat Trick: The Rat Burglar

One of my pet rats, Pepper, shows off her newest trick. My rats are trained with positive reinforcement and clicker training.

70 Cats Removed From 'Deplorable' Conditions in New York Home

Animal control officers from the Putnam County SPCA discovered 61 living cats and nine deceased cats inside a home in Kent, New York. They searched the property on May 16, 2017, after reports of a high number of pets living in squalor. According...Show More Summary

A Dog’s Purpose movie review: This will end in Tears

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - Dog blog | Dog adoption India I was left forever scarred on an otherwise uneventful day in the early 90s. Our science teacher had just told us about the space exploration and a little Russian mutt, Laika.  In fiction or in factual realms, there’s nothing more sentimental than the death of a dog. Show More Summary

Insulin and the Bond of Trust

An advice column gets asked: DEAR JOAN: Last week I took my beloved cat, Buster, to the vet. He kept him for 24 hours and charged $857 to diagnose diabetes and set me up with insulin and needles for a … Continue reading ?

Omar the Maine Coon Could Be the World's Longest Cat

At about 3 feet 11 inches, Omar the Maine Coon is poised to be the longest cat in the world. The feline, who lives in Australia with his pet parent Stephanie Hirst, has become nothing short of an internet sensation thanks to his stunningly large stature. Show More Summary

FERRETS – Deafness

In this video of EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR PET we explain everything that refers to the ferret deafness and the tricks that will make their life better if you have one. Did you know that deafness is … Read More

Crowdfunding Your Pet's Care

Modern veterinary care is expensive. Owners are demanding, and veterinarians are increasingly able to provide a higher standard of care than they used to, and costs have risen as a result. Pet insurance and a savings account specifically...Show More Summary

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