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Meet the Man Who Makes Music for Cats

He says Music for Cats will be the first album in the top 40 that wasn’t made for humans

Oct 20, Blind cat poops on the carpet when I'm not home

I got Stevie last October. He's only a year and 4 months old and he's blind. When I got him home he would poop in his litter box, no problems. I left

How to take care of your old dog?

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - The world as the dogs sees it. Ever wonder how it feels like yesterday when you think of that autumn evening you brought the little fur ball home? The thing about time is it hits you when you aren’t looking. Show More Summary

Oct 19, Loving but Cautious Sissy

Sissy was a beautiful calico cat that came to us as a baby. She also has a brother named Sylvester. Sissy was very loving but cautious because she always

Best Automatic Cat Feeders of 2016-17

The Best Automatic Cat Feeders: 2016-2017 ReviewsAn automatic cat feeder can save a pet owner time, money, and worry.  Don't you want to feel relieved knowing your cat is getting fed when you're away? That's why we've tested and compiled...Show More Summary

The 9 Best Automatic Litter Box Reviews of 2016

The Best Self Cleaning Litter Box: Reviews for 2016-2017Are you sick and tired of cleaning out your cat’s litter box? Be honest! If you’re like almost every other cat owner out there, a time comes when cleaning the litter box isn’t on your list of priorities. Show More Summary

Veterinarian Who Killed a Cat With Bow and Arrow is Suspended For One Year

In April 2015, Texas-based veterinarian Kristen Lindsey shocked and horrified pet parents and animal lovers everywhere when she posted a photo on Facebook of herself holding a dead cat that she killed with a bow and arrow. In the disturbing post that accompanied the photo, Lindsey wrote, "My first bow kill lol. Show More Summary

Winter is coming…

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - The world as the dogs sees it. It is October already. The scars of the summer earmarked. Roller skates put to upper shelves, unsent letters tucked beneath mattresses I can find no dreams upon. Leisurely reads wading way for anthologies. Show More Summary

The diplomatic cat

They are both made (by encouragement) and born (with the right genetic temperament.) They can be seen as a form of Supervisor cat, but with a social twist. They are peacemakers; friends of everyone. They are diplomatic cats. Our highly … Continue reading ?

Oct 18, My cat knows how to spell!

My cat, Gabby, knew treat so well that I thought I would give her a challenge, so I tried to teach her the spelling of it. It only took her a couple times

Sheepdog Heaven

Willie, Maggie and I spent the last three days in sheepdog heaven at a Patrick Shannahan clinic, reveling in fall colors, great dogs, good company and the always brilliant advice of Patrick. I love working with him for his benevolence, his clear explanations and his gentle insistence that our dogs do what’s right without us […]

Screwworms Outbreak in Florida: What Pet Parents Need to Know

After a nearly 50-year absence, flesh-eating screwworms have returned to Florida, making for a dangerous, potentially fatal environment for animals and humans. According to the USDA, the New World screwworm was detected in Key deer in a wildlife refuge in Big Pine Key, Florida—which has since been declared an agircultural state of emergency. Show More Summary

Alternatives to Declawing Your Cat

Declawing is a misnomer. Yes, a correctly performed declaw surgery does remove a cat’s claws, but it doesn’t stop there. To prevent the claws from regrowing, the bony top of each digit (finger or toe) must also be amputated. It’s not...Show More Summary

Setting Up a Trust for Your Pet

A dear friend of mine just entered hospice care. After a courageous battle, she is finally surrendering to ovarian cancer. In a conversation shared yesterday, she told me that she wants her beloved horse Partner to go to... Read Mor...

New Tests Will Be Underway For Shar-Peis Suffering From a Serious Disease

Shar-Pei Autoinflammatory Disease, or SPAID, is a serious, heritable syndrome that affects the canine breed. According to Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine, SPAID is "characterized by recurrent symptoms of inflammation:...Show More Summary

Cats who experiment

Ordell, the highly Alpha cat type we adopted and had to rehome, grew up to become quite the cat scientist. One of his favorites was to put a pig ear in his water dish… and watch what happened next. Alpha … Continue reading ?

Racetrack Surface Research Professor Mick Peterson Will Head to the University of Kentucky in 2017

Professor Mick Peterson took a turn as a speaker at the Hoofcare@Saratoga series at the National Museum of Racing in Saratoga Springs, New York. (Thank you!) After years in the engineering department at the University of Maine, he's taking a new, wider-focus ag/equine science faculty director post at the University of Kentucky in Lexington. Show More Summary

Why dogs love Bob Dylan, the Nobel Prize winner?

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - The world as the dogs sees it. American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan has been revered by many as the greatest living poet, yet the announcement of him winning the Nobel prize in literature for 2016 has ruffled many feathers. Show More Summary

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