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Visits from former owners: Good for Dogs?

A few months ago I got an email from someone with a great question: Would it distress a dog to have his former owner come visit? I’ve been mulling on it ever since, and my answer, of course, is It Depends. But that leads to the question, “Depends on what?” Although I’m only speculating, I […]

Dogs, Mirrors, and Purple Fuzz: Did Honey Know That's Honey?

We must be very careful when claiming some animals don't have a sense of self. The standard way to study self-recognition in animals, the mirror test, is too narrow an approach.

How to Train your Dog Without Force: Stop Puppy Biting, Pay Attention and Train Smarter!

This video is sponsored by Petflow! Set up automatic pet food delivery today at Enter code Zak30 when you check out to receive $10 off of your first 3 autoship orders. Just choose your dog … Read Mor...

Spay/Neuter Recommendations

Next month I’ll be speaking to veterinarians at the North American Veterinary Conference about, “Current Spay/Neuter Research: Tips for Counseling Your Clients.” I love this topic for a couple of reasons. Based on results of some relatively recent... Read More

How To Potty Train Your Hamster

Hello everyone this Sweet Hammy 678 and today I am going to show you how to potty train a hamster, hope this video helps you out and subscribe to my channel to see more like … Read More

Hail Mary: USDA proceeds with last-ditch effort to end soring by imposing bans on Walking horse pads, action devices

It's fourth down at the end of the fourth quarter. The clock is counting down. Do you punt or pass? The game's at stake. It's time to pull off a play they'll never forget. It's time to throw that Hail Mary pass.  In the waning hoursShow More Summary

Jan 13, Bowie from Littlerock

She was born March 1, 2015 and sadly passed February 12, 2016. She came to me when I rescued her mother, not knowing I was going to get 9 kittens! The

See how Animal lovers of Istanbul are helping homeless animals

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - The world as the dogs sees it. The cultural melting pot between the east and the west, Istanbul, the city with shores in Europe and Asia is one to savor. Istanbul‘s love for all things feline has long allured this dog. Show More Summary

These Primates Can Evaluate Memories Just like Humans, Research Shows

It's the latest research to find a connection between human and animal cognition

Anthrozoology: Embracing Co-existence in the Anthropocene

A book by Michael Tobias and Jane Morrison stresses the need for universal coherence. While it may make readers uneasy, we must face what we're doing in the rage of inhumanity.

Cat Affection Move: Invisible Petting

When I am dealing with a shy cat, I don’t actually pet them. I pretend to pet them. In my experience, any cat can figure out this move, and then understand what we are saying. They “feel” the petting without … Continue reading ?

How To Train Your Horse – Dressage Mastery TV Ep 147

Check out your free detailed training plan designed by Grand Prix rider Natasha Althoff at Today Natasha talks about how the train a horse and the four sections that split up each training session with … Read More

A Dog That Is Afraid of Loud Noises Is Afraid of Everything

Research indicates that dogs that are easily frightened by loud noises are much more apt to be fearful in many situations, show separation anxiety, and even aggressive behaviors.

Jan 12, Constipated cat defecating outside litter box

My cat is only defecating every two days. She is ten years old and never been sick. She is urinating in the litter box but doing the other outside. She

Rituals and Practices Surrounding Animal Death

An interview with Margo DeMello, editor of the recent book Mourning Animals, highlights various rituals that occur when an animal dies and notes that very few animals are grieved.

A Dog Named Gucci: "Justice Is a Dog's Best Friend"

A Dog Named Gucci is a film that inspires hope. It's about dogs who were severely abused, the amazing humans who worked tirelessly to change laws about abuse, and their successes.

Dog Smarts: If We Were Smarter We'd Understand Them Better

Studies of dog behavior, dog-human interactions, and dog intelligence are burgeoning. Despite attempts to talk about "the dog," significant variability is the name of the game.

Overcoming the Fear of Pit Bulls: Where Do We Go from Here?

My pet family was complete, we had two dogs and a cat. When my boyfriend, James, thought we should get another dog, I disagreed. Remy, our Akita was attached to me. He loves everyone in the family, but when I leave he waits by the door for me. Show More Summary

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