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Psychiatric Help

The doctor is in. :P Thanks Sue for the adorable pic of Robbie in his box! ;)

Otto The Lazy Puppeh Lump

Don’t take OUR word for it- take Camille M.’s word. “This is Otto, our 9-week-old yellow lab….” “He is the laziest lump of a puppy and we can’t get enough of him. (My 2.5-year old and I love to look at the pictures and videos on your website. It was her idea to submit Otto!)” […]

Chickadee Birdie Collar in Hot Pink

Chickadee Birdie Collar in Hot Pink The hot pink color […]


“Meet Tod! Tod is my recently-adopted 7-year-old fox (okay, he’s a Pomeranian mix). He’s deaf and was an unclaimed stray found wandering the streets. His rough start doesn’t stop him from loving to sleep on the couch and have his belly rubbed!” -Darcy F. Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: puppeh, The Rules of Cuteness, Those Crossed […]

Spend Your Bunday In Bed

You have now entered The Big J Zone: Rikki and Yui hunker down in their very..own..bed. From Andrew Y. as seen here.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Bunday, QTE Products, The Big J

Positive Reinforcement is Defined by the Receiver, Take Two

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how important it is to remember that “reinforcement” and “punishment” are defined by the receiver. I’m not sure what got me thinking about it. Perhaps it was learning about a study that found cows perceived being yelled at as distressing as being shocked with an electric prod. Or […]

Training budgies – flying to your hand

1. Feed your budgies treats behind the bars. 2. Feed th […]

A Message From Bird Trainer Dave Womach

A message from bird trainer Dave Womach from www.birdtr […]

Happy First Birthday Rach!

Can you believe it? Rach is already one year old this weekend! Click on the post title to continue reading. And visit my blog to read more! Woofs!

“(Singsong) Bikke’s Got A New Friend…”

Bikke The Munk is back, and she’s got a new special someone! Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Bikke The Munk

Bunday Morning Comix

From Cat Versus Human as seen on Design Taxi.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Bunday Morning Comix

“Hey Honey? Have You Seen Pip?”

“I think I saw him hiding in the garden. BTW, aren’t you late for his vet checkup?” From Martha Q.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Hey Honey, puppeh

Do You…Baroo?

Remember that Yahoo! slogan from back in the day? OK, so it wasn’t quite like that. But this little guy certainly does know how to…Baroo! Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Baroo, Puggles

You…Haven’t Ever Seen This?

Just another day in the Big J: an older Tokyo resident taking his pet Torty on a walk. Yes. Yes, that’s what that is. OK. (Panda.)Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Hoomin Interaction, The Big J, tortoise

Midwest Canine Influenza Outbreak: A New Virus Within the United States

If you keep tabs on dog-related news, you’re probably already aware of the recent outbreak of canine influenza in the Midwest. Chicago appears to be at the epicenter of the epidemic. The first dogs affected by this virus were observed in mid-March of this year. Since then, more than 1,000 known cases have been reported […]


[I know, I know, I KNOW. I just can’t be bothered right now. Sorry.] (Squid.)Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: dog

Songbird Essentials Hummer Helper Hummer Helmet

Songbird Essentials Hummer Helper Hummer Helmet Feature […]

Rattie Training Video: Clicker Training

This video features Timothy going over the basics of ho […]

Trust Training Rats

Meet my baby rats! They are about two months old now, b […]

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