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Ride ‘Em, Cowboy! Uh, Cowboy?

Now, can the German Shepard really be that big? And can the bebeh hoomin really be that small? From under: Uncategorized Tagged: BIG HUGE PUPPEHs, Hoomin Interaction

Seth Casteel Tells Us About His New Book, "Underwater Puppies"

"It's like I'm living in a movie -- I'm just a guy who loves dogs," says photographer Seth Casteel when asked if he was surprised at the widespread popularity of his 2012 book Underwater Dogs. That tome depicted a bunch of dogs submerged...Show More Summary

What IS This Big Thing?

[I can haz no idea but I wanna nom on it so STAY STILL big blue bird thing.] Filed under: Uncategorized

Stealth Mode!

Jeremy (bun in the tube): "Shhhh... I'm in the bunny blind, stalking my unsuspecting victim... he will never know I'm here until it's too late !!" Joey: "Uhhh... actually dude, I can totally see your feet sticking out the back...

Now in the Handy Six-Pack!

Having a party this weekend? Don’t forget the quackers! Via Jannes Pockele.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Birds

ResQte Of The Week III Goes Underwater

In the waters off Costa Rica, this giant Manta Ray got tangled up in some fishing line. Watch what happens- it seems he approaches the two hoomin divers for help!! Vvv.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: ResQte Of The Week

Rump Day: Meet Meaty

Three days down, two to go. That’s what Rump Day is all about! Today’s “Rump Day” poster boy is none other than Meaty! “He is a Bulldog/Pug mix. He is about a year old and very lovable and cuddly. My husband and I got him from a rescue shelter. Photos taken by me, Amy H.”Filed […]

Levitating Weiners (Part II)

Back in the first part of August, we brought you Part I- now Magician & Mentalist Jose Ahonen is back with part II. Hopefully he got stocked up with more hot dogs! Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Hoomin Interaction, puppehs

What Do We Really Know About Lethal Violence in Chimps?

Lethal violence in other animals is extremely rare and it's not clear what it says about us. An essay in today's New York Times by James Gorman called "Lethal Violence in Chimps Occurs Naturally, Study Suggests" summarizes a recent study...Show More Summary

Maddie, Would You Like A Treat?

If you do—you know what to do. As seen on Lost At E Minor.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Hoomin Interaction, puppeh

Walrus Intervention

[Listen. We're here because we want to help get you off the kelp. You should be eating CLAMS! It's really for the best.] (And hey, as long as we’re Talkin’ Blorp—how ’bout THIS Little Gonzo Wild Man?) Both photos from the NatGeo Instagram page as seen on BuzzFeed.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Blorp, Seals, Walrus

San Francisco Gets a Courthouse Dog to Comfort Witnesses

Once upon a time, the use of service dogs was relatively limited. Primarily, there were "seeing eye dogs" to help people with visual disabilities, and dogs trained for search and rescue missions, and little beyond that. San Francisco gives an excellent example of how broadly the roles of service dogs are expanding. Show More Summary

You Are The Wind Beneath My Jowls

Pilatus AKA Pilly The Weimaraner is experiencing the TRUE meaning of “Life In The Fast Lane.” If the car gets pulled over for speeding…who gets the ticket? From The Squideroo. Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: BIG HUGE PUPPEHs

Cats Give Us Their Opinion on Scottish Independence

The debate about Scottish independence is a hot political tuber at the moment, with a referendum on the issue taking place this Thursday. As a proud feline fancier, my reaction to the discourse about the country's political future was...Show More Summary

73 Irish Wolfhounds Are Rescued From a Santa Fe, Texas, Home

The numbers are shocking: More than 100 animals, including 73 Irish Wolfhounds and other dogs, six tortoises, fresh water turtles, snakes, macaws, doves, cockatiels, and cats, were discovered in deplorable conditions on the property of a Santa Fe, Texas, home. Show More Summary

Monkie the One-Eyed Pug Crosses the Rainbow Bridge

"There is no other way to say this: Monkie is gone." Share this image Monkie's please-adopt-me photo. When I read these words on Facebook, my heart sank. We had just featured the sweet Pug as our Monday Miracle, sharing her inspiring...Show More Summary

Meet The Mighty Peppermint

Don’t have a problem at all saying I Love Me Some Yorkie Action. And so when we get an email from Alana and it’s wall-to-wall Yorkster Pix, we have to pay attention. Roll ‘em, C.B.! “This photo series explores Peppermint’s wild side,” she says. “…with images shot in the style of a nature photographer, capturing […]

Bombs Away

It is a proven fact that Cats Rule The Internet. (See: Lil’ Bub, Grumpy Cat, Maru.) Therefore it is logical to assume that since they Rule The Net, they also do the best Photobombs. This series of photos (from Mashable) does nothing to disprove that theory. Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: kittehs, Photobomb

5 Weird Smells My Cats Are Crazy About

Cats can be little weirdos, at least in the eyes of us humans. They are entertaining, though -- there's no doubt about that! I love watching the little things they do, especially when they don't know I've got my eyes on them. I always wonder what they're thinking, and what drives them to do certain things. Show More Summary

Super Mario Otter!

Problems with your pipes? Call Otto’s Plumbing Repairs! We have just the part you need! Via unremoved on Reddit, where just about every plumbing pun has already been plumbed.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Otters, Unusual Animals

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