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How to train your cat not to scratch furniture

The video will show how to train your cat not to scratch furniture and redirect his attention to other things. f you have any questions or suggestions, then write to e-mail – See also the … Read More

Feb 23, Male Maine Coon with yellow urine

My daughter's male Maine Coon's urine is very yellow. He has two water bowls and drinks lots. My thoughts: I'm sorry to hear your daughter's cat is having

What cats dream about

Dreams are a function of higher brain functions. Since cats have higher brain functions, they do dream. When scientists have offered a number of possible reasons for why humans dream, with no real consensus or evidence, it’s even harder to … Continue reading ?

Feb 23, Paul from San Francisco

Paul is a male British Shorthair - Black Golden Shaded, two years old. He follows me from room to room when I am home. He is my little stalker. He is true

Ants Show Organized Healthcare and Treat Wounded Comrades

Matabele ants treat wounded nest-mates by assessing the damage and then licking their injuries. This is the first observation of nonhuman animals routinely caring for others.

How To Teach your Bird Flight Recall Quickly ! | Part `1

Bird Tameness is back with another “How To” Video !. A LOT of Bird lovers and PW’s Fans have requested this video to be made!. Parrot Whisperer decided to teach one of his very own birds, … Read More

Is Everything in a Dog’s Life Really Pretty Short-Lived?

I was surprised to read a quote, "But everything in a dog’s life is pretty short-lived. It’s over quickly." This is not so. When they say, "Not today, please" they really mean it.

What Is China's Current Attitude Concerning Dogs?

In modern China attitudes toward dogs are complex and varied. They have changed significantly over historical and modern times.

Heroes looking after dogs in the aftermath of disasters

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - Dog blog | Dog adoption India In the wake of catastrophes or threats man-made (read: wars), what makes one abandon all sails and plunge in the rapids, to rescue and in-turn be rescued? Far beyond reason and rationale, what makes a man run to where everyone is running away from? Madness or Love. Show More Summary

This student's sweet tribute to his teacher's deceased dog has Twitter in tears

A young Scottish schoolboy is being praised after his touching tribute to his grieving teacher's late dog, Charlie, went viral.

How to Teach Your Horse Spanish Walk/Paw [From start to finish]

This is a tutorial on how to teach your horse to do spanish walk and/or paw from start to finish. The horse in this video is Jake a 17.2 hand percheron X I would love to … Read More

Californian Falls To His Death From Cliff Trying To Rescue His Dog

A California man died Monday after plunging from an ocean cliff south of San Francisco while trying to save his dog.

Racing Research: Can ultrasound predict whether an injured Thoroughbred will return to racing?

"Will he race again, Doc?" That's the question you hear trainers ask their veterinarians when a racehorse is sidelined with a tendon injury. Veterinarians don't carry crystal balls in their trucks. Advances in equine imaging have made...Show More Summary

The landslide of love

It can seem like magic: that moment a troubled cat accepts our love. Once that first gesture is made, things speed up. This cat reacted with such panic when she was adopted at eight months old she had to be … Continue reading ?

Dog, Cats, and Humans: Shared Emotions Act As "Social Glue"

A study of Japanese people who share their homes with dogs and cats shows the strength of attachment they form relates to the attribution of different emotions to the animals.

How to bond with your ferret

Some useful tips to bonding with your fur baby

Feb 19, Cat pooping by the door

My house trained kitten, Clive, has suddenly started pooping by the door every time I'm not in the same room or go out. How can I stop this? My thoughts:

DIY Litter Box That Your Ferret Will Love Using

A tutorial on how to make a litter box that your ferret will actually use

Feb 18, Is my new cat messing with my dog?

I have a new cat and he is pretty young. It has only been three weeks. I also have an older female dog. The cat is adjusting to the house and he is starting

Feb 18, Female cat peeing on us?

I have a four year old spayed female cat. In the last year, she has peed in a few spots. Six months ago I caught her peeing on my bedroom floor, and then

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