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When you see your dog absolutely everywhere

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - The world as the dogs sees it. Seeing animals in clouds, or a face in the moon or hope in the humdrum has always fascinated me. When you see your dog on clouds and closets… Pareidolia, it is. The imagined perception of a pattern where it does not actually exist. Show More Summary

This Is The Cutest Dog That Ever Stabbed Its Owner With A Knife

As Scooby-Doo might say, “Ruh-roh.” A dog in Hudson, Colorado, stabbed her owner with a paring knife. The injury to Celinda Haynes’ left forearm... Read more: Dogs, Animals in the News, Colorado, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Weird News News

Cruelly and Irresponsibly Abandoned at a Michigan Rest Stop, Milkie Is Saved by Staffers Who Did What His Derelict Owner Was Unwilling to Do

Milkie Recuperates in a Rest Stop Toilet "Unfortunately the family had to leave their beloved pet behind that day and continue their trip. As you can imagine, the family was heartbroken."-- Alyson Payne of the State of Michigan Welcome...Show More Summary

You see why this Bride chose Puppies Instead of Flowers

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - The world as the dogs sees it. Weddings. What do they remind you of ?silk, couture, food, decorations, flowers, rings… puppies? When dog lover Sarah Mallouk Crain began planning her wedding, she wanted it to reflect the love both she and her partner feel for animals. Show More Summary

Professor Renate Weller, noted for horse hoof research and imaging, in line for presidency of British Equine Veterinary Association

Professor Renate Weller of the Royal Veterinary College, London, will be president of the British Equine Veterinary Association in 2018, following results of an election held this year. (BEVA photo) The British Equine Veterinary Association...Show More Summary

Three Men Have Been Indicted in New York City Over ‘a Huge $4.5 Million Ivory Haul’

The haul allegedly comprised 126 articles of illegal ivory, including two pairs of whole tusks

Douglas Anthony Cooper: PETA'S Response To Chihuahua Killing Lawsuit Is Straight Out Of The Trump Playbook

It's open season on Mexican-Americans, whether you're a bigot running for president, or an "animal rights" organization fighting for its right to kill pets. Read more: Peta, Ingrid Newkirk, Animals, Pets, Euthanasia, Animals in the News, Animal Rights, Donald Trump, Hispanics, Mexican-Americans, Politics News

Woman Turns Staircase Cupboard Into Swinging Chihuahua Bachelor Pad

Harry Potter had a miserable time living under the stairs of his relatives’ house ? but Poncho looks right at home. Poncho’s owner, retired scho... Read more: Animals in the News, Good News News

Latest news and Fall Fundraiser

Hello, all Cat Appreciators and fans of Way of Cats. Happy to announce that things are advancing on several fronts. Our Way of Cats Facebook page has over 18,000 likes! The blog has grown to the point where I can … Continue reading ...

New Findings on Cat-Scratch Disease Every Pet Parent Should Know

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released a study regarding cat-scratch disease (CSD) in the United States, and the findings are worth every pet parent taking note of for their health. "There are millions...Show More Summary

My dog wrote me a Postcard from heaven

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - The world as the dogs sees it. Early in the dreary day, in my reverie or for real, I received a postcard from heaven. Signed by my dear departed dog, it so began: Dear Calvy, Wherever the crowd was, I was not. Show More Summary

Cat Injured in Boston Tunnel Rescued by State Trooper

Thanks to an act of compassion and heroism, a once-stray cat will get a second chance at life. According to a press release from the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals-Angell Animal Medical Center, on September...Show More Summary

Sep 20, Suddenly Misty - A Love Story

Latte, the Handsome Himalayan, was alone... that is, until Ms. Misty suddenly showed up. Latte was handsome, but still alone... Suddenly... Misty.

Accepting feedback: the crucial move

All pets give feedback. Sometimes it is clear and focused, like when our dog pulls the leash off the hook and brings it to us by ramming their nose into our crotch. Other times it’s a puzzle, like when we … Continue reading ?

Free to a Good Home? (Booklets, Not Dogs!)

No, not a dog, I’d never advise anyone to ever give a dog away! What I’m hoping to go “Free to a Good Home” are our booklets on house and litter box training whose prices have been radically reduced so that shelters, rescue groups and veterinary clinics can give them away for free. I began […]

Alligator Attacks Homeless Man in Florida

Florida has been home to several gator attacks this year, including one at a Disney Resort

Low Cost Vet Care Options You Should Know

The first time I moved out and had an apartment by myself—no roommate, no financial assistance from parents—I talked to my friends about adopting a cat. Suddenly my co-worker surprised me with a kitten as a gift. I was devastated and...Show More Summary

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