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HEY GUYS.. ab ap apne dog ko easily stay krna sikha sakte hai or iss video m hmne apke best tarika btaya jise ap follow krke sikh sakte h kaise stay krwaye … ap hmari or … Read More

Roku & Korra Live on BBC

Roku sure knows how to photobomb at the right time! haha Korra was well behaved ???? “How to train your parrot to Free Fly” on youtube for free flight training ????

It’s Official! The Education of Will is out in Print and Audio.

THANK YOU Milwaukee! Three hundred of you came out to hear my first talk about The Education of Will, and I can’t thank you enough. Needless to say, I was excited and terrified and thrilled and nervous and empowered and overwhelmed to be speaking in public for the first time about the journey that Willie […]

Cat Kisses = Human Smile

One of the challenges of inter-culture communication is how a well-meaning outreach can look… wrong. And send the wrong message. With cats, people make wrong moves all the time; reaching for a shy cat and making them think they are … Continue reading ?

What is the Low Stress Handling Certification?

  Dr. Sophia Yin’s pet-friendly animal handling techniques are shaping the new standard of care for petcare professionals. Low Stress Handling leads to safer and more satisfied staff, efficient workplaces, lowered liability, loyal clients, and of course, happy animals. Show More Summary

Why Are Cats Obsessed with Laser Pointers?

We’ve all done it … flashed a laser pointer across the floor (and up the wall and onto the ceiling) to see at what lengths our cats will go to catch that little dot of light. But why are cats so obsessed with laser pointers? Let’s look...Show More Summary

See This Awesome Company Offer Employees ‘Puppy Paternity Leave’!

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - The world as the dogs sees it. In the age of startups, the traditional idea of a work place is in for a continuous spin. Perks like paternity leaves, work from home and BYOD (Bring your own device / dog) are getting more mainstream with every new company being registered and we dogs aren’t complaining. Show More Summary

Canine Vasectomies

Do you know that vasectomy surgery can be performed on dogs? Indeed this is true, and, as we learn more and more about the impacts of traditional canine neutering (castration), vasectomy surgery is becoming increasingly popular. What exactly... Read More

Giving a Blind or Sight-Impaired Dog the Best Life Possible

A book called "My dog is blind - but lives life to the full!" is a wonderful practical guide for people who want to give a dog with limited sight the very best life possible.

Dear Pammy, Trouble with my purebred

A commenter asks: My husband and I adopted a female, That we think is a Russian Blue, from a pet shop 2 years ago. She was there from a kitten on. When we got her, she was 1 year old. … Continue reading ?

How to train your horse to jump

Hope you all liked it, sorry I haven’t posted a video in forever, but I promise I will be posting more

Teaching a horse to lunge

Basic instruction to teach your horse to lunge.

20 Beautiful Untranslatable Words That Your Dog Knows!

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - The world as the dogs sees it. Syllables stacked against syllables, what worlds words can construe! They say that the smartest of dogs can understand up to 300 words, but we dogs also know of feelings – the words for which we are yet to hear. Show More Summary

Do Nervous Dog Owners Have Nervous Dogs?

Dog owners who have more neurotic personalities tend to have dogs who are nervous and cope with stress less efficiently, a new study finds.

Dogs: Love, Rejection, Dominance, Training, and Breeding

Dogs are in the news a lot and here's a summary of what's "hot." Dogs fall in love and suffer from rejection, dominance should not be used in training, and they're awfully smart.

Wonderful guide dog helps human suffering chronic illnesses

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - The world as the dogs sees it. Guide dogs and therapy dogs are so much more than empathizing friends. They are the super heroes who help heal the world in their own special ways. Jaquie, a young FloridaShow More Summary

Woman Claims Airline's Neglect is Responsible for Dog's Death

By Paula Fitzsimmons Imagine the excitement of reuniting with your beloved dog after being separated by 2,000 miles, only to be greeted by an unrecognizable canine. That’s what recently happened to Kathleen Considine when she entrusted...Show More Summary

Litter training your ferret

This is just a how to video to train your ferret to use its little box.

Puppy With Metal Rod in Head Miraclously Expected to Make Full Recovery

On Friday, February 3, a puppy was brought to University Veterinary Specialists in McMurray, Pennsylvania in a shocking condition: the young dog had a 5-inch metal rod impaled in his head. Veterinarians don't know exactly how this happened,...Show More Summary

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