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Fail: It’s What’s For Dinner

Apparently, what this new-fangled fancy-pants food dispenser really needs to dispense is some wisdom. Via Daily Pics and Flicks.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Fail, Kittens

Star Wars Characters Help a Shelter in Canada Find Permanent Homes for Cats

We know the world of Star Wars is one of violence and explosions, of panic-inducing Imperial invasions and fearless rebel attacks, but what if it wasn't always that way? What if a Stormtrooper, after a day of shooting his laser gun down...Show More Summary

ResQte Of The Week: Purritos To GO, Please

The Best Friends Animal Society in Salt Lake City (also an L.A. location) has taken in 500+ kittens in the last two months, and they need homes! “Sometimes you have to go Cute to raise awareness about an important issue. We’re thrilled the campaign is getting so much attention and hope that we’re inspiring people […]

Man Takes His Dying Dog on Cross-Country Road Trip: 'We Gotta Live!' (PHOTOS)

"We could stay home and wait for the inevitable or we could go enjoy life as much as possible," Thomas Neil Rodriguez tells PEOPLE

It’s #NationalHamburgerDay!

It is, indeed. (Planning an In-And-Out trip right now.) This fact did not escape Pug Puppeh Mia. Go, Mia, go!! Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: puppeh

The Fiend Beneath the Floor!

‘Twas later that evening that I heard the noises; a faint scratching, like of some small harmless insect seeking shelter, naught more. But then it grew, louder and more insistent, joined by a hideous rasp like nothing of this earth. “Demon! Torment me no longer!” I cried, clutching the amulet that Professor Witherspoon had entrusted […]

Abandoned, Homeless on the Street, Expelled by the Ingrates at Manchester International Airport, and Finally Whacked by Her Last Guardian, So Ran the Course of Ollie's Sad and Turbulent Life

Ollie "Hello all my wonderful friends. Sadly I have to tell you that I gained my 'wings' yesterday and I will be carrying out my security patrols and checking for squirrels over the Rainbow Bridge."-- Ollie's terse obituary as it was...Show More Summary

Pick A Square…ANY Square

Will SOMEone PLEASE just pick a spot and be CONTENT with it? Oh, wait. You’re cats. Never mind. (Tastefully Offensive.)Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Cats, The Big J

Mahalo, Little Dude!

[That’s a great Hawaiian shirt you’ve got there, pal- why doncha’ come…back..HERE…and LET ME GET A…CLOSER..LOOK! (tugs frantically @ :30.) Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: BFFs, puppehs

Watch This Bulldog Befriend Bulls (Say That 5 Times Fast)

It's funny because they're similarly named animals that aren't the same at all

Best :90 Seconds You’ll Spend All Day

Just watch. Oh wait- we have another Piggie Video, this one c/o Megster: Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Do You Love Those Accents Or WHAT, hoofsters, Hoomin Interaction

WHO Wants Some Tummy Rubs? WHO Does?

Oh, YOU do, Cute Little Leopard Shark! Here we go, then! (Bored Panda.)Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Are sharks QTE?, Gonna Need A Bigger Boat, Hoomin Interaction

#TBT: 05/28/2006: Insta-Pants

Ever notice when bunnies and cats sit up they have instant “Pantaloons’? Submitter Debbie C. wants to know if you have. Here’s her Photostream… [Throwback Thursday Original Posting™. -Ed.]Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Throwback Thursday

Who Needs A Watch Dog?

Cat lovers, now you don’t need to invent in a big Slobberknocker Guard Doggeh. The C.O. Cat Training Method™ offers guaranteed results but your results may vary or your money back! Sleep easy at night knowing that your Kitteh is snoring blissfully keeping watch over your property and family. Call now! Our operators are asleep […]

Stupid Pet Experiment: Which Items From the Wastebasket Do My Cats Like Best?

My cats like to tip over my office wastebasket and rifle through it, hoping to find discarded treasures that are of interest to them. My wastebasket is probably a lot like yours. The contents include crumpled-up items, spent pens, food...Show More Summary

Grumpy Cat (No, Not THAT Grumpy Cat)

Thing Two has taken a chapter from one of Tardar Sauce’s books with THIS look. From under: Uncategorized Tagged: Thing One & Two

I Took My Indoor Cat on Vacation, and It Was NOT a Holiday

Just recently, my husband and I rented a cottage in a large campground in the south of France for a week, as we both needed a break from crazy work schedules. Taking our dog, Pinch, was a no-brainer because he's a seasoned traveler who enjoys car rides and discovering new places. Show More Summary

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