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Dude, Help a Brother Out Here?

Yo, dude — show me how you got in there, willya? Kind of hangin’ by a thread, what with the way Speed Racer here likes to corner at full speed, know what I’m sayin’? Oh, so you’re just gonna sit there? It’s like that, then? Ice cold, bro. Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Lizards, Unusual Animals

OMG U GUYZ Zayn Malik Quit One Direction?????

[Now I haz a sad.] [Note: Image originally seen here. -Ed.]Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Cute or Sad?, kitteh

Who Participates in Dog-sporting Events and Why?

Although people can be highly competitive in the various dog-sports, recent research shows that internal motives and social benefits are more important than trophies and accolades.

ResQte Of The Week 3: Bebeh Boid

Thanks to Andrew Y. for this one from Know Your Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: ResQte Of The Week

Internashunal Bizness Is…BACK In Bizness

We fondly remember Marty Mouse, a member of the C.O. Hall Of Fame who sadly passed away last fall :(. Now there are THREE new Ratties- successors and partners in Marty’s Internashunal Bizness Empire!! Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Marty, McRattersons

Drones Are Tracking the Stray Dogs of Houston

Getting a handle on the number of strays in cities like Houston is a difficult, nearly impossible job. Estimates put the number at nearly one million, but nobody really knows. One tool is helping to change that: the drone. "It's another...Show More Summary

ResQte Of The Week 2: Say CHEESE!

Photographer Guinnevere Shuster came up with a “photo booth” concept for friends that are available at the The Humane Society of Utah! They’re having a “Love UT Give UT” event today, too. More deets here. (Did you know your $10 donation can vaccinate one homeless pet?) (My Modern Met.)Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: ResQte Of The […]

Should Your Kids Walk Your Cat Outside on a Leash?

This post is brought to you by: It's not uncommon to see children walking dogs, but how often do you see them with a cat on the end of a leash? Maybe never, for some of you. Some indoor cats don't enjoy spending time outside, so they might not even consider the prospect of wearing a harness and exploring the great outdoors. Show More Summary

Seth Brundle Would Like a Word

Fresh from their triumph with the Large Adrian Colander, scientists at the laboratories of Worldwide Holistic Advanced Technology (WHAT) are about to flip the switch on the first intercontinental simultaneous dual matter teleportation system. Show More Summary

Happy 10th Birthday Gracie!

Today is my sis's 10th Birthday! Happy Birthday Gracie! Expressive Gracie! Squirrel loving Gracie Patient Gracie! Photogenic Gracie! Little Gracie on the first day we brought her home! Snow lovin' Gracie! Hiking Gracie! Water lovingShow More Summary

Man Arrested for Saving his Dog from Burning Building

This story from 2003 is making the rounds again, causing people to ask how far they would go for a pet


The headline says it all. As the video says…“This may quite possibly be the cutest thing you’ll see in your entire life.” Good GRIEF. Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Lil Bub, This Just In!

Bliss II

Yesterday we saw a hoomin givin’ Fiete The Big Cow the business with a massive rubdown, essentially sending Fiete to another planet. Today we find out that you don’t NEED a hoomin, as long as you have a big thing called a HAPPY COW; kinda like those spinning brushes at the car wash. (Squid.)Filed under: […]

This Dog Is Not Happy About Being Locked in the Car (VIDEO)

One impatient dog learned to use the horn after he decided he'd spent too much time locked in the car

ResQte Of The Week: Scooch The Pooch

When I come back, I wanna come back as THIS guy. I see NO downside. Zero. “This is a photo of Scooch The Shih Tzu, my three year old rescue from the Voorhees Animal Orphanage (NJ), PRAYING that Cute Overload will post his picture! Scooch is a big fan of your site and ready for […]

Meet the San Diego Zoo's New Baby Hippo (VIDEO)

This is the fifth calf born to mom Funani at the San Diego Zoo

Luna’s Got The March Madness™

Remember Otter #681? (AKA The post that broke the Interwebs.) Pup #681 was named Luna last December, and she’s grown since then! She’s definitely in the March Madness™ spirit playing with one of her new favorite toys! Thanks to Shedd Aquarium for the photos. Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Otter 681 Luna

British Airways Adds Pet Videos to Ease Fearful Fliers

By: Brittany Jones-Cooper Summary: Got a long flight ahead of you? British Airways wants passengers to “Paws and Relax” with their new adorable channel featuring all animals,  all the time. Does this photo put you in a good mood? British Airways believes it will.

National Park Service Wants to Release the Hounds in Fight Against Goose Poop

Washington, D.C., is having a big problem with geese. Apparently, if you want to go to any of the big tourist attractions around the National Mall, you're going to have to get through swarms of Canadian Geese first. Share this image Canada...Show More Summary

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