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How to train a bunny

How to Train a Rabbit: 1. Have treats rabbits like. 2. Be patient and consistent. 3. Repeat daily (or every other day). Starring: Icy (full name: Ice Cube), a blue-eyed white Polish rabbit, 8 weeks old. … Read More

How to Potty Train Your Parrot | Parrot Training

You already love Spotify, but do you know how to get the most out of it? Click here to learn all the Spotify Tips and Tricks you never knew existed. Perfect Parrot Products Parrots Educational … Read More

How to Teach Your Horse to Bow [NO ROPES]

This is a tutorial on how to teach your horse to bow without using the traditional “ropes” method. The horses Featured in this are Jake (13 year old 17.2 Percheron cross) Nemo (3 year old miniature … Read More

Cincinnati Zoo Is ‘Not Amused’ by Harambe the Gorilla Memes

"The constant mention of Harambe makes moving forward more difficult for us"

Watch Vandals Leave 3 Crocodiles in an Australian School

The act was caught on video, and rangers said the animals were undernourished

Dog People vs. Cat People: What This Facebook Study Found May Surprise You

All NewsNationalInternational Dog People vs. Cat People: What This Facebook Study Found May Surprise You By Aly Semigran August 22, 2016 at 03:54PM / (0) comments Save to mypetMD Cat people and dog people have been fighting stereotypes...Show More Summary

Some Dogs Prefer Praise and a Belly Rub Over Treats

New neuroimaging and behavioral research show some dogs prefer praise to treats as a reward. Saying "good dog" and rubbing a belly are great ideas for training/teaching dogs.

Guilty Pleasures: Animal Shows that are So Bad They’re Great

Woe is me. Jim and I missed one of our favorite television shows last week because our recording schedule got knocked out by a storm. The show is Zoo, shown on CBS in the states. The program’s premise is that a chemical company created a mutation that has caused animals to be 1) more intelligent […]

Conditioning a Dog to a Muzzle

Awhile ago I saw a small dog hit by a car, whose occupant drove away as if nothing had happened. The little white dog lay on his side, stunned and bleeding. It was clear when I got close that the dog’s leg was broken and he needed to get to a veterinary clinic right away. […]

Followup: Canine Cruciate Ligament Disease

In response to my recent blog post comparing surgery of canine cruciate ligament disease to treatment with a brace (orthosis), I received several excellent comments, one of which I want to be sure you have the opportunity to... Read More

Flight Attendant Adopts Dog Who Never Stopped Waiting for Her

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - The world as the dogs sees it. Ever felt the pangs of long distance asphyxiating your love? Across seas, oceans or continents that what keeps love alive is love itself. It needs no reason other than that. Show More Summary

How Arctic Foxes Grow Their Own Beautiful Gardens?

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - The world as the dogs sees it. What do you think of when you hear Alaska? Pristine white landscapes, the bears, Northern Lights, Into the Wild or even Sarah Palin… we get the picture. But gardens? Welcome to Arctic Alaska, where the foxes aren’t just endearingly cute, but they are also nature’s best gardeners. Show More Summary

Experimental FIP Treatments Show Promise for Affected Cats

All NewsNationalInternational Experimental FIP Treatments Show Promise for Affected Cats By Joanne Intile August 22, 2016 at 07:00AM / (0) comments Save to mypetMD Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is caused by a mutated version of a feline coronavirus that transforms from a benign, minimally pathogenic virus to an aggressive and deadly version. Show More Summary

Valuing Dogs More than War Victims: Bridging the Empathy Gap

In a recent essay Nicholas Kristof writes, "If only, I thought, we valued kids in Aleppo as much as we did our terriers." Why do we offer more empathy to dogs than to some humans?

Can Cats Eat Toast?

Cats can eat toast. A piece of bread toasted in a toaster will not harm your cat. There are no ingredients in toast that would be poisonous to your cat. However, there is no nutritional benefit for felines who consume toast. This food will do your cat no good. Cat Owners Beware While your cat […] The post Can Cats Eat Toast? appeared first on Cats Know Best.

This sweet duck helping a grieving dog is making us feel all the feels

Jacquie Litton, a dog-owner in Knoxville, noticed that her dog George was having a pretty tough time after losing his best friend…

Olympic Farriers: Inside the Forge at Rio

This article is an edited extract from a general news release from the FEI. Some of the hardest working people behind the scenes at the Rio 2016 Olympics are the team of British and Brazilian farriers working round the clock to keepShow More Summary

Gladstone Joins Larry and Palmerston as Whitehall's Latest Resident Feline but the Chancellor of the Exchequer's Welsh Terrier, Rex, Is Waiting in the Wings to Put an End to All of Them

Gladstone Arrives at the Exchequer along with Hammond's Red Box "Gladstone can look forward to poring over budget scorecards, greeting visitors from around the world, but most importantly, setting his sights on the rodent populationShow More Summary

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