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Curtains For The Boy Wonder!

As you can see, Robin never had a chance. Even The Dark Knight was no match for the assailant. Soon the culprit was located. Not The Joker. Not The Riddler. Not Catwoman. Worse. Much worse. There was no remorse. Absolutely none. Next stop, Doggie Sing-Sing. Maybe this one can be rehabilitated. Or….maybe not. Time will […]

Guinness World Records Declares Oldest Living Cat

All NewsNationalInternational Guinness World Records Declares Oldest Living Cat ADVERTISEMENT LimelightPlayerUtil.initEmbed('limelight_player_322708'); By Aly Semigran August 23, 2015 at 04:03PM / (0) comments Save to mypetMD Whether...Show More Summary

SOME Of Us Aren’t Into #NationalDogDay

A little Petromalt™ oughta cure that, Grumpy Cat!Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: grumpy cat

Flower Power Polar

One of the last lazy, hazy, crazy days o’ summer, captured by photographer Dennis Fast in Manitoba, Canada. As seen on My Modern Met. Filed under: Uncategorized

Uh, Shiro? Shiiiii-ro?

Has to be another one of those Shiro Zen deals. You are one with the Frogster, Shiro. Got some Zen Music for you to play while you watch the video, too…Just click the music and then the video real fast, to enable C.O. Synchro-Sync Action™! Both music and video end at the same time! Filed […]

Headline THIS, Mr. Bond

Time for another edition of Headline THIS; and let’s stay away from the obvious (though spot on) “No, Mr. Bond” concept. Write up your favorite header and we’ll post it about 1pm PT! (Imgur/Reddit.)Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: froggers, Headline THIS!, HUGE Look of Disapproval

The Legend Of Biscuit The Cat Rustler

(Say in deep Texas drawl:) No one knows where he came from. Some say the Deep South, others say back East. Either way, he arrived in Portland with one thing on his mind- to rustle him some Cats. Biscuit is his name……and Cat Rustling is his game. Biscuit and his Oregon Tails posse sleep by […]

YAY 4 National Dog Day!

Yep, all day long! Grab your nearest four-footed furball and give me a big sloppy KEES! Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: dogs, Part of the Yay 4 Series

Wombat Wednesday: Happy #30, Patrick!

Happy 30th Birthday to Patrick The Wombat! The Big Fella celebrated with his pals over the weekend, Down Undah! Patrick, as our way of saying Happy Birthday, you’re now in the C.O. Hall of Fame! He’s also signed up with the dating service “Tinder” to try and met his special someone- no luck yet. Better […]

Mithrandir, the social social boy

Mithy loves everyone. Human or feline. Our Mithrandir is now 16 months old. If he were an Alpha cat, that would be halfway to physical maturity. But since he is a giant Beta, we are very far from that. Mr … Continue reading ?

Teaching cats coping skills

Yesterday was a rowdy Sunday morning. As happens so often, the complex center of this sweet, learning opportunity, treat… was Tristan. Tristan is almost five years old, but he’s an Alpha. That means he won’t grow up for a long … Continue reading ?

Cat Floor Gym Color: Beige

Cat Floor Gym Color: Beige Features: -Cat floor gym.-Large tube for your cats relaxing pleasure.-Ball attached for their playful enjoyment.-Extra large sisal rope scratching post.-Plush comfortable carpet with this discount cat tree.-Made in United States.-The color of the produ... $69.61 Buy This Product » Inline Ad Purchase:  Intext Link

Ever Had One Of Those Mornings….

….where you JUST CAN’T get motivated to get outta bed? If you HAVE, you know what we’re talking about. If you (for some reason) HAVE NOT experienced this- here’s how it goes, Yorkie Style. Jennifer H. writes, “My daughter Karla took this video of our yorkie/poodle puppy Will, waking up after a nap.”Filed under: Uncategorized […]

What NOW, Melvin?

This is Melvin’s “I Might Have Done Something Wrong But You Can’t get Mad At THIS Face” look. Cats are tricky like that. Meirav clues us in: This is one of my cats, Melvin. When he was a wee lad, he was walking around the kitchen counter and accidentally knocked down a glass cup which […]

I Think I’m Safe Enough, Mom

We’ve got the car seat, check… Twenty-seven air bags, check… Motion sickness pills, yep, got those… I think we’re all set for our three-block journey down to the vet. Via Reddit/Imgur.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Kittens

Have a Nice Day at Work, Dear

“And remember, don’t be afraid to stick your neck out! It’s the only way you’ll get ahead! Via Reddit.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Giraffe, Unusual Animals

This Pretty Well Sums It Up

All of the many Big J posts we’ve done in the past…lead up to this. It has EVERYTHING. Pandas, an announcer talking 500mph, and….slide whistles. Speakers Up, naturally. Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Pandas, Speakers UP, The Big J, WHAT IS GOING ON HERE

Shoulda Paid Extra for the Convertible

But still, the sunroof kind of works — I just can’t see the dashboard, no biggie.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Pups

Dogs Avoid People Who Are Not Cooperative with Their Owners

New data shows that dogs, like young human children, continually watch the social interactions going on around them and use information from what they observe to decide who to avoid in the future.

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