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Blind Dog Missing for a Week in the Woods Is Saved by Firefighter

In this current climate, it often feels like good news is getting harder to come by. That's why the incredible rescue story of a blind senior dog, who was found safely after going missing for a week in the Santa Cruz Mountains, has captured...Show More Summary

Mar 8, Nine Lives Rescue Mission

We are a no-kill cat rescue organization based in Pickens, South Carolina. We work with caring people and other agencies to achieve the reduction of the

How to train your love bird very well [lovebird]

How to train your bird very well Talking Lovebird paco the love bird singing pets, cats, animal, animals, dogs, bird, pet video, puppy, birds, cute, crossing Lovebird True Love Aviary handraised ???? ???? ??????? ???? ???? … Read Mo...

Do Dogs Ever Lie to or Try to Deceive People?

New data shows that dogs are capable of being deceptive around people when it is in their own self-interest.

The Lube Effect: Dogs Foster Cooperation and Trust in Humans

A new study shows dogs serve as social lubricants to help people get along better. When a dog is present, humans are friendlier, more trusting, more active, and more enthusiastic.

The Science Behind Your Cat's Scratchy Tongue

Anyone who has ever received a loving lick from a cat knows quite well that scratchy, sandpaper feeling. Recently, PBS explored the science behind the unique texture of a feline's tongue—and it's bound to fascinate every cat parent. Researchers took a deeper look at the cat tongue, which is covered in tiny spines called papillae. Show More Summary

Dog writes an open letter to the ladies – Happy Women’s Day!

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - The world as the dogs sees it. Dear Ladies, Happy Women’s day! Through the tides of time you’ve held us, healed us and found us homes. There for sure are worlds and words that we dogs know nothing of. Like...Show More Summary

A Request to the Village re the Education of Will

Months ago, when in the first stages of planning publicity for my new book, I asked my editor why book tours were always so brutal. And they are–by now I’ll have given 9 talks in less than two weeks, and visited 8 cities. On some days, I got up at 4 A, to make a […]

Cat With Malformed Legs Finally Gets the Loving Home He Deserves

When a loving 10-month-old cat named Ivan was repeatedly passed up for adoption during his time at the MSPCA-Angell in Boston, the staff at the shelter knew it was time to give the special needs kitty the spotlight he so deserved. In...Show More Summary

What littermates do for cats

Kittens act independent, early. This can make people think they are ready to be independent before they really are. The developmental period with their mother and littermates is an important area which is often skimped in rescue. Through ignorance or … Continue reading ?

Mithrandir, almost not quite feral

On a recent consultation, I reminded the human that their 2 1/2 year old Maine Coon was still a kitten. As our own Maine Coon mix, Mithrandir, approaches three years old, he provides a great window into the process. He’s … Continue reading ?

how to train your dog in hindi

Please watch: “BASIC DOG GUARD TRAINING IN HINDI / URDU 2017 ||CHORI SE KAISE BACHE||SMART DOGS TRAINING||” -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- dog training in hindi how to train your dog in hindi hey guys … hum new channel … Read More

X-ray, Ultrasound, MRI and CT: Which Imaging Study is the Best Choice for Your Pet?

Why has your veterinarian recommended an MRI scan rather than a plain ole’ x-ray of your dog’s back? Why a CT scan rather than an ultrasound of your kitty? Nowadays, when it comes to diagnostic imaging, there are... Read More

Can Humans Truly Connect with Nature By Eating a Big Mac?

Does meat eating connect us with nature and with ourselves? A recent essay unconvincingly claims it's important for attuning ourselves to the animal world and our animal natures.

How To Train A Rat To Run Through a C/S Shaped Tunnel

In this video, Latte demonstrates how you can train your rat to go through a C/S shaped tunnel. Part 3 in my “how to train your rat agility” series. Links to part 1 and 2 re … Read More

All you need to know about Healthy Treats for your puppy, adult or senior dog

Dog With Blog Dog With Blog - The world as the dogs sees it. Have you ever come across a dog who doesn’t like treats? Neither have we. But there’s so much to dog treats than just leisurely snacking. Treats are an integral part of your...Show More Summary

The Inner Monologues of Show Dogs

We went to the Westminster Dog Show to find out what the world's most glamorous dogs are really thinking on their big day.

HOW TO | Bathe Your Budgie

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