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Jenna Dewan-Tatum's Pitbull Has Adopted a 'Big Sister Mentality Now' for Her Daughter Everly

"[Lulu] actually really watches over Evvy and it's really sweet," the actress tells PEOPLE

Marine and Dog Who Saved His Life Joyfully Reunite After 3 Years Apart

Marine Corporal Seth Hill and Bbazy worked as a team in Afghanistan to save lives

An Assortment Of Kodie

Today is a good day (ANY day is a good day, come to think of it) for an ASSORTMENT OF KODIE. Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Kodie

Take Note Animal Control Officers.

  This is how you deal with a couple starving horses.  You take a complaint and you go out and verify the complaint.  Inevitably the suspect will lie,  “Oh they are under veterinarian care”.  Which is stupidly easy to verify.   “Hold on, I am going to call Dr Smith.”  “Dr Smith has never heard […] The post Take Note Animal Control Officers. appeared first on Fugly Blog.

THIS JUST IN: ResQte Of The Week 2 (Malibu Edition)

Sea Lion pups were released yesterday back into the wild after weeks in the care of the Marine Mammal Rescue Team at the California Wildlife Center! (And…is that a kees @ :36?) From KB. CWC Sea Lion Release from Kim Barker on Vimeo.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: ResQte Of The Week, sea lions, This Just In!

Man, This Is A Cosmic Bummer, Like, You Know?

What’s out there? You know- REALLY OUT THERE? I mean, expand your mind, dude. THINK of it. The galaxy knows no boundaries. It just keeps going and going. an Energizer Bunny. OK, so- dig THIS. Do you realize that..there are galaxies that are millions of light-years away. So their light..hang with me, I know- […]

Dogs, Humans, and the Oxytocin-Mediated Strong Social Bond

A new study has shown that mutual gazing by dogs but not wolves increases oxytocin levels in humans. To demonstrate there was a causal relationship, when oxytocin was administered to a new group of dogs before they interacted with their owners, the researchers saw an increase in the extent of mutual gaze between owners and dogs and an increase in oxytocin in the humans.

ResQte Of The Week: What’s Up, Rock?

“Meet Rocky! We adopted him last Sunday at the America’s Family Pet Expo in Costa Mesa, CA. It’s a great organized pet adoption paradise that happens every year here. It was our 4th year attending, but only the first year we came home with a new family member. He was just soooo adorable we couldn’t […]

#TBT: 04/16/2009: Let’s Incubate

“Hey Bebeh…” “Yes?” [shifty eyes] “Let’s you and me snuggle under the heat lamp.” [Giggle] “OK!” Ducks in lof brought to you by Alder D. [Throwback Thursday Original Posting™. -Ed.]Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Throwback Thursd...

Police Find Chihuahua in Car Wreckage Two Days After Crash

This weekend, a tragic accident took the life of 85-year-old Marie-Claire Steinkamp, when the van she was driving slammed into a semi-tractor trailer, killing her. She had her dog in the vehicle, a little Chihuahua named Uno Solo, but nobody knew it. Show More Summary

With Bare Hands, Man Fights Off Cougar Attacking Girlfriend's Dog

This isn't quite the "Man Bites Dog" headline that all news writers are supposed to be watching out for (especially on a dog website). But it comes close. Think of it more as a "Man Bites Cat That's Biting Dog" story. The cat is a really...Show More Summary

Headline THIS!

Time for another edition of our pupular Headline THIS feature. Post your headline in the Comments, and we’ll update about 1pm PT! (Arbroath.)Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Derp, Headline THIS!

Canine Cuties: Dogs Who Are Beautiful on the Inside

Peanut, Pootle and Tuna are just a few of the most unforgettable doggy mugs in the world

The AvenGerbils: Hamster Of Thor!

You KNEW it had to happen. Only a matter of time. AvenGerbils ASSEMBLE! (Mashable.)Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Gerbils

Hey, Short Dude- U Gonna Eat That?

[No? OK, let me just…grab THAT…and I am outta here.] (Mashable.)Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Buns: Not just for Bunday, Gif-tastic, Hoomin Interaction

Why Writing for Psychology Today is a Good Idea

A recent essay called "Prof, no one is read you" shows why writing for popular audiences is more effective than publishing in professional journals. It turns out that "82 per cent of articles published in humanities are not even cited once. No one ever refers to 32 per cent of the peer-reviewed articles in the social and 27 per cent in the natural sciences."

Burn Those Carbs The Puppercize Way!! (Volume 2)

A couple of weeks ago, we told you about the Proven C.O. method to burning carbs, or melting pounds, or all that weight loss stuff. SO many of you have taken advantage of our offer, we’re extending it another week month year. Our operators are standing by to steal your money help you with your […]

How My Cats Have Helped Me Be Tougher -- and More Tender

Anybody who knows me knows that I learn great deal from my cats. I've always believed that my cats have helped me become a better person. How can such gentle, pure beings do anything but make us better? Kali was a cat of mine who was both tough and tender. Show More Summary

Meet Nick Walton, an Animal Control Officer Committed to Atlanta's Inner-City Dogs

Share this image To be truly successful at anything in life, you’ve got to have passion, and Animal Control Officer Nick Walton definitely has that in spades. Young, fresh-faced, and new to his job at Fulton County Animal Services, the...Show More Summary

Chippy Is Back And..Surprise! Still Hungry!

That’s it, Chippy! Stuff ’em in there just has fast as you can! That, or next time bring a little Munky Samsonite™ Briefcase to store ’em in! Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: noms, The Munksters

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