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Dogs: Putting Selection for "Tameness" to Sleep

Mark Derr offers evidence that dogs and humans were made for each other. He argues that sociability, along with a? delayed onset of fear, were the keys for wolves to become dogs.

Maria Menounos shares hospital recovery photo with her adorable therapy dog

Maria Menounos shared a photo of herself recovering from surgery to remove a brain tumor and credits her therapy dog for helping her heal.

What Makes a Dog Notice a Person

Is it the sight of you, the sounds you make, or your scent that is most likely to make a dog aware that you are nearby?

Rattie Training Video: Tightropes

This video features Abby & Katie demonstrating how to teach a pet rat to walk across a tightrope on command! If the text in this video goes by too fast for you, please pause it so … Read More

Dear Pammy, Is it true about whisker fatigue?

Because this has become a popular question on the Web, I get emails which ask: Are cats fussy about their food because of their whiskers? Dear Readers, It can happen. Cats have lots of reasons to be fussy about their … Continue reading ?

Does Your Dog Come When Called? Every Time?

When Willie starting working sheep as a youngster, he didn’t want to quit. This is a high quality problem with a young sheepdog, but it’s still a problem. At some point you just have to end the session. It’s a common problem too–I’ve seen scores of adolescent Border Collies zoom around and around the flock […]

Brooklynites Reportedly Forgoing Vaccines for Their Pets

The controversial anti-vaccine movement has apparently now reached some pet owners in Brooklyn, too. According to a report published in Brooklyn Paper, dog owners in the hip and trendy areas of the New York City borough are skippingShow More Summary

Things Your Vet Might Recommend for Your Pet’s Diarrhea

Diarrhea becomes a fact of life for most of our pets at some point or another. If the diarrhea persists for more than a few days or is recurrent, it’s a good idea to check in with your... Read More

Sentience is Everywhere: Indeed, It's an Inconvenient Truth

In a piece called Studies in Sentience Tell Us Ours is a World of Many Centres, Arita Joshi rightfully argues that sentience can be found in all sorts of beings. We are not alone.

Cool for cats: how to keep your cat cool in Summer

Cats are pretty clever at keeping themselves cool in Summer, but there are some things you can do to help! Check out our warm weather advice and tips to encourage your cat to drink more. Subscribe … Read More

Mayor Stubbs, 1997-2017: A Melancholic Remembrance, an Appreciation, and a Tearful au Revoir

The Unforgettable Stubbs "He was a trooper (sic) until the very last day of his life. Meowing at us throughout the day to pet him or to come sit on the bed with him and let him snuggle and purr for hours in our lap. (sic)." -- Stephanie...Show More Summary

Aug 4, Loki from Coraopolis

We got Loki and his sister shadow in November of 2015 as kittens. He was a piebald cow pattern kitten who became my cowbird. Always here and there and

Containing our cats

Cats believe in “a place for me and I want to be in my place.” Before the boxes, the cats wanted to be close to their person, and part of the action at their desk. But they did not have … Continue reading ?

Petco Hamster Ball Derby Training – Presented By Petco

Subscribe to our channel: Learn about PETCO’s Hamster Ball Derby and how you can prepare your little guy for the big day. Visit for more information. Something extraordinary happens when pets and people connect. … Read More

How To Tame Your Hamster

Really easy ways yo tame your hamster. do note that this will not work with all hamsters and that some hamsters simply cannot be tamed. Thanks!

Captive: A New Book About Zoos Is a Game Changer

Renowned photographer Jo-Anne McArthur's new book called "Captive" will touch your heart and soul. The images of zooed animals show just how much needs to be done on their behalf.

Are Dog-Loving Millennials Driving House Prices Up?

More millennials are listing dogs as the biggest factor in their home buying decisions, ahead of marriage and children.

Kitten Cruelly Tied to a Bush Is Now Recovering

In late July, workers at the Ford World Headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, made a shocking and heartbreaking discovery: a kitten had been tied to a bush and presumably left for dead on their campus. When employees heard a kitten's cry...Show More Summary

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