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Black and White Sunday: It's a three dog pile up!

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Nosevember In Switzerland

Yesterday it was Caturday Morning in Portugal and Caturday Night in France, so today, why not have a Nosevember feature from Switzerland? C.O.’s reach is GLOBAL, we tells ya. So, how ’bout this kitteh, Meghan B? “This is Dulcinea Princessa Pequeña Rodriguez, or Dulci for short. I adopted her in 2001 from The Seattle Animal […]

THIS JUST IN! Maru & Hana Go Offline

They don’t have too bad a gig, do they? [Note- this one has music. -Ed.] Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: caturday night, Maru and Hana, This Just In!

All Systems “Go” For Caturday Night Pouncing

First, the verrrry gradual creeping into place…then STANDBY MODE where the target is acquired; launch is in mere moments! “Hi Cute Overload! My foster kitteh Newt has the cutest Nose for Nosevember,” says Camille from France.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Caturday, ear floof, Impending Doom, kitteh

Caturday Night Sleeping Beauty

“This is my precious sleeping beauty, Miss Lady Dottie. She spends her days by mostly sleeping and being unbelievably Cute! Photos of Dottie and her peanut butter face taken by her can opener, Monica H.” ["Her can opener!" HA! -Ed.] Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Cats, Nosevember 2014

Hey! PSST! I Gotta Secret!

[ wanna hear it? Come closer! Close enough to snorgle!] (The Guardian, with thanks to Anna S.)Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Seals

Nosevember Combo Action!

“These are my fur children, Bash & Fiona. I adopted the brother and sister over a year ago. They are so sweet, affectionate, and cuddly! And most importantly they love each other. These featured pictures only demonstrate a portion of how many times I catch them twinning! =^..^=” -Debbie G.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Cats, Caturday, […]

So MANY Caturday Choices….

…and so little time. “Hi C.O.! It has been some time but I had to send you this! I think it’s a perfect example of “Cats love Boxes.” Zázù prefers shoe boxes! He’s getting bigger and bigger everyday so we had to put some tape on the sides, as you can see.” -Nedda. Filed under: […]

Caturday Morning: “I Came Home To Find Daphne Like This”

That was the subject line of Carolyn H.’s email- with the above photo a classic example of Rule Of Cuteness #40: “Sleeping in a sunbeam is Cute.” [And who are we to argue? It's our Rule! -Ed.]Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Caturday, The Rules of Cuteness

How Much For The Grumpy Cat In The Holiday Window?

Last night was the kickoff for the 28th annual San Francisco SPCA/Macy’s Holiday Windows, Adoptable cats and dogs are showcased in Macy’s windows in Union Square. The event was hosted by Grumpy Cat herself. GC photos by The Furrtographer. She wouldn’t comment for the media, but informed sources told C.O. afterwards that Tardar Sauce had […]

Caturday Greetings From Portugal

Caturday saudações para você! From our Caturday Mailbag comes this from Claudia S.: “Almost two years ago my boy Garfield had the great honor of being part of the Cute Overload community! Now I’d like you to meet his adopted baby sister Nikita.” “She’s healthy and growing fast. She’s very sweet and energetic and has […]

Tree House Cat Tree

Tree House Cat Tree Treehouse is a medium sized cat tre […]

Gold medal performances!

"Oh man, you know what I miss already?? The Winter Olympics! Can't believe it's four more years until the next one... sigh! I guess I'll just practice until then... here's me doing the skeleton!" "...and here's my ski slalom!" "...and...

Friday Night Nosicle

I mean, is this guy getting up IN YOUR FACE, or what? [Note- I think kids these days say ‘In your grill.’ FWIW. -Ed.] Dublin’s Schnozz taken by Gracie. [Coming up next--Caturday Greetings from Portugal! -Ed.]Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: BIG HUGE PUPPEHs, hipster lingo, Nosevember 2014

TGIF: Dog Tired

[Pooped. Finished. Wiped Out. Spent. Weary. Fatigued. Beat. Exhausted. If you think of any others, LMK. Ruckus OUT.] “I took this photo last night of my friend’s new puppy, Ruckus. He’s a Mini Aussie and full of the dickens until he fell asleep on my lap. My friend and I would love to see him […]

Relax, Max

This is Max. Remember Max? He Who Loves To Dig In The Sand? Right, that’s the one. Max wants to let you know- he doesn’t approve. Of ANYTHING. From Kaylynn H.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Buns, ear floof

Eight Signs Your Cat Is Trying To Kill You

Kitteh owners- they may be sweet and cuddly–but this is stuff u NEED TO KNOW. T.O.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Cats, Impending Doom

Great agility weekend: I went 6/6 and a won Perf. Grand Prix!

This past weekend was the last agility trial of this year for us. So we aimed to make the most of the weekend! We entered three days. Even though Mum had to pull me from the last trial because of the heat, we decided since it is theShow More Summary

Flashback Friday

Bonus points if you recognize the hoomin in the photo. Photo as seen on Pinterest.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Flashback Friday, Hoomin Interaction

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