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Pig In A Blanket

(OK, technically she’s UNDER the blanket. Whatev. Sigh.) “I had to give back the piglet I was babysitting today, so I gave her a piggie of her own for the road,” says Redditer “Heyredditheyreddit.”Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: pigsters

Video Selfie: Laminitis Researcher Jim Belknap Previews His BEVA "Feet and Farriery" Lecture

As the calendar gets ready to turn to September, it's time for the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) Congress in Birmingham, England. The conference runs from September 10-13, with a full day "Foot and Farriery" program on...Show More Summary

Ginny & The Goat (Plus Princess Di Eyes!!)

[And don't we have Rule #40 here? And is that really a Goat? Not a Moose? Check that out and we can rewrite if/when needed. -Ed.] “I love C.O. and look at it whenever I need my Cute fix! This is a picture of my newly adopted 3 month old pup, Ginny (short for Virginia […]

Trying Something Different - and Finally, Three Rides!

Today was a very good day - I finally got to ride all three horses, even if two of those rides were only at the walk - it was still all just fine with me. It's about two and a half weeks after Dawn's dental surgery, and she was good to go - they're coming back to check her in September, but she's eating well and seems very comfortable. Show More Summary

#TGIF: Ya Had A Bad Day

Shake it off, dude. It’s the weekend. Arbroath.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Penguins, TGIF

Do you mind??

"Mmmm... mmrphh! Oh great, you did not just take and send that photo to the internet, did you?? Talk about unflattering!!" Hey Robbie, you've got a little green something in your teeth... :P Thanks, Sue, for yet another great photo....

Me? Oh, Just Hangin’ Out…

[What about you. Whadya' wanna do tonight- get some takeout bamboo?] From Arbroath.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Blorp, Panda

Single Story Cat Pagoda Color: Brown

Single Story Cat Pagoda Color: Brown Features: -Cat pag […]

And Now, Introduction to Public Speaking, With Your Host, Fheodore Fhistlefhwaite

Fhank you. In thif courfe, ftudents will ftudy ftandard fhtrategiefh to fhement a fholid fhpeaking fhoundafhion. Ftudents wifh a fherioufh fheefh imfhediment may wifh to fheek the fhervices of a profeffhional fheech fherapifht. Via David James Miller.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Pups

Friday Haiku Too: Caterpillar Crawl

It’s fashionable To wear white Pre-Labor Day Not so much after. Taken Aug 24th in Philadelphia, PA. Photographer Laurie Z. From Lindy H.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Caterpillar, creepy crawlies, Friday Haiku

In Case You Were Worried, Snoopy Is Officially a Dog

Just in case you were wondering, we can put your mind at rest: Yes, Snoopy is a dog. We have official confirmation of that via the Peanuts Twitter account. On Thursday, Peanuts sent out a tweet to put nervous fans' minds at rest andShow More Summary

Videos We Love: 5 Completely Insane Commercials Starring Cats

Anyone who lives with a feline friend -- or spends any amount of time on the Internet -- already knows that cats make the world go 'round. My cats can get me to do things I wouldn't normally find desirable, such as keeping a poop-filled box in my sunroom, waking up at 5 a.m. Show More Summary

How to Litter Train Your Rabbit

(This video was requested by:Bobbysrabbits13) how to li […]

The Few, the Proud… The Pizza Cats!

[MOVIE TRAILER VOICE] In a world where people hunger for truth, justice and stuffed crusts, four brave kitties get the job done. Wanted by the authorities for a hairball they didn’t commit, they survive in the notorious Pizza Underground. So if you’re having a party, if no one else can deliver — and if you can find them — maybe […]

Vintage Photo of Dog with Shadow

Vintage Dog Photograph with Shadow via Pinterest Have a great long Labor Day weekend.

I Can Haz iPad NOW?

We all know the Apple iPad™ is a fantastic device, designed to restore a childlike sense of wonder to our lives. But DID YOU KNOW- puppehs love ‘em, too? Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Did You Know, puppehs, Shameless Apple Plug

The Ice Bucket Challenge? Not for My Cats -- They're All About the MICE Bucket Challenge

If you're like me, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been all over your social media feeds. I've seen some clever ones, for sure, and am glad these videos have brought additional awareness to the debilitating disease and increased funding for research. Show More Summary

What’s Russian for “Get the Crisco”?

INSTRUCTIONS FOR WATCHING THIS VIDEO Start video Place finger in cheek At 1:14, make “pop” noise Repeat at 1:30 Yes, it’s a prairie dog stuck in its own hole. Time to hit the treadmill, Chuck.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Fail, Pocket Pets, ResQte

Friday Haiku: Cozumel Crabs

Fun in Cozumel Little Crabsters running wild Not too bad a deal From Tracie (“Crabs are Cute, right?”) T. Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Friday Haiku, McCrabbersons

Win a Furever Tree Eco-Urn From the Collar Project

Pet parents deal with the loss of a beloved cat in a variety of ways. Some place their ashes in a decorative urn and keep them close by. Others scatter the ashes or bury the animal in a special spot. The Collar Project has introduced...Show More Summary

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