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Frida Furrtographer Follow-Up!

Just a few days ago, little Frida was recently appointed the acting Dog Mayor of San Francisco- The Furrtographer was on the scene and took these photos! (Looks like Frida was a little pooped after all the hoo-ha.) Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Furrtographer

Speakers UP For This One

Yesterday, we told you about the kitteh DJ turntable thing. Think that was amazingly crazy? Think AGAIN. We’ve had these latte-art stories before- some commenters scoff that “Oh, that’s ‘SHOPPED.” (Apparent logic: if you’ve never seen it before, it must be faked.) While these are not quite at the artistic level of that previous story, […]

Uber Driver Leaves Blind Woman With Service Dog Stranded

A few months ago, we told you how the California chapter of the National Federation of the Blind was suing ride-sharing service Uber for discriminating against passengers with service dogs. The suit cited a number of incidences. In one, California UberX driver put a blind woman's service dog in the trunk without her knowledge. Show More Summary

Neighborhood Cats: Working to Bring TNR to NYC and Beyond

In my 16-plus years with the Humane Society of the United States, the nation’s largest animal protection organization, I’ve gotten to know many wonderful people around the world caring for community cats -- and the feral-cat rescue group...Show More Summary

Happy Birthday Darby

Darby, 10 weeks old, 1995 Happy birthday, Darby. Thank you for changing my heart. Darby McLaughlin, November 20, 1994 - December 3, 2011.

Dogs Playing Dungeons and Dragons

Dogs Playing Dungeons and Dragons by Johnannes Grenzfurthner and Heather Kelley Meredith Woerner of iO9 calls Dogs Playing Dungeons and Dragons "the best dog painting in the history of all dog paintings. The end." Via iO9 by way of Laughing...

Not EVERYone Hates The Snow

There are some of us that pawsitively LOVE it. Like the Toronto Zoo’s Da Mao “Bear-Bogganing.” Is that a word? If not- it should be! From Alexandra M.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Panda

YO! Give It Up For DJ Hairball

Or..something. Anyway, here’s the latest CAT QTE from Bizzaro Land The Big J. Cat Scratch Fever, anyone? Your kitteh can now DJ with the best of ‘em. (Is this where I say “Fo’ Shizzle?” I’ve never said that before.) Quoting RN24: “The cat scratch turntable has been spotted in Tokyo at Hikarie in Shibuya and […]

5 Ways Your Family Can Thank Your Local Shelter This Season

This time of year we tend to focus on gratitude for the good things that are happening in our lives and the world. I admit it -- I usually amp up my thankfulness during the holiday season, but I really try to spend every morning of the year thinking about the abundance of good happening around me. Show More Summary

????????! ????!

(“Look! Foxes!”) It seems that Russian photographer Ivan Kislov likes to hang out with foxes. Who can blame him when they look like this? These photos, as seen on Bored Panda, were taken in the Russian region of Chukotka. We’re talkin’ WAY up there. He works in that town as a mining engineer, and takes […]

"Animal Weapons" and "Why Life Matters," Two Excellent Books

Two new books deserve a wide readership. In "Animal Weapons" researcher Douglas Emlen concludes, "Weapons of mass destruction change the stakes … We're not likely to survive another arms race." In "Why Life Matters" Michael Tobias and...Show More Summary

ResQte Of The Week: Mahalo, Papio & Chicha!

This time ’round, our ResQte Of The Week comes from The Big Island of Hawaii! Specifically, the Hawaii Humane Society in Honolulu. Emily M. writes, “I just adopted a pair of kittens from the Hawaii Humane Society.” “I don’t think I’m being biased, [Note: you are, but that's OK. Who wouldn't be? -Ed.] -but these […]

7 Things You Need to Know About Breast Cancer in Cats

I’m sure you don't think about cat breasts very often. After all, they’re not nearly as obvious as human women’s breasts, and since they’re buried in your feline friend’s fur, it’s hard to remember they even exist. But remember you should, because cats can and do get breast cancer. Show More Summary

I Went on a Charity Walk With My Pug -- and He Drove Me Nuts!

Volunteering to raise money for an animal shelter by walking four miles -- that's great, right? Getting out, enjoying the fresh air, bringing along your adorable Pug -- that sounds lovely, am I right? The weather is beautiful, the sun...Show More Summary

#TBT: 11/20/2007: More Head Tilts Coming Out Of The Woodwork

Do you want to go to the Pug Party!? YES!!! YES I want to go to the Pug Party!!! Nice selectshe, C.S.O. and Cheryl L. ;) [Throwback Thursday Original Posting™. -Ed.]Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Throwback Thursday

Why Is Being a Cat Parent Less Than Being a Human Parent?

I know that some folks vary as to how they consider their cats. To some, cats are simply animals. To others, cats are fun companions, but not necessarily "children." To many, cats are our babies. I am in that last category. We had aShow More Summary

Can the Slo-Bowl Stop My Saint Bernard From Gobbling His Food?

Monkey, my 14-month-old Saint Bernard, can be a little weird about food. Unlike many dogs, he does not scarf down his entire bowl of kibble as soon as it's put in front of him. Rather, Monkey ignores it, pushes it around with his nose for a while, or in some circumstances, waits hours and hours to eat it. Show More Summary

Yes, That One’s Juicy, You Betcha

Classic Example of Rule of Cuteness #13: “Juicy” eyes & noses are Cute. “Here’s a photo of my cuddle cat, Circe, showing off the cute Maru-like freckle on her nose!” -Nancy K.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Nosevember, The Rules of Cuteness

Check Out the Best Cardboard Creations for Cats

Cats love cardboard, it’s a fact. This versatile material offers our feline friends many pleasures, from scratching and lounging to hiding and playing. Cardboard is great for making cat products because it can take most any form, it’s relatively inexpensive, and to top things off, cardboard is eco-friendly. Show More Summary

Photographer Lori Fusaro Aids Senior-Dog Adoption With Her Gorgeous Photos

In May of 2013, photographer Lori Fusaro decided to share her passion for getting more senior pets adopted, a passion inspired by her beloved Pit Bull, Sunny. She started a Facebook page called My Old Dog, which led to a book deal and...Show More Summary

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