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Getting Our Attention

Do we know when our cats are asking for attention? If we are not attuned to the ways cats, and especially our cats, ask for things, we will miss these important signals. Worse, we will blame the cat for “bothering” … Continue readin...

5 Actions -- Er, INactions -- That Prove I'm as Lazy as a Cat

I wouldn't call myself a ridiculously lazy person, but there are some things I do that are sloth-like -- or rather, feline-like. I'm sure you'll agree that cats are pretty lazy creatures, usually only springing to action when there's some kind of payoff for them. Show More Summary

Synchro-Baroo Kittehs!

OK guys, now let’s TRY to follow the bouncing ball or…something. Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Baroo, BFFs, kittehs

Can I Disapprove, Too?

The Look of Disapproval was initially the domain of Bunnehs, but has since expanded to just about any Cute Animuhl there is. Like Phoebe here! “This is Phoebe, aka Darlin’ Miss Phebes, with her great Basset nose front and center! She is indeed a Darlin’ Doggeh and this is a perfect photo of her for […]

Joy and Rapture, You’ve Returned At Last!

Second after second, minute after agonizing minute I waited, daring to hope that I would once more hear the crunch of your footsteps in the midday snow, and gaze again upon your warm face! This is the happiest moment of my life since yesterday! Via Reddit.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Pups

"Yep, it's a little cold out..."

"But I gotta get my grass time in before the snow hits!!" :) This adorable chublet is Daisy, and she's up for adoption with her buddy Olive at the New Mexico House Rabbit Society in Albuquerque, NM. You can read...

Meet Bobby

Check out this video: seems this little guy has just decided to hang out in the kitchen with this nice hoomin lady. We get a great British accent, too. The Mail Online story says Bob stops by up to 15 times a day to meet Pat Lowe, fixes Bob his favorite: cooked porridge. Thanks to […]

Open Hearts and Full Tummies

Photo Credit: Pam Young Of the many holidays celebrated throughout the year Thanksgiving is my hands down favorite. I love devoting an entire day to preparation of a meal and an autumn hike with my puppers and anyone else who cares to tag along. I also relish a holiday that doesn’t involve giving gifts that […]

Heeere I Come to Make a Salaaaaad!

By day, mild-mannered Hugh Manatee glides unnoticed among the krill, sturgeon, and trout going about their business in Aquaburg. But whenever sea life is threatened by injustice, whenever a shrimp cries out in terror, whenever bacon and tomato feel lonely and incomplete, Hugh Manatee becomes… The Lettuce Avenger! Columbus Zoo photo spotted by Carly Brooke […]

Knew I Shoulda Made A Left Turn At Albuquerque

An Albuquerque, New Mexico kitteh named Spice went missing on Halloween…and ended up in MAINE. Check out this story! (Arbroath.)Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: kitteh, ResQte

A Disabled Girl Will Keep Her Dog, and a Bad Law Will Go Away

Those of us who oppose breed-specific legislation got a small victory recently. Thanks to a nationwide backlash and an online petition, the village of Moreauville, Louisiana, now says that it will rescind an ordinance banning Pit Bulls and Rottweilers. The ordinance is a very new one; it was passed on Oct. Show More Summary

Toesday: Reindeer Beans?

Well, it IS getting closer to the night Santa and his reindeer take their annual trip ’round the world. A month from last night, as a matter of fact. And who do we have here? A new rookie reindeer? Oh- he’s a rein-cat! “Hi C.O. folks, This is Evan, one of our special needs kitties […]

Why Your Dog Makes Such a Mess Drinking Water

Ever since we read that study about how cats drink -- "elegant," researchers called it, whereby just the tip of the tongue touches the surface and draws a column of water up to the cat's mouth like a conductor drawing the flutist up in Flight of the Bumblebee -- we've been waiting for the other shoe to drop. It has, and it was a boot. Show More Summary

Let’s Roll, Eddie!

Andy W. wrote in to tell us about his motorcycle sidekick, Eddie. “Here’s a couple shots of our Beagle/Jack Russell mix shelter dog Eddie. We’ve had him for about a year and a half and this spring I decided to see if I could get him to ride in the motorcycle sidecar. After working him […]

An Easy Way to Prevent Food Aggression in Dogs

Food aggression or food bowl guarding is learned while a puppy is still in its litter, however it is easily prevented. read more

Tilley Tiny Pig For Nosevember Snoutvember

“Ok, so it’s a Snout, but Tilley Tiny Pig would like to be considered for Nosevember. Tilley is applying Rule Of Cuteness #95 for good measure. Thanks, Elaine R.”Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: pigsters, Side-Eye, Snoutvember, The Rules of Cuteness

“Hey Honey? You Gonna Rake The Leaves?”

“I can’t find the wheel barrow! Once I do, I’ll take care of it!” (Sprocket the Cairnwich and George the Bichon, c/o Ingrid H.)Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: BFFs, Gif-tastic, Hey Honey, puppehs

5 Everyday Human Activities I Want to See My Cats Do

If you regularly read my posts, you know I adore imagining cats doing activities that humans would normally do. I'm completely tickled by the idea of kitties having Tupperware parties and signing field-trip permission slips for their kittens. Show More Summary

Moose Beans

“Here is a picture of my buddy Moose’s awesome toes. Hope you like ‘em!” -Adelina A.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Toesday

Oh, U Want To Get On THIS Couch?

[Go ahead, make your play. My Eye Blasters are charged and ready. What’s it gonna be?] (My cat, Oreo, knows his gigantic paws intimidate our other two cats. When our other cat came into the living room this morning, he moved from his curled up position on the coach to this position to be sure […]

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