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Happy Howl~O~Ween 2014: 24 Hours O’ Cute @ 8:44pm PT

Princess Jasmine should be able to get a lot of treats tonight! Just glide on up to the door, ring the bell, snag some snax, and off she goes! What a scammer. From The Squid. Cute Overload’s Happy Howl~O~Ween 2014 continues…Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Happy Howl~O~Ween 2014: 24 Hours O’ Cute

Malaysian Activist Encourages Dog Petting, Gets Death Threats

For most of the people who read this blog, touching a dog isn't a big thing. In fact, touching dogs is one of the selling points of bringing one home to become part of your family. But in Malaysia, a huge controversy has boiled up around exactly that issue. Show More Summary

A Coke™ And A Smile, Please!

‘Member the Coca Cola™ Bears you always see around Christmas time? Pearl The Puppeh is dressed up just like one of ‘em for Halloween! From Kethia C.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Halloween 2014, puppeh

Round Pen “Study”

It seems the horsey side of the internet has been set ablaze by this “study” out of Australia about round pen training.  I cannot find a link to the exact study just articles about it. They used remote control cars to mimic a “join up” and concluded we were using fear as the horse’s motivation […] The post Round Pen “Study” appeared first on Fugly Blog.

Von Veek To Go

(Say it out loud using a Count Chocula accent while you look at the calendar. It’ll make sense.) “Here is a picture of my cat Steve with his muffins up and tiny fangs out, being a goober. He is named after Steve McQueen, thought he is not quite as suave or majestic as his namesake, […]

Meet the Cat Lady Who Rescued Buzz the Fuzz From a Hoarder

Buzz the Fuzz is one of those cats who makes the Internet a better place. The first time I saw a Facebook photo of this handsome kitty with a curious haircut, I felt compelled to hit “like” and to find out more about this inspiring cat. Show More Summary

ResQte Of The Week 2: Sproing Overload

Video created with Apple Final Cut Pro™ by Cuteporter KB, as well as this text which sums it all up quite well: “After months in the care of the California Wildlife Center in Malibu, California, five orphaned fawns enjoy their first moments back in the wild where they belong. Orphaned fawns are prevented from seeing […]

Cat-Rap Album "Meow the Jewels" Reaches Its Funding Goal

Further proof that cats can achieve absolutely anything happened last week when Meow The Jewels, the Kickstarter project to record the world's first hip-hop album made up of cat sounds and samples, became fully funded. Hurrah, indeed. All...Show More Summary

Meanwhile...south of the Massachusetts border...

I have not been able to blog about brumbying around with Lilly because I took a short trip to Florida! I made it, even if Delta airlines did attempt a tiny sabotage! USAir to the rescue! I love visiting Florida because they have cool...Show More Summary

All Right Rudolph, (Say Like Kirk:) I. HAVE. HAD. ENOUGH. OF…. YOU!

[I'm Ellie-May The Frenchie. This is MY turf, see? You can come back on December 24th with the Jolly Ol' Elf and your pals, OK? 'Til then, BEAT IT!] From Barb (sans Paul, ‘cuz he’s fishing) -struggling to be Cute. Cred to Saffron for noticing the then-unintentional but totally on-point Star Trek reference.Filed under: Uncategorized […]

The Kansas City Royals Win, and a New Fan Gets a New Puppy

Katie Castan has her puppy. If you're not a baseball fan, those words may be completely nonsensical to you, so here's some background. Last week, Katie Castan's name and image went viral when television cameras spotted her at a Kansas City Royals playoff game. Show More Summary

Hey Babe; How YOU Doin’? (In Your Best “Friends” Joey Voice)

UPDATE 12:00pm PT: And we have a winner (above) by Erika in HB! Time to give away another pair of 2015 Cute Overload Calendars! (If you don’t happen to win this week, you can always buy a pair on!) Write up a headline for the photo below, and post in “Comments.” We’ll pick our […]


In preparation for a talk I’ll be giving soon in Madison, WI about the mental lives of animals, I’ve been reading Subliminal, by Leonard Mlodinow. I highly recommend it; Mlodinow elaborates on our increasing, and sometimes unsettling knowledge about the power of our unconscious. Here’s a talk given by the author himself about the topic. […]

Fighting Like Cats and Dogs? Not This Blind Lab and His Guide Cat

I've always found that the idea that dogs and cats have "mortal enemy" inscribed on their genome to be highly overstated. When I've had dogs and cats living in the same house, they usually either learned to ignore each other or became buddies. Show More Summary

The New "Shelter Me" Episode Includes a Dog-Rescue Airlift

The fourth installment of Shelter Me, the emotionally charged, uplifting documentary series that brings attention to America’s dog shelters, airs this month on PBS. It's hosted by actress and animal advocate Allison Janney, who alsoShow More Summary

HOW Do They Know To Head For The Water?

In honor of the fact it’s…hmmm…what can we say- in honor of…OK, Thursday; watch about a zillion 150 Bebeh Turtles ZOOM towards the beach and take the plunge. #Totesadorbs. Have you ever seen 150 turtles being born? from Leon Duplay on Vimeo. As seen on Digg.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Turtles

Brief Documentary of Gary Bunt Painter and Poet

D. I. Why? I've been saving British artist Gary Bunt's paintings for today, the first day of Fall, because they speak to the seasons, literally and metaphorically. I fell in love with them all, so I can't even call these...

Click and… Always Treat? Or Not?

Let me start by asking: Which does your dog like better, the anticipation of something good, or the good thing itself? Counter-intuitively, the research of Jaak Panksepp suggests it’s the anticipation of a reinforcement that is most enjoyable, not the reinforcement itself. Panksepp calls the emotion of anticipation the “seeking or wanting system,” versus the […]

Let's Groove Tonight!

"Awww yeah... this new rug gets me one step closer to making my own Earth, Wind & Fire-inspired music video! All I need now are a few funky friends, some sweet '80s special effects, and a form-fitting sparkly space suit."...

An Open Letter to My Veterinary Colleagues

Please share far and wide because we only have until Monday to get our voices heard. Dear veterinarians,  I imagine you have noticed things have changed a bit for us in the last ten years or so. A decade ago, you could look in the “Help Wanted” section on VIN or AVMA classifieds and have your pick […]

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