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THIS JUST IN: Dramatic ResQte Of The Week At Ft. Drum!

[Say like Sheriff John Bunnell on World’s Wildest Police Videos:) “ just doesn’t get ANY more real than THIS. Ft. Drum, Jefferson County, New York….” Info just in from Nicole S. “I’m a film instructor with I Was There Film Workshops, a nonprofit organization that teaches free, therapeutic filmmaking workshops to military veterans coping with […]

You Put de Lime in de Koo-Koo Pup

In the manner of a tune you oldsters may remember, here’s a boxer having a nice time with a lime, until… CITRUS ATTACK! WHEEP! WHEEP! Here’s a tip, pup: Those things are much better con cerveza.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: I'm Going to Eat Y--AAAACK!, Pups

Baymax Dumplings. Well, Sure They Are.

Andrew Y. sent this image in, with just the URL and the subject line, “Baymax Dumplings.” Er- what? Turns out- and I am going way out on a limb here- that Baymax is the title hero of the movie “Big Hero 6.” I think. If you can follow this plot, you get a gold star. […]

Hold On To Your Mutts

Masrani: So the paddock is quite safe then. Claire: Yes. We had the best structural engineers in the world. Masrani: Yeah, so did Hammond. Video starring Helicopter and Bazooka. Thanks to Jamie M. Header stolen borrowed from video.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Doxie ACTION

Bebe, a Kitten With Manx Syndrome, Finds a Home

Earlier this year, Bebe the kitten found himself in a precarious situation. He was holed up in the Downey Animal Shelter in Los Angeles County with what appeared to be an injured tail. This bundle of fluff and fur also seemed to lack...Show More Summary

At Tootsie Pop Testing Labs

Researchers attempting to solve the mystery of how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop have switched to kitties after decades of getting unreliable results from overly-clever owls. Via Leonard Gee.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Kittens, WE Shall Leeck You

Maymo’s Needs Are Very Simple

All he needs is a nice big green backyard. Well, those Inflatable Flying Sharks are pretty cool, too. Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Maymo

“? I’m A Pepper, You’re A Pepper ?…”

Wouldn’t you like to be Peppers too, Maymo & Penny? (Here’s the theme song if you aren’t old enough to know it forgot it.) Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Chomping Noises, Maymo & Penny, nomming, Speakers UP

5 Things I Learned From My Cat With 3 Legs

Jude, the minuscule Manx kitten I brought home from my job at a nonprofit animal hospital, was the kind of heart-liquefying cat TV networks build Very Special Episodes around. He was barely the size of a softball, and he looked likeShow More Summary

Review of Littermint, cat box deodorizer

I’ll reveal possible bias up-front: Littermint is a Way of Cats product. It was crafted by our “house herbalist,” Mr WayofCats, to solve a litter box problem. It might solve one of yours. When we added Mithy to our household, … Continue reading ?

John Anderton! You Could Use a Puppy Right About Now!

Shoppers who took a microchipped leaflet at London’s Westfield Stratford mall got a new friend: Barley, a shelter pup who would “follow” them from billboard to billboard. It was all part of a campaign for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. Via AdWeek. In case you need a little help with the headline reference…Filed under: Uncategorized […]

Amazing Adoption Ad Has Dog Following Shoppers Around Mall

The idea was to simulate how a homeless dog might follow you home, and OgilvyOne UK completely nailed it. The ad agency had a digital dog follow people around East London's Westfield Stratford mall, appearing on digital billboards. Every time you turned a corner, you had this guy, Barley, looking right at you, his ears cocked high. Show More Summary

How I Met Your Meezer: A Cat-Couple Story in Photos

Our older cat, Steve, is a solitary and sensitive fellow. He'll curl up with us on the sofa when he's feeling especially affectionate, but he's most content watching the rain fall and listening to old Morrissey albums by himself; it's...Show More Summary

See, THIS Is Why There’s A “Batman Head” Tag

Slip a little Kitteh Cowl over that noggin, and it’s Atomic Batteries To Power/Turbines to Speed time! “This little cutie showed up on our patio last week,” writes Megan M. “We believe her mama is a stray/feral that we’ve seen around (who we’re going to have TNR’d as soon as we’re sure she doesn’t have […]

So This Koala Walks Into The Hospital…

[I’m just gonna go in here to check out their selection of magazines. Good Housekeeping…Women’s Day…Frankie? Whazzat? Hmm, Australian Women’s Weekly…Sports Illustrated from…January of 2013. Field & Stream. Yawn. Pass. Right, let me just grab a Bickford’s Sarsaparilla and I’m history, mates. Cheers.] Video of Blinky Bill on a walkabout to Hamilton Base Hospital in […]

European Inventor Wants to Get Power From Dog Poop

People get pretty emotional about poop. You've probably noticed this; owners who don't pick up their dogs' poop have become such an issue in some places that some places have implemented DNA-testing programs to catch the perpetrators. Show More Summary

Watch the East Bay SPCA Parody Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk"

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, the East Bay SPCA has come up with a clever way to get the word out about dog adoptions. Last week, it released a video parodying Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' number one hit, "Uptown Funk." The parody, titled "Oaktown Pup," features staff members and rescue dogs frolicking and showing off in genuinely funky style. Show More Summary

Hey! My Turn Next! Hey! Up Here!

At Edgar’s Mission, Poppy The Pig is enjoying all the attention she is getting from Pam Ahern. This has not gone unnoticed by Ruby The Doggeh. Poppy Pig from Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary on Vimeo.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: 'Cause it's from Australia, BFFs, doggehs, Edgars Mission, hoofsters, Hoomin Interaction, I AM GOING TO EAT YOUR […]

Hello, Newman

Meet Newman. And for those who don’t get/remember the Obvy Seinfeld Reference, please see here. (Imgur.)Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: puppeh, Schnozzle, Seinfeld Reference

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