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The New "Shelter Me" Episode Includes a Dog-Rescue Airlift

The fourth installment of Shelter Me, the emotionally charged, uplifting documentary series that brings attention to America’s dog shelters, airs this month on PBS. It's hosted by actress and animal advocate Allison Janney, who alsoShow More Summary

HOW Do They Know To Head For The Water?

In honor of the fact it’s…hmmm…what can we say- in honor of…OK, Thursday; watch about a zillion 150 Bebeh Turtles ZOOM towards the beach and take the plunge. #Totesadorbs. Have you ever seen 150 turtles being born? from Leon Duplay on Vimeo. As seen on Digg.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Turtles

Brief Documentary of Gary Bunt Painter and Poet

D. I. Why? I've been saving British artist Gary Bunt's paintings for today, the first day of Fall, because they speak to the seasons, literally and metaphorically. I fell in love with them all, so I can't even call these...

Click and… Always Treat? Or Not?

Let me start by asking: Which does your dog like better, the anticipation of something good, or the good thing itself? Counter-intuitively, the research of Jaak Panksepp suggests it’s the anticipation of a reinforcement that is most enjoyable, not the reinforcement itself. Panksepp calls the emotion of anticipation the “seeking or wanting system,” versus the […]

Let's Groove Tonight!

"Awww yeah... this new rug gets me one step closer to making my own Earth, Wind & Fire-inspired music video! All I need now are a few funky friends, some sweet '80s special effects, and a form-fitting sparkly space suit."...

An Open Letter to My Veterinary Colleagues

Please share far and wide because we only have until Monday to get our voices heard. Dear veterinarians,  I imagine you have noticed things have changed a bit for us in the last ten years or so. A decade ago, you could look in the “Help Wanted” section on VIN or AVMA classifieds and have your pick […]

Where cats fit in the pet kingdom

Cats are a particular kind of pet. I don’t mean that they are particular about things (though they are.) I mean that they are pets who are very good at certain purposes, and not at all good for other needs … Continue reading ?

This Ultimate Cat House Features More Than 100 Yards of Catwalks

I once built a bespoke cat tower for Mimosa, my domestic shorthair. It seemed to take ages, cost more than expected, left many holes in the wall, and ultimately she still preferred the crumbling Petco monstrosity it was designed to replace. Show More Summary

We Interview Henry Hargreaves, Who Photographed the Famous Hemingway Cats

The tale of the polydactyl cat is one of the feline world's fondest legends. These congenitally abnormal cats are blessed with a higher-than-average number of toes, with a 27-digit kitty claiming the current world record. The authorShow More Summary

I heart the weekend

Nope, not a horse, but cute enough to snap his photo. I saw this guy outside my window at work on Friday morning. Adorable. Saturday I thought I would brave the rain. But it was raining heavier than I thought. Sometimes I do not mind getting wet. Show More Summary

Watch This Golden Retriever Find Nirvana in a Tub Bath

Somehow the idea of pampering got down to this Golden Retriever, and he liked what he heard. He went all in. Full recline in the tub. Eyes at half-mast. Pan-pipe music in the background. Idly thinking of meatballs while his owner soaps...Show More Summary

A Dog in a Giant Spider Costume Pranks Unsuspecting Victims

We don't much like pranks that involve dogs, unless you're doing magic in front of a dog, with his food. That, we can watch all day. The dog doesn't know where his treat went! Hilarious stuff. But even so: Poor little dog -- he doesn't...Show More Summary

Deedle Deedle Dumpling

Earlier in the week, Lilly lost one of her shoes. One shoe off and one shoe on, just like the nursery rhyme. I got to the farm really early on Saturday to avoid all the threats of severe weather coming in the afternoon. Since Lilly did not have replacement shoes on yet, we hit the trail without them. Show More Summary

What It's Like to Be a Dog Leaping Into the Sea: Captured by GoPro

When something like a GoPro harness for your dog comes along, people who have had enough of technology like to say things such as, "Why would I ever want to strap a camera to my dog?" And then the harness gets into the hands of the right person with the right dog, and suddenly all objections become moot. Show More Summary

BAM. Stronger than Blue Steel, Stronger than Magnum...

DOUBLE REX PLATINUM. Click on the pic to see their faces up close... These rabbits are stunning ! Derek Zoolander would be proud. ;) This is Nimbus and Cirrus, a bonded girl and boy pair up for adoption with the...

I Like Eet When U Shave

['Coz then I can rub my pawz over your face many many times and this will earn me some treats later!] From Pleated-Jeans.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Hoomin Interaction, I am a sucker for Yorkies, puppeh

Tailgating, Puppeh Style!

With college football kicking off this weekend, many of you will be tailgating at your school’s game. These puppehs from the Santa Fe Animal Shelter show us how it’s DONE. From Anna Y., Santa Fe Animal Shelter Videographer.Filed under: Uncategorized

Mademoiselle Chanel And Her Apple

[Ya know, we BUNS don't ALWAYS chomp away on CARROTS. That's a misconception, no thanks to Bugs Bunny.] [While it is true vegetables like lettuce and carrots are dietary staples, sometimes we like to go for something a little different- like this apple. Or snorf off on a big honkin' bag o' FRITOS®.] “Thank you […]

Vote For The Chosen Bun!

The Minnesota Rabbit Companion Society wants to raise awareness about domestic rabbits. Fair enough. They think it’s time for a new pet to supplant cats online, and that rabbits are up to the task. Let’s find out about this. It IS Bunday, after all. Vote here for your favorite Bun- the Chosen Bun who will […]

Puggle In Flight: A Moving Story

“Thank you for this wonderful site! I have been an avid reader for years and it would be a birthday wish (31 today!) come true if you can feature my Puggle, Gigi. We just recently moved from LA to Raleigh, NC and the move was a logistical mess! My Puggle and I were separated from […]

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