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Power Protein Bar Showdown: Quest Bar vs. Clif Builder’s Bar

Protein bars promise to help you build muscle, give you energy, and even replace meals entirely. But some are just glorified candy bars. Let’s see how two of the most popular options, Quest Bars and Clif Builder’s Bars, stack up in a head-to-head, protein-packed, knock-down, drag-out bout. Read more...

Use Your Facebook Habit as Inspiration to Read More Books

There’s nothing inherently wrong with reading Facebook, unless you’d rather be reading a good book instead (and that whole fake news problem.) Luckily, the habit loop, which David Kadavy describes as the “habit hook” in his post, holds the key to breaking that Facebook habit and replacing it with a reading one. Read more...

5 new tricks for Instagram addicts - CNET

Instagram has been rolling out monthly updates that are changing the way you can use the photo-sharing app, including a new live video option that's already available to some users.

Your Subconscious Can Sabotage Your Attempts To Be More Productive

Lifehacker is all about improving your productivity, but it doesn't matter how many tricks you read about or advice you take on-board, ultimately, its up to you to get more out of yourself. So what makes it hard to immediately integrate productivity tips into your routine? Well, we're just not built that way. More »      

Gmail On Android Now Supports Rich Copy And Paste

Sometimes it's the small changes in an app update that are the best. In the case of Google's official Gmail app for Android, copying and pasting media-rich content just got better. Rather than fail completely, Gmail should now properly handle the operation. More »      

Make a Bird and Squirrel Feeder Out of an Old Slinky

What walks down stairs, alone or in pairs, and... feeds animals in your yard? It’s Slinky! If you’re looking for a fun weekend project, here’s how you can transform one into a wildlife feeder. Read more...

This Cheap, DIY MagSafe-Like Connector Secures Loose Laptop Cables

With age, laptop power cables get loose at the connection point. They can slip out if you move your laptop slightly, and you’ll need to readjust if you want to keep charging. YouTuber Kipkay has an easy, cheap DIY fix. Read more...

Add Control Panel (Or Any Program) To Your Right-Click Menu With a Registry Tweak

The Control Panel in Windows is one of the most useful tools on your desktop. To make it even easier to get there, you can add it to your right-click menu from anywhere with a simple tweak to your registry. Read more...

Make Delicious Peanut Butter "Magic Shell" With Just Two Ingredients

Chocolate magic shell is a flawless ice cream topping, but there’s nothing wrong with mixing it up. If you’re a fan of peanut butter—and who isn’t—you can make your own peanut butter magic shell with just two ingredients. Read more....

What Happens in Your Body When You Binge on Holiday Dinners

If you’ve gone all-out on some holiday feasts, don’t feel guilty, this time of the year is tough to keep calories under control. You might feel uncomfortably bloated initially, but good news: Your body will right itself, and the overall impact isn’t as big as you might think. Read more...

Spend $75, Save $25 on Household Essentials From Amazon

To celebrate the holidays, Amazon’s offering a pretty spectacular deal on a few dozen grocery and household essentials: Buy $75, save $25 at checkout. Read more...

Top 10 Ways to Save Money Right Before the Holidays

You might think it’s too late to save a buck or two for those last minute gifts, or maybe that it’s too late to find cash to treat yourself while you’re buying for everyone else. Well, here are some ways to find some extra scratch to make the yuletide that much brighter. Read more...

How to Grow Potatoes in Pots or Growing Bags

Given the underground nature of tubers, you might think you need a lot of space in your garden where you can dig deeply if you want to successfully grow edible potatoes. Actually, though, you can pretty easily grow potatoes above ground in a pot or bag. Read more...

3 Effective Home Remedies For Annoying Eczema

Eczema is generally described as an inflammation of the skin and can result in dryness, redness, soreness and extreme irritation... The post 3 Effective Home Remedies For Annoying Eczema appeared first on Lifehack. Read these highly effective home remedies for eczema, useful for those millions of eczema sufferers who understand the annoying side effects of dermatitis.

Two Tests To Check If You Have Bad Breath That Scares People Away (With Solutions)

Has someone ever politely offered you a stick of mint gum from out of the blue, but you were not... The post Two Tests To Check If You Have Bad Breath That Scares People Away (With Solutions) appeared first on Lifehack. Here are two tests you can do to learn if you have bad breath or not.

1 In 5 Men Has Low Sex Drive, Here's Why And How To Deal With It

Men always want sex? It’s a belief held across our culture, a staple of what makes a man, a man.... The post 1 In 5 Men Has Low Sex Drive, Here’s Why And How To Deal With It appeared first on Lifehack. More men than you think suffer from low sex drive, here's why.

Often Have Digestive Problems? It Might Indicate Poor Mental Health

Sometimes with a filled memo of meetings and deadlines, meals get gulped down as you watch the clock ticking, mind... The post Often Have Digestive Problems? It Might Indicate Poor Mental Health appeared first on Lifehack. Investigating how the brain is linked to the digestive tract and how stress can cause digestive disorders.

Find Your Passion With These 5 Creative Exercises

The fastest route for entrepreneurs to increase their chances for massive success is to build businesses around their passion. When you find your passion, you will be driven and fired up for success. Therefore, you will need to discover or, depending on where you stand today, rediscover your passion. Show More Summary

Siri Too Dumb For You? Here's How To Build Your Own AI

Google CEO Sundar Pichai believes that we are moving to an “AI-first” world. In this world, we will be interacting with personal digital assistants on a range of platforms, including through Google’s new intelligent speaker 'Google Home' and other Google-powered devices. More »      

Learn About Cryptography With This Online Course And PDF Book

Cryptography is a massive subject, but one that's becoming increasingly important for the average web developer. While you probably don't need to know the intricate details of ciphers or Transport Layer Security (TLS), it can't hurt to be a least somewhat educated. Show More Summary

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