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Take Care of Yourself to Take Care of Your Business

I have been working with two clients lately who have been struggling with very similar issues. They are issues that I have been challenged with myself and are not unique to them or me, as I’ve heard of similar struggles from other clients, colleagues, and friends. Show More Summary

The New iPad Pro Is Incredible, But Not Worth The Upgrade

The iPad has a problem that we should all wish to have. It's too damn good. The battery life and standby battery life are superb, the screen is pretty, the apps are nice, and the thing is powerful enough it can last for years. That's wonderful for all of us consumers, but it is not great for Apple or any other company building a tablet device. Show More Summary

How to install the Nest Cam - CNET

Installing a smart cam can seriously up your security. Here's how to set up the Nest Cam.

What Is Your Personal Chronotype And How It Tells When is Your Best Time To Drink Coffee?

Ah, coffee. Ask anyone who knows me, and they will tell you I cannot function (nor do I want to)... The post What Is Your Personal Chronotype And How It Tells When is Your Best Time To Drink Coffee? appeared first on Lifehack. Drinking coffee at the right time according to your chronotype could totally change your day-to-day experience.

How to Worry Less: 90% of What You Fear Won't Happen

What if? What if it doesn’t work out? What if I’m wasting my time? Everyone will know I failed, and... The post How to Worry Less: 90% of What You Fear Won’t Happen appeared first on Lifehack. Stop overthinking, and start living.

Dreams Are Imaginary But Setting Your Goals In This Way Can Make Them Come True!

All of us have failed to achieve a goal at some point. In spite of our best intentions, circumstances and... The post Dreams Are Imaginary But Setting Your Goals In This Way Can Make Them Come True! appeared first on Lifehack. Goal setting that considers potential challenges is more likely to lead to success than positive visualization alone.

Organizing suggestions found in the media

My eye is always drawn to anything I see in newspapers, magazines, and such that has anything to do with organizing, even tangentially. I just sometimes wish that the messages were a bit more nuanced. The following are a few … Continued Post written by Jeri Dansky

Rid your shower of bottle clutter

You shouldn't be distracted by a multitude of containers all over the walls and/or the floor of your shower. Post written by Matt

A donation resource list for harder-to-donate items

Back in May 2014 I wrote a list of places to donate furniture, fur coats, musical instruments, and more. I’ve since found additional donation alternatives that I’d like to share. These are mostly places that take harder-to-donate items. Others just … Continued Post written by Jeri Dansky

Steam 'Summer' Sale 2017: The Best Game Deals So Far

It's the time of year that every PC gamer either loves or dreads (depending on the size of their bank balance.) Yup. the Steam 'Summer' Sale is back! The first round of Steam sales have already gone up and there are some killer deals to be had - you can score up to 90 per cent off. Let's take a look at the highlights! More »      

The Best Online Videos Of The Week

Watch the best online videos of the week, including. New Game Of Thrones season 7 trailer, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, bear-proof bear bins tested on actual bears, Sega Forever app launch, the 10 smartest decisions made by horror movie characters and more! More »      

How To Fix Your Home's Crappy Wi-Fi

Before you take a baseball bat to your WiFi router, there are a few apps which might help bring your home wireless network back from the dead. More »      

Local Infosec Picture Is Not All Doom And Gloom

Each year, I read dozens of security reports and almost all come to the same conclusion. the bad guys are getting better at what they do and despite our best efforts, we are barely keeping our heads above water. That’s why this year’s 2017 Ponemon Cost of Data Breach report stood out. Show More Summary

How I Succeeded: Zendesk's Amy Foo

How I Succeeded is a regular series on Lifehacker where we ask business leaders for the secrets and tactics behind their success. Today. Amy Foo, VP of Finance and Operations at Zendesk APAC. More »      

The One-Page Resume Of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos [Infographic]

Jeff Bezos is set to become the richest human ever. As one of the key founders of Amazon, Google, Airbnb, Twitter and Uber, Bezos clearly has a lot to crow about when it comes to professional skills and achievements. Nevertheless, it's possible to cram everything into a single page - which means you really need to trim the fat from your own resume. More »      

Ask LH: How Can I Get The Smell Of Smoke Out Of My Things?

Dear Lifehacker, We recently moved my father into a long-term care facility. There are a number of wonderful things he wanted my sister and I to have and to share with our children. The trouble is that he was a lifelong smoker and everything reeks from years of smoke. We want to keep these things, but the smell is just awful. What can we do? More »      

What Running A Marathon Taught Me About Project Management

In fewer than 24 hours, I’ll be lining up on the start line for the Surf Coast Trail Marathon. This is my second marathon and my preparation has been less than perfect. When I ran this event last year, I had a solid 16 week preparation...Show More Summary

Deals: Learn How To Actually Use Photoshop And Premier Properly

When it comes to design software, the Adobe Creative Cloud suite is king, and anyone looking to make a living as a graphic designer or video editor needs to know it inside out. Programs like Photoshop and Illustrator have a rep for being complicated, but thanks to this Adobe CC Essentials Training Bundle, you can master the suite in no time. More »      

Amazon Australia Is Going To Be Huge

Amazon is setting up shop in Australia, and according to a recent survey, a massive 90 per cent of us online shopping-types will use the service - if it comes good with the low prices, vast selection and fast delivery we've been promised, of course. And why wouldn't we? More »      

A Lazy Person's Guide To Keeping Your Car Clean

No matter what you do, your car always ends up a mess. Thankfully, our readers are here with ten simple ways to keep your car from becoming a rolling trashbag - from giving it an occasional wax to never eating in there. More »      

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