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Google Now Can Provide Countdowns to Major Holidays in Reminders

At the moment, most of you are probably counting down to about twelve different holidays or events. Sorting through how much time you have is math you don't need right now. Google Now is making it a bit easier by giving you countdowns to holidays it recognizes. Read more...

Don’t Fall for “Deferred Interest” Credit Card Offers

Stores like to reel in credit card customers with tempting offers. Probably the most popular is the "0% interest" offer. But be careful with these; many retailers still charge you interest, they just defer it. Read more...

Better Diary Makes it Easy to Track and Review Your Journal

Android: We know that keeping a journal has benefits to your health and creativity. Most apps aren't geared towards self-reflective journals, though. Better Diary fixes that. Read more...

Study Last Year's Holiday Deals to Find Better Deals This Year

The holiday shopping season is about to start. Whether you're planning to go out shopping on Black Friday or have better plans, one quick way to get a grip on where deals will show up is last year's ads. Read more...

How Can I Learn Enough About Sports to Talk to Others?

Dear Lifehacker, Everyone talks about sports at the office. I'm not particularly interested, but I'd like to at least join in and bond with my coworkers. How can I learn just enough to be sociable without wasting a ton of time? Read more...

How to Get 90% of Your Work Done Before Lunch

Front-load your day to power through the meat of your workload.

Why It Pays To Request A 'Large' Chicken Piece At KFC [Updated]

If you don’t visit KFC regularly, you’d be forgiven for thinking that its chicken breasts are roughly uniform in size. However, it turns out there’s a surprising amount of variation in the minimum and maximum sizes permitted — and we’ve got the chart to prove it. More »      

Forgive them even if they’re not sorry.

Forgive them even if they’re not sorry. The post Forgive them even if they’re not sorry. appeared first on Lifehack.

If You’re Looking for The Formula for Happiness, Read This.

Happiness is a choice. At each moment of the day, you make a decision, whether you realize it or not.... The post If You’re Looking for The Formula for Happiness, Read This. appeared first on Lifehack.

6 Useful Tools for Easy Viewing and Editing PDF Files You Need To Know

PDF files have become the gold standard of document viewing. Why? Their main benefit is that they retain their format... The post 6 Useful Tools for Easy Viewing and Editing PDF Files You Need To Know appeared first on Lifehack.

Be the type of person that you want to meet.

Be the type of person that you want to meet. The post Be the type of person that you want to meet. appeared first on Lifehack.

12 Easy Changes to Make for an Easier, More Productive Household

Running a household–no matter how few or how many people are involved in it–can get complicated fast. We don’t want... The post 12 Easy Changes to Make for an Easier, More Productive Household appeared first on Lifehack.

10 Secrets of Jay-Z’s Successful Life

Jay-Z is one of the highest earning artists in the music industry. Forbes estimates his net worth to be around... The post 10 Secrets of Jay-Z’s Successful Life appeared first on Lifehack.

Briefly: Jurassic World Trailer, EA Origin Sale, GTA V Goes FPS

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: EA’s Mega Origin sale, Grand Theft Auto V in first-person mode, new Jurassic Park movie upsets dino-nerds. More »      

Hump Day Deals: Sega Game Sale, Free Grog, 40% Off Electric Toothbrushes

Hump day (AKA Wednesday) is arguably the most boring day of the week. So why not liven things up by grabbing one of these nifty online bargains? Deals that caught our eye this week include: The best games from EA’s Origin Mega sale, free alcohol from Dan Murphy’s, travel to the Arctic Circle for half-price. Click the links below to land yourself a bargain. More »      

Reminder: Sites Don't Have To Be Pig-Ugly

What’s worse than not being able to do something online? Doing something online using a site that appears to have been thrown together rather than designed. More »      

How To Travel All Week On Opal For Under $15

NSW’s Opal public transport smart card has a bit of a mixed reputation. While some commuters are better off under the new system, others are spending up to 15 per cent extra on their bus and train travel. If you’re in the latter camp and are based around Sydney, here’s a simple Opal hack that will reduce your total weekly expenditure to just $14.85. More »      

How Old You'll Be When You Marry In Australia (And How Long Your Divorce Will Take)

In 2013, 118,962 couples married in Australia and 47,638 couples were divorced. We’re older when both those things happen — but just how much older depends on where you live and whether you have been married before. Plus: how long divorce takes and how many of us don’t get married in church. More »      

Ask LH: Do All Foods Have To Be Marked With An Expiry Date?

Hi Lifehacker, On a recent visit to Woolworths I noticed a tin of tuna I picked up did not have an expiry date. Isn’t it mandatory to display the expiry date on food items in Australia? More »      

Lifehacker Awards 2014: Nominate Your Favourite Games Console

Our Lifehacker Awards 2014 nominations roll on with an always-contentious question: what was the best games console of the year? More »      

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