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Dealhacker: The Masters Fire Sale Starts Today

Last week, Woolworths sold off its Masters home improvement division been losing about $200 million a year. All Masters stores will be closed down by December 11 — but first, it needs to get rid of up to $700 million worth of stock. If you’re looking to score some cheap paints, white goods, BBQs, electronic appliances or DIY supplies, the sale starts today. More »      

4 Signs Your Computer Battery Is Dying

Unfortunately, computers don’t last forever. The most common area of a laptop that generally fails first is the battery. Battery failure can occur at any time and sometimes without warning. Other times you have some pre-warning signs that you can look out for so you can upgrade before your computer becomes unusable. Show More Summary

Keep Milk From Scorching With An Ice Cube or a Little Water

If you need to simmer some milk for homemade yogurt, a creamy sauce, or even some hot cocoa, you can keep the milk from scorching and sticking to the pan with this simple trick. Read more...

Last Week's 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted the cheapest NBN plans in each Australian city, home Wi-Fi boosting tips and to know what it’s like inside a sensory deprivation tank. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week. More »      

This Video Teaches Kids Everything They Need to Know About the Joule

The joule can be a confusing enough form of measurement for adults, but the folks over at Adafruit managed to distill how joules work for a younger audience. As these things go, the video’s just as useful for confused adults. Read more...

Killer Interview Question: Have You Stolen A Pen From Work?

In a previous KIQ, we asked whether you can sell a pen. This new pen question is a bit more challenging. More »      

For a More Efficient To-Do List, Make It Public

There’s a solid case to be made for going public with your goals. You can use the same method with your to-do list, and beyond the accountability factor, writing your list for someone else can help you make it more succinct and efficient. Read more...

Android Nougat Now Helps You Import Your Data From Your iPhone

Migrating from one mobile platform to another is complicated and annoying. With Android Nougat , however,Google’s making it easier to come on board from an iPhone. Read more...

Make Your Own Tiki Cocktails with This Easy Formula

Tiki cocktails have the undeserved reputation of being overly sweet and fruity, but—when done correctly—they are complex, balanced, and super drinkable. Lucky Peach has a simple template to help you construct your very own. Read mor...

Live from the Road: Born for This in Victoria, Canada

Earlier this year I went on the road to meet readers in 30 cities across the U.S. and Canada. At each stop, I talked with interesting people and heard a lot of stories. This short film was produced by my hosts in Victoria, Canada. They captured the event very well, especially the audience engagement and connection.

World of Warcraft Showdown: Then vs. Now

World of Warcraft’s latest expansion Legion drops this Tuesday. The game set the standard for MMORPGs in 2004 and set the stage for the modern MMO. Its subscriber numbers have faltered, but most games still wish they had a fraction of WoW’s success.. Show More Summary

What the Numbers at the End of Runways Actually Mean

The numbers at the end of a runway aren’t just there to help pilots see where they’re supposed to land. They actually mean something important: the runway’s degree from magnetic north. This video from Atlas Obscura explains. Read more...

Make Group Gifting Easy With Group Together

Here’s a nifty app that aims to take the pain out of grouping a bunch of people together to do something special for someone. Whether it’s a party or a gift, you can direct people to the Group Together app and it’ll handle all the boring stuff. More »      

Wrapping Luggage In Plastic Isn't Just For Safety

Many people wrap their bags in luggage using the professional services at airports because they want to know if their bags have been tampered with. But there’s an even better use for them, and that is avoiding extra check-in luggage charges. More »      

Six Useful Tips for Getting the Most Out of Meal Kit Services

Meal kit services, like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, and Plated, deliver meal ingredients right to your door every week. If you’re thinking of trying one out , or are already a subscriber, these tips help you get the most bang for your buck. Read more...

Ramme Is a Free, Minimal Instagram Desktop App

Windows/Mac/Linux: Instagram is made to be experienced on your phone, but sometimes you’ll want to take a look from you computer. Ramme does just that, offering up your Instagram feed where you can like or comment on posts. Read mor...

Why You Shouldn't Be Embarrassed By Hair on Your Nipples

Okay, so the topic of hair growing on or around your nipples isn’t exactly a part of everyday conversation, but it’s totally normal for both dudes and ladies alike, and it’s nothing to be worried or ashamed of. Here’s why. Read more...

How to get your drone license (and legally make money) - CNET

The FAA's new commercial drone rules look pretty daunting. We'll walk you through.

Use the Half-Bluff Technique to Bluff Better in Poker and Real Life

All the poker bosses in movies have mastered the art of the bluff, tricking their opponents into believing whatever they want. You might not be able to pull that off, but the half-bluff is easier and potentially more effective. Read more...

The Best School Snacks, According to a Nutritionist

Sometimes picking a snack for your child (or yourself) is more challenging than planning an actual meal. To help guide you through this culinary mine field, Bon Appetit spoke to Registered Dietitian Abby Langer about the most—and least—healthy school snacks. Read more...

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