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Girls, 10 Signs Jealousy Is Ruining Your Relationship

Jealousy shouldn’t be confused with envy. Envy is something you want but don’t have, whereas jealousy is something you already... The post Girls, 10 Signs Jealousy Is Ruining Your Relationship appeared first on Lifehack.

How To Be Happy Now

Films are made about it, books are written about it, scientists study it, countries dedicate funds to it, and it’s... The post How To Be Happy Now appeared first on Lifehack.

How To Have The Mindset Of A Champion

There are stark differences that distinguish champions from others.  Some may specifically attribute talents, physical capabilities, and intellectual competencies to... The post How To Have The Mindset Of A Champion appeared first on Lifehack.

Step by Step Guide to Becoming a Professional Calligrapher

Calligraphy is a visual art, but one which is dedicated solely to the creation of text. It is in high... The post Step by Step Guide to Becoming a Professional Calligrapher appeared first on Lifehack.

How to Address Employment Gaps in your Resume

For the first time in a long time, the United States unemployment rate is back on track. At 5.5%, this... The post How to Address Employment Gaps in your Resume appeared first on Lifehack.

13 Tough But Effective Butt Exercises

I sit most of my work day. And, while I can’t find any research to prove it, I swear my... The post 13 Tough But Effective Butt Exercises appeared first on Lifehack.

DIY: Create Your Own Toiletries

Americans are looking for ways to get all-natural products that can do cure your ailments, protect your teeth, give you... The post DIY: Create Your Own Toiletries appeared first on Lifehack.

7 Common Habits That Badly Hurt Your Immune System

Immune system is your body’s “fight club” which defends you from unforeseen and present health complications, if any. In simple... The post 7 Common Habits That Badly Hurt Your Immune System appeared first on Lifehack.

Ask LH: Will Smoking Ruin My Looks If I'm 'Hot'?

Dear Lifehacker, I’ve been a smoker since I was 14. I’m now 22 and I consider myself to be smoking hot (pun intended). I’ve heard that cigarettes can age you prematurely, but judging by the photos I’ve seen, most of these people were...Show More Summary

What's The Best Area To Pursue A Career In IT?

I asked 16 people already in the tech industry what advice they would give to someone keen to start working in IT, but not sure which area to pursue. Their advice ranged from “learn maths” to “software defined data centres are the future” to “take up plumbing instead”. More »      

Deals: Save 89% on The Complete Computer Science Bundle

Want to learn a new set of skills but don’t have the time for a costly college education? Then look no further than The Complete Computer Science Bundle, offered for a limited time only to Lifehacker Australia readers for just $51 AUD [$39 USD], a savings of 89% off the RRP. More »      

The Evening Commute Playlist

The work day is over but you’ve still got a long drive home. You need to relax. This playlist can help with some soothing pop jams to take you home. Read more...

Prioritize Your Tasks by Motivation Instead of Time With Activity Blocks

Loss of motivation can kill your productivity, but if you can switch things up while you work, you’ll keep yourself fresh and focused. Prioritizing and scheduling tasks into activity blocks that aren’t constrained by time can help. Read more...

Remains of the Day: Google Play Now Warns You If an App Has Ads

What’s the price of a free app? That’s not a zen koan, that’s what I ask myself when I know I’ll be faced with a million annoying in-app advertisements in an otherwise free app. Google is trying to make it a little easier on us with a new labeling scheme. Read more...

Modify a Kitchen Cabinet So You Can Kick to Open It

If you have one of those kitchen setups where your trash cans are inside a cabinet, you know it’s always gross to have to open up that drawer when your hands are dirty. Instructables user homesteadonomics came up with a solution to open the cabinet with a kick. Read more...

Google's OnHub Router Adds Support for IFTTT

Google’s OnHub router is a pricey, but it’s still a handy smart router. It’s getting even smarter with integration with the automation service, If This Then That. Read more...

The Skills You'll Need and the Salary You Can Expect as a Data Scientist

Data science is a growing career field that pays well. If you are interested in programming, math, and/or statistics, this career could be perfect for you. There are, however, three different data science roles for you to consider. Read more...

Learn How to Weave Bacon With This Video

Weaving bacon strips together is the best way to get more bacon flavor out of every bite of your BLT or burger . If you’ve never woven bacon (or a basket) before, this video will show you how to do it. Read more...

Here's How You Can Save On Your Home Loan

A house is a massive investment, both financially and emotionally. It’s something you live with, passing it on or using it to fund your retirement. If you’re paying more than you should for your home loan, it’s going to hurt more than your monthly paycheck. This is something that will reverberate throughout life. More »      

App Deals: Use Your iOS Device As A Headset In A Pinch

Today’s best deals include Sky Lounge for Android, Headset for iOS and LIO for Windows Phone. Deals end without warning, so be quick! More »      

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