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Uncluttering my file cabinets

Order a copy today of ?Never Too Busy to Cure Clutter? by Unclutterer's Editor-in-Chief Erin Rooney Doland. I’m not as anti-paper as Alex is, but reading his “paperless as possible” post inspired me to re-evaluate what’s in my two file cabinets. I was also inspired by a friend who is doing a major uncluttering — she found … Continued Post written by Jeri Dansky

Instagram Rolls Out Two-Factor Authentication for Everyone

Instagram has finally pushed out the update they tested over a year ago that adds two-factor authentication to its accounts. Here’s how to set it up. Read more...

What Are The Advantages Of Business Consolidation Loans?

There are quite a few myths that revolve around debt consolidation loans. However, if your small business is struggling, debt consolidation loan is your only option to keep yourself afloat. It is also the only option that will not dampen your credit score. Show More Summary

The Secret to Adding Time to Coin-Op Dryers

The dryer in my building never dries a load in one cycle, which means I end up paying for two dry cycles when my clothes really only need one and a half per load. That’s a waste of energy, money, and time. So, when I heard about this trick to add time incrementally, I had to give it a try. After all, it would only… Read more...

Leftover Rice Could Make You Very Sick

On a scale from “1” to “listeria” the amount of stomach trouble I would expect a bowl of rice to give me falls around a “2,” but apparently the seemingly innocuous grain can inflict a lot of pain if it’s not stored properly. Read more...

Don't Be Fooled by "Protein Cookies" and Other "Protein" Junk Foods

The other day at the gym, I found this bag of peanut butter “protein cookies” and was utterly fascinated by it. The packaging proudly displays “18 grams of protein per bag,” along with every healthy-sounding buzzword there is: non-GMO, gluten-free, and high protein. Let’s not put on airs, bag of cookies, you’re still… Read more...

3 Theories To Help You Find The Meaning Behind Your Dreams

Dreaming is considered as a different, unique, and very complex process of thoughts. Ever since the beginning of our time, people wondered what dreams are and why we experience them at night. Some ancient civilizations even believed that dreams convey messages of wisdom from their gods. Show More Summary

How to Take Better Care of Your Clothes and Stop Destroying Them in the Wash

Theoretically, it’s better to spend more on quality, but that’s only true if the quality item lasts. I used to have a bad habit of tossing my clothes from the hamper to the dryer without giving it much thought. If you buy quality, this is an expensive mistake. Here’s how to take better care of your clothes. Read more...

How To Negotiate Salary Skilfully Without Being Pushy

Warning: If you think you’re average, don’t read this. This article is specially written for talented people who want to... The post How To Negotiate Salary Skilfully Without Being Pushy appeared first on Lifehack. Experienced HR and managers said they saw many candidates who underestimated their bargaining power before...

What Makes The Differences Between Introverts And Extrovert?

A conversation on Friday night. ‘Let’s head to the bars downtown. I heard there will be a massive party. It’s... The post What Makes The Differences Between Introverts And Extrovert? appeared first on Lifehack. Ever wondered why you're an introvert or an extrovert? It's all determined by your brain! Check to understand yourself more.

Thinking To Register For A Beginners Meditation Class? You Need This Guide More

If you were only allowed to take up one habit, what would it be? For me, it’s meditation. Unquestionably. Why?... The post Thinking To Register For A Beginners Meditation Class? You Need This Guide More appeared first on Lifehack. Thinking...Show More Summary

These 50 Quotes About Letting Go Have Successfully Helped Me To Move On

Letting go is one of the hardest things we have to pick up in life. It’s hard because it’s something... The post These 50 Quotes About Letting Go Have Successfully Helped Me To Move On appeared first on Lifehack.

Why We Procrastinate So Easily And How to Stop Procrastination

We are all guilty of procrastinating from time to time—there’s always something more interesting than the work in hand. We... The post Why We Procrastinate So Easily And How to Stop Procrastination appeared first on Lifehack. Many struggle about how to stop procrastination, here we try to analyze the core reasons why we procrastinate and tackle them one by one.

Briefly: Aussie Sports Ranked, Space DNA, New Pokemon GO Monsters

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including. Star Wars. Rogue One alternate ending, 21 high-paying side jobs you can do in your spare time, the popularity of Australian sports - ranked. More »      

Google Maps Can Now Find Your Parked Car For You

Google has introduced a new feature to make sure Android users never forget where they park their cars. The beta of v9.49 ushers in a bunch of useful new tools - including a manual parking location tracker. Kramer would be pleased. More »      

Lovehacker: My Friend's Hot Wife Just Made A Move On Me

Dear Lovehacker, Let me preface this by saying I am not an attractive man. And I mean that in all senses. I'm fat, ugly, self-loathing, milquetoast, and have absolutely no confidence. I'm in my mid 30s and have long ago (mostly) made...Show More Summary

Signature Design by Ashley Alenya Loveseat $295 (75% Off)

This Signature Design by Ashley® Alenya Loveseat (Charcoal) originally $1,200 drops to only $295 at Living Spaces. You save 75% off the retail price for this loveseat. Add extra for shipping. This deal price beats other reputable online retailers by more than $100. The Alenya Loveseat features a corner-blocked frame, high-resiliency foam cushions and two […]

Abbyson Living Silo Euro Lounger Sofa $299.88 (50% Off)

This Abbyson Living Silo Euro Lounger Sofa originally $599 drops to only $299.88 at Sam’s Club. This deal price saves you 50% off the retail price for this lounger sofa. Plus, this item ships free. This is the lowest price we could find for this item online by about $100. The Abbyson Living Silo Euro […]

BIC Pencil Xtra Sparkle (24-Count) $3.06 (41% Off)

This BIC Pencil Xtra Sparkle (Colorful Barrels, Medium Point 0.7mm, 24-Count) originally $5.19 drops to $4.08 and then again to $3.06 (must apply 25% off coupon on page) at Amazon. This deal price saves you 41% off the retail price for these mechanical pencils. Plus, this item ships free when you spend $35+. This is […]

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