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Ask LH: What Do Those Different Game Audio Options Actually Do?

Dear Lifehacker, I’ve seen some games offer the audio options “Stereo”, “TV”, “Headphones” and “Home Theater” (damn US spelling). I know what stereo is, but what are the others? Do they map to other well-known settings like 5.1 or is something else going on? More »      

What On Earth Is Happening With Microsoft's Mobile Division?

You may have already heard the news that Microsoft has plans to slash even more jobs from its mobile division, effectively burying the Nokia business that it bought for US$7.1 billion just three years ago. Has Microsoft given up on competing in the lucrative smartphones space? Not quite. Show More Summary

Deals: Save Over 90% On Pro Coder Training

Train to be a professional coder and save hundreds with The Complete 2016 Learn to Code Bundle. Lifehacker Australia readers can purchase this package and improve their odds of earning a well paying tech job for just $81 AUD [$59 USD], a savings of 93% off RRP. More »      

Expert Tips For Taking Photos Of Lights At Night

The Vivid outdoor lighting festival kicks off in Sydney tonight, bringing three weeks of light sculptures, multimedia artworks and stunning building projections around the city. If you’re planning to chronicle the event with your camera, it pays to know how to get the most out of your equipment. Show More Summary

Airline Credit Card Surcharges Are About To Get Cheaper

New credit card fee rules introduced by the Reserve Bank of Australia are set to dramatically reduce the surcharges we pay; particularly when it comes to airlines and other industries that openly take the piss via price gouging. Here are the details. More »      

Oracle Loses Java 'Fair Use' Case Against Google, Again

The software development community can breathe a sigh of relief; the legal stoush between Oracle and Google over the Android operating system’s use of Java application programming interfaces (APIs) is pretty much over after the US courts sided with Google, yet again. Show More Summary

The Backyard Barbecue Playlist

Memorial Day is coming up! If you’re one of the lucky folks who get a long weekend, you’re probably ready to fire up the grill to celebrate. Today’s playlist can help. Read more...

Sumo Power Launches 'All You Can Eat' Energy Contracts

As we move into colder weather and the heaters come on, more households are at risk of ‘bill shock’ from their electricity bills. To counter this, Melbourne-based power company Sumo Power has introduced an ‘unlimited’ energy contract, or so to speak, providing as much energy as your household needs for one fixed price. More »      

McDonald's Just Opened A Free Restaurant That Only Serves French Fries

Today, McDonald’s opened the doors to a new concept store in Glebe that serves nothing but French fries — completely free of charge. The appropriately named “Fries With That” is being billed as the world’s first Macca’s “Fries Eatery”. Show More Summary

Four Common Questions About Tire Pressure, Answered

You probably already know that tire pressure is important when it comes to safe driving , but it can also cost you money if you don’t keep an eye on it. This video lays out the tire pressure essentials you need to know. Read more...

This Startup Is Using Facebook Messenger To Deliver Food To Office Workers

Sydney startup HowAboutEat provides a service that allows office workers to order lunch with just one click — or rather, one message — and it’s now expanding that service to include a Facebook Messenger chat-bot. More »      

Remains of the Day: You Can Now Upload Images Directly to Reddit

If you frequent Reddit than you are also familiar with Imgur, the image-hosting service that has served as the backbone to the site for years. But things are about to change, as you’ll soon be able to upload images directly to Reddit, no third-party host required. Read more...

Sorted for iOS Makes Task Management Simple and Fast

If you like the simplicity of Clear , but want a to-do list that’s more schedule-oriented, Sorted might be the task-juggling app you’ve always wanted. Read more...

Classic Hacks: Try A Weekend Afternoon Nap To Catch Up On Sleep

There’s always a temptation to sleep late on the weekends, especially after a long week of not quite getting enough sleep. However mucking with your regular weekday sleep schedule is only going to make you more tired on Monday morning, no matter how much sleep you try to catch up on. More »      

Tips for Playing Overwatch

Of all the games with tens of colorful heroes and millions of people playing incessantly, Overwatch is the least overwhelming. That said, it’s not entirely like anything else out there. Here are some tips to help you wrap your head around it. [Kotaku ] Read more...

Pixelmator for Mac Adds New Selection Tools and Retouch Extension for Photos App

The new Pixelmator update, 3.5 Canyon, brings Quick Selection and Magnetic Selection tools, as well as a Retouch Extension for the Mac’s Photos app. Read more...

Less Is More When It Comes To Adding Features To Apps

One of the cardinal sins of software development is bloating an app with too many features. It’s tempting to add a whole bunch of customer-facing features in to address the needs of everybody. But we humans are easily overwhelmed by too many choices, which is why it’s important to keep apps lean. Show More Summary

Why You Shouldn't Worry So Much About Being a 'Perfect' Mother

Even armed with a Ph.D. in developmental psychology, I remember the frightening first moments after bringing my newborn daughter home from the hospital. I wasn’t sure what to do–and not at all confident that I was capable of being the parent she needed me to be. Read more...

Sponsored Post: Desk chairs from Staples to help you reach peak productivity

Order a copy today of ?Never Too Busy to Cure Clutter? by Unclutterer's Editor-in-Chief Erin Rooney Doland. For as much time as most people spend in their desk chairs, I'm always surprised when someone purchases an uncomfortable one....Show More Summary

DIY Chore Bingo Makes Chores Fun for Kids (and Adults Too)

No one likes chores, whether it’s your kids or your roommates. How do you motivate them? 3M, makers of the Post-It Note, suggest making a “Chore Bingo” to earn rewards for completing those chores. Read more...

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