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Four Tips From Pediatricians to Teach Kindness to Kids

Children are listening. During the election, messages of hate, fear and intolerance were propagated across different media and into communities. And the messages continue. While parents view and listen to these ever-present messages, alongside them are their children, hearing these same messages through a lens… Read more...

Are You Working In Your Career or On Your Career?

As you may know, over the past four years Scott Young and I developed an online course about career mastery called Top Performer. It teaches you how to apply the rules of deliberate practice and depth to systematically get ahead in your professional life. We’re planning on opening the course to new students next week. In anticipation for […]

Here’s What Actually Happens When You Have an Abortion

You probably have an opinion on abortion, but do you know what the procedure actually involves? This video explains the procedures that are commonly used, and corrects some misconceptions you may have picked up along the way. Read more...

All the Days You Can Visit National Parks for Free in 2017

National parks are great any time of year (yes, even in winter), but if you don’t want to shell out for the park pass, take advantage of the National Park Service’s fee free days this year. Here are all of them. Read more...

7 Powerful Habits To Skyrocket Your Self-Confidence

Have you ever imagined how it would be to gain a ton of self-confidence? Every challenge would feel way easier to you. You would negotiate the pay raise you have been dreaming for years. You would ask out that girl you always think about. Show More Summary

Three Types of Jokes Ellen DeGeneres Uses to Make People Instantly Like Her

Ellen DeGeneres is a lovable and wonderful human being. You can’t help but smile when you watch her. Is it her impeccable hair? Her smile? Her charisma? Those help, but it’s simpler than that: she tells funny, endearing jokes that make people instantly like her. Let’s break down what they are. Read more...

Nagbot Sends Mean Texts to Help You Stick to Your Resolutions

If you’ve made resolutions, you don’t want to forget about them when the novelty of the new year has worn off. Nagbot is a fun texting app that helps you stick to your goals by texting you regular reminders. Read more...

How do you remind yourself to do something?

Order a copy today of ?Never Too Busy to Cure Clutter? by Unclutterer's Editor-in-Chief Erin Rooney Doland. As I sat down to write this week’s Unclutterer articles, my smartphone beeped a reminder, “Grace ballet at 12:00.” I was glad to receive the prompt and reflected on how crucial my smartphone has become when it comes to reminding … Continued Post written by David Caolo

A Crash Course In Finding the Right Foundation For You

Finding the right foundation isn’t easy. With so many options available, it’s almost impossible to know where to start. If you narrow down what you’re looking for from your foundation, the level of coverage and type of finish you want, it can make finding the perfect base a lot easier. Read more...

Three Easy Ways to Keep Your Sous Vide Bags Submerged

If you do any sous-vide cooking at all, you have most likely encountered a stubborn bag of food that just wouldn’t sink. A vacuum-sealing system virtually eliminates this issue, but if you’re not ready to invest in the pricey piece of equipment, Anova Culinary has some helpful tips for keeping your bags submerged. Read more...

Base Your Pride On Your Effort, Not Natural Talent, to Avoid Arrogance

There’s a blurry line between pride and arrogance, but there are a few ways you can avoid the trap of arrogance. When you’re judging your own value, avoid looking at intrinsic talent and instead focus on effort. Read more...

What Bad Writing Looks Like … and How to Fix It [With Detailed Examples]

A few weeks ago, on Amazon, an odd-looking book popped up as a recommendation for me. It was this one: I was a bit surprised to see fanfiction being sold on Amazon – particularly being promoted to me (however unwittingly) by Amazon. So I took a look. Before I go any further, I’ll say that […]

Tips from Flight Attendants on How to Survive a Plane Crash

You may not assume it from the mental picture that comes to mind of a “plane crash,” but most real ones, like planes skidding off runways and such, are survivable. Over at Quora, Cheryl A Schwartz, a former flight attendant, offered some useful suggestions for making sure you survive, and get out of the plane safely. Read more...

How To Publish Your Thesis Into A Book In 4 Steps

Completing your thesis is a seminal moment in your life. It represents your Magnum Opus. It’s your contribution to knowledge. After completing it, it’s hard to imagine that it will probably sit on a shelf and not contribute to humanity as much as you would like. Show More Summary

How Hackers Really Steal Passwords, How Close You Live to a Nuclear Bomb, and the Zero Waste Challenge

This week we’re checking out what it takes to produce zero waste for 30 days, learning how criminals actually steal passwords, looking at where nuclear weapons live around the globe, and tlaking about jobs with the best perks. Read more...

5 Ways Google's Pixel Trumps The iPhone

If you're planning to migrate from iOS to Android it's hard to look past the Google Pixel manufactured by HTC. In addition to being one of the best Android smartphones on the market it is demonstrably superior to the iPhone 7 in several important ways; including display quality and battery life. Show More Summary

All The Ways Snoring Affects Your Health

There’s nothing quite like the sound of snoring as the ultimate sleep interrupter. But snoring can be more than just a frustration to those in your vicinity. Sometimes snoring is linked to more serious health problems, such as obstructive sleep apnoea. An emerging line of research suggests snoring may directly contribute to cardiovascular health problems. More »      

Briefly: Huawei Mate 9 Launch, Buddha Bowls, Neopets Rot

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including. Australian scientists predict the future of quantum systems, Huawei Mate 9 Australian pricing, kitesurfer versus great white shark, why you need to get into Buddha Bowls. More »      

Is It Legal To Drive Barefoot In Australia?

When you're wearing impractical shoes to go out or when you want to duck out to the local shops quickly, it's tempting to drive without shoes on. Wearing thong or high heels while driving can be dangerous so the next best option is to just take them off and drive sans shoes. But is it legal to do this? Let's find out. More »      

Everything You Need To Know About HDR

If you followed the news out of CES closely this year, you probably heard the word HDR tossed around a lot. In 2017 we'll see TVs for under $700 with the feature, and fancy monitors for over $1300. But what does HDR even mean? More »      

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