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Hector Ouilhet: Making Technology Human

In teaching computers how to communicate with people, Hector Ouilhet, Google's head of design for Search sees in the technology the same 'painful yet interesting' learning phases that a young person goes through when becoming an adult. Show More Summary

How best to be sick: stop worrying about being productive

Over the last few months, I’ve been dealing with the sick leave of one employee after another in my day job. It was, of course, just a matter of time before I fell ill as well. Fortunately, I’m not bed-bound … Continued Post written by Alex Fayle

What Secrets Are You Keeping Hidden?

We are all burdened by dark secrets that we keep hidden deep within our minds. We try to push them... The post What Secrets Are You Keeping Hidden? appeared first on Lifehack. Everyone makes mistakes in life, but there are those who try to redeem themselves in hopes of making right. Have you re examined your life?

Watch This And See If You Still Want To Judge A Book By Its Cover

Many experiences in one’s life can change one’s perspective; some leave a stronger impact than others, whilst some can completely... The post Watch This And See If You Still Want To Judge A Book By Its Cover appeared first on Lifehack. When was the last time you judged someone on the surface and failed to look deeper? Are you guilty of judging a book by it's cover?

The Importance of Meeting The Boss Regularly

Everyone knows that effective communication is absolutely necessary to make a relationship successful. Marriages fail every day due to a breakdown in communication between spouses. Professional relationships in the workplace fail for the same reason. Show More Summary

Don't Be Satisfied With What You Have, Break Free!

A l?t ?f ????l? believe th?t they have j?urn???d as f?r as they ??n ?????bl? g?. Th? truth is that... The post Don’t Be Satisfied With What You Have, Break Free! appeared first on Lifehack. Do you find yourself setting goals that are easily attainable? Perhaps it's time to push yourself further to achieve greater things!

How to take your best portrait photos on your iPhone - CNET

We've put together our best tips for shooting incredible portraits on your phone.

Briefly: ATO Crackdown, Free PS4 Games, Last Jedi Movie Verdict

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including. ATO launches tax avoidance campaign, the best games on PlayStation 4 that are free to play, critics share their first impressions of Star Wars. The last Jedi. More »      

Lifehacker's Ultimate Geek Gift Guide For 2017

Pop culture paraphernalia has exploded in recent years, with geek-friendly properties leading the charge. You can now get everything from Monopoly game boards to doggy chew toys festooned with your favourite games, movies and TV shows. Here are the coolest (and geekiest) gift ideas that caught our eye this holiday season, with links to buy! More »      

Optus Forced To Refund Users Over Slow NBN

Optus has been forced by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to refund thousands of customers who were promised fast broadband but received slower throughput. Almost half of Optus' customers who paid for 100Mbps downloads didn't get what was promised. More »      

Jocko Willink On the Power of Discipline

On Doing Less to Get More Jocko Willink is an intimidating looking man (see above). He’s also intimidatingly impressive. He’s a former Navy Seal who was awarded a Bronze and Silver Star in Iraq while leading Task Force Bruiser: the most decorated special forces unit in that war. He recently wrote a business bestseller called […]

How To Tell If You're Middle Class In Australia

Politicians are fond of pitching to the “average Australian” but judging by the income of Australians, whether you are middle class depends on where you live. And where we live tells a rich story of who we are as a nation – socially, culturally and economically. More »      

Are You Working Now To Create A Happiness For Your Future?

On? ?f th? m??t ?nt?r??t?ng books I’ve r??d in th? l??t ??u?l? ?f m?nth? is D?n??l G?lb?rt’? Stumbling on H????n???.... The post Are You Working Now To Create A Happiness For Your Future? appeared first on Lifehack. W? ?r? ?ft?n v?r? ???r ?t ?r?d??t?ng wh?t will make us h???? ?n the future, ?nd often ?rr?v? ?n the future b?ffl?d by th? d??????n? w? m?d? in th? ???t.

Hands On With Locksmart Keyless Padlocks

The humble padlock has been a mainstay of security for a long time. While outwardly simple, these 2,500 year old inventions have been used to secure everything from loads on trading routes to gates into our backyards. But they've now...Show More Summary

Australian Christmas Delivery Cut-Off Dates

If you’re the kind of person that hates crowds (me), shopping (me) and can’t deal with Christmas carols all day long (me) – then online is the way to get your Christmas shopping done. The only caveat is making sure your deliveries arrive on time. Here are those all-important dates for JB Hi-Fi, Amazon Australia, Big W, Kmart and more. More »      

Where To Buy Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrency In Australia

In just the last month, it feels like Bitcoin has surged to mainstream prominence, popping up on social media, TV, radio and just about anywhere information is exchanged. However, though Bitcoin may be the most popular cryptocurrency,...Show More Summary

Amazon Australia's Best Video Game And Blu-Ray Deals

The online shoppers of Australia have perused Amazon's offerings. And they have found them wanting. With very few exceptions, the deals on TVs, laptops and other gadgets have been hugely underwhelming. The cake was a lie. If you're looking to pick up some Blu-rays or video games for Christmas though, Amazon is well worth a look. Show More Summary

Build A Modern Workforce With This Free eBook

For many SMEs, merely keeping up with the knowledge required to remain competitive is a full-time job – let alone raining staff to become competent in those areas. Training and educating staff is an ongoing struggle. As technology and...Show More Summary

PSA: US Airline Luggage Fees Just Got Sneakier

The Trump administration - you know, the one that was all about making America great for middle-class Americans - has changed the rules about how US airlines disclose luggage fees. From this week, airlines will no longer need to tell you what the luggage fees will be at the start of the booking process. Show More Summary

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