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Care is Life: 6 Essentially Necessary Virtues of A Good Caregiver

The essence of caring for the elderly is for them to get an opportunity to live another day, and giving... The post Care is Life: 6 Essentially Necessary Virtues of A Good Caregiver appeared first on Lifehack. This is everything it takes to be a caregiver.

Lovehacker: A Guide To Different Sexual Identities

This week a friend asked what 'skoliosexual' meant, and this got me thinking. There are a plethora of romantic and sexual identities out there. It really isn't as simple as straight, gay and bi. But for anyone who may not have had exposure to people who identify with these terms, they may not know what they mean. More »      

How To Play Facebook Messenger Games On Mobile And Desktop

After teasing us with some hidden games, Facebook has now launched its full-blown gaming feature for its Messenger platform. You can now play a bunch of games through Facebook Messenger in a browser on desktop or in the mobile app. Here's the list of games, what devices they're compatible with and how you can start playing them now. More »      

Regular Potatoes Are Dead, Long Live Sweet Potatoes

I was making a pot of soup. My grandmother’s recipe. A basic lentil and vegetable soup. The recipe called for potatoes. I had no potatoes. Damn. I dig around my pantry. Looky looky what we have here. Sweet potato. Sure, why not. That’s a viable replacement. Show More Summary

The Highlands Desktop

This landscape may look like it’s steaming or on fire, but it’s just bright, rich colors of the time of day the photo was shot—and it makes for a beautiful wallpaper. Add a little customization, and Nicolas has a great desktop worth sitting down at every day. Here’s how it’s all set up. Read more...

Did Netflix Just Win The Video Streaming War?

Offline viewing. It's something millions of Netflix fans have been clamoring for ever since the DVD mailing company ventured into online streaming back in 2007. Almost ten years later, the big wigs in Los Gatos, California have finally...Show More Summary

Deals: Xbox One S Bundle $349 With Free Delivery, 55% Off Vitamins At Chemist Warehouse

Every Thursday we team up OzBargain power poster tightarse to run through some of the best deals that have caught his attention. This week. Xbox One S with free express delivery for $349, Assassin's Creed III for free, 55% off vitamins at Chemist Warehouse and more! More »      

Marinate Tough Greens in Oil (and Use It for Dressing) for Tastier Salads

Tough greens, like kale and collard greens, can take some work to make them suitable for salad but if you marinate them in oil for a bit first, you’ll tenderize them, make your salad even tastier, and start a light dressing all at the same time. Read more...

Remains of the Day: Uber Wants to Track Your Location Even When You're Not Using It

Uber recently started asking permission to collect your location data even when you aren’t using the app, and some people are understandably concerned. Uber says that they won’t literally track you everywhere you go; they just need a little more data about your pick-up and drop-off. Read more...

The Loudest Possible Ways to Cheer for Your Team at a Sporting Event

It’s game day. You want to be as loud as you possibly can so people know who you’re cheering for, and so you can mess with the opposing team’s heads. Here are your best options. Read more...

One Million Google Accounts Breached By Gooligan Android Malware: Check If You're Affected

Over one million Google accounts have been breached after a malware called Gooligan started spreading like wildfire through third-party Android app stores. Compromised accounts are then used to post fake ratings for malicious apps and to download adware onto infected devices. Show More Summary

How a Stupid Joke Can Earn You More Money During Salary Negotiations

You’d think a salary negotiation is the last place you’d want to crack wise, but there is one type of joke that can actually influence your salary offer for the better. It all comes down to the “anchoring” effect. Read more...

I'm Richard Wong, Head of Engineering at Coursera, and This Is How I Work

Coursera is an online education platform through which you can take courses from some of top educational institutions in the world, covering topics that range from the humanities and arts to computer science and coding. It takes a lot of work behind the scenes, though, to keep Coursera’s catalog up and running for… Read more...

NSW's GPS Phone Ban For P-Platers Starts Today

It is now officially against the law for provisional licence holders in NSW to use their phones in any way while driving. This includes using voice-activated GPS apps while the phone is secured to a hands-free cradle. Here are the details. More »      

Even Google's Former CEO Couldn't Answer Its Brutal Interview Questions

Earlier last month we posted Google's five toughest interview questions. And boy were they tough. They're so tough that Google's former CEO struggled to answer one. More »      

Make Your Own Fast Food Christmas Ornaments With Modelling Compound

Yes! It's officially December and I can finally write about Christmas! What better way to get into the festive spirit than with a video tutorial on how to make your own fast food-themed Christmas ornaments? How very appropriate for Lifehacker Australia. More »      

ProForm ZT10 Treadmill $699 (30% Off)

Sam’s Club has the ProForm ZT10 Treadmill for only $699 after a price drop from $997. This deal price represents a savings of 30% off the retail price for this treadmill. Plus, this item ships free. This is the lowest price online by about $101. Show More Summary

Game Golf Live Tracking System $109.99 (63% Off)

This Game Golf Live Tracking System originally $299.99 drops to only $109.99 at Amazon. This deal price saves you 63% off the retail price for this sports tracking device. Plus, this item ships free. This is the lowest price online by about $31, although we did see this at for the same price. Show More Summary

Inspire Q Winslow Linen Fabric Modern Sofa $390.99 (54% Off)

This Inspire Q Winslow Linen Fabric Modern Sofa originally $854.95 drops to only $390.99 at Overstock. This deal price saves you 54% off the retail price for this fabric sofa. Plus, this item ships free. We could not find a better price for this sofa online. Show More Summary

Spark, the Super Customizable Email App, Is Now Available On Mac

Spark, one of our favorite email apps for iPhone and iPad, has made the jump to Mac. Now you can use all of your custom filters, gestures, smart notifications on your laptop or desktop—and it’s still free. Read more...

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