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Ask LH: Why Do Digital Music Companies Keep Ripping Off Australians?

Dear Lifehacker, It just so happened that I had my US proxy on while looking at Google Music. The Ultimate Santana album price read $6.99. Meanwhile, the Australian region price was $16.99 from the same exact service. This is same for whole long list of great albums. What gives? More »      

Should Kids Have A 'Right To Be Forgotten' Online?

Every day, millions of pictures and posts go up online detailing the adventures of parents with their offspring. Should those kids have the right for those posts to be expunged? More »      

Google Translate Adds 20 New Languages

Google’s Translate has added support for an additional 20 languages to its repository, meaning it can now do real-time, data-connection-free translation of just about anything you see. More »      

Security Alert: New Android Flaw Can Brick Your Smartphone

There’s yet another Android flaw to contend with following the Stagefright Bug. This one can totally brick an Android phone, and as yet, there’s no fix. More »      

What’s Your Biggest Infosec Fear?

It’s an interesting question. When it comes to your business’s information assets, security policies and defensive measures — what is it that makes your CSO or CISO lose sleep? More »      

What To Do When Your Small Business Is Hit By A Cryptovirus

When Kristie Green, owner of North Star Scaffolding, saw a traffic infringement notice email come through on the computer she uses to run her small business, she didn’t even think twice about clicking it. The computer instantly froze...Show More Summary

Yes, Your Small Business Should Have A Website

Small businesses make up 96 per cent of Australian companies and while most of them have internet access, only half of them have their own website. It seems like a no-brainer for any company to have an online presence, but many small businesses have thrown this in the “too hard” basket. Show More Summary

Friend Or Foe: What The Shape Of Your Face Says About You

When it comes to forming relationships, first impressions are important. Unfortunately, science suggests that the shape and width of your face can have a significant impact on what people think of you — and that’s before you’ve even opened your mouth. More »      

Creativity Is Nourished by Conflict

Embrace the creative struggle. Greatness is sparked in dark places.

Unitasker Wednesday: Ultimate infomercial montage

All you favorite "life without this product" segments from infomercials. Post written by Erin Doland Let Unclutterer help you get your home or office organized. Subscribe to our helpful product shipments from Quarterly today.

Should You Friend Your Boss On Facebook?

“Do I friend my boss on Facebook or not?” – that is the question that many working people ask themselves today. You may drink coffee together in the mornings, go to lunch, exchange presents on birthday and ask each other for advice, but you still don’t hurry to send a friend request on Facebook. Show More Summary

Vaccines You Need as an Adult

You might be missing out on some immune-system superpowers that are yours for the asking at your local pharmacy. Besides protecting yourself—who wants chicken pox and tetanus?—staying up-to-date on shots helps to keep dangerous germs out of circulation and away from others. Read more...

Where to Shop for Groceries, Based on When You Plan on Cooking

We have quite a few types of stores to buy groceries from: specialty markets, big box stores like Costco, and your conventional supermarket among them. While it’s more convenient to get all your food from one place, you can save a bunch on your grocery bill by shopping around. Read more...

Move to Apple Transfers Your Spotify or Rdio Playlists to Apple Music

Mac: If you’re making the jump from Spotify or Rdio over to Apple Music, you have to leave your playlists behind. We’ve seen hacky solution before for solving this problem, but Move to Apple Music does a much better job. Read more.....

Use Your Current Employer as Your First Freelance Client

If you’re nervous about making the big jump to freelancing or self-employment, consider this: You might already have a client who’s a fan of your work and willing to pay you for it. Read more...

Check If Oil Is Ready for Frying with a Couple of Breadcrumbs

When frying foods, your oil’s temperature can mean the difference between perfectly crisp foods and soggy ones. Although you can use a grain of rice or a wooden spoon to see if the oil is ready, you’ll likely have one ingredient already out to test the oil: Breadcrumbs. Read more...

Lifehacker Pack for Android Tablets: Our List of the Essential Apps

Android tablets are finally starting to develop a mature ecosystem. While there are still some key holdouts (looking at you Facebook), there are plenty of great apps you can install right now. In the follow up to our sixth annual Android pack from last week, we’re taking a look at the best apps for bigger screens. Read more...

PSA: Start Menu Replacement Apps Still Work in Windows 10 

Microsoft has brought back and revamped the Start menu for Windows 10. If you still prefer, say, the Windows 7 classic Start menu, good news. Start menu replacement apps we used to tweak Windows 8 should work in Windows 10. Read mor...

Find Hidden Nails in Reclaimed Lumber with Rare Earth Magnets

Reclaimed wood can be great, but there can be nails stuck inside that are tough to locate and remove. Here’s a trick using rare earth magnets to locate the hidden buggers before they destroy your saw blade. Read more...

Should I Upgrade to Windows 10?

Windows 10 is finally here. You’ve seen some of its best new features, even heard what it’s like to use every day. But you might be wondering if you should upgrade. For some, it’s free, a great update, and a foregone conclusion. For others it’s better to wait, or think about other options. Let’s see where you fall. Read more...

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