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Microsoft Continues Visual Basic 6.0 Support In Windows 10

The Visual Basic we all know and love may have been replaced by its.NET counterpart a long time ago, but Microsoft continues to support VB 6.0 applications to this day, even on its most recent platform, Windows 10. More »      

A Primer For Unity Developers: What The Heck Is Mono?

So you’ve started playing around with Unity and discovered this “Mono” thing. Well, Mono things. MonoDevelop, the Mono Runtime, the Mono compiler. Mono, Mono, Mono. If you’re completely in the dark as to the differences between these elements, well, it’s time to learn. More »      

Julienne Fruits and Vegetables a Lot Faster With a Mandoline

Julienne cut fruits and vegetables are perfect toppings for salads, but you don’t need expert knife skills to do it. A mandoline slicer can do most of the work for you, even if you don’t have a special attachment. Read more...

Choose the Right Humidifier for Your Room with This Video Guide

A humidifier is an essential purchase for certain homes, but how do you know which one is right for you, or which one can handle your space? Consumer Reports has a comprehensive video buying guide for humidifiers, with a cheat sheet for the right size for a room. Read more...

This Week's Most Popular Posts: May 20th to 27th

This week we learned about self-defense and how to take a punch (hey, it happens), discussed how cosplay can help confidence in unexpected ways, did some houseplant triage to prevent our plants from dying, and more. Here’s a look back. Read more...

TimeStats Pomodoro Planner Is the Ultimate All-In-One Productivity App

Android/Windows Phone/Windows 10: Pomodoro. Kanban boards. Time tracking. Scheduling. If you’re into productivity and a fan of Lifehacker, you know these concepts and how they can help you get stuff done. TimeStats brings them all in one place to make the ultimate productivity app. Read more...

How to Nail Your Goals with This Simple Secret

4 Keys to Accomplish the Goals You Keep Missing. Most of us start pursuing our goals with great focus and intensity, but roadblocks inevitably surface before we’re far down the road. We might be tempted to quit, or simply redouble our efforts in an effort to scale the obstacle, but the secret may be tossing our strategy out the window and trying an alternate […]

Consumer Reports’ Mosquito Repellent Rankings Are Now Available for Free

Bug repellents aren’t all created equal—some are more effective than others. Last year, Consumer Reports named the top three repellents from their tests but kept the full rankings under wraps for subscribers. Now, to help people who need to fend off Zika , they’ve released the rest for free. Read more...

Use a Simple Milk Carton for Dripless Pouring

Spouts, pitchers, batter scoops, and other tools make it easy to pour a liquid into a tiny receptacle. But you don’t need to spend on those. Just grab a waxed cardboard milk carton, clean it out, and you’re good to go. Read more...

Make Your Own Doritos With This Seasoning Blend

Nacho Cheese Doritos are a perfect junk food and, until now, my only way of getting more Dorito flavor in my life was putting them in a pepper grinder and grinding them over everything. Things are about to change around here though, as the Real American Heroes at Epicurious have come up with their own Dorito-inspired seasoning mix. Read more...

The Right Way to Measure Your Waist Size and Check Your Health

Doctors often use BMI, or Body Mass Index, to quickly screen patients for more tests. But having a normal or low BMI doesn’t mean you’re healthy , and having a high BMI mean you’re unhealthy . To help your doctor better assess your overall health, measure your waist size too. Here’s how. Read more...

Jim Clark on Productivity: Don’t Spend Your Day on Social Media, Instead Spend Your Day Building the Next Big Thing

A Pioneer Pontificates Jim Clark knows how to create valuable things. He’s one of the few people in the recent history of American business to start three different billion dollar companies. Clark also knows about technology: all three of his billion dollar companies were Silicon Valley startups. We should, in other words, take his thoughts seriously […]

Friday Open Thread: Welcome to the summer (heat)

Welcome to Hackerspace! This is the reader-run community of Lifehacker and our weekly open thread for you to share and talk about whatever you want. Well, it is not summer yet but it was about 90 here (in Philly area) most of the week...Show More Summary

Two Ways to Form Habits Effortlessly

By Leo Babauta Forming new habits can be life-changing — if you start meditating, create a simple exercise habit, and eat more vegetables, you health and happiness can be transformed in a matter of months. But sticking to a habit can be difficult, because life gets in the way. And we get discouraged when the […]

When Fancy, Expensive Salts Are Worth Using

At their chemical core, all salt is the same, but many of the fancy, special salts you can find differ in texture, flavor, and price. Here’s how to know when you should bust out the fancy Himalayan salt, or stick with table or kosher salt. Read more...

Do You Have a Side Hustle? Tell Us About It!

Out of everything I wrote about it in Born for This, readers have responded the most to two things: “Winners never quit” is a lie. Winners actually quit all the time. They aren’t afraid to walk away from something that isn’t workingShow More Summary

Here's Telstra's Explanation For That Three-Day Data Outage

Telstra’s latest data outage was one of the worst yet, with approximately 350,000 NBN and ADSL customers affected. Thousands were still struggling to get their internet working three days later. Telstra’s chief operations officer Kate McKenzie has since issued a statement explaining what actually went wrong. More »      

How Video Games Changed The Way I Saw My Father

He towered over me, an imposing figure that I was all too familiar with. He wielded no weapons and he did not utter a single word but his stare was enough to turn me into stone. I was terrified. No, he was not Slender Man and I wasn’t trapped in some eerie survival horror game. Show More Summary

5 Smart Topics for Small Talk Conversation

Ever been in dire need of topics for small talk conversation? You come across someone you know but aren’t interested enough to engage in any serious conversation right now. You might not be in the mood, or you may not rate the person that high to waste calories on. Show More Summary

9 Delicious Fruit Wraps To Help You Lose Weight Easily

If you’re someone who is trying to lose weight and lose weight the healthy way, you know it can be... The post 9 Delicious Fruit Wraps To Help You Lose Weight Easily appeared first on Lifehack.

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