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Sydney Trains 24-Hour Strike: What You Need To Know

Sydney Trains workers have announced they will be going on strike following a breakdown in negotiations between the train union and rail management. This means train services are about to experience even worse delays - including during the peak hour rush. Here's what you need to know. More »      

Briefly: Best Sci-Fi You Missed, Lethal Sneezes, Harbour Bridge Wallaby

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including. best sci-fi movies you probably missed in 2017. More »      

BlackBerry Jarvis Will Protect Your Car From The Cybers

BlackBerry continues to reinvent itself and strive to survive as it evolves from a smartphone business into... something else. Jarvis is their latest play. It's a security product that focuses on protecting cars from cyber-threats. The company says it can also be used in other places such as healthcare, industrial automation, aerospace, and defence. More »      

Elevator Pitch: OrbitRemit

Elevator Pitch is a regular feature on Lifehacker where we profile startups and new companies and pick their brains for entrepreneurial advice. This week, we're talking with Robbie Sampson, CEO and Co-founder of OrbitRemit. More »  ...

AMD Is Making A Really Great Case For Ditching Intel-based Computers

If the last week has led you to be wary of having an Intel CPU powering your PC then you might want to get excited, because it seems like AMD might have started actually making CPUs you'd want instead of having Intel inside. More »      

Getting Started With Home Automation

Over the coming weeks I'm going to be looking at a bunch of different home automation gear. I have several goals in this journey covering making things easier to use, energy saving and home security. But I can already see some challenges along with all those opportunities. More »      

Forget Bitcoin: Here's What You Should Be Investing In Instead

Australian fund manager Michael Glennon has blasted cryptocurrency as "useless" and referred to bitcoin as a “quasi-ponzi scheme”. Like many finance experts, he predicts terrible times ahead for all-in crypto converts. Here's what he thinks you should be investing in instead. More »      

51 Surefire Ways To Lose Weight

Losing weight can be a struggle, but there are so many little things you can do to make things easier. Here's a super long list of tips for those of you trying to shift a bit of weight. More »      

Losing motivation on your resolutions? Try this.

Happy Monday my friends! It’s the third Monday of the year, which means it’s quite possible that your enthusiasm for your New Year’s goals and resolutions is starting to fade. Do I have that right? If […] The post Losing motivation on your resolutions? Try this. appeared first on simplify 101.

Nine Common Sleeping Mistakes (And How To Fix Them)

Getting through the work week is tough enough already without throwing sleep deprivation into the mix. Sadly, it is estimated that up to 35 per cent of Aussies suffer from sleeping difficulties and related daytime symptoms such as fatigue, sleepiness and irritability. Show More Summary

The Best Ways To Save Money On Petrol

A combination of rising crude oil prices, bigger retail margins and a stronger global economy has meant Aussie petrol prices have continued to climb over the past month. The result? Aussies are having to spend an extra $20 a month on...Show More Summary

How To Make Sizzler's Famous Parmesan Bread At Home

Once upon a time, Sizzler was everywhere. While nominally a steak-and-seafood restaurant, the chain was famous for two things. its all-you-can-eat buffet and the complimentary Parmesan bread that greeted you on arrival. Sadly, Sizzler became a victim of the casual dining wars and there are now only a handful of outlets left in Australia. Show More Summary

Here's What Happens When You Fill A Car's Petrol Tank With Coke

Most of us definitely haven't thought about what a car would do if we put other liquids in an engine that runs on petrol. But cars are running on all kinds of stuff these days, right? Like electricity, and so on? That's what I hear. It's worth a try to put Coke in the tank, in case fuel prices go up and we all get desperate. More »      

Google Pulls Play Store Porn And Fraud Apps

About 60 apps have been dumped from the Google Play Store after it was revealed the apps were infected with malicious software that either displayed scareware or porn ads, or tried to trick people into accessing and paying for premium services. More »      

Amazon Australia: One Month Later

On December 5 2017, Amazon Australia opened their virtual doors, in the dead of night. After weeks of speculation and rumour, credit cards were unleashed and bargains were ready to be hunted. Amazon didn't make any huge promises, but Aussies expected a lot from the 800-pound gorilla once they landed on our shore. One month on, how does Amazon Australia look? More »      

Sydney Trains Chaos: How To Avoid The Delays

Sydney Trains are under siege. A new timetable coupled with understaffing issues has already resulted in a Nightmare Scenario where peak hour services are being cancelled and commuters left stranded. The drivers are overworked and exhausted and commuters are angry. Show More Summary

Australian Open 2018: How To Watch Live, Online And For Free

On Monday (January 15), one of the world's biggest tennis events - the Australian Open - returns to the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne. If you're stuck at work when it's all happening or don't have access to free-to-air TV for whatever reason, we have you covered! Here's how to watch the 2018 Australian Open from your desk or on your mobile phone for free. More »      

It’s Been 10 Years Since Apple Changed Laptops Forever

In the days following Bill Gates’ announcement of his retirement from Microsoft, Steve Jobs picked up an ordinary intra-office envelope and slipped out the first MacBook Air, heralding a substantial shift in portable computing. More »      

Making your resolutions a reality

On either the last day of the old year or the first day of the new year, many of us created lists of resolutions. If you’re like me, getting organized appeared in some fashion on this list. For example my … Continued Post written by Erin Doland

A Guide to Moving Courageously Into a New Uncertain Space

“We become brave by doing brave acts.” ~Aristotle By Leo Babauta I remember walking into my boss’ office at my day job to turn in my resignation, almost exactly 10 years ago today. I was quitting the life of a regular paycheck, to become a full-time blogger and writer. I was filled with an overwhelming […]

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