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26 Matching Family Tattoos That Prove Ink Is as Strong as Blood

Blood is thicker than water, but ink comes pretty close. For families who really want to prove their strong ties, there's no better way to do so than sharing a permanent emblem for the rest of your lives. We've searched through Instagram...Show More Summary

Creative Ways to Incorporate Your Wedding Decor at Home

We’re true believers that your wedding celebration doesn’t have to end the second you run through your sparkler send-off. Whether you’re still in the planning process or already celebrated your wedding (congratulations!) we’re teaming up with Shutterfly for ways to remember your big day long after the party’s over. Foliage Circle Candle | Elegant Wedding […]

23 Pairs of Halloween Mouse Ears Disney Fans Will Be Obsessed With

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Nope, not December. I'm talking about Halloween at the Disney parks. Seasonal decorations, the massive Mickey pumpkin, and spooky accents wherever you turn make Fall extraspecial. Show your Halloween spirit in style this year with Mickey and Minnie ears that celebrate the season! We've rounded up 20-plus pairs that you'll love.

How Do I Tell My Family We Want to Elope?

Q: Hey guys. So here’s a big one for you: How do I tell my family and friends that we want to elope without breaking their hearts? We’ve been talking about eloping for a while, because we can’t afford to spend on a wedding, we thinkShow More Summary

This Groom's Reaction During the "First Look" Is Priceless

Couples who decide to do a "first look" photo on their wedding opt to take a moment before the ceremony to privately see each other prior to getting married. These few moments among the chaos of that day are typically emotional, butShow More Summary

What This Dad Started Doing After His Daughter's Breakup Will Bring You to Tears

Sarie Tocket grew up convinced that her dad is the real-life Superman. Despite being a "rough and tough blue-collar man," this Texas woman knows that her dad, Dean, turned to a ball of mush the moment he became a father. "His love is...Show More Summary

A Bride Named Ariel Got Married at an Aquarium – How Perfect Is That?!

Everything about this Summer wedding in Florida was fit for the Little Mermaid. A bride named Ariel and a groom named Thomas went with the under-the-sea theme all the way. The couple tied the knot at the Florida Aquarium, and Ariel looked...Show More Summary

5 Subtle Autumn Details for Your Fall Wedding

Fall is such a beautiful time of year to have a wedding. The leaves are a lovely mix of sunset colors, and the air is crisp; not too warm, not too cold. But one of the BEST things about a fall wedding is the endless possibilities for small details that tie the whole day together. […]

Stunning Swedish Beach Wedding at Hotel Tylösand

Hotel Tylösand was the perfect place for Isabelle and Fredrik to celebrate their wedding day with their family and friends. Inspired by the sea, they used seashells for name cards and loose, blue fabric as table runners to represent ocean waves. Show More Summary

This deeply meaningful wedding combined native vows and Easter eggs

The bride is Anishinabe and their community has Salish influences, so this pair pulled from their communities for a meaningful ceremony focusing on the core: earth, energy, elemental, and potential. Their wedding was all about the core of connection. You'll love it...

12 wedding dance songs NOT about love

My partner's mother was emotionally abusive for most of his life, but now they are trying to make amends, and very much wants to do a special mother-son dance. Problem is, all the other wedding websites recommend cheesy love songs. Any help for dance songs NOT about love?

The 8 Agreements About Sex

You want to know what guys think about sex? Just ask. Tune in to hear my 8 agreements about sex and you will be a LOT less frustrated with men.… The post The 8 Agreements About Sex appeared first on Dating Coach - Evan Marc Katz | Understand Men. Show More Summary

9 Real-Life Ways to Talk about Sex More

C onfession: I’m really terrible at talking about sex. Unless you’ve dated me, you’d probably never know this, because in public I’m the “super sex positive, kink positive, no detail is too dirty” friend. But when I’m in a partnership...Show More Summary

30 Cute Butt Tattoos That Are Very Cheeky

On an ass cheek isn't necessarily the first place you'd think to get a tattoo, but you'd be surprised just how subtle and sexy ink in that spot can be. From under the cheek to smack dab on the bum, these butt tattoos are cute, creative, and easy to cover up if you want to keep them your little secret! Related 28 Sexy Underboob Tattoos You'll Want to Get ASAP

6 Ways to Affirm Your Inner Feminist

"Any woman who chooses to behave like a full human being should be warned that the armies of the status quo will treat her as something of a dirty joke. That's their natural and first weapon. She will need her sisterhood." - Gloria Steinem Ahhh, the original Pioneer Woman, almost a half-century ahead of the rest of us. Show More Summary

9 Ways to Be Better in Bed

We all want to be better in bed, and many guides will boil it down to sex positions. While the physical stuff does matter, there's a lot we can be doing to make sex better, and it starts with setting the mood. Related 7 Reasons You Should Be Having More Sex 1. Show More Summary

8 of the Best Porn Sites For Women

In case you aren't already aware, women enjoy watching pornography, too. Maybe not all categories, but we can definitely appreciate passion-filled scenes ranging from soft to hardcore. (Bonus if there's a plot, but we can get straight...Show More Summary

Dating After Divorce: The Down and Dirty

My marriage was over before it started, really. He was a nice guy, consistent. We were friends. I thought that was the way it was supposed to be. Flash forward two years later and I was sitting on my couch alone. He had moved out since...Show More Summary

Women Totally Get Morning Wood Too

Have you ever had a seriously powerful sex dream? One where you wake feeling like you're literally either about to come or have just come? Just the other night, I found myself in the thick of a steamy tryst with my man, only to wakeShow More Summary

How to Stay on Top of Birth Control While Traveling

When we're traveling, we may worry about sunburns or lost luggage, but an unplanned pregnancy isn't always at the forefront of our concerns. But with changing time zones and our sleep schedule flipped upside down, a lot of other parts of our lives we do not consider sometimes gets thrown off balance. Show More Summary

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