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This Kickstarter Will Put Your Pet's Picture on a Swimsuit, and We Want 12

Petflair, a company run by three Australian animal-lovers, is out to create the most amazing swimwear on the planet. The project is currently in the crowd-funding stages on Kickstarter to start producing swimsuits for men and women that are custom-printed with your pets' pictures on them. Show More Summary

This Hottie Is Traveling the World in a Van, and We Want to Take a Ride

Meet Will Gregor. Where do I even begin with this very attractive man? He just finished traveling through Europe in a camper van that he calls a vanagon that he bought and refurbished himself. He is also former military and models on the side. Show More Summary

Behavior is considered more moral the more common it is

Is it less wrong to avoid tax if everyone else is doing it? A new study demonstrates that our view of what is morally right or wrong is shaped by how widespread a particular behavior is. These results can improve our understanding of the psychological mechanisms behind attitudinal change in society.

16 snarky cake toppers that'll make everyone belly laugh

Sure you could top your cake with one of these adorable "better together" cake toppers, but what if the two of you are more the "terrible together" type. Here are some funny cake toppers for the snarky ones, the silly couples, and the unapologetic dorks and party animals. Warning: some of them are NSFW -- or weddings...

The #1 Reason You’re Not in Love is NOT What You Think

If you know you want to enroll in Love U and get the love you deserve, click here. If you keep finding reasons not to join Love U – too… The post The #1 Reason You’re Not in Love is NOT What You Think appeared first on Dating Coach - Evan Marc Katz | Understand Men. Show More Summary

Delight in this edgy and totally kawaii wedding shoot in Harajuku, Tokyo

It's time to dive headfirst into the pastel dreamland that is this kawaii wedding inspiration shoot in Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan. It's got everything from My Little Pony jewelry to glitter makeup to pastel colors galore. You'll feel like...Show More Summary

1 Year Later, This Blogger Bride Shares the Best Marriage Advice

We've officially been married for a year on September 18th! It's fitting to share on SMP some things we've learned over the past year because this is where our wedding day was first shared as well. Since our big day, we have honeymooned in Maui, celebrated Christmas in Michigan with my husband's family and in California […]

Glitzy Houston Barn Wedding at The Farmhouse

Julia and Hozana wanted their ceremony to move their guests with its beauty, but this Houston barn wedding at The Farmhouse was full of glitz and glamour from start to finish. The breathtaking modern barn made up of bright white spaces,...Show More Summary

We Had a Perfect Boho Barn Wedding for Just $17K

Amy, Clinical Laboratory Educator & Scott, Presentation Team Lead SUM-UP OF THE WEDDING VIBE:  An intimate, fun, and relaxed celebration of love, reflective of who we are as a couple. PLANNED BUDGET:  $10,000 ACTUAL BUDGET:  $17,000 NUMBER...Show More Summary

Have We Become An Angry Dating Culture?

I’m seeing a really disturbing trend out there. I want you to take this time right now to read every single word that I'm

50 States of Wedding Venues: See Stunning Places Across America to Say "I Do"

Whether you're planning to marry out of state or simply need some location ideas, we've gathered 50 venues across the nation to inspire you. With the help of The Venue Report, the following list of places to say "I do" includes one for every state. Show More Summary

17 Matching Feminist Tattoos For You and Your Patriarchy-Smashing BFF

In case you missed it, the future is fcking female. And if you're looking for a new way to put your feminist pride on display, what's better (and more permanent) than a tattoo? Grab your BFF, sister, mom, or any other fellow female and check out the fierce matching tattoo ideas ahead to inspire your next ink session. Girl power! Related 33 Tiny but Fierce Feminist Tattoos

12 Secrets to Having a Marriage That Lasts Forever

Is there a magic potion or formula to making love and a marriage last forever? Not exactly, although some people might try to sell you a love potion! Having a marriage last forever requires marrying someone who both shares the same values as you and wants to keep the commitment alive as long as you do. Show More Summary

This Is What Couples Need to Do to Keep Their Sex Life Exciting, According to an Expert

Remember when you and your partner couldn't keep your hands off each other? You'd fit in quickies when you could because waiting any longer was unbearable, and you couldn't imagine the honeymoon phase ever fizzling out? If all that now...Show More Summary

The Truth About How Much Those Princess Diana Beanie Babies Are Really Worth

As any dedicated pack rat knows, it's worth holding on to old treasures in the hopes of scoring some cash down the line. The 20th anniversary of Princess Diana's death reminded many '90s kids that their old bedroom closets contained a potential gold mine in the Ty Beanie Baby Princess Diana bear. Show More Summary

Beyond Self-Love: What Marrying Yourself is Really All About

I used to think marrying yourself was a bad idea because it borrows the wedding template. Now I think that template makes a statement about single people that needs to be heard.

5 Clever Ways to Repurpose Your Wedding Decor From Ceremony to Reception

photo by Heirlume Photography If you’ve ever thought that decorating your wedding was a big undertaking, you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. From ceremony to cocktail hour to reception, there is a lot of space to fill and so many opportunities...Show More Summary

This Couple Built Their Insanely Gorgeous Venue From the Ground Up

In the ultimate (and impressive) show of DIY, this couple decided to build their own venue and just wait until you see the result. A breathtaking open air chapel overlooking the lake is only the beginning of this elegant Southern affair at The Grand Ivory. With planning by Each and Every Detail, the prettiest of greenery and […]

Smoke This, Pass That: The Best Types of Weed For Different Activities

When people tell me they don't like smoking weed, my first question (after my initial shock and disbelief) is always, "What kind did you smoke though?" Nine times out of 10, they have no idea. While most people are familiar with theShow More Summary

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