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Meet SMP Blogger Bride Cambria Grace!

You might recognize Cambria Grace from her ever-popular Instagram feed, but today she’s stepping behind the SMP desk as our newest Blogger Bride-to-be. She’ll be sharing her wedding planning journey – the good, the bad, and the oh-so-pretty – and we’re kicking things off with her stunning engagement. Scroll on to get to know Cambria a […]

Top 12 Questions to Ask Your Caterer

Hands down, one of my absolute favorite parts of planning my wedding has been working with our on-site caterer to select our menu, cocktails and do the tasting. But I also realized just how important it is to be on the same page as your caterer—from the style of service you choose to where your food is sourced. […]

Crabs in the Caribbean: A Very Small Number of Activities

As I relayed in my last posts, we spent the vast majority of our time in Negril lounging around and stuffing our faces. But lest you think we were total bums (we were), we did get into a couple shenanigans … read more

Gallery of the Day: February 27, 2015

MrsEARacca shares a photo of her (possible) reception dress. Keep on loading your inspirational wedding pics to the Weddingbee Gallery to see them featured here on the blog! Remember, your images must be under 1MB in size, or they won’t … read more

Wedding-Party Style

While it was easy to choose who we wanted in our wedding party, it was a challenging task to figure out how to dress our nontraditional wedding party! Should the bridesmen dress the same as the groomsmen or differently? We … read mo...

Wedding Website

The wedding bubble is an interesting world to be in. When you’re planning a wedding, you’re well aware of the trends and the current practices. Sometimes it’s easy to forget what you’ve actually encountered in your everyday life versus read … read more

30 wedding shoes under $40

Before I even get into this post, I want to acknowledge something: when you're looking at shoes this price, your priorities on not necessarily on things like "ethical production" or "quality constructive." Sometimes, you set those concerns aside because you've got a max of two $20 bills budgeted for your wedding shoes. Show More Summary

Vote! Help Pick the Winner of the APW + Squarespace Scholarship!

For women entrepreneurs in pink industries, there is nearly constant messaging that their businesses are frivolous and unimportant. It’s hard not to internalize this over time, which means getting women to give you their elevator pitch, without apologies or qualifiers, is hard work. Show More Summary

An Indian Palace Wedding in the English Countryside

We love English countryside weddings. Gorgeous greenery, pretty flowers, and often, a beautiful and picturesque stately home backdrop. But Vivian and Phil’s English country house wedding venue has blown us away. Sezincote House, where...Show More Summary

Surprise! It's Amanda & Robbie's housewarming party turned wedding

If you're having a bad day, have I got the balm for you. This surprise at-home wedding in Virginia is so full of tears, laughter, hilarious faces, and rockin' dancing that you'll be hard-pressed not to smile the entire time you read it. The guests came for a housewarming, but left glowing from a wedding. Sigh.

50 Shades of Gorgeous; Romantic Bridal Boudoir Shoot

February has been a month dedicated to all things romantic on Bridal Musings. We fell head over heels in Paris, we were wooed by our love song playlist, we were in swooning over this inspired marriage advice, and we were utterly seduced by the notion of an impossibly romantic wedding day. And it’s not over yet! […]

Curveballs and the Waiting Game

For February being such a short month, I feel like so much has happened. I’ve been a terrible blogger lately, but I promise I do have some good excuses. The first being that I’ve been busy with a freelancing data entry job. I’ve been spending far too much time on the computer, and by the […]

Why Women Who Want to Have Kids Should Date Seriously In Their Early 30’s

Longtime friend and EMK blog reader, Amy Klein, has carved out a place for herself on the internet as a fertility expert, due to her frustrations with conceiving and carrying… The post Why Women Who Want to Have Kids Should Date Seriously In Their Early 30’s appeared first on Dating Coach - Evan Marc Katz | Understand Men. Show More Summary

Will Men Be Turned Off Because I Like To Wear A Wig?

I have started to wear wigs about half the time and feel like there is a stigma attached to doing so – or a “yuck-factor”. I started using one after… The post Will Men Be Turned Off Because I Like To Wear A Wig? appeared first on Dating Coach - Evan Marc Katz | Understand Men. Show More Summary

Can You Trust Married People to Keep a Secret?

If you have friends who are married, should you assume that those friends share all of your communications and conversations – both the routine ones and those told in confidence – with their spouse? What does it mean if couples see themselves only as a unit and not also as individuals?

Vintage Wedding Rentals: I Fall in Love

With a desired list of decorations in my hand and a love of vintage in my heart, I made my way to the beautiful barn that contains all of Treasured Rentals‘ goodies. Since I wanted to make a fun afternoon … read more

Spring Santa Barbara Wedding at Villa Sevillano Part II

The only thing more stunning than Part I of this Santa Barbara dreamfest is probably the reception that followed. Set beneath a billowing canopy and twinkling chandeliers are long, floral-covered tables designed by Renny And Reed and Jenna Lam Events that take springtime romance to a whole new level. Show More Summary

Our Valentine’s Day Getaway

Hey there, hive. I just wanted to apologize for my recent blogger absence. My amazing grandpa just passed away, so life has been a little chaotic. I though this would be a good place to shout from the proverbial rooftops—I love … read more

Classifieds: February 26, 2015

katseye is selling a set of shabby chic French scroll chandeliers. She is asking $14.95 each for the chandeliers. Have a wedding item for sale? Post it with pictures in the Weddingbee Classifieds, and you might see it featured on … read more

Get Your Tickets for SF’s Love/Make Event!

Last year Meg and I attended our first big wedding event, San Francisco’s Love/Make. Our expectations were… nonexistent. Most wedding shows are awful. But this one promised to be something different. (More specifically, this one promised...Show More Summary

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