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Bride Writes Rude Facebook Post Telling People Why They Aren’t Invited (PHOTO)

Post by Adriana Velez. You have to make some tough decisions when you're planning a wedding. You want to include all the important people in your life, your family and loved ones, to share in this special occasion with you. But you've also got a budget to keep. Show More Summary

Man Uses Social Media to Find the Woman He Fell in Love With on a Plane

Post by Liz Alterman.   Imagine meeting someone for the first time and having an instant connection only to lose them in a crowd just a few hours later? That's what happened when Jamie Kelly, 24, of Ireland, met a 27-year-old Canadian...Show More Summary

Jeff Goldblum Stars in Epic 'Jurassic Park' Wedding Portrait (PHOTO)

Post by Adriana Velez. Let's just say you're having a wedding and your friend the actor Jeff Goldblum is going to be there. It's quite obvious what this situation calls for: A Jurassic-themed wedding portrait with Jeff Goldblum and your guests running for their lives behind a charging Tyrannosaurus Rex. Show More Summary

5 Ways to Get Along Better With Your Mother-in-Law

Post by Sasha Brown-Worsham. There are few relationships more fraught with drama than the ones with our in-laws. Even those who would claim to love their mothers-in-law (and we all hate you -- ha!) have had issues from time to time, right? I mean, it makes perfect sense. Show More Summary

Newlyweds Find Photo of Them Both As Kids -- Years Before They Met!

Post by Liz Alterman. If you're meant to find your better half, will the stars align to keep putting you in each other's path? That's what newly married couple Aimee Maiden and Nick Wheeler must be wondering after they discovered anShow More Summary

8 Men Reveal What Makes a Marriage Last

Post by Sasha Brown-Worsham. What makes a marriage last? The answer to that question is different for everyone, and every marriage is individual. That said, there are lessons to be gleaned from other marriages and things we can incorporate into our own to fortify and strengthen them. Show More Summary

20 Totally 'Legit' Reasons Why Men Call Women Crazy (VIDEO)

Post by Adriana Velez. We hear it whenever we do something a guy just doesn't understand -- or can't be bothered to try to understand: You're crazy. For some reason there's no equivalent of that annoying cliche, "bitches be crazy," for men. Show More Summary

#FreeTheNipple Questions Gendered Double Standards About Nudity

Why is acceptable for men to expose their chests in public, but for women it is not? The #FreeTheNipple campaign and documentary examines this question.

The 9 Types Of Orgasms – And How To Give Them!

A woman can have nine different kinds of orgasms - here's a breakdown of what they are and how you can make your girl have the most amazing ones of her life! The post The 9 Types Of Orgasms – And How To Give Them! appeared first on Ask Dan and Jennifer.

3 Ways To Give Women Multiple Orgasms Without Intercourse

The female orgasm is unique because girls can have MANY orgasms in one sitting. Here's how to give your lady multiple orgasms - NO intercourse required! The post 3 Ways To Give Women Multiple Orgasms Without Intercourse appeared first on Ask Dan and Jennifer.

Hot Groomsmen Lose Their Tuxedos for 'Serious' Portrait (PHOTO)

Post by Adriana Velez. It's a good thing this bride has an excellent sense of humor. When Joe Mulvihill's future wife Rachel asked him to take only "serious" photos with his groomsmen he complied. Sort of. Mulvihill didn't so much as crack a smile for his portrait, and neither did anyone else in his crew. Show More Summary

5 Things That Will Surprise You About Finding Your 'Soul Mate'

Post by Adriana Velez. So, you've met your soul mate and you're ready to live happily ever after. And then, ye gods! You have the worst week -- a week filled with conflict and misunderstanding. What happened? Were you wrong about each other? Is your relationship doomed? It is, so long as you keep seeing yourselves as fated. Show More Summary

14 Sex Tips From Men to Women

Post by Adriana Velez. Ask a man what kind of sex tips they'd give women if they could, and wow. Is it me, or is it getting hot in here? We've been gathering (mostly) anonymous suggestions from men and the bottom line is, they want everyone to enjoy themselves. Show More Summary

Q&A: I Am With A Man But Had A Dream With A Woman. Why?

I wouldn’t give your dreams too much weight. In our dreams, all kinds of things are fair game. And dreams are not well understood.

Beautiful Things That Happen in the Dark: A Conversation with Eon McKai

Antonia Crane talks to Vivid Alt's Eon McKai about stigma, sex, and becoming a porn auteur.

How to Elope the Right Way

Post by Adriana Velez. Eloping isn't always something couples plan for, exactly. A wedding, yes. Eloping? That's something you do at the last minute, usually. And there are many reasons why a couple might do that. You could reach a budget crunch when your finances suddenly change. Show More Summary

Man Divorces Wife Because She Wouldn’t Get Off Phone

Post by Adriana Velez. We may joke about being addicted to Candy Crush. But one man is so fed up with his wife's smart phone gaming addiction he's divorcing her over it. It's not so much about how much gaming she does -- it's about all the other things she's not doing while she's on her smart phone. Show More Summary

5 Natural Lubricants to Heat Things Up in the Bedroom

Post by Adriana Velez. When it comes to (cough, cough) intimate lubrication, I think we all want to be careful about whatever we're using. After all, this is a substance we're using with our most delicate parts. Of course, most of us create our own natural lubrication -- more or less. Show More Summary

Taryn Manning’s Engagement Ring Is A Knockoff From Titanic‘s Heart Of The Ocean

If my Instagram sleuthing skills can be trusted, it looks like Taryn Manning is engaged! More » Taryn Manning’s Engagement Ring Is A Knockoff From Titanic‘s Heart Of The Ocean is a post from TheGloss - Get the best women's beauty, make up, hairstyles tips. Get sex, dating advice, culture news and hot trends for women..

5 Tech Rules to Follow in the Game of Love

Post by Sasha Brown-Worsham. Technology has, in many ways, improved our love lives beyond our wildest imaginings. There are vibrators that plug into USB ports that memorize sequences and the way you like it. There is vibrating underwear that your lover can manipulate from afar. Show More Summary

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