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7 Oral Sex Tips That Will Have Her SCREAMING Your Name!

Oral sex is probably one of the easiest - and best - ways to make a woman orgasm. These seven oral sex tips are hotter than hot! The post 7 Oral Sex Tips That Will Have Her SCREAMING Your Name! appeared first on Ask Dan and Jennifer...

Striptease Tips: How To Give Him A Lap Dance He Won’t EVER Forget!

A striptease can be a super hot gift to give to your guy. Learn how to do a lap dance that your man will think about for a LONG time! The post Striptease Tips: How To Give Him A Lap Dance He Won’t EVER Forget! appeared first on Ask Dan and Jennifer.

My Cleaning Habits (or Lack Thereof) Are Bad for My Marriage

Post by Maressa Brown. "If this is going to be something you end up bringing to a couples' therapy session, I don't even know what to tell you!" my best friend said, shaking her head. We were discussing how I wanted to hire a cleaning service -- maybe every other week or once a month -- but my husband wasn't on board. Show More Summary

Jenny McCarthy Spills Secrets About Her New Family With Donnie Wahlberg (VIDEO)

Post by Liz Alterman. Jenny McCarthy is one busy lady. She just married Donnie Wahlberg, sure, but that's only the beginning! The former View co-host also recently landed a full-time gig hosting her own radio show, Dirty Sexy Funny.  With...Show More Summary

The Top 10 Mom Crushes -- Some Might Surprise You! (PHOTOS)

Post by Liz Alterman. When you're young, it's hard to resist the lure of aesthetics. Who doesn't go for the guy with movie star hair, rock-hard abs, and the cool car? But as you get older, your perspective shifts. I don't know aboutShow More Summary

Exes Who Get Back in Touch for 'Closure' Are Bad for Your Marriage

Post by Lisa Fogarty. At some point in your late 20s or 30s, you’ll be skeedaddling along, enjoying life, and finally feeling satisfied in your marriage or relationship. Inevitably, some guy from your past will choose that exact moment in time to decide he needs to soul-search because things, perhaps, didn’t turn out quite the way he had planned. Show More Summary

My Love Life After Marriage Has Turned Me Into a 'Bad' Mom

Post by Adriana Velez. I never thought falling in love would affect my parenting. A little over two years ago, when I first split from my then-husband, I had a vision for my life. I would spend the next several years doting on my darling son, puttering around my garden, and enjoying the peace of solitary life. Show More Summary

My Husband Telling Me I’m Beautiful Didn’t Matter As Much As It Does Now

Post by Sasha Brown-Worsham. In the early days of my marriage, I can fully admit I was one super scattered wife. At just 25, I was still in the "look at me" phase of youth when I wanted every man to notice me and think I was attractive. My...Show More Summary

Q&A: My Brother Had Sex With Me When I Was Small. Am I A Virgin?

Yes, you are still a virgin. Even if your brother or any other older boy or adult penetrated you when you were a child, you are still a virgin.

700-Year-Old Skeletons Found Holding Hands Because Love Is Forever (PHOTO)

Post by Adriana Velez. When was the last time a photo of skeletons gave you the warm-fuzzies? Never? Ordinarily finding someone's bony remains would give you the chills. But when a team of archaeologists from the University of Leicester...Show More Summary

Long Lost Teenage Penpals Reunited Magically Through Online Dating

Post by Liz Alterman. Maybe those online dating algorithms deserve more credit than we usually give them? It seems virtual matchmaker OKCupid really knew what it was doing when it made this connection! You won't believe the following love story, which reads like a real-life fairy tale and could easily transfer to the big screen. Show More Summary

Bride Whose Fiance Died Before Wedding Takes Magical Pictures in Her Dress (PHOTOS)

Post by Sasha Brown-Worsham. What would you do if the man you loved died 52 days before your wedding? Most of us would collapse in a pile of grief, unable to focus on much of anything but our sadness. But not Janine. This bride did the amazing after losing her fiance Johnny. Show More Summary

Dancing Around The World For Female Condoms

Hannah Crane invites us to celebrate Global Female Condom Day, an international day of action meant to increase awareness and use of female condoms.

Happy Wives Really DO Make Happy Lives (Husbands Take Note!)

Post by Liz Alterman. A friend of mine used to always say, "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!" She would typically make this proclamation after she'd finish telling me about the spa weekend she'd booked for a getaway with her sister. Show More Summary

10 Blowjob Mistakes You DON’T Want To Make!

A blowjob can be incredible pleasure for a man - but you don't want it to turn into an epic fail. Just follow these simple blow job "do nots!" The post 10 Blowjob Mistakes You DON’T Want To Make! appeared first on Ask Dan and Jennif...

How To Make Sex Over 40 GREAT! (Ladies Only)

Sex tips specifically for women over forty can help older women have a super hot, satisfying orgasmic sex life! It could be better sex than you ever had! The post How To Make Sex Over 40 GREAT! (Ladies Only) appeared first on Ask Dan and Jennifer.

The Incredible, Brand-New Sex Move You Have To Try – Tonight!

Sex tips can help improve your bedroom routine, but SOME sex tips are so hot they can only be used every now & then. Do THIS brand new move - it's scorching! The post The Incredible, Brand-New Sex Move You Have To Try – Tonight! appeared first on Ask Dan and Jennifer.

What Your Couples Fighting Style Says About You

Post by Kimberly Dawn Neumann. When it comes to your relationship, are you a lover or a fighter or a loving fighter or a fighting lover or...? The reality is every couple has a "fight routine," and how you and your significant otherShow More Summary

10 Things Never to Say to a Newlywed (PHOTOS)

Post by Maressa Brown. Whether it's because they're feeling awkward or just plain old at a loss for words, people say some crazy things to newlyweds! It's almost as if, faced with a couple who has just vowed to spend the rest of their...Show More Summary

I Like It When Other Women Check Out My Husband

Post by Sasha Brown-Worsham. In the early part of my relationship with my husband, I was DEFINITELY the jealous sort. If a girl got within five feet of my then-boyfriend, I was ready to throw down. More than one near physical fight was...Show More Summary

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