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Paralyzed Groom Shocks His Bride by Walking Down the Aisle (VIDEO)

Post by Liz Alterman. Happy couple Jordan Basile and Matt Ficarra received a stirring round of heartfelt applause after saying "I do" Saturday in Syracuse, New York.  While a wedding typically brings tears to some guests' eyes, thisShow More Summary

Crazy Bra Camera Will Tell Women Just How Often People Check Out Their Rack (VIDEO)

Post by Liz Alterman. Have you ever thought someone was staring at your chest but wondered if you'd only imagined it? Well, thanks to Nestlé Fitness's bra cam one woman had a chance to see just who was ogling them, and it turns out,Show More Summary

Bride Whose Fiance Died Before Wedding Takes Magical Pictures in Her Dress (PHOTOS)

Post by Sasha Brown-Worsham. What would you do if the man you loved died 52 days before your wedding? Most of us would collapse in a pile of grief, unable to focus on much of anything but our sadness. But not Janine. This bride did the amazing after losing her fiance Johnny. Show More Summary

'Divorce Parties' Are the New Way to Say Goodbye to a Bad Marriage

Post by Jenny Erikson. Several years ago, I was out at a winery with my then-husband, when a gaggle of 30-something ladies burst out of a limo and managed to walk in their heels and wedges and tight dresses and tiaras and saunter their way to the bar. Show More Summary

31-Year-Old Man Is ONLY Attracted to 90-Year-Old Women (VIDEO)

Post by Rebecca Stokes. When it comes to love, sex, and dating, it's a good rule of thumb never to 'yuck' someone else's 'yum.' Sure, some people are turned on by things you aren't, fine. Human beings are different! What you're attracted to in a partner might be a total turn-off for someone else. Show More Summary

Couple Sends 'Save the Date' Wedding Trailer ... Wait, Is That Kanye? (VIDEO)

Post by Adriana Velez. Finally picked a date for your wedding? You could send out a save-the-date email to all your friends and family... if you're a boring, normal person, that is. Or, you could create the most epic wedding save-the-date video ever known to Bridekind. Show More Summary

Conan O'Brien Learns How to Find the G-Spot in Hilarious Sex Lesson (VIDEO)

Post by Lisa Fogarty. Forget using realistic models -- sex expert Jennifer Berman proved on Conan this week that it's so simple to find a woman's G-Spot, she could demonstrate how to do so using a PVC pipe! Berman made host Conan O'Brien...Show More Summary

5 Famous Love Quotes That Have It All Wrong

Post by Rebecca Stokes. Inspirational quotes can really be a great balm when it comes to our love lives. Their soothing words, very often so artfully phrased, can help us re-center ourselves and remind us to focus on the little things that really matter. Show More Summary

Older Couples Share Their Secrets for Staying in Love (VIDEO)

Post by Jenny Erikson. In honor of Valentine’s Day, took to the streets of Dublin to ask more mature couples their secrets for making love last. What they got was a touching collection of stories as an older generation...Show More Summary

Guys Who Love Vacuum Cleaners and 4 Other Types You Wouldn't Date but Should

Post by Rebecca Stokes. Dating is a process of elimination. It's not about kissing frogs until you find a prince who's accepting of your frog breath. It's about finding a frog you don't mind macking it to on the regs. Romance, right? We all learn pretty quickly that there are definitely deal-breakers. Show More Summary

Anderson Cooper Is Adorably Embarrassed by Mom's Sex Confession (VIDEO)

Post by Jenny Erikson. I really just adore Anderson Cooper. The man is adorable, and I think one of my goals in life is make him giggle someday. He’s adorable when he giggles. I’m a fan girl, mmmkay? Let me have me weird fantasies. The...Show More Summary

5 Ways Having Divorced Parents Can Help Make Your Own Marriage Stronger

Post by Ericka Sóuter. Everyone always thinks of divorce as a major tragedy for a child. And it is. In many cases, the parent who moves out has little to no contact with the kids. There are emotional and financial struggles. But the breakup could have a positive affect too. Show More Summary

Justin Timberlake Stops Concert So Lucky Fan Can Propose On Stage (VIDEO)

Post by Emily Abbate. Oh Justin Timberlake. Just when I thought you couldn't possibly get any dreamier, you have to go and do something over-the-top adorable. At a concert in Louisville Sunday night, the Social Network actor and former N'SYNCer did one lucky man a solid and helped him make his dream proposal come true. Show More Summary

The ONE Question You Should Never Ask a Dating Couple (VIDEO)

Post by Jenny Erikson. Talk about your awkward moments! There are some things you just don’t ask people. Like, “When’s the baby due?” Because there’s always an embarrassing chance that she just had a big lunch or is constipated or something. Another...Show More Summary

Britney Spears Loves Latino Men Because Of A Racist Stereotype

I love Britney Spears. I really do. Her new song "Perfume" is THE JAM, she's a fellow Sagittarius, she's resilient and hey, there's just something really likable about her. But damn, girl really needs to brush up on her media training so she doesn't say inadvertently racist things while promoting her new album. Show More Summary

Best Ever Condom Commercial Banned for Being Too Raunchy (VIDEO)

Post by Lisa Fogarty. For an advertisement meant to promote safe sex -- arguably one of the greatest ways a person can pass time on a random Monday night -- you've got to admit condom commercials are usually pretty stale. You can count...Show More Summary

Sex and Disability: What's In a Name?

December the 3rd is the day the UN designates as International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Because disability is such a big beautiful part of my life, a part that's misunderstood by so many non-disabled people, I'm happy for any excuse to talk about, explore, and celebrate disability culture, politics, art, activism, and more. Show More Summary

Prankster Gets What He Deserves After He Jokes About Cheating (VIDEO)

Post by Jenny Erikson. Do you know what a guy that would prank his girlfriend that he cheated on her deserves? To be punked himself, by said girlfriend. YouTube prankster Roman Atwood decided, for some strange reason, to tell his girlfriend of five years that he cheated on her. Show More Summary

Women Finally Called Out as the 'Jerks' We Are in Bars (VIDEO)

Post by Maressa Brown. The next big viral video in the same vein as "Sht Girls Say" is here. This time, it's a series called "Girls Are Assholes." Yup, super-classy title. But hold up, you might wanna reserve some of that eye rolling...Show More Summary

Bride and Groom Surprise Guests With Awesome 'Dirty Dancing' Tribute (VIDEO)

Post by Maressa Brown. Every couple wants to be able to remember their wedding day as the "time of their life," so it's no surprise that many have paid tribute to Dirty Dancing by using their first dance to pay tribute to the 1987 classic's iconic number set to the Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes tune. Show More Summary

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