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Claire’s Real Bride Diary: The Proposal

Hello lovely readers. Claire, BM editor here. I can’t believe I’m finally sitting down to write this post. For the last year or so, since I started working at Bridal Musings, I’ve loved sharing Gemma’s Real Bride Diary posts. When her copy and pretty pictures came in, I couldn’t wait to see what creative wedding endeavours […]

This Sketch Perfectly Translates Every First Date Ever

Sometimes the small talk on a first date can feel like a foreign language: He said, "Hi," but what does "hi" really mean? Been there? Of course, you have. Enter Honest Monster, the duo that is Deirdre Devlin and Vana Dabney. These two Los Angeles-based comedians write funny, female-driven sketches that are truthful and thought-provoking. Show More Summary

Trendsetters: Meredith Waga Perez of Belle Fleur New York

Nearly twenty years ago, Meredith Waga Perez and her mother Marilyn Waga set out to launch a boutique floral and event business. More than just setting up a shop though, Meredith knew that she wanted to create a brand- more specifically the kind of understated luxury that brands like her formal employer, Calvin Klein embodied. Show More Summary

The Stag and Doe: Part I

Oh my dear bees. I have been a little absent lately for two reasons. One, because not a whole lot has been going on that is post-worthy in wedding planning, and two, because I have been very busy planning another … read more

18 Times You Related to Lizzie McGuire on the Deepest Level

Don't argue, Lizzie McGuire was the voice of the early 2000s. If Disney Channel only knew what it was doing for the pubescent masses when it unleashed that masterpiece of a show. Who else wanted to hug Lizzie when snobby Kate yelled, "Lizzie McGuire YOU are an outfit repeater!"? Kate totally sucked. Show More Summary

Am I a Selfish Parent if I Have Only One Child?

I f having one child is selfish, I’m not sure I want to be any other way. You know how before you get married, everyone’s asking when you’ll get married? And after you get married, the first thing people want to know is when you’re having...Show More Summary

Romantic Tropical Wedding in Brazil

Patricia and Thiago’s wedding in Brazil combined tropical natural elements native to the region with the rustic charm of the 15th-century Catholic church where the couple were married. The wedding fashion was light and breezy: the bride in a slinky white gown and the groom in a linen tux adorned with greenery on his lapel. Show More Summary

Real Bride Diary: Tom & Gemma’s Wedding Film

It’s Tuesday. And Tuesday’s can be tough, but we have just the treat to turn your day around. Take a few minutes out of your day, stick on the kettle, and sit back and swoon over our resident real bride Gemma and her dashing husband Tom’s wonderful wedding film. The work of their talented friend and filmmaker, […]

15 Signs Your Las Vegas Trip Was WAY Too Long

Las Vegas is like a magical, grown-up Disneyland - there are shiny slot machines, massive mystery cocktails, and over-the-top clubs everywhere. The first couple days you're there, it's the best place to be, like, ever. But once the bachelorette...Show More Summary

Farm To Table; Rustic Wedding Inspiration

When I (Claire here, hello!) clapped eyes on this shoot for the first time, I instantly fell in love. This is my kind of wedding inspiration. Dreamy gowns, gorgeous bakes and beautiful tablescaping, and at the end of the day, just a bunch of friends sitting casually around a table, sharing good wine, good food and great conversation. […]

APW Happy Hour

Hey APW, Oh hi guys. So this week I… finished a book, is what. My second book, more specifically. And the photo above is the flowers to prove it! I know that sounds probably like fireworks and magic (and hopefully it will be at someShow More Summary

This Video of a Relationship From a Dog's Perspective Will Make You Tear Up

Dogs will stick with you through anything, especially breakups. You know how you feel about your dog being there for you, but have you ever wondered it's thinking about your relationship? Feast is the adorable short film by Disney Animation Studios that tells the story of a relationship through a dog's eyes. Show More Summary

Cala-Married: “Can I Cut In?”

After the toasts, DJ Ben cued our father-daughter dance with my dad’s selection, Michael Buble’s rendition of “The Way You Look Tonight.” “Some day, when I’m awfully low…When the world is cold…I will feel a glow just thinking of you…And … read more

Blocking Up With Ironman

One of the things I love most about Weddingbee is that you have an opportunity to learn from other brides. I vividly remember reading Mrs. Hen’s post on picking a wedding date and how Pride caused issues with getting a … read more

Dreamy Vintage Super 8 French Wedding Film

We could watch Mark Brown’s vintage style wedding films all day. The flicker of the super 8 film, the romance of his slow edits, and how he always finds a sweet song that echoes the day beautifully. And Alex and Alex’s captivating wedding film is no different. This chic couple married with a gorgeous, stylish, and […]

APW Happy Hour

Hey APW, After last week’s house arrest, this week practically flew by. Sure, I still don’t (and probably never will again) have my wallet, but at least the car is registered and I can leave my house. Downside: that means I got to go...Show More Summary

Is it time to Hire a New Employee? (Part 1)

I had a client a few years ago who we adored and was a total smarty pants and she told me about the concept of False Pattern Recognition. The idea that we think something is EVERYWHERE, but in reality we are just hyper-aware and are noticing that something more often. Show More Summary

This Burlesque Dancer's TEDx Talk About Body Image Will Blow You Away

Burlesque performer Lillian Bustle doesn't care that people think she is fat. In fact, she agrees. In her recent TEDx Talk, she opened up about her experiences being on the receiving end of fatphobia and her path to self-acceptance. In her talk, she says that being beautiful isn't what people think about us but a choice that we make about ourselves. Show More Summary

How to Date a Feminist

AskMen has shared some useful tips and tricks on how to date a feminist. Read on to see all the advice they have! It's 2015, and fewer and fewer people are shying away from identifying themselves as feminists. Beyoncé performed at last...Show More Summary

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