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When You’re the Last Person You Know to Get Married

In central Missouri, the tradition is for an older, unwed sister to dance in a pig trough at her younger sister’s wedding. You can find video evidence of this on YouTube. The DJ plays “Cotton-Eye Joe.” In the middle of the dance floor,...Show More Summary

What the Father-Daughter Dance Is For

I come from a family of notorious criers. We’ll cry about almost anything and as a response to almost any emotion. So I’m surprised at how calm I’ve been about our upcoming wedding. I’ve cried once or twice imagining our vows, but for...Show More Summary

DIY Wedding Videography Tips for Non-Pros

Wedding videography. It’s one of those things that you may realize you want (without video, toasts tend to be lost to the ages), but for lots of us, it’s just not in the budget to pay a professional. So, then what? Since there are video...Show More Summary

Video Killed the Still-Photo Star

I knew even before we were engaged that I was going to want a videographer. When FSIL got married a few years ago, FMIL had a family friend take video footage of the ceremony, and I took video of the … read more

Gorgeous Ibiza Wedding Film with Beautiful Speeches

There’s something so cool about Ibiza. Not only is it extraordinarily beautiful and unapologetically fun, but it has a chic, bohemian, eclectic vibe that’s incredibly romantic. And for Leanne and Gareth, it will not only be the place where they met for the first time, but also the very special setting of their stunning sun-kissed wedding […]

Accessorizing the Bridesladies (or, In Which I Torture Myself)

All right, so we had the brideslady dresses all set and ready to go. Spoiler alert: We’re also planning on putting the grooms in gray suits. All of that gray together risks looking a little blah, but it was intentional … read more

St. Patrick’s Bachelorette Weekend in Savannah!

This past weekend, my bridesmaids scooped me up and took me to Savannah, Georgia for one last “single girl” hurrah. We picked the weekend based off of local spring breaks (a couple of my girls are in grad school, and … read more

Dance with Me

Though our wedding is absolutely “ours,” there have been a few wedding-related topics in which Mr. Tractor is less than invested. It took me a while to come to terms with this, but what I’ve figured out is this: it’s … read more

APW Happy Hour

Hey APW, TGIF, y’all. That’s about all there is to say this week because my brain is tired. So rather than bore you with a rundown of all of the menial things I accomplished between last Friday and this Friday (high point: got a haircut. Show More Summary

Call For Submissions: Mirror Mirror

When we were kids, my sisters and I would get scolded for turning any reflective surface into a mirror. Our parents didn’t want us to grow up vain. But as children, it was less about beauty and more about the ability to see myself reflected back at me. Show More Summary

Gorgeous Italian Beach Club Wedding Film

Did you see Maryla and Guiseppe’s incredible Italian wedding on the blog yesterday? Ranging from traditional touches to utterly offbeat details, their sunset beach club bash was planned to perfection. (That might have something to do with this couple’s day job, as Italian destination wedding planners with their company, Art of Perfection Events!). Along with their […]

Dreamy Ranch Wedding Film (With Tear-Jerking Vows!)

We didn’t think we could fall any more in love with Lauren, Keith, and their beautiful Colorado wedding. If you missed yesterday’s real wedding post with their gorgeous pics by Lauren Fair Photography, stop what you’re doing right now and check it out. (Then come back to watch their beautiful wedding film!) While we were […]

A Beautiful Wedding Film Retrospective (Just for Oscar Sunday!)

Happy Oscar Sunday! We’re so excited about tonight; popcorn, fashion critiquing, and taking bets on who wins, (and who makes the longest speech). When it comes to weddings, there are no losers (they’re all incredible!) but of course every photographer, planner, florist, and videographer will have a few of their favourites from throughout the year. […]

This Is Love: A Very (Very) Special Wedding Film

Valentine’s Day might have been a few days ago now, but you know us, we’re hopeless romantics! Being loved up just never gets old! Which is why, as we continue our month of romance, we simply had to share this wedding film with you guys; it’s the 2014 wedding showreel by film-makers, Velare. Combining beautiful vintage […]

Monumental Love: Liturgy of the Eucharist and Recessional

After the vows, the ceremony proceeded more or less as normal for a typical mass. For that reason, I won’t be typing out every prayer that went on for the rest of our ceremony, but I’ll share some of the details … read more

Get Modern DIY Wedding Invitations from e.m.papers

I won’t pretend there’s no stigma around DIY wedding invitations (when I find the person who originally said, “The invitation sets the tone of the wedding,” I will angrily wag my finger at them). Have you noticed that your mom keepsShow More Summary

Pretty Lakeside Wedding Film

Did you see Justin and Libby’s beautiful farm wedding yesterday? Their photography by Photography by Betty Elaine showed a classic, elegant wedding that was laced with fun, creative touches. And we enjoyed gushing over it so much, that we’ve come back for seconds, with their sweet film by Created Space Studios. Their day was an intimate celebration, on […]

Monumental Love: My “Damn Regal” Bridal Entrance

Finally, it was time for my walk down the aisle. Standing behind those doors, all thoughts concerning falling flat on my face or walking too fast or carrying my bouquet too high went out the window. It wasn’t really nerves, … read m...

Sweet English Wedding Film With Some Very Personal Touches

Have you ever visited our film gallery? It’s brimming with beautiful wedding videos. Some are really slow and dreamy, others are fast and fun, and some, like today’s one by Gione Da Silva, are all about the story. Jo & Karl were married by her father (who is a Pastor) in a ceremony that was deeply […]

Romantic Italian Wedding Film with a Stunning Sorrento Backdrop

We’ve feature several Italian wedding films over the last year, and while each one has its own unique style and story, they have all been glamorous, romantic affairs, filled with the love of family, great food, and the most incredibly stunning backdrops. Marilynn and Gianluca’s beautiful Sorrento wedding and all of that, and more. Perched […]

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