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Farm To Table; Rustic Wedding Inspiration

When I (Claire here, hello!) clapped eyes on this shoot for the first time, I instantly fell in love. This is my kind of wedding inspiration. Dreamy gowns, gorgeous bakes and beautiful tablescaping, and at the end of the day, just a bunch of friends sitting casually around a table, sharing good wine, good food and great conversation. […]

APW Happy Hour

Hey APW, Oh hi guys. So this week I… finished a book, is what. My second book, more specifically. And the photo above is the flowers to prove it! I know that sounds probably like fireworks and magic (and hopefully it will be at someShow More Summary

Cala-Married: “Can I Cut In?”

After the toasts, DJ Ben cued our father-daughter dance with my dad’s selection, Michael Buble’s rendition of “The Way You Look Tonight.” “Some day, when I’m awfully low…When the world is cold…I will feel a glow just thinking of you…And … read more

Blocking Up With Ironman

One of the things I love most about Weddingbee is that you have an opportunity to learn from other brides. I vividly remember reading Mrs. Hen’s post on picking a wedding date and how Pride caused issues with getting a … read more

Dreamy Vintage Super 8 French Wedding Film

We could watch Mark Brown’s vintage style wedding films all day. The flicker of the super 8 film, the romance of his slow edits, and how he always finds a sweet song that echoes the day beautifully. And Alex and Alex’s captivating wedding film is no different. This chic couple married with a gorgeous, stylish, and […]

APW Happy Hour

Hey APW, After last week’s house arrest, this week practically flew by. Sure, I still don’t (and probably never will again) have my wallet, but at least the car is registered and I can leave my house. Downside: that means I got to go...Show More Summary

Is it time to Hire a New Employee? (Part 1)

I had a client a few years ago who we adored and was a total smarty pants and she told me about the concept of False Pattern Recognition. The idea that we think something is EVERYWHERE, but in reality we are just hyper-aware and are noticing that something more often. Show More Summary

Maintaining Healthy Client Relationships: Lessons from a PR Pro

A great (but lightening fast) week here since I was up in Toronto to speak at the Business of Weddings on Monday and Tuesday with Todd Fiscus, Marcy Blum, the wonderful Rebecca Grinnals of Engaging Concepts and Engage!, Angela Desveaux of WedLuxe Magazine and the elegant Ines Di Santo. Show More Summary

Flying Without Wings: We Throw Things At People

As Sunday slowly became Monday, the night was coming to an end, and we only had one set of traditions left—the tosses. First up was the bouquet toss. When I was looking for a song for this, the same one … read more

Monumental Love: Pyramids Parade

Before we knew it, Groovy 7 was kicking off the final song: the traditional New Orleans second line! I explained the second line a long time ago (and I also considered hiring a separate brass band to take this parade … read more

When You’re the Last Person You Know to Get Married

In central Missouri, the tradition is for an older, unwed sister to dance in a pig trough at her younger sister’s wedding. You can find video evidence of this on YouTube. The DJ plays “Cotton-Eye Joe.” In the middle of the dance floor,...Show More Summary

What the Father-Daughter Dance Is For

I come from a family of notorious criers. We’ll cry about almost anything and as a response to almost any emotion. So I’m surprised at how calm I’ve been about our upcoming wedding. I’ve cried once or twice imagining our vows, but for...Show More Summary

DIY Wedding Videography Tips for Non-Pros

Wedding videography. It’s one of those things that you may realize you want (without video, toasts tend to be lost to the ages), but for lots of us, it’s just not in the budget to pay a professional. So, then what? Since there are video...Show More Summary

Video Killed the Still-Photo Star

I knew even before we were engaged that I was going to want a videographer. When FSIL got married a few years ago, FMIL had a family friend take video footage of the ceremony, and I took video of the … read more

Gorgeous Ibiza Wedding Film with Beautiful Speeches

There’s something so cool about Ibiza. Not only is it extraordinarily beautiful and unapologetically fun, but it has a chic, bohemian, eclectic vibe that’s incredibly romantic. And for Leanne and Gareth, it will not only be the place where they met for the first time, but also the very special setting of their stunning sun-kissed wedding […]

Accessorizing the Bridesladies (or, In Which I Torture Myself)

All right, so we had the brideslady dresses all set and ready to go. Spoiler alert: We’re also planning on putting the grooms in gray suits. All of that gray together risks looking a little blah, but it was intentional … read more

St. Patrick’s Bachelorette Weekend in Savannah!

This past weekend, my bridesmaids scooped me up and took me to Savannah, Georgia for one last “single girl” hurrah. We picked the weekend based off of local spring breaks (a couple of my girls are in grad school, and … read more

Dance with Me

Though our wedding is absolutely “ours,” there have been a few wedding-related topics in which Mr. Tractor is less than invested. It took me a while to come to terms with this, but what I’ve figured out is this: it’s … read more

APW Happy Hour

Hey APW, TGIF, y’all. That’s about all there is to say this week because my brain is tired. So rather than bore you with a rundown of all of the menial things I accomplished between last Friday and this Friday (high point: got a haircut. Show More Summary

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